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                              PUPPY SALES CONTRACT
The Seller, _____________________, & Buyer, ______________________, agree as follows:
1. The Seller hereby sells to the Buyer, for the amount of $____________, payment of which is
hereby acknowledged, a male / female puppy, born ________________,
out of ____________________ & _____________________,
2. The Seller will register the puppy with the American Dog Breeders Association, Inc. and or The
United Kennel Club, under the name ___________, and provide the registration papers to the
Buyer once purchase price is paid in full.
3. The Seller guarantees that the puppy is in good health on the date of delivery. The Buyer has
the right to return the puppy to the Seller within seven days after delivery and receive a
replacement puppy of equal value if the puppy is found by a veterinarian to be suffering from any
4. The Seller guarantees that the puppy is free of hereditary defects to the best of his/her
knowledge. Should the puppy be diagnosed with hip dysphasia prior to its Second birthday, or
suffer loss of eyesight due to Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) prior to its Second birthday, Seller
agrees to replace the puppy. Buyer may keep the dog if he/she so desires, but must present
certification by a veterinarian of the hereditary defect. The Seller does not assume any additional
liability for possible genetic defects in the puppy, and will under no circumstances be responsible
for veterinary bills resulting from any such condition.
5. The puppy shall not be bred unless (1) Shows no sign of human aggression, (2) is a good
specimen of the breed. Nor shall it be bred to a bitch or stud who does not meet these same three
6. The Buyer shall maintain the puppy in good condition, including a regular immunization
schedule, heartworm preventative, good diet, flea preventative and a clean and safe environment.
7. If at any time in its life the puppy is to be sold or given away, the Buyer shall so notify the Seller
and give the Seller first option to buy the puppy back at the original purchase price.
8. The Seller shall not sell the puppy, or its offspring (if any), to any individual or establishment in
the business of buying and selling puppies for a profit.

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