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 Project Name:              DEHS Active Directory Implementation
 Prepared by:               Diane Kleinman
 Date (MM/DD/YYYY):         July 2, 2008

The purpose of this Project Lessons Learned Report is to help the project team share knowledge gained
from experience so that the entire organization may benefit. A successful Lessons-Learned program will
help project teams:

           Repeat desirable outcomes
           Avoid undesirable outcomes.

A. Your project team should begin to use this document at its first project meeting. Continually
   recording Lessons-Learned throughout the project is the best way to ensure that they are accurately
   recorded. Topics to consider include all of the following (this list can be changed).

 Project Management           Technical Management            Human Factors                   Overall
        Project Planning       Requirements               Communication                 Customer
        Resource               Specification              Team Experience               Technical Success
        Risk Management        Test Plan                  Interaction with Sponsor      Quality product
        Change Control         Construction               Interaction with              Product Accepted
        Procurement            Testing                    Interaction with              On Time
        Budget                 Rollout                    Management support            Within Budget
        Quality Control        Training                   Quality of meetings           Met Project
        Status Reports         Documentation              Vendor interaction            Met Business
        Vendor Selection       Vendor Management

B. At the end of your project, use this document to summarize your experience.

     During your discussions:

           Be positive
           Do not place blame!
           Focus on successes as well as failures
           Indicate which strategies contributed to success
           Indicate which improvement strategies would have the greatest impact

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1. Project Journal
During each project team meeting discuss what strategies contributed to success as well as areas of
potential improvement. Enter your conclusions in the table below (insert rows as needed):
Strategies and Processes that led to Success
         Date                                                    Description
                          Did not formally capture lessons learned during team meetings

Areas of Potential Improvement
         Date                                                    Description

2. Project Close-Out Discussion
At the end of your project, gather all stakeholders for a Lessons-Learned meeting:
    1.   Use the questions below to summarize your Lessons-Learned discussion. Enter comments in the
         areas provided. Focus on Lessons Learned that will help in future projects. (Insert rows as
    2.   Use the summarized Lessons Learned Survey results and focus on areas that need further
A. List this project’s three biggest successes.
                Description                               Factors that Promoted this Success

B. List other successes that the team would like highlighted:
                Description                               Factors that Promoted this Success

C. List areas of potential improvement along with high-impact improvement strategies:
           Category                        Project Shortcoming                       Lesson Learned

Meetings & Communication            Project team meetings were for           Project team meetings should
                                    status updates only and known            have clear goals (e.g., project
                                    issues were discussed outside of         status, project planning) and
                                    project team meetings.                   should always have an
                                                                             agenda and include time to
                                                                             discuss issues with all team

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2. Project Close-Out Discussion
                                                             members present.

                      Project team meetings were not         Project team members are
                      always well attended.                  responsible for finding out
                                                             what was discussed at a
                                                             meeting that they missed.

                      Business team meetings did not         A technical representative
                      include a technical representative.    should be at every business
                      This caused delays in getting          team meeting to answer
                      issues and questions answered.         questions and resolve issues.

                      Meeting minutes did not always         Use the PMO recommended
                      contain enough information for         Meeting Report template that
                      someone who was not able to            includes headings for
                      attend.                                discussion, issues, and action

                      Project roles and responsibilities     Clearly define and
                      were not understood. Some              communicate project roles
                      Stakeholders did not understand        and responsibilities across
                      what they were responsible for.        both business and technical

                      Business Project Stakeholders had      Project team is responsible
                      different expectations about the       for creating a project
                      project schedule and when the          schedule that includes both
                      project would be complete (June vs     business and technical tasks
                      December).                             and milestones. A formal
                                                             change control process
                                                             should be followed.
                      There were gaps in the technical       Include an OIT AD person on
                      design that we didn’t know that we     the technical team as an
                      had. There was not an active           active participant to review
                      participant on the project team        decisions and the technical
                      from OIT AD to review the              design.
                      technical design.
                      Security privileges were not tested.   Include an OIT AD person on
                      We didn’t understand enough            the technical team to review
                      about security access and security     test plans.
                      privileges to create test plans that
                      included this. (We didn’t know
                      what we didn’t know).

                      The business users were not            Both technical and business
                      involved in the testing.               users should test.

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 2. Project Close-Out Discussion
                                   System was moved too quickly            Include a 60 or 90 day
                                   from project team support to            warranty after a system goes
                                   production support. We didn’t           live. This should include an
                                   begin to understand all of the          SLA that outlines the support
                                   issues that we are still having with    for this time period. The
                                   folders, files, and security            project team should remain in
                                   permissions.                            place and be responsible for
                                                                           operational support until the
                                                                           warranty period is over.

                                   Remote desktop access                   Clearly define in the
                                   documentation was not done.             Implementation plan what the
                                   There was confusion about who           expectations are between the
                                   was responsible for doing the           business and the technical
                                   documentation. DEHS ended up            team. Define who is
                                   doing the final remote desktop          responsible for creating what
                                   documentation after the migration.      deliverables and by when.

 D. Enter other comments:

 3. Project Lessons-Learned Document / Signatures
 Project Manager:

 I have reviewed the information contained in this Project Lessons-Learned Document and agree:

         Name                       Title                            Signature                       Date

The signatures above indicate an understanding of the purpose and content of this document by those
signing it. By signing this document, they agree to this as the formal Project Lessons-Learned Document.

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