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           B                                     C/O Robert A. Hamilton, P.O. Box 202, Waverley, NS, B0N 2S0
                                         Telephone: 902-861-3277 E-Mail: Fax: 902-861-1361
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                                     Chairperson - Ron Gray           Vice-Chairperson - Andrew Hurst     Secretary/Treasurer - Bob Hamilton
                                                   Lwr. Sackville, NS                    Coldbrook, NS                          Waverley, NS

  Volume 6 Number 3                                                                                                  August 2001
                                               Pictures from Recent Events
                                                   Drew and Sheilia Sperry as they picked up
                                                   their new Daimler SP250 in Rhode Island.

                                                   Brian and Arlene McKeigan with their
                                                   beautifully restored 1968 Triumph Spitfire
                                                   on its first run to British Car Days on P.E.I.
                                                   Well done Brian!

                                                   Elspeth Pilgrim and Ernst Zwahlen
                                                   preparing the wonderful BBQ in Rexton,
                                                   New Brunswick.

Back ends at the Outback in Hubbards in June
                                                                                                         Lots of food and talk at the Rexton BBQ.

                                                       A tour of Annette’s beautiful
                                                       garden during the Rexton BBQ.

                                                       B.A.T.A.N.S. Sou’wester
                                                       presentation at the BBQ.
                                                       Left to right:
                                                       Ursula George, Elspeth Pilgrim,
                                                       Ernst Pilgrim, Erhard George,
                                                       Annette Gallant and our
                                                       Chairperson Ron Gray.

                                                                                                                          Page 1
                                                     New Brunswick Acadian Tour

         The Zwahlen and Pilgrim 1926 Bentley 3 Litre Touring car.                The departing line-up from Erhard George’s Kouchibouguac Motel

  An eco-system explanation at Kouchibouguac National Park Beach                      We waited 2 hours and this is all we had been served for dinner.
                                                                                                   A Ripley’s Believe-it-or-not record?

An interesting private museum near Caraquet, full of “make and break” engines.
                                                                                      Danny’s Motel - a special welcome for the B.A.T.A.N.S. tour.

                                                            A wonderful poolside before
                                                            dinner reception featuring
                                                            seamed mussels and hors-
                                                            d’oeuvre’s courtesy of our
                                                            Bathurst members Michel and
                                                            Janet Robichaud.

                                                            Michel and Janet being
                                                            inducted into the “Official Order
                                                            of The Sou’wester” by Ron

                                                                                                                           Page 2
Past Events
June 3rd – (Sunday) Apple Blossom Run, Boates Chicken B.B.Q.
       Due to the unfortunate accidental death of club members Malcolm and Dona Stevens, this event
was cancelled for this year.

June 17th (Sunday, Father’s Day) – Autofest 2001 - Bridgewater
         Foggy it was as a ten hardy members headed out for a round-about trip to Bridgewater. Taking
the old #3 towards Chester, our fearless tour leader took route 14 north instead of route 12 so we
quickly used the #103 to get back onto our intended road to New Ross. It was at this point that Ron
Gray took over the lead in territory he knows well. Along the way we picked up Tony & Monique Gibson,
Preston & Betti-Anne Smith and Richard Cottingham in New Ross.

          By the time we hit New Germany and the Turkeyburger for lunch, the sun broke through he fog
and we were also joined by Elliot & Joanne Mosher in their 1977 MGB. A few had lunch at the Guppy
Restaurant in New Germany to lighten the load on the smaller Turkeyburger. It wasn’t until about 2 PM
that we entered as a group at the Autofest 2001 at the Bridgewater Exhibition Grounds were well over
320 cars had registered. As the afternoon wore on, a few members drifted away towards home only to
hit the fog once more. All in all, a great day of British car touring.

