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									   Case In Point

Colorworks Printing: EFI Solutions                        Solution
                                                          Franciskovich started his quest by investigating Print
Re-energize Business                                      MIS solutions, including one offered by the company
                                                          who had provided the existing estimating system. He
Company Profile                                           investigated his options from the perspective of his
                                                          near-term need to put an integrated business manage-
Colorworks Printing, Inc. is a commercial offset          ment system in place, but kept in mind the long-term
printing company located in Ventura, California,          vision. As a result, Franciskovich decided to purchase
on the Central California Coast. The company was          EFI’s PSI™ Print MIS solution to provide a manage-
                                                          ment infrastructure for the entire business. He was
founded in 1978 as Day & Night Printing. Its cur-         also attracted by its ability to integrate, now and in the
rent owner and CEO, Tom Franciskovich, acquired           future, with a wide range of EFI solutions, including
the company in 00 and set about modernizing             PrinterSite® Exchange, PrintFlow® dynamic scheduling
the operation and positioning it for growth. Since        and Fiery® production servers.

acquiring the company, Franciskovich changed
its name to Colorworks Printing and doubled both          Results
                                                          Franciskovich credits his ability to double revenues in
his employee count and his revenues.
                                                          three years largely to the accessibility of both realtime
                                                          and historical business and production data through
Challenge                                                 PSI. Since implementing PSI, he has also added Print-
The previous owner of the company had his hands on        erSite Exchange to provide a digital storefront for
virtually every activity in the company. Franciskovich    easier customer access. In addition, to augment the
quickly discovered that this approach to the business,    existing six-color offset printing capabilities, Franciskov-
while it had worked for a number of years, was actually   ich acquired a computer-to-plate system, a Heidelberg
limiting the company’s growth. Franciskovich set about    Quickmaster DI direct imaging press and a Konica
looking for an integrated management information          Minolta Biz Hub Pro digital color press with a Fiery RIP
system (MIS) to replace the company’s fragmented          to address short-run and variable data needs, and he
business systems. He also was seeking to enhance his      is planning to add PrintFlow dynamic scheduling to
customer interface and he wanted to expand operations     drive further efficiencies.
by adding digital printing to the offset printing base.
“PSI has given me a real-time bird’s eye view of the business, and the ability to drill down and
 look at details is powerful. I couldn’t have doubled the size of my company without PSI.”

    — Tom Franciskovich, CEO, Colorworks Printing

Colorworks Printing: Reinventing                 Up to the Challenge                             Going Digital
the Business                                     After acquiring the business, Franciskov-       In order to address the lack of a digital
                                                 ich began to dig into its day-to-day opera-     workflow, Franciskovich acquired a com-
Although Tom Franciskovich grew up in a
                                                 tions to determine how best to put it on        puter-to-plate (CTP) system to replace
“small business” family, he spent the ma-
                                                 a growth path. He determined that there         antiquated film-based platemaking, and
jority of his business career in the big busi-
                                                 were a number of issues with the way the        he acquired a Heidelberg Quickmaster DI
ness world of newspapers. Starting out at
                                                 business was structured that were hamper-       press to address the short-run color oppor-
the Northern California production plant for
                                                 ing its ability to grow, including fragmented   tunity. He also began to analyze individual
The Wall Street Journal and ultimately mov-
                                                 business management systems and lack of         customers and jobs to gain an understand-
ing to the San Francisco offices of The New
                                                 a digital workflow.                             ing of their profitability. He cites one in
York Times, Franciskovich worked his way
                                                                                                 particular on which he spent a number of
up the corporate ladder from an entry-level
                                                 But Franciskovich was excited about the fu-     months working through the issues. “One
production position to high-level sales and
                                                 ture potential of the business and was up to    of our biggest accounts was a sheet music
marketing activities. Along the way, he dis-
                                                 the challenge of addressing these difficult     publishing company. While we had a lot of
covered that he had a desire to return to the
                                                 issues. In the early stages, he changed the     work from them and the work kept several
small business culture in which he grew up.
                                                 name of the company to Colorworks Print-        people busy, I suspected we were not mak-
He also learned that he had a strong inter-
                                                 ing to better reflect the strategic direction   ing any money on the job. Because of the
est in the sheetfed printing business, based
                                                 he planned to take.                             fragmented business systems, I had no fast
on his involvement in the development of
                                                                                                 way to do an accurate analysis. After look-
free standing insert (FSI) programs for his
                                                                                                 ing at it over a period of some 18 months, I
clients at The New York Times.
                                                                                                 was finally able to make a fact-based judg-
                                                                                                 ment about this particular job-and it was, in
At the same time, Franciskovich was look-
                                                                                                 fact, a money-loser for us. ”
ing for a more tranquil lifestyle away from
the hustle and bustle of the San Francisco
Bay Area. With all of this in mind, Francis-
kovich spent 18 months investigating vari-
ous business opportunities in California’s
Central Coast area, and ultimately decided
to acquire Day & Night Printing, an existing
commercial sheetfed operation located in
the beach town of Ventura, California.

