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									                                             Microsoft Dynamics
                                             Customer Solution Case Study

                                             Zurich Services Corporation Improves
                                             Risk-Engineering Process with Flexible System

Overview                                     “In essence, what we have now is a knowledge base of
Country or Region: Global
Industry: Commercial property and            risk data across industries and geographies where we
casualty insurance
                                             can derive insights from relationships and patterns that
Customer Profile                             previously were not available.”
Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland,
                                                            John Wall, Business Technology Manager, Zurich Services Corporation
Zurich Financial Services is an insurance-
based financial services provider. 62,000
Zurich employees serve clients in more       Zurich Financial Services boasts an impressive Risk Engineering
than 120 countries.
                                             operation spanning 35 countries and employing nearly 1,000 risk
Business Situation                           specialists in various disciplines. However, the company relied on
Zurich’s Risk Engineering team needed to
draw insights from its global operations
                                             disparate regional systems to collect customer data, making it
but could not do so easily because of        difficult to derive insights across geographies and industries. To
disparate regional systems that were
difficult to modify.
                                             help ensure consistent data collection and analysis, Zurich built a
                                             Global Risk Engineering Workstation (GREW) based on the xRM
Working with Microsoft Gold Certified
                                             application development framework in Microsoft Dynamics
Partner Wipro Technologies, Zurich built     CRM. The Risk Engineering team at Zurich used xRM to simplify
a new, global Risk Engineering
application that ensures consistent data
                                             the development process and complete a significant portion of
across customers, industries, and            the application without the help of outside developers. The Risk
                                             Engineering team now adds greater value to the overall
Benefits                                     organization, especially by helping the policy-underwriting
 Greater consistency in data collection
  and benchmarking
                                             group and customers better understand risk exposure and
 Enhanced access to data in risk            identify potential solutions.
  selection and pricing
 Greater business agility
 Streamlined reporting process
 Faster and less-expensive development
“We spent much more                      Situation                                        decided it would not be feasible to modify
                                         Zurich Financial Services fields nearly 1,000    any of its existing local solutions to meet
time actually solving real               Risk Engineers and safety specialists in 35      the needs of the entire global group.
                                         countries around the world, helping              Instead, Zurich examined several customer
business needs, as                       organizations identify, assess, and minimize     relationship management solutions that
opposed to addressing                    risks to property, liability, employee safety,   would provide a single store of structured
                                         and other areas. The Risk Engineering            customer data and make it easier to
the technical details of                 group combines local knowledge with              respond to new business requirements.
                                         global breadth to produce thousands of
how to implement a user                  reports each year for customers and policy       Solution
interface, for example.”                 underwriters.                                    The Risk Engineering team at Zurich looked
                                                                                          at a number of customer relationship
      John Wall, Business Technology     As a corporation made up of national and         management offerings, especially those
  Manager, Zurich Services Corporation   regional entities, Risk Engineering used         from Microsoft, Pega, and Siebel Systems.
                                         several custom-developed systems to run          After extensive investigation, the company
                                         its risk assessment activities, including        chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM because of
                                         applications based on interconnected Lotus       the xRM application development
                                         Notes databases and a more progressive           framework, easy-to-modify workflow
                                         application used in North America that was       capabilities, ease of support by business
                                         based on the Microsoft .NET Framework.           technical users, alignment with Microsoft
                                         These disparate solutions met local needs        Office, and cost-effective licensing that
                                         but made it difficult for Zurich to derive       accommodated the needs of Zurich’s
                                         aggregate risk insights across geographies       global operations.
                                         or industries.
                                                                                          Zurich asked Microsoft Gold Certified
                                         “One of our overall strategic goals was to       Partner Wipro Technologies to build a
                                         create a common data collection and              proof-of-concept solution demonstrating
                                         analysis tool,” says John Wall, Business         how Microsoft Dynamics CRM could
                                         Technology Manager at Zurich Services            accommodate 15 scenarios for the Risk
                                         Corporation. “This would help us                 Engineering process. Satisfied with the
                                         implement a more uniform risk-grading            demonstration, Zurich began work on the
                                         methodology and view new types of                project with development assistance from
                                         relationships and patterns. As a result, we      Wipro and put the first version of the
                                         could offer customers a higher degree of         system into production after nine months.
                                         accuracy and consistency.”
                                                                                          Developing the Application
                                         In addition, Zurich wanted to simplify its       Developing the new Global Risk
                                         application development process so that          Engineering Workstation (GREW)
                                         the company could respond more quickly           application proved much simpler than
                                         to changing business needs. “The nature of       custom development processes that Zurich
                                         our business is that conditions and needs        traditionally used. Typically, the business
                                         constantly change,” says Wall. “Our              users document how the application should
                                         previous systems could not be adjusted fast      look and function, and then a developer
                                         enough or economically enough.”                  implements those ideas in software code.

