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  CONTINENTAL MOUNTING                                                    EXHAUST GASKETS
           KIT                                                     Spiral Wound Blow Proof. Fits all Con-
Kit for mounting Continental 0-200A                                tinentals A65, C85, C90, 200, 300,
and C90-14 engines. Kit contains 8                                 E185, E225, O470-A,E,J and
each 530626 seats, 530740 bushings,                                IO470J, K.
530741 cups, 4 each 530627 spac-
ers, AN884-8-6 hose, AN6-55 bolts,
AN310-6 nuts, and MS24665-283 cot-
ter pins.
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER   PRICE EACH         DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER   PRICE EACH
0-200A&C90-14                        CEMH-001          388.28      Exhaust gasket                     PA627429           8.90

                                                                          EXHAUST GASKETS
                                                                   Solid with raised bead, used in pairs.
Fits Continental A65,A75,A80, C90,                                 Fits all Continentals C75, C85, C90,
except C90-14. Kit includes 8 each                                 200 300, E185, E225, O470-A,E,J
22387 bushing, 4 each 21530 wash-                                  and IO470J, K.
ers, AN6-45 bolts, AN310-6 nuts,
MS24665-283 cotter pins.Continen-
tal Exhaust studs

                                                                    DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER   PRICE EACH
A65,A75,A80,C90;NOT C90-14   CEMH-002                   78.92
                                                                   Raised bead (pair)                  632837             3.72

        CONTINENTAL                                                  CONTINENTAL OVERHAUL
       EXHAUST STUDS                                                   PARTS MANUAL A65
Fits C75, C85, C90, 0-200A-B,                                      Continental A-65 manual Overhaul
Size 5/16" x1-1/4"                                                 Parts.

 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER   PRICE EACH         DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER   PRICE EACH
Continental Exhaust studs             402151             3.04       A-65 manual Overhaul Parts         X30008          110.00

    5/16” BRASS EXHAUST                                                  CONTINENTAL SERVICE
       MANIFOLD NUTS                                                      OVERHAUL MANUAL
Fits C-75, C-85, C-90, O-200                                       Service manual, overhaul C75, C85,
                                                                   C90, 0-200.

 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER   PRICE EACH         DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER   PRICE EACH
Brass exhaust nut                       22022            1.30      Service overhaul                     X30010          110.00

                                                                         CONTINENTAL SERVICE
                                                                            PARTS MANUAL
                                                                   Service parts manual C75, C85, C90,

                                                                    DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER   PRICE EACH
                                                                   Service parts                      X30011A            65.00

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        LYCOMING ENGINE                                                   DYNAFOCAL ENGINE
          MOUNTING KIT                                                       MOUNT RING
Fits 0-235 Lycoming engine (7/8"                                     Width 2-3/4" retainer cups. For Ly-
hole) Kit contains 8 each 60883 bush-                                coming IO-320, IO-360.
ings, 4 each AN6-43 bolts, AN970-6                                   Type 2 - 18°
washers, AN310-6 nuts, MS24665-
283 cotter pins, and 1 ft of 1/2x058-
4130 steel tubing.Dynafocal mount
                                                                      DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
 DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER   PRICE EACH           18 DEGREE                          EM33521-18                       149.99
0-235                               LEMH-001           94.74         30 DEGREE                          EM33521-30                       149.99

        LYCOMING ENGINE                                                      EXHAUST STUDS
          MOUNTING KIT                                               Lycoming engine exhaust studs. Ap-
Fits Lycoming 0-290 (1" hole). Kit con-                              proved for all Lycoming engines from
tains 8 each 71032 bushing, 4 each                                   0235 to 0540. Direct replacement for
AN6-43 bolts, AN970-6 washers,                                       the Lycoming 5/16 x 18" PN 31C12
AN310-6 nuts, MS24665-283 cotter                                     stud. Made of quality corrosion re-
pins and 1 ft of 1/2x058-4130 steel                                  sistant #321 stainless steel, with
tubing.Dynafocal mount ring                                          safety wire hole to insure security of
                                                                     exhaust stock on each cylinder. Avail-
                                                                     able in standard steel or stainless
0-290                               LEMH-002           91.22
                                                                     Standard steel                           31C12                         3.99
         5/16-18 EXHAUST
         MANIFOLD NUTS                                                 LYCOMING MAINTENANCE
For Lycoming engine 5/16- 18 or 1/4-                                          MANUAL
20 steel nuts.
                                                                     Direct drive maintenace manual. Cov-
                                                                     ers all Lycoming direct drive 4, 6, 8
                                                                     cylinder , horizontally opposed, air
                                                                     cooled engine models.

Nuts - 5/16 - 18                    STD-1410            1.50
Nuts - 1/4 - 20                     STD-1411            0.69          DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
                                                                     Direct drive                         60294-7                         96.29
Spiral wound blow proof. Fits all Ly-                                      SERVICE PARTS
coming engines except IO-5400-B,                                         MANUALS - LYCOMING
E,M, WD, IGO, 540-B, IGSO-540-B,                                     Service parts manual series:
TIO-540, TIO-541, TIGO-541.                                          0-235 series: PC302
                                                                     0-290 series: PC102-1
                                                                     0320 A-B-DE, 10320 B-E, LIO320:
                                                                     0320 B-D wide cylinder flange :
                                                                      DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
Spiral wound                         PA77611            6.49
                                                                     0-235                                PC302                           45.95
                                                                     0-290                                PC102-1                           42.00
                                                                     0320, A-B-DE,10320 B-E, LIO320           PC103                          42.99
                                                                     0320 B-D wide                                                        PC203-2

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         BARRY ENGINE                                                            DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER       PRICE EACH
           MOUNTS                                                               BARRY - reference chart                94011-20            98.55
FFA-PMA approved engine mounts                                                  BARRY - reference chart            94110-40               65.97
for use on many certificated aircraft,                                          BARRY - reference chart            94150-01               74.31
as well as homebuilts such as the Gla-                                          BARRY - reference chart            94150-40
sair II, IIS & 111, RV-3,4,6,8 series.                                          67.50
See chart for application.

MANUFACTURER                        MODEL NUMBER                           ENGINE                LORD NUMBER            QTY REQ BARRY NUMBER
BEECHCRAFT             Skipper               77                            0-235-L2C                J-7402-1               4
                       Sport Musketeer       19A                           0-320-E2C, E3D           J-7402-16              4          94150-01
                       Sport                 B19, M19A                     0-320-E2C, E3D           J-7402-16              4          94150-01
                       Musketeer             23,C23                        0-360-A4G                J-7402-16              4          94150-01
                       Sundowner             C23                           0-360-A4G, A4K           J-7402-16              4          94150-01
CESSNA                 Skyhawk               152, 152A,                    0-235-L2C                J-7402-1               4          94150-40
                       Skyhawk               172I,J,K,L,M,N,P              0-320-E3D                J-9613-49              4          94011-20
                       Skyhawk               172D                          GO-300-E                 J-6545-1               4          94110-40
                       Skylark               175AB                         GO-300-A,C               J-6545-1               4          94110-40
                       Skylark               175C                          GO-300-D,E               J-7525-1               4          94110-40
                       Cardinal              177,A,B                       032-E2d, A2F,A1F6,       J-9613-49              4          94011-20
                       Cardinal              180, A-H                      0-470-K,L,R              J-6545-1, J7525-1      4          94110-40
                       Skylane               182, A-R                      0-470-L,R,S,U            J-6545-1, J7525-1      4          94110-40
                       Skylane               R182, TR182, T182, 182R, RG   0-540-J3C5D               J-9613-12             4          94011-02
                       Skywagon              185, A-F                      IO-470-F                 J-6545-1, J7525-1      4          94110-40
                       Ag-Wagon 230          188                           0-470-R                  J-6545-1, J7525-1      4          94110-40
                       Centurion             210, A-C                      IO-470-E, S              J-6545-1               4          94110-40
GULFSTREAM             Commander             111                           0-360-A4G, A1G6          J-9613-40 &            2          94011-02
                                                                                                    J-9613-53              2          94011-20
                       Commander             112, B,T, TCA                 IO-360-C1D6,             J-9613-40 &            2          94011-02
                                             TO-360-C1A6D                  and
                                                                           IO-360-C1A6D             J-6613-53              2          94011-20
                       Chaparral 1           M20E (1964 )                  O-360-A1A                J-7402-16              4          94150-01
MOONEY                 Chaparral Super 21    M20E (1965 & newer)           IO-360-A1A               J-9613-12              4          94011-02
                       Executive             M20F                          IO-360-A1A               J-9613-12              4          94011-02
                       201                   M20J                          IO-360-A1B6D, A3B6D      J-9613-40              4          94011-20
                       Mark 20A              M20A                          0-360-A1A                J-7402-16              4          94150-01
                       Mark 20A              M20                           0-360-A1B6D              J-7402-1               4          94150-40
                       Master                M20D                          0-360-A1D, A2D           J-7402-1               4          94150-40
                       Ranger                M20B                          0-360-A1A, A1D           J-7402-1               4          94150-40
                       RangerMK21            M20C                          0-360-A1A, A1D           J-7402-1               4          94150-40
                       Statesman             M20G                          IO-360-A1D               J-7402-1               4          94150-40
PIPER                  Cherokee 140          PA28-140 (20002-24999)        0-320E2A                 J-7402-16              4          94150-01
                       Cherokee 140          PA28-140 (25000-7125640)      0-320-E2A                J-9613-40 &            2          94011-02
                                                                                                    J-9613-53              2          94011-20
                       Cherokee 140          PA28-140 (7225001 & up)       0-320-E2D                J-6913-40 &            2          94011-02
                                                                                                    J-9613-53              2          94011-20
                       Cherokee 150          PA28-150                      0-320-A2B, E2A           J-7402-16              4          94150-01
                       Cherokee 160          PA28-160                      0-320-B2B, D2A           J-7402-16, -24         4          94150-01
                       Warrior 151           PA28-151                      0-320-E3D                J9613-40 &             2          94011-02
                                                                                                    J9613-53               2          94011-20
                       Warrior II            PA28-161                      0-320-D3G, D2A           J-9613-40 &            2          94011-02
                                                                                                    J-9613-53              2          94011-20
                       Cherokee 180          PA28-180 (1761-4377)          0-320-A3A                J-7401-16,24           4          94150-01
                       Cherokee 180          PA28-180 (4378-5149)          0-320-A4A                J-7402-24              4          94150-01
                       Cherokee 180          A28-180                       0-360-A4A, M             J-0613-40              4          94011-20
                       Archer II             PA28-180 (5150 & up)          o-360-A4M, A4A           J-9613-40              4          94011-20
                       Arrow                 PA28R-180 (30001 & up)        IO-360-B1E               J-9613-40              4          94011-20
                       Arrow II              PA28R-200 (35001-7135329)     IO-360-C1C               J-9613-40              4          94011-20
                       Arrow II              PA28R-200 (7235001 & up)      IO-360-C1C, C1C6         J-9613-40              4          94011-20
                       Arrow III             PA28R-201 (7737002 & up)      IO-360-C1C6              J-9613-40              4          94011-20
                       Dakota                PA28-236                      0-540-J3A5D              J-9613-12              4          94011-02
                       Tomahawk              PA38-112                      0-235-L2A, L2C           J-7402-16              4          94150-01
STODDARD               Glasair II                                          Various                  -                      4          94150-01
HAMILTON               Glasair 11S                                         Various                  -                      4          94011-20
                       Glasair III                                         Lyc 540                  -                      4          94011-20
VANS                   RV3                   non aerobatic                 0-320, 0-290             -                      4          94011-20
                       RV4                   non aerobatic                 IO-360, 0-320            -                      4          94011-20
                       RV6                   non aerobatic                 IO-360, 0-320            -                      4          94011-20
                       RV8                   non aerobatic                 Lyc 540                  -                      4          94011-20

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 DYNAFOCAL MOUNTS FOR                                                                    EXHAUST SYSTEM
      HOMEBUILT                                                                           45° & 90° BENDS
Sandwich assemblies of natural rub-                                               Fabricate your own exhaust system
ber and specially blended synthetic                                               with these precision-formed type 321
compound bonded to two metal                                                      stainless steel components. Available
plates. Proper installation requires                                              in 45° or 90° bends.
that the space be designed to the cor-
rect length to precompress each
mounting to guarantee proper posi-
tioning of each mount. Set consists of
eight bonded sandwich mounts, four 4130 steel spacers with mounted rubber         TUBING         RADIUS       LENGTH               PART               PRICE
shoulder. Use with dynafocal engine mount rings using 2-3/4" I.D. retainer
cups. Heavy duty designed for use on aerobatic aircraft. Same style as home-
                                                                                  1-1/2x035        2-1/2"          9"              33241                36.78
built type but inner cone has been strengthened and elastomers added to en-
                                                                                  1-3/4x035        2-1/2"         12"              33243                39.22
capsulate the spacer.
                                                                                  1-3/4x035          4"            9"              33245                44.75
  DESCRIPTION                    PART NUMBER               PRICE EACH             2x035              4"            9"              33246                48.25
Homebuilt set                    EM100-005                  202.66                2-1/2x049          4"           12"              33247                64.65
Heavy duty (Lyc 320)             EM100-006                  202.62                45°
                                                                                  1-1/2x035         2-1/2          9"              33242                34.17
                                                                                  1-3/4x035         2-1/2         12"              33244                38.36
          GASKETS                                                                        EXHAUST SYSTEM
Available in spiral wound , also called"                                                   180° U BENDS
blow-proof". When installing be sure
                                                                                  Available with even 10" leg lengths or
that exhaust stack and cylinder
                                                                                  one leg 11" and one leg 14". Made of
flanges are flat. Torque exhaust nuts
                                                                                  321 stainless steel.
to that specified in manual: re-torque
after hot. For Continental or Ly-
Continental - A65 through 0300
#627429Lycoming - All engines using 2 hole exhaust flanges #77611
                                                                                  TUBING        RADIUS         LENGTH               PART          PRICE
 DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER              PRICE EACH
                                                                                   SIZE                                                      NUMBER
Cont. #627429                       PA627429                         8.90         EVEN LENGTHS
Lyc. #77611                          PA77611                         6.49         1-1/2x035 2-1/2              10" by 10"            33262              59.28
                                                                                  1-3/4x035   3                10" by 10"            33264              64.51
        EXHAUST STACK                                                             UNEVEN LENGTHS
           FLANGES                                                                1-1/2x035 2-1/2              11" by 14"            33261              68.99
                                                                                  1-3/4x035   3                11" by 14"            33263              76.08
These exhaust flanges are available
for Continental or Lycoming engines,
for building your own exhaust are                                                       STAINLESS SWIVEL
available in mild steel or stainless                                                      BALL JOINTS
steel. The stainless are made from                                                Clamp style
321 stainless steel and is 1/4" thick.

