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                                                             FLIGHTS OF HOPE
                                                             Quarterly newsletter for Angel Flight West’s members and friends

Angel Flight West, Alaska Airlines and the Haitian Relief Flights
Cheri Cimmarrusti, Director of Mission Operations
When news hit about the terrible tragedy in Haiti,            Alaska Airlines, AFW did not have any out of pocket
people around the globe rallied to help. We at AFW            expenses! Their generosity continues to amaze us.
were no different. However, this was beyond the scope
of what we thought we could do. That all changed              While all of the flights we’ve booked have been
when we received an e-mail from Donna Hartman at              rewarding, one sticks out in particular. Tadd and Charity
Alaska Airlines informing us that she had transferred         S. have been waiting nine years to adopt two children
two million miles (an additional two million have since       from Haiti. When the quake hit, the governments
been donated) into our                                                                        began finalizing legitimate
mileage account for Haiti                                                                     adoptions that were
Relief flights. In addition to                                                                already in process. After
transferring these miles,                                                                     hearing about AFW and
Alaska Airlines gave us                                                                       Alaska Airlines program,
permission to use their                                                                       Tadd and Charity boarded
Partner Miles (something                                                                      an Alaska Airlines flight for
we can’t normally do) when                                                                    Miami on January 24th to
booking these tickets. This                                                                   pick up their two adopted
allowed us to help get relief                                                                 children the following day.
workers from all over the                                                                     When I spoke to Charity
country to Florida or the                                                                     I could barely hear her
Dominican Republic where                                                                      over the laughing and
they would then board a                                                                       shouting of the two little
missionary plane to Haiti.                                                                    ones playing with their
                                    Alaska Airlines staff welcome home two adopted            new dad in the hotel room!
Within a very short                  Haitian children flown in partnership with AFW.         What a delightful sound!
amount of time, our office                                                                   On January 27th they flew
began receiving requests to transfer groups of relief         home to Seattle where they were welcomed by a group
workers who were already connected with non-profit            of Alaska Airlines staff! (See photo)
organizations in Haiti. Our first request was on January
14th from a group of 11 medical personnel out of              AFW has now been able to assist 69 individuals and
Denver Children’s Hospital. On the 16th, we were              have used 2,795,000 Alaska Airline miles, We have
able to get them to West Palm Beach, FL. After that,          had over 1,000,000 miles donated to us through Alaska
the requests started pouring in with many of them for         Airline’s website resulting in over 120 missions.
groups of five to ten people. This required some pretty
fancy footwork on the part of the AFW operations staff        Our many thanks to Alaska Airlines, their staff and CEO
and the staff at the Alaska Airlines Partner desk!            Bill Ayer, not only for their generous donation of four
                                                              million miles, but also for their financial support. Their
Many of these flights landed in the Dominican Republic. staff has been incredibly helpful, friendly and supportive
Our first booking there provided us with an unpleasant        throughout the whole process. They have truly shown
surprise–taxes and fees of about $125 per person!             their Alaska Spirit in what they call North of Expected.
Normal fees are approximately five dollars–something
AFW can absorb as part of doing business. One phone           To Donate Alaska Air Miles go to: http://www.alaskaair.
call to Alaska Airlines and this burden was lifted by their com/as/www2/company/csr/charity-miles.asp ✈
gracious donation towards the full amount. Thanks to

                                                      requests we received. We obviously didn’t
  Flight Plan                                         expect the challenges of Haiti when the year
                                                      began, but we met them with alacrity, and
  Alan M. Dias, Executive Director                    in so doing have played a significant role in
                                                      saving lives.

