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									                                                                                 Company Profile

       magazines for Russian
       printing and packaging
       industries                         History:
KURSIV — technological and analytical     1996 — 1st issue of Kursiv magazine
  media for general printers (offset).    1997 — 1st issue of Flexo Plus magazine
  The only magazine in the printing       1998 — Kursiv Publishing House and Moscow
  industry which runs its own tests              State University of Printing have
  and experimental printing works                established Russian non-commercial
                                                 Association of Flexography
FLEXO PLUS — the only Russian magazine           (Russian FTA)
   for label and package printers. Main   1999 — 1st issue of Packet magazine
   topic is the technology of special     2000 — 1st issue of GART magazine
   printing processes: flexo, gravure,    2002 — 1st issue of GART digital
   letterpress, screen, tampon etc.       2002 — Kursiv Publishing House has
                                                 established Russian Association
PACKAGING INTERNATIONAL—the first                of Digital Printing
   international packaging magazine in    2004 — 1st issue of Format magazine
                                          Kursiv the the largest publishing house in
GART — Russian printing market news       Russia issuing specialised magazines for print-
  and analysis magazine. Audience con-    ing and packaging industries
  sists of the top managers of all
  Russian printing houses

GART digital — the only Russian media
  on digital technologies in printing

FORMAT — first Russian magazine for
  print buyers
KURSIV magazine
Since                         1996
Schedule of issuing:          bi-monthly
Volume:                       64–80 pages
Page size:                    200х273 mm
Circulation:                  5,000 copies

KURSIV is the first Russian professional
magazine focused on new printing and
publishing technologies:
prepress, press and postpress.

KURSIV is the only magazine in the
printing industry which runs its own
technological tests and experimental
printing works

                                             kursiv magazine
Kursiv: the guide to great                                         Schedule of issuing
publishing hights                                                  KURSIV magazine is bi-monthly publication (6 issues a
                                                                   year). Many of the issues are devoted to main Russian
                                                                   printing & publishing industries exhibitions and distrib-
                                                                   uted at these shows — additionally to usual ways of dis-
Kursiv magazine was established in 1996 to provide new and
hot information on latest developments of world’s prepress and
printing industry for Russian readership.
                                                                   Issuing in 2005:
Unlike many other specialized magazines Kursiv concentrates
on technology rather than on marketing or advertising arti-        No 1 — February
cles. Kursiv magazine publishes just the original articles writ-   No 2 — April
ten mainly by Russian professionals in prepress and printing       No 3 — June
field. (The magazine is not a Russian edition of some interna-     No 4 — August
tional publication.)                                               No 5 — October
Kursiv editorial team consists of professional printers and pub-   No 6 — December
lishers, as well as experts in graphic arts equipment.

Main topics
The aim of Kursiv magazine is to give its readers true and         Distribution
detailed information together with recommendations on
                                                                   KURSIV magazine is distributed mainly in Russia, CIS &
practical usage and economic issues of new or evolved tech-
                                                                   Baltic countries.
Kursiv publishes an analytical articles on all aspects of print-
                                                                   Subscription is based on national press subscription sys-
ing production processes — from designers’s idea to printig,
                                                                   tems of Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan. A lot
binding and finishing.
                                                                   of retail sales through repro shops and printing materials
One could find the articles on diffirent printing processes —
traditional and new, specialities of prepress, including scan-
ning, image corrections, layout and design, fonts usage, IT
                                                                   About 200 copies are delivered specially for professors
technologies etc.
                                                                   and students of Moscow University of Printing and its
Kursiv concentrates mainly on new digital technologies in
printing and publishing. Our authors are real professionals in
their area of printing, having their own experience with new
                                                                   The magazine is distributed at main publishing, printing
kind of technology or equipment. All the articles are well-
                                                                   and packaging exhibitions in Russia and CIS.
illustrated — for better understanding the matter. Editorial
team usually supplies the author’s article with actual com-
ments, layouted as special inserts.

