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					Municipal Services Group, Inc. ("MSG") was founded in 1988 to provide
growing tax-exempt (lease purchase) financing for municipal, county, state, and
special district governments. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the company
specializes in public finance and lease origination, as well as municipal lease
contracting and servicing.

Our focus has been to work through major industry vendors and their respective
dealer networks. MSG has evolved into a consulting and financial services
merchant bank providing flexible, creative solutions addressing the needs of
vendor and municipal clients. The company's service orientation, combined with
regional sales support and proprietary technology, are the underlying elements
that facilitate MSG's capital and financial relationships.

MSG prides itself on the quality and consistency of its vendor and municipal
repeat business, loan documentation, and the efficiency of its servicing
operations. This performance is underscored through its relationships with
Fortune 500 corporations and municipalities throughout the United States. MSG
has national vendor agreements in place with Badger Meter, Inc., Pitt-Des
Moines, and Layne Christensen Corporation; and it provides lease purchase
financing for Navistar dealers nationwide. On the municipal side of the business,
MSG is the largest private lessor to school districts and counties in Texas with
over 250 entities under a Master Lease Agreement.

Specialized agreements and working relationships with equipment manufacturers
and their dealers, as well as municipal associations and individual municipal
entities, are the basis for MSG's excellent reputation in the public finance
industry. To date, MSG has provided financing for over 1,500 municipalities,
providing MSG's staff with insight into the unique needs of municipalities.
Whether directly contacting the municipal entity or providing a "turnkey" package
with a vendor, our corporate focus is very clear: MSG provides cost competitive
financings for municipalities seeking to acquire essential equipment at low, tax-
exempt rates.

                  The Michigan Group for a Renewable Energy Efficient Nation
Company History

Municipal Services Group, Inc. provides municipal lease purchase financing for
essential equipment and projects. We offer a comprehensive range of financial
services geared to the particular needs of both vendors and municipalities. We
provide financing directly to municipalities as well as working through national
vendors such as Navistar, Pitt Des-Moines, Ryder/ATE, and Badger Meter to
name a few.

MSG was founded in 1988 with a single purpose in mind: To provide cost-
competitive financings at low, tax-exempt rates for municipalities and county,
state and special district governments seeking to acquire essential equipment.

Our people are highly skilled in all phases of public finance, credit analysis, lease
origination, contracting and servicing.

Municipal Services Group, Inc. has earned an excellent reputation in the
municipal financing industry among municipalities, vendors and investors alike.

We provide a low-risk vehicle for tax-exempt investment, while yielding attractive
returns for our investors.

                  The Michigan Group for a Renewable Energy Efficient Nation
The principals in MSG are Donovan Stevens, President/CEO; Mark Stevens, Vice
President; Susan Harbaugh, Vice President of Portfolio Investments; Brian
DePonte, Sales Manager; and Konnie Olson, Manager of Contracts
Administration; all supported by a staff of experienced professionals.

Donovan Stevens
Mr. Stevens has been in the municipal leasing industry for over two decades,
having served as Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Imperial Bank’s
municipal leasing group and Senior Vice President with Security Pacific National
Bank. He also has over 14 of years experience in the transportation industry at the
corporate and distributor levels. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of
Municipal Services Group, Inc., which he founded in February of 1988. He is
responsible for the management of all aspects of the business, including
origination of transactions, management of portfolio and private
placement transactions, and marketing of major vendor accounts. Don is a
graduate of the General Motors Institute of Technology in Flint, Michigan.

Mark Stevens
Vice President
Mr. Stevens has been involved with MSG from its inception in 1988 and worked as
an outside marketing consultant before joining the firm. He has over seven years
of experience coordinating marketing programs for such firms as Shearson
Lehman Hutton, The Boston Company, and Eastman Kodak’s Interactive Systems.
In addition, he coordinated both marketing programs and information systems
management for the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. Mark
heads MSG’s IS Department and oversees the development of the firm’s emerging
online communications system. His education includes a B.S. degree in Finance
from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Susan Harbaugh
Vice President, Portfolio Operations
Ms. Harbaugh has worked in the financial services industry for more than 12 years,
seven of which have been devoted to municipal leasing. Her investment banking
affiliations include Imperial Bank, Security Pacific Capital Markets Group, Far West
Savings and Loan, and Municipal Services Group. Her responsibilities have
ranged from administration to private placement. Susan has been with Municipal
Services Group since 1989 as Contract Administrator and more recently as
Manager of Portfolio Investments, managing lease documentation, private
placement of the leases, and the final closings with investors.

              The Michigan Group for a Renewable Energy Efficient Nation
Brian DePonte
National Sales Manager
Brian DePonte has over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing with a
background in sales and sales management, corporate finance, and leasing. Prior
to joining MSG, he was Project Manager and Sales Executive for the largest
software, consulting, and equipment vendor to the broadcasting industry. His
responsibilities included contract negotiations with major manufacturers of
equipment, negotiation of both vendor and end user agreements, product
management, and sales management. In cooperation with senior management, as
Sales Manager he is responsible for all aspects of lease origination, sales
management, dealer/vendor development, and marketing and sales support
programs. Brian has a B.S. degree in Management from Texas Tech University,
with a minor in Finance.

Konnie Olson
Manager of Contract Administration
Ms. Olson manages the lease documentation aspect of the business. This position
involves preparation of the documents, guiding clients in the execution process,
and negotiating the terms with the client’s legal counsel to ensure compliance with
local laws as they relate to each municipal entity. Konnie’s background includes
eight years of administrative work for a variety of industries, including finance. Prior
to joining MSG, she was employed with FarWest Savings & Loan where she
marketed and managed a portion of its real estate portfolio. Konnie holds an A.A.
degree from the University of North Dakota.

Neville McGilchrist
Corporate Counsel, Vice President of Corporate Affairs
Mr. McGilchrist’s responsibilities include MSG's business development affairs and
transit consulting services, in addition to serving as Corporate Counsel. Prior to
coming to MSG, he represented Fortune 500 clients, in both private practice and
with firms in Los Angeles and San Francisco, in commercial transactions while
providing consulting services to the California State Bar in connection with attorney
admissions. Mr. McGilchrist is a 1981 graduate of the Pepperdine University
School of Law.

Jeff Leisegang
Technical Director, IT Services
Mr. Leisegang is a Microsoft Certified professional with more than 15 years of
experience in developing client/server and web-based solutions for companies
such as Hewlett Packard, Client Systems, CollaboraTek, and PineTree Systems
amongst others. Jeff has been involved in creating portals and community
websites that promote a sense of community and offer an easy way to update and
manage information. He was also part of a team that created Media Asset
Management (MAM) solutions. His work includes backend development and
programming for,,, and
as well as many others. He has over 10 years of experience with Visual Basic,
Java and ASP technologies. He holds a B.S. degree in Computer Management
Sciences of Metropolitan State College in Colorado.

               The Michigan Group for a Renewable Energy Efficient Nation