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Proforma of Housekeeping Operational Audit - PDF


Proforma of Housekeeping Operational Audit document sample

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									                                                                                              WHC (2007) 024

                    WELSH HEALTH CIRCULAR

Parc Cathays                                                                                              Cathays Park
Caerdydd CF10 3NQ                                                                                    Cardiff CF10 3NQ

                                                    Issue Date: 23rd March 2007
                                                        Status: Action

Title: Revaluation of the NHS Estate 2007

For Action by: Directors of Finance and                  Action required: See Annex A
Directors/Heads of Estates/Facilities, NHS Trusts
and Powys LHB & District Valuer Services Wales

For Information to: Chief Executives, NHS Trusts and Chief Executives & Directors of Finance, Local Health

Sender: Mr Kevin Jones Financial Controller, Department of Health & Social, Care Resources Directorate

National Assembly contact(s) : Mr Kevin Jones Financial Controller, Gareth Roberts Assistant Director
Property Management, Welsh Health Estates

Enclosure(s): Annex A,B and C

                                                                                       Tel: 029 20825111 GTN: 1208

                                                                              Llinell union/Direct line: 029 20 825846

                                                                                           Ffacs/Fax: 029 20 825429

                                                                                             Minicom: 029 20 823280

Distribution List

Chief Executives                NHS Trusts
Chief Executives                Local Health Boards
HR Directors                    NHS Trusts
HR Directors                    Business Services Centre
Director                        NHS Confederation in Wales
Chief Officer                   Association of Welsh Community Health Councils
Director                        Welsh Local Government Association
Dean                            University of Wales, Bangor
Chief Executive                 Commission for Racial Equality
Chief Executive                 Centre for Health Leadership
Secretary                       British Dental Association in Wales
Postgraduate Dean               University of Wales College of Medicine
Director information services   University of Wales College of Medicine
Secretary                       British Medical Association (Wales)
Regional Head of Health         UNISON
Board Secretary                 Royal College of Nursing (Wales)
Welsh Council Representative    British Dietetic Association
Wales Secretary                 British Orthoptic Society
Wales Secretary                 AMICUS MSF
Regional Secretary              The GMB
Regional Secretary              Transport & General Workers Union
Chair                           Community Pharmacy Wales
Chair                           Royal College of General Practitioners
General Secretary               Wales TUC
Assistant Director              Chartered Society of Physiotherapists
Officer for Wales               Society of Radiographers
IR Officer                      Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists
Regional Secretary              Union of Construction Allied Trades and Technicians
Board Secretary for Wales       Royal College of Midwives
Officer for Wales               AMICUS Electrical & Engineering Staff Association
Regional Secretary              AMICUS Amalgamated Electrical and Engineering Union
Welsh Executive                 Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
Information Officer             Wales Council for Voluntary Action
National Member for Wales       AMICUS - Guild of Health Care Pharmacists
Business manager                Institute of Health Care Management Welsh Division
Chief Executive                 Association of Optometrists
Librarian                       British College of Optometrists
Director General                Audit Commission (Wales)
Director                        Business Service Centre
Patch Managers                  Business Service Centres across Wales (6 copies each)
Secretariat                     Statutory Committees
Regional Directors              NHS Wales Regional Offices
Chief Executive                 Health Commission Wales (Specialist Services)
Chief Executive                 Health Professions Wales
Librarian                       National Public Health Service
Chief Executive                 Welsh Language Board / Bwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg
Librarian                       Health Promotion Library
Chief Executive                 Healthcare Inspectorate Wales

   Dear Colleague

1. The purpose of this circular is to notify NHS bodies that a revaluation of the NHS estate is to
   be undertaken and to request the provision of information to enable the process to be
   completed by the required dates.

2. Following a formal tendering exercise the Health & Social Care Department’s Resources
   Directorate has appointed the Valuation Office Agency’s District Valuer Services Wales (DV) to
   undertake a revaluation of the NHS estate in Wales. The cost of the exercise will be met by the

3. The previous revaluation was completed in September 2002 and Financial Reporting Standard
   15 (FRS 15) requires public sector assets to be reviewed and revalued at least every 5 years
   in accordance with the NHS Capital Accounting Manual.