Editor-in-Chief: Alexander Amangeldiev, Dipl. Eng.
Associate Editor: Marina Belyaeva
                               Kursiv readership
                               The readership of Kursiv magazine consists of top
                               managers of printing houses, printing engineers, pub-
                               lishers, graphic designers and computer experts. They
                               are working at printing, prepress and repro houses,
                               design studios and advertising agencies. The readers
                               of Kursiv are producing books, magazines, commercial
                               and advertising issues. A lot of them try to increase
                               their professional level.


                               5,000 copies

Kursiv experimental works
In every issue of Kursiv magazine one       nology and compare these results with
can find a special insert consists of       well-known traditional technology
printed test objects. These inserts are     results printed on a back side of insert.
the results of experimental works made      For example, one of the inserts illus-
by Kursiv experts. These pages supply       trates opportunities of stochastic
reader with real illustrations and com-     screening. The same tests are printed by
parison materials that shows advan-         stochastic (on the face side) and regu-
tages or disadvantages of various print     lar screening (on back side of insert).
methods and prepress technologies.          Description and analysis of the tests a
Main goal is to test new and uncommon       reader can find in the same issue in the
printing and prepress technologies,         department «Flights investigation».
equipment, software, materials.             Also Kursiv team tests the new equip-
An idea, test methods and results analy-    ment, such as new graphic monitors,
sis are always made by Kursiv editorial     computers, color proofers, printers etc.
team. Readers of the magazine could         So, the theory becomes practice to all
evaluate printed results of testing tech-   Kursiv readers.
                                                  Flexo Plus magazine
                                                  Since                        1997
                                                  Schedule of issuing:         bi-monthly
                                                  Volume:                      64–72 pages
                                                  Page size:                   205х290 mm
                                                  Circulation:                 3,000 copies
                                                  The only professional Russian magazine
                                                  for label and package printers
                                                  The main topics are the technologies of
                                                  special printing processes:
                                                   flexo,                  gravure,
                                                   letterpress,            screen,
                                                   tampon etc.

        Flexo Plus magazine
Flexo Plus. Flexography
and other special printing                         Schedule of issuing
                                                   Flexo Plus magazine is bi-monthly publication
processes                                          (6 issues a year). Many of issues are devoted
                                                   to main Russian industry exhibitions and are
                                                   distributed at these shows — additionally to
                                                   usual ways of distribution.
 The concept                                       Issuing in 2005:
 Russian professional magazine Flexo Plus is       No 1 — February
 focused, as its name implies, on flexography      No 2 — April
 and special printing processes used in pack-      No 3 — June
 age and label production, decoration etc.         No 4 — August
 The market of package and label printing is       No 5 — October
 growing very fast in Russia during recent         No 6 — December
 Flexography, gravure, screen and tampon           Editor-in-Chief: Nina Shapinova, Dipl. Eng.
 printing are very popular printing processes      Associate Editor: Alexandra Kulikova
 in Russia now.
 There is a great demand for technological
 knowledge and technocal & marketing news
 in this area. Now Flexo Plus is the only media
 in Russia meets this demand.

                                                   Flexo Plus magazine is distributed mainly in
                                                   Russia, CIS & Baltic countries.
                                                   Subscription is based on national press sub-
                                                   scription systems of Russia, Ukraine,
  Main Topics                                      Byelorussia and Kazakhstan. A lot of retail
  Flexo Plus publishes reviews and articles on
                                                   sales are made through suppliers of flexo
  Russian and world marketing research, on
                                                   materials. About 200 copies are delivered spe-
  trends and their analysis, on new technolo-
                                                   cially for professors and students of Moscow
  gies and equipment in flexo, gravure, screen
                                                   University of Printing and its affiliates.
  and tampon printing.
                                                   The magazine is distributed at main printing
  The articles published in Flexo Plus maga-
                                                   and packaging exhibitions in Russia and CIS.
  zine are based on Russian and international
  experience.                                      Readership
  The authorship consists of wordwide known        consists of technical experts, top managers
  industry experts and Russian professionals       and marketing personnel of almost all Russian
  in this packaging and label printing.            and CIS label and package printing compa-
  Flexo Plus magazine takes part in the main       nies — as well as experts involved in equip-
  packaging exibitions in Russia and abroad.       ment and materials supplying business.
                                                                   Packaging International/PACKET
                                                                   Since                     1999
                                                                   Schedule of issuing:      bi-monthly
                                                                   Volume:                   64–96 pages
                                                                   Page size:                223х303 mm
                                                                   Circulation:              5000 copies