June 20th – (Wednesday) Classic Car Ceilidh & Strawberry Social, Outback Restaurant, Hubbards
        What a beautiful evening this was to drive down along the winding shore road to Hubbards with
the top down, salt breezes in your hair and then be treated to a free bowl of home made soup with
strawberry shortcake? What else could you ask for other than a good showing of British cars which we
had. This was a great way to end a workday!

June 24th – (Sunday) Tidal Rafting
         Despite the threat of showers all day, we had over a raft full of brave members drive up to the
Shubenacadie Tidal Rafting outfit and get dressed to get a bit wet. Having seen the tidal bore (boring?)
pass by Truro once, we all thought this would be a tame 3 hour ride on the river. WRONG!!! Actually the
first hour was a bit tame, as the raft operators had to pull the Zodiacs along in places as the river was so
low. Then the bore arrived, perhaps a maximum of a 2’ head of water which we rode over easily
then………….. gangbusters! Within 5 minutes this once calm river became reminiscent of the Colorado
River and we were all hanging on for our lives as we went up and down the 10 – to 12 foot standing
waves, not once but for the next hour! We got drenched as the Zodiac plows into these huge waves and
floods. As things finally calmed down a bit, a few exited the boats and floated upstream to the landing
point where we started. This was all topped off with hamburgers and hot dogs provided as part of the
ticket. What a great day and thanks to Janet Beattie for arranging this exciting day.

July 13th, 14th, 15th – (Friday to Sunday) British Car Days, P.E.I.
          With previous 5 days of rain and showers, we were expecting the same for Friday but it dawned
a beautiful sunny day and this weather continued with us for the whole weekend. About ten cars
gathered at Timmys at the Sunnyside Mall and headed up the 102 to Truro for another Timmys of
course as we had the whole day to get to the Island. Most of the road from Truro to Tatamagouche has
been resurfaced which made for some spirited driving at times especially with that Phinney XK 150 Red
Rocket trying hard to keep up to the Hamilton Sunbeam Talbot DHC. Mahoney’s Restaurant in Pugwash
provided us with a great meal along with a good breeze on the deck overlooking the entrance to
Pugwash harbour. A few of us stopped at the Gateway Village on the PEI side of Confederation Bridge
for the traditional mid-afternoon ice cream break before heading to our different lodgings.
          Sandra & Bob Bentley again hosted an incredible Friday evening salad supper at their beautiful
home for all those who had pre-registered for the Saturday show, which also provided a great display of
British automobiles and British car talk. Thanks again to the Bentleys for a wonderful evening.
          The Cymbria Lions Club grounds in South Rustico has to be the best location for a car show we
can think of with the grounds sloping towards the salt water bay and although the day started a bit
cloudy, it cleared off by noon and with a soft breeze, everything was right for a great show of British
cars. Some participants had traveled from as far away as Baltimore, MD, New England, Quebec and
Palmyra, Ontario just to take in the event. Unfortunately, Eric & Ronellen Gagnon (who escorted
B.A.T.A.N.S. members to Cape Cod last year) from the Boston area only made it to Machias, Maine

                                                                                             Page 3
when the clutch failed in their MGB-GT but they were determined to make this event so they rented a van
to complete the trip. Over 40 entrants were members of B.A.T.A.N.S. which is by far the best showing we
have ever had for any event, many returning home with prizes.
         Those of us who were not staying at a B&B, took advantage of Sunday’s Lions Club English
breakfast back at South Rustico, departing at 11 AM for Charlottetown for an interactive tour the newly
opened Founder’s Hall. This was followed by a tour of the historic Lieutenant Governor’s Home in
Fanningbank followed by light refreshments.
         The return home by all accounts was uneventful for most members except for the Phinney Jaguar
XK 150 which suffered terminal valve failure in #6 cylinder on the trip to the Island and was unfortunately
not present at the show and was safely flat-bedded back to Halifax early Sunday morning. Hopefully we will
see this beautiful car at next years show in all its red splendor.

