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									           Warm Glass Section

Equipment for the professional art glass studio

DENVER GLASS   2800 South Shoshone St.• Englewood, Colorado 80110
               Ph: 303 781- 0980 • FAX: 303 781-9067
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                                           DENVER GLASS MACHINERY was founded in 1978 in response to
                                           a need for high quality beveling equipment. Studios had to build their
                                           own equipment or find cumbersome antiques. If they could find the
                                           old machines, continual breakdowns were a worry. Recognizing that
                                           glass workers were in need of machinery that would withstand long
                                           hours of continual use with a minimum of down time and mainte-
                                           nance, Denver Glass Machinery was formed. The art of glass working
                                           means craftsmanship. The increasing demand for high quality glass
                                           machinery stimulates our continuous research and technological
                                           innovation. We still stand by our original objectives in the manufactur-
                                           ing of all our machinery. Ruggedness, durability, ease of operation,
                                           low maintenance and cost effectiveness. We continue to provide
                                           technical and creative backup, using the know-how of our highly
                                           skilled and specialized staff to respond to any of your questions or
                                           problems. We build our machinery to perform and last. Designed for
                                           artisans who rely on quality tools to produce quality work.

         Ordering Information
         Our catalog is divided into three basic sections: Cold Working, Warm Glass and the Hot Glass Section.
         Our qualified sales staff is here to assist you with placing your order and to answer any questions you
         may have. Our office is open Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm Rocky Mountain Time. Denver
         Glass Machinery sincerely appreciates your interest in our equipment and we look forward to receiving
         your order.

         Terms of Sale
         All tool orders are sent C.O.D. via UPS ground service unless requested otherwise.
         Machinery is shipped via Motor Freight collect, F.O.B. Denver Colorado.
         We build all of our machines to order. A 30% deposit is required on all machine orders with the balance
         paid before shipment is made. We accept checks, VISA and MasterCard. Open accounts are available
         to schools, colleges, universities and government agencies. Orders must be accompanied by a pur-

         chase order.

         International Customers please fax or e-mail us your order. We will provide you with a subtotal on the
         merchandise and options on shipping. Please remember to provide us with the destination address for
         this purpose. Payment by direct bank to bank wire transfer. Most of our machinery is available in foreign
         electrical configurations for an additional charge, please supply us with this information when ordering.

         Leasing is a great way to purchase equipment for your studio. The profits generated from the productiv-
         ity of the equipment is usually greater than the lease payment. A lessee can usually deduct their
         monthly lease payment as operating expense. It is always best to talk to your accountant. Denver Glass
         Machinery works with an outside leasing company. When you have your order together, call one of our
         representatives and we will prepare a proforma invoice to send along with the application. The leasing
         agency will contact you directly with payment options, most of which contain a $1.00 buyout at the end
         of the term.

          Back Orders
         We make every effort to notify you of out of stock items when you place your order. Supplies, which are
         temporarily out of stock, will be back ordered unless we receive other instructions.

                                                       2800 South Shoshone St.• Englewood, Colorado 80110
                  DENVER GLASS                         Ph: 303 781- 0980 • FAX: 303 781-9067
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Custom Orders
Denver Glass will gladly quote your custom machinery needs. Call one of our highly trained sales staff,
they will assist you in design and provide you with a competitive quote.

Crating and Special Packaging
Additional charges may apply to materials which require special crating and packaging (such as mulite
tubing and sheets of fiberboard) to insure their safe arrival. All machinery will have crating charges
assessed, please refer to your current price list for these charges.

Returns and Exchanges
Your sales representative must authorize all returns. If defective or incorrect merchandise has been
shipped due to our error, exchange will be made without additional shipping charges. Items must be
unused, in their original container and accompanied by the original invoice. Exchanges can be made
within 15 days of invoice date. All other returns will be assessed a 15% restocking fee. No returns can
be accepted after 30 days.

Defective Goods
DGM will credit your account or replace the product upon verification of defect. Items must be returned
with the original packaging and a copy of the invoice it was purchased on. Call our sales department for
your return authorization number. No replacement can be made after 90 days.

Damaged Merchandise
Denver Glass Machinery ensures that all merchandise is in good condition when it leaves our facility. If
the shipment is not delivered to you in good order and in accordance with quantity shown on invoice or
packing list, have the shortage or damage noted on both the delivery receipt and freight bill. If you
accept shipment from the transportation company short of what is enumerated on invoice or packing list,
or in damaged condition without having proper notation made by the agent you do so at your own risk. If
packages or crates are in apparent good order, but on opening, contents are found to be damaged,
notify your Freight Agent promptly and request an inspection relative to such concealed damage. These
precautions are presented for your action as our responsibility for this shipment ceased when it left our
facility. We are willing to assist you in every possible manner in collecting claims for loss or damage on

your shipment, but this willingness on our part does not make us responsible for filing or collecting
claims, or replacing materials. Claims for loss or damage on a shipment must not be deducted from our
invoice, nor payment of the invoice withheld awaiting adjustment of such claims.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
All products subject to change and modification without notice.

