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My dear brothers and sisters,
The hectic process of elections of the Managing Committee of the GMS and that of its Office Bearers
is since over and we are on the threshold of making a new beginning towards continued progress and
prosperity of our Community. It was unfortunate that some of our brothers took a retrograde step and
instead of doing what was right, tried to politicize the election process. I am not surprised at this.
People with divergent views and nefarious designs have always existed in the world, be it the history of
Nations, of the Communities and even of individual households. GMS is no exception. With its
steadfastness, it has overcome many such obstacles in its 118 years long history. The fact still
remains that we are all brothers and despite small irritations and misunderstandings it should be our
endeavour to bring everyone around to the main stream in the interest of unity and solidarity of the

I am happy that over one-third of the members of the Managing Committee elected are new faces and
most of them belong to the younger generations. This is a green signal to the young people to come
forward and take serious interest in the activities of the GMS so that people like them get the proper
grooming and training to take over the leadership of the Community in the coming future.
The GMS has done quite a bit in the field of assistance to our unfortunate widow sisters and other
underprivileged Mohyal brothers and sisters. The Sabha has also tried to do its best in the field of
financial, moral and professional assistance to young and deserving Mohyal students. It has built
edifices like Mohyal Foundation and Mohyal Bhawan at Delhi, Mohyal Ashram & Mohyal Sewa Sadan
at Haridwar and is in the process of constructing a Mohyal Ashram at Vrindavan. Many Local Sabhas
have emulated these noble examples and have also constructed Bhawans of their own with the GMS
providing them financial and moral assistance as and when required. I feel that we have done enough
in the matter of creating immovable property of the Community and time has now come to concentrate
in the fields of education and health by opening schools and providing medical facilities both in the
investigative and clinical fields. We do have some ideas and would welcome any suggestions in this
regard. However this is a gigantic task involving huge financial and other commitments and will have
to be considered in phases. It also cannot be fulfilled without the assistance and cooperation of all the
members of the Community. My appeal to the newly elected members of the Managing Committee of
the GMS and to its Office Bearers as also to the members and Office Bearers of the Local Sabhas is to
spread out, to go to other Mohyal brothers, be it in their neighborhood, at their work places, in their
family, amongst their friends and relatives and make them aware about the activities of the GMS and
bring them to the main stream by requesting them to become its members and by taking interest in its
day to day activities. This way the day will not be far off when the Mohyal Community will be able to
call itself as the most progressive, educated, healthy and rich Community amongst the Commonwealth
of all the Communities in India.
I honestly feel that God’s blessings are with us, destiny is in our hands and if we continue to strive and
strike, SKY is the limit. Let us, therefore, all join hands to reach a glorious destination for our great
fraternity, which we richly deserve.
With greetings and best wishes,
                                                                                         Yours brotherly,

                                                                                              (B.D. Bali)
GREETINGS– GMS wishes for His grace & bounty in abundance, good health & long life
for all fraternity members whose birthdays are in the months of September & October
2010. — D.V. Mohan Secretary General.
Major (Retd.) Surinder Nath Bakshi Completes Century Plus One
  Major (Retd) Surinder Nath Bakshi s/o the late Shri Gopi Nath & Gurdai Bakshi of Gujranwala (now in
Pak.), and husband of Smt Savitri Bakshi, d/o the late Mehta Ramchandar Shastri & Bhagwanti Datta of
Munde Mari (now in Pak.), and r/o 002/39 Heritage, Gurgaon, Haryana, turned 101, on the 2nd September,

He was born on the 2nd September, 1909, at Nichar-                Rampurub Shehar in Himachal Pradesh. His
father was a Forest Range Officer and mother belonged to a noble family, her father, Sardar Singh Bali,
being the Jagirdar of Mirpur (in POK.). Surinder Nathji did his BA & LLB from Lahore and practised law at
the District Courts of Hissar, before joining the Royal Indian Army.