July 21st – (Saturday) Scott Manor House Show & Shine with B.B.Q.
          Another fine day brought out over 20 cars to the grounds of Scott Manor House in Bedford to be
displayed to the public. Lots of tire-kicking went on and it was great to see Ben and Nancy Fullerton appear
in the grey Jaguar MkII, as well as members Malcolm, Brenda and Buster Taylor in their TR3 towing their
tent trailer all the way from Palmyra, Ontario.
          Roger and Irene Phinney hosted the after-show BBQ around their swimming pool, complete with a
sea kayak courtesy of Bob Hamilton, who gave recovery lessons to another kayaker, Nancy Cleveland. The
food was plentiful and delicious and the chef was extrordinaire. Thanks to the Phinney’s for their hospitality
and opening up their home to B.A.T.A.N.S for this event.

August 4th to 11th – Acadian Coastal Tour, New Brunswick
          Where does one start when describing another of our annual week-long excursions? To start with,
it was eight days of straight sunshine and very hot record-breaking weather to which you add ten cars with
nineteen participants and you have the ingredients for one “helluva” good week, which it was. Participants
were: Drew & Sheilia Sperry (TR2), Harry & Karen Stevens (TR4A-IRS), Bill & Mimi Johnson (son Greg’s
MGB), Preston & Betti Ann Smith (MGB), Ron & Lynne Gray (MGB), Leigh MacDonald (TR6), Greg & Mary
Johnson (shared his MGB with father Bill), Jim & Nancy Cleveland (MGB), Bob & Pat Hamilton (Sunbeam
Talbot Alpine). We were joined later in Kouchibouguac by our newest members Leon & Julie Frechon from
Hudson, Quebec in their 1987 Jaguar XJ6 and Bob & Helen Forest joined us in Bathurst in their beautiful
          As we departed Saturday from Bedford at 9:15 AM, tour director Sheilia Sperry informed us we
must be in Bouctouche by 4 PM where we would be met by Erhard George who was arranging a short tour
of the Irving Eco-Centre. In true B.A.T.A.N.S. fashion, after taking all the back roads we could, we arrived
about an hour late and had to postpone the tour until the following day. We continued up the coast to our
accommodations at the comfortable Kouchibouguac Motel and Restaurant owned by our members Ursula
& Erhard George, and were met by Ernst Zwahlen in his 1926 Bentley 3 Litre touring car. As we were now
about 2 hours behind schedule, we hurriedly cleaned up and followed Ernst to his home in Rexton where a
welcoming BBQ was all set to go. The beautiful grounds, gardens and home of Ernst and Annette provided
the perfect venue for a wonderful evening of champagne, hors-d’oeuvres salads and steak. As a token
“thank you”, the hosts were presented with new B.A.T.A.N.S. Sou’westers and inducted into the “Official
Order of The Sou’wester” by Ron Gray. Many thanks to Ernst, Annette and Elspeth Pilgrim, Ursula and
Erhard George for their warm welcome to New Brunswick.
          Sunday was a day to do your own thing but many ventured back to Bouctouche as we had missed
the Eco-Centre the day before, and also Le Pays de la Saguine. For the evening, the George’s arranged a
dinner featuring wonderful German cuisine which was well enjoyed, followed by a short drive to the
beaches of Kouchibouguac National Park where we were given an explanation of the park’s eco-system by
a very knowledgeable and congenial park guide. A colourful sunset at the park provided the perfect ending
to another day of exploring the Acadian shoreline.
          Monday we moved on up the coast through Kouchibouguac National Park, Pointe-Sapine,
Escuminac to Miramichi for lunch. The afternoon proved to be the hottest day for driving as temperatures
neared the 40C mark under a blistering sun forcing a few to put their tops up as we headed to Caraquet.
The evening was spent just trying to cool off overlooking the Bay of Chaleur.
          A tour of the Acadian Historical Village was very interesting as it is a working village depicting the
life styles of the New Brunswick Acadians in the 19th century. In the late afternoon we departed to
Shippagan to visit the excellent Aquarium with plans to continue on to Miscou Island after dinner. This was

