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					                                       THOMAS C. HAMILTON
                     Sacramento, CA       Phone: (916) 601-6174       email:
6/01-12/05    T_Systems, Inc – Programmer, Project manager, Web master (own company)
              Design, develop, maintain and manage applications for transportation, lobbying, manufacturing, and
              franchise management using MS Access (97-2003), MS Excel, VB.NET and ASP.NET. Application
              platforms include MS Access 97-2003, Visual Studio 2003/05, SQL Server 2000/05.
5/05-08/05    Interplan Health Group –Application Programmer (contract)
              Analyze, develop and maintain console and windows applications to load and manage insurance
              claim data. Work with Visual Studio 2003 in and XML, Infragistics, SQL Server 2000 and Access
              2003. Developed SQL Server stored procedures and DTS packages.
12/04-03/05   Calpine Energy Corporation - Application Programmer (contract)
              Revised power plant performance tracking application (MS Access and SQL Server). Design and
              developed an HR/skills inventory and tracking system using MS Access/VBA, SQL Server 2000.
9/2000-9/04   Sacramento County, Department of Human Assistance - Database Programmer (contract)
              Perform requirements gathering, analysis, design and program specifications for the development of client
              server and intranet databases in SQL Server 2000, MS Access, Visual Basic/VBA, VB.NET, ASP.NET,
              VB and FoxPro. Applications include fraud investigation and case management, EBT benefit analysis,
              human assistance and accounting programs. Developed or maintained over 30 applications running on
              Citrix/Win2K. Mentored other programmers and managed projects using MS Office tools and MS Project.
              Wrote Stored Procedures, DTS packages, functions, and T-SQL plus over 200,000 lines of VBA code.
              Managed enterprise projects (SDLC) including preparation of user requirements, flowcharts, request for
              proposals, and vendor evaluations.
8/99-8/2000   State Water Resources Control Board, Database Developer/Analyst (contract)
              Designed, developed and maintained a state-wide deployed 2-tier MS Access runtime database system for
              tracking and reporting units of work, including management information dashboard running on 790
              desktops including online HTML help and user documentation. Platforms included Win95/98/NT and
              Apple, Access, Oracle and ADABAS databases.
6/98-05/99    Sutter Health Y2K Resource Team, Database Systems Engineer (contract)
              Develop solutions in SQL Server 7.0, Access 97, and Excel 97, and MS Project to identify, track and
              manage Y2K issues, solutions and applied mitigation of Information Technology, Plant Operations and
              BioMedical Equipment exposures. Developed exposure assessment documents, hardware and software test
              strategies and remediation plans. Also developed enterprise and localized Y2K exposure assessment
              dashboard systems. Managed projects and also served as assessment team leader.
2/98-5/98     Sacramento Credit Union, Director of Information Systems (contract)
              Develop IT strategic plans, manage staff and computer operations. Developed budget and production
              goals. Developed Year 2000 testing, disaster recovery, and system implementation plans. Evaluated home
              banking, bill pay, value added products.
10/96-02/98   AnyTime Access, Systems Engineer and Project Manager
              Designed and coordinated system integration projects. Developed consumer credit production, reporting,
              management, accounting, and marketing systems. Authored several articles on consumer credit analysis
              methods. Developed applications using Visual Basic, Access, Excel and Paradox. Database application
              integration of SQL Server, Access, and Informix. Platforms: Novell (4.11), Windows (3x/95/NT), HP
              9000 Unix (10x).
5/96-9/96     J&W Scientific, Project Manager and Developer(contract)
              Designed, developed, and documented an AS/400 data repository using Silvon, also developed
              EIS/dashboard system. Designed and system integration and client-server systems. Platforms included
              Novell (4.1), OS/400(v3), Windows (3x/NT/95), and MS DOS. Developed apps using SQL Server, Visual
              Basic, Access, Excel, Crystal Reports and FoxPro.
Thomas C. Hamilton Jr.
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2/95-4/96                     Woodland Memorial Hospital, Systems Analyst and Programmer
                              Designed, developed, documented and maintained Physician Compensation RBRVU and Revenue and
                              Production reporting programs, data warehousing, system integration and client-server systems for hospital
                              management, accounting, business office and physician practice administration. Developed UNIX C
                              scripts, integrated platforms with LAN Workplace writing interfaces to IBM and HP systems. Platforms
                              included; IBM/MVS, IBM ES9000, AS/400, HP9000/UX. Developed using Cincom SPECTRA, Visual
                              Basic, Access, Crystal Reports, Clipper, R&R Report Writer (v6).