On this happy occasion, his wife, Smt Savitri Bakshi, donated Rs 10,000/- to the GMS, to be added to the
“Savitri-Surinder Nath Bakshi Educational Trust”.
  Smt. Sunita Mehta (Mohan): Mehta Kewal Krishan Dutt,           r/o 94-B, DDA Flats, Mayapuri, New Delhi-
110064, has written to say that his daughter, Smt. Sunita Mehta (Mohan), who celebrated her 48th birthday
on the 24th July 2010, at Leicester (UK), was very happy to receive the birthday greeting card from the GMS,
even before she received the card from her father. Through him, she has conveyed her thanks to the GMS,
for the promptness in sending the greeting card, well before the birthday.
On this happy occasion, Mehta Kewal Krishan Dutt has donated Rs. 500/- towards the GMS Education
    Baby Serena Sud: Baby Serena Sud, d/o Karuna & Dr. Ashish Sud, grand daughter of Yash Dutta and
great grand daughter of Mehta Hukum Chand & Lajwanti Dutta of Bajwala Dattan, celebrated her second
birthday on the 26th July 2010, in Chicago, USA.

  Master Shivam Mehta (Mohan): On the 17th birthday of Master Shivam Mehta (Mohan), s/o Rajiv Mehta
(Mohan), on the 18th July 2010, his grand father, Shri Prem Parkash Mehta (Mohan) of Hoshiarpur, has
donated Rs. 101/- to the GMS.
   Shri Rajiv Mehta (Mohan): On the 48th birthday of Shri Rajiv Mehta (Mohan), on the 29th August 2010, his
father, Shri Prem Parkash Mehta (Mohan) of Hoshiapur, has donated Rs. 101/- to the GMS.
   The birthday of Isha Chhibber, d/o Shri Raman & Smt Mukta Chhibber, grand daughter of Bhai Mangal
Sain Chhibber & Smt. Vijay Chhibber, was celebrated on the 14th August 2010, at their newly bought house
in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, attended by Nani Smt. Asha Dutta (from Pathankot), Bade Papa Shri Shammi
Chhibber & Smt. Namita Chhibber, Shri Shivam & Shubham (from Canada), Massi Smt. Meenu Gaur &
cousin Ms. Anubhuti Gaur (from Haridwar) and many relatives from Delhi.
On this happy occasion, Dadaji Bhai Mangal Sain Chhibber, r/o 34, Begum Bagh, Meerut, and Naniji Smt.
Asha Dutta w/o Shri S.S. Dutta, donated Rs.500/- each to the GMS, to be added to “Smt. Gurudevi, Bhai
Devidass & Smt. Vijay Kumari Chhibber Trust”, as thanksgiving to Almighty God & elders.
  Mehta Kewal Krishan Dutt, r/o 94-B, DDA Flats, Vikrant Enclave, Mayapuri, New Delhi-110064, has
enrolled his son, Mehta Chander Dutt, as the seventh GMS life member from his family, to strengthen
the Apex Body. This is a Birthday Gift to his son, on the latter’s 50th birthday on the 8th Sept. 2010.

He has also expressed the wish that every Mohyal brother & sister do their best, in any form, for the
 Baby Bhuvi Bali, d/o Shri Pankaj Bali & Smt. Manjula Bali, r/o ‘Vijay Villa’, Plot No. 57, Sector 4F,
Shastri Nagar, New Power House Road, Jodhpur, celebrated her 1st birthday, on the 3rd Aug. 2010.

On this happy occasion, her grandma, Smt. Vijaya Bali, w/o the late Shri H.C. Bali, donated Rs.101/-
to the GMS.
Youthful Nonagenarian
  Our respected Chief Editor, Mehta O.P. Mohan, (Patron, GMS), ever youthful & vivacious,
completes 89 and enters his 90th year, on the 6th October 2010. He has been re-elected as
Senior Vice-President, GMS, besides continuing as a Trustee of Mohyal Foundation Trust and
Chairman of the Governing Council of MERIT.
His unassuning and amiable personality, and his unerring ‘dress sense’ make him stand out in
any gathering - social, business or religious.
He is a thorough nationalist, who had undergone imprisonment during our freedom struggle. He is
now a successful businessman and has travelled around the world in connection with his
He is a philanthropist and has made regular donations to the GMS and other organisations,
including for suites & langar funds at the Mohyal Ashrams Haridwar and Vrindavan, library at
Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan etc.
On his 90th birthday on the 6th Oct. 2010, he has donated Rs.1100/- towards the GMS Education
Trust and Rs.9000/- towards the GMS Widow Fund, for giving financial aid to a widow for one
We offer him our heartiest felicitations and respectful greetings on his birthday, with the very best
wishes for his continued long, healthy and prosperous life in the service of the community and the