                                                                   Packaging International/PACKET
                                                                   the first international packaging
                                                                   magazine in Russia


Since April 2005 well-known in Russia PACKET magazine is                     Schedule of issuing-2005
issued together with Packaging International magazine                        No 1 — February
(Austria). Series of «Packaging» magazines is published by                   No 2 — April
Europian Media Group in Austria, Poland, Chech Republic,                     No 3 — June
Hungary in the languages of their nations. Now Russian readers               No 4 — August
through this popular magazine become closer to the European                  No 5 — October
packaging market. Besides we keep in the new joint issue all the             No 6 — December
best from the contents of PACKET magazine — Russian expert's
articles about packaging technologies, materials and designs,
actual interviews and market reviews.
The MAIN GOAL of this magazine is to provide Russian goods
manufacturers with information on packaging and packing.
Russia has the richest resources in different industries (food,
beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetic etc) which are required
competitive quality package.

 Main topics:                                                                 Distribution
 of the magazine: packaging technology, equipment and                         Russia, CIS & Baltic countries.
 materials, labels and labeling, package and label design,                    Subscription and free mailing
 recycling and environment, main industry exhibitions                         to Russian packaging compa-
 reviews and market researches.                                               nies. In addition to subscrip-
                                                                              tion, sales and distribution at
 The Audience:                                                                the main professional exhibi-
 consists of consumer goods producers, packaging equipment                    tions. Packaging Internatio-
 & materials manufacturers and users.                                         nal/PACKET is mailing free of
                                                                              charge to packaging cus-
 Editorial Board: Michael Seidl, Nina Shapinova, Anna Zelya,                  tomers — a consumer goods
 Izabela Kwiatkowska, Batrix Gezek                                            manufacturers.

               Since             2000
               Schedule of issuing: monthly
               Volume:           16 to 32 pages
               Page size:        210х285 mm
               Circulation:      5,000 copies

       gart    Russian and foreign printing
               market news and research
               reports. Direct mailing for
               industry top managers.
               Today we send the magazine
               to about       4200 adresses
               GART mailing list is unique. It is
               well established and audited
               database consists of almost all
               graphic arts industry top man-
               agers. The database is constant-
               ly refreshed. From time to time
               GART publishes questionairies
               which help to actualise the
               information about subscribers
               and to get information about all
               the changes in the branch.

               GART digital
gart digital   Since 2002
               of issuing:       bi-monthly
               Volume :          16 to 24 pages
               Page size:        210х285 mm
               Circulation:      5,000 copies

               Digital technologies in graphic
               arts. Digital printing, equipment,
               applications and case studies.
               Also computer-to-plate and dig-
               ital imaging technologies.
               Interviews to digital printers
               and their clients.
               Distributed by direct mail using
               GART database.
               Today we send the magazine
               to about       4200 adresses

 Advertising in KURSIV magazine

 2nd and 3rd cover pages — 3000$, 4th cover page — 3500$

 Advertising in FLEXO PLUS magazine
                                                                                                    Distribution — one of the main tasks
                                                                                                    of editorial team
 2nd and 3rd cover pages — 2300$, 4th cover page — 2500$                                            All six magazines issued by Kursiv Publishing
                                                                                                    House are highly specialized and addressed to
                                                                                                    industry managers and experts.
                                                                                                    We distribute our magazines using different
                                                                                                    s by subscription chains in Russia and CIS;
                                                                                                    s by Internet subsription:
                                                                                                    s by direct mailing using most complete and
                                                                                                       updated databases in Russian printing and
                                                                                                       packaging industries;
                                                                                                    s direct sales from editorial office, dealers
                                                                                                    s distribution at professional exhibitions.
 Advertising inGART and GART digital

                                                                                                 It’s very important task — to achieve that every
                                                                                                 issue will reach an expert interested in the infor-
                                                                                                 mation published in the magazines.