  DENVER GLASS                        2800 South Shoshone St.• Englewood, Colorado 80110
                                      Ph: 303 781- 0980 • FAX: 303 781-9067
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                                              GLASS FIRING KILNS
 Denver Glass Machinery designs and manufactures electric kilns for the professional art glass studio and
 production artist. Denver kilns installed more than 15 years ago and are still in use today attest to this unsur-
 passed quality. All of our KL-Series kilns are built using heavy gauge steel chosen especially for the size, weight
 and firing temperature guaranteeing strength, stability, and long life even under constant use. All models include
 a welded tubular steel stand with leveling feet. Lids are spring balanced and counter weighted which allows the
 user to lift these large lids easily and stay put in the open position (With the exception of the KL-27).
 All models are lined with a combination of 2300o F firebrick and ceramic fiber insulation. Ceramic fiber does not
 lose or store heat like conventional insulations and refractories. This material reflects heat, allowing the user to
 fire rapidly and economically. Ceramic fiber gives you precise control over the firing curve by providing greater
 temperature uniformity, which results in better product quality. The electric heating elements are wound from
 heavy gauge nikrothal high temperature alloy and are suspended from the lid of the kiln with our patented
 design. All are top firing with optional side elements available. A multiple program / multiple ramp point set
 controller comes as standard equipment. All models are available in foreign voltages, specify electrical require-
 ments when ordering.
 Denver Glass Machinery will custom design a kiln to your specific needs. Call our experienced sales
                                                    The KL-27 kiln is a good choice for the small studio with limited
                                                    space. It is capable of producing multiple firings per day when firing
                                                    painted or small pieces. It will accept a 20" x 20" kiln shelf.

                                                           KL-27 Inside dimensions 21" x 21" x 9" deep (2.3 cu. ft.)
                                                           220 volt, single phase, 28 amp, 6160 watts.

                                                           KL-27D Inside dimensions 21" x 21" x 12" deep (3.0 cu. ft.)
                                                           220 volt, single phase, 28 amp, 6160 watts.

         The KL-50 is a great production kiln, with it's large interior
Warm glass

         space you can fire multiple pieces in one firing. The 9" deep
         is good for painting, bas relief and shallow slump projects.
         The 12" deep is a good all around kiln and the 18" deep
         was designed for the casting artist. The KL-50DD comes
         with a side element on an independent control switch that
         when it is turned on it runs through the controller. This
         feature allows the artist to heat the bottom of a heavy mold
         to facilitate the flow of glass and achieve better detail.

             Available in 3 phase.
             KL-50 Inside dimensions 42" x 28" x 9" deep (6.6 cu. ft.)
             220 volt, single phase, 42 amp, 9,240 watts.

             KL-50D Inside dimensions 42" x 28" x 12" deep (8.75 cu. ft.)
             220 volt, single phase, 42 amp, 9,240 watts.

             KL-50DD Inside dimensions 42" x 28" x 18" deep (13.13 cu. ft.)
             220 volt, single phase, 56 amp, 12,320 watts.

         Options: Casters
                  Lensed Peephole

                                                                2800 South Shoshone St.• Englewood, Colorado 80110
                       DENVER GLASS                             Ph: 303 781- 0980 • FAX: 303 781-9067
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                                       GLASS FIRING KILNS

                                                     The KL-60's interior is large enough to fire table tops,
                                                     window and door lights, or a fire a load of platters and bowls
                                                     at once. Mounted on a welded tubular steel stand and
                                                     equipped with our spring loaded counterbalanced lid system.
                                                     220 volt,single phase, 56 amp, 12,320 watts.
                                                     Available in 3 phase.

                                                     KL- 60 Inside dimensions 60" x 30" x 9" deep (9.4 cu. ft.)
                                                     220 volt,single phase, 56 amp, 12,320 watts.

                                                     KL- 60D Inside dimensions 60" x 30" x 12" deep (12.5 cu. ft.)
                                                     220 volt,single phase, 56 amp, 12,320 watts.

The Clam Shell style kiln puts the floor at an ergonomic work
height. No more bending over to load your kiln. The lid lifting
mechanism is different than our other kilns in that it utilizes
gas springs to hold the lid open. Choose one of our sizes
below or have us custom design one for your studio.