                                                      We ended 2009 on a high having flown 4150
                                                      missions and arranging 6333–completing
                                                      a higher percentage of requested missions
                                                      than in previous years. We are well
                                                      positioned to continue to meet the challenges
                                                      of 2010 and to grow Angel Flight West in the
                                                      process. The volunteer Wing Leaders and
                                                      their teams devote time and energy to AFW
                                                      throughout the 13 western states and I am
                                                      grateful for their commitment and support. In
                                                      addition, our core strength continues to be
         HAITI, AFW AND 2010                          our volunteer pilots and ground angels who
                                                      make what we do possible. If it wasn’t for
As I write this, the staff of Angel Flight West       the volunteers of Angel Flight West arranging
continues to respond to the tragedy that struck       missions would be a wasted effort.
Haiti. Through our partnership with Alaska Airlines
we have been, and are continuing to, coordinate       Angel Flight West represents the best of what
flights for medical and other relief personnel into   can be done through people working together
and out of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.          to make a positive difference. It’s a privilege
Alaska Airlines donated four million miles into       being your Executive Director. ✈
Angel Flight West’s Passenger Assistance fund,
and asked us to handle the distribution of tickets    Blue Skies and Tailwinds,
using these miles.                                                                 Alan

Arranging these flights takes the same time and
effort involved in arranging “regular” missions–
even a little more. Staff needs to be sure that the
people asking for tickets represent established
relief organizations, have support available in
the States and on the ground in Haiti, as well as
have everything in the way of paperwork to travel
legally. Not only have we arranged flights into
the area–but we have also helped to create new        A group of medical personnel who flew on
families by facilitating adoption missions bringing   Alaska Airlines via coordination through AFW
kids to the U. S. To date, we have arranged over      to Miami, where they boarded a missionary
                                                      flight into Port-au-Prince.
120 missions–and this is being done in addition
to AFW’s “regular” job.
                                                        Angel Flight West Proudly
The ability of AFW to respond to this tragedy is
just another example of what makes Angel Flight          Recognizes Our Sponsor
West so unique. Within days of the event Mission
Coordinators had the systems in place to handle
effectively and diplomatically the high volume of

Page 2                                                                                      (310) 390-2958
Charlie Finkel, AFW Command Pilot and Former Board Member

 Editor’s Note: This column continues our regular feature in AFW’s E-pilot and quarterly newsletter reflecting
 the organization’s commitment to perpetuating a culture of professionalism–a commitment that AFW has had
 since our first flight in 1983. It speaks to how AFW supports and encourages a safety mindset in our pilots,
 passengers, staff and non-pilot volunteers.The column is written by guest contributors.

                                            Personal Minimums
                   For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.
                                                                    –Bible, Luke 12:48
We pilots are very, very fortunate. How lucky we        Instrument Flight Rule (regulations and procedures
are to be able to fly our personal aircraft almost      for flying aircraft by referring only to the aircraft
anywhere we want, practically whenever we want,         instrument panel for navigation) minimums to land.
and without having to surrender our shoes or            I contacted the passengers and advised them to
undergo body scans in order to do it. Better yet,       drive to Placerville, where it was severe clear, thus
we can “pay it forward” by transferring our good        allowing me to timely get them to their scheduled
fortune to those in need, volunteering air transport    appointment. But to depart Redding, I had to take-
to passengers with compelling human needs               off with 100’ ceiling and quarter mile visibility.
through Angel Flight West.                              While nothing in the regulations prohibits such a
                                                        departure under Part 91, this is cutting it close,
Part 91 of the Federal Aviation Regulations sets        and I had to think hard about my own personal
the minimum standards we must comply with               minimums.
allowing us to fly. However, a better rule is to
adhere to our own personal minimum standards,           When we fly AFW missions, this type of decision
which sometimes may be higher than those set by         making is sometimes unavoidable. Do we push
the FAA.                                                the envelope of our own personal minimums to
                                                        make certain our mission gets accomplished? If
I thought of my own personal minimums on a              we are not certain of our abilities through currency,
recent flight. I fly my Cirrus at least six hours       practice and experience, doing so is like rushing
a week, often at night, and regularly shoot             onto thin ice to save someone or something - it is
approaches in Instrument Meteorological                 not a good idea.
Conditions, particularly this time of year. During
the winter there is often considerable fog covering     Angel Flight West has an excellent safety record,
the ground between Redding and Los Angeles,             and will continue to as long as we pilots think
the route I most often fly. I had an AFW pick-          carefully about adhering to our own personal
up at Sacramento for a flight to Santa Monica.          minimums. ✈
Weather at Sacramento was 100’ ceiling, below
    1                                             2

