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  Anatomy & Physiology II

J. Ellen Lathrop-Davis
 Assistant Professor
 Course Coordinator
           Course Information
 Students must also be enrolled in
  respective lab section
 Students MUST pass lab and lecture
  (60% in each) separately to pass course
    – NOTE: A “D” (60%) may be “passing” but is
      not accepted for transfer or by the Nursing
    – It is possible to earn a D in lab and a C (or
      higher) in the class.
      Course Materials: Required
 Marieb, Human Anatomy & Physiology,
  6th ed.
 Marieb, Human Anatomy & Physiology
  Laboratory Manual, 8th ed.
    – These may be purchased separately, or as a
     package (recommended)
   BIOL 221 Lab Supplement
    – May be downloaded but is missing 2 sections
     (let your lab instructor know before lab)
    Course Materials: Optional
 BIOL 221 Lecture Supplement
  (PowerPoint Presentations may be
  printed from WebCT; Objectives are
  available through the A&P II homepage)
 A.D.A.M Interactive Anatomy Workbook
  and Software
 Marieb Study Guide
 Marieb A&P Coloring Book
 Sackheim, Introduction to Chemistry
  for Biology Students
              Course Information:
              Fall/Spring Grading
 90-100% = A; 80-89% = B; 70-79% = C; 60-
  69% = D; <60% = F
 70% from lecture
    – 4 100-point topic exams (400 points)
    – 1 comprehensive final (200 points)
    – 1 30-point A&P I Review Test
    – 7 10-point homework assignments (50 points)
 30% from 4 75-point lab practical exams
           Course Information
 Lab attendance is mandatory.
 Only ONE lab make-up exam per student
  per semester.
 Lab make-ups are given at the discretion
  of the lab instructor.
 Regular lecture attendance is
    – You MUST be here for all tests unless
     other arrangements have been made.
   Students have a choice between:
    – taking the normal in-class lecture exams
      including multiple choice, matching, short-
      answer and fill-in parts of the test; OR
    – taking essay exams in the testing center
 Most questions are based on material
  found in the supplement
 Most multiple choice questions come
  from a test bank created for the
   “My A&P Place” (available through includes
    self-quizzes for each chapter of the
    book. The course number is available
    through my homepage. Students with
    other textbooks can purchase it (see me
    for help)
           Make-up Exams
 Only ONE lecture make-up exam per
  student per semester (students who
  need to take more than 1 MUST switch
  to the alternative essay testing format)
 Make-up exams will be entirely essay in
  format and taken during the week
  following the date of the exam missed;
  make-up exams may not be graded until
  AFTER the course drop date.
   Make-up exams consist of 10-12
    questions of which the student must
    answer 7-9 to the best of her/his
          In-class Group Work
 There will be ungraded in-class group work
 Students will work in groups of 2-4 students
  to answer the questions.
 We will discuss them as a class if time permits.
  Answers will also be available through the web
  versions of the presentations.
 The questions are included in the lecture
  supplement. You may want to read through the
  appropriate sections before coming to class.
          Getting Started in A&P II
Given the following, list at least 3 things from general
biology and at least 5 from A&P I that you should
know to succeed in A&P II
           A&P I topics                  A&P II topics
   anatomical terms             cardiovascular system
   histology                    resistance to disease
   integumentary system         respiratory system
   nervous system               digestive system
     – electrophysiology         nutrition and thermo-
     – brain                      regulation
     – ANS                       urinary system
   endocrine system             fluid and electrolyte balance
   muscular system               and acid/base balance
   skeletal system              reproductive system
        Suggestions for Success
 See “Tips for Success in A&P” on the
 Come prepared to learn
    – bring supplies (pen/pencil, paper, lecture
      supplement, highlighters), textbook
   Make flashcards for terms – this is
    especially helpful for spelling (Yes, I do
    take off for spelling on lab exams. Check
    with your lab instructor if you have
    someone else)
         Suggestions for Success
   Form a study group (two – or more – heads really are
    better than one)
     – take turns “playing teacher” and explain concepts
       to each other
     – quiz each other
     – the more active you are in your group, the more you
       will benefit
   Do not try to memorize the textbook or the
    – Look over the supplement and read through the
      text before coming to class
    – You need to know AND understand terms and
      concepts included in the supplements
        Suggestions for Success
   Spring office hours:
    – Monday and Wednesday 4:30-5:15 PM
    – Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-4:30 PM
    – Wednesday 7:00-7:30 PM
    – Thursday 11:00 AM -12:00 PM
 I’m here to help you learn, please seek
  help if you’re having trouble
 The real work is up to you.

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