 DESCRIPTION                    PART NUMBER               PRICE EACH
Continental: 0-200, 0-300
C85, C95, E225 series             EXF-0200                           7.75
Lycoming 0-235 to 0-540           EXF-0235                           8.59
                                                                                   TUBING                                    PART NUMBER                   PRICE
Continental: E225 series 0-200,                                                   1-3/4" -both ends                        33231                        74.28
0-300, C85, C95                  EXF-0200SS                       15.99           1-3/4" & 2"                              33232                        74.28
Lycoming : All thru 0-540        EXF-0235SS                       12.99           2" - both ends                           33233                        77.14
                                                                                  2-1/2" - both ends                       33234                        82.85
                                                                                  2-3/4" - both ends                       33235                        84.28
          BALL JOINT                                                                 STUB EXHAUST STACKS
True sphere (50° engagement) with                                                 Stainless tubing 6" long welded onto
11° movement. Swivel measure 2.125                                                stainless exhaust flange.
od, sleeve is 1.75 x .035 wall thick-                                             1-1/2" x 035 for Continental
ness, .075 to nearest bend.                                                       1-3/4" x 035 for Lycoming

 DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER              PRICE EACH
Ball joint                           BJ-7                        14.99             DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER                 PRICE EACH
                                                                                  Continental                         13352                           41.28
                                                                                  Lycoming                            13354                           42.50

 114        WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                           Orders (800) 221-9425                       Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
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        HYDRO-FORMED                                                             OIL FILTER CONVERSION KIT
          SLIP JOINTS                                                            90 degree bolt on conversion kit re-
Two piece unit 4" long.                                                          places oil screen or OEM Lycoming fil-
                                                                                 ter adapter to provide easy vertical
                                                                                 engine components. Specially cast
                                                                                 from A356 aluminum and heat treated
                                                                                 to T6. No moving parts - nothing to
                                                                                 wear out. Uses either a Ch48108-1 or
                                                                                 CH48109-1 filter (not included). Fits
TUBING                                  PART                      PRICE
                                                                                 all Lycoming engines from 0-235 thru IO-720 except 76' model O-320 w/sngl
1-1/2" x .049                            33221                      33.57        mag drive. Complete with gaskets, seals and instructions. For experimental
1-3/4" x .049                            33222                      38.45        aircraft only. By Casper Labs
2" x .049                                33223                      38.57
2-1/2" x 049                             33224                      40.71        DESCRIPTION                              PART                         PRICE
3" x .049                                33225                      50.71        LYCOMING CONVERSION                  CL1000A                          256.25
                                                                                 90 DEG BOLT ON KIT                 CL1000A-STC                        287.00
        MUFFLER                                                                       OIL FILTER ADAPTER
Mounting these “piccolo” tubes on the                                                    CONTINENTAL
ends of aircraft exhaust pipes will
substantially lower exhaust noise.                                               F & M adapters allow the use of oil fil-
Each can be quickly and easily in-                                               ters in place of less effective OEM oil
stalled by slipping them over the end                                            screens on Continental aircraft en-
of standard 1-3/4” exhaust pipes and                                             gines. This results in cleaner oil
tightening down the attached screw clamp. Made of stainless steel. In-           changes, increased time between
stalled length: 6”. Weight 6-3/4 oz. Tests on RV6 showed a 3 db drop in          changes, and longer engine life. Eas-
noise power, or 3 times less than previously measured.                           ily installs in around an hour by bolting directly to the engine. Package includes
                                                                                 all necessary hardware & gaskets, CH48108 filter, instructions and applicable
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER             PRICE EACH            STC. Model C6LC-L is a longer version of model C6LC-S providing extra en-
Stainless muffler                    EXM175                       36.71          gine clearance. CONTINENTAL ENGINE APPLICATIONS: C75-12, C85-12,
                                                                                 C90, 0200 use TAF-L (stocked) C125, C145, O300 - use CO300 (drop ship
                                                                                 only) O470, IO470, IO520 - use C6LC-S (drop ship only) O470, IO470, IO520
          SYSTEM                                                                 - use C6LC-L (drop ship only
 The homebuilder now has available                                               DESCRIPTION                              PART                         PRICE
all the materials needed to create a
high quality, stainless steel exhaust                                            )2 LB 9 OZ                              TAF-L                         247.52
system for a particular aircraft. The                                            3 LB 5 OZ                              CO300                          320.19
builder receives a crossover pipe as-                                            4 LB 1 OZ                              C6LC-L                         415.03
sembly designed for the engine                                                   4 LB                                   C6LC-S                         415.03
model, along with and easy-to use 3D template kit. After installation of the
crossover, the template kit is mounted in place and checked for proper fit.             AIRWOLF REMOTE
Based on the finished template, custom tailpipes are manufactured to exact                OIL FILTER KIT
standards. Features include: slip joint to isolate all cylinders, mandrel bent    The use of an airwolf remote oil filter
321 stainless tubing with CNC cut flanges and hydro-formed ball joints.          kit offers several benefits: It allows
  DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH          use of an oil filter rather than an inef-
 Turndowns are included.                                                         ficient oil screen, its firewall mount-
Lycoming 4 cylinder                                                              ing allows easy access, and proper
0-235, 0-320, 0-360                 EXH-LY4                         699.00       installation lowers oil temperature.
Lycoming 6 cylinder                                                              Kits mount to existing engine acces-
0-540                               EXH-LY6                         899.00       sory case, and typically weight less
                                                                                 than 5 lbs. Includes all mounting hardware. Hose sold separately. 3 mod-
    ENGINE STORAGE OIL                                                           els are available.
Fine lubricating and preservative oil
                                                                                  DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
used to prevent corrosion in internal
combustion engines during extended                                               Homebuilt Lycoming KIt                AFC-K1                        475.90
storage. Shelf life infinite in sealed                                           STC'D Lycoming Kit:
containers; not effected by freezing.                                            Engines with 4-bolt oil screen
                                                                                 housing on accessory case             AFC-K7A                         479.00
                                                                                 STC'D Continental Kit:
                                                                                 0470, IO470, IO520, TS10520
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER             PRICE EACH            GTS10520 & IO550                      AFC-K8C                         479.00
1 Quart                                ESO-QT                       16.80
1 Gallon                              ESO-GAL                       52.95

   Prices Subject to Change Without Notice                 Orders (800) 221-9425                   WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                 115
                                                 FIREWALL FORWARD
       OIL FILTER CUTTER                                                           KELLY AERO OIL FILTER
The SSV Oil Filter Cutter is a versa-                                           Heavy duty corrosion resistant filters
tile tool, capable of opening all brands                                        designed for short length and light
of aircraft oil filters, including the new,                                     weight. Pleated internal element fea-
steel reinforced version available from                                         tures a resin impregnated dual phase
a popular manufacturer. The SSV                                                 media for maximum contaminant fil-
Cutter offers simple operation when                                             tering, while the exterior shell is con-
cutting either male or female filters.                                          structed using leak proof double roll
Replacement cutters available. Re-                                              seams. Includes safety wire tabs and
placement for AFC-470.                                                          wrench hex nut for ease of installation and removal. FAA-PMA approved for
 DESCRIPTION                         PART NUMBER          PRICE EACH            Lycoming and Continental engines. ES48109: Beech E33, F33, A35-S35
FITS 1-1/2" - 5"                              SSV4                85.00         ES48110: Cessna: 120,140,170,172,180,182,185,205, 210,310 Mooney:
                                                                                M20,M22 Piper: PA18,22,23,24,25,28,30,31,34,60
                                                                                DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER                            PRICE
Cuts filters 4” to 3-1/8” diameters and
accepts both male and female                                                    CH48103-1                            ES48103                               16.99
threaded filters. Cutter has replace-                                           CH48108-1                            ES48108                               16.99
able parts and fits in most tool                                                CH48109-1                            ES48109                               17.99
boxes. The sealed ball bearing                                                  CH48110-1                            ES48110                               16.99
rollers turns filter easily in your hand
- no vise needed. Constructed of an-                                              ROTAX 912/914 OIL FILTER
odized & heat treated aluminum.                                                 Genuine Rotax replacement oil filter
                                                                                for the 912 & 914 engines. Rotax rec-
 DESCRIPTION                         PART NUMBER          PRICE EACH            ommends that, for engines run on
Oil filter cutter                        7000                    75.50          avgas, the oil & filter be changed
                                                                                every 50 hours.
The Challenger HF-CX oil filters are
designed with cutting edge Microglass
filtration technology to meet the seri-
ous demands of engines like the                                                 DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER                            PRICE
Rotax 912 & 914. This special syn-                                              ROTAX 912/914 OIL FILTER              825-701                              21.31
thetic filter media traps particles in the
                                                                                    AEROSHELL OIL 10W30
4-22 micron range that causes most
engine wear. It also retains more dirt,                                         Shell formula 4 stroke semi-synthetic
while permitting 25% more oil flow. This all leads to longer engine life Re-    engine oil providing excellent antiwear
places Rotax#825-701.                                                           and corrosion protection. Meets the
                                                                                specifications of API cls SJ and is rec-
DESCRIPTION                          PART NUMBER                    PRICE
                                                                                ommended for use in Rotax 912/914
ROTAX 912/914                            CP9124                        14.99    engines using leaded, unleaded, or
                                                                                avgas at high/low operating tempera-
     CHAMPION OIL FILTER                                                        tures. Viscosity: SAE 10W-30.
New style spin on filters are 1/2"
                                                                                DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER                            PRICE
shorter than the industry standard for
easier installation. Other improve-                                             10W30 SYN 4STROKE                     FS10W-30                              3.75
ments include a zinc plated, corrosion                                              AEROSHELL OIL 15W50
resistand stud and an 8 hole inlet de-
                                                                                Multi-vis aviation oil. Good for all sea-
sign with 30% greater inlet flow area
                                                                                sons: however, formulated to allow
than previous. CH48109: Fits Beech:
                                                                                engine to run cooler. Ask for dis-
E33, F33, A35-S35. CH48110: Fits
                                                                                counted price for case of 12!
Cessna 120,140,170,172,180,182,185, 205,210,310, Mooney: M20,M22,
Piper: PA18,22,23,24,25,28,30,31,34,60.
THREAD SIZE                ENGINE       PARTNUMBER         PRICE
13/16-16-16NSP           LYCOMING         CH48103-1         23.89
3/4-16 UNF-2B          CONTINENTAL        CH48108-1         24.23               DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER                            PRICE
3/4-16 UNF-2B          CONTINENTAL        CH48109-1         24.92
                                                                                15W50 MULTI VIS                      AS15W-50                               7.00
3/4-16 UNF-2A             LYC/CONT        CH48110-1         23.45
                                                                                     AEROSHELL OIL W100
                                                                                Single grade oil - good for winter in
                                                                                midwest area. Ask for discounted
                                                                                price on case of 12!

                                                                                DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER                            PRICE
                                                                                W100 SINGLE GRADE                     AS100                                 5.12

 116         WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                        Orders (800) 221-9425                         Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
                                            FIREWALL FORWARD
                                          FIREWALL FORWARD
        AEROSHELL OIL                                                                  PENNZOIL 2 CYCLE OIL
         W100 MINERAL                                                              Specially formulated oil for use with
Straight mineral oil is generally rec-                                             hot-running, hard working 2-cycle air-
ommended for use during an engine's                                                cooled engines. Unique detergent,
break-in period, until piston rings are                                            dispersant and anti-wear additives
properly seated. 100 grade. Ask for                                                combine to protect against high-tem-
discounted price on case of 12!                                                    perature deposits & ring sticking, plug
                                                                                   fouling, port clogging, piston scuffing
                                                                                   on start-up, rust & corrosion, etc.
DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                           PRICE      Meets the requirements of API TC Service. Pint bottles.
100 MINERAL                         AS100M                                5.50     DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                     PRICE
                                                                                   2-CYCLE                               PZ17861                       2.65
Castrol Aviator AD piston oils are built                                            PHILLIPS MULTI VISCOSITY
around a premium quality, highly-re-                                               Phillips 20W-50 multi-vis aviation oil,
fined mineral basestock, further en-                                               good for all seasons. Discount price
hanced by a leading-edge additive                                                  when purchased by the case. Re-
system providing important features                                                placement for EX20W-50.
such as rust and corrosion inhibition,
anti-wear/anti-scuffing protection, high
temperature stability and low temper-
ature fluidty. All the Castrol Aviator AD
Oils contain the anti-wear/anti-scuffing additive required by some Lycoming
engines. Castrol Aviator AD piston Oils are available in a variety to SAE
Grades, ranging from SAE 30- SAE 60, covering the needs of all aviators            MULTI VIS 20W50                     XC20W-50                     3.89
wherever you fly. 1 Ltr bottle with pull-out spout.
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                      PRICE                 OIL ANALYSIS KIT
AD 65 (SAE 30 WT)                     AD65                            5.27         Oil analysis is a simple, yet very ef-
AD 80 (SAE 40 WT)                     AD80                            5.27         fective means of identifying conditions
AD 100 (SAE 50 WT)                    AD100                           5.27         and trends which may lead to engine
AD 120 (SAE 60 WT)                    AD120                           5.27         failure. This oil sampling kit includes
                                                                                   clear instructions, along with neces-
     CASTROL AVIATOR S                                                             sary forms and sampling/mailing con-
Castrol Aviator S non-additised mond-                                              tainers. A 24 hr turnaround gives you
grade piston oils are built around a                                               easy-to-read, yet detailed results and
premium quality, highly refined mein-                                              recommendations quickly.
eral base oil, further enhanced by a                                                DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER             PRICE EACH
small amount of anti-oxidant and'pour                                              Oil analysis kit                     OA-KT                      13.99
point depressant' for improved low te-
perature performance. Our innovative
bottle with pull-out spout helps you
change your oil easily and without
mess or wastage. These oils are designed to provide the correct level of lu-
bricant breakdown and controlled cylinder wear to help lap and seal the pis-
ton rings. You should of course always consult with your engine manufacturer
or rebuilder to select the correct grade for break-in. Available in a variety of
SAE grades, rangeing from SAE 30 - SAE 60, each complemented by a cor-
responding high performance addistised monograde oil form the Castrol Avi-
ator AD range.
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                      PRICE
S 65 (SAE 30 WT)                       S65                            4.41
S 80 (SAE 40 WT)                       S80                            4.41
S 100 (SAE 50 WT)                     S100                            4.41
S 120 (SAE 60 WT)                     S120                            4.41

      MOBIL 1 10W-40 OIL
A fully synthetic 4-cycle motorcycle oil
with gear additives that is highly rec-
ommended for use by Rotax in
912/914 engines burning unleaded
fuel in high temperature conditions.
Benefits of use include outstanding
wear protection under high temp and
engine speed conditions, excellent
flow characteristics in cold start-up temps, and optimized wet-clutch perform-
ance. Meets API SH/CF
DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                           PRICE
MOBIL 1 10W-40 OIL-QUART             MX4T                                12.50

   Prices Subject to Change Without Notice                   Orders (800) 221-9425                    WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                        117
                                               FIREWALL FORWARD
            GREASE 6                                                                        OIL COOLERS
           AEROSHELL                                                                       AERO-CLASSIC
A general purpose airframe grease                                                 In side to side test with oil coolers
used primarily in plain and anti-friction                                         from other manufacturers, Aero-Clas-
bearings. Provides outstanding low                                                sic aluminum plate and fin oil coolers
temp torque properties and water re-                                              offered better overall cooling with
sistance. Useful temperature range of                                             lighter weight. These drawn-up cool-
-40° to +250°F. Meets MIL-G-24139A                                                ers feature improved 1 piece 3/8” NPT
and MIL-G-7711A. 14 oz. cartridge.                                                oil ports and standard flange mount-
                                                                                  ing. Each unit is pressures tested to
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER               PRICE EACH           440 PSIG and given chemfilm corrosion protection per MIL-C-5541. FAA-
Aeroshell Grease 6 - 14 oz.           ASG6                           6.25         PMA approved EXCEPT #8000081 - experimental aircraft only. 2 yr warranty

            GREASE 7                                                               SIZE IN                 PLATES      WGHT     PART                    PRICE
                                                                                   INCHES                               LBS     NUMBER                 EACH
An excellent multi purpose grease,                                                8.14”w x 4.52”h x 3.62”d    7     1.74       8000075                 254.50
recommended for highly loaded                                                     8.14”w x 5.74”h x 3.62”d   10   2.25          8000081                  263.93
gears, instrument, and general air-                                               8.14”w x 6.96”h x 3.62”d   13   2.79         8000215                     287.00
frame lubrication. Fortified with corro-                                          7.02”w x 3.00”h x 3.62”d          2.80    8000328                     470.00
sion inhibitors to resist oxidation.
Temperature range -100°F to +300°F.                                               REFERENCE CHART
Meets MIL-G-23827B. 14 oz. car-                                                   MFG                                        STEWART POSITECH AERO
tridge.                                                                                       MODEL                          WARNER          CLASSIC
                                                                                              NUMBER                         NUMBER   NUMBER NUM-
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER               PRICE EACH
                                                                                  BEECH         10, C23, A24R, C24R               8406R         4211      8000075
Aeroshell Grease 7 - 14 oz.                 ASG7                     8.50         CESSNA        150, 152, A152,
                                                                                                170, 172, 175, 177             8406R         4211      8000075
           GREASE 22                                                              HOMEBUILT                                    10599         4215      8000081
           AEROSHELL                                                              PIPER         PA23-150, PA28-140,
Recommended for aircraft wheel                                                                  PA28-150, PA28-151,
bearings, engine accessories, air-                                                              PA28-160, PA28-161,            8406R         4211      8000075
frame lubrication and anti-friction                                                             PA28-180, PA28-181
bearings operating at high speed                                                                PA23-160 (sn:23-163 & up)
across a wide temperature range.                                                                PA18, PA18A, PA22-135
Exhibits excellent anti-wear properties                                                         PA22-150, PA22-160                                     8000328
and load carrying capacity. Temper-                                                             PA-25, PA-28, PA-30            10611         4219      8000215
ture range -85° to +400°F. Meets MIL-                                             PITTS         S2B                            10611         4219      8000215
PRF-81322F Grade 2. 14 oz. cartridge.                                             STINSON       108,108-1, 108-2, 103-3        8406R         4211      8000075
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER               PRICE EACH
                                                                                  CRAFT         F22B, F22C, F22R                  8406R         4211      8000075
Aeroshell Grease 22 - 14 oz.          ASG22                         14.95
          OIL                                                                                      OIL COOLER
   BREATHER/SEPARATOR                                                                             COOL COLLAR
All aluminum housing fits in crankcase                                            Based on simple heat-sink technology, the cool
breather line. Prevents oil from being                                            collar is an inexpensive means of effectively low-
forced out the oil crankcase breather                                             ering oil temperatures. Its aluminum fins draw
tube. Allows free breathing of engine.                                            heat away from the filter and increase the filters
Recommended by B. Rutan for instal-                                               surface area by about 4 times allowing more ef-
lation on VE/LE. Applicable to all                                                fective heat dissipation of circulating oil. Installs
homebuilts. Height 3-1/8" Dia - 4-1/8"                                            easily by slipping over filter and tightening the included clamp. Not FAA ap-
Continental - 5/8" in and out, 1/4" re-                                           proved.
turn. Lycoming - 3/4" in and out, 1/4" return. Black only.                         FITS FILTER BORE LENGTH                        PART NUMBER        PRICE
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER               PRICE EACH           CH48104
5/8" in & out                        OIL-BS5/8                      87.50         CH48109           3-5/8”     4-5/8”                   CC109            32.99
3/4" in & out                        OIL-BS3/4                      87.50         CH48111
          OIL/BREATHER                                                            CH48108           3-5/8”     3-5/8”                   CC110            32.99
           SEPARATOR                                                              CH48110
Narrow, compact design for use with                                                               AVBLEND
3/4" or 5/8" outlets. Hose simply
slides over port. The separator is
                                                                                               ENGINE ADDITIVE
used to prevent the buildup of oil                                                A unique engine oil additive which actually soaks
residue from the aircraft surface.                                                into engine components, preventing premature
Uses brass wool to capture oil                                                    engine, wear, dry start damage, rust and corro-
droplets and return it to the engine via                                          sion from engine inactivity and build up of carbon,
a 1/4" bottom return port. Comes with                                             varnish and coke deposits. Tests also show ben-
3/4" inlet/outlets. Made of 6061-T6, weighs 4 oz. Size: 2-1/4" width x 4-1/2"     efits in greater horsepower output and decreased
long. Made by Forsling.                                                           fuel comsumption. Faa approved. 12 oz.
  DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER            PRICE EACH
                                                                                   DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER                 PRICE EACH
Oil breather/separator                 OIL-BSN                      93.75
                                                                                  AvBlend 12 oz.                       AVB12                           18.96