                                                                                              Page 4
not to be as we made the wrong decision to have dinner at the Aquarium Restaurant next door. It is a
very nice restaurant with a great menu however, it took a half hour to get the tables set up for us,
another half hour to get water and drinks, another half hour to have our orders taken and another hour
before the food was in front of us. Yes, a full 2 1/2 hours to get food! During this time we complained
about the service and were told “it was not a fast food restaurant”. That wasn’t hard to figure out.
However, when the food finally arrived it was excellent. It was well after sunset before we made out way
back to our motel in Caraquet.
         Now Wednesday we departed for Bathurst (Beresford) which is about 50 miles away and in true
club fashion, it took us all day to get there. We stopped in Maisonette Beach, where we were followed in
by a 1974 red MG Midget and a congenial fellow named Major Doiron who later insisted we follow him to
a summer camp area for a photo shoot for the local inhabitants. We were offered liquid refreshments
which we politely declined as we were driving. Lunch was at a restaurant in Grande-Anse which, by the
way, was owned by the same person that operated the sloooowwww Shippagan restaurant we attended
the night before. Service was a bit faster as it only took about 1 1/2 hours this time. Another stop was
made at an antique shop in Janeville before moving on to Danny’s Motel on Beresford where a big sign
in front of the motel welcomed us, a very nice touch. Bob DeGrasse, owner of Danny’s, generously
opened up his garage to us, complete with pressure washer. Bob owns a stunning 1987 Jaguar XJ6 Van
Den Plas (wire wheels) with which he has owned since new and has only 36,000 km on the odometer.
Dinner was at Chez Luc in downtown Bathurst.
         Thursday, with Bathurst members Michel & Janet Robichaud in their MGB as tour guides, we
headed north along the shore to another antique shop, lunched on the shore near Charlo then visited
the home of Helen Forest’s family and met all her relatives. We continued on to Campbellton and Tide
Head before realizing it was 4 PM and returned to Danny’s for dinner, a total of about 140 miles for the
         Friday was another free day to do as we wanted so we all took off in different directions but we
had to be back at Danny’s for 6 PM for a wonderful feed of mussels, hors-d’oeuvres and refreshments
around the pool, courtesy of Michel & Janet Robichaud. This was followed by a delicious dinner and
presentation inducting Michel and Janet into the “Order of the Sou’wester” for their wonderful hospitality.
Thanks again for a memorable evening.
         There was a period of rain late Friday which cooled the temperatures down for our express run
Saturday from Bathurst to homes in the Halifax area. We made stops in Miramichi (Timmys of course!),
Sackville, NB for lunch at Borden’s Restaurant, Wentworth for ice cream, and Masstown Market for
groceries for home. Despite all the stops, our trusty British cars brought us home by 5 PM and total
distance of close to 300 miles for the day, which isn’t too shabby considering that some of the cars are
48 years old. It was an exciting trip with good friends and many laughs. It doesn’t get any better. Thanks
again to Drew and Sheilia Sperry for the time and effort they made in planning this excursion for us.

Trip Statistics:
        Approximate Mileage from Bedford back to Bedford………..1150 miles (1850 km)
                 (not counting mileage accumulated on non-travel days)
        Known Car Problems
                 Harry Stevens, TR4A-IRS, one flat tire, 3 broken spokes
                 Preston Smith, MGB - Broken exhaust pipe near manifold
                 Bob Hamilton, Sunbeam Talbot Alpine - One flat tire, bad connection at ground
                                                          cable from battery to chassis.

       This is not bad considering the age of our cars. Now where do we go next year? The Gaspé
Penninsula? Give it some thought for the White Point Beach planning weekend at the end of January

Upcoming Events
August 26th (Sunday) – Halifax Antique Car Club Show & Shine, Exhibition Park
Halifax Members Meet near Timmys in Clayton Park Shopping Centre at 9:30 AM and drive as a group
to the Exhibition Park. Someone from our club usually goes home with a prize from this event.

