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									CAREWORKSTM                              -       The        Features

CAREWORKSTM is designed to be a state-of-the-art modular
software system. It has been developed making use of the best of systems software
and application software that is available today.

Since computer technology is evolving very rapidly and with our pledge to give the
best of products to our customers, we use the latest and most reliable technology
options available keeping in view our valuable customers investment protection over
a period of time.

For healthy management of hospitals, this modular software system CAREWORKS™
has emerged after years of painstaking efforts to study & understand the mapping
systems and process flow in hospitals. All the activities of inter-related functions of
various departments with-in a hospital have been integrated. Sensitive to the constant
advancement in techniques and technology, reasonable effort goes into providing
value for money through deployment of current but stable tolls and technologies. So
also, the need to scale up, integrate with other systems have been kept in mind while
designing the software. The result has been simple, flexible yet modern ERP system
that not only facilitates efficient and brisk operations, but also presents MIS in
spreadsheet, charts or graphical forms at the touch of a button.

Speaking technically the system works on a Client Server architecture where the
hardware is a network of several work stations with a large Application Data Stores
(ADS). The operating system rests on a backbone of WINDOWS NT with advanced
file server capabilities or UNIX. The workstation operates under Windows’95 / 98 /
2000 or Windows NT Client so that the network is capable of taking the advantage of
32-bit technology.

The Graphic User Interface (GUI) feature makes man-machine interface smoother,
easier for the eyes, and the currently available OLE tools present critical information
in an attractive manner. These features make CAREWORKS a Management
Information too as the management can make use of easy to handle screens and
graphical presentation of various management information on touch of a button, rather
than just a data entry tool used only to make hospital operations efficient and fast.

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A brief description of some of the features of CAREWORKS are explained in the
following paragraphs

CAREWORKSTM -                        The Package

The Package for Hospitals is a complete Hospital Management System. Based on the
functionality, the modules can be divided into four broad groups i.e. Front office
Systems, Medical Systems, Administrative Systems and Back Office Systems.

Front office systems cover Patient Registration, Out Patient billing & Cash Handling,
In Patient Administration, IP Billing & Cash Handling, Pharmacy and Night Auditing
modules which provide services across the counter to patients. These are the base
modules for patient management and medical systems.

Medical Systems cover clinical modules related to patient such as Laboratory module
for test reports, Operation theater scheduling, Blood Bank, Nurse Station, Medical
Records, OPD patient’s Case History, Cathlab reports, Stress Test reports.

Administrative Systems cover modules, which are tools for efficient management of
various administrative functions such as Equipment Maintenance, Patient Complaint
Monitoring, Maintenance Tracker, and Linen & Laundry Management.

Back Office Systems cover modules which handles back office functions such as
Credit Companies Accounting, Doctors Accounting, Financial Accounting, Payroll,
General Stores and Purchase Management.

A brief description of various functions each module can offer you is explained in the
following paragraphs.

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Patient Registration

This is the base module for the hospital system. All the patients visiting the hospital
for out-patient or in-patient services are first registered using this module. The module
captures the basic demographic details of a patient which are permanent in nature.
The module generates a Medical Record Identification that can be used for compiling
medical records for patient’s in-patient as well as out-patient visits.

Out-patient Billing & Cash Handling

This module is used to capture deposits and charges of out-patient services provided
by various service departments. The module can be set up for centralized as well as
decentralized cash departments in the hospital.

In-patient Administration

This is the base module for in-patient services. The module captures patient’s
admission details and keeps track of the patient. The module allows the transfer of a
patient from ward / bed / class to another. The module provides facility to make
advance booking of patients for admission as far in advance as the hospital desires.
The module provides on-line bed positions, doctor-wise admissions, bed type-wise
occupancy and much more.

In-patient Billing & Cash handling

This module captures charges for the in-patient services provided by the hospital. The
on-line posting of charges ensures that charges are reflected to patient’s outstanding
which once captured, is available to view by all concerned. The module handles the
billing and cash handling of in-patients. The module allows multiple bill preparation
for single patient. The module provides a “helpline” on patient’s outstanding which
gives compete details of charges posted at various diagnostic centers of the hospital.


This module captures receipts of medicines from suppliers and issues to in-patients as
well as out-patients. The module updates the stock of medicines. The module
provides scientific method of stock level i.e. Re-order level, Economic Order
Quantity, Safety Quantity which prevents stock out and over stocking situation. The
module updates the patient’s account on-line upon issue of medicine to in-patients.
The module also provides facility to issue against medicine requisitions from wards.

Night Audit

This module performs end of day procedures such as posting of room charges for all
in-patients, weekly bill printing, and housekeeping and data backups.

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Laboratory Reporting

This module provides registration for tests in various diagnostic centers in the
hospital. The module allows easy to create user definable formats for each test
conducted in the hospital. The module provides facility to set default values based on
sex, age etc.