 118         WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                          Orders (800) 221-9425                        Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
                                               FIREWALL FORWARD
          SPARK PLUGS                                                          SPARK PLUG
Two prong massive electrode plugs                                             GAPPING TOOL
with 18mm mounting thread.                                           May be used handheld, clamped in a
REM#7BY twin-electrode plug is                                       vise, or bench mounted. Comes
specially designed for homebuilt air-                                complete with two 18mm spark plug
craft featuring a shorter overall                                    adapters and one gap gauge. Use
length and a projected electrode as-                                 with a socket.
semlby to address low power/leaded
fuel fouling problems. All FAA-PMA
                                                                      DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER        PRICE EACH
 SHEILDING THREAD                   PART NUMBER    PRICE EACH        Spark plug gapping tool               TP200                  68.99
5/8 - 24                               REB37E             27.35
5/8 - 24                               REM40E             26.75                 DOW VALVE
5/8 - 24                               REM38E             25.99                 LUBRICANT
5/8 - 24                               RHB37E             25.99
5/8 - 24                               RHB32E             27.35      Ideal assembly grease for rebuilding
5/8 - 24                              REM37BY             27.95      sticking plug type valves with excep-
Gasket - 18mm                           M674               0.75      tional valve lubricant and sealant
                                                                     properties. Offers superior resistance
                                                                     to washout by fuels, oils, solvents and
              NGK                                                    water as well as chemical resistance
          SPARK PLUGS                                                over a service termperature of -20° to
For use on Rotax 277, 447, 503, 532,                                 450°F. May be used with any valves,
582 and 618 engines. Use resistor                                    mechanical seals or packings subjected to harsh chemicals and solvents.
plugs to reduce radio interference.                                  Shelf life: 60 months.
Recommended replace out every 25                                      DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER        PRICE EACH
                                                                     2 oz. valve lubricant                  3452                  37.37

 DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER    PRICE EACH              DEHYDRATOR PLUGS
NGK resistor                           BR8ES               3.75      Dehydrator plugs are used to prevent
NGK for Rotax 912                     DCPR7E               4.84      rust and corrosion in engines while in
NGK for Rotax 912S                    DCPR8E               5.60      storage. Contain silica gel which turns
                                                                     from blue to pink when moisture is ab-
                                                                     sorbed. Reusable gel may be reacti-
                                                                     vated (after removing from reservoir)
FAA approved aviation plugs specially                                by heating to 16 hours at 250° F. om
engineered for superior heat transfer,                               19mm plug only.
leakage & corrosion prevention, ad-
vanced reliability, and long life. Dimin-
ished length allows greater clearance                                 DESCRIPTION                   PART NUMBER           PRICE EACH
between plug and cowl. 18mm mount                                    14mm                                 6248                7.49
threads. 2 types stocked                                             18 MM                             MS27215-2              6.50

                                                                                SPARK PLUG
 THREAD                             PART NUMBER         PRICE
5/8"-24                               UREM38E             19.99
5/8"-24                               UREM40E             19.99      An economical, pocket sized tool for
                                                                     the gapping of aviation spark plugs.
    SPARK PLUG GASKETS                                               Simply screw the plug into the tool,
           18MM                                                      then adjust the gap by turning in either
                                                                     thumb screw. Steel with black oxide
For 18mm Champion spark plug.                                        finish.

                                                                      DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER        PRICE EACH
                                                                     Spark plug gapping tool                SPG                   11.00

                                                                           LUBRIPLATE GREASE
 DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER         PRICE                  14 OZ CAN
18MM                                        M674           0.75      A multi-purpose lithium based grease
                                                                     with excellent anti wear, water resist-
                                                                     ance and corrosion resistance prop-
                                                                     erties. For use in constant service
                                                                     applications requiring a wide temper-
                                                                     ature range, with a maximum of 380
                                                                     degree F. 14 oz can. Cream/tan color.
                                                                      DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER        PRICE EACH
                                                                     14 OZ CAN                             630AA                   6.75

   Prices Subject to Change Without Notice         Orders (800) 221-9425               WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                       119
                                           FIREWALL FORWARD
       FAA-PMA VALVE                                                                    MAJOR OVERHAUL
       COVER GASKETS                                                                      GASKET SETS
FAA-PMA are manufactured by Real                                                  Gasket sets do not include intake
Gasket Corp. Only REAL gaskets                                                    hoses or crankshaft oil seals. Must be
seal uneven surfaces, eliminate cor-                                              ordered separately.
rosion, reduce maintenance costs.
May be reused , are installed dry.
Maintain screw torque year to year
with indefinite shelf life. Real gaskets
are twice as thick as the original gas-                                           ENGINE MODEL/DESCRIPTION                   PART NUMBER             PRICE
kets and have been hot oil and dry heat tested at 300° F. Consult engine man-
ual for number of gaskets required.
ENGINE TYPE                  APPLICATION               PART         PRICE         Major Overhaul set      -12 Models, 0-200      646539-A1            100.00
Lycoming 0-235, 0-290, 0-320, I0-320             ,RG-75906            8.25        Major Overhaul set      A65, A75               646537-A1             67.68
(Parallel valve)0-360, I0-360, HI0-360, 0-540,                                    Single Cylinder         C75,C85,C90, 0-200     PA-3000K              16.50
                           I0-540                                                 LYCOMING:
Lycoming          I0-360, V0-435, G0-435,        RG-67193            8.50         0-235                                            235-OGS
(Angle valve)     G0-480, I0-540, V0-540,                                         176.19
                TVI0-540, I0-720, TVO-435                                         0-290, 0-320A,B, 0320D,E IO320                     290-320-OGS
Continental       A-65, C-75, C-85, C-90,        RG-530162           8.50         214.28
               C-125, C-145, C-175, 1-200,                                        INTAKE HOSES
                       0-300, G0-300                                              Fits 0320 D,E, IO-320 B,C,D                        PA69603
Continental         E-185, E-225, I0-346,        RG-532451         10.99          5.87
                    0-470-A,E,J, I0-470-J                                         CRANKSHAFT SEAL Stretch type                  PA13792                   11.95
Continental      0-470 except A,K, I0-470,       RG-534857         10.99          CRANKSHAFT SEAL Split type                    PA76940                30.28
                      10-520, TSI0-520                                            INTAKE HOSE
Continental      I0-360, TI0-360, TSI0-360       RG-632310           4.85         Fits O-235, O-290, and O320A,B                     STD-1196
Franklin         4A-235, 6A-335, 6A4-150,        RG-17727            8.99         4.50
               6A4-165, 6A5-335, 6A4-200,                                         ROCKER COVER GASKET
                          6A5-350                                                 Fits 0-290, 0-235, 0-320, 0-340, 0-360,
                                                                                  I0-360, HI0-360                               PA75906                  1.89
                                                                                  INTAKE GASKET                                 PA71973                  0.89
Silicone rubber is widely used for
high/low temperature gasketing &
sealing applications. It offers the
widest temp range of any polymer,
with excellent resistance to moisture,
radiation, oxidation, and weathering.
Temp range: -103F to +500F. Duro:
60A. Color: orange-red. Comes in
12"x23-1/2" sheet. Meets AMS3303 ZZ-R-765, Class 2A & 2B.
 DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER               PRICE EACH
1/16"X12"X23-.5'"                AMS3303-062                      10.35
1/8"X12"X23.5"                   AMS3303-125                      15.97

120         WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                           Orders (800) 221-9425                      Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
                                             FIREWALL FORWARD
              TCP FUEL                                                                    WEATHERHEAD
             TREATMENT                                                                    SHUT-OFF VALVE
TCP has proven to be effective in re-                                             Has handle mounted on 1-1/4" long
ducing or eliminating spark plug lead                                             shaft. The delrin-spool design elimi-
fouling, especially import to owners of                                           nates the sticking problems associ-
80 octane rate aircraft engines using                                             ated with the original VariEze. 30 psi.
100LL fuel. 100LL contains 4 times                                                For use with the LongEze - #6749.
more lead than the 80/87. FAA ap-
proved for use in non-turbocharged
Continental and Lycoming piston en-                                               VALVE             PIPE              FUEL             PART         PRICE
gines. 1 quart treats 310 gallons.
                                                                                  3-Way * 1/4" F x 1/4" Female 3/8" Dia.                6749         30.85
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER              PRICE EACH            3-Way* 3/8" F x 3/8" Female 1/2" Dia                 .6709         31.66
Fuel treatment - 1 quart                  TCP                        28.12        4-Way II 1/4" F x 1/4" Female      3/8" Dia.              6747
          ALLEN FUEL                                                              4-Way      3/8" F x 3/8" Female 1/2" Dia              670        730.99
                                                                                  *Flow - either side to branch **Flow - any side to bottom
Turns smoothly and freely with a very
positive spring loaded ball detent sys-                                                   FUEL VALVE
tem which lets you feel the left, right                                               TANK MOUNT W/FILTER
and off positions. It is manufactured                                             Tank mount ball valve with built-in fil-
of anodized aluminum, and is a direct,                                            terscreen. 90 degree on-off with 1/4"
bolt-in replacement for other fuel                                                barbed outlet. Requires FTG12240
valves for VE, LE, and Cozy aircraft.                                             for installation.
1/4" pipe thread.
Note: Order 1 each handle and screw for use on Cozy aircraft.
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER              PRICE EACH
Valve                                 6S122                       165.00           DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER             PRICE EACH
                                                                                  Tank mount valve with filter         FV-11046                      9.56
            POSITIVE STOP                                                         Grommet for installation             FTG12240                      1.95
             FUEL VALVE
                                                                                          PANEL MOUNT
Fuel valve by Andair of England, pre-
                                                                                         DUAL FUEL VALVE
cision built fuel valves are made of
aluminum and brass with seals indi-                                               Panel mount dual tank ball valve with
vidually packed on each outlet. A                                                 180 degree on-off-on . Requires 1/2"
spring loaded button on the lever must                                            panel hole. Includes bulkhead nut
be raised before the lever can be                                                 and washer.      With 1/4" barbed
moved to the off position eliminating                                             inlet/outlets.
the possibility of turning the fuel off
during flight. Weight 7-3/4 oz.
Supplied with 9/16" x 18 UNF flared male outlet fittings, Size 6D, 3/8" od tub-    DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER             PRICE EACH
ing or Female 1/4" NPT - FS20x4F.
                                                                                  Panel mount dual fuel valve           FV-11079                    10.35
 DESCRIPTION                SIZE             PART NUMBER           PRICE
On/Off                  9/16"-18 Male           FS20x1            205.99                     FUEL VALVE
Left/Right/Off         9/16"-18 Male            FS20x2             193.13                   PANEL MOUNT
Left/Right (180°)/Off 9/16"-18 Male             FS20x3             193.13         Panel mount ball valve with 90 degree
Left/Right/Both/Off    9/16"-18 Male            FS20x4             198.90         on-off. Requires 1/2" mounting hole.
Left/Right/Both/Off   1/4" NPT Female          FS20x4F             193.13         Bulkhead nut and washer included.
Left/Main/Right/Off    9/16”-18 Male            FS20x5             205.99         1/4" barbed inlet/outlets.

The lightest (4 oz.) smallest (1.5"),
easiest to operate ball type (not plug)                                            DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER             PRICE EACH
fuel valve available. Light operating                                             Panel mount fuel valve               FV-11118                      9.75
force makes it ideal for remote opera-
tion Teflon seals will not stick. Cad-                                                      TANK MOUNT
mium plated forged brass with 1/4" or
                                                                                             FUEL VALVE
3/8" female pipe ends.
                                                                                  Tank mount ball valve with 90 degree
                                                                                  on-off. 1/4" barbed outlet. Requires
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER              PRICE EACH            FTG12240 grommet for installation.
1/4" pipe                            FV-107701                       10.29
3/8" pipe                            FV-107702                       10.29

                                                                                   DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER             PRICE EACH
                                                                                  Tank mount fuel valve                FV-11032                       8.10
                                                                                  Grommet for installation             FTG12240                       1.95

   Prices Subject to Change Without Notice                  Orders (800) 221-9425                   WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                            121
                                           FIREWALL FORWARD
             FUEL TANK                                                                  SAF-AIR DRAIN VALVE
            FUEL PICKUP                                                             Manufactured to close tolerances and
                                                                                    employ a new principle of sealing the
Fuel tank fuel pickup with 1/4" barbed                                              valve stem by using a straight valve
outlet brass with ball check.                                                       seat to eliminate an area where dirt
                                                                                    and lint can gather, thus eliminating
                                                                                    the main cause of drain valve drip.
                                                                                    Standard fuel resistant “O” rings are
                                                                                    used as seals and easily replaced.
                                                                                    Cav-110 fits all gascolators.
 DESRIPTION                      PART NUMBER              PRICE EACH                CAV-110: Cessna 310 tip tanks, Mooney Mark 20, 20A, Ercoupe, Bellanc, T-
Fuel tank fuel pickup               FTF-10311                          2.48         Craft,”B” Stinson, Navion, Waco VK, UPF, Seabee. CAV-16: Piper
                                                                                    PA11,12,18,20,22 Apache Champion, Aeronica, Early Cessna 120,140, Beech
           FUEL TANK                                                                AT-11 and D-185, Howard.
      FITTING & GROMMET                                                             CAV-170: Late Cessna 140,150,170,172, 175. CAV-180: Cessna 180, straight
                                                                                    threaded fuel
Fuel tank elbow fitting with 1/4"                                                    DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER           PRICE EACH
barbed outlet. Requires FTGR-10672
grommet for installation.                                                           1/8" NPT                            CAV-110                  12.45
                                                                                    1/8" NPT with 1/4"
                                                                                    hose connection                    CAV110-H4                   15.35
                                                                                    1/4" NPT                            CAV-160                    12.45
                                                                                    7/16-20 NF-3                        CAV-170                    14.10
                                                                                    3/8-24 NF3                          CAV-180                    14.10
 DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER              PRICE EACH                REPLACEMENT SEALS:
Fuel tank fitting                 FTEL-11021                      1.79              Tip - All models                 MS29513-006                    0.59
Grommet                            FTG12240                       1.95                Seat - 170                     MS29513-012                    0.39
                                                                                      Seat - 180                      MS29513-011                  0.52
Self sealing grommet for use with tank                                                        SAF-AIR
mount valves and elbow fitting. Made                                                    PUSH & TWIST VALVES
of Viton for superior fuel resistance
                                                                                    New valves push and twist to lock
and compatiblity. Requires 33/64"
                                                                                    open and are similar to valves above.
mounting hole. Fits FV-11046 and the
                                                                                     The push & twist valves include the
FV-11032 and is required for installa-
                                                                                    capability of locking the open position
                                                                                    to simplify preflight fuel checks. H -
                                                                                    model valves include a 1/4" hose
 DESCIPTION                      PART NUMBER              PRICE EACH                adapter. Model 1250 valve fits all gas-
                                                                                    colators. Specifications: Safety clip,
Tank grommet                       FTG12240                            1.95         internal washer, and spring - 303 stainless steel, O-rings - Buna 'N', Stem &
                                                                                    threaded body - brass, safety wire hole size - 1/16" dia., weight 26 grams, op-
        EZ DRAIN VALVES                                                             erating temperature - -60° through 160° F, fluid pressure - 60 psi, time to flow
FAA/PMA approved, this dual seal                                                    1 qt of fuel- 64 seconds. Meets tech standards TSO-C76, A TSO-C76.
feature guards against o-ring failure
with safety wire holes provided. The                                                 THREAD        PART NO          PRICE            PART NO             PRICE
spring loaded sleeve prevents acci-                                                  SIZE           W/OUT           EACH              W/HOSE             EACH
dental oil drainage. Easy manual op-                                                               ADAPTER                           ADAPTER
eration requires no special tools. The                                              1/8"NPT           1250           12.45             1250H              17.17
built in hose line directs old oil to con-                                          1/4" NPT          2500           12.75             2500H              19.75
tainer which eliminates oil spills. For                                             3/8-24 NF         3750           17.87              3750H                17.17
use on Continental 5/8-18 thread and                                                7/16-20 NF        4375           13.87             4375H             17.17
Lycoming 1/2" pipe size engines. Replacement o-rings fit both sizes.
 DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER              PRICE EACH
5/8"-18                            AE-99950G                     161.61
1/2" pipe                          AE-80664H                     149.62
O-ring                            MS28775-011                      0.52

