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					Fact Sheet
                                         Muli Subcontractor
Muli Subcontractor provides a framework to set up, monitor and control the subcontract process. It
includes template documents with structured questions, that Users may need to modify to suit their
own legal requirements.

To manage the Subcontract relationship, Muli uses a separate subcontract payment schedule that
achieves a number of goals:-
    •    Advises subcontractor of current contract value by listing original and all approved amendments to the contract
    •    Informs the subcontractor of the Head Contractor's assessment of the values of work done on each schedule
    •    Lists outstanding Administration / Amendments /Quality / Procedure issues by flagging them as Risk2Do items
    •    Provides a Notice under the Security of Payments Act of proposed payments and reasons for differences to
         claimed amounts
    •    Produces a clear, summarised contractual position, including Retentions, each time a Subcontract payment is

Authority to Commit
    • Records Subcontract authority as a Risk2Do
    • Allows for individual orders per project allocation
    • Displays the 4 best quotes from subcontractors - with comments
    • Records recommended and approved subcontract organisation
    • Identifies recommender and up to 3 approvers
    • Displays Order value and variance to budget

Subcontract Creation
A formal contract will be generated following input of basic data such as:
    • Allocated budget, committed value, Risk Provided Value
    • Terms & Retention Rate
    • Responses to template questions
    • Choice of subcontract format

Subcontract Amendments
Create an amendment and produce updated documentation

Record Signature Status of Contract
    • Record status of signing contracts and amendments
    • Indicate status of Work Method Statements
    • Control contract printing on remittance statements

Subcontract Schedule Maintenance
    • Maintain a schedule of amendments
    • record earned value and % complete as a basis for subcontract progress claims

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Subcontract Schedule Report
                                         Muli Subcontractor
    • Detailed report by project
    • Includes available budget for allocation / Amount Claimed

Subcontract Proforma Payment Request
If you include a payment schedule as part of the contract negotiation with the subcontractor then this facility produces a
proforma progress claim to help them submit the correct documentation to support their claim.
     • Produces subcontract payment notices by order
     • Various templates / signature blocks

Bank Guarantees Report
Larger subcontractors may wish to nominate bank guarantees in lieu of retentions for progress claims, in this case
documentation will need to be received prior to the first progress payment. This report serves as a check list for
following up documentation and records the:
     • Summary of all projects by supplier’s
     • Expiry date with notes / identifier / Value of Bank Guarantee

Subcontract Progress Payments Process
Subcontract claims are registered in the unapproved invoice register and the actual date of claim is recorded for
managing security of payment obligations. Muli calculates the Retention using the Retention Rate stored against the

Subcontractor Final Certificate
Muli provides templates for Final Certificates that can be customised to suit

Subcontract Maintenance Required Report
List all projects and contracts where action is required on items including:
     • signing contracts
     • providing Insurance Certificates ( Contractors All Risk / Workers Compensation )

Subcontract Order Enquiry
Detailed report with:
    • Budget / Committed / Value / Claimed / % / Start & End Dates
    • Invoice details / Taxes / Cheque details / Retention / Notations

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