 Chloe on her way from Bakersfield, CA, to Palo Alto, CA, for
 blood treatments for hemolytic-uremic syndrome–a disorder
 that usually occurs when an infection in the digestive system
 produces toxic substances that destroy red blood cells. Pilot
 Don Margolin, So. CA Wing, flew the family as Chloe’s mom
 is unemployed due to the baby’s medical condition, and her
 dad’s work in construction has been limited as a result of the
 economic situation.

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Word From the Wings
Angel Flight West’s Wing Leaders let our readers know what they’ve been up to in 2009 and
what they are looking forward to in 2010:
Arizona Wing - Todd Underwood, Wing Leader
The Arizona Wing is proud to have participated in its
first set of Santa Flights during the Christmas 2009
season. We delivered over 10,000 pounds of toys
                                                         service organizations. 2010 has many social and
                                                         outreach events already on the calendar.

                                                         Oregon Wing - Rosemary Pelissier, Assistant
and books for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots and         Wing Leader/Coordinator
brought Santa and Marines to three different Toys for    Malcolm Lamb obtained a $6,000 grant from the OR
Tots events.                                             Community Foundation in 2009. We will use these
                                                         funds to further our Pilot Recruitment and Outreach
Hawaii Wing - Chad Holcomb, Wing Leader                  effort and goal of adding 20 new pilots and reaching
2009 was a year of transition in Hawaii. With a new      30 new organizations that may use AFW’s services.
Wing Leader in place, we are carrying on in the          We have already had three new passengers fly as
footsteps of the great people before us working to       a result of Mike Sherman’s efforts contacting the
add pilots, and continue reaching out to our providers   Multiple Sclerosis Society.
letting them know we are ready to fly! We have
added two new pilots recently and look forward to a      Southern California Wing - Vince Giampa, Wing
half dozen more for 2010!                                Leader
                                                         AFW’s philosophy of a “Culture of Professionalism”
Montana Wing - David Hunt, Wing Leader                   has recently been included in a revision to the
While winter weather typically slows mission counts,     Command Pilot Orientation (CPO). The SoCal Wing
we’ve had exciting progress in pilot recruitment,        has conducted several group sessions to familiarize
orientation and outreach. In January, new member         its Mission Orientation Pilots (MOP’s) with the new
Giuseppe Caltabiano of Whitefish flew his first          procedures. To date, 66% of SoCal’s 21 MOP’s have
mission, delivered an outreach presentation to           received the new training. The revised CPO qualifies
the local Rotary group and recruited another new         for credit under the FAA Wing’s program, a benefit
member. Our Mission Orientation Pilots received          that is likely to enhance AFW’s ongoing recruitment
training for AFW’s new orientation and safety            of new pilots. Contact SoCal Chief Orientation Pilot
program, are ready to begin new pilot orientations       Mike Jesch at for additional
and help current members absorb this important           information.
material. We will be exhibiting at the MT Aviation
Conference March 4-6 in Missoula, MT, and look           Utah Wing - Phil Titus, Wing Leader
forward to seeing many of our members there.             Thanks to Mike Knutson, Ric Catoni, Steve Bollinger
                                                         & Phil Titus for organizing Utah’s Santa Flight where
Nevada Wing - Barb Ausherman, Wing Leader                12 pilots flew over 3,000 pounds of toys, school
For the Nevada Wing we had a booth at the Reno Air                                          supplies, books,
Races in September 2009 where we recruited new                                              backpacks and
volunteers. We also had a booth at the Childhood                                            warm clothing to the
Cancer Awareness Day on September 12, 2009                                                  200+ students of the
sponsored by Renown Hospital. In December, the                                              Anna Smith School
Nevada Wing distributed 257 food boxes to various                                           in Wendover, UT.
Indian Tribes in Nevada. We will be out recruiting                                          Happy kids, grateful
new volunteers throughout 2010.                                                             teachers and
                                                                                            gratified pilots.
Northern California Wing - Kevin Fox, Wing
Leader                                                   Washington Wing - Melinda Denton, Wing Leader
We finished 2009 with close to 700 missions flown,       The Washington Wing once again hosted a booth
and have re-certified all of our Mission Orientation     at the Northwest Aviation Conference in Puyallup,
Pilots, added 74 new pilot and non-pilot members,        WA, on Feb 20–21. Volunteers always appreciated -
completed over 30 orientations, had several              contact:
successful outreach events, and held close to ten
community outreach presentations for a variety of