                                                                                            Page 5
August 25th – 26th (Saturday/Sunday) – Parrsboro Theatre Run.
Meet Saturday: 9:00 AM Timmys Sunnyside Mall
Valley Members Meet Halifax group in Truro at 10:30 AM
         We plan to take the old Route 2 to Truro and take a break at the Wendys/Tim Horton Pizza
Delight area. We will then proceed to Oxford and Springhill via the old Route 4 and Route 2 arriving in
Parrsboro about 4 PM. Sunday we have been invited to Nancy and Jim Cleveland’s for breakfast. We
will then make a leisurely drive along the bay of Fundy on Route 2 stopping at the Old Dutchman’s
Cheese Factory for lunch and possibly Curly Portables (Route 2 in Elmsdale) for a late afternoon
refreshment and snack.
Suggested accommodations:
         Riverview Cottages (902-254-2388)
         The Maple Inn B&B ( 902-254-3735)
         Tidal River Ridge housekeeping cabins (1-800-806-8860) in Moose River about 10 minutes
         from Parrsboro.
                                   Ships Company Theatre Information
         Here are box office phone numbers for the Ships Company Theatre if you wish to order tickets
for the Main Stage production of “The Last Tasmanian” on Saturday evening:

Main Box Office 902-254-3000
Facsimile 902-254-2331

         Those interested in attending "The Last Tasmanian" should phone the Main Box Office soon
with their credit card number. The tickets will either be sent to the individuals or held at the box office for
pickup that evening. Their web site is

September 9th – Hall’s Harbour Lobster Run
Meet at Sunnyside Mall at 10 AM
Wolfville Timmys at 11 AM
         From Wolfville we will take a scenic route to Hall’s Harbour to relax and enjoy a “cooked for you”
lobster or other seafood delight as you soak in the view of the Bay of Fundy. This scenic fishing village is
a must to see as well as visit the local artists studios. Be sure to bring your camera and appetite.

Sept. 13th to 16th – British Invasion XI, Stowe, VT.
         This is one of the finest British car events in the eastern U.S.A. attracting well over 400 cars to
one of the most beautiful towns if not the most beautiful in Vermont. Last year three B.A.T.A.N.S.
members attended and hopefully we can entice a few more to join us this year.
         Tentative plans are to cross on the ferry to Bar Harbor on Thursday, overnight along the way
and arrive in Stowe on Friday. The main show is on Saturday with a peoples choice and concours event
as well. Sunday there are also a smaller show and some demonstrations. Plans are to return to Bar
Harbor Monday and cross to Yarmouth on Tuesday.
         Visit the British Invasion web site at for complete
information on this event. If you are at all interested in attending, please contact Bob Hamilton or any
member of the executive.

October 12th – 14th (Friday to Sunday) Fall Colours Run to Kejimkujik, Milford House.
Halifax Departure Time: Noon Friday, October 12th from ARBYS in Bedford.
         Although the Milford House officially closes Thanksgiving weekend, they are opening for us this
weekend. We plan to arrive on Friday afternoon and depart Sunday. The accommodations are very
rustic cabins set along the shores of two beautiful lakes with meals provided at the main lodge which is
in the process of being rebuilt after a devastating fire last September. A visit to their great web site, will convince you not to miss
this run. Please call Milford House at (902) 532-2617 to make your reservations if you haven’t already
done so. The daily price includes breakfast and dinner.

December 8th (Saturday) – Christmas Party Pot Luck Dinner.
        Drew & Sheilia Sperry have again offered us their home to host the annual Christmas Party. As
usual festivities will begin about 5:00 PM and you are requested to bring a meal item of your choice

                                                                                                Page 6
however it would be appreciated if you would confirm your choice with Sheilia (463-4406) by
Wednesday Dec. 5th so we don’t end up with “all meat and no potatoes”. Of course, don’t forget to bring
along your favorite beverage.

