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									                                                                               Labour Market Bulletin
                                                                         Windsor / Essex, Chatham-Kent
                                                                               Sarnia / Lambton
                                                                                       Service Canada Area
                       ~ An Analysis of the Windsor-Sarnia Area Labour Market ~ April to June 2008 ~
Volume 2 Issue 2         Second Quarter 2008                                         An overview of the Windsor Census Metropolitan Area and Economic
              IN THIS ISSUE:                                                                                    Region 570.
HIGHLIGHTS .................................................... 1                     (This includes Essex County, Chatham-Kent and Lambton County)

LABOUR MARKET NEWS ....................................... 2                     In the Windsor Census Metropolitan Area:
   Accommodation and Food ................................... 2                  •    Seasonal expansion did not take place in the Windsor CMA this quarter
   Agriculture ........................................................... 2     •    A large number of people took themselves out of the labour force
   Business Services................................................. 3               leading to a lower unemployment rate
   Construction and Real Estate ............................... 3                •    Labour force and employment levels down from previous year
   Education ............................................................. 3
   Health and Social Services................................... 4               In Economic Region 570:
                                                                                 •   Modest seasonal expansion in Windsor-Sarnia area the second quarter
   Information, Culture and Recreation.................... 4
                                                                                 •   Unemployment rate dropped slightly
   Manufacturing...................................................... 4
                                                                                 •   Employment higher than previous year’s level
   Public Administration .......................................... 5
   Transportation and Warehousing ......................... 5
   Wholesale and Retail............................................ 5                                        HIGHLIGHTS
LABOUR FORCE TRENDS ...................................... 7
FROM THE AUTHOR’S DESK ................................. 9
                                                                                      A new international bridge will be built linking Windsor to Detroit,
The Windsor Sarnia Area Labour Market Bulletin is a
quarterly report produced by the area Labour Market                                   General Motors announced that the Windsor Transmission plant will
Information Analyst. This bulletin and other LMI                                      close putting about 1,400 employees out of work.
products may also be found on our website.
(aussi disponible en français) For further information
contact Labour Market Analysts:                                                       Another 150 employees will lose their jobs as four other smaller
Deb Koscielski -- Chatham-Kent, Sarnia / Lambton                                      businesses close or face challenges mostly related to the automobile
Telephone:                                  (519) 380-6853                            industry.
Diane Nease – Windsor / Essex
Telephone:                                 (519) 560-2529                             Ford Motor Co. had good news for the Windsor community as it
Visit our website at:
                                                                                      announced a $170 million investment to partially reopen the Essex
                                                                                      Engine Plant.
 Note: In preparing this bulletin, Service Canada has
 taken care to provide clients with labour market
 information from reliable sources that is timely and                                 The greenhouse industry in Chatham-Kent and Lambton County is
 accurate at the time of publication. Since labour                                    expanding.
 market conditions are dynamic, some of the
 information presented here may have changed since
 the bulletin was published. Readers are encouraged to                                Chatham-Kent fruit farmers who grow peaches and pears for canning
 also refer to other sources for additional information                               have lost their market.
 on the local economy and labour market. Information
 contained in this bulletin does not necessarily reflect
 official policies of Service Canada.                                                 Suncor Energy’s St Clair (Lambton County) ethanol plant has started
                                                                                      construction on a $120-million expansion project
~ An Analysis of the Windsor-Sarnia Area Labour Market ~ April to June 2008 ~                                          Page 2 of 10 ~

                                                    LABOUR MARKET NEWS

Highlights on industry activities that have an impact on the local labour market, this information is derived from several sources
including local newspapers, newsletters and various publications. Please refer to “Notes to Readers” for additional information.