4. The valuation date to be adopted for assessment is 1 April 2007 and final valuations must be
   completed and issued by 30 September 2007. A timetable for the process is attached at Annex

5. NHS bodies are asked to nominate a primary contact for the duration of the contract.
   These nominations with contact details should be notified by e-mail by the 30th March 2007 to
   both the DV contact point Nigel Thomas, District Valuer Services
   ( and Gareth Roberts, Welsh Health Estates

6. NHS bodies’ will need to agree their current estate assets with the DV. Material changes to
   the estate asset base since the last revaluation should be notified to the DV in writing as
   soon as possible but no later than Wednesday 11 April 2007. The information required is
   identified in Annex B. A proforma for completion of data relating to residential units is also
   attached at Annex C.

7. NHS bodies are asked to ensure that all property is identified. The DV will be providing
   valuations for PFI and Finance lease schemes as part of the process. Leased assets must
   therefore be properly categorised.

8. The DV will make initial contact with NHS bodies during March 2007 and will make necessary
   arrangements to commence site visits during April 2007. The DV will agree inspection dates
   with the NHS contact points and will be required to comply with NHS bodies’ access, health
   and safety and security requirements. It is recommended that all NHS bodies make their
   Departments aware of the project and the purpose of the inspections.

10. Provisional valuations will be completed and provided to the nominated contact point by 22
    July 2007. These will need to be verified by NHS bodies and any comments or amendments
    required must be notified to the DV by 31 August 2007.

11. The final valuations will be provided by 28 September 2007 on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
    including separate spreadsheets for summary valuations and block elemental information.

12. Enquiries relating to valuation issues or report formats should be addressed to the DV through
    Nigel Thomas, District Valuer Services, Government Buildings, Picton Terrace, Carmarthen
    SA31 3BT. Tel No. 01267 322228 or e-mail:

13. Finance or accounting queries should be addressed to Kevin Jones, Financial Controller,
    Resources Directorate. Tel No: 02920 20823536 or e-mail: Kevin.Jones3@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK

14. General property enquiries and enquiries regarding the process should be addressed to
    Gareth Roberts, Assistant Director Property Management, Welsh Health Estates. Tel No:
    02920 315527 or e-mail

   Yours sincerely

   Kevin Jones
   Financial Controller
   Department of Health and Social Care
   Resources Directorate

REVALUATION OF THE NHS ESTATE 2007                            ANNEX A


Action                         Responsibility        Date

Contact name provided to       NHS bodies            By 30 March 2007
DV and WHE

Updated information            NHS bodies            By 11 April 2007
provided to the DV

Site inspections               District Valuer       April - June 2007

Issue provisional valuations   District Valuer       By 22 July 2007

Comments/amendments            NHS bodies            By 31 August 2007
notified to DV

Submission of Final            District Valuer       28 September 2007
Valuations and project

REVALUATION OF THE NHS ESTATE 2007                                   ANNEX B




The primary source of data for District Valuers undertaking the asset revaluation exercise in 2007 will
be their existing 2002 valuation records, supplemented by any subsequent firm "Good Housekeeping"
valuation records.

In some instances, a NHS body may since 2002 have already supplied to the local District Valuer
some of the information now being sought (for example, in connection with a "Good Housekeeping"
case). Even where this is the case, this information should again be brought to the DV’s attention in
the NHS body's submission for the current exercise.

Each NHS body should supply the following information in respect of its estate assets:

     • Changes in site boundaries and site areas (in hectares) since the last national asset
       revaluation exercise in September 2002.
     • Details of any new reservations or restrictions affecting each site.
     • Within the boundaries of a hospital, identification of any areas of land which are designated
       both surplus to requirements and currently non-operational, being available for disposal.

  Each NHS body should check that the Gross Internal Area (GIA) figures shown on the Unit
  Summary or Block Inspection Forms supplied in 2002 for each asset are accurate and ensure that
  the most up to date GIA information available for each block/building is passed to the Valuer.

  The DV should be provided with any condition surveys which have been carried out either by, or
  for, the NHS body and which reveal the need for potential changes to the remaining lives of
  buildings and consequently to their depreciation figures.

