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									                               Homeroom Advisement Lesson

                          Counseling Program Advisement Lesson

                                        9th-12th Grades

Purpose             High School Portfolios and Resumes
Level               High School 9, 10, 11, 12
ASCA Domain         Academic, Career, and Personal Social
ASCA Standards      C:A2.2; C:B2.5;
Audience            Homeroom Students
Amount of Time      20 minutes
Materials           Handouts
Questions           Always see counselor(s) ahead of lesson, if questions.
Advisor's           a. Read the information and ask questions, if you do not understand.
(prior to the       b. Familiarize yourself with the entire lesson.
Description of
Lesson/Activities   Handout # 1--Distribute the screen representing the student planner from
Question:           Handout #2--Distribute the sample resume

                    Simply write on board:

How is a high       Portfolios and Resumes
school portfolio
and resume          FOLLOW THIS SCRIPT:
helpful to me in
my future?          Advisors say:

                    Activating Strategies - Discussion Question:
                    What is a high school portfolio?
                    A high school portfolio organizes all of your high school history from courses to
                    activities to community service beginning in the ninth grade year. It is beneficial
                    for you to organize this information to fill out applications. This information will
                    also help you build your resume for the world of work.

                    What is a resume?
                    A resume is a brief description of your previous education, work experience,
                    and additional relevant information. You will use this document to get an
                    interview for a job.
Teaching Strategies:
The High School Portfolio

High School Planner from
GAcollege411 is a powerful web based site that will help you organize and research your
future career decisions. One important part of this website is the High
School Planner. It is a powerful, easy to use tool to help you track your progress
throughout your high school career. The Planner Comparison allows you to compare
your high school coursework against the admissions requirements of Georgia's colleges,
universities, and technical schools. The Planner Summary provides a printable version of
your high school coursework along with any additional activities you've undertaken.

Inputting and updating your coursework is easy to do, so you may start building your
High School Planner today. Let’s take a look at the handout that you have been given.
This handout is what the high school planner screen looks like. To get started, link to the
High School Planner by choosing a grade level on the left (note your handout of the
planner screen), and follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Enter your High School(s)

Follow the directions on the screen to add the high school(s) you have attended. Most are
available through pull down menus that link schools with states. Use the alphabet blocks
or the search fields to locate schools. If you don't see the schools you have attended, you
may also add names by clicking on the "Not on the List" button.

Step 2: Add Courses to Your Portfolio

By entering your courses each term, you are building a portfolio that can be compared
electronically to the admissions requirements of any Georgia institution. This will help
you plan what courses you should take to meet the admissions requirements of schools
you are interested in attending. You can add courses by grade level (Grade Level View)
or by subject area (Subject View). Follow the directions on the screen to select the high
school offering the course, the title of the course, block scheduling, and the grade you

Step 3: Update your My 411 Student Portfolio

The Student Portfolio section of My411 provides an easy way to input and keep track of
all your high school activities including tests, sports, awards, and jobs. You can then use
this information via the Planner Summary for letters of recommendation during your
seniors year or to help you complete your admissions applications during your senior
year. Maintaining this information is helpful to eventually prepare a resume for the
world of work.

Step 4: Maintain your Academic Portfolio

Maintaining your academic portfolio is easy. Your planner should be updated
continuously throughout high school on the My411 portion of the GAcollege411 web
site. Each time you complete a course and receive a grade for that course, you should
report it to the Planner. A "unit" of coursework is deemed complete when you have
completed a full year course with a 70 or higher. For semester courses, you would record
an earned grade of 70 or higher and a ½ credit.

Step 5: Track your Progress

The Planner Comparison screen provides a comprehensive view of your planned and
actual academic progress along with the requirements of the future schools that you may
look at. Anytime you want to add or remove post secondary schools from your profile,
you can click on the My Colleges link to the left.

      Required – indicates the minimum number of units needed
      Recommended – indicates the suggested number of units for the subject area
      Completed – indicates your total number of completed units
      Completed Status – indicates whether or not you have satisfied the minimum
       required number of units for the corresponding subject area requirement. If an
       "NC" appears you can click on the link to see which courses at your high school
       may satisfy this area.