  Shri D.V. Mohan, IFS (Retd.): A no-nonsense diplomat, a principled ex-bureaucrat and a
strickler for discipline, Shri D.V. Mohan, re-elected Secretary General, GMS enters his 78th
birthday on the 4th Oct. 2010. He has recently taken over as Editor (English) of Mohyal Mitter
besides continuing as its Publisher.
During his tenure as Secretary General, he has to his credit many achievements and brought in
many innovations such as sending greeting cards to permanent members of GMS on their
birthdays/wedding anniversaries, issue of ID Card to them getting the Mohyal Mitter into the
Limca Book of Records, besides regularly penning the monthly column “From the Annals of
Mohyal History” in Mohyal Mitter.
We convey our greetings to him on his b’day with best wishes for his continued good health,
prosperity and a long life in the service of the community.

 List of the first Office Bearers of the Mohyal Mitter Sabha
                                      (as the GMS was then called)
 1. President      Bk. Jog Dhyan Bali Sahib, Shalkhwan, Distt. Lahore.
 2. Vice President Ch. Ganesh Dass Datt Sahib, Clerk, Office of Railway Examiner, Lahore.
 3. Secretary      Bk. Balmukand Mohan Sahib, Clerk, Office of Conservator of Forests, Punjab,
 4. Treasurer      Mehta Des Raj Mohan Sahib, Head Clerk, Mobile Post Office, Lahore.
 (Source: Index of Mohyal Mitter for the period September 1891 to August 1892, published at page
 12 of the Supplement to the November 1892 issue of M.M.).
 An Appeal: All readers of MM and descendents, of the above-mentioned stalwarts, and of the
 elders of the Mohyal community, who established the Mohyal Mitter Sabha, are requested to
 send us brief biographical sketches, with available photographs, testimonials, writings with
 information regarding the names, occupation, addresses etc. of the descendents, for publication
 in the Mohyal Mitter and for keeping in the proposed Mohyal Archives.
                                                                          DHARAM VIR MOHAN
                                                                             Secretary General
  Shri A.K. Datta IPS (Retd.) of Chandigarh writes:
  “August 02, 2010
  My dear Mohan Sahib,
         I appreciate your labour of love in researching Mohyal Archives for the benefit of readers of
  Mohyal Mitter. The note below the list of former editors of Mohyal Mitter in the latest (August)
  issue, inviting brief biographical notes on these stalwarts, has stirred me to write this letter.
        Chaudhri Gauri Shankar Datt mentioned at Sr. No. 5 was the real maternal uncle of my wife,
  Smt. Mahinder Datta. He was the well-known and respected Editor of the popular Urdu Daily
  ‘MILAP’ of Lahore/Delhi, for 33 years, and carried the pen name “SAGAR”. The family hailed from
  Kanjrur and its remnants are now settled in Rajinder Nagar, Delhi.
         Chaudhri Sahib’s sister, Kamla, was married to Bakshi Mulk Raj Chhibber, Advocate,
  Lahore, who, at the time of partition, was Public Prosecutor, Rawalpindi, and later posted to
  Amritsar. He did a yeoman’s job as a Mohyal stalwart and was twice elected President of the
  GMS, in 1948 and 1950. He was also the founder President of Mohyal Sabha Chandigarh, in
  1957, whose portrait adorns the Mohyal Bhawan Chandigarh – the first such pioneering project in
  India when even GMS Delhi did not have a Bhawan of its own.
         With best wishes and regards,
                                                                                      Yours affectionately,
                                                                                      Avtar Krishan Datt”
#530, Sector 8-B, Chandigarh-160018