Accommodation and Food                                                hampered by the strong value of the Canadian dollar, high cost
                                                                      of grain and fuel, and low cattle and hog prices. Indeed, the
The Red Bull Air Race World Series was held on the Detroit            federal government introduced a Cull Breeding Swine
River during the first weekend in June 2008. This was the             Program to assist farmers by paying $225 for each breeding
first time these races were held between two countries at the         pig removed from the herd. Farmers participating in this
same time, making history for the Series and for the cities of        program must agree not to raise swine for three years.
Windsor and Detroit, Michigan. Thousands of people
watched lightweight airplanes navigate very low to the ground         Chatham-Kent fruit farmers who grow peaches and pears for
through 65 foot high nylon pylons. This event helped draw             canning have lost their market as CanGro closed its St. Davids
business to the downtown stores and restaurants, and increase         fruit processing plant near St. Catharines. Farmers are
Windsor’s international profile.                                      currently seeking alternate markets in Michigan.
                                                                      The federal government announced that it will invest about
Windsor’s first Cora’s restaurant opened in the Walker Square         $22 million to help tender fruit growers replace their current
area this quarter, employing 65 people. A second location has         trees and vines with crops that meet consumer demands. The
been identified in Tecumseh with plans to open early in 2009.         Orchards and Vines Transition Program will run until 2011.
This will be the franchise’s first time having two restaurants in     For more information, visit or contact
a market of this size.                                                Agricorp at 1-888-247-4999.
On Highway 401, both the east and westbound service centres           CanGro is also closing its vegetable processing plant in
in Tilbury are closed for modernization until sometime next           Exeter. The closure will hurt local farmers who grow peas
year.                                                                 and sweet corn. The tomato processing plant in Dresden will
                                                                      remain open.
In Chatham-Kent and Lambton County a number of new
restaurants have opened: a fine dining restaurant in                  Colio Estate Wines is among 35 Ontario wineries that will
Wallaceburg called Southside Chicago’s, Hedden Out in                 benefit from the three-year Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA)
Dresden, Coffee Culture Café and Eatery in Chatham, and               Wine Support Program, designed to increase access to the
Nutless Cones and More in Sarnia.                                     marketplace through Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO)
                                                                      outlets. Eligible wineries will receive a 30% rebate for the
The bed and breakfast industry is also expanding in Chatham-          first 120,000 litres of VQA table wines sold through the
Kent and Lambton County with several new operations                   LCBO each year.
opening in the spring of 2008. These accommodations will
appeal to a variety of tourist tastes, from a Lodge and Livery        Greenhouse tomato growers received an unexpected increase
at Maefield Horse Farm in Plympton-Wyoming and bilingual              in demand and product price (up to 20%) as a result of a
service at Maison Bleu in Blenheim, to the peaceful relaxing          salmonella outbreak in the U.S. in June 2008. Ontario
atmosphere of Lake Erie Haven near Blenheim and Twin                  greenhouse vegetables are grown in a highly controlled
Lakes Retreat near Sarnia.                                            environment where production and packaging is regulated.
                                                                      All growers must provide the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable
Tourism                                                               Growers with annual proof of passing a food safety audit in
                                                                      order to obtain and keep their growers license.
As gas prices continue to rise, the value of the Canadian dollar
remains high, the uncertainty regarding border security, and          In Essex County, Westmoreland Sales built a new $3.8
the decline of the United States economy, the tourism industry        million, 100,000 square-foot warehouse to pack and ship
is expected to decline again this year.                               tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers for 250 greenhouse growers.
                                                                      They employ about 200 workers.

Agriculture                                                           The greenhouse industry in Chatham-Kent and Lambton
Statistics Canada reported that crop farmers experienced a            County is also expanding. Greenhill Produce has invested
relatively good year in 2007 but livestock farmers were               over $6.5 million to add 10 acres to their pepper operation.
~ An Analysis of the Windsor-Sarnia Area Labour Market ~ April to June 2008 ~                                      Page 3 of 10 ~
The expansion will add 10 employees to its labour force.        •    Goodwill Industries Essex-Kent-Lambton is building a
Greenhill Produce has the space and approval for further             new 12,000-square-foot facility in Chatham.
expansion in the coming years.                                  •    In Sarnia, a new Scotiabank will be constructed a second
                                                                     building will be built at the same time for commercial
In Lambton County, the Enniskillen Pepper Co. Ltd. is                ventures ($3 million)
investing $4-million to add seven acres to their six acre
hydroponic greenhouse operation. Their work force will          Institutional
increase from 20 to 30 employees.                               •    In Windsor, a 155-unit seniors’ residence on Riverside
                                                                     Drive East featuring several amenities such as spa,
                                                                     theatre, pub, and wellness centre will open in 2009 ($36
Business Services                                                    million)
                                                                •    Leamington’s Arts Centre will have an elevator installed
VistaPrint North American Services Corp. is poised to add            and other renovations to lighting, barrier-free washrooms,
another 100 people, bringing the size of its workforce to 450        ceilings, and flooring ($436,000)
staff. This employer will invest $20 million in an expansion    •    Frontline Christian Fellowship is erecting a church in
of its Lakeshore plant. Additional land has been acquired for        LaSalle ($820,000)
long-term growth which could see the company double in size
again by 2012. VistaPrint is involved in high-quality graphics  Utilities
and customized printing, taking orders through the Internet     •    Construction of the Waste Management’s Warwick
from customers around the world.                                     Landfill expansion will commence in July 2008