                                         As the Risk Engineering team considered          “Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables
                                         how to achieve these goals, the group            technically inclined business users like me
                                                                               “We spent much more time actually solving
                                                                               business needs, as opposed to addressing
                                                                               the technical details of how to implement a
                                                                               user interface, for example,” he says.

                                                                               Meeting Local and Global Requirements
                                                                               The GREW application is hosted on a
                                                                               central server in Zurich, Switzerland. Risk
                                                                               engineers throughout the world access the
                                                                               application through a virtual private
                                                                               network and use it to enter in details from
                                                                               their visits to customer sites.

                                                                               GREW accounts for different disciplines and
                                                                               variations in local safety codes and
                                                                               regulations. Most importantly for Zurich,
                                                                               the application ensures that risk engineers
                                                                               enter data consistently, which enables
                                                                               benchmarking against other assessments.
                                                                               To account for all the nuances of its Risk
                                                                               Engineering practice, Zurich pushed the
                                                                               boundaries of what is possible with the
Figure 1. Business users can   to create functionality and modify the user     xRM application development framework.
create sophisticated forms     interface,” says Wall. “In fact, the business   The company created numerous custom
without needing development    group was able to build a significant           entities to account for different aspects of
expertise.                     portion of the application and only             Risk Engineering assessment and analysis.
                               depended on the expert developers at            Wipro was instrumental in assisting Zurich
                               Wipro to help in special cases.”                with the development of the custom
                                                                               entities, providing best-practice guidance
                               Figure 1 shows a portion of the Risk            and creating custom ASPX pages.
                               Engineering form that Zurich created,
                               displaying a variety of attribute styles        “Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants that
                               including text areas, pick lists, and           we’ve spoken to tell us that our solution is
                               checkboxes.                                     one of the most sophisticated Extended
                                                                               CRM applications they’ve seen,” says Wall.
                               The workflow capabilities built into            “We’ve created over 200 custom entities to
                               Microsoft Dynamics CRM set the product          accommodate the complexities and
                               apart from competitors, which lets business     diversity of our Risk Engineering
                               users in the Risk Engineering team create       operations.”
                               and modify workflows themselves. These
                               workflows help to streamline the process of     Producing Data, Not Just Documents
                               finalizing reports.                             The GREW system introduces a shift from
                                                                               traditional “report” documents to Work
                               Wall says that empowering the business          Products, which could be a collection of
                               group to build the application themselves       information including a document, several
                               freed them from having to write lengthy         spreadsheets, and even photos. Zurich uses
                               documentation on business requirements.         data gathered in GREW to analyze and then
                               populate Work Products for the company’s       reports can choose which modules to
                               customers and insurance policy                 display, which currency to use for values,
                               underwriters. “The new application changes     and one of eight languages included as
                               the process of producing reports               part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
                               significantly,” says Wall. “We now produce
                               data, not just static documents. Previously,   The Risk Engineering team at Zurich also
                               we spent a lot of time writing and             exposes their data as a web service for
                               formatting reports that people had to wade     other groups in Zurich to consume. For
                               through. Now, we can more easily create        example, one policy underwriting group
                               detailed and nice-looking reports in local     within Zurich pulls data from GREW into its
                               languages by using built-in features in        pricing tools, which helps the underwriter
                               Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft           provide customers with competitive
                               SQL Server.”                                   insurance quotes. Zurich also sees targeted
                                                                              marketing opportunities in the new trove of
                               Zurich uses SQL Server Reporting Services      customer information. “We will be able to
                               and functionality created by Wipro to build    send relevant Risk Engineering information
                               customized reports, shown in Figure 2 , for    to customers, such as that related to the
Figure 2. Risk Engineers can   customers and underwriters based on the        natural catastrophes, industry findings and
easily generate customized     data gathered from the field and entered       alerts, or information about customer
reports.                       into GREW. Risk Engineers creating the         education seminars led by Zurich staff,”
                                                                              says Wall.

                                                                              Next year, Zurich plans to create a portal
                                                                              where customers can log on to view their
                                                                              risk assessment Work Products and Risk
                                                                              Improvement Actions (recommendations).
                                                                              “By storing information from GREW in SQL
                                                                              Server, we can use Reporting Services and
                                                                              Microsoft SharePoint Server to dynamically
                                                                              display that information. Our goal is to let
                                                                              customers browse and interact with their
                                                                              risk assessment information much like
                                                                              consumers use online banking today.”

