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					                       BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED
               IT CELL Corporate Office Janpath New Delhi-110001

                                     SECTION I (B)

                                Notice Inviting Tender

                       Zonal Bill printing facility Project 1 & 2

Tender No. : 11-3/2009-IT                                                Date: 15-05-09

A. Introduction

1.   Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is having countrywide presence with wire
     line & wireless telephone subscribers and offer hosts of other services like Data
     communication, National long distance, International Long Distance, Internet,
     Broad band, Multiplay, Leased Line, etc.

2.   BSNL intends to have zonal facilities for bill printing in full color and post printing
     operations like cutting stuffing, inserting, envelope making etc. exclusive to BSNL,
     wherein all CAPEX shall be borne by facility provider in the BSNL provided covered

3.   For this purpose, on behalf of Chairman and Managing Director, Bharat Sanchar
     Nigam Limited, sealed tenders are invited from the Indian Companies under two
     stage bidding system (Techno-commercial bid & financial bid) for setting up own
     and operating of the zonal facility for printing of bills and making them ready for
     dispatch, as per the specifications, terms and conditions of this tender.

4.   BSNL intends to set up 4 such facilities at Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and Chennai under
     two separate Projects i.e. Project 1 and Project 2. Project 1 shall comprise South
     and East zone including North East circles, while Project 2 shall comprise North and
     West zones.

5.   Above shall be achieved by floating a single tender having two stage bidding
     system (Techno-commercial bid & financial bid) with one technical bid and one
     financial bid. BSNL shall open and evaluate the financial bid of technically and
     commercially responsive bidders and prepare a list of such bidders arranged in
     increasing order of their evaluated prices starting from the lowest (i.e. L1, L2, L3
     and so on), for the purpose of ordering against this tender. The bidder with the
     lowest evaluated price (L1) shall be considered for awarding the work of Project 1
     (South and East zone). L2 shall be considered for awarding the work of Project 2
     (North and West zone) at the L1 price. Detailed criterion for award of work is
     mentioned in the tender.

6.   Bidder is required to submit technical proposal of all the 4 zones in the technical
     bid. However one bidder shall be allotted only one Project as per criterion defined
     in the tender document.

B. Implementation Plan

7.   Scope of the contract is for Supply, Installation, customization, commissioning,
     Operation and maintenance of bill printing facility including supply of all
     consumables like paper, ink, envelope etc. for BSNL customers.

8.   The implementation plan of this tender is indicated below:

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       S.      Zonal Bill   Zone    Print       Tentative no. of       Tentative no. of
       No.     print                facility    Bills to be printed    impressions per
               facility             location    per     Month    (in   Month (Average
                                    at          lakhs)                 Impression/
                                                                       bill=2.5) in lakhs
       1                    South   Chennai     88                     220
       2       Project 1    East    Kolkata     40                     100
       3       Project 2    North   New Delhi   50                     125
       4                    West    Pune        56                     140

C. Tender Schedule

9.     Tender Schedule and other important instructions

 9.1        Date of issue of NIT                     15-05-09
 9.2        Sale of Tender Document (between)        20-05-09 to 29-05-09 (between 11:00
                                                     Hrs to 17:00 Hrs)
 9.3        Last date for receipt of queries from    Up to 17:00 Hrs of 03-06-09
            perspective bidders 1
 9.4        Issue of Clarifications                  Before 18-06-09
 9.5        Last date & time for submission of       Up to 11:30 Hrs on 30-06-09
 9.6        Date & time for opening the bids         At 12:00 Hrs on 30-06-09
 9.7        Price of the Bid Document                Rs. 10000/- (Rs. Ten thousands only)
                                                     (non refundable). The payment shall be
                                                     accepted in the form of A/c payee
                                                     Demand Draft, drawn in any scheduled
                                                     Bank, in favour of Accounts Officer
                                                     (Cash), Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
                                                     New Delhi-110001.
 9.8        Amount of Bid Security                   Rs. 2 Crores (Rs. Two Crore only)
            (In the form of Bank Guarantee)
 9.9        Sale of Bid Document2                    Intending bidders may obtain copy of
                                                     the Bid document from DM (IT-V) IT
                                                     Cell BSNL CO.


     1. Queries from only those perspective bidder’s shall be entertained and considered
        for issuance of clarifications, who have purchased the tender document. Proof of
        payment of requisite charges for the same, shall be submitted along with the

     2.     Bid document shall be provided after signing a mutual Non Disclosure Agreement
           (NDA) with BSNL (on non-judicial stamp paper of requisite value), for which
           sample format is available with DM (IT-V) IT Cell BSNL CO 7th Floor Bharat
           Sanchar Bhavan Janpath New Delhi 110001 and is also uploaded on the website.

     3. Integrity Pact format shall be provided by BSNL along with the tender document.
        This Integrity Pact duly signed by the authorized signatory of the bidder shall be
        submitted along with the bid.

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10.        Eligible are the Indian Companies who are registered /incorporated in India. Taking
           into consideration the size and the importance of the assignment for BSNL, it is
           very essential that the bidder have sufficient experience in setting up of and
           running such a facility in India/ worldwide. The following criterion shall be met by
           the company or the bidder who intends to participate in this tender and only those
           bidders who qualify the following conditions, need bid:

      i)    The company shall be registered/incorporated in India.

      ii) The company shall have a minimum annual turnover of INR 150 Crores each year
          during last 2 years (i.e. financial year 2006-07, FY 2007-08).

      iii) Bidder shall have relevant experience of setting up and running successfully a
           facility and having carried transactional printing of at least 10 Millions of
           impressions in a calendar month from maximum of 3 locations in
           Telco/Banks/Insurance/financial institutions/public utility, during last 12 months
           on the date of bid submission. The certificate from the client(s) in this regard
           shall be submitted.

      iv) If the bidder’s company is not meeting the experience as at Para (iii) above, then
          Bid can be submitted through a legally bound consortium (format as at Section
          XI-Q) with a company who is having experience as at Para (iii). However in such
          case, the lead bidder company must have implemented successfully IT projects of
          INR 50 Crores and above after 1st April 2004. In case of consortium, annual
          turnover of only lead bidder (minimum INR 150 Crore as at Para (ii) above) shall
          be counted. The certificate from the client(s) in this regard shall be submitted.

      v) The bidder shall be ISO 9001 company or SEI CMM level 4 certified companies.

      vi) Bidders are required to submit certificates/documentary proof for item (i) to (v).
          The verifiable reference along with the contact details shall also be cited in the
          bid document for item at (iii) and (iv).

                                                                           Dy. Manager (IT-V)
                                                                                       IT Cell
                                                                                     BSNL CO
                                                                       Bharat Sanchar Bhawan
                                                                                   New Delhi

Click here to download NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)


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