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NolaPro Business Suite
•   Order Entry
                                                 Manage your business at no cost
•   General Ledger                                 using web-based technology
•   Accounts Payable
•   Accounts Receivable
                                             Since its initial release in 2004,          The standard NolaPro suite was
•   Inventory Tracking
                                         NolaPro has helped thousands of            built specifically to accommodate the
•   Payroll & Employee Management
•   Business-to-Business Portal          users harness the power of the             needs of Fortune 500 corporations
•   Point-of-Sale Module                 Internet to run their business             as well as to mid-size and small
•   Shopping Cart Integration            operations.                                businesses.
                                             Because NolaPro offers flexible              But unlike other “on-the-shelf”
                                         tools and robust functionality along       packages, NolaPro offers you any
• MS Windows Compliant                   with a secure interface, it provides a     level of customization necessary to
   o Vista (all versions)                complete solution for both Windows         help create a truly unique solution to
   o XP Professional / Home              and Linux platforms.                       “fit” your business operations.
   o Windows 2003 Server
                                             This full-featured application can          Try the online demo today at
• Linux Compliant w/all distributions
    utilizing the following:
                                         run on your own hardware at no cost or download
    o Apache 2                           ever, or be hosted online as an “on-       a complete version at,
    o MySQL 4 / 5                        demand” service for about $20 a  , or from the
    o PHP 4 / 5                          month.                                     official website.
    o Zend Optimizer
• Requires any standard Internet                                                              Seamlessly move
    browser (Firefox 2+ or IE 7+                                                              between multiple
    highly suggested)                                                                           sets of books

  Main menu
“point n’ click”

dashboard provides
customized reports                      Change the color scheme,
    at a glance                          menu style and icon set
                                         to suit your preference
                                                        NolaPro General Ledger
                                    The NolaPro General Ledger is              • User-defined pie charts with the
                                  the overseer module of the program.            ability to store the information for
                                  However, very little data entry is             later use.
                                  done here as the GL receives
                                                                               • Journal entries show the date
                                  automatic postings from Payables,
                                                                                 posted, provide various ways to
                                  Billing, Payroll and Inventory.
                                                                                 sort the columns, and even
                                    Convenience is the key word                  provide sub-totals. These can
                                  here. The General Ledger allows                then be posted.
                                  the user to specify the beginning
                                                                               • If information was entered
                                  month of the fiscal year and after
                                                                                 incorrectly, NolaPro provides a
                                  that it functions mainly hands-free
                                                                                 way to reverse postings.
                                  functioning primarily for tracking and
                                  reporting purposes.                          • Activity Reports allow you to
                                                                                 view data for posted entries,
                                    Key Features:
                                                                                 unposted entries or all entries.
                                    • The ability to maintain and
                                                                               • Balance Sheets give you the
                                      consolidate multiple companies
                                                                                 option of combining separate
                                                                                 companies into one report or
                                    • Multiple budget capabilities.              comparing balance sheets from
                                      This is useful if you want to alter        the same company for multiple
                                      your budget mid-year without               periods.
                                      loosing the original budget or if
                                                                               • True account summarization.
                                      you want to compare your
                                      original and revised budgets.            Worried that the casual user will
                                                                             have access to your Chart of
                                    • User-defined chart of accounts
                                                                             Accounts and high level reports?
                                      or import “stock” accounts.
                                                                             No worries!
                                    • The option to import your own
                                                                                The system can assign access
                                      chart of accounts information
        Pie Charts can be                              ®                     rights   with    unique   password
                                      from the MS Excel .csv format
        defined by the user                                                  credentials for each user which can
      and stored for later use.     • The ability to export balance          be customized by supervisors to
                                      sheet, income statement or other       allow various read, write and/or
General Ledger includes:              important data.                        setup permission for each specific
                                                                             module area.