Page 4                                                                                           (310) 390-2958
 If you are a new member to AFW, Erin is one From the Hangar
 of the first and friendliest people who will
 welcome you to the organization. She has
 been in charge of Member Services since
 she came on board AFW in August 2003 when,
 she says, “AFW was in the old office that could
                                                     – Erin Olson –
                                                        someone to fill her
 probably fit into our storage area here!” It’s Erin’s Josh and Erin are proud
 job to make sure that the multitude of member          parents of their daughter
 information and forms such as new applications, Avery, and are expecting
 renewals, orientation, etc. are completed and          a baby boy in March.
 processed into AFW’s database, as well as              Since Avery was born, Erin
 answer any questions regarding membership.             moved from working full time at AFW to working
 She also helps with Mission Coordination on            part time. And after their son is born, she will
 those days when missions are “flying” in faster        become a full-time mom. Erin says, “I always
 than the small staff in the office can attend to       knew since high school that I wanted to work
 them.                                                  for a nonprofit or charity organization, and I love
                                                       the response I get when I tell people about what
 Erin already knew of AFW when she and her             I do...about AFW and the services we provide.
 husband Josh, who also works for AFW, decided         But I will miss the people and being part of such
 to move to L.A., from Dallas, TX. Josh had            a great organization.” AFW will surely miss Erin...
 been working for an ad company in Dallas that         but she can’t go too far because we still have her
 was doing pro-bono work for AF South Central.         husband Josh! ✈
 Erin subsequently worked for AF South Central
 and through that connection, contacted AFW
 for an interview at the perfect time they needed

                 Air to Air Communication
                    ✈ Our condolences to the families of          ✈ Facebook Users! Please become a
                    AFW passengers, Rose Ann D. and               fan of AFW on Facebook and share the
                    Lisa R.                                       page with your friends. We also have
                                                                  a Facebook application that allows you
                    ✈ Our best wishes to Josh and Erin            to view available missions right inside
                    Olson on the addition to their family of      Facebook.
                    their baby boy.
                                                                  ✈ Members should monitor the Wing
                    ✈ We wish Carri Jolley, AFW Mission           Events Calendar on the website for the
                    Operations Coordinator, best of luck as       time and location of future events. If you
                    she moves on to other endeavors.              are interested in attending these events
                                                                  or would like to volunteer, please contact
                    ✈ Many thanks to Joe at Superior Shine.       your local Wing Leadership Team.

                    ✈ Learn about the AFW Foundation on           ✈ Please continue to send mission
                    our website and find out about how you         photos to
                    can help support the Angel Flight West        with the mission identification number.
                    mission with Planned Giving.