Tank mounted straight ball valve with
90 degree on-off. 1/4" barbed outlet.
Requires FTG12240 grommet for in-

 DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER                     PRICE
TANK MOUNT STRAIGHT                 FV-11012                           8.96

 122          WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                           Orders (800) 221-9425                        Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
                                             FIREWALL FORWARD
      HOSE BARB VALVES                                                STRAIGHT THREAD VALVES
Hose Barb Quick opening brass drain                                  Quick opening cadmium plated brass
valve for aircraft fuel systems. FAA ap-                             drain valve for aircraft fuel systems.
proved for use without safety wire in                                Spiral Lock open, Lock Wire Drilled.
closed position. Stainless steel spring                              Stainless steel spring holds valve in
holds valve in closed position. Valve                                closed position. Valve has synthetic
has synthetic rubber seal suitable for                               rubber seal suitable for temperatures
temperatures up to 225° F Made by-                                   up to 225° F Made by Curtis Superior
Curtis Superior Valve Co.                                            Valve Co.
DESCRIPTION                          PART NUMBER           PRICE     DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER   PRICE
1/2" ID HOSE BARB                      CCA-3400              10.00   7/16"-20 NF3                     CCA-4300         16.50
7/16"-20 NF3                           CCA-5400              20.50                                    CCB-4320         13.75
1/2" NPT HOSE BARB                     CCB-37000             17.25   9/16"-18 UNF3                    CCA-4350         17.75
                                                                     9/16"-18 NF3                     CCA-6000         20.25
     PIPE THREAD VALVES                                              3/4"-16 NF3                      CCA-7250         21.50
Quick opening brass drain valve for                                  7/16"-20 NF3                    CCA-5800-1        16.25
aircraft fuel systems. Spiral lock to                                7/16"-20 NF3                    CCA-5800-3        15.75
open. FAA approved for use without                                   9/16"-18 NF3                    CCA-31300         20.50
safety wire in closed position. Stain-                               9/16"-18 UNF-3A                 CCA-36400         17.75
less steel spring holds valve in closed                              9/16"-18 UNF-3A                 CCB-36650         20.00
position. Valve has synthetic rubber                                 5/8"-18-NF3                     CCA-39550         21.50
seal suitable for temperatures up to
225° F. Made by Curtis Superior                                            FUEL PUMP FITTING
Valve Co.                                                            Adapts 1/4-18 tapered threads or
                                                                     when interference occurs with other
DESCRIPTION                         PART NUMBER            PRICE     accessories, it may be necessary to
1/8"NPT                                CCA-1250              11.50   adapt pump thread to AN fitting with
1/4" NPT                               CCA-1300              10.50   these fuel pump fittings. O-rings not
3/8" NPT                               CCA-1350              13.50   included. Requires 2 fittings and 2 o-
1/2" NPT                               CCA-1400              14.50   rings. Order MS29513-111 O'ring
1/8" NPT                               CCA-1550               8.50   seperately.
1/4" NPT                               CCA-1600               9.50   DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER   PRICE
3/8" NPT                               CCA-1650              11.50
                                                                     1/8" NPT                        FPF-6470069       18.54
1/2" NPT                               CCA-1700              13.50
1/4" NPT                               CCA-3600              11.50
1/4" NPT                               CCA-4800              14.00
                                       CCA-4850               9.00
1/4" NPT                               CCA-4900              10.00
3/8" NPT                               CCA-4950              15.50
1/4" NPT                               CCA-5900              14.00
1/8"NPT                                CCA-7450              10.00
1/8"NPT                                CCA-9950              12.50
1/8" NPT                               CCA-36150             10.00
1/8" NPT                               CCB-36700             12.50
1/8"NPT                                CCB-36750             21.50
1/4" NPT                               CCA-39000             28.75

   Prices Subject to Change Without Notice         Orders (800) 221-9425            WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM             123
                                                 FIREWALL FORWARD
  SAF-AIR OIL DRAIN VALVE                                                     GASCOLATOR-by ANDAIR
Lock open drain valve is the only oil                                       Built into the gascolator is an 1/8" NPT
drain valve which you can disassem-                                         top outlet for a pressure sender/primer
ble yourself for replacement of leaky                                       line and a rear 3/8" anchor hole that
o-rings. A simple push and turn of the                                      allows it to be firewall mounted with-
drain valve locks it in its open position,                                  out need of a bracket. A reusable 70
thus eliminating the need of a wrench.                                      micron strainer mesh may be re-
FFA & PMA approved.                                                         moved for easy cleaning. Gascolator
Teledyne Continental:                                                       has an 1/8" NPT tapped bottom hole
0-300-A,B,C,D,E, & C-145-2, 2H,2HP use S1000 - (1"-18) all other models     which accepts curtis or aeroquip re-
use S6250 - (5/8" - 18) Avco-Lycoming - all model numbers                   mote drain.
  SIZE                              PART NUMBER       PRICE EACH             DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
Continental:                                                                Female gascolator 1/4" NPT          AND-GAS-F                       165.00
5/8" - 18 thread                             S6250            64.28         Male gascolator 3/8" flare          AND-GAS-M                       175.00
1" -18" thread                               S1000            59.99
Lycoming:                                                                            BANJO FITTING
1/2" NPT                                     P5000            66.50         Direct replacement for removable
Rotax: 912F2/3/4 & 914                                                      9/16" fittings on Andair valves and
12mm - 1.75                              M12175               29.99         gascolators. Capable of 360° orienta-
O-ring replacement kits for:                                                tion.
S6250                                    S6250K                9.58
S1000                                    S1000K               10.25
P5000                                    P5000K               11.15
          CHECK VALVE
Inline check valve inhibits reverse flow
                                                                             DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
of fuel. Fits 3/8" tubing, has flared fit-
ting. Use with -6 (3/8) fittings. Valve is                                  Andair fitting                             F20B                        56.99
closed position until activated. 1500
PSI maximum pressure. 1/2-lb break                                             GASCOLATOR by USHER
out pressure, 3-1/2 GPM flow rate.                                          Well designed aluminum gascolator,
                                                                            anodized inside and out to prevent
 DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER        PRIC EACH            rusting, the bowl is designed so that
                                                                            all contaminants can be drained out.
Check valve                                CV-3/8             35.57
                                                                            Approved for fuel injection systems up
    ANDAIR CHECK VALVE                                                      to 50 psi, it features two 1/4" NPT
                                                                            ports accepting 3/8" fuel line, 1-1/8"
Andair 3/8" complete closeure check
                                                                            primer port and one 1/8" NPT drain
valve. It allows fuel to flow in the di-
                                                                            valve port (not included). Need 2
rection of the arrows, but when the
                                                                            each MS35266-80 screws. Use with CCA-1550.
fuel direction is reversed, the internal
shuttle slides across preventing re-                                         DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
verse flow. AN 6 fittings have been                                         Gascolator                           USH-GAS                         86.00
machined on each end.                                                       Replacement filter screen             USH-RS                          3.25
 DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER        PRIC EACH                 GASCOLATOR by ACS
ANDAIR CHECK VALVE                         CK375             $45.50         Homebuilder’s special complete all
                                                                            metal gascolator with screen, 2-1/8"
                                                                            dia. bowl with quick drain. Top casting
Finger strainers for fuel tank outlets.                                     has two 1/4" pipe ports for 3/8" fuel
Brass fitting has 3/8" male pipe thread                                     line and one 1/8" port for primer fitting.
which fits AN867-3 flange, and 1/4" fe-                                     Wt. 8-oz. Mounting bracket is made of
male thread for valve or fuel line fit-                                     .016 stainless steel. May be mounted
tings. Screen is 16 mesh brass.                                             with inlet and outlet connections are
                                                                            on sides, or with one port facing fire-
                                                                            wall for direct routing of fuel line through firewall. Sorry, cup type screen for
 DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER       PRICE EACH            older gascolators are no longer available.
Strainer                               FS-375                 9.50
                                                                             DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
           FUEL FITTING
                                                                            Gascolator                          GAS-HBS-1                        65.44
Threaded end fits the CV-3/8 check                                          Mounting Bracket                    GAS-BKT-1                        14.60
valve, 230106 filter facet fuel pumps                                       REPLACEMENT PARTS:
and andair valves. Barbed end 1/4 or                                        2-1/8" gasket                         GAS-RG                             6.60
3/8 may be used with the fuel line tub-                                     Flat type                             GAS-RSF                            1.79
ing either F4040A or BAI.
Use 4-6FJX with F4040A-1/4 or BAI-
1/4. Use 6-6FJX with F4040A-3/8.

  THREAD           BARB             PART NUMBER       PRICE EACH
3/8"                1/4"               4-6FJX                 4.25
3/8"                3/8"               6-6FJX                 4.33

124          WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                    Orders (800) 221-9425                        Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
                                                    FIREWALL FORWARD
         ALUMINUM WELDING                                                                  ESSEX PRIMER
             FLANGES                                                             Leakproof primer with 1/8" internal
Can be welded into aluminum gas                                                  pipe thread inlet and outlet ports.
tanks or bonded into composite tanks.                                            Overall length 3-7/8", weight 2.3-oz.

                              FEMALE PIPE             PART          PRICE         DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER              PRICE EACH
 DIA.          HEIGHT             THREAD             NUMBER          EACH        Primer                              K2404-1/8                    166.33
1-1/2"          7/16"                 1/8"           AN867-1           7.25
1-3/4"           5/8"                 1/4"           AN867-2           7.77             FUEL PRIMER BULB
1-7/8"           5/8"                 3/8"           AN867-3           8.06      A premium quality primer bulb with a
2"               3/4"                 1/2"           AN867-4           8.44      built in check valve. End barbs accept
2-1/4"         13/16"                 3/4"           AN867-6          13.80      1/4" ID flexible fuel line.
See also tubing section of catalog.
Seamless copper tubing for primer,
fuel and oil pressure lines. Comes in
50 ft rolls. Alloy 122 DHP.
                                                                                  DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER              PRICE EACH
Primer fittings in fitting section.                                              1/4" primer bulb                    180120                        9.50

                                                                                          FLARED FITTING
O.D.           WALL              I.D.              PART             PRICE        Flared female/male 90 fitting for use
 IN.        THICKNESS            IN.             NUMBER              P/FT        with the Facet Fuel Pumps.
1/8            .030             .065           R1/8x030-122           1.40
1/4            .030             .190           R1/4x030-122           0.74
5/16           .032             .248           R5/16x032-122          0.85
3/8            .032             .311           R3/8x032-122           1.00

This solid state pump measures only
3" in all directions, and weighs only 18                                          DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER              PRICE EACH
oz. All steel metal case that mounts                                             Flared Female/Male 90° Fitting      2071-6-6S                       5.25
with two bolts. All models feature: no
internal check valves-free flowing-may                                                    ADAPTER FITTING
be mounted in-line w/mechanical                                                             FUEL PUMP
pump to use as standby or booster
                                                                                 Three      configurations   available:
pump. (fuel will seep back through
                                                                                 straight, 90° and 45° elbow. Adapts
when engine is shut off). NOT to be
                                                                                 9/16-18 straight pump thread to 3/8
used with fuel injections. Self priming, may be used with all fuels
                                                                                 flared tubing. Fuel resistant Buna-N
  AMP & FUEL FLO W                 SIZE        OLD       PART PRICE              o-ring included. Steel construction.
  VOLT         GPH & PSI                     NUMBER NUMBER EACH
1,4A 12V20-30: 2.5-4.5 psi   1/8" NPT       480615       FP-40105     34.90
1.4A 12V30-35: 4.5-6.0 psi   1/8" NPT       480616       FP-40106     34.90       DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER              PRICE EACH
1.4A 24V30-35: 4.5-6.0 psi   1/8" NPT        40082       FP-40164     50.07
0.8A 12V30-35:4.5-6.0 psi3/8" 37° JIC Flare 480602       FP-40108     44.00      Straight elbow                      6400-6-6                        1.15
0.8A 24V30-35:4.5-6.0 psi3/8" 37° JIC Flare 480610       FP-40154     41.97      90° elbow                           6801-6-6                        3.35
                                                                                 45° elbow                           6802-6-6                        3.99

           FILTER- FACET                                                                FUEL TANK SEALANT
             FUEL PUMP                                                                     COMPOSITE
Filters fuel before reaching pump.                                               2 part brush consistency elastomeric
Use with #FP-40106 and FP-40164.                                                 compound for sealing fuel tanks and
70 micron screen.                                                                pressurized cabins. It has outstanding
Overall length 2.83", .937 hex width,                                            resistance to aviation fuels over a
.1250-27 NPTF male end, with hose                                                temperature range of -65F to +275F.
nipple .375 nipple, .312 diameter.                                               Excellent adhesion to aluminum, mag-
                                                                                 nesium, titanium, stainless, etc. Rec-
 DESCRIPTION                            PART NUMBER            PRICE EACH        ommended as a liner/sealer for
                                                                                 composite tanks. Cures at room temperature in 48 hours working life 2 hours.
Filter                                       FF-4                      6.49      Meets MIL-S-8802 type 1 Class A. Must be sent by UPS ground only. No haz-
                                                                                 ard fee. Orm-D.
                                                                                  DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER                     PRICE
                                                                                 PINT                             PR1422A2-PT                      63.23

    Prices Subject to Change Without Notice                    Orders (800) 221-9425                WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                          125
                                             FIREWALL FORWARD
   FUEL WARNING SWITCH                                                                         FUEL TESTER
Acetal unit with float action sensor in-                                                        & BRACKET
take, activates panel warning light                                                 Use the fuel tester for a cowl screw-
when fuel supply is low. Unaffected                                                 driver by loosening the nut for either
by aviation fuel. NOTE: Light must be                                               phillips or regular blade, then use
purchased separately. Can use                                                       other end to test fuel. Accepts cross
AN867-4 flange for mounting. 1/2"                                                   pin or disc type drains, fuel runs into
NPT, 3/4" adapter NPT is included.                                                  clear tube for examination. BRACKET
Depth - 3-1/8"                                                                      to hold tester in place. All metal of alu-
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER             PRICE EACH               minum and stainless steel with mount-
                                                                                    ing screws. Stores most popular size testers. Small and compact mounts
SWITCH only                           FWS-1                       29.59             anywhere.
Indicator light                      GW-326                        9.83
                                                                                     DESCRIPTION                          PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
       PRIMER SOLENOID                                                              Tester                                 AIRTRANS                          6.95
                                                                                    8" bracket                              GS315-L                          9.95
When used with an electric fuel pump,
this solenoid can be used as a shut off                                                      FUEL/WATER
valve for the primers. 1/8" npt inlet &                                                   SEPARATOR FUNNEL
outlet ports. 1" diameter x 1-27/64"
                                                                                    Utilizes a special thermoplastic-
long has 2 each 8-32 mounting holes
                                                                                    coated stainless steel base with a
in bottoms (screws NOT included.)
                                                                                    high-flow hydrophobic, mesh separa-
Volts: 12, Amps: 0.5, Normally closed.
                                                                                    tor membrane that has an affinity for
Continuos duty when energized.
                                                                                    petroleum but repels water. The ele-
Weight: 0.336 - by Skinner.
                                                                                    ment can be removed easily, cleaned
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER             PRICE EACH               with a solvent and a soft non-scratch
Primer solenoid                     B2DX62X12V                        92.63         brush low air pressure, steam or ap-
                                                                                    proved liquid cleaners. Funnel can be used for fast checking of potential con-
                                                                                    taminates, passes fuel, collects water and solids.
          DRAIN VALVES
                                           SA14                                      DESCRIPTION                          PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
          FLUSH MOUNT
FAA approved direct replacement for                                                 5-1/2" bowl dia.                         FSF-2                          15.62
F391 series drain valves. Used with                                                 8" bowl dia.                             FSF-4                          22.67
a sampler cup or similar device to
                                                                                            CLEAR VIEW FUEL
open them, permits draining fuel into          SA18                                          SAMPLING CUP
the cup to check octane color as well
as contaminates and water. These                                      SA72          Made of durable Crystaline Plastic to
low profile valves offer the added ben-                                             prevent the cup from yellowing and
efit of replaceable O-rings, extending                                              provide clear view of possible con-
the life of the valve. Made of cadmium plated steel, TSO-C76 certified. Made        tamination. Made with a stainless
by Saf-Air. Replacement O-rings available in hardware section.                      steel drain rod in a reinforced base to
                                                                                    prevent bending or breaking. Made by
 THREAD REPLACES             O-RING          PART NUMBER          PRICE
                                                                                    Curtis Superior Valve Co.
 SIZE     F391              PART NO.          DRAIN VALVE         EACH
1/4" NPT        -14      MS29513-005              SA14                15.99          DESCRIPTION                          PART NUMBER                       PRICE
1/8" NPT        -18      MS29513-005              SA18                16.26         CURTIS SAMPLING CUP                     CCA-39680                           3.95
7/16"-20        -72      MS29513-005
                                                                                    FLUSH DRAIN SAMPLER CUP
                        & MS29513-012             SA72                17.75
                                                                                    It takes less than a minute to sample
       FUEL TANK GAUGE                                                              all sumps in the average aircraft. With
Fuelhawk universal fuel tank gauge is                                               the clear sampler cup, you can see
used to determine usable fuel remain-                                               water or contaminates which you
ing in tank, amount of fuel to be added                                             have flushed from the sump. Fits all
before reaching gross weight limit,                                                 F391 drain valves, FAA approved.
and the accuracy of aircraft fuel                                                   Bracket available.
gauges. Simple to use giving instant                                                 DESCRIPTION                          PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
readout in gallons. Calibrates for use
with any aircraft's main and auxiliary                                              Sampler cup                               F391                           4.50
tanks and comes complete with graph                                                 3" bracket                              GS315-C                          8.95
and calibration card. 11" long, clear, lightweight and unbreakable.                               FUEL CAP
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER             PRICE EACH               2" od vacuum bottle type with snap over ad-
Fuel tank gauge                       FHU11                       11.95             justable handle. Buna-n seal offers good
                                                                                    fuel resistance. Non vented, 3 sizes avail-