January 25th to 27th, 2002 - Annual White Point Beach Resort Event Planning Weekend
         Don’t miss this event that really breaks up the winter blahs. Plan to shop in Liverpool, swim in
the pool, surf watching, beach walking and of course attend our Saturday afternoon meeting to plan all
the events for the year 2002. The meeting will commence at 2 PM in the Annex and at the conclusion
there will be snacks and refreshments followed by dinner at the Lodge. If you cannot stay the weekend
with us, why not come along for the meeting and dinner. You are welcome to bring along some videos
as we will have a TV and VCR at our disposal in the Annex for Friday and Saturday late night viewing.
         As usual we have the Annex booked (8 rooms) and 4 rooms in the lodge so circle these dates
on your calendar for this great relaxing weekend. Call White Point now toll free 1-800-565-5068 to make
your reservations

Welcome to New Members
        We wish to welcome the following new members who have joined the Club since the last Small
Torque was issued:

David & Catherine Barss           Hammonds Plains, NS           1969 Triumph TR3
Leon & Julie Frechon              Hudson, Quebec                1953 XK120 Jaguar Roadster
                                                                1987 Jaguar XJ6
Todd & Katie Howlett            Dartmouth, NS                   1962 Triumph TR4
Debbie & Bob Hyslop             Belmont, NS                     1979 MGB LE
Trifon Koskolos                 Halifax, NS                     1979 MGB
Mark McKindsey                  Hammonds Plains, NS             1974 Triumph TR6
Hugh & Jacqueline McManus Dartmouth, NS                         1996 Jaguar XJ6, 1976 MGB
David & Shelly Quigley          Halifax, NS                     1976 Triumph TR6, 1982 Jaguar XJ6
Paul & Rina Perry               Lower Sackville, NS             No car at present.
Michael & Jacqueline Theriault Halifax, NS                      No car at present.
        We sincerely hope you and your family will enjoy the company of others who enjoy driving and
preserving British automobiles and we look forward to meeting you and your cars at the next outing.

Malcolm and Dona Stevens, Halifax
         It is with great sadness that we report the tragic
deaths of Malcolm and Dona Stevens in a motor
vehicle accident near Antigonish in May. They were
enthusiastic British car owners and supporters of
B.A.T.A.N.S. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to their
family. They will be missed. A club donation was made
to the I.W.K. Grace Health Centre Charitable
Foundation in their memory.

David Geller, Montreal
        Dave passed away suddenly June 21st in his early 50s. He will be remembered in this area for
his extensive knowledge of Triumphs and assistance he has provided to local club members. Our
sympathies are extended to his family as well.

Name Tags
        Upon joining BATANS, members are entitled to receive club name tags at no charge for
themselves and their significant other(s) (spouse, companion, friend, etc). We also will provide tags to
children who join us from time to time on our journeys.
        Preston Smith is our point of contact for name tags and he can be contacted at e-mail, voice 902-826-7789, or snail mail 88 Glenwood Drive, RR #2, Tantallon NS
B0J 3J0. When making your request, please tell him exactly how you want the names displayed on each

                                                                                           Page 7
name tag (spell them if calling by phone). Production of these tags is rather slow (slow colour printer and
a laminator that requires multiple passes to melt the glue) so if you wish the tags by a special date,
please tell Preston well in advance.

Club Regalia
        Our energetic and dynamic regalia salesman Ron Gray, has the following Club items for sale:

•    New Item! Official NOVA SCOTIA SOU’WESTERS with B.A.T.A.N.S. Logo! This is the
    ultimate accessory to have for your British car while caught in a rain squall with your top down! They
    come in original yellow with a tie down strap for fast motoring and a certificate that enrolls you into
    the “Official Order of The Sou’Wester”, if you fulfill all the member requirements. These are available
    for only $7.00 taxes included. Any where else you’ll pay $15.00 plus taxes so call Ron now.
•   Sweatshirts, navy blue with green collar, wine insert and embroidered crest will be ordered soon so
    get your order in. Only $30.00, taxes included.
•   Handsome Cast Car Badges complete with mounting hardware for $25.00 for large $20.00 for
•   Windshield Decals Beautifully detailed, full colour 2 1/2” B.A.T.A.N.S. crest widow decals - just peel
    and stick inside the window of your lbc, LBC or family car to show you are a member of this fine
    club. Only $2.00 each.
•   Embroidered Club Crests - sew or iron on to your favorite sweater, jacket ball cap or PJs Only
    $5.00 each.

