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Printing Companies Sales Forecast


Printing Companies Sales Forecast document sample

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									Features                                                                                                       November – December 2005
                                                                                                                                Page 7

Back to the Future                                                                                           HUMAN

Vision 21: revisited
By: Ronnie H. Davis, Ph.D.                  impacted from the twin hurricanes of
                                                                                                          R E L AT I O N S
                                                                                           Apprenticeships good for
Chief Economist, PIA/GATF

   In October of 2000, PIA/GATF pub-
                                            Katrina and Rita but still should grow by
                                            around 2.5%. Overall these rates are
                                                                                           companies, employees,
lished a landmark study on the future of    below the forecast of Vision 21.
                                            However, when the recession of 2001-
the North American printing industry –                                                        Employers are facing a         and in their company.
Vision 21: The Printing Industry            2002 is subtracted out and the data is
                                                                                           crisis.                           “They feel more a part of
Redefined for the 21st Century. The         adjusted for inflation the forecast is gen-
                                                                                              In the next five to 10         the organization and know
study projected the direction of the        erally in the ballpark.
                                                                                           years, as Baby Boomers            that there is room to grow.
industry over the period                                    – Vision 21 foresaw major                                        Veteran workers and opera-
2000-2006 and identified                                                                   retire, a labor shortage is
                                                         changes in printers’ operat-                                        tors participate in the
the imperatives that printers                                                              being predicted.
                                                         ing environment including                                           process as trainers, and
would face during that time- Were the projections on     the challenges of automated
                                                                                           “Employers will become
                                                                                                                             trainees are responsible for
frame.                         the mark and were there                                     aware that they do not have
                                                         workflow management, the                                            tracking their own
                               any major developments                                      the people they need to
   After five years since the                            rapid adoption of computer-                                         progress. Employees are
                                                                                           meet future – or even pres-
publication date it is time to that were not foreseen?   to-plate technology and use
                                                                                           ent – requirements...Smart        gaining knowledge in a
assess the accuracy of                                   of the internet as a business                                       trade, and getting paid to
                                                                                           employers will plan and
Vision 21 – were the pro-                                communications tool.                                                learn as they work,” said
                                                                                           act,” stated The Herman
jections on the mark and                       – Vision 21 properly predicted the          Trend Alert, published by         Sutton.
were there any major developments that      fairly rapid transition of printers into the   strategic business futurists        Setting up an apprentice-
were not foreseen? This article provides    communications logistics business with         Roger Herman and Joyce            ship requires creating train-
a summary assessment.                       the growth of ancillary services such as       Gioia.                            ing modules for each of the
   – Overall economic trends – Vision       mailing, fulfillment, and database man-                                          apprenticeship positions.
                                                                                              One way to combat this
forecasted overall economic growth of       agement and increased short run color                                            The grids for the modules
                                                                                           issue is by offering appren-
3.2-3.4% over the 2000-2005 period.         digital printing.                                                                are submitted to the state’s
                                                                                           ticeships. Companies that
Understandably, the study did not fore-        – The study predicted that the struc-       offer apprentice-                 Department of Labor for
see the terror attacks of 9/11 and the      ture of the printing industry would con-       ships, which are                             certification.
subsequent economic recession in 2001-      tinue its rapid transition with a decline in   structured train-                               Sutton’s com-
2002 so the economic forecast was on        plants, an increase in the average size        ing programs for “Smart employers pany develops
the high side. The actual economic          plant and the movement to digital tech-        new and exist- will plan and act.” training modules
growth for the 2000-2005 period stands      nology.                                        ing employees,                              specifically for
at around 2.9%. Taking away the two                                                        have a leg-up in                            printing compa-
recession impacted years of 2001 and          – The study accurately predicted the
                                            squeeze on industry financial perform-         recruiting. Jess                            nies, working
2002 the economy grew by an average of                                                     Sutton of Professional          with management and pro-
over 3.6%.                                  ance even as the cost of capital declined.
                                                                                           Project Management, Inc., a duction to develop each
   – Print market growth was also severe-      All in all, Vision 21 has proven to be      PICA member, said that          skillset and using
ly impacted by 9/11 and the recession.      fairly prophetic in anticipating the major     apprenticeships have short-     PIA/GATFPress materials
The recession of 2001-2002 caused print-    drivers of the industry over the past five     term and long-term bene-        and resources. After the
ing shipments to decline. Sales rose        years.                                         fits. “One of the first notice- employee completes train-
slightly in 2003 and increased at a 2.8%       Contact Ron Davis, Chief Economist          able benefits to the compa-     ing, the DOL is notified and
pace in 2004. This year’s shipments are     at PIA/GATF, (703) 519-8102.                   ny is a fairly fast-track to a  a certificate is issued.
                                                                                           reduction in errors. Once
S&ME group provides added value                                                            everyone is singing from
                                                                                                                              Having a formal appren-
                                                                                                                           ticeship program helps
                                                                                           the same songbook, that
for sales, marketing employees                                                             profit-robber should be an
                                                                                                                           with recruiting new
                                                                                                                           employees into your
   To help printing companies with sales    tough challenges – making your market-         early victory.”                 comapny. “We have to con-
and marketing, PIA/GATF encourages          ing plan work for you, training your sales        Benefits to the company        tinue to find ways to make
firms to explore becoming members of a      force, dealing with tighter margins and        include better quality,           our industry and our com-
special industry group designed to          commissions, motivating yourself and           enhanced efficiency and a         panies more attractive to
address the issues that sales and market-   your staff, and much more, according to        “culture of accountability,”      smart, talented people,”
ing professionals face.                     the section webpage on           said Sutton.                      said Sutton.
   The Print Sales & Marketing Executives     Active memberships in PICA and                  After employees are               For more information on
(S&ME) section offers members unparal-      PIA/GATF are required to join the S&ME         trained, they attain certifica-   starting an apprenticeship
leled peer networking in a national, non-   section. The section membership fee is         tion in that area – certainly     program, call Jeff Stoudt at
competitive, setting. S&ME’s member         $215 per year.                                 good for a company’s mar-         PICA, (704) 357-1150 or
benefits and conferences promote cut-         For more information, contact Beth           keting image – and the            Jess Sutton at Professional
ting-edge thinking in the print sales and   Parrott at (703) 519-8137 or                   employees also gain a sense       Project Management, Inc. at
marketing arena and address today’s                          of confidence in themselves       (919) 303-4829.

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