                                                                                                 KURSIV magazine distribution
 2nd and 3rd cover pages — 2590$, 4th cover page — 2960$

 Advertising in FORMAT magazine

   1/1              2/3
                    1/2                          1/2                         1/3
                               1/2                         1/3                           1/4

(245х220 мм)   (170х220мм)   (245х110мм)   (120х220мм)   (75х245мм)   (80х220мм)   (120х110мм)
                                                                                                 FLEXO PLUS magazine distribution
  1200$          950$          700$          700$          550$         550$         400$

 Discount up to 20% for multiple advertising
 We make our best to make the advertisement most effective
                                                                                                 PACKAGING International/PACKET distribution
 This six magazines — the best way to reach your focus audience:
 s we use very effective distribution system;
 s we publish really interesting articles and reviews — they are the
   topics of professional discussions in the industry;
 s a lot of our articles are used as education materials in Russian & CIS
   printing schools and universities.
                                       FORMAT magazine
                                       Since                April 2004
                                       Volume             24-32 pages
                                       Page size          250х220 mm
                                       Circulation        7,000 copies

FORmaT magazine
Format is the new magazine published by Kursiv Publishing House since
April 2004. With 9 issues per year Format magazine targets corporate
marketing managers and general print buyers. Each issue of Format mag-
azine helps reader to find essential information about graphic arts indus-      contacts
try: basic knowledge of printing technologies, information on leading
players on Russian advertising, design and printing markets, standard           KURSIV Publishing House
prices and costs of different kinds of printing and packaging products.         P.O. Box «KURSIV»
Main focus of Format publication is to explain to the audience printing         Moscow 107140, Russia
processes as whole from the moment when design conception is con-               Elektrozavodskaya street, 37/4,
ceived to the final stages when the printed product is wrapped up and           building 7
delivered to customer. Using this information, readers can get better           Telephone/Fax: +7 095 725 6001
understanding of technologies using to carry out his order and will be
able to choose a superior offer.                                      

                                                                                Alexander Amangeldiev
                                                                                General Director

                                                                                Nina Shapinova
                                                                                Managing Director

                                       Schedule of issuing                      Elena Maslova
                                                                                Advertising manager
                                       FORMAT magazine is issuing 9 times a
                                       year:                                    Ekaterina Zhuravleva
                                       No 1 — January-February                  Distribution & subscription manager
                                       No 2 — March                   
                                       No 3 — April
                                       No 4 — May                               EDITORS:
                                       No 5 — June-July
                                       No 6 — August                            KURSIV magazine
                                       No 7 — September                         Marina Belyaeva
                                       No 8 — October                           Associate Editor
                                       No 9 — November-December       
                                                                                FLEXO PLUS magazine
                                       Editor-in-Chief:                         Alexandra Kulikova
                                       Alexander Amangeldiev                    Associate Editor
                                       Associate Editor:              
                                       Irina Kolpakova                          PACKAGING
                                                                                Anna Zelya
                                        Distribution                            Associate Editor
                                        FAORMAT is distributed free of charge
                                        by direct mailing to the print buyers   GART and GART digital
                                        and the customers of printing houses    Andrei Romanov
                                        in Moscow and St. Petersburg            Editor-in-Chief
                                        regions. Special database consists of
                                        more than 6,000 recipients.             FORMAT magazine
                                        The magazine is distributed also at     Irina Kolpakova
                                        main printing exhibitions in Russia.    Associate Editor

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