                                                                              By using the xRM application development
                                                                              framework, Zurich replaced regional Risk
                                                                              Engineering systems with a single, global
                                                                              Risk Engineering application that provides
                                                                              greater insight, business agility, and
                                                                              improved productivity. “Having one global
                                                                              grading methodology gives Risk
                                                                              Engineering the ability to be more efficient
                                                                              in the way we grade risks and provides
                                                                              enhanced capability in benchmarking and
                                                                              Book of Business management,” says
                                                                              Armand Fernandez, Chief Risk Engineering
                                         Officer for North America at Zurich Services    Greater Business Agility
                                         Corporation. “In addition, it promotes          Zurich’s Risk Engineering business can now
                                         consistent global service delivery and          adapt to new business changes on a
                                         technical excellence and enables                frequent and predictable schedule. “GREW
                                         development of risk insights for our            has qualities, like a powerful metadata
                                         customers.”                                     structure and configurable workflows, that
                                                                                         enable us to accommodate design changes
                                         “The GREW program at Zurich required a          quickly—sometimes in just hours,” says
                                         robust global solution to manage insurance      Wall. “We used to have to go through a
                                         risk-engineering processes. Zurich chose        long, formal design and development
                                         Microsoft Dynamics CRM to address the           process that was measured in weeks or
                                         complexities of business processes. Wipro       months, but now that burden is
                                         enabled transformation by deploying a           significantly reduced.”
                                         global and scalable risk-grading platform,
                                         bringing together the expanses of               With data stored in SQL Server, Zurich can
“We used to have to go                   industries and geographies. The end result      easily make it available through web

through a long formal                    was a solution which was faster to market
                                         and brought about significant
                                                                                         services so that other groups can more
                                                                                         easily take advantage of that information.
design and development                   improvements for the end customer,” says        Says Wall, “The shift from publishing static
                                         C.S. Swaminathan, Group Head for CRM            reports to producing flexible data is
process that was                         and SCM at Wipro Technologies.                  tremendous and enables us to add even

measured in weeks or                     Reduced and Managed Risk
                                                                                         greater value to the organization.”

months, but now that                     Equipped with a single data resource            Streamlined Reporting Process
                                         populated with consistent Risk Engineering      Before developing GREW, the Risk
burden is significantly                  data, Zurich and its customers can help         Engineering operation at Zurich spent a

reduced.”                                identify opportunities to reduce risks that
                                         can have a direct impact on bottom-line
                                                                                         significant amount of effort preparing
                                                                                         reports for publication and distribution.
      John Wall, Business Technology     profitability. In addition, the analysis of a   Now, with Risk Engineering assessment
  Manager, Zurich Services Corporation   large set of consistent Risk Engineering        data available through SQL Server
                                         data will help Zurich develop new solutions     Reporting Services, the company can shift
                                         for specific high-risk areas of business.       employees’ responsibilities from traditional
                                                                                         word-processing functions to more
                                         “In essence, what we have now is a              sophisticated data analysis and customer
                                         knowledge base of risk data across              support activities. In addition, Zurich laid
                                         industries and geographies where we can         the foundation needed to offer its
                                         derive insights from relationships and          customers greater value through online
                                         patterns that previously were not available,”   reporting with drill-down functionality.
                                         says Wall. “These capabilities will enhance
                                         our predictive-modeling programs and            “The value of what we do lies in the data,
                                         help us achieve a higher degree of              not a formatted Microsoft Word
                                         accuracy. We are early in our deployment,       document,” explains Wall. “What we’ve
                                         but we anticipate being able to measure         done with GREW is unlock that value.”
                                         fewer losses for customers that use Risk
                                         Engineering services compared to those          Faster and Less-Expensive Development
                                         who don’t.”                                     Application development is a much-less-
                                                                                         daunting proposition for Zurich with the
xRM application development framework.         The accessibility of Microsoft products and
“The highly configurable design of our         technologies is more than convenience—
solution lets technically inclined business    without the xRM application development
users make adjustments to nearly every         framework in Microsoft Dynamics CRM,
aspect of the system without needing the       Wall believes the GREW project likely would
help of expert developers and the related      not have gotten off the ground. “What we
requirements specification and funding,”       have done was very ambitious,” he explains.
enthuses Wall.                                 “Without xRM, this project likely wouldn’t
                                               have been funded and we would have
Wall also points out that working with         pursued modifying our existing systems.
Microsoft products and technologies makes      I’m glad we chose this route because it has
his organization much-less reliant on          yielded significant benefits.”
specialized skills and knowledge. “There are
an abundance of people who are proficient      Additional Resources
in working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM            Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 on MSDN:
and others who can acquire the necessary 
skills very quickly, especially considering        us/library/ee914389.aspx
how it works with the rest of the Microsoft
stack,” says Wall. “In addition, the
community surrounding Microsoft
Dynamics CRM is terrific and we can find
answers to a number of our questions
simply by going online and reading about
what others have done.”
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Document published December 2010.

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