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									Alix Angelis                                                                                _ SAG, AFTRA, AEA
Height: 5’2                                                             831.224.5800
Weight: 100 lbs                                               
Hair: brown
Eyes: green

MEMPHIS BEAT                                 Co-star                    TNT
BEAUTY & THE BRIEFCASE                       Supporting                 ABC Family/dir: Gil Junger
BONES                                        Co-star                    20th Century Fox
STUDIO 60                                    Featured                   NBC / Warner Bros

FILM (partial list)
VISIBLE SCARS                                Co-star                    Ogma Films
SISTER MARY’S ANGEL                          Lead                       Hidden Tree Productions
DESERTS OF LOVE                              Lead                       Danny Velez/ CUNY grad thesis
WONDERFUL                                    Lead                       Donna Hull/ USC
SANDRA AND REGINA                            Lead                       Independent/Kwynn Perry
CHASING JESUS                                Lead                       Independent/Joseph Hughes
TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF                        Lead                       Independent/ Guy Yedwab
PAGE 439                                     Lead                       Independent/ Clara Aranovich
10 PRAYERS                                   Lead                       Leave/ Zach Krebs

Conflicts upon request

STAGE (partial list)
PERICLES REDUX                               Lead                       The Pleasance Edinburgh
AS YOU LIKE IT                               Celia                      Pac Rep Forest Theatre
ROMEO AND JULIET                             Juliet                     Shakespeare Santa Monica
JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR                       Supporting/Dancer          Shrunken Head Productions
THE MEDEA PROJECT                            Chorus Leader              Performing Arts Conservatory of Carmel
ROCK IN HER POCKET                           Starring                   2B Named Theatre, New Orleans
GENERATION ZELE                              Lead                       Monterey Players
TEN LITTLE INDIANS                           Lead                       Monstrous Little Productions
RICHARD III                                  Lady Anne                  Shakespeare Santa Monica
UNLESS                                       Lead                       Experimental Theatre Wing, NY
LONGING MOMENTS                              Lead                       dir: Moises Kaufman, NY

ORCHESTRATION                                Choreographer              GAP Productions, New York

Acting                                       NYU Tisch Drama Experimental Theatre Wing BFA
                                             Big Sur Theatre Lab 03-09
                                             Suzuki Method w/ SITI Workshop, Los Angeles, Mary Overlie (Viewpoints)
                                             Moises Kaufman Workshop, Steve Wangh (Grotowski)
Alexander Technique                          Jean-Louis Rodrigue
Classical                                    Louis Scheeder, Shakespeare Santa Monica
Clown                                        Chris Bayes, DanielPasser
Commercial Workshop                          Lein Cowan Casting, Los Angeles
Film Acting                                  Andre Belgrader, The Juilliard School
Movement                                     John Farmanesh-Bocca, The Juilliard School
                                             Paul Langland, Annie B Parson, KJ Holmes, Wendell Beavers
Voice                                        Ralph Zito, The Juilliard School , Richard Armstrong, NYU
                                             Ethelyn Friend, Naropa University, Natsuko Ohama
Twin, Singing, Dance (ballet, modern, jazz, afro-haitian, swing), Writing, Basic Acrobatics, Aerial Silks, Juggling,
Handstands/Walking, Acrobalance, Whistling, Pilates

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