“ We use the Fiery to run all of our digital equipment. I am very comfortable with it in terms
  of its compatibility with our existing systems. And EFI is a valued business partner that
  I know I can count on.”

  — Tom Franciskovich, CEO, Colorworks Printing

Selecting a Solid Business Partner             The Results                                     “I can now analyze the business and
It was about this time that Franciskovich      Franciskovich’s strategies have worked.         make good business decisions instan-
realized that one of the most important        His new digital workflows have increased                   ”
                                                                                               taneously, he adds. “My team under-
investments he could make in his new           operational efficiencies and opened up          stands the importance of this and what
company was an integrated business and         new customer applications. He has doubled       it means in terms of our profitability, and
production management system. After            the number of employees and his revenue         our ability to grow and to add people,
investigating several options in the mar-      in the short three years he has owned           benefits, and equipment. And we see
ket, he turned to EFI for a solution. He       the business.                                   these benefits on multiple levels.” He
says, “The EFI sales team came into the                                                        cites his ability to look deeply into the
shop and spent a lot of time looking at        As part of his effort to ensure that he         business to determine where he is mak-
our current processes. They asked great        achieves maximum value from his PSI             ing-and losing-money; he also points
questions about my vision, our strate-         investment, Franciskovich conducts month-       out that when someone calls about job
gic direction and where I saw the busi-        ly staff meetings where he reinforces the       status, the CSR can instantly access
ness going in five to ten years. It was an     importance of entering data into the sys-       it. And estimating is more accurate be-
extensive process, and as a result of          tem. He says, “In one of these meetings,        cause the estimator knows exactly what
what they learned, they recommend              I pointed out to my staff that the 18 months    the input costs are and can make an in-
PSI. Franciskovich was also impressed
    ”                                          it took me to figure out that every purchase    formed decision about how to price a
with EFI’s financial stability and the range   order we accepted from the sheet music          job. He says, “PSI is really where the
of offerings the company provided. He          publisher was a money-losing proposition        rubber meets the road for my business.
says, “While all of the solutions are not      would only take me about a minute and           PSI has given me a real-time bird’s eye
integrated today, EFI is clearly dedicated     a half now. And this is due to their par-       view of the business, and the ability to
to getting that done, and I saw a huge         ticipation in accurate data capture and         drill down and look at details is power-
benefit in that for the future. Their level    the capabilities of PSI.”                       ful. I couldn’t have doubled the size of
of sophistication and technical support                                                        my company without PSI.”
was also a key deciding factor for me.”

                                                                                   Case In Point -Print MIS and Production Printing Solutions   
“PrintFlow’s ‘What-If’ capabilities that allow you to move jobs around to see exactly how that
 impacts the schedule is incredibly powerful.”

 — Tom Franciskovich, CEO, Colorworks Printing

                                                                Colorworks Printing Today                                                    What’s next for Colorworks Printing? Fran-
                                                                Franciskovich continues to invest in the                                     ciskovich says, “I will be attending EFI’s
                                                                future of his business. After gaining con-                                   user group, Connect, with the primary
                                                                trol of the business through his PSI imple-                                  purpose of learning more about EFI’s Print-
                                                                mentation, he made two other important                                       Flow dynamic scheduling solution. It is the
                                                                investments in business growth. First,                                                                ”
                                                                                                                                             next logical step for us. By implementing
                                                                he acquired a Konica Minolta Biz Hub digi-                                   PrintFlow, he expects to gain the ability
                                                                tal color press with a Fiery RIP to address                                  to forecast costs at the same level of de-
                                                                ultra-short-run color and variable data op-                                  tail that PSI offers him after-the-fact costs.
                                                                portunities. He says, “We use the Fiery to                                   This includes forecasting labor costs go-
                                                                run all of our digital equipment. I am very                                  ing into a week, and determining when it
                                                                comfortable with it in terms of its compat-                                  makes sense to invest more labor in a job
                                                                ibility with our existing systems. And EFI is                                to improve throughput, moving more jobs
                                                                a valued business partner that I know I can                                  through the system and generating more
                                                                count on.  ”                                                                 revenue. He says, “PrintFlow will give me
                                                                                                                                             a more analytical way of looking at the jobs
                                                                Secondly, he implemented PrinterSite Ex-                                     as they are being planned and scheduled.
                                                                change, a Web-based digital storefront,                                      We do that type of analysis today, but it is
                                                                to make it easier for customers to submit                                    based on human judgment instead of math-
                                                                work—not only the short-run, fast-turn work                                  ematical calculations. PrintFlow’s ‘What-If’
                                                                he produces on his Konica Minolta and                                        capabilities that allow you to move jobs
                                                                Quickmaster DI, but for all types of work                                    around to see exactly how that impacts the
                                                                across his hybrid offset/digital workflow. He                                schedule is incredibly powerful. ”
                                                                says, “PrinterSite Exchange made a lot of
                                                                sense for us. I did not want to bring in serv-
                                                                ers and other equipment, as well as IT re-
                                                                sources, to manage this capability myself.
                                                                EFI has plenty of capacity and the expertise
                                                                to manage that aspect of my infrastructure
                                                                in a hosted environment.  ”

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