        To order any of these items, call Ron at (902) 865-5025 or e-mail

        If you have anything you would like to advertise in this section of Small Torque, please e-mail
Bob Hamilton ( or send copy to the address on the front of this Newsletter
before the next issue which will be in November 2001.
For Sale

•   1974 MG Midget, chrome bumpers, new front suspension, 53,000 miles, many extras. Asking
    $5,300.00 Call Terry Rohland at 902-762-2568 or e-mail:

•   FOR SALE '72 MGB GT Florida Car, no rust. Air Conditioned (new 134A refrigerant) Overdrive,
    Goodyear Eagles on Rostyle wheels AM-FM cassette stereo. A very pleasant & dependable car.
    727-823-8480 or e-mail Jim Alonso: US$5800. (please contact Bob Hamilton
    if you wish to have pictures e-mailed to you)

•   Rover parts, most models from 1950. MG Midget parts, including a good body shell. One new hood
    to fit early Midget, includes installed header rail, never been on a car. Hillman Minx & Sunbeam
    Rapier parts. 1971 Rover 3500S (P6B) V8 auto P/B P/W P/S in excellent condition $4500, o.n.o.
    Also, 1978 Spitfire 1500 parts, including a top that is almost new, no tears or broken glass, zipper,
    rear window almost prefect, front engine bonnet, no rust and complete bumper/spoiler, good rear
    bumper, body shell is quite good little rust in floor. Call Ben 964 3020 or email at
•   For MG Midget 1500: emissions canister, door hinges, bumper brackets, ducting including vents for
    windscreen demister, fresh air vents, various wiring connectors, various brake piping connectors,
    windscreen wiper gearboxes [3] and cable, hood catch, brass radiator overflow tank, pedals and
    pedal box, glove box lid; plus various brackets and fittings. All "as is", usable, repairable. $50 the
    lot. Gearbox; has been stripped and reassembled with new seats, gaskets, needle rollers, thrust
    washers, in excellent condition, reverse gear idler is rough but serviceable. $450. Engine;
    completely stripped down, no manifolds or carbs, has starter [rough] and water pump, oil pump,
    flywheel, clutch, crank has standard journals with no measurable wear, good rods and pistons
    standard size, block has had moisture in # 2 & 3, a rebore is indicated, good camshaft, valves,
    rocker shaft, head and block are crack free by visual inspection, has not been magnafluxed - $250.