KL-CS60 inside dimensions 30" x 60" x 12" deep (12.5 cu.
ft.) 220 volt, single phase, 56 amp, 12,320 watts.

KL-CS72 inside dimensions 36" x 72" x 12" deep (18 cu. ft.)
220 volt, 3 phase, 50 amp, 19,000 watts

                                                                                                            Warm glass
                                                   The KL-BELL is a true production kiln with a full 4" x
                                                   8" bed the artist can bend large architectural pieces
                                                   or load fire a load of tile, dinnerware, etc. Comes
                                                   complete with overhead crane and frame sections,
                                                   one roll out table with rail system and docking bay.
                                                   Requires 3 phase electrical.

                                                     KL- BELL Inside dimensions 96" x 48" x 12"
                                                     deep (32 cu. ft.)

                                                              220 volt, 3 phase, 85 amp, 32,351 watts
                                                              380 volt, 3 phase, 50 amp, 32,870 watts
                                                              480 volt, 3 phase, 40 amp, 33,216 watts

   Options: Casters
             Lensed Peephole

  DENVER GLASS                        2800 South Shoshone St.• Englewood, Colorado 80110
                                      Ph: 303 781- 0980 • FAX: 303 781-9067
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                               CERAMIC FIBER PRODUCTS
Some of the outstanding and unique properties these fibers offer are high temperature stability, low
thermal conductivity, low heat storage, excellent thermal shock resistance, light weight and superior
corrosion resistance. Fiberfrax products are available in a variety of forms.

 Ceramic fiber blanket is a strong, lightweight, flexible needled blanket
 that is made from spun ceramic fibers. Available in 1/2", 1" and 2"
 thickness. Use for simple molds, with or without ridgidizer.

                               RIGIDIZER / HARDENER
                               A heat setting rigidizer used with ceramic fiber blanket in mold making.
                               Simply wet the blanket and form your shape. Curing of the product can be
                               accomplished by air drying for several days or by immediate temperature
                               exposure. Curing is merely a function of removal of the water in the

                                                                                                                   Refractory supplies
                               inorganic binder. Rigidizer burns out at approximately 1000 degrees

              This flexible lightweight material has multiple uses
              for the studio artist. Used as a separator between
              your glass project and kiln shelf it imparts a fine
              woven texture to the backside of the glass. Torn
              pieces and cut pieces can be used in your bas-relief
              projects. It is available in 1/32" thick 24" wide 320
              liner feet per roll, 1/16" 24" wide 240 liner feet per roll
              and 1/8" thick 24" wide 120 liner feet per roll.

                                                      CERAMIC FIBERBOARD
                                                      Rigid and lightweight, ceramic fiber board has many
                                                      uses in the studio. Use as kiln shelves, mold making
                                                      or in bas relief projects. Cuts easily with a craft knife.
                                                      Offers low thermal conductivity, high temperature
                                                      stability and excellent resistance to thermal shock.
                                                      2300o F use limit. Available in 1/2" and 1" thick. Sheet
                                                      size is 42" x 48" (14 sq. ft.).

                                                           2800 South Shoshone St.• Englewood, Colorado 80110
                   DENVER GLASS                            Ph: 303 781- 0980 • FAX: 303 781-9067
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                                        CERAMIC FIBER PRODUCTS

     Fiberfrax LDS moldables consist of ceramic fibers dispersed in a
     sticky water based refractory binder. This material has a putty
     like consistancy which permits application by caulking, troweling
     or hand forming. Available in gallon pails and 11oz caulk tubes.
     Use to repair high alumina ceramic fiber (such as glory holes).

                                           ITC 100 CERAMIC COATING
                                           This is the stuff we use to coat the inside of our vacuum cast fiber
                                           tube glory holes. This offers an extra layer of protection against glass
                                           attack. When you drop glass in the glory hole, cut it out with a craft
                                           knife, fill the hole with LDS moldable (above) and then paint a layer of
                                           ITC 100 over the patch and fire it up.
Refractory supplies

                      RATH FIBERBOARD
                      This fiberboard is the ideal product for bas relief
                      panels, cast jewels or slump shallow plates. Glass
                      does not stick (no need for kiln wash). It can be
                      used over and over. Cut with a craft knife. It has a
                      bark-like texture that can be sanded smooth with
                      your hand. Draw into it, the glass will pick up the
                      fine detail. No organic binders to burn out first.
                      2100 degree Fahrenheit continuous use limit.
                      Sheet size is 24" x 36" x 1" thick.

     DENVER GLASS                          2800 South Shoshone St.• Englewood, Colorado 80110
                                           Ph: 303 781- 0980 • FAX: 303 781-9067
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