12/93-2/95                    MedClinic, Mercy Medical Foundation, Programmer/Analyst
                              Design, develop, document and maintain primary Physician Credentialling/Recredentialling,
                              Commercial/MediCare Risk Eligibility and Revenue and Production systems. Developed medical
                              applications using SELECT/AZ7 and HP9000 NSELECT/IQ. Platforms; HP/UX(9.x), HVS/6, Novell
                              Netware(4x). Clipper, R&R Report Writer, R&R Code Generator, GLink, dBASE III+, AutoImport.
                              Assisted in the design and implementation of a 1,000-node network.
4/93-12/93                    Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, Programmer
                              Developed and maintained Personnel Weapons Qualifications system, Weapons and Ammunition
                              Inventory, Recruit Background Investigation using Paradox for DOS.
6/91-4/93                     American /ATEC Environmental Engineering, Programmer and Office Manager
                              Developed engineering, production and personnel tracking and support software and documentation.
                              Developed applications using Lotus 123, Autocad, and Excel.
6/86-Present                  T_Systems Incorporated, Database Programmer and Consultant (own company)
                              Most work in criminal investigation, welfare fraud, medical/work comp insurance, consumer/commercial
                              lending banking, and political lobbying groups. Main program platforms include Visual Studio (VS4- .net
                              2005), MS SQL Server and Access, database projects on Windows 3x-2K/XP/2003, Citrix, Unix, AS/400,
                              RS/6000, and HP 9000. Design and support systems written in VB.NET, Visual Basic, VBA, Excel,
                              R:BASE, dBASE, FoxPro, Clipper and Paradox.
2/87-3/89                     EQUICOR Insurance, Regional PC Representative
                              Design, code, test and document integrated database and spreadsheets systems. Trained users, developed
                              applications in R:Base, dBASE, Lotus 1-2-3, and Relay Gold. Worked with WordPerfect, MultiMate,
                              Procomm, QModem, and MiniHost. Automated interface routine to download mainframe data to PC's.
                              Operated bulletin board.
2/86-2/87                     Argonaut Insurance, Systems Administrator
                              Design, program, and maintain applications used in processing insurance policy and claim data.
                              Programmed in R:BASE 4000-System V, dBase II and LOTUS 123. Trained system users in dBASE,
                              Lotus, MultiMate, Smartcom, CAIR-MVR, QuikRate and E-Z Link.
2/82-4/83                     RCA Company, Senior Programmer/Analyst, GEODSS Project, Taegu, South Korea
                              Design, code, test, document and maintain optical satellite tracking system named GEODSS DEC
                              FORTRAN IV Plus, MACRO-11 Assembler, and RAMTEK 3D graphics on networked DEC
                              PDP 11/70's. Application in orbital mechanics and astrophysics for real-time photometric satellite data
                              acquisition and analysis. Classified project.
1/74-11/81                    U.S. AIR FORCE - Computer Programmer/Analyst, System Manager
                              Strategic Air Command Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.
           System manager, assisted in the design, maintenance and operation of the SAC Technical Elint Processing
           System (STEPS) for radar signal analysis. Programmed in DEC and IBM FORTRAN IV and IV+, DEC
           and Honeywell assemblers, Adage and Vector General graphics systems and Honeywell UNIX. IBM JCP
           (O/S360). Experience with DEC Sysgens, DEC to Hewlett/Packard interfaces. Rewrote a database
           search routine yielding a 95,000% improvement. Supported classified projects.
EDUCATION: California State University, Fresno - MA in Applied Mathematics 1985
           University of Nebraska, Omaha - BA in Applied Mathematics 1981
           University of Texas, El Paso - RAF Mildenhall, England 14 units Mechanical Engineering.
           Military Training: USAF Programming Specialist, DEC FORTRAN IV and IV Plus, Macro-11 Assembler,
           IBM FORTRAN IV, DEC System Manager, Honeywell FORTRAN, COBOL and GMAP assembler,
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Thomas C. Hamilton Jr.
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                              DOD Software Standards and Documentation, RCA Software Standards, GEODSS System, Adage and
                              Vector General/SRL Graphics Systems, RAMTEK 3D Graphics.
                              Microsoft - MCP(3/98 Access), partial MCSD(4), partial MCSE(3), SQL Server 7.0-2005 Administration,
                              Access 2.0-2003, NT, XP, Win2k, IIS,, ASP, XML & .NET thru VS2005
                              Ziff-Davis - Over 30 courses in database design, VB, Internet, C++, and networking.
PERSONAL: Top Secret security clearance (SBI, SCI) since 1980 with NSA/DISCO now inactive. Member of: Certified
                              Microsoft Partner, MENSA, DECUS, Association of Shareware Professionals, International Computer
                              Security Association, and the Mathematical Association of America.

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