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Paradigm Technologies, Inc.

                              Paradigm Technologies, Inc.

                               Engineering Support Services

                   Corporate Qualifications Statement
                                       3 Preston CT
                                     Bedford, MA 01730
                                         Dave Mahoney
                                 Business Development Manager
                                      781.275.0520/ext 206      1
Paradigm Technologies, Inc.
                              Corporate Overview

 Incorporated in 1993 to provide information technology and modeling & simulation (M&S)
 expertise to the US Government. Since that time, we have successfully delivered many
 innovative products to the US Government and several Fortune 500 companies as well.
 Our core competencies have grown to encompass a wide array of engineering support
 services that now include program management, infrastructure support, modeling &
 simulation, logistics, database engineering and information technology. We are
 consistently recognized for solving complex systems problems with solutions that meet or
 exceed our customer’s expectations

    • Certified Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) and 8a Program-
      eligible for 10% price preference on non-8(a) acquisitions.
    • Degreed Professionals with 1/3 having advanced degrees
    • Headquartered in Bedford, MA adjacent to the AFMC-ESC
    • Regional Offices at Hanscom AFB, Washington DC, Richmond VA &
      Niceville FL
    • Range of Contracting Options – GSA, Professional Engineering rates,
      8a contracts, ITSP, Army CASCOM Omnibus Contract
Paradigm Technologies, Inc.
                               Projects and Locations

               • Bedford, MA – Corporate Offices
               • Hanscom AFB, MA – Program Office/IT Support
                      • Joint Integrated Mission Model (JIMM)
                      • Joint Synthetic Battlespace (JSB)
                      • Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment (JEFX)
                      • Family of Interoperable Operating Procedures (FIOP)
                      • Air Operation Center Support (AOC)
                      • C2 Constellation Program Support
               • Washington, DC
                      • Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Authoritative Systems Database (ASDB)
                      • JSF Program Office Support – FMS/M&S Office
                      • Lockheed Martin ASDB Support
                      • Boeing BMC2 M&S Support-Boeing/Seattle
                      • Navy Common Database (NCDB) Prototype
               • Richmond, VA
                    •US Army CASCOM Omnibus Support Contract, Ft Lee
                    • US Army CASCOM CSS Battle Lab Support CSSBL
                    • DLA-DSCR Support for Richmond DLA Center
               • Niceville, FL- JSB Test support
Paradigm Technologies, Inc.
                              Professional Services

    Program Management                           Information Technology
       • Requirement Analysis                        • Systems Administration & IT Support
       • Project Scope & Tracking                    • Enterprise Intranet Solutions
       • Configuration Management                    • Information Assurance
       • Integration Planning & Implementation       • Video Teleconferencing
       • Business Process Reengineering
       • Quality Management Plans & Procedures   Systems Engineering
       • Risk Management                            • Architecture Development
                                                    • Requirement Analysis
    Modeling & Simulation                           • Total Life Cycle Support
      • Training & Analytical Simulations           • Cost Estimating / Metrics
      • Development for the JSFPO & AFAMS           • Protocols and Interfaces
      • DARPA Project Management
      • DMSO CMMS Tech Framework Toolkit         C4ISR System Support
      • Software Development                        • Experiments, test, and
    Data Management                                 • Evaluation of alternatives
       • Data Analysis                              • Accurate C2 M&S representations
       • Database Design
       • Data Transformation                     Logistics Support
       • Enterprise Data Warehousing                • Army CSS and CD Support
       • Metadata Solutions                         • DLA Information and Data Analysis
                                                    • Research on hazardous materials
Paradigm Technologies, Inc.
                              Program Management

Project Scope & Management Planning                                      Preliminary
• PM plan that clearly defines scope                   Software
• WBS analysis, definition & deliverables                                                  Design

Project Tracking                                 Test Plans                       CM/QA
• Actively track all phases of a project against                                                  Code/Unit
   documented estimates, commitments and plans                       Test Case

• Metrics & tracking tools improve development                      Description
Software Development Management Plan and Process                                                              Integration
• Establish organizational software process activities - improve organization's                                 Testing

   overall software process capabilities-CMM Compliant
• Documented Software Development Plan and Software Standards                                                        System
Configuration Management Plan and Process                                                                            Testing

• Establish and catalogue software baselines, CM tool utilization - systematically
   control configuration changes and software versions
• Maintain integrity and traceability of the configuration throughout the software
   life cycle CM process based upon CMM framework
Integration Planning & Implementation Documentation
• System Test Planning, legacy systems and multi-platform integration
• Total life cycle planning
Paradigm Technologies, Inc.
                              Program Management
 Business Process Reengineering
 • Process Flow Engineering Tools
 • Organizational Change Management
 Business Improvement Support
 • Workshops and User Involvement
 • Event Coordination - attention to detail ensures success
 • Critical Success Factor Identification
 • Mission and Strategic Goals - long and short term objectives
 Risk Management
 • Maximize opportunities - minimize risk through a continuous iterative process that
    optimizes customer requirements
 • Leverage community and DoD best practices - improve on processes
 Quality Management Plans and Procedures
 • Statistical process controls - reduces variations & controls deviation from planned
 • Continuous feedback system for clients and developers
 Technology Infusion
 • Continuous application of COTS tools to solve customer requirements
 • PTI's program management standards are based upon adherence to structured             6
    DoD project standards for complex IT systems.
Paradigm Technologies, Inc.
                              Modeling and Simulation