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Angel Flight West Wishes to Recognize and Express
Our Deepest Thanks To Our Donors
 $25,000 – $1,000,000
Millennium Laboratories


$10,000 – $24,999
Jeff & Linda Hendricks
                                         November 1, 2009 – January 31, 2010
                           Mr. & Mrs. Jim Griswold
                           Dr. Hunter Handsfield
                           Mr. Ronald Hays
                           Ellie & Les Hayt Family
                           Mr. Robert Howe
                           Dr. Brian Keating
                           Lloyd Moore
                                                       * Donations received

                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Jim Cardoza
                                                     Caring Tree Foundation,
                                                     Mr. & Mrs. James
                                                     Ms. M. Ruth Carnley
                                                     Mr. Dave Chandler
                                                     Ms. Emily Charnes
                                                                               Ms. Lori Ferguson
                                                                               Mr. John Ferrell
                                                                               Mr. Jason Fiala
                                                                               Fidelity Charitable Gift
                                                                               Ms. Kathleen Fillmore
                                                                               Mr. Brendan Fitzpatrick
                                                                               Mr. Robert Fogelson
The Rose Hills                       Foundation      Mr. Michael Christie      Mr. Irene Franzoia
          Foundation       Mr. Jim Mallen            Chubb Federal             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas
Dr. Scholl Foundation      Mr. James McGrath                  Insurance                  Freeman
Mr. Warren Wood            Mr. Kim Megonigal                  Company          Ms. Jackie Gardner
$5,000 – $9,999            Dr. Marshall Michaelian   Mr. & Mrs. Len Cohen      Ms. Irene Garner
Augusta Pines Charity      Ms. Dolores Parcell       Ms. Mary Compton          Ms. Thelma Geffen
Betswest Foundation        Anonymous                 Mr. James Conerly         Ms. Joanne Gehlert
Mr. Dan Calugar            Mr. Mike Roberts          Mr. & Mrs. Robert Conti   Mr. Richard Geist
The Edwards                Ms. Leslie Rojas          Ms. Kaia Converse         Mr. Vince Giampa
          Lifesciences     Roll Giving               Mr. Hugh Corn             Mr. & Mrs. Clarence
          Fund             Ms. Roberta Whitman       Mr. Joseph A. Costa                 Gierczak
Mr. Richard Gadbois        Up to $999                Mr. Jim Coufos            Mr. Michael Giordano
William Gillespie          Mr. Arthur Abrahams       Ms. Kristen Courtney      Give with Liberty
          Foundation       Mr. Bob Allen             Ms. Jane Craven                     Employee
William H. Hannon          Amgen Foundation          Mrs. Susan Crowe                    Donations
          Foundation       Ms. Kathleen              Mr. John Crum             Mrs. Barbara
Central New Mexico                   Armstrong       Mr. Michael Crum                    Gladstone
         Affiliate of the   Mr. Skip Armstrong        Cues Northern             Ms. Denise Gleser
       Susan G. Komen      Mr. Daniel Arnold                  California       GoodSearch
       Breast Cancer       Mr. William Ayer                   Council          Mr. & Mrs. Carl Grasso
          Foundation       Mr. John Bacon            Mr. Ron Currie            Mr. Thomas Green
Mr. Ralph LaTulip          Mr. Kevin Baines          Kerry Dantzig             Mrs. Roberta
Mr. Alan Lund              Mr. William Baribautt     Mr. Stephen Danz                    Greenfield
Medtronic - San            Ms. Betty Barrett         Ms. Catherine Dauer       Mrs. Ellen Griggs
          Fernando         Ms. Susan Bauer           Dr. Robert Davey          Mr. & Mrs. Norman
          Valley/West      Dr. Fred Beckman          Mr. Ricky Davidson                  Habermann
          LA               Mr. Martin Bell           Mr. Dorn Dean             Mr. Dennis Haigh
The Oregon                 Mr. Randle Biddle         Mr. Mark Deatherage       Mr. & Mrs. Monty Hall
          Community        Mr. Richard Blacker       Mr. Ron DeCrescent        Mrs. Carol Healey
          Foundation       Ms. Susan Bloch           Mr. & Mrs. Earl           Mrs. Sylvia Heller
Mr. Claudio Ponte          Mr. Brett Bloom                    DeLeeuw          Mr. William
$1,000 – $4,999            Mr. Wolfram Blume         Mr. David Derby                    Henningsgaard
Ben Franklin Electric      Mrs. Corinne Bott         Mr. Douglas DeVivo        Mr. & Mrs. Russel Henry
          Club of          Ms. Darlene Bowen         Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Diaz    Mr. David Hill
          Northern         Mr. & Mrs. Christopher    Ms. Georgina Dingwell     Mr. Frank Himmerich
          California                 Boyer           Mr. James Dobbins         Ms. Karen Hitchcock
Mr. Stephen Bobko-         Mr. Christopher           Mr. Mark Donnelly         Mr. & Mrs. James
          Hillenaar                  Bradford        Ms. Irene Dorzback                  Hoffman
Bombardier Aerospace       Mr. Beau Bradley          Mr. Dan Dougherty         Mr. Jean Horner
          Corp.            Dr. Berkeley Brandt       James & Marjorie          Ms. Mary Anne
Centennial Airport         Ms. Marjorie Brann                 Downie                     Houston
          Lion’s Group     Mrs. Joanne Brattain      Draeger Construction      Mr. Tom Hovland
Central Coast Claims       Mr. Ray Breslau                    Inc.             Mr. David Howard
          Assoc., Bob      Ms. Lois Brooks           Mr. & Mrs. Gary Drska     Mr. and Mrs. Allan Infeld
          Tucknott         Mr. Todd Burger           Mr. Paul Dubey            Mr. Charles Ivester
Community Foundation       Mr. & Mrs. Patricia       Dr. Roger Dunham          Mr. Tom Jacobson
          of Jackson                 Burke           Mr. David Durbin          Ms. Jann Jaffe
          Hole             Ms. Alison Burnett        Ms. Susan Durham          Ms. Christina Janetzko
William S. Deakyne         Mr. Jerry Cain            E&T                       Mr. & Mrs. Darrell
          Foundation       Mr. Jon Callaghan         Mr. Brent Eaton                     Johnson
Mr. Carl Dyess             Ms. Phyllis Campbell      Mr. James Elliott
Mr. Charles Finkel         Campbell Soup             Mr. Joshua Faith
                                     Foundation      Dr. Jim Ferguson