Theater Scheduling

The module provides advance booking of operation and other critical facilities in the
hospital. The module provides tracking of various pre-set formalities for carrying out

Blood Bank

This module maintains donor database and tracking of each blood bottle right from
blood collection to the transfusion. The module maintains details of grouping & cross
matching of blood, aging and expiry of blood.

Nurse Station

This is the heart of the medical system. The module helps nursing staff to minimize
their administrative duties so that they can concentrate on patient care. The module
captures doctor’s orders and converts them into requisitions for various diagnostic and
pharmacy department. The module provides an on-line information of the patient’s
condition. The module captures parameters for Apache Scoring of critical patients.

Medical Records

The module provides on-line information on patient’s medical history. The module
maintains various visit records of a patient in the hospital and treatments given to the
patient. The user definable forms allow easy setting up of various medical forms and
discharge summary.

Out Patient’s Case History

The module captures the patient’s case history, medical and test prescriptions by
doctor sitting in his OPD clinic. The module also allows the doctor to make an
admission / reservation advice for the OPD patient. The data captured here are
directly picked up by the relevant module i.e. medicine prescriptions are picked up in
the pharmacy, test requisitions are used by pathlab and radiology for registering tests.

Stress Test / Cathlab Report Modules

These modules are specially designed for stress test and Cathlab related tests. The
modules provide pictures and color coding based on values entered by the user.

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Credit Company Accounting

This module maintains the Accounting of credit companies having arrangement of
sending their patients to the hospital. The module tracks the pending bills for credit
company’ patients. This covers the outstanding for patients like CGHS or Insurance
companies who have credit facilities with the hospital.

Doctor’s Accounting

This module maintains the Accounting of payments to doctors providing their
services to the hospital. The module provides facility to capture various visit types by
doctors i.e. routine visits, night visits, OPD Consultations, Special Consultations etc.
The module also allows flexible payment procedures such as sharing doctor’s services
based on percentage as well as fixed amount on various tests.

Financial Accounting

This module captures the financial accounting vouchers. The module also captures the
front office transactions automatically during the night audit procedures. The module
provides multiple cash & bank accounts, on-line trial balance for multiple locations,
balance sheet, profit & loss accounts, cash flow and fund flow analysis.

Accounts Receivable / Payable

This module maintains on-line information of trade creditors and debtor’s
outstanding. The module maintains bill-wise outstanding information and provides
age-wise outstanding reports in detail and summary forms for efficient control on
outstandings of the hospital.


This module maintains a database of employees in the hospital. The module provides
user definable formula setting for various earnings and other standard deductions. The
Income tax module captures the sections of income tax and employees investment

General Stores

This module maintains on-line information of receipts & issues of items at general
stores. The module allows setting up of multiple stores. The module captures the
consumption of various cost centers in the hospital.

Purchase Management

The module captures purchase orders raised by the hospital with various vendors. The
module provides the tracking of a purchase order till the material is received and cost
is accounted in the system. The re-order level, safety quantity and economic order
quantities ensure that there is no under-stocking of critical items. The history on
supplier’s performance and vendor information provides useful MIS.
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Equipment Maintenance

This module helps hospital management to monitor the critical equipments in the
hospital. The module maintans the warrant and A.M.C. details, maintenance history
and up-time & downtime statistics of each of the critical equipments in hospital. The
module maintans the stock of expensive spare parts and their costs.

Patient Complaint Monitoring

This module captures patient's complaints and the track of the redressal. This helps
management to maintain high standard of services and ensure maximum patient care
and efficient services by all concerned.

Maintenance Tracker

This module maintains log of various critical items in the wards such as fan, A/C, TV
etc. Any complaint related to this can be tracked and resolved immediately.

Linen & Laundry Management

This module maintains movement of clothes between wards, laundry and linen
departments. The module helps house-keeping department in the stock maintainance
of linen at various locations in the hospital.

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Bombay Hospital Trust - Mumbai

This hospital has a distinction of being the largest private hospital in Asia with bed
strength of over 900 and in providing best services in Health Care. The hospital is
run by a dynamic and professional management, which understands the importance of
information technology in providing quality health, care services. The hospital has a
team of reputed and dedicated doctors from all specialties & super specialties.

The hospital is spread over 3 buildings, 35 wards and over 60 services and diagnostic
centers are computerized with our Careworks™ III on ORACLE RDBMS.

The hospital has computerized all the areas of operations starting from out-patient
services, in-patient / out-patient billing, doctor’s accounting, pharmacy / general
stores management, laboratory reporting, scheduling of operation theaters and other
expensive equipments, ward management, medical records, blood bank, laundry &
linen, equipment maintenance, payroll & personnel management systems.