      Training Simulations
      • USAF - National Air and Space (Warfare) Model (NASM) SPO
      • Joint Simulation System (JSIMS) JPO Support
      Analytical Simulations
      • Joint Integrated Mission Model (JIMM) Model Office and Test
      • Joint Synthetic Battlespace (JSB) Program Office
      • Air Defense Simulation (ADSIM) SPO
      • STORM (Thunder follow-on) SPO and Test
      • JWARS Architecture Assessment Team
      • Brawler Data Support
      • Authoritative Systems Database (ASDB) Development for the JSFPO
      • Navy Common Database (NCDB) Development for N81
      M&S Requirements Definition
      • Modeling & Simulation Support Plan Development
      • Simulation Based Acquisition Application
      DMSO CMMS Technical Framework Toolkit (CMMS TFT)
      Software Development
      • DARPA projects (SEAMLSS and SMARTNET)
Paradigm Technologies, Inc.
                              Data Management

   •    Data Analysis
         – Analyze existing business data requirements & rules
         – Work with SMEs to fully understand intent of data
   •    Database Design
         – Optimize business data requirements
         – Data Cleansing - Minimize defective data, reduce
            redundancies, standardize data elements, and
            increase both the accuracy and usability of the data
         – Optimize databases using sound relational
            database theory
   •    Data Transformation
         – Custom designed solutions using Java, Perl, XML &
   •    Metadata Solutions
         – Knowing the data behind the data is essential
         – Create data models that explain the underlying
           assumptions & sources of data
Paradigm Technologies, Inc.

    • Secure Process for Information Integration and Data Reverse Engineering
       – PTI unique process for creating a coherent database using data marts
       – Used on the JSF ASDB & N81 NCDB
       – By sharing data across the spectrum of abstraction SPIIDRE enhances
         the coherency of data to the maximum extent possible
       – SPIIDRE models each authoritative data source and simulation data
         as a standards-based, freestanding data mart
       – Links detailing the correlation between the databases are mapped
         using metadata
       – Data Marts are quickly and independently developed, maintained and
       – Combination of data marts and mappings create a web of flowing data
       – Modularity of this structure ensures additional data sources and
         simulations can be added without disrupting the existing web,
         reducing the workload and cost associated with building and
         maintaining a data warehouse                                           9
Paradigm Technologies, Inc.
                              Information Technology

 IT Services
 • Systems Administration
 • Network Administration
 • Extranet/Internet/Intranet
 • Information Architecture Analysis
 • Information Technology R & D
 • Information Systems Support              ITSP at Hanscom AFB
 • Information Management Support
 Domain Expertise in:
 • C4ISR - Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Intelligence,
   Surveillance and Reconnaissance
 • Security - multiple levels of security, MLS and guards
 • Intelligence - modeling & simulation of intelligence processes

                          AOC IT Support       C2C IT Support
Paradigm Technologies, Inc.
                              Systems Engineering

• Architecture Development (including Domain Engineering Process)
   – Iterative development of newly developed components
   – Information Systems Engineering
   – Operational Architecture (OA)
   – Interoperability of proven commercial off-the-shelf (COTS),
     Government off-the-shelf (GOTS) and government Integration and test.
• Requirements Analysis - Includes use of tools, RDD 100 etc
• Domain Expertise in:
   – Security - Multiple levels of security, MLS and guards.
   – Intelligence - Modeling and Simulation of Intelligence processes
   – Command and Control (C2) - Hanscom AFB is Center of Excellence
• Total Life Cycle Support - Concept of Operations (CONOPS) - CMUS
• Cost Estimating/Metrics
• Protocols and Interfaces
   – Key DoD Representative for High Level Architecture (HLA)
   – M&S Interoperability Policy and Architecture Rep
      for the Joint Technical Architecture (JTA)
   – Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)
   – RTI (Runtime Infrastructure)

                              Customized end-to-end solutions
Paradigm Technologies, Inc.
                              C4ISR Systems Support

 •     Systems engineering & Integration
 •     Communication and network engineering
 •     Quality assurance
 •     Configuration management
 •     Test and evaluation support
 •     Program management support
 •     C4ISR Support to M&S
         – Generation of synthetic battle spaces to stimulate exercises
         – Experiments, test, and demonstrations
         – Assessing the military worth of new C2 systems
         – Operational Architecture Support & Evaluation of alternatives
         – Mission concepts of operation studies and procedures
         – Analyzing the effects of new systems and concepts on existing or new
           communication systems
         – Providing technical assistance and assessments on the adequacy of M&S support
           plans and third party M&S products
         – Ensuring accurate AF C2 representation in M&S community architecture,
           standards, and models                                                           12
Paradigm Technologies, Inc.
                                 Logistics Support

                                                  Richmond VA
                                      •   Review contracts from Product Centers
                                      •   DLA DSCR Information and Data Analysis
                                      •   Compute conversion factors
                                      •   Determine requirements
                                      •   Conduct research on Inventory and
           Defense Logistics Agency   •   Conduct research on hazardous materials
            (DLA) - Defense Supply
           Center Richmond (DSCR)                    Ft Lee VA
                                      •   Provide Army CASCOM with Combat
                                          Services Support (CSS) logistics support,
                                          combat developments support, concept
                                          development, doctrine and operational
                                      •    Determine materiel requirements,
               Combined Arms              operational architecture, acquisition &
              Support Command             fielding processes for combat service       13

                                          support functions
Paradigm Technologies, Inc.
                                 Core Business Areas

IT                                Information
                                                              • Narrowing the
                                 • Data Management
                                                                gap between
                                 • Program Management         commercial and
                                 • Systems Engineering          government
                                 • Logistics Support            enterprises.
                                 • Infrastructure Support
                                                                • Extensive
                                                              overlap within IT
                              Modeling, Simulation,              and MS&A
                                 and Analysis

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