                                                                                            Page 8
    Steering rack, being rebuilt soon. Contact Peter Noakes, [902] 672 1480, 176 Watts Rd., York RR I,
•   1955 MG TF1500 - Serial #9942, Engine # XPEG3775. Old English White with red interior, tan top,
    spare wheel cover and tonneau. Original side screens. 60 spoke chrome wire wheels mounted with
    radials and a set of authentic cross ply, white walls. Original mileage believed to be approximately
    46,000 miles. Very good condition. $38,500Cdn or $25,000U.S. Call Ken Argent at 902-638-3224
•   MGB Front and rear bumper $50, MGB Stromberg Carb and manifold $100, 4 MGB Rosette wheels
    $100 for set, crown and pinion from early MGB banjo axle. Back half of rusty MGB suitable for
    making trailer, FREE to good home. Call Mike Robicheau 434-3938.
•   Rimmer Brothers Triumph parts Catalogues available free on request to any Triumph owners, they
    can collect from me at work (Portland Street Honda) by prior arrangement, telephone or e-mail me
    first please. If any Triumph owners need any technical help, parts or workshop manuals or even
    parts (I have a good range of Spitfire suspension items and Rover V8 (TR8) tuning parts I may be
    interested in selling. Contact Tony Millard H 829-2725, W 435-3330 or email:
•   For Sale, 1953 MGTD, completely original, highly detailed. P.E.I. car show winner. Bare-metal
    professionally restored (winter 99/00). All new chrome, clear-coat BRG. Tan roof & interior. Original
    style bias-ply tires. 34K miles. Serious inquiries only, $25,000 CAD. Telephone Neil Lynds at 902
    893-9544 or email:
•   For Sale: 1500 Midget Hood release cable. T-handle. Brand new $10. Terry Willliams 826-2883 or
•   For Sale: MGA-Parts, body parts like fenders, doors, hoods, transmission and a barrel full of small
    parts! Please contact: Erhard George, Phone: 506 743 8313, Fax 506 743 1088 or e-mail:
•   1978 Austin Mini, restoration project. Complete, but in need of complete rebuild, body, engine and
    soul. Call or e-mail for details, Vincent Verhaeghe 902-758-2723 or e-mail
•   1971 MGB-GT in fantastic shape...all original including paint...engine redone 2 years ago. If your
    looking for a good strong car this is it. Call Jim Woodford at 506-363-4697 or e-mail good buy at $4,700.00.
•   1 MGB three spring type pressure plate (pre '71 ?) and throw out bearing - New - $45.00. I will ship
    anywhere at purchaser's cost. If you are interested please e-mail me at or call 902-542-7414.

• Wanted: Anything A60 Cambridge, (A55 Mk II, too) whereabouts of parts, cars etc. Specifically
  station wagon (estate) related bits, particularly upper tailgate hatch latch mechanism, A60 dash
  components, specifically top (yeah, right), A55 Mk II 'Flying 'A' hood ornament, to accommodate A60
  (many Morris V & VI, also Wolseley, MG Magnette & Riley - all 'Farina'-styled cars are identical, with
  some body/trim/interior/mechanical differences have 'stuff' I can For both, call Terry
  Williams evenings/weekends 826-2883, M-F daytime 493-2753, e-mail
• MGB front Spoiler, Front or rear MGB chrome bumper good condition. Call Mike Robicheau at 434-
• Wanted: loan/buy/copy, mini racing/rallying videos. Also pieces to convert mini front drum brakes to
  discs. Also wanted, bolt in competition legal roll cage for mini, and 2 bucket seats, (corbeau/cobra
  style), old copies of Mini and Miniworld magazines. Call Declan McCann at 902-765-2330 or e-mail
• Wanted ASAP, 1967- 74 brake master cylinder for MGB, rebuildable or NOS. Call Jim Murray (902)
  667-5113 or e-mail


                                                                                           Page 9
            Brave rafters

            Janet Beattie
            holds on for
            the rough river

             All smiles before the tidal
             wave arrives!

             A pair of handsome
             Triumphs, Sperry’s TR2
             and Annand’s TR3 at the
             Scott Manor House Show
             & Shine.

           P.E.I. British Car Days 2001
              Bob Bentley seems to have a bit of work
              ahead of him.

              Leigh MacDonald, Roger Phinney and
              Harry Stevens with the B.A.T.A.N.S.
              valve cover race entry.

              Len Lockhart’s immaculate, prize-winning
              Jaguar XK 120.

                                                   ABOVE LEFT
and LEFT
Andrew, Austin and Robin Hurst with their well detailed valve cover
race entry.

Harry Stevens diagnosing Roger Phinney’s engine problem on the
XK 150 after the P.E.I. British Car Day show. Burnt valves appear to
be the culprit.

Winners of the Valve Cover Races, Aivars Berzins with Jim
Cleveland and organizer Glen Manthorne.                                Page 10