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WEST Matching Gift and
               Volunteer Grant
               Programs JP
               Morgan Chase & Co.
     Ms. Kemry Junker
     Mr. Steven Kaplan
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     Ms. Christine Kerner
     Mr. Scott King
                                    Ms. Pat Murphy
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                                    New Mexico State Employees
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     Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Kinne          Ms. Phyllis Olsen                          Mr. Rockwell Swanson
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     Mr. James Kreutzfeld           Mr. Robert Parker                          Mr. Jack Tanner
     Dr. Timothy Krone              Mr. Christopher Pawlak                     Ms. Leslie Thatcher
     La Canada Thursday Club        Mr. Dave Pechan                            Mr. James Theobald
     Mrs. Ruth Lacey                Mr. Frank Peters                           Ms. Crista Theophilus
     Ivy Adell Lambert Trust        Ms. Sharon Pezzolo                         Mr. Ed Thompson
     Ms. Marie Lazzara              Mrs. Lisa Pierson                          Mr. Rodney Tiede
     Mr. John Michael Lee           Pikes Peak United Way                      Mrs. Averi Torres
     Ms. Diane Lenkin               Mr. J. Clark Pinkerton                     Ms. Ethel Treister
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     Mr. & Mrs. Kenney Mallory      Ms. Cheryle Rutherford-Kelly               Mr. & Mrs. Scott Weber
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     Mr. Henry Maurer               Mr. Andrew Scanlon                         Mr. William Wheeler
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     Mrs. Wilma McClure             Ms. Merry Schroeder                        Mrs. Diana Williams
     Mrs. Mary Lee McCune           Mr. Thomas Seerley                         Mr. Hugh Williams
     Ms. Leah McElhaney             Mr. Ajai Sehgal                            Capt. David Wilson
     Mr. Jim McElroy                Mr. Ronald Sellers                         Mr. Kim Wilson
     Mrs. Barbara McLean            Ms. Virginia Semrau                        Mr. Garry Wing
     Mr. Andrew McNear              Mr. & Mrs. Alan Shapiro                    Mr. Jerry Winter
     Mr. & Mrs. Donald Merlino      Mr. George Shaw                            Mr. Mark Wolper
     Mr. Curtis Miller              Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Shaw                    Mr. Barry Woods
     Mr. Mark Miller                Mr. Joe Shelton                            Mr. Richard Yelch
     Ms. Rebecca Miller             Mr. Grover Shetterly                       Ms. Linda Yerzley
     Mr. Scott Minick               Ms. Mary Ann Sickle                        Ms. Pamela Zea
     Mr. Keith Moes                 Mr. & Mrs. David Siegan                    Dr. Lawrence Zubel
     Mr. & Mrs. Gary Elwyn Monell   Mr. Jim Silvia
     Mr. Wayne Moon
     Ms. Sandy Morgan
                                    Ms. Rosanne Sinclair
                                    Ms. Marsha Slavitt
                                                                   * Every effort was made to make this list as
     Mr. Greg Morgansen             Mr. & Mrs. Joel Slutzky
                                                                   accurate as possible. Please contact Emmet
     Ms. Susan Morrison             Mr. Barry Smith                at the AFW office with any corrections:
     Mr. & Mrs. John Morrow         Ms. Deborah Smith    
     Ms. Dorothy Murphy             Mr. Larry Smith

