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									       Lebanon Rotary Club                                                                     Volume 88, Issue 99
                                                                                                  June 12, 2009

                                                                                              Editor: LeeAnne Nash

                                    June 5, 2009 –President Holt opened club with the Pledge of Allegiance, one
                                    chorus of God Bless America and an invocation.

                                                     Meeting this week
                                                 Methodist Children’s Home
 Your Leadership Team:                     Yep – We’re all thinking Fried Chicken!
    Randy Holt, President
  LeeAnne Nash, Pres-Elect                             The Lebanon Rotary Club
   Jeff Whitaker, Vice Pres.                               Has received the
      Dan Fry, Treasurer                              Globe Club Award
   George Piper, Secretary
                                                        For our support of
   Arch Hawkins, Director
                                                 Rotary International Objectives
  Lora Pennington, Director
                                                   The honor was presented at
    Allen Woods, Director
                                                 This year’s District Conference
  Eric Ragsdale, Sgt.-at-Arms
  Art Dickerson, Installment
                                           A BIG THANK YOU to George Donaldson
Richard Burdett, Past President
          and Advisor                         For providing Chocolates for the
 Music by Phyllis Matravers                     District Silent Auction! Yum!
       and Bob Tucker

                                              EREY – Every Rotary Every Year
         Lebanon Rotary Club
         P. O. Box 42
  Assisted by Bob Tucker
         Lebanon, IN 46052                     Helping to fund Peace throughout the World!

     Board Meetings:                                   Upcoming Programs – Invite a Guest!!!
      2nd Thursday
        5:15 p.m.
                                  June 12th – Methodist Children’s Home Scholarship Recipients
     Lebanon Library              June 19th – Judge Steve David – Return from Guatanomo
                                  June 26th – Club Assembly – Officer Inductions, Friday Night
    June Birthdays
                                                         Attendance Report for June 5th
 8 Michael Burtron
10 Bob Tucker                     Guests: Tom Drake, Dax Norton, Jennifer Jones (Avon club)
25 Lamar Ferguson                 Attendance 38 individuals present with 80.8%
28 Brock Hesler                   Make Ups: None
                                  Absences: Terry Brandenburg; M. Burtron; R. Burdett; T. Cunningham;
                                  J. Erskine; A. Garoffolo-Goar; S. Jaggers; W. Jaggers; B. McClure;
                                  J. Messenger; De. Miller; C. Newsom; G. Parks; L. Pennington; B. Waples.
                                                                                                          Page 2

                       Boone County EDC Update
        “Raising the standard of living for all citizens”, is the mission of the EDC
as defined by its new executive director, Dax Norton. While certainly attracting         International
new business is a part of the mission, 75% of new jobs come from existing                 Wants Your
business. Helping to retain business here in Lebanon as well as helping them               Opinion!
expand is key.
        In this new emerging economy, they are finding that jobs are actually           Rotary International
following the people. Employers are looking for not only tax incentives,                is interested in what
highway access, energy costs, among others, but they are looking at the                      club members
availability of skilled labor. So when the EDC is able to work collectively with         worldwide have to
industry to bring in specialized training opportunities, it retains jobs in this          say. Now through
community and protects what Dax states is the first family value – being able to         September, RI will
find a job with a future to support and provide for one’s family.                            conduct three
        “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” – Milton Berle                    surveys via e-mail and
        Dax and his staff at the EDC are looking not only at the “big box”             post. The surveys will
business in the park corridor, but at small business, entrepreneurs, and in the           cover a variety of
emerging tech marketing giving that Lebanon is strategically center between             topics, including the
Purdue and Indianapolis. They are working with the city on our water issue –               RI Strategic Plan
which is impeding growth and the Boone County Learning Network to provide                   2007-10, district
new job training to help elevate the skills of our workforce.                             conferences, and
        With 222,000 acres of farmland in the county and status as number one in       Rotary institutes, and
beans and number 5 in corn, the EDC is also exploring the best ways to embrace             will be sent to a
our rural asset that provides Boone County with much of its quality of life             sample of Rotarians.
charm. Dax commented that “We constantly have to try and find that
competitive advantage, as the competition continually ups the ante. But we have            If you receive a
eight new projects in the pipeline and a potential 3200 jobs to come online              survey, please take
between now and 2013. So I’m optimistic that the hard work will play off!”             the time to complete
                                                                                            and submit it.
              Defending his title – Ragsdale is Mr. Boone again!                       Your input will help RI
                                                                                            provide more
           Check out the chic in Pink! a.k.a The Ice Cream Princess!
                                                                                       effective and relevant
                                                                                        service and support
                                                                                        to all Rotarians, and
                                                                                            help guide the
                                                                                         organization in the

                                                                                          "It is extremely
                                                                                       important to receive
                                                                                        the feedback of our
                                                                                       membership on these
                                                                                       topics," says General
                                                                                         Secretary Ed Futa.
                                                                                       "We thank Rotarians
                                                                                        in advance for their
                                                                                         time and effort in
                                                                                         completing these

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