                                                                                      DESCRIPTION              WEIGHT             PART NUMBER          PRICE EACH
                                                                                    2" od cap                 0.30 lbs.              FC7-2                    46.31
                                                                                    2-1/2" od cap             0.38 lbs.             25-51023                  29.95
                                                                                    3" cap                    0.54 lbs.             30-51027                  35.50

126         WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                             Orders (800) 221-9425                           Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
                                              FIREWALL FORWARD
        GLASSAIR RETRO                                                 LOCKABLE ALUMINUM FUEL
           FUEL CAP                                                         CAP by AERO
A non vented locking fuel cap for retro                               2-1/4" screw type lockable fuel cap
installation in Glassair aircraft. Installs                           made of forged , polished and bright
by epoxying small adapter flange into                                 anodized aluminum. Non vented de-
the existing fitting. Features brightly                               sign keeps fuel in and contaminates
polished and anodized construction.                                   out. For smoke tanks, wooden air-
Includes 2 keys and adapter flange.                                   plane and all aircraft with separate
                                                                      fuel tanks. 2 keys.
 DESCRIPTION                         PART NUMBER    PRICE EACH         DESCRIPTION                  PART NUMBER                  PRICE EACH
Glassair retro cap                       GSR36L           113.39      Fuel cap: Screw in              C36S-SL                          145.19
                                                                      Threaded weldable tank flange   SPRL-TF                           16.00
           2” TURN TITE
            FUEL CAP                                                         ALUMINUM FUEL CAP
Non-vented 2” cap with Buna-N fuel                                                by AERO
resistant seal. Installs by turning                                   Same features as C36L model, except
down T-handle until tight. Especially                                 the flange is drilled to accept 3/32" riv-
useful in aerobatic applications.                                     ets.

 DESCRIPTION                         PART NUMBER    PRICE EACH         DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER            PRICE EACH
2” Fuel Cap                            FC52005             37.50       Drilled flange                        RC36L                     140.95

     2” FLUSH ALUMINUM                                                         FLUSH SURFACE
     UNVENTED FUEL CAP                                                       ALUMINUM FUEL CAP
Fuel cap assembly available with                                      Same features as the C36L model ex-
either a flat or concave adapter                                      cept that the countersunk flange of the
flange. Pullover type cap and o-                                      FF36L allows it to be glassed-in flush
ring provides tight seal. Adapter                                     with the surface.
flange is 3-3/4" od. Weight: 0.322
lbs. Replacement o-rings avail-
                                                                       DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER            PRICE EACH
 DESCRIPTION                         PART NUMBER    PRICE EACH
                                                                      Glass in flush mount                   FF36L                     124.84
Fuel cap - concave flange               FC100-002          45.00
Fuel cap - flat flange                    UD-3F            45.00
                                                                         LIGHT WEIGHT FUEL CAP
O ring: for latch                         2-012             1.35
O ring: for base                          2-325             2.02      The new SPRL cap is mounted in a
                                                                      flush fitting aluminum flange machined
     ALUMINUM FUEL CAP                                                from solid for accuracy. The easy
                                                                      lever action is finger friendly - no more
       BOLT IN by AERO                                                bent keys in levering caps open. The
English made, this lockable fuel cap is                               seal system is based on two viton "O"
beautifully made in forged, polished                                  rings to offer a long life and safe seal-
and bright anodized aluminum. Non-                                    ing. Also available as a retro fit cap
vented design keeps fuel in and con-                                  without flange for direct replacement
taminates out. Assembly includes cap,                                 in RV aircraft.
gasket, lock and 2 keys. 6 hole flange,
3-3/4" od. opening 1-3/4". Weight:                                     DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER            PRICE EACH
250 grams.                                                            Plastic molded cap                      SPRL                      62.00
                                                                      RV retro cap                           RVSPRL                     59.99
 DESCRIPTION                         PART NUMBER    PRICE EACH        VITON O-RING                           SPRLLG                      3.50
Bolt in aluminum                        C36L              130.91
Matching door lock                        DL               11.99            LIGHTWEIGHT FUEL CAP
                                                                      Same features as the SPRL cap, with
     ALUMINUM FUEL CAP                                                the addition of an integral threaded
          by AERO                                                     neck, designed to be screwed down
                                                                      onto a welded tank insert. It may also
Same features as C36L model except                                    be used with a 2-1/4" hose fitting.
the C36LN includes an integral 2-                                     Flange size: 2-1/4" with 20 threads
1/4" long stepped neck that accepts                                   per inch, male. Weight 4 oz. Equally
bolt 2" and 2-1/4" hose.                                              suitable for metal and glass construc-
Fuel cap: 2-1/4" neck                                                 tion, or for smoke tanks, wooden air-
                                                                      planes and all aircraft with separate fuel tanks. Weight 3 oz.
                                                                        DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER            PRICE EACH
 DESCRIPTION                         PART NUMBER    PRICE EACH
                                                                      Plastic molded cap                     SPRL-SH                    64.00
Fuel cap: bolt on                       C36LN             148.46      Threaded weldable tank flange          SPRL-TF                    16.00

   Prices Subject to Change Without Notice          Orders (800) 221-9425               WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                           127
                                              FIREWALL FORWARD
           FUEL FILTER                                                                    3M SLOSHING
Ideal for experimental. Male ends slip                                                   SEALER COATING
inside rubber or plastic fuel lines. Use                                         A Buna-N fuel tank coating used in air-
hose clamp to secure. Filter housing                                             craft and aerospace applicatons with
is made of glass. Filter element fits                                            good adhesion to synthetic rubber,
both sizes. Weight: 2.65. Not rec-                                               metal, glass, and many plastics. Oil,
ommended for fuel injection systems.                                             gasoline, and aromatic fuel resistant.
Rated 40 micron.                                                                 May be applied by brush, fill and
                                                                                 drain, or sloshing. Thin with MEK.
 FILTER SIZE                       PART NUMBER            PRICE EACH             Dries tack-free in 20 minutes, full dry
                                                                                 in 24 hours. Coverage: Apx 80 sq/ft per quart. Shelf life: 12 months from
1/4"                                       VA-4                   18.99          manufacturer. Meets MIL-D-17951E and properties of MIL-S-4383C (less red
3/8"                                       VA-6                   18.99          dye) NOT recommended for fuels containing alcohol or anti-microbia/anti-icing
                                                                                 additives. (Prist etc)
                                                                                  DESCRIPTION                         PART NUMBER                 PRICE EACH
Has 37° flared ends for 3/8" tube.
Rated 35 micron 4-5 gallon per minute                                            Quart - 3m coating                      EC776                           49.49
flow. 4" overall length.
                                                                                     50 GRAM SEALANT KIT
                                                                                 Repair kit 2-part Pro-Seal fuel tank
                                                                                 sealant PS890B fillet grade sealant
                                                                                 packaged in 1.75 oz quantities for use
                                                                                 on small jobs. 1/2 hour pot life @ 75
                                                                                 degrees. Cure time: 30 hrs. Includes
DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER            PRICE EACH             syringe applicator. Must be sent by
                                                                                 UPS ground only.
Bronze filter                          230106                     36.75
Replacement element                    230107                     10.42
                                                                                  DESCRIPTION                         PART NUMBER                        PRICE
          FUEL FILTERS
A high-performance fuel filter de-                                               2 OZ                                   FPS890-2OZ                         14.99
signed to meet the needs of the aero-                                                   K&N FILTER GREASE
space industry, providing 15 gpm fuel                                            Recommended for use each time a K
flow with no pressure drop along with                                            & N air filter is installed. The grease
maximum filtration protection. The 10                                            should be used on the sealing surface
micron element is made of pleated                                                that contacts the air box in order to
304 stainless steel and cleans easily                                            form an airtight seal even on uneven
with air or soluble rinse for indefinite                                         surfaces. 6 oz tube
re-use. The outer body is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and clear
anodized. Includes plated mounting bracket. For use with all fuels. Size: 4-
1/4"x 2". Wt: 5 oz. Experimental aircraft only.
                                                                                  DESCRIPTION                         PART NUMBER                        PRICE
FITTING SIZE                        PART NUMBER                     PRICE        6 oz TUBE                                 990704                            9.50
AN4                                        FF4004                     64.97
                                                                                           K&N FILTER OIL
AN6                                        FF4006                     64.97
                                                                                 K & N filters must be oiled for maxi-
       FUEL FILTERS - K&N                                                        mum performance. K & N oil uses a
                                                                                 mineral oil base blended with special
K&N Brass 1/4" Fuel Filters available
                                                                                 polymers to form an efficient tack bar-
in brass or ss mesh.
                                                                                 rier for superior dirt particle filtration,
                                                                                 while at the same time permitting
                                                                                 maximum airflow. Available in aerosol
                                                                                 or squeeze bottle. ORM-D - Ground
                                                                                  DESCRIPTION                         PART NUMBER                        PRICE
                                                                                 6.5 OZ AEROSAL CAN                        990504                            8.75
SIZE                                PART NUMBER                     PRICE
                                                                                 8 OZ BOTTLE                               990533                            5.99
BRASS                                      BFF250                      5.97
SS MESH                                    MFF250                      4.47                SYPHON MATE
                                                                                 Simple and safe way of siphoning
                                                                                 fuel. It relies on an unfailing natural
A non-detergent cleaner/degreaser                                                principle and has no complex moving
specially designed for safe use with K                                           parts. It does not need to be placed in
& N air filters. 12 oz pump spray.                                               the mouth and primed. A simple jiggle
                                                                                 of the Syphon Mate establishes the
                                                                                 flow and then air pressure maintains
                                                                                 it. It is manufactured from copper tub-
                                                                                 ing, a glass marble and stainless steel
                                                                                 spring and therefore should never wear out.
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                   PRICE           DESCRIPTION                          PART NUMBER                 PRICE EACH
12 OZ SPRAY BOTTLE                     990606                       8.50         Syphon Mate                                   SM-1                          8.75

128         WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                          Orders (800) 221-9425                           Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
                                                 FIREWALL FORWARD
             BRACKET AIR FILTER                         MANUFACTURER'S MODEL                                 FILTER PRICE            ELEMENT PRICE
Use chart for correct numbers for your aircraft.        AIRCRAFT                                             ASSY. NO. EA.           PART NO. EACH
The specially treated polyurethane element in
the Bracket filter assures near total protection         Aircoup            F1,A1, A2-A                       BA-4106      55.00      BA-4108        8.35
from any foreign material entering the system.          Cessna              120 thru A-152                    BA-4106      55.00      BA-4108        8.35
Repels water, fire retardant and has good air           170 , A170 A,B, 172, 172 A - M                        BA-5110      58.35       BA6108        8.50
flow for proper fuel/air ratio. Has no pleats to col-                       180A-L 182A-R                     BA-8110      65.00      BA8103-1      15.25
lect dirt. Low-cost maintenance with increased          Gruman              -                                     -                   BA-4108        8.35
engine life. FAA approved.                              Luscombe            8,8A -F                           BA-4106      55.00      BA-4108        8.35
                                                        Maule               -                                     -                    BA6108        8.50
                                                        Mooney              -                                     -                    BA6108        8.50
                                                                            J3, J4, J5, PA11, PA11, 11S, 12, 12S,
                                                        Piper               PA-16, thru 19 PA20, 120, 125
                                                                            PA22 - all PA23-235, 250A, 250B
                                                                            PA38                              BA-4106      55.00       BA-4108       8.35
                                                                            PA23-235, 250A, 250B
                                                                            PA24-180, 250, 260
                                                                            PA25-150, 235, 25-250, 260
                                                        Piper               PA28-140, 150, 160, 180, 235
                                                                            PA28-180, 201T, PA28R-201T
                                                                            PA28RT-201T, PA32-260,
                                                                            PA32-300 SN T64001 & Aft, PA32R-300
                                                                            PA32RT-300, PA32R-301
                                                                            PA34-200T, 220T
                                                                            PA36-300 w/Cont 6-285-B PA36-375BA-104         27.02         BA-3       13.49
                                                        PA3-160, PA34-200 w/ Lyc IO360
                                                        Piper               EIE6 or LIO-360-CIE6
                                                                            PA39, PA44                         BA-105      34.25        BA-10       15.38
                                                        Taylorcraft         All                               BA-4106      55.00       BA-4108       8.35
                                                        Varga               2150A                             BA-4106      55.00       BA-4108       8.35
         FOAM GARTER FILTER                                                            AIRFILTERS K&N
For vacuum relief and pump inlet. Made of                                              ROTAX ENGINE
foam polyurethane, this garter filter fits all
                                                                               Universal sized K & N air filters for use
airborne series 133 and 2H3 regulating
                                                                               with Rotax engines. These filters are
                                                                               specially designed to combine supe-
                                                                               rior airflow with up to 99% filtration ef-
                                                                               ficiency, resulting in increased engine
                                                                               performance. Pliable rubber flanges
 DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER           PRICE EACH           absorb vibration & may be stretched
filter                                   B3-5-1                     2.75       up to 1/16" for in-between sizes. Fil-
                                                                               ters may be cleaned, re-oiled, & re-installed up to 25 times using K & N air fil-
                                                                               ter oil & cleaner. Chrome finish. Choose correct part# by size & style.
               AIR FILTER
Vacuum instrument central gyro air filter. 3"                                   OD/ID/HEIGHT                     STYLE             PART NUMBER         PRICE
dia. Micro pleated paper element with two                                      3.5"x2.063"x3"            ROUND/STRAIGHT              RC1150             35.26
3/8" i.d. installation tubes. Weight: .414.                                    3"x2.063"x2.5"            ROUND/STRAIGHT              RC1880             35.26
Replacement element #D9-18-1.                                                  3"x2.063"x3"              ROUND/STRAIGHT              RC1890             35.26
                                                                               5.375"x2"x2"              ROUND/STRAIGHT              RC2440             34.75
                                                                               3.5 to 2"x2.063"x4"        ROUND/TAPERED              RC1200             37.95
                                                                               3.25 to 3"x2.063"x4"       ROUND/TAPERED              RC1350             37.42
DESCRIPTION                          PART NUMBER            PRICE EACH         3.75-8"x2.063x2.375"      DUAL FLANGE/OVAL            RC2720             41.26
                                                                               3.75-8.5"x2.063x2.37      DUAL FLANGE/OVAL            RC2820             41.26
Air filter                               1J7-1                     32.29
Element                                 D9-18-1                    24.95           AIR FILTERS - CHALLENGER
         K & N AIR FILTER                                                      Re-usable, long-life Challenger air filters
                                                                               are designed to give up to a 50% increase
Universal sized K & N air filters for                                          in airflow performance over other filter
use with Rotax engines. These filters                                          brands. This typically translates into a 2-4%
are specially designed to combine                                              increase in horsepower as well as in-
superior airflow with up to 99% filtra-                                        creased fuel economy. Installation requires
tion efficiency, resulting in increased                                        no modifications (they are direct filter re-
engine performance. Pliable rubber                                             placements). Filters require cleaning & oil-
flanges absorb vibration & may be                                              ing every 100 hours; cleaning operations may be repeated up to 25 times
stretched up to 1/16" for in-between                                           before filters must be replaced. FAA-PMA approved. CPE1957 requires
sizes. Filters may be cleaned, re-                                             990704 Sealing Grease for installation.
oiled, & re-installed up to 25 times using K & N air filter oil & cleaner.
Chrome finish cap. 'SP'models have a rubber cap & include tabs for safety       REPLACES                          PART NUMBER                 PRICE EACH
wire securement. Choose correct part# by size & style.                         BRACKETT BA-4106                       CP1150                         129.82
DESCRIPTION                          PART NUMBER            PRICE EACH         BRACKETT BA-5110                       CP1172                         139.82
                                                                               BRACKETT BA-8110                       CP1182                         141.84
K & N AIR FILTER                        SP2703                 52.00           BRACKETT BA-104                       CPE1957                         153.11
K & N AIR FILTER                        SP2705                 52.00