Construction and Real Estate
In May 2008, the Windsor Census Metropolitan Area (CMA)             Education
vacancy rate reached 13.2% – far greater than the next highest      With declining enrolments at both elementary and secondary
rate in Moncton at 5.5%. The Canadian Mortgage and                  schools, provincial funding for both public and Catholic
Housing Corporation explained that the combination of               boards of education will be reduced. The reduction in student
affordable residential ownership and out-migration for better       numbers has been attributed to a combination of less
employment opportunities has driven the rate up.                    international- and out-migration (due to economic constraints)
                                                                    and demographic changes (as the population ages beyond
Area industry workers eagerly anticipate the start of               child-bearing years).
construction now that the third international crossing site has
been formally announced. The president of the Essex and             The Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board will cut
Kent Counties Building and Construction Trades Council              105 teaching positions in September 2008 but are hopeful that
explained that the new work will substantially benefit              approximately half of these will be off-set by attrition. The
construction labourers, carpenters, operator engineers, and         Greater Essex County District School Board will eliminate 27
truck drivers along with other occupations. Any housing or          teaching positions (all will be absorbed through attrition). In
buildings expropriated for the bridge, plaza, and access routes     Lambton County and Chatham-Kent, two schools are being
would likely be rebuilt elsewhere, creating additional demand       reviewed for closure: St. Mary School in Blenheim (St. Clair
for construction workers. Construction is slated to start in late   Catholic District School Board) and the Devine Street Public
2009, ending in 2013; the estimated cost is $1.6 billion. It has    School (Lambton Kent District School Board) in Sarnia. It is
been reported that the economic impact of building and road-        expected that both schools will close in June 2009.
work could be up to $4 billion and generate 25,000 person-
years of work.                                                      A private school offering an international baccalaureate
                                                                    program is opening in Chatham. Chatham College School is
Suncor Energy’s St Clair (Lambton County) ethanol plant has         accepting registrations for September 2008.
started construction on a $120-million expansion project
which will employ more than 250 construction workers.               St. Clair College and Lambton College will receive the first
Work is expected to be complete by the end of 2009.                 installment of a three-year $60-million college funding
                                                                    program from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and
Work on a $3-million road project in Chatham has                    Universities to purchase new, modern equipment for
commenced and is expected to last from June to October 2008.        classrooms and labs. St. Clair College will receive $396,000 in
                                                                    funding. Lambton College will receive $203,480 in funding.
Construction projects underway include:
•  Plaza on Windsor’s Forest Glade Drive has new owners
   who intend to renovate and attract new tenants ($250,000)
~ An Analysis of the Windsor-Sarnia Area Labour Market ~ April to June 2008 ~                                              Page 4 of 10 ~
Health and Social Services
Leamington will soon have 50-bed accommodation for low- to
middle-income seniors. Renovations (estimated at $575,000)         Manufacturing
will incorporate a dining area, café, and solarium. The
Compassionate Alternative Care retirement home will be             Domestic automakers are reeling from changing consumer
ready for occupancy by August 2008.                                sentiment about their products and reduced consumption as
                                                                   the weakening economy tries to adapt to significantly higher
With provincial funding, the Town of Essex may see a nurse         fuel prices and tighter constraints on credit. The Council for
practitioner clinic open by March 2009. Nurse practitioners        Automotive Human Resources indicates that “dislocation”
are part of the province’s HealthForceOntario strategy to          experienced by both employers and workers are likely to
increase the number of health professionals in the field. The      continue to 2014, with risks even to the long-term viability of
clinic anticipates a staff of up to five nurse practitioners who   the automotive industry.1 New jobs in this sector will have
are skilled in diagnosis yet in collaboration with a physician     greater emphasis on strategic skills: electro-mechanical
either by phone, in-person, or electronically.                     interface (understanding the electronic and mechanical aspects
                                                                   in the entire production stream) and supply chain efficiency
The tri-county’s Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration           (optimizing tasks at all points of production).2
Network (LHIN) will receive $31 million over three years to
fund their senior’s health service proposals under the Aging at    Closures
Home Strategy. In the first year initiatives include meal
delivery service, transportation, assistive devices, extended      General Motors (GM) announced that the Windsor
home care, and end-of-life care.                                   Transmission plant will close in the second quarter of 2010.
                                                                   This will put approximately 1,400 people out of work. There
                                                                   is no new product for this plant to build as the market has
                                                                   shifted away from the automatic four-speed to more fuel-
Information, Culture and Recreation
                                                                   efficient six-speed transmissions. Once this plant is closed,