 •   Journal Entries Add/Update
 •   Post Journals Now
 •   Reverse Journal Postings
 •   Edit Chart of Accounts
 •   Recurring Ledger Entries
 •   Budget Control
 •   Bank Reconciliation
 •   Account Activity Report
 •   Balance Sheet
 •   COA List
 •   Journal Reports
 •   Pie Charts
 •   Profit & Loss Statement
 •   Account Type Setup
 •   Close Year
 •   Import/Export Accounts                                        Posting Journal Entries
 •   Set Fiscal Year
                     NolaPro Accounts Payable
     The cost of doing business is        • Check summary of uncashed,
largely what accounts payable is all        cashed, or all checks for any
about. In NolaPro, the Payables and         specified period or vendor –
Billing (receivables) modules work          great for bank reconciliation
together to provide you an accurate
                                          • Payables lists to show all unpaid
picture of your cash flow position at
                                            or paid invoices
any selected point in time.
                                          • Complete aging reports
    Distribution and payment info is
automatically posted to the General       • Easy blocking of invoices to pay
Ledger. Payables directly interacts
                                             NolaPro’s integrated system
with NolaPro Inventory for full
                                        means your employees can more
control of your purchases starting
                                        fully focus on their jobs. We
with internal requisition, through
                                        combine everything you need for
purchase order issue and control,
                                        accounting into one package so
and ending with the service or
                                        they don’t have to re-enter
merchandise receipt and shipment
                                        information from software that other
                                        departments are using – thus
     Payable operates online in a       leading to greater efficiency among
fully interactive mode. This means      your entire staff.                      Accounts Payable includes:
there is only a one-time data                                                    •   Vendor Maintenance
                                             Our Payable module also saves
keyboarding requirement.
                                        you valuable time by ensuring that       •   Vendor List/Labels
    NolaPro     even   ties    your     documents are archived for easy          •   Purchase Add/Update
receivables in with an online           retrieval in an electronic database.     •   Receive Items on PO
Shopping Cart to help integrate         Now other departments can retrieve       •   Completed PO to AP
an efficient ecommerce solution into    files themselves instead of tying up     •   Purchase Order Lists
your business.                          your accounts payable team. And          •   Receive Without PO
                                        when you need to retrieve a              •   Items Received List
  Key Features:                                                                  •   Bill Add/Update
                                        document, it is available in seconds.
  • Vendor tracking database                                                     •   Write Checks
                                            NolaPro saves you resources          •   View/Cancel Checks
  • Vendor lists and labels             when dealing with vendors too! No        •   Check List
                                        more wasted time as you struggle to      •
  • Check printing and posting into                                                  Payables List
                                        find invoices and payment histories      •   Aging – Detail
    General Ledger
                                        while you’re talking to your vendors.    •   Aging – Discount
  • Vendor accounts and vendor          Our detailed payment history is          •   Aging – Summary
    terms defined by the vendor to      available so you can see all the         •   Checking Acct Setup
    maintain entry of bills quicker     invoices that were paid.                 •   GL Account Setup
  • Entry of bills/credits                  NolaPro also helps accelerate        •   Beginning Balance Bills
                                        your check writing process by using      •   Vendor Terms
  • Write checks for partial or full                                             •   PO Standard Notes
                                        sophisticated     data      tracking
    payment of invoices
                                        technology that identifies invoices
  • Place     vendor  or    specific    for immediate fulfillment. The
    invoices on hold (if in dispute     integration into your system even
    over charges or some similar        allows you to print checks to
    situation)                          vendors then apply those payments
  • Voiding of specific checks
  • Mark checks cashed
                                                                                 Vendor terms defined by the vendor to