Two important things to note:

   1. While all courses listed in the High School Planner will likely meet the academic
      requirements for admission to Georgia schools, always talk with your high school
      counselor if have any questions.
   2. The High School Planner begins with your ninth grade year. If you have taken
      qualifying courses prior to high school, these cannot be entered in the High
      School Planner, but may apply toward admission requirements. Again, talk to
      your high school counselor to be sure that these courses are counted when
      reporting your coursework to colleges. You may be directed to add these into
      your ninth grade list for purposes of using the Planner Comparison tool.
   3. If you have any problems setting up your My411 account, please contact your
The Resume
A resume is a brief description of your previous education, work experience, and
additional relevant information. The purpose of a resume is:

   To introduce you to an employer.
   To serve as an example of how you think and express yourself.
   To catalogue skills, experience, training and achievements.
   To get you an interview!

The objective of the resume is to include:
   Name, address, city, state, zip, phone number with area code, e-mail
   address, fax number.
   Honors, awards, fellowships and scholarships.
   Licenses and certificates.
   Memberships and activities, including leadership positions.
   Special skills, such as computer knowledge and foreign languages.
   Job history listed with most recent job first (list even one part time position).
   Previous job experience to include: title of position, name and address of
    employer, beginning and ending dates, job description and responsibilities.
    Education with most recent or current school first; including degree, name of
    high school or college, address, major, and graduation date.

Presenting the information:
    Create an easy to read resume using quality paper stock, standard fonts, and
    dark type.
    Put most important information at the top of the page.
    Use only necessary words to present your information.
    Maintain a professional quality, but be creative.
    Use action verbs such as initiated, organized, maintained, designed, supervised
    and developed.
    Use past tense to describe former jobs and present tense to describe current
    Spell everything out. Do not use abbreviations or acronyms.
    Have someone proofread your resume.

Qualities of a good resume:
   Easy to read.
   Emphasize key points or expressions by using bold type or underline.

Mistakes to avoid:
   Too short, too long (preferred length is one page.)
   Misspellings, typographical errors, poor grammar.
   Irrelevant information – height, weight, gender, marital status.
   Too wordy and vague; important qualifications should stand out.
   Italics, underline, shadow or reverse type.
   Vertical and horizontal lines, graphics or boxes.
So put these two tools to good use for you—the high school
portfolio and the resume.

Once again, it is important that you feel comfortable and confident
advising students. Remember, if you are unable to advise a student,
immediately email the counselor with your concern and advise the student
to make an advisement/counseling appointment with the counselor as
soon as possible.

Hand out #1

       Hand out #2
Sample Resume for a High School Student Who Has Just Graduated
This sample resume indicates the kind of information usually included in a resume. Sometimes post-
secondary schools or employers will have their own special resume form that you will use, but the
information that they all want is similar to what you see in this resume. You can make resume writing
much easier by keeping accurate records of your accomplishments and saving copies of prior resumes.
Using your high school planner/portfolio will help you to build your resume.

                                                        111 McClung Road          770-655-7444
                                                        Dallas, GA 30157

       YouKnow I. CanDoIt
       Objective               Pursue a summer job working with children in a day camp to gain
                               experience in the education field.

       Education               2002-Present             Paulding County High School              Dallas, GA
                               College Prep Diploma

       Work                    Ivy Hall Day School                                   Powder Springs, GA
       Experience              Assistant Teacher
                                       Teacher for children eighteen months to two years of age
                                       Responsible for monitoring and interacting with children in a day
                                        care center
                                       Facilitated the closing of the center each evening

                               Johnny’s Pizza                                        Powder Springs, GA
                                       Customer Service
                                       Handled register transactions

       Activities and          Beta Club 11, 12
                               Softball Manager 10, 11, 12

                               Key Club 10, 11, 12     Vice President 11, 12

                               Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12      Vice-President 11, President 12

                               National Honor Society Letter

                               National Spanish Honor Society Award

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