Caesars Windsor officially opened in June 2008. The high           General Motors will no longer directly employ anyone in this
profile brand name is widely recognized by about 43 million        area. It will also mean that the Canadian Auto Workers
loyal patrons who can use “Total Rewards” cards at any             (CAW) Local 1973 will no longer have a function for active
Harrah’s or Caesars casino. The Windsor location will have         members and will cease to exist.
the highest table limits in Canada – up to $50,000 on some
games like craps and blackjack. This high-limit wager is           Plastech Engineer Products Inc. closed this May, affecting
significantly larger than the neighbouring Detroit casinos can     about 270 employees (60 were already laid off). This was a
offer.                                                             significant-sized employer in the Leamington community.
                                                                   The closure was due to a loss of customer base and increasing
Caesars Windsor’s $439 million renovations added no new            costs. This company produced plastic grills and bumper
gaming areas but rather diversified the space to include           covers for the “Big Three” automakers.
additional hotel rooms and convention centre. The increased
amount of meeting space means that conventions of up to            ITW Foils Plastics and Securities will close in June 2008,
2,000 people can be accommodated. This will allow Windsor          putting about 50 people out of work. The reason for closure is
to compete with other major cities to attract delegations and      said to be the rationalization of excess manufacturing capacity.
prominent entertainers, ultimately helping boost the area’s        Remaining production will be relocated to the U.S. This
tourism industry.                                                  company produced the metallic plastics used on various items
                                                                   such as credit cards.
The Amherstburg Bingo Palace closed in May 2008, affecting
19 employees. The area bingo industry has struggled with           Falcon Tool & Die Ltd. will close in early August 2008,
declining attendance for several years. Many halls made            affecting almost 30 workers. The current economic climate
efforts to stave off revenue losses by reducing the number of      and global competition were cited as reasons for the closure.
sessions. Some charitable organizations will be negatively
impacted by the end of this revenue stream.                        Peterson Spring of Canada Ltd. located in Windsor is slated
                                                                   for closure in May 2009 affecting approximately 25 workers.
The Capitol Theatre of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent has        Another plant in Kingsville will remain operational.
recently qualified for $7 million of provincial funding to
complete the theatre renovation. A tender call should be
approved the summer of 2008 with construction to be                1
completed by the end of 2009. The Capitol Theatre will have , “Competing Without A Net: The Future of the
                                                                   Canadian Automotive Industry Complete Report”, April 2008.
the capacity for large live performances with seating for 1,200    2
                                                            , “Changing Gears: Skills Transition in the Canadian
people.                                                            Automotive Industry”, April 2008.
~ An Analysis of the Windsor-Sarnia Area Labour Market ~ April to June 2008 ~                                       Page 5 of 10 ~
Challenges                                                      will now be able to offer a broader range of documentation
                                                                services such as passport and visa applications; Canadians can
Royal Polymers in Sarnia still has most of its employees on     apply to work in Mexico from this office as well.
layoff as the mortgage and real estate industry in the U.S.
remains poor. The company is reviewing the situation            The United States will establish an on-line consulate for the
quarterly and a decision should be made by August 2008.         Windsor – Sarnia area. There are three other U.S. virtual
                                                                presence posts in the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and
When GM closes its truck plant in Oshawa next year,             Nunavut. The Web site has information on trade, passports,
Woodbridge foam in Tilbury will feel the effects. The Tilbury   and other policies at
plant supplies foam pieces to the truck plant. New business
will need to be found to protect the 150 jobs at the plant.     Both Chatham-Kent ($491,362) and Leamington ($72,796)
                                                                will receive extra funding from the provincial government to
Mahle Filter Systems in Tilbury and the CAW recently            ensure enhanced community safety by hiring more police
reopened their contract to look for savings to keep the plant   officers. This is part of the provincial initiative to pay the
open. A new deal was made but layoffs may still be              salary-related cost of over 2,000 additional police officers in
unavoidable. The current deal is valid until 2010.              Ontario. Chatham-Kent will receive $491,362 in funding.
                                                                Leamington will receive $72,796 receive in funding.
                                                                     Transportation and Warehousing
Ford Motor Co. had good news for the Windsor community as
it announced a $170 million investment to partially reopen the       The Windsor Port Authority anticipates an increase in tonnage
Essex Engine Plant. About 300 workers will be recalled to            due to the new bridge construction, customs plaza, and
produce engine parts starting in autumn 2009. The final              approach roads which will require large amounts of aggregate
reopening phase (which could also employ 300 people) will            – a coarse construction material used for foundations and road
depend on federal government funding to enable the plant to          beds. Other cargo shipping activity would be generated if the
assemble a new fuel-efficient V8 engine.                             many wind farm proposals for the tri-county are approved.