    Prices Subject to Change Without Notice               Orders (800) 221-9425                 WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                 129
                                               FIREWALL FORWARD
            CABIN HEAT                                                                               HEAT MUFF
                                                                                                                                      Ends 1-3/4" hole
             AIR MIXER                                                                   This heat muff can be used for either     rest 2"
Small lightweight unit allows cabin air                                                  cabin heat, carb heat, or both; as
temperature to be regulated from                                                         there are two 2" outlets and one 2"
warm /cold/off by two internal flappers.                                                 inlet. Its design used forced air
 The 2 piece design is easily mounted                                                    through the muff, combined with an in-
to the firewall using four (included)                                                    terior baffle which slows down the air
blind rivets. Screws may also be used.                                                   flow increasing the heat output. Its
Shafts, arms and flapper valves are                                                      split clamshell design allows it to be
stainless steel, body is made of 2" od                                                   mounted over any 12" straight section
6061-T4 aluminum tubing. T-end protrudes out of the engine side of the fire-             of 1-3/4 exhaust pipe. The offset end flanges allow it to be mounted under a
wall: 2-1/2 ", cabin end: 2-1/8". Includes hose clamp, gasket and blind rivets.          close fitting cow.. Made of 6061 and 5052 aluminum weight with clamps 12
Requires 2 push-pull controls. Weight: 5.2 oz.                                           oz. Diameter 3", length 11"
DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER                  PRICE EACH                DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER                   PRICE EACH
Cabin air mixer                       ASM16                           101.15             Heat muff                              EC100-010                        135.00

         HOMEBUILDERS                                                                                HEAT MUFF
         CABIN HEAT BOX                                                                  1 piece .018 stainless steel construc-
                                                                                         tion with two-2” diameter in-line
Originally made for the VE/LE, overall                                                   inlet/outlets, ends 1-3/4". Total length:
length of 6". Tube diameter 2" main                                                      9-1/8”, width: 2-5/8”. Includes 2”
body 3" x 3", weight: .628 lb. Riveted                                                   clamps.                                       Ends 1-3/4" hole
not welded. Also available with stain-
                                                                                                                                       rest 2"
less steel mounting surface, flapper
and steel shaft for extra heat protec-                          All hole size 2"
                                                                                          DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER                   PRICE EACH
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                  PRICE EACH
                                                                                         Heat muff                            EC100-025                          119.00
Heat box                             EC100-005                         86.71
Stainless steel                     EC100-015SS                        94.63                      HEAT MUFF - 90°
         Y-TUBE - USE WITH                                         All hole size 2"      1 piece .018 stainless steel construc-
                                                                                         tion with two - 2” diameter inlet/outlets.
          CABIN HEAT BOX                                                                 (90° to each other), ends 1-3/4". Total
2" diameter designed to be used with                                                     length: 9-1/8”, width: 2-5/8”. Includes
homebuilders cabin heat box to make                                                      2” clamps.
warm air available to two or more lo-                                                                                                   Ends 1-3/4" hole
cations in the aircraft. Constructed of                                                                                                 rest 2"
seamless 2024-T6 tube, weighs only
two ounces. These tubes are ex-
panded to 2" inside diameter on the                                                       DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER                   PRICE EACH
inlet end to slip over and clamp to the                                                  Heat muff                              EC100-030                        119.00
2" outside diameter tube of the cabin heat box. Due to the very light weight,
Y tubes can be installed in scat tubing, ganged or attached directly to the cabin                HEAT MUFF - 180°
heat boxes. One stainless steel clamp included with y-tube.
                                                                                         1 piece .018 stainless steel construc-
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                  PRICE EACH               tion with two - 2” diameter inlet/outlets.
Y-tube                                     EC-2Y                          21.82          (180° from each other.), ends 1-3/4".
                                                                                         Total length: 9-1/8”, width: 2-5/8”. In-
         CARB HEAT MUFF                                                                  cludes 2” clamps.

1 piece .018 stainless steel construc-                                                                                                      Ends 1-3/4" hole
tion with one 2” diameter top outlet, 1-                                                                                                    rest 2"
1/2" end outlets. Total length: 7-1/4”,
width: 2-1/2”. Includes two 2” clamps.                                                    DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER                   PRICE EACH
                                                                                         180° Heat muff                         EC100-035                        119.00

 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                  PRICE EACH                           FLOP TUBE
Carb heat muff                       EC100-020                            59.79          13" inverted pickup tube is made from
                                                                                         Aeroquip 601-6 flexible hose. End fit-
            HEAT MUFF                        All hole size 2"                            ting swagged onto hose has a 1/4"
Cessna type heat muff is made of                                                         male pipe thread attached to tank out-
welded aluminum with stainless steel                                                     let.
fins for clamping to stack. Clamps in-
cluded. 2" outlet.

                                                                                          DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER                   PRICE EACH
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                  PRICE EACH               13" flop tube                          FT-13                             65.50
Heat muff                              CESS-2                             81.97

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                                             FIREWALL FORWARD
          AEROQUIP* OR                                                                       MANDREL TOOL
        STRATOFLEX* HOSE                                                            Recommended for installation of 471
            MIL-H-8794                                                              & 491 fittings onto 306 & 303 hose re-
                                                                                    spectively; to avoid damage to sealing
Hose meets or exceeds the require-                                                  surfaces.
ments of above mil spec. Construc-
tion: Tube - seamless synthetic
rubber. Reinforcement - one fiber
braid and one high tensile steel wire
braid. Cover - fiber braid impregnated
with oil and mildew resistant rubber. Application: Aircraft hydraulic, pneumatic,   THREAD        306/303       471/491       MANDREL TOOL                 PRICE
coolant, fuel and oil systems specified in MS33620. Temperature rating: -65°         SIZE         DASH #        DASH #        PART NUMBER                  EACH
to +250°F. *Depending on stock.
                                                                                    3/8-24          -3H            -3           MT2701-3                    16.99
TUBE HOSE         HOSE        MAX OPER.              PART     PRICE                 7/16-20         -4H            -4           MT2701-4                    16.99
SIZE  I.D.         O.D.       PRESSURE              NUMBER PER FOOT                 1/2-20          -5H            -5           MT2701-5                    16.99
3/16"     .125     .453        3,000 PSI             303-3H             5.99        9/16-18         -6H            -6           MT2701-6                    16.99
1/4"      .188     .516        3,000 PSI             303-4H             5.99        3/4-16          -8H            -8           MT2701-8                    16.99
5/16"     .250     .578        3,000 PSI             303-5H             6.39        7/8-14         -10H           -10           MT2701-10                   29.50
3/8"      .313     .672        2,000 PSI             303-6H             6.77
1/2"      .406     .766        2,000 PSI             303-8H             6.97
5/8"      .500     .922        7150 PSI             303-10H             8.99                     LENGTH
                                                                                    Determine hose cutoff length by
     AEROQUIP* OR                                                                   subtracting fitting cutoff factor (B +
                                                                                    B) from hose assembly length or
STRATOFLEX* FITTINGS (use                                                           by calculating the length from the
      on 303 hose)                                                                  information shown on the hose as-             Length of Assembly
Use in conjunction with Aeroquip                                                    sembly drawing. The cutoff length
                                                                                    may also be determined by meas-           B    Length of Hose      B
hose, this fitting has externally
threaded nipple and internally                                                      uring the used length of hose
threaded hose socket. 3-6 fittings                                                  being replaced.
have cadmium plated nuts and nip-
ples. The 8D has anodized aluminum                                                       STRATOFLEX* HOSE -
nut and nipple. *Depending on stock.                                                         MIL-H-5593
TUBE SIZE         NUT THREAD SIZE            PART NUMBER         PRICE EA           Hose meets or exceeds the require-
3/16"                      3/8-24                  491-3                9.90        ments of above mil spec. Construc-
1/4"                      7/16-20                  491-4                9.47        tion: Tube - Seamless Buna-N
5/16"                      1/2-20                  491-5                9.79        Reinforcement: one braid of high ten-
3/8"                      9/16-18                  491-6               11.48        sile fiber cord. Cover - synthetic rub-
1/2"                       3/4-16                 491-8D               14.63        ber. Application: Low pressure air and
5/8"                       7/8-14                491-10D               20.49        vacuum instrument systems. Tem-
                                                                                    perature rating: -65° to +165°F. *De-
                                                                                    pending on stock.
         90° & 45° ELBOW
          FLARED FITTING                                                            HOSE           HOSE        MAX OPER.             PART              PRICE
                                                                                    I.D.            O.D.       PRESSURE            NUMBER           PER FOOT
For use with 303-6H and 303-8H
hose. Previous numbers 980005-6D,                                                   1/8"           .344         300 PSI             306-2H                5.29
and 980005-8D                                                                       3/16"          .406         250 PSI             306-3H                3.60
                                                                                    1/4"           .469         200 PSI             306-4H                4.11
                                                                                    3/8"           .594         150 PSI             306-6H                4.90
                                                                                    1/2"           .750         150 PSI             306-8H                6.60
                                                                                    5/8"           .875         150 PSI            306-10H                7.23

TUBE                 NUT THREAD                   PART               PRICE
                                                                                            AEROQUIP* OR
SIZE                    SIZE                     NUMBER              EACH
                                                                                        STRATOFLEX* FITTINGS
1/4"                      7/16-20             MS27224-4                52.58               (use on 306 hose)
3/8"                      9/16-18             MS27224-6                66.42        *Depending on stock.
1/2"                       3/4-16             MS27224-8D              165.35        For use with the 306 hose
1/4"                      7/16-20             MS27226-4                49.99
3/8"                      9/16-18             MS27226-6                68.99
1/2"                       3/4-16             MS27226-8D              166.66
                                                                                    TUBE                  NUT/THREAD                 PART                  PRICE
                                                                                    SIZE                      SIZE                 NUMBER                  EACH
                                                                                    1/8"                    5/16-24                 471-2D                  10.61
                                                                                    3/16"                    3/8-24                 471-3D                   6.69
                                                                                    1/4"                    7/16-20                 471-4D                   7.36
                                                                                    3/8"                    9/16-18                 471-6D                   8.10
                                                                                    1/2"                     3/4-16                 471-8D                  20.25
                                                                                    5/8"                     7/8-14                471-10D                  61.14

   Prices Subject to Change Without Notice                   Orders (800) 221-9425                     WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                131
                                             FIREWALL FORWARD
OIL & COOLANT HOSE - MIL-                                                             666 MEDIUM PRESSURE
        DTL-6000C                                                                         TEFLON HOSE
A tough, yet flexible, seamless ex-                                                (MIL-H-27267)          Aeroquip*        or
truded hose of uniform wall thickness.                                             Stratoflex* teflon hose is unaffected
Highly resistant to heat, aging, and                                               by all fuels, oils, alcohol, coolants, or
petroleum hydrocarbons. Specifically                                               solvents commonly used in an aircraft.
designed for oil, water and coolant air-                                           It is lightweight and able to withstand
craft engine applications. Temp range                                              prolonged flexing and vibration. Serv-
-40°F to +250°F. Burst pressure 1000                                               ice and shelf life are virtually unlimited
psi each diameter. Maximum length:                                                 for all practical purposes. Operating
10 ft. Use with AN840 type hose nipple fitting and clamp securely. Meets           temperatures -65° F to +450° F. The inner tube is spiral extruded Teflon resin
MIL-DTL-6000C.                                                                     and the outer cover is type 300 Series stainless steel wire braid. Can also be
HOSE       HOSE          OLD                     PART               PRICE          used for medium pressure hydraulic and pneumatic applications at pressures
I.D.        O.D.       NUMBER                  NUMBER               PR/FT          up to 1500 psi. *Depending on stock.
1/4"        5/8"    MIL-H-6000-1/4          MILDTL6000-1/4            4.50         TUBE SIZE HOSE            WGHT                   PART               PRICE
3/8"        3/4"    MIL-H-6000-3/8          MILDTL6000-3/8            4.69         O.D.       I.D.           P/IN.                 NUMBER               P/FT
1/2"        7/8"    MIL-H-6000-1/2          MILDTL6000-1/2            5.25
5/8"         1"     MIL-H-6000-5/8          MILDTL6000-5/8            5.39         5/16”          3/16”      .0068                   666-4                 6.85
3/4"       1-1/8"   MIL-H-6000-3/4          MILDTL6000-3/4            5.75         15/32”         5/16”      .0098                   666-6                 9.25
1"         1-3/8"    MIL-H-6000-1            MILDTL6000-1             7.36         9/16”         13/32”      .0121                   666-8                12.80

                                                                                        MEDIUM PRESSURE
          666 MEDIUM PRESSURE HOSE INSTALLATION                                         REUSABLE FITTINGS
For assembly and disassembly of 666 hose and reusable fittings.
1. Wrap hose with tape at cutoff point and cut squarely to length through taped    37° fittings for use with 666 medium
area using a sharp cutoff wheel or a fine-tooth hack saw. Remove tape and          pressure teflon hose.
trim any loose         wires flush with tube stock. Any burrs on the bore of the
tube stock should be removed with a knife. Clean the hose bore. Sometimes
wire braid will tend to "neck down" on one end and "flare out" on the opposite
end. This is characteristic of wire braid hose and can be used to an advan-
tage in the assembly of the reusable fittings. Slip two         sockets skirt to
skirt over the "necked down" end of the hose. Mount nipple hex in a vise.          USE WITH                               PART                         PRICE
Work the hose bore over the nipple in a circular motion to size the tube and       HOSE SIZE                            NUMBER                         EACH
aid in separating the braid prior to fitting the sleeve. Remove hose from nip-     666-4                                F66000-4                        32.38
ple.                                                                               666-6                                F66000-6                        37.75
2. Carefully insert the sleeve over the end of the inner tube and under the        666-8                                F66000-8                        51.91
wire braid by hand. Complete positioning of the sleeve by pushing the sleeve
end against a flat surface until tube bottoms against shoulder in sleeve I.D.
Visually inspect to see that tube stock butts against the inside shoulder of the               156 HOSE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS
sleeve and that no wires are trapped under sleeve.                                 For assembly and disassembly of 601 hose and standard fittings.
3. Hold the nipple with hex vise. Push hose over nipple with twisting motion       1. Cut hose squarely to length. Use hose cutoff machine or fine tooth hack-
until seated against nipple chamfer. Push socket forward, and hand start           saw. To minimize wire braid flare-out, wrap hose with masking tape and
threading of socket to nipple. Note: When assembling a new fitting no lubri-       saw through tape . Remove tape before step 2.
cation is needed as component parts are dry film lubricated at the time of man-    2. Insert hose in socket with a twisting, pushing motion until hose is in line
ufacture. After reuse of the fitting, if undue wearing of the dry film or bare     with back of socket threads.
metal is observed, the thread area should be lubricated with Molykote Type G.      3. Important-mark hose position around hose at rear of socket. Use a
4. Wrench tighten nipple hex until clearance with socket hex is 1/32" or less      grease pencil, painted line or tape.
(may vary from 0.023 to 0.046 inch.) Tighten further to align corners of nip-      4. Lubricate inside of hose and nipple threads liberally. Use SAE30 lubri-
ple and socket hexes.                                                              cating oil. Avoid getting oil in the cutting spur of the nipple.
TO DISASSEMBLE: Unscrew and remove nipple: slide socket back on hose               5. Carefully insert nipple and engage nipple and socket threads while hold-
by tapping against flat surface; remove sleeve with pliers.                        ing hose in position with other hand. Make sure that hose does not push
                                                                                   out of socket by observing mark made in step 3.
                                                                                   6. Complete assembly using wrench while continuing to hold in position.
                                                                                   Maximum allowable gap is .041 inches in sizes 3, 4 and 5, and .032 inches
                                                                                   in size 6 and up.
                                                                                   7. IMPORTANT - check for hose push-out by observing hose position mark.
                                                                                   None should be evident. Clean, inspect and proof test.

