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									    Photo-Shoot and Souvenir Program Information

                                 Photo Shoot Information

The Photo-Shoot will take place on Friday, November 19, at WEAD.
Dancers should arrive at 6:00pm. Although the tentative schedule for the
photo-shoot is not available yet, we hope to be finished by 8:30pm.
Younger dancers will be scheduled toward the beginning of the night.

All female dancers should wear a nude leotard, as everyone will be
changing into costumes in an open studio. Please have your dancer
wear light make-up and have hair done upon arrival at the studio.

                              Souvenir Program Information

As part of the production fees this year, all dancers will receive one
complimentary copy of the Souvenir Program. If you would like to pre-
order additional copies, please use the order form below. All souvenir
books will be available for pickup the day of the first show. There will be a
limited number of copies available for purchase at the door, but the price
will be higher on the day of the show.

All Souvenir Program Orders are due by November 21, 2010.

                    Additional Souvenir Program Order Form

Name _____________________________________________________

# extra copies desired ____________X $15 = __________ Amount Due

Email where we can contact you ______________________________

Pre-ordered Souvenir Programs will be available for pick up at the door
(Deep Run High School) on the day of the show.
Cash Received __________                           Check # ___________

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