International Truck and Engine will recall 200 laid off workers      The Windsor Airport began $600,000 worth of renovations
as truck production moves from 65 units to 125 units per day.        this May, which will be complete by the end of 2008. A new
International’s new ProStar truck is in demand as both fuel-         pre-boarding area, café, lounge, and children’s area will be
efficient and aerodynamic. International Truck and Engine            added. These upgrades were prompted by new charter flights
has a plant-wide vacation shutdown early this July.                  to the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Sunwing Airlines has
                                                                     committed to fly twice each week to these destinations
Southwestern Manufacturing Inc. expanded its operation in            through the winter months for the next three years.
west Windsor and will hire another 40 workers. This
company supplies custom steel fabricated machine parts and
equipment for other producers.                                       Wholesale and Retail
                                                                     Zehrs intends to renovate and in some cases rename several
Windsor’s Dieffenbacher North America Inc. plant is                  stores in the tri-county area this year. Two stores are located
undergoing an expansion (valued at $8 million) which will            in Windsor as well as the St. Clair Beach, Kingsville, LaSalle,
result in the hiring of an additional 10 people. This company        Essex, and Tilbury stores. The more than $17 million
designs and manufactures hydraulic presses and production            investment will allow for expanded lines of fresh and
systems for the wood panel and automotive components                 international foods, clothing and outdoor-living items. One
industries.                                                          other Zehrs store in Windsor will close, but it is expected that
                                                                     all 50 workers will be absorbed through attrition. Some stores
Property where the former Chrysler Pillette Road Assembly            will be re-branded to discount outlets. Employees will have a
Plant stood has been purchased and will be redeveloped into a        “buy-down” option which provides compensation for taking
research, light assembly, and logistics site. Future plans for       lower-paid positions.
this business park can be viewed at                                             SAAN Stores across Canada are going out of business. Stores
                                                                     closing in this area are located in Amherstburg, Essex,
                                                                     Kingsville, Tilbury, Ridgetown, Wallaceburg (Red Apple),
Public Administration                                                Petrolia, and Forest with almost 100 employees losing their
The Mexican Consulate, established in Leamington in 2005,            jobs. In the first quarter of 2005, organizational restructuring
will become a full-service site. This designation will translate     was announced but the company has failed to remain solvent.
into new staff and equipment for the office. The Consulate           Most stores will be closed by the end of summer 2008.
~ An Analysis of the Windsor-Sarnia Area Labour Market ~ April to June 2008 ~                                   Page 6 of 10 ~
In Wallaceburg the Red Apple SAAN store will reopen as a
Field Department Store in early June 2008.                       A new 17,000 square-foot Shoppers Drug Mart has opened In
                                                                 Tilbury with 60 employees – double the amount employed in
The Walker Road retail centre added two new shops this           the old 4,000 square-foot store.
quarter: Winners opened its third store employing 70 people
and, BouClair, a home décor store opened. Lowe’s Home            Other new businesses opening in the area include: The Tickle
Improvement Warehouse, a new chain to this area, is expected     Trunk Children’s Apparel, The Bread Store, Ann’s Tobacco
to open in the same vicinity by the end of this year.            Shop,, Judy’s Hair Design, New Image
Approximately 175 people will staff the store. Managerial        11, Mod Bodz, Marilyn’s Esthetics, Home and Building
and professional positions are currently being recruited on-line Plumbing Service, LV Electronics Ltd., Small Engine Sales
at                                          and Service, and Dale’s Concierge all in Chatham-Kent. New
                                                                 business in Sarnia and Lambton include LUX (a woman’s
A new company called Sellers One Source opened a store in        clothing store), The Quilt Shop, Local Motif—Gifts of
Windsor and has plans for stores in Leamington and Chatham.      Distinction, P-Town Tech Computer Services, Bluewater Bike
This employer purchases brand-named electronic and               Rentals, and Oasis Hair and Body Studio.
appliances from national chain stores then reconditions and
resells the products. About 11 people have been hired to work
as technicians and sales clerks.
~ An Analysis of the Windsor-Sarnia Area Labour Market ~ April to June 2008 ~                                                              Page 7 of 10 ~