132         WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                            Orders (800) 221-9425                       Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
                                             FIREWALL FORWARD
        STRATOFLEX HOSE                                                              CLAMPING TOOL
           MIL-H-83797                                                       A hand tool designed to tighten and
                                                                             cut Band-It type firesleeve band
Meets dimensional requirements and
                                                                             clamps. The band is tightened either
meets or exceeds above mil spec.
                                                                             by turning the tensioning handle or
Construction: Tube - Seamless HSP
                                                                             by using a ratchet or wrench. The
elastomer. Reinforcement - one and
                                                                             band is then cut to length using the
one-half corrosion resistant steel wire
                                                                             levered handle. Wt: 10 oz Firesleeve
braids external. Application: Medium
                                                                             Clamps sold separately.(Part No.
pressure service with most petroleum
base oils JP fuels, aviation gasoline
MIL-L-7808 and MIL-L-23699 lubricants, and many synthetic base fluids. Not     DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER             PRICE EACH
affected by alcohol, coolants, and solvents common to the aerospace indus-   CLAMPING TOOL                       FS4623                        15.40
try. Temperature range: -65° to +300°F.
TUBE          HOSE       MAX. OPER.               PART          PRICE
                                                                                   PREP FLUID COOLANT
SIZE           I.D.      PRESSURE                NUMBER         PR/FT                     FLUSH
1/4"          7/32"        1,000 PSI              156-4H          11.36      Evans Prep Fluid is a waterless flush
3/8”          11/32"       1,000 PSI              156-6H          12.35      designed for smaller engines. Prep
1/2"          7/16"        1,000 PSI              156-8H          14.89      Fluid should be used when the block
5/8"          9/16"        1,000 PSI             156-10H          16.85      drains cannot be removed to drain out
                                                                             water or antifreeze trapped in the en-
       STRATOFLEX FITTINGS                                                   gine block. Prep Fluid is recom-
                                                                             mended for all motorcycles converting
For use with 156 hose
                                                                             to NPG+ or NPG. Prep Fluid is not intended to be an operating coolant.
                                                                             TYPE                              PART NUMBER                       PRICE
                                                                             GALLON                                 PREP                           28.57

                                                                                   NPG+ ENGINE COOLANT
                                                                             A non-toxic, waterless pour-in coolant
                                                                             recommended by Rotax for use in all
HOSE                    THREAD                     PART         PRICE        912 & 914 engines. Because there is
 SIZE                   NUT SIZE                 NUMBER         EACH         no water in the system, boil over &
1/4"                    7/16-20                    816-4         16.19       corrosion are virtually eliminated. Its
3/8"                    9/16-18                   816-6D         15.59       special blend of ingredients allow sig-
1/2"                     3/4-16                   816-8D         18.64       nificant improvements in heat transfer
5/8"                     7/8-14                  816-10D         23.57       & coolant surface effectiveness, al-
                                                                             lowing engines to tolerate the higher operating temperatures common to Rotax
                                                                             engines. Note: water-based coolant must be drained completely before usage.
                                                                             (Use of 'Prep Fluid' recommended) Temp range: -40 to 375ºF. Also used in
Fire resistance hose for use on fuel,                                        racing. Controls Detonation. Run Faster, Run Better, and never overheat!
oil, and hydraulic lines.                                                    TYPE                              PART NUMBER                       PRICE
Use with 303, 156 hose.                                                      GALLON                              NPG-PLUS                          38.71

USE WITH               MAX               PART                   PRICE
HOSE                   I.D.            NUMBER                   PR/FT
303-4 156-5            1/2”             2650-9                    8.79
303-6 156-6            3/4”            2650-12                    8.25
303-8 156-8             1”             2650-14                   12.79

Stainless steel 1/4" wide band, pull to
tighten. Maximum ID - 2-1/16".

 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER             PRICE EACH
 Clamp                             10781-4-32CR                    1.79

   Prices Subject to Change Without Notice                 Orders (800) 221-9425             WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                             133
                                            FIREWALL FORWARD
                         AERODUCT DUCTING
Neoprene and silicone impregnated, wire coil supported fiberglass aircraft          NOTE: “WIRE SPACING” is the dimension from the crest of the wire in
ducting meets applicable FAA and military specifications. Neoprene ducting          one coil to the crest of the wire in the next coil.
is stocked in 10 foot lengths. Silicone ducting is stocked in 11 foot lengths.
Odorless and nontoxic ducting is important in heat and vent systems.                SCREWING DUCTING TOGETHER: Shorter lengths of ducting can
AERODUCT neoprene and silicone ducts have been fully tested by civilian,            be spliced together to eliminate previously washed pieces. For
commercial and military aircraft manufacturers and approved. Buna ("nitrile")       permanent splices an adhesive needs to be applied to the ends
types have odor at elevated temperatures.                                           before joining. To relieve any wire tension when cut, bend end of
CAT - 1 ply neo. impreg. fiberglass with very closely spaced spiral copper-         wire in slightly.
coated high carbon steel wire inside, exterior wrapped fiberglass cord. From
-65 degrees F to over 350 degrees F. Aircraft type. Maximum length 10 ft.
SCAT - 1 ply same as CAT except with silicone rubber impregnation. From -
80 degrees F to over 450 degrees F. Aircraft and industrial type. Maximum
length 11ft. (RED)
CEET - 2 plies neo. impreg. fiberglass, same as CAT except wire between
plies. From -65 degrees F to over 350 degrees F. Aircraft type. Maximum
length 10 ft. (BLACK)
SCEET - 2 plies same as SCAT except wire between plys. From -80 degrees
F to over 500 degrees F. Aircraft and industrial type. Maximum length 11 ft.

                                      5% DISCOUNT ON FULL LENGTH PURCHASES (10’ BLACK, 11’ RED)

                                               BLACK - 10 ‘                      BLACK - 10’                     RED - 11’                   RED - 11’
INSIDE              WIRE SPACING               PART         PRICE              PART         PRICE            PART         PRICE          PART           PRICE
DIAMETER               INCHES                  NUMBER       FOOT               NUMBER       FOOT             NUMBER       FOOT           NUMBER         FOOT

3/4"                      1/4                 CAT-3          4.94             CEET-3             -          SCAT-3         5.67         SCEET-3          7.78
7/8"                      1/4                 CAT-3A         5.20             CEET-3A           --          SCAT-3A        4.32         SCEET-3A             -
1"                        1/4                 CAT-4          4.68             CEET-4         6.40           SCAT-4         6.15         SCEET-4          8.52
1-1/4"                    1/4                 CAT-5          4.75             CEET-5         6.74           SCAT-5         6.36         SCEET-5          8.24
1-1/2"                   5/16                 CAT-6          5.26             CEET-6         6.50           SCAT-6         7.50         SCEET-6         13.16
1-3/4"                   5/16                 CAT-7          5.54             CEET-7         6.58           SCAT-7         7.49         SCEET-7         11.20
2"                       5/16                 CAT-8          5.44             CEET-8         6.50           SCAT-8         8.03         SCEET-8         12.09
2-1/4"                   5/16                 CAT-9             --            CEET-9         7.19           SCAT-9         9.62         SCEET-9         14.64
2-1/2"                   5/16                 CAT-10         5.95             CEET-10        7.88           SCAT-10       10.50         SCEET-10        15.13
2-3/4"                   5/16                 CAT-11         7.18             CEET-11           --          SCAT-11        9.50         SCEET-11        15.23
3"                       5/16                 CAT-12         7.38             CEET-12        8.70           SCAT-12       11.15         SCEET-12        17.48
3-1/4"                   5/16                 CAT-13         9.42             CEET-13           --          SCAT-13       10.50         SCEET-13        19.52
3-1/2"                   5/16                 CAT-14         8.66             CEET-14           --          SCAT-14       11.80         SCEET-14        15.34
3-3/4"                    3/8                 CAT-15            --            CEET-15           --          SCAT-15         -----       SCEET-15            --
4"                        3/8                 CAT-16         8.72             CEET-16        9.50           SCAT-16       12.91         SCEET-16        22.25
4-1/2"                    3/8                 CAT-18         8.76             CEET-18           --          SCAT-18       13.18         SCEET-18
5                        7/16                 CAT-20         8.25             CEET-20           --          SCAT-20       15.34         SCEET-20        25.66
6"                        1/2                 CAT-24        11.76             CEET-24           --          SCAT-24       17.14         SCEET-24            -

Aluminum flange may be welded or
riveted in place. Slip ducting over
                                                                                    2” od flanged aluminum duct for rout-
outside diameter and secure with
                                                                                    ing aeroduct through bulkheads, fire-
                                                                                    walls, etc. 3” square flange with
                                                                                    predrilled 1/8” mounting holes. Tub-
                                                                                    ing projects 1” on each side of flange.
                                                                                    Weight 7 oz.

DESCRIPTION                                     PART                 PRICE
SIZE                     FITS                  NUMBER                EACH           2” flanged duct                           FD-2                        10.50
1"                      -4 hose                ADF-1                   6.99
1-1/2"                  -6 hose               ADF-1.5                  7.85
2" round                -8 hose                ADF-2                   7.30
2-1/2"                 -10 hose               ADF-2.5                  7.80
2-3/4"                 -11 hose               ADF-2.75                 9.99
3"                     -12 hose                ADF-3                   9.99

134         WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                             Orders (800) 221-9425                       Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
                                             FIREWALL FORWARD
           SOLENOIDS                                                                              CLAMPS
Cole Hersee solenoids master &                                                      For fittings used with 3/8" id to 5/8" id
starter. Bracket mounting holes 5/16"                                               hose. Clamping range is from closed
x 19/32" with 2-13/64" on centers. Bat-                                             to open. Stepless ear clamps by
tery connects to right stud (facing                                                 Oetiker. Special jaw pincher #10981
front).Maximum torque requirements:                                                 for properly attaching clamps.
10-32 threaded studs - 15 in/lb, 5/16-
24 threaded studs - 35 in/lbs. Do NOT
over torque.
Master: 12 volt continuous duty.
Starter: 12 volt grounded intermittent duty. 750 amps make 100 amps break            CLAMPING RANGE                    PART NUMBER            PRICE EACH
with 10 seconds on - 20 minutes off.                                                .378 - .445                            113-505R                     0.51
 DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER            PRICE EACH                 .425 - .524                            133-706R                     0.46
Master solenoid                         24115                    19.50              .453 - .551                            140-706R                     0.53
Starter solenoid                        24037                    19.74              .571 - .669                            170-706R                     0.75

        SOLENOIDS - WHAT ARE THEY - HOW DO THEY WORK?                                  ABA SURE SEAL CLAMP
Solenoid: an electromagnetic relay used in direct current wiring system be-         Specially embossed band threads
tween a low current capacity switch and a high current load requirement. In         and rolled-up band edges virtually
an engine starting system, the starting position of an ignition switch might have   eliminate hose damage especially to
a typical rating of 5 amps while the starter motor might have an initial crank-     soft-walled hoses. The unique thread
ing requirement of 200 to 350 amps. The ignition switch energizes the sole-         pitch angle provides high vibration re-
noid coil which moves the high current capacity contact to a closed position        sistance. ABA clamps are reusable
thereby energizing the starter motor.                                               because of their patented design. The
                                                                                    robust, stamped threads and smooth
The "intermittent" starter application described is used only when the equip-       inside surface of the clamp spare the
ment is started and only for a few seconds during each start. To meet this          hose and ensure a high and uniform tension force. Low-pitch worm drive
short term demand, an intermittent solenoid carries a high rating. If the starter   means less retightening due to vibrations and greater clamping force for the
was run continuously, the solenoid would overheat and fail, as would the            amount of applied tightening torque. With all components of the clamp being
starter. It is constructed so it can be energized for short periods up to 15 sec-   made of identical material, electrolytic activity is eliminated.
onds without overheating and destroying its windings. The "continuous" so-
lenoid is constructed so it can be energized continuously without overheating       SIZE                               PART NUMBER            PRICE EACH
its windings.                                                                       5/16 "- 9/16"                         ABA-3                       1.10
                                                                                    7/16" - 11/16"                        ABA-4                       1.10
IGNITION FILTER/CAPACITOR                                                           1/2" - 13/16"                         ABA-6                       1.10
Eliminates all ignition noise. Connects                                             3/4" - 1-1/8"                         ABA-10                      1.25
to primary lead and ground at mag-                                                  7/8" - 1-1/4"                         ABA-12                      1.35
neto. Easy disconnect for convenient                                                1-1/4" - 1-3/4"                       ABA-20                      1.54
servicing of mag. 10-32 screw termi-                                                1-3/4" - 2-1/4"                       ABA-28                      1.95
nal.                                                                                2" - 2-9/16"                          ABA-32                      1.95

 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
 Magneto filter                       MF-3A                         71.39

For attaching clamps.

DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
JAW PINCHER                           10981                         25.64

   Prices Subject to Change Without Notice                   Orders (800) 221-9425                    WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                           135
                                             FIREWALL FORWARD
          NACA SCOOPS                                                                      ALUMIPREP #33
Air scoops for efficiently drawing air                                            Brush on chemical to clean, brighten
into aircraft, boats, and autos. Vac-                                             and remove oxidation from aluminum.
uum bagged polycarbonate construc-                                                Prepares aluminum for painting and
tion results in a strong lightweight                                              welding. Brightens and cleans badly
temperture resistant inlet. Available in                                          corroded aluminum to its natural ap-
1 piece design with no outlet (may be                                             pearance.
added or left open) or 2 piece con-
struction with straight in line or 90° for
limited space applications. Installa-                                                                                                   HAZARD
tion instructions included.
                                                                                   DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
 INLET SIZE         OUTLET DUCT SIZE         PART NUMBER     PRICE EACH           Quart                                  33-QT                          17.00
                                                                                  Gallon                                33-GAL                          36.50
3” L x 2-3/4”W         none                    009MUB            16.50                      ALODINE-1201
6-1/2L x 3-1/2”W       none                    009MUA            16.97
STRAIGHT IN LINE - 2 PIECE                                                        Brush-on chemical to condition alu-
5-3/4”L x 2-3/4”W       2”                      --------         --------         minum for paint, to improve paint ad-
7-3/4”L x 4” W        2-1/2”                    --------         --------         hesion and corrosion resistance. After
90° OUTLET - 2 PIECE                                                              precleaning with Alumiprep #33, apply
5-1/2”L x 2-1/2”W       2”                     902MAA            35.50            full strength with brush or sponge.
7-1/2”L x 4”W         2-1/2”                   903DAB            39.50            Rinse with water and surface is ready
11-3/4”L x 8-1/4”W      4”                      904MI            75.93            for painting. The visible coating
                                                                                  leaves the surface with a golden col-
                                                                                  oration. One quart treats approxi-
    SKULL CAP SPINNERS                                                            mately 100 square feet. Meets                         HAZARD
                                                                                  Mil-C-5541B, Class 1A, Method B.
Complete with mounting bracket and
installation hardware.                                                             DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
5" fits Cont. A-65 to 0-220 engines. 6"                                           Quart                                1201-QT                        17.80
fits Lycoming 0-235 to 0-360 and                                                  Gallon                              1201-GAL                        34.00
Cessna 170's.
                                                                                           ALODINE - 1001
                                                                                  Brush-on chemical to condition alu-
                                                                                  minum for a clear finish and corrosion
 DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER            PRICE EACH             resistance. Maintains the original alu-
                                                                                  minum appearance. The invisible coat
5" spinner                              PS-5                      30.36           provides corrosion proofing to the
6" spinner                              PS-6                      40.98           brightened aluminum surface and also
                                                                                  acts as a barrier against continued

                                                                                   DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
                                                                                  Quart                                1001-QT                          15.67

