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									                            Cheney School District
                       Second Grade Reading Assessment
State Mandate – All second graders in the state of Washington will be assessed at the
beginning of the second grade using a grade-level equivalent oral reading passage.
Students need to be assessed in accuracy, phrasing, and rate. Assessing the
comprehension component is optional, but strongly recommended. Assessment results
must be available by the fall parent-teacher conference.

OSPI July 6, 2004 Bulletin –
  1. Teachers should use the publisher’s directions for administering the assessment.
  2. Assess students the first six weeks of the second grade year.
  3. Approved assessments include Sunshine reading Assessment Kit and DIBELS (as
      well as others).

State Reading Test Administration –
    1. Continue to follow procedures to have students do a “cold” read of the district
        identified Sunshine Kit books (fall – “Trog” ; spring – “Camping With Our
    2. Do a running record miscue analysis of the student’s oral reading
    3. Do a retell using the state rubric

District Benchmark Running Records –
   1. Do a running record miscue analysis and a retell rubric three times during the
        school year (prior to conferences and at the end of the school year).
            a. Running Record for all students reading at least at a level 2.
            b. Retell rubric for all students reading at least at a level 12.
   2. Conduct a running record miscue analysis as presented in the Sue Ryan training
        as a “cold read.”
   3. Do a retell using the newly created Grade 2 Retelling Rubric.
            a. Ask student to tell you about the story he/she read. Assess the story
                elements that have been taught. Teacher prompting is acceptable, but
                make a note if excessive prompting is needed.
            b. Make anecdotal notes as needed.
   4. A child has mastered a level if the Running Record miscue is a 95% accuracy or
        above and the retell rubric is predominately 3’s and 4’s. If the miscue is high and
        the retell is low, work with the child at their instructional comprehension level.
   5. Attach the completed retell rubric to the Running Record.
   6. Put the May/June Running Record and attached retell rubric in the blue
        assessment folder at the end of the school year.

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