                                                                                   maintain the entry of bills quicker
                                                                  NolaPro Billing
                                          NolaPro’s billing module (also          • Order    performance     statistics
                                       known as accounts receivable) is             report
                                       simply an invoicing system par             • Transfer completed or partially
                                       excellence.                                  shipped orders into Invoices
                                            It efficiently and accurately         • Create/update invoices
                                       tracks incoming payments and
                                       keeps up-to-date account aging at          • Print summaries of invoices with
                                       all times. It also centralizes all of        export to Microsoft Excel
                                       your customer’s information into one       • Print invoices
                                       screen for instant access and
                                       comparisons.                               • Track invoice payments received
                                           Aging Reports are a necessary          • Aging reports with export in .csv
                                       part of any good billing system.             format for spreadsheets
                                       NolaPro offers a full range of             • Calculation of     interest     on
                                       comprehensive aging lists including          overdue invoices
                                       past due invoices, customer activity
                                       history, credit card transactions, and     • Sales tax report
Billing includes:
                                       much more.                                 • Review customer account
  •   Invoice Add/Update
  •   Payment Plan Add/Update            Key Features:                            • Print statements
  •   Full Payment Processing            • Enter invoices or credit memos         • Set up invoice terms to show on
  •   Sales Receipts Without Invoice
  •   Credit Balance Checks              • Partial or full payments                 invoices
  •   Invoice Reprinting                 • Overpayments                             Through NolaPro’s web-based
  •   Summary of Invoices                                                       accounting system, you will be
  •   Aging Reports                      • Interest payments                    better geared to manage accounts
  •   Credit Card Transaction Lists      • Customer lists, mailing labels,      receivable so your cash position is
  •   Customer Balance History             export, import, and others           always healthy.
  •   Customer Activity History
                                         • Tracking of multiple customer            The General Ledger, Accounts
  •   List Customers by Sales                                                   Payable and Billing modules will
                                           ship-to addresses
  •   Payment Reports                                                           provide you with the near-perfect
  •   Recently Entered Customers         • Order entry and shipping             accounting system, no matter the
  •   Sales Profitability Report           automatically updates inventory      size of your business. And when
  •   Sales Lead Tracking
                                         • Order ship (partial or complete)     integrated with NolaPro’s Inventory
  •   Beginning Balances                                                        tracking, Point-of-Sale, Shopping
  •   Thorough Company Options           • Order status reports                 Cart, Business-to-Business portal,
  •   Specific Invoice Numbering
                                         • Order lists of orders, items,        Payroll system and Admin modules
  •   Multiple Invoice Formats             shipments, etc.                      and you’ll have a complete business
  •   Multiple Billing Tax Options                                              management solution.
  •   Credit Card Transactions
  •   Invoice Notes
  •   Invoice Terms
  •   Multiple Shipping Carriers
  •   Service Order Options
  •   Sales Tax Setups

                                                                  Standard GL Accounts Listing
                           NolaPro Inventory
    The inventory module will track        • Item distribution report
warehouse items and raw materials
                                           • Item history report
or retail stock and finished goods
equally well. Stock items can also         • Suppliers list
be automatically be deleted from
                                           • Export all reports to .csv data
inventory and assigned to an online
                                             format for spreadsheets
Shopping Cart module.
                                           • Reports have ability to drill-
    NolaPro’s inventory regulation is
                                             down to details.