136          WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                          Orders (800) 221-9425                       Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
                                                   FIREWALL FORWARD
        FORM-A-GASKET                                                                        INSULATING MAT
Seals all types of solid gaskets. Dries                                              A resin bonded spun glass blanket in-
slowly, sets to a pliable film for sealing                                           sulation sandwiched between abra-
close fitting parts, machined surfaces,                                              sion resistant mylar and foil faces
and threaded connections in indus-                                                   protects against 2000° radiant heat
trial, aircraft and marine engines. Ap-                                              and high/low frequency sound. Using
plies easily with brush or roller.                                                   the mylar side towards heat source,
Improves reliability of seal on close fit-                                           the foil face will dissipate any pene-
ting parts. (Conforms to MIL-S-                                                      trating heat across its surface. Easy
45180C)                                                                              to install using weather stripping ad-
                                                                                     hesive and scissors. For homebuilt aircraft. 24" wide, sold by running foot.
 DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER               PRICE EACH              DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER                  PRICE P/FT
.25 pt brush top can                          3H                         7.50        Insulating mat - 24" wide             BK14100                           8.40
Pint brush top can                            3D                        16.45
                                                                                        KOOL MAT INSTULATION
            HI-TEMP                                                                  Composite material of silicone cured
      SILICONE ADHESIVE                                                              to the surface and weave of a high
A premium grade, clear RTV silicone                                                  temperature fiberglass substrate
sealant/adhesive, for use in applica-                                                weighing .72 per sq ft and .070 thick-
tions up to 600° F continuous                                                        ness. Because the silicone attaches
duty.Solvent resistant with low volatil-                                             itself to the textile, there is no separa-
ity. 11.17 oz cartridge.                                                             tion, and no flow of air of liquids
                                                                                     through Koolmat. It has great resist-
                                                                                     ance to abrasion, radiant heat, gasses
                                                                                     and oils, no matter what temperature. Withstands 500°F of radiant heat and
 DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER               PRICE EACH             2000° F with a ceramic backing used in 80% of NASCAR. Flexible and easy
Hi-Temp Silicone                             ALL1                        8.66        to install, flame proof but contains no asbestos, Kool Mat also is an excellent
                                                                                     sound deadener. Sold 30” wide by the running foot.
       FIREWALL SHIELDS                                                               DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
Single shields are used where the
cable or wire may pass through the                                                   .070 thick by 30” wide               KMAT                   31.85 p/linear ft
hole. Ream pilot hole in single piece
shields oversize for the size grommet                                                         FIBERFRAX
used. Two piece shields are used                                                          FIREWALL MATERIAL
over cables or wires with large end-fit-                                             Noted for having exceptionally low
tings or existing installations. Actual                                              thermal conductivity and good han-
hole size in 2 piece shields is slightly                                             dling properties. Will with stand 2300
larger than indicated to prevent chaf-                                               degrees F. Its highly uniform structure
ing cable. Dimple shields accommodate rubber grommets up to 7/8" outside             assures equal thermal conductivity
diameter. Shields may be installed with screws, bolts, plate nuts or rivnuts.        throughout and a smooth surface pro-
Install cable and grommet in firewall, center shield on cable, drill attach holes,   vides advantages in seal, gasket and
Shields have 5/32" mounting holes. Note: if more than one cable passes               space applications. 24" wide. 1/16"
through grommet fire resistant sealant must be applied to grommet. Seals are         weighs 1oz. p/sqft, 1/8" weighs 1.6 oz p/sqft. Available in 1/16" or 1/8" thick-
designed to protect sealing material from excessive heat - not carbon monox-         ness.
ide in cockpit. Use extreme caution when installing.
                                                                                      DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER               PRICE EACH
 DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER               PRICE EACH             1/16" fiberfrax                         970F                            4.25
One piece:                                                                           1/8 " fiberfrax                         970J                            7.50
Miniature Flat 1/8" hole                 FSFM-1                          7.99
1-1/4" dimple 1/8" hole                   FSD-1                          9.99            FIBERFRAX ADHESIVE
Two piece: (set)                                                                     QF 180 high temperature white glue
1-1/4" dimple 1/4" hole                      FSD-2                      10.60        provides a maximum continuous serv-
1-1/4" dimple 3/8" hole                      FSD-3                      10.38        ice rating of 1260 degrees C. Pos-
1-1/4" dimple 1/2" hole                      FSD-4                      10.38        sesses good adhesion, thermal
                                                                                     reflectance, dielectric strength, hot gas
                                                                                     erosion resistance and effectively re-
                                                                                     sists wetting by many nonferrous
                                                                                     molten metals. Apply with brush or
                                                                                     spray, covers 13-25 square feet. Apply
                                                                                     to fiberfrax first and also to other surface if desired. Reduce with clean water.
                                                                                     For use with fibrous materials such as wood (Not recommended for use on
                                                                                      DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER                        PRICE
                                                                                     PINT CAN                             QF180-PT                          22.21
                                                                                     QUART CAN                            QF180-QT                          39.98

   Prices Subject to Change Without Notice                    Orders (800) 221-9425                    WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                137
                                              FIREWALL FORWARD
     FIBERFRAX COATING                                                                    EXHAUST INSULATING
     CEMENT & REGIDIZER                                                                         WRAP
QF 180 high temperature white glue                                                    Increases horse power and fuel effi-
provides a maximum continuous serv-                                                   ciency, reduces under-hood tempera-
ice rating of 1260° C. Possesses                                                      tures up to 70% withstanding
good adhesion, thermal reflectance,                                                   continuous heat up to 2000°. Wrap
dielectric strength, hot gas erosion re-                                              will increase the life of engine and
sistance and effectively resists wetting                                              electronic system components. For
by many nonferrous molten metals.                                                     use on all internal combustion en-
Apply with brush or spray, covers 13-                                                 gines, diesel, rotary, 2-stroke, tur-
25 square feet. Apply to fiberfrax first and also to other surface if desired. Re-    bocharged, fuel-injected blown, race cars, passenger cars, trucks,
duce with clean water.                                                                motorcycles, RV’s, marine, aircraft. Use with high heat coating.
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH               DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER               PRICE EACH
Pint Fiberfrax adhesive              QF180-PT                        22.21            2” x 50’                              11002                       39.79
Quart Fiberfrax adhesive             QF180-QT                        39.98            2” x 15’                              11152                       12.50

  SUPER SOUNDPROOFING                                                                       ROLL BAFFLE SEAL
       INSULATION                                                                     3" wide, 9' long. Nigencord, coated
                                                                                      and cured in neoprene. 1/16" thick
This material is a closed cell vinyl/ni-                                              conforms to FSR 453 AMS 3783
trile insulating foam. It is excellent for
use any where in the cabin, firewall or
bulkhead. It does not absorb water or
oil and can also be used for heat in-
sulation. This soundproofing insula-
tion is also fire retardant and meets
FAR25.853b, making it suitable for air-                                                DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
craft use. It is black, smooth on one side, and can be installed using water-
proof contact cement. Simple to install by cutting with an electric knife, scissor    Roll baffle seal                       T-8071                     52.32 roll
or sharp knife. 48" wide roll, sold by the linear foot. All sizes except 1/8" are
                                                                                             BAFFLE SEAL
                                                                                        REPLACEMENT MATERIAL
                                                                                      Made of red silicone rubber, this ma-
1/8"              .100 lb              SP-125                            4.25         terial is superior to rubber baffle seal
1/4"              .175 lb              SP-250                            5.99         replacement material reinforced with
1/2"              .350 lb              SP-500                            8.10         asbestos or fiberglass. Silicone rub-
3/4"              .525 lb              SP-750                           12.95         ber has working temperature ranges
Installation Booklet                   SPB-1                             2.00         of -120°F to +500°F and will last at
                                                                                      least 30 years. Meets Federal Stan-
           ALUMINUM                                                                   dard ZZR765 Class 2 Grade 60.
          HEAT BARRIER
                                                                                       DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
The flexible high temperature material
makes it an excellent choice for any                                                  Sold Per Foot:                                                   PER FOOT
application that requires high conduc-                                                3/32" x 3"                           SR3-3/32-FT                      2.69
tive heat; temperatures in the range of                                               1/8" x 3"                            SR3-1/8-FT                       2.99
350-1200° Fahrenheit. The highly re-
flective metallic surface of the mate-                                                             SILICONE
rial is capable of withstanding radiant                                                          BAFFLE SEAL
temperatures up to 2000°. Install                                                     Fiberglass reinforced for added
using standard rivets with a backup washer or weather strip adhesive. Use             strength, this high quality material
clamps to hold in place, may be cut with scissors and applied with silicone           withstands temperatures from -85° to
spray adhesive. When used as a heat shield, barrier is installed so the bright        500°F. 3/32” thickness.
metallic surface faces the heat source. When using to retain heat such as ex-         MeetsFed Spec. AMS33206-093.
haust manifolds, install fabric side facing heat.
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
30” x 40” ( 10 sq ft)                 14001                          67.18             SIZE                               PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
        HI-HEAT COATING                                                               3” x 108” (9 ft) Blue                 SIL93x3x9                         45.00
                                                                                      36” x 38” Black                       SIL36x38                         160.00
Protects exhaust insulating wrap from
abrasion and harmful spills. Simply                                                        ALL-IN-ONE SILICONE
spray on wrap after it has been in-                                                   A premium grade, clear RTV silicone
stalled on the exhaust. Coating can                                                   sealant/adhesive, for use in applica-
withstand temperatures up to 1200°F.                                                  tions up to 600 degrees F continous
11 oz spray can.                                                                      duty. Solvent resistant with low volatil-
                                                                                      ity. 11.17 oz. cartridge.

 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                PRICE EACH
Black                                 12001                           7.85
Aluminum                              12002                           8.01
                                                                                       DESCRIPTION                        PART NUMBER                       PRICE
                                                                                      11.17 OZ                                    ALL1                          8.66

138          WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                              Orders (800) 221-9425                         Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
                                               FIREWALL FORWARD
          AUTO TANK                                                            PIPER STYLE GAS GAUGE
         SLOSH SEALER                                                        Piper Style gas gauge, gold anodized,
                                                                             weighs 2-1/4 ounces, 3/4" diameter 6-
Similar to Randolph 912, this re-us-
                                                                             1/4" long.
able automotive sloshing sealer will
seal pinholes or seam leaks in any
steel, aluminum, or fiberglass fuel
tank. It leaves a strong, flexible, non-
porous coating which is not affected
by alcohol or most fuel additives. In-
cludes rust inhibitor. Thin with MEK.                                         DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                     PRICE
Best to use at temperatures above 60ºF. Approximate coverage: 1 qt/30 gal-
lon tank. NOT FOR AIRCRAFT USE. Ground Only Orm-D.                           GOLD ANODIZED                          GG101                         85.00

 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                 PRICE                   FUELHAWK
QUART AUTO ONLY                            GTS5                  27.95           11" UNIVERSAL GAUGE
                                                                             Used to determine usable fuel re-
  FUEL TANK FUEL PICKUP                                                      maining in tank, amount of fuel to be
1/4" barbed outlet brass with ball check.                                    added before reaching gross weight
                                                                             limit, and the accuracy of aircraft fuel
                                                                             gauges. Simple to use, it gives an in-
                                                                             stant readout in gallons. Easily cali-
                                                                             brated for use with any aircraft's main
                                                                             and auxiliary tanks. Comes complete
                                                                             with graph and calibration card. Clear, lightweight, and unbreakable. 11"L.
                                                                               DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER                    PRICE
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                 PRICE         FUEL LEVEL GAUGE                       FHU11                         11.95
1/4" BARBED                             FTF-10311                 2.48         GASCOLATOR MOUNTING
ALLEN FUEL VALVE HANDLE                                                              FLANGE
Handle for Allen fuel shut-off valve.                                        It is intended to be clamped and
                                                                             bolted to the firewall and reinforcing
                                                                             plate on the cabin side through 5/8"
                                                                             hole. Use the steel AN924-6 bulkhead
                                                                             nut, #8 screw and AN363 all metal
                                                                             stop nut to prevent flange rotation.
                                                                             These items are sold separately. Con-
                                                                             struct the 4" x 4" (or larger) reinforcing
                                                                             plate from 2024-T3 .065 aluminum sheet and rivet along it's edges with
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                 PRICE         MS20470AD-4 rivets to the cabin side of the firewall to give the typically thin
FITS VALVE 6S122                           38485                 31.49       firewall material more stiffness. DO NOT OMIT THIS REINFORCEMENT
                                                                             PLATE. Otherwise normal vibration may loosen the fitting mounting. Aluminum
        RED FUEL LEVER                                                       plate & rivets are NOT included with mounting flange.
This lever is a direct replacement for                                        THREAD          NPT               METAL      PART NUMBER             PRICE
the lever that comes standard with the
Homebuilder Shutoff Valves and the                                           3/8" F       1/4" NPT        ALUMINUM               GMF1                22.50
standard valve for the Vans RV air-                                                   TANK LUBRICANT
                                                                             EZ-TURN         -     A      specialty
                                                                             lubricant/sealant for fuel & oil line
                                                                             valves where high-octane fuels,
                                                                             chemical compounds, or other harsh
 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                 PRICE         elements are present. Will not gum,
                                                                             dry out or crack. Also effective for it-
RED FUEL LEVER                      FUEL LEVER                   34.00       s'anti-corrosion, anti-seize, & anti-
      OIL FILTER WRENCH                                                      wear properties. Shelf life: 18 mos.
                                                                             Temp range: 600+ºF. Meets MIL-G-
Specially designed ratcheting torque                                         6032D AM I Type I.
wrench allows quick, correct oil filter
installation even in tight places.                                            DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                     PRICE
Torque is set to 17 ft/lbs in accordance                                     5 OZ TUBE                                  FL5                       13.25
with filter manufacturers' specifica-                                        1 LB CAN                                   FL16                      22.87
tions, taking the guesswork out of in-
stallation. Total length: 7-1/2"

 DESCRIPTION                       PART NUMBER                 PRICE
OIL FILTER WRENCH                       KS5639                 54.25

   Prices Subject to Change Without Notice              Orders (800) 221-9425                  WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                              139
                                             FIREWALL FORWARD
       AEROMAG FILTER                                                                     LONESTAR MAGNETO
         MAGNETIZER                                                                            FILTER
The new AeroMag oil filter collar is a                                               Eliminates magneto noise by filtering
powerful 750 lb force Neodymium                                                      pulsating EMI/RFI emissions coming
magnet assembly designed to effec-                                                   from ignition systems and other high
tively trap & hold metal particles                                                   frequency sources. Easily connects to
against the inside wall of the filter can.                                           the P-lead using a 9" wire lead. Rated
Whereas typical filters trap particles                                               20 amp maximum current with 1000
down to 25 microns, the AeroMag traps & holds particles as small as 1 micron,        VDC working voltage. Capacitance:
resulting in cleaner oil & prolonged engine life. AeroMag installs by magneti-       .05 uf. Size: 1.8"x 1" FAA-PMA ap-
cally snapping onto outside of can. Wt: 13 oz. 2 sizes are available. Limited        proved. By Lonestar Aviation
Lifetime Mfg warranty                                                                  DESCRIPTION                     PART NUMBER                       PRICE
 DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER                 PRICE EACH             1000 VDC                              LS1010                          64.22
3"                                   AM300                      69.86
3.5"                                 AM360                      92.32                    LONESTAR ALTERNATOR
       SKY-TEC STARTER                                                               Minimizes or eliminates alternator
          LYCOMING                                                                   noise and whine by doubling the ca-
Lightweight Sky-Tec starters are                                                     pacitance level of the existing filtering.
known for their long life & rugged reli-                                             Aircraft electronic systems such as in-
ability, due to a modern electro-me-                                                 tercom systems, audio panels,
chanical     solenoid      engagement                                                Nav/Coms, VHF/UHF transceivers,
system that makes trouble-prone Ben-                                                 GPS, DC peripherals, etc are greatly
dix drives obsolete. By combining                                                    benefited. Operating Voltage: 50
powerful starter motors with gear re-                                                VDC. Size: 1"x1.875" FAA-PMA approved. By Lonestar Aviation.
duction, higher torque & up to twice
                                                                                      DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER                       PRICE
the RPMs of OEM starters are generated, allowing them to start the largest hi-
compression engines. FAA-PMA approved. 2 yr mfg warranty. More than 20               50 VDC                                LS1004                          64.22
different models are available-please call for correct aircraft application, or
visit The LS 'Flyweight' starters are the light-          KEY WEST REGULATOR
est, most popular zero maintenance starters in general aviation. They feature                 RECTIFIER
permanent magnet motors & a built-in starter solenoid on the aircraft's left side    Voltage regulator designed for 12V ul-
(2:30 position) for homebuilt applications. For 122 tooth ring gear Lycoming         tralight or homebuilt electrical sys-
engines. Wt: 7.8 lbs. 12V. Amps: 185-285A @ 11V.                                     tems. Converts 15-100 VAC input into
 DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER                        PRICE           13.5 VDC output. Max power output:
LYCOMING                             122-12LS                         375.76         220 watts or 16 amps. Size: 1"x 2-
122 TOOTH LYCOMING                    122-NL                          508.99         3/8"x 3-21/32". Wt: 10 oz
LYCOMING STARTER                     149-12LS                         375.76
LYCOMING STARTER                      149-NL                          508.99          DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER                       PRICE
                                                                                     1" X 2-3/8" X3-21/32                  KWREG                           67.06
         CONTINENTAL                                                                     VOLTAGE REGULATOR
Lightweight Sky-Tec starters are                                                     5 volt, 1 amp features internal thermal
known for their long life & rugged reli-                                             overload protection with stable fixed
ability, due to a modern electro-me-                                                 output voltage. Maximum rating - 35v,
chanical     solenoid      engagement                                                operating temp. - 0 degree to +70 de-
system that makes trouble-prone Ben-                                                 gree. For use with KPS Servo.
dix drives obsolete. By combining
powerful starter motors with gear re-
duction, higher torque & up to twice
the RPMs of OEM starters are generated, allowing them to start the largest hi-
compression engines. FAA-PMA approved. 2 yr mfg warranty. More than 20                VOLTS                            PART NUMBER                       PRICE
different models are available-please call for correct aircraft application, or      5                                    276-1770                           2.75
visit The C12ST2 is used for aircraft with push
button or mag switch start. For Continental C85-12, C90, C145, O-300A, B, C
engines. Wt: 9.2 lbs. 12V
 DESCRIPTION                      PART NUMBER                        PRICE
CONTINENTAL                           C12ST2                          518.99
CONTINENTAL                           C12ST3                          575.00
CONTINENTAL                           KCST2                           545.45

140         WWW.WICKSAIRCRAFT.COM                                              Orders (800) 221-9425                       Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

Description: Printable Torque Conversion Chart document sample