  Particular care is needed to ensure that any new external works which arise as a consequence of
  new-build projects on a site are identified.

  Identification of any changes of use to buildings since 30 September 2002 is required.
   Details are required of any significant capital expenditure or physical changes to the estate since
   September 2002 (including expenditure on the refurbishment of an existing building or the
   construction of a new-build extension to an existing property).

   Sufficient detail should be supplied to establish, firstly, on which elements of an asset the
   investment was spent and, secondly, whether it constituted actual capital enhancement
   expenditure or capitalised maintenance and repair-work.

  The term "assets in course of construction" (AUCs) can apply to both new-build assets and
  extensions/alterations to existing assets. Information required includes:

       •   Identification and construction cost information is required for those buildings which were
           (AUCs) on 30 September 2002 and which are now complete.
       •   Identification and construction cost information is required for those buildings where
           construction commenced after 30 September 2002 and which will be operational by 1 April
       •   Identification of those assets which are currently under construction and which will not be
           completed as at 1 April 2007. For information purposes only, it will be useful to have
           details of the projected completion date and the estimated total construction cost.

  In providing cost information for former "assets in course of construction", care is needed to ensure
  that costs in respect of new external works are shown separately from the costs of the building.
  (See Section D above re External Works).

   Identification of those buildings which are:

       •   firmly intended to be closed in the foreseeable future, either with a view to their future
           disposal or redevelopment, and have been declared surplus,
       •   but are still currently in use as specialised operational assets and therefore valued using
           the Depreciated Replacement Cost basis
       •   for which the NHS body requires the "reduced functional life adjustment"

  For such buildings the planned date of closure (i.e. when the building is to become non-operational)
  should be provided.

   Identification of those assets which are currently both surplus and already non-operational (i.e. use
   of the asset has ceased and is not expected to resume, but the asset still currently forms part of
   the NHS body's estate).

   Any changes to the identification of those assets which are either donated or part-donated are
   required and provision of details about the nature of the donation (date, amount, conditions
   attached to the donation, etc).

   Any changes to previously supplied details of the lease terms and conditions, including rent
   passing, where the NHS body is either the landlord or the tenant. The information required can be
   sub-divided into the following categories of leases:

       •   new leases which have been entered into since 30 September 2002.
       •   existing leases where details (including the rent) have been reviewed since 30 September
       •   existing leases which have been renewed since 30 September 2002.
       •   pre-existing leases which have been relinquished since 30 September 2002.

   With particular reference to residential tenancies, full current tenure details are required, including
   whether the occupation is regarded as an assured shorthold tenancy, an assured tenancy or a
   regulated tenancy. Further details on residential units are required in Annex C.

   Most importantly, for each leased asset, the DV should be notified whether it is regarded by the
   Finance Director for accounting purposes as being a Finance Lease or an Operating Lease.

   Where past valuation reports have given rise to points of concern, these matters should be
   identified and referred to when supplying the update information. This will ensure that these
   points can be specifically addressed in this exercise.

REVALUATION OF THE NHS ESTATE 2007                                                                        ANNEX C


1. Name of Trust or NHS Body ……………………………………………………..

2. Site name                              …………………………………………………….

3. Block name / number

4. Type and numbers of accommodation

   •   Self contained units

       Number of 1 bedroom units              .....................................................................

       Number of 2 bedrooms units .....................................................................

       Number 3 bedrooms units                 ......................................................................

   •   Shared accommodation

       Number of bedspaces                    ............................................

5. Annual rents

   •   Self contained units

       1 bed units per annum                  ......................................

       2 bedroom units per annum              ......................................

       3 bedrooms units per annum .....................................

   •   Shared accommodation

       Per bedspace                        ...............................

       When were the rents last reviewed?                   ...................................

6. Please state whether rents are inclusive of heat, light, council tax, cleaning
  costs and provide details of these costs if available

7. Please provide details, if available, of the following running costs for the

      Management costs per annum                ............................................

      Day to day maintenance costs per annum ..................................

      Average level of voids per annum          ...........................................

8. Is there a planned and approved improvement programme? If so please provide details.

9. Is there a future planned maintenance programme? If so, please give details.

10. Is the property compliant with all the necessary health and safety and fire


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