                                                                      LABOUR FORCE TRENDS

The Windsor CMA did not experience the usual seasonal expansion in the second quarter of 2008. Labour force and employment
levels fell for the second straight quarter. The labour force fell by 6,600 or 3.8% compared to the first quarter. Although there were
gains of 2,300 part-time jobs, it could not off-set the loss of almost 6,000 full-time jobs. Despite the job losses, the number of
unemployed actually declined by 3,100 as people withdrew entirely from the labour market. With almost 7,000 people leaving the
labour force in the Windsor area, the unemployment rate went down to 8.3% from 9.7% last quarter. The area still has the highest
Census Metropolitan Area unemployment rate in Ontario, as well as sitting above the provincial average of 6.5%. Year over year,
labour force and employment levels were below their previous year’s level. The labour force fell by 4,800 compared to the same time
last year. Employment fell by 2,300 or 1.5%. The number of unemployed also fell by 2,400 or 14.6% resulting in almost 6,000
people withdrawing entirely form the labour force. Perhaps many were discouraged by the massive job losses in the manufacturing
sector over the past year. This resulted, however, in the unemployment rate dropping to 8.3% from 9.4% the same time last year.

                                                           Windsor Census Metropolitan Area Labour Force Trends
                                                                Second         First        Second       Quarter/Quarter     Year/Year
                                                                Quarter      Quarter        Quarter          Change           Change
                                                                 2008          2008          2007
                                                                                                        Absolute     %     Absolute   %
                       Population 15 + (‘000)                      272,500       272,300       271,500          200    0.1     1,000    0.4
                       Labour Force (‘000)                         169,200       175,800       174,000       -6,600   -3.8    -4,800   -2.8
                        Employed (‘000)                            155,300       158,700       157,600       -3,400   -2.1    -2,300   -1.5
                        Unemployed (‘000)                           14,000        17,100        16,400       -3,100  -18.1    -2,400 -14.6
                       Not in Labour Force (‘000)                  103,300        96,600        97,600        6,700    6.9     5,700    5.8
                       Participation Rate (%)                       62.1%         64.6%         64.1%           -2.5             -2.0
                       Unemployment Rate (%)                         8.3%           9.7%          9.4%          -1.4             -1.1
                       Employment Rate (%)                          57.0%         58.3%         58.0%           -1.3             -1.0
Note: Totals may not add due to rounding.
Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey.

                              Labour force and employment contracts in the                        Windsor's unemployment rate drops but still
                                             Windsor CMA                                              higher than the provincial average
Labour Force ('000s)

                       200                                                                  12
                       150                                                                   8

                       100          Unemployment                                             4
                                                                                                         Windsor CMA
                                    Employment                                               2
                        50                                                                   0
                                                                                                  Q2    Q3   Q4   Q1     Q2    Q3   Q4    Q1     Q2
                              Q2    Q3   Q4   Q1     Q2    Q3   Q4   Q1    Q2                    2006                   2007                    2008
                             2006                   2007                  2008
~ An Analysis of the Windsor-Sarnia Area Labour Market ~ April to June 2008 ~                                                         Page 8 of 10 ~

Employment levels in the Windsor-Sarnia area rose by 1,800 in the second quarter of 2008 compared to the first quarter. Full-time
employment grew by 3,400 or 1.4%, partially off-set by the loss of 1,600 part-time jobs. This seasonal expansion is a normal trend for
this time of year. With fewer people unemployed, the unemployment rate dropped to 8.2% from 8.6% last quarter.

Year over year the employment level rose by about 3,000 – all for full-time jobs. With little change in the labour force and with 3,500
fewer people unemployed, the unemployment rate dropped one whole percentage point to 8.2% from 9.2% the same time last year.