Date: 12-09-2010
Venue: Mohyal Foundation
In Chair: Maj Gen. K.K.
        Bakshi (Retd.),
       Election Officer,
Election Committee, along with two Members:
Shri P.L. Mehta and Shri B.M. Datta
After the newly elected Members of the Managing Committee of the GMS and other Guests had taken their
seats, the Convener of the Election Committee, Maj. Gen. K.K. Bakshi (Retd.), before taking up the Agenda
of Election of the Office Bearers of the Managing Committee, welcomed the newly elected Members of the
Managing Committee of the GMS and expressed thanks, on behalf of the Election Committee, for the
confidence & trust reposed on the Committee by the Community. He stated that, as the elections to the
Managing Committee were held after six years, the Committee had invited suggestions from the Members of
the Community for the smooth conduct of the elections, in a, transparent honest and fair manner.
However (he added), some Members of the Community tried to use this opportunity to further their own
personal interest, rather than of the Mohyal Community, may be because of their own thinking or due to their
past experience. He added that since the Election Committee is fully empowered by the GMS Constitution
and totally responsible and accountable to the Mohyal Community, as a whole, they took this into its own
stride, kept their patience, well most of the times, in spite of repeated minor hindrances. Show of a firm
attitude on one odd occasion was totally unintentional. He further stated that in the process, as most of
Members may have noticed, the Committee being fully committed, evolved and executed a fool-proof, fair
and transparent across-the-board process including design of the Ballot Paper, while also maintaining the
secrecy of the Ballots. All the decisions were unanimous and taken jointly by the Committee. He intimated
that it was also decided to utilize the computer technology for the first time in Mohyal History, on
experimental basis, basically to ensure & enhance data accuracy, validity of Ballots and facilitate error free
process. However, Counting of Votes was organized manually only, as in the past. Counting of the votes,
with the help of the volunteers, had begun in the morning of that day (05th Sep, as scheduled) and went on
upto midnight. The results had been announced immediately thereafter. So much time taken in manual
counting was not anticipated. It was felt by the Committee that in the future, computer technology can be
fully utilized for Counting of Votes also including arriving at Final Results, in a much faster & accurate
manner and without involving huge manual efforts.
The Committee had requested the Local Sabhas to send volunteers for manual counting; the response was
overwhelming and more volunteers than required had been nominated. The work to be done by the
volunteers was very laborious and inspite of this ,they worked from the morning of the 5th September 2010 till
midnight, to finish the counting, without complaining, even once. We all felt proud to be members of the
Mohyal Community.
Recounting the statistics relating to the election (as already published in the September 2010 issue of
Mohyal Mitter), he stated that of 99 Members who initially wished to be nominated, 88 applied and finally
there were only 74 Contestants, after the last date for withdrawal of nominations. The empty Ballot Box, kept
in a secure place in the GMS office, had been sealed on the 8th August 2010, after inspection by the
Contesting Candidates & Members who were present, and who also attested the same with their signatures.
Subsequently,the aperture of the Ballot Box, for casting the votes, had been sealed on the evening of the 3rd
September 2010 (the last date for receiving the Ballot Papers), again in the presence of
Contestants/Members, who chose to be present. The seal was opened in the morning on the day of
Counting, i.e., the 5th September 2010, in presence of many Contestants & Members. In all, 1321 Ballot
Papers had been received back, by the last date, which constituted 88 % of the Ballots issued (excluding
approx 150 Ballots which include around 100 Foreign Ballots and 50 Returned undelivered and Expired
cases). This record overwhelming response showed Community was very much aware and fully supportive
of the Elections. Of course, in this process, Election Committee felt more responsible and committed to their
task. Maj. Gen. Bakshi expressed thanks to the Community, on behalf of the Committee, for this show of
Taking the stage next, Shri B.M. Datta, Member of the Election Committee, announced that the elections
would now be held for 12 posts of Office Bearers of the GMS, beginning with the President. He called upon
the newly constituted Managing Committee Members to propose names for the posts, one after the other, to
be seconded by another Member. There was overwhelming enthusiasm among the Members, who vied with
each other to propose and second the name of Rzd. B.D. Bali for the President’s post. There was no other
candidate for this post and Rzd. B.D. Bali was declared elected unopposed, as President, unanimously.
Similarly, the other Office Bearers also were declared elected unopposed, unanimously, which made the
task of Election Committee, much smoother. The list of newly elected Office Bearers of GMS is as under:-
President: Rzd. B.D. Bali, Sr. Vice-President: Mehta O.P. Mohan, Vice-Presidents: Shri G.L. Datta ‘Josh’,
Sh. B.L. Chhibber IRS (Retd.), Secretary General: Shri D.V. Mohan, Secretary: Dr. Ashok Lav, Secretary
Finance: Shri S.K. Chhibber, Joint Secretary Finance: Sh. K.G. Mohan, Secretary Public Relations: Shri
Pushap Bali, Secretary Youth Wing & Cultural Affairs: Sh. Yogesh Mehta, Jt. Secretary PR, Youth and
Cultural Affairs: Sh. Ashwani Bakshi, Secretary Istri Wing: Smt. Sunita Mehta.
Thereafter, Shri B.M. Datta proposed a Vote of Thanks, on behalf of the Election Committee, to all, including
the Members of the Community, Voters, Volunteers, the GMS Office staff, and all others, for their total
cooperation with the Election Committee, to make its task smoother & successful. He added that he had
been a member of the Election Committee at the GMS Elections 2004 also and he felt that the GMS
Elections 2010 were more challenging than those held in 2004. The Community had become much more
aware & awakened, as compared to earlier. He also mentioned that the new Team elected by the
Community had a perfect mandate from the Community, Shri P.K. Datta expressed thanks to the Members
of the Election Committee, by presenting them bouquets and flowers. He also similarly greeted the newly
elected Office Bearers and Members of the Managing Committee.
Rzd. B.D. Bali, the newly elected President, thanked the Election Committee for the excellent job done by
them and for conducting the elections in a free, fair & transparent manner. In this regard, he proposed
adoption of the following Resolution by the Managing Committee, which was unanimously passed by the
“This meeting of the GMS Managing Committee, held on the 12th Sept. 2010, unanimously resolves to
convey the immense sense of gratitude to the Election Committee and its individual members, viz, Maj. Gen.
K.K. Bakshi (Retd.) Convenor, Shri B.M. Datta, Member, and Shri P.L. Mehta, Member, for the excellent and
successful manner in which the whole election process of GMS Elections 2010, right from the issue of
Nomination Forms upto the counting of votes and declaration of results, was conducted by the committee in
a smooth, transparent and fair manner.
This meeting also wishes to congratulate the Election Committee for the same, on behalf of GMS and the
entire Mohyal Community.”
It is hereby unanimosuly resolved accordingly.”