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Angel Flight West
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The mission of Angel Flight West is to arrange
free air transportation in response to health
care and other compelling human needs.
Direct                       (310) 390-2958
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Fax                          (310) 397-9636

                                                 AFW Oregon Wing/Lions Club Quilts for Kids Program
   Attention Newsletter Readers!                 Rosemary Pelissier, Oregon Assistant Wing Leader/
   We are considering changing over to a         Coordination
   pdf version of this newsletter for future
   editions in order to cut down costs and                                        to patient Ethan, flying
   become more “green” compliant. If                                              with his father, Paul
   you would prefer to continue to receive                                        (on right in photo) and
   this snail mail version of the newsletter,                                     AFW pilot Dan Gordon,
   please send an e-mail to:                                                      OR Wing, (on left in or call us
                                                                                  photo) on the first of a
   at 310.390.2958 and we will place you
   on the list to receive a hard copy via U.S.                                    three-leg mission from
   mail.                                                                          Eugene, OR, to Denver,
                                                                                  CO, for treatment of
   We would like to take this opportunity                                         cancer.
   to thank Fred Hulem, AFW pilot, So. CA
   Wing and Ventura Group’s Business
                                                 The OR Wing has                  Ethan was thrilled that
   Manager, its employees including              distributed its first quilt   Sue made his quilt with
   Jessica Stubblefield and those at             in its “Quilts for Kids       trucks on it! According
   Mail Manager, Ventura, for donating           Program”! Lions Club          to Ethan’s dad, “It was a
   their time, materials and expertise to        member Sue Jaggers,           long day of traveling, but
   the production of this newsletter. Their      who operates the Earth        the blanket helped keep
   generosity has been abundant, their           Angels Program for the        Ethan warm–he took two
   composed professionalism unflagging           OR Wing, has made             naps.”
   under the pressure of deadlines, and they     beautiful quilts for the
   have never failed to get this newsletter      children that the OR          We look forward to giving
   out on time. We thank them deeply for
                                                 Wing flies. It’s her way      away many more of Sue’s
   helping to spread the mission of Angel
   Flight West.✈
                                                 of saying thanks to all the   quilts to the children we
                                                 pilots with whom she has      fly in the Oregon Wing in
                                                 worked.                       2010.

                                                 The first quilt was given

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