Guilford PTA by shuifanglj


									Why PTA?

  A voice for children
The Lorax says…

“I speak for the trees, for the
  trees have no tongues…”
    ~Dr. Seuss

   Who speaks for our children?
   PTA began speaking and
    advocating on the behalf of
    children 111 years ago..
PTA Affiliation

   Over 100 years of experience
   Ongoing Training
   Access to the Experts
   Established network
   Organizational Materials
   Programs & Conventions
   Links to all states
   Legislative Monitoring
And more…

   Reflections Art Program
   Resources
   Business Partnerships
   National Recognition
   Leadership Development
   Member and Unit Benefits and

Remember Your Child’s First Day
 of School.....
   Did they go to kindergarten?
   Did they ride the bus?
   Did they eat a school lunch?
   Did they play on the playground?
   Did they read a book from the library?
   Did they have their immunizations?
PTA has advocated for:

   Kindergarten
   Safe Buses, Seatbelt
   School Lunch Programs
   Playground Safety
   School Libraries
   Childhood Immunizations
   Just to name a few
Other groups-
No affiliation or advocacy
   No guidance
   No connection
   No training and leadership
   No recognition
   No state and national resources
   No awards
   No legislative support
Barriers to Progress

   Trouble identifying needs/issues
   Money?
       Dues, fundraising
   Personalities? Power Struggles?
   Lack of Training?
   Time Management?
   Failure to delegate?
PTA offers…

   Personal contact
   501c3 and IRS regulation
   Leadership Training
   Support
   Planning strategies
   Rules of Order
   Resources
Consider the Value..

   Cost of :
     Movies
     Magazine

     Sporting Event

     Gym Membership

     Coffee

     Fast Food Burger
Our Children hold ...

   The future of the country
   The continuation of our legacy
   The chance for world peace
   The future balance of wealth
    and power
   The best and brightest hope for
What do they deserve?

   The best education
   The best health
   The best protection
   The best environment

The chance to dream, believe in
 themselves, and succeed…
Let’s make a difference…

“You must work, we
 must work to make the
 world worthy of its

                  Pablo Casals

     The Key to Success is
     Parental Involvement

Thank you for your commitment to
  all of our community’s children!
 “Every Child, One Voice”

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