Reliance Group Of Hospitals

SOFSCRIPT is appointed by Reliance Industries Ltd. as their IT consultants for all
their hospitals in India. The system provides accessibility of patient’s medical records
to all group hospitals through a network.

Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital at Patalaganga

This hospital is managed by Reliance Industries Limited. Situated on the very
important Mumbai - Pune highway at Patalganga , the 100 bedded modern hospital
has become very popular with a complete range of patients.
Sofscript™ installed and implemented Careworks™ II (SQL Server RDBMS) product
in Oct 1998 and the system had gone on line in Jan 1999.

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Sir Harkisondas Narrotamdas Hospital at Mumbai.
This hospital is managed by Reliance Industries Limited. Situated in South Mumbai,
the 350 bed hospital is very famous in Mumbai. Currently it is under further
expansion and is expected to be one of the top hospitals in India in capacity and
Sofscript™ installed Careworks™ II (SQLServer RDBMS) and averted y2k problems
by converting from the older software and going on line from Dec 1999.

Medical Center – Jamnagar

Reliance Industries Ltd., India’s largest private sector company employs more than
15000 people at their various establishments all over the country.

Sofscript has developed and installed an advanced Medical Data Management System
(MDMS) software across various sites and at the corporate office of Reliance. MDMS
represents a new approach to providing managers with accurate, timely data and
information of a practical nature concerning the health of all employees.

Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre – New Delhi

Batra Hospital is one of the leading super specialty hospital in New Delhi having a
bed strength of over 350. The hospital upgraded their current systems with our SQL
Server product Careworks™ II thereby averting y2k disaster from Dec 1999 . The
project comprises our complete package.

S N Dhoot Hospital - Aurangabad

This modern charitable hospital built in memory of Late Seth Nandlal Dhoot
(Videocon ) in Aurangabad was inaugurated on 26th April 1998 with a 100 beds and
scheduled to have 300 beds within a year. The hospital is very well acknowledged as
also a speciality hospital for Cancer patients.

Sofscript installed Careworks™ II in Aug 1998 and the system went on-line in Dec
1998. The hospital has currently computerized clinical services, in-patient & out-
patient management, pharmacy, nurse station, equipment maintenance, general stores,
financial accounting, doctor’s accounting systems, laboratory and payroll.

D.S. Kothari Hospital Trust - Mumbai
This hospital located in south Bombay is committed to providing qualitative health
care services at affordable prices to middle class patients. This hospital has a bed
strength of over 175. The hospital provides operations and other critical diagnostic
services to in-patients as well as out-patients.

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The hospital upgraded its       information technology with our state-of-the-art
information tool built with Careworks™ I on a Windows NT environment, in Jan
1998. The hospital has computerized out-patient clinics, in-patient administration &
billing, financial & doctor’s accounting, laboratory reporting and pharmacy

Cumballa Hill Hospital and Heart Institute - Mumbai
This hospital is a specialty hospital with strength of over 50 beds. The hospital is in
the process of expanding its area of operations. With proposed expansion the hospital
will have a strength of over 200 beds.

To be in time with the expansion, and to avert y2k problems the hospital upgraded the
older non-compliant software with our Careworks™ II product. The hospital has
currently computerized clinical services, in-patient & out-patient management,
pharmacy, general stores, financial accounting, doctor’s accounting systems,
laboratory and payroll.

Parsee General Hospital - Mumbai
This charitable hospital located in south Bombay is committed to providing
qualitative health care services at affordable prices to middle class patients. The
hospital has a bed strength of over 250.The hospital provides the operation and other
critical diagnostic services to in-patients as well as out-patients.

The hospital also switched over from older software to our Careworks™ II product
(SQLServer RDBMS.) The hospital has computerized clinical services, in-patient &
out-patient management, pharmacy, nurse station, equipment maintenance, general
stores, financial accounting, doctor’s accounting systems, laboratory and payroll.

Hindu Sabha Hospital Trust - Mumbai
This hospital located in Bombay is committed to providing qualitative health care
services at affordable prices to middle class patients. The hospital has a bed strength
of over 150.

The hospital also switched over from older software to our Careworks™ II product
(SQLServer RDBMS.) The hospital has computerized clinical services, in-patient &
out-patient management, pharmacy, nurse station, equipment maintenance, general
stores, financial accounting, doctor’s accounting systems, laboratory and payroll.

Central Private Hospital – Sharjah – UAE
CPH is one of the international sites we have in our list of customers. CPH is a 60 bedded hospital
located in the heart of United Arab Emirates. It caters to a multitude spectrum of people originating
from different countries who live and work in the UAE. CPH has enormous facilities which a patient
can benefit from, these facilities are one of its kind in the emirate of Sharjah and a countable number
of the whole of UAE. Careworks full package functionality is being used by CPH to cater to their day-
to day business and healthcare requirements.

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