versatile and compares favorably
with the most expensive products           • Physical inventory worksheets
and it often exceeds the capabilities        to make collecting counts easy,
of products many companies pay               entry of counts, post to
thousands for.                               inventory on-hand
    It also includes a complete PO         • Post differences to adjustments
generating system while allows
several ways to use and issue              • Tracks committed items from            Inventory includes:
purchase orders. Adjustments to              orders   and    removes    the
                                             committed    amounts     when            •   Item Add/Update
inventory are also easily tracked to                                                  •   Item Suppliers
providing complete accuracy in               ordered as well as adjusts the
                                             on-hand counts                           •   Manage Build Orders
inventory control.                                                                    •   Physical Inventory
     Add to that multiple reports for      • Provide lists of pending PO’s            •   Inventory Adjustments
tax purposes, inventory analysis,          • Enter quantities received to             •   Item Distributions
status and performance, along with           payables once invoice received           •   Price Lists
its capability to carry several flexible     to assure that bills received            •   Vendor Prices
pricing levels and you’ll find that          match     actually    received           •   Item Status Report
NolaPro’s Inventory management               products                                 •   Item Activity Report
will suit your every need.                                                            •   Item Summaries
                                           • Receive items into inventory             •   Usage History
  Key Features:                              without PO.                              •   Detail History
  • User-defined item categories           • Vendor tracking database                 •   Item Valuation
                                                                                      •   Purchase Suggestion
  • User-defined unit names                • Vendor lists and mailing labels          •   Bill of Materials List
  • User-defined pricing methods                                                      •   Item Categories & Options
                                                                                      •   Search Categories
  • Multiple inventory locations for
                                                                                      •   Beginning Balances
    the same products
                                                                                      •   Inventory Units
  • Inventory item database                                                           •   Price Levels
                                                                                      •   Standard Markup Sets
  • Bill-of-materials entry
                                                                                      •   Plant Locations
  • Build assembly units
  • Item status report
  • Item activity report
  • Value of inventory report
                                           Item Usage History allows you to view
  • Price lists
                                              quantities of an item sold or used.

                                                                                     Price levels provide a way to offer
                                                                                        different prices to groups of
                                                          NolaPro Payroll
                                    NolaPro’s Payroll module provides       •   Fast menu driven inputs
                               rich functionality and ease of use at no
                               additional cost, unlike many packages        •   Complete check summary
                               available today.                             •   Tracks    all     deductions,
                                    Some of its features include preset         taxes, benefits, etc.
                               default values to log hours which            •   Complete quarterly       wage
                               makes the payroll process faster than            and deductions
                               signing the checks! It also tracks data
                               for government reports and includes all      •   Employee information lists
                               necessary reports to help track your         •   Allows for miscellaneous
                               employees and their costs.                       non-taxable income
                                   Yearly tax updates are a snap to
                               make and do not require paying extra
                               fees. You may make the necessary
                               changes yourself, thus saving valuable
                               time and money.
                                   Key Features:
Payroll includes:                  •   Prints tax deposit checks
 • Log Hours
 • Calculate/Pay Taxes             •   Prints unemployment reports              Company Contributions are
 • Write Checks                        showing weeks and pay              miscellaneous amounts that a company
                                       between any specific dates for         pays on behalf of an employee.
 • Employee Add/Update
 • Employee Deductions                 any employee
 • Write Employee Review           •   Different unions/groups can
 • Print 941                           have different benefits or
 • Print W-2’s                         deductions
 • Check Summary One
     Period                        •   Different workman’s comp.
 • Check Summary Multiple              rates for individual employees
     Periods                       •   Individual deductions can be
 • Employee Add/Update                 taken for specified period and
 • Employee Address                    automatically tracked
     & Phone List
 • Employee Birthday List          •   Easily handles complex state       Enter/Update all employee information
                                       tax calculations                     such as name, address, exemption
 • Employee Deductions                                                     information, special deductions, etc.
 • Employee General Info           •   Detailed pay stub summaries
 • Employee Phone List
 • Employee Pay by Week            •   Hours entered printout
 • Employee Pay by Month           •   Separate salary and hourly
 • Employee Pay by Quarter
 • Company Contributions           •   Enter hours any time
 • Deduction Groups                •   Employee evaluations
 • Direct Deposit Auth.
                                   •   Complete quarterly, monthly,
 • General Benefits (Pay)
                                       and weekly summaries by
 • General Deductions
 • Pay Types
 • Pension Plans                   •   941’s and W-2’s                    You can enter hours daily for each days
 • Rating Scale for Reviews.                                               work, or you can enter them once for
                                   •   Hours entry input defaults
 • Tax Type Add/Update                                                               each pay period.
 • Tax Table Add/Update            •   Direct deposit capability

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