                                                             Economic Region 570 Labour Force Trends
                                                             Second        First       Second       Quarter/Quarter     Year/Year
                                                             Quarter     Quarter       Quarter          Change           Change
                                                              2008         2008          2007
                                                                                                    Absolute    %     Absolute   %
                       Population 15 + (‘000)                   525,900      525,600       524,200         300    0.1     1,700    0.3
                       Labour Force (‘000)                      341,000      340,800       341,600         200    0.1      -600   -0.2
                        Employed (‘000)                         313,200      311,400       310,200       1,800    0.6     3,000    1.0
                        Unemployed (‘000)                        27,900       29,300        31,400      -1,400   -4.8    -3,500 -11.1
                       Not in Labour Force (‘000)               184,900      184,900       182,700            0   0.0     2,200    1.2
                       Participation Rate (%)                    64.8%        64.8%         65.2%           0.0             -0.4
                       Unemployment Rate (%)                      8.2%          8.6%          9.2%         -0.4             -1.0
                       Employment Rate (%)                       59.6%        59.2%         59.2%           0.4              0.4
Note: Totals may not add due to rounding.
Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey.

                                                                                          Unemployment rate drops slightly in the Windsor-
                              Modest seasonal expansion in employment in                                 Sarnia area
                                         Windsor-Sarnia area
Labour Force ('000s)

                       400                                                          12
                       350                                                          10
                       300                                                           8

                       200           Unemployment
                                     Employment                                      4
                       150                                                                                E.R. 570
                       100                                                           2                    Ontario
                              Q2 Q3     Q4   Q1      Q2 Q3   Q4   Q1    Q2           0
                             2006                   2007               2008               Q2    Q3   Q4      Q1       Q2    Q3   Q4   Q1    Q2
                                                                                         2006                        2007                  2008
~ An Analysis of the Windsor-Sarnia Area Labour Market ~ April to June 2008 ~                                             Page 9 of 10 ~

                                               FROM THE AUTHOR’S DESK

People havebeen using wind power for centuries. During the last 20 years, wind power has surged globally as a good source of
electricity. According to the Global Wind Energy Council, at the end of 2006 there was 74,223 MW of installed wind power capacity
worldwide.3 World leaders in wind energy are Germany, United States, Spain, Denmark, and India. The Canadian Wind Energy
Association (CanWEA) states that as of July 2007, the total installed capacity of wind farms in Canada was 1,588 MW or enough to
power 480,000 homes. Ontario’s capacity is just over 415 MW, which in Canada, is second only to Alberta.4

Wind power is gusting through southwestern Ontario. In the tri-county area alone 340 wind turbines with a potential capacity of 620
megawatts are in various stages of proposal. Some of the companies proposing these wind farms include BowArk Energy,
Gengrowth, Wind Prospect Inc, Suncor Energy AIM PowerGen Corp., and TransCanada Energy. Proposals go through many phases
and assessments before being approved. This process can take months and even years before a wind farm goes from planning to
producing energy.

In the tri-county area, one wind farm named Sky Generation’s Ravenswood Wind Farm (Lambton County) is now operating with six
turbines capable of producing 10 megawatts. Another wind farm, Kruger Energy Port Alma (Chatham-Kent), should be in operation
by September 2008 with 44 turbines and a potential capacity of 101.2 megawatts.

Building a wind farm can cost between $1.8 to $2.2 million per megawatt. Through each phase of building a wind farm there is the
potential to create jobs or increase hours worked. Potential jobs include everything from surveyors and labourers to restaurant and
hotel workers as access roads are constructed, turbine foundations and structures necessary for transmission are built, and turbines are
transported to sites.

The Kruger Energy Port Alma wind farm is one. The Chatham-Kent 4Business newsletter reports construction of the project will
create up to 70 jobs, generate $35 million to the local economy and once operational, will employ six people at its two million dollar a
year operation.5
Also of note is that each foundation requires:
•   approximately 20 days to complete from excavation to back filling
•   about 39 tons of rebar for each foundation
•   360 cubic meters of concrete or the equivalent of 40 concrete trucks (about $3 million worth)
•   five hours to pour the concrete for one turbine foundation6

Between April and August 2008, Kruger’s 44 turbines will arrive in Windsor from Germany by freighter. They will be transported to
Chatham-Kent by truck. It will take seven trucks to move one turbine. Some roads will need to be temporarily widened and traffic
lights will need to be removed. When construction is complete the roads and access roads will be returned to normal and farming on
the site will continue.

While the construction jobs created when building a wind farm are an economic advantage there are many other economic
opportunities for the community: an increase in tax revenue for the municipality, consumption of local goods and services, a second
income for farmers from land lease agreements, potential to boost tourism, and benefit for the rural area from the increased
connectivity required by the wind farm operation to name a few. Both the federal and provincial governments are committed to
increasing renewable energy capacity though sources such as wind.

Wage Earner Protection Program

In early July 2008 Jean-Pierre Blackburn, Minister of Labour announced the launch of the Wage Earner Protection Program (WEPP).
This program provides protection for workers whose employers declare bankruptcy or go into receivership. Under WEPP, eligible

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workers can receive compensation for wages and vacation pay owed to them by their employers in an amount equaling up to four
weeks maximum insurable earning, as defined by the Employment Insurance Act.
For more information: CALL: 1-866-683-6516, CLICK: or VISIT a Service Canada Centre

The Second Career Strategy

The Second Career Strategy will help recently laid off, unemployed workers retrain in order to make the transition to a new career in a
high-skill occupation which is in demand in their area. The strategy provides financial assistance, based on individual need, to help
people with some of the costs associated with a long-term training including the cost of tuition and books. Recently laid-off,
unemployed workers – whether eligible for Employment Insurance or not – can apply to participate in the Second Career Strategy.

For more information
• call the toll-free Employment Ontario hotline at 1-800-387-5656,
• go to, or
• visit your local Employment Ontario office.

Notes to Readers:

1.   The Windsor Census Metropolitan Area is comprised of the City of Windsor, LaSalle, Amherstburg, Essex and Tecumseh.

2.   For the purpose of this publication, the Economic Region 570 includes the Windsor Census Metropolitan Area , the remainder of Essex
     County including Kingsville, Leamington and Pelee Island; all of Chatham-Kent which is made up of the former City of Chatham and the
     former towns – Wallaceburg, Blenheim, Dresden, Tilbury, Ridgetown and Bothwell and the former townships – Chatham, Dover, Harwich,
     Howard, Zone, Romney, Raleigh, Camden, Tilbury East and Orford of Kent County; as well as Lambton County consisting of the City of
     Sarnia, Township of Brooke-Alvinston, Township of Dawn-Euphemia, Township of Enniskillen, Municipality of Lambton Shores, Oil Springs,
     Petrolia, Plympton-Wyoming, Point Edward, Township of St. Clair and the Township of Warwick.
3.   .

4.   The information contained in the Labour Market News section is gathered using a variety of internal and external sources. The primary sources
     of information include The Windsor Star, Essex Free Press, Leamington Post, Chatham Daily News, Tilbury Times, The Sarnia
     Observer, Petrolia Topic, London Free Press, Windsor Business, Trends in Business and data from Statistics Canada Labour Force
     Survey and the Ministry of Labour.

5.   Definitions – Labour Force Survey data
     Population 15+ (the working age population) consists of all persons 15 years of age and over residing in Canada with the exception of
     residents of the Territories, persons living on Indian Reserves, inmates of institutions and full-time members of the Canadian Armed forces.
     The Labour Force consists of people employed or unemployed and searching for work. Those who are neither employed nor unemployed and
     are not willing or able to supply labour services are considered Not in the Labour Force. The Participation Rate is the percentage of the
     working age population (15+) who are seeking work or are employed. The Unemployment Rate is the number of people who are unemployed
     and looking for work as a percentage of the number of people in the Labour Force. The Employment Rate is the number of people employed
     as a percentage of the working age population.

5.   Definitions – Service Canada Centre Corporate Data
     Employment Insurance claim load: The number of individuals with an active claim for regular Employment Insurance benefits. Data on
     Employment Insurance claimants is not an accurate measure of the absolute level of unemployment. The data does not include unemployed
     individuals who: 1/ have not met the program's eligibility requirements or 2/ have exhausted their benefit entitlement.
     Employment Opportunities: Advertised employment opportunities are comprised of vacancies notified to the SCC offices in our area and
     newspaper want ads. This data is not a count of all labour market activity; in practical terms, such a count is not feasible. This data is useful to
     track short and long-term changes in the demand for individual occupations. The total number of opportunities is equal to full-time plus part-
     time and casual.

6.   This review uses data from Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey (LFS). In any survey there is a chance of variation due to sampling
     size. Three-month moving averages are used for selected labour force characteristics in an attempt to improve the reliability of this data. For
     further information on the Labour Force Survey, visit Statistics Canada's website at:

7.   For more information on Industrial and Occupational categories used in this review, visit Statistics Canada's website at:

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