Date: 12-09-2010
Venue: Mohyal Foundation,
          New Delhi.
In Chair: Rzd. B.D. Bali,
After the elections of the Office Bearers of the Managing Committee conducted by the Election Committee
presided over by Maj. General K.K. Bakshi (Retd), Convener of the Committee, the new team of Office
Bearers and the elected members of the Managing Committee assembled for their first meeting.
Commencing the proceedings , Rzd. B.D. Bali thanked the entire community for their massive support,
mandate and blessings for his team. He reciprocated with an assurance that his team will leave no stone
unturned to fulfill their aspirations for the development and progress of the community in future. He,
however, felt sad and anguished by the “attitudes” and show of arrogance by some of the contestants and
felt that the elections could have been handled with much more dignity, decorum and decency in keeping
with the spirit of our brotherhood.
He was happy to say that, except for a few, most of the members of the new Managing Committee were
young, which augured well for the future of the GMS. GMS will chalk out its future programmes soon, which,
he felt should be focused more on health and education. These will be taken up, after completion of the
Vrindavan Ashram project.
He stated that he felt humble on being chosen to lead the GMS, once again, and added that it was the seat
of service to the community, of service to the needy. He congratulated the new set of office bearers and
exhorted them to do social work for the welfare of the community with dedication, with all the humility and
with a smile. He informed that, in addition to the 12 posts, as provided in the GMS Constitution, there was
need for one more post of Secretary (PR) and one post of Secretary (Matrimonial). He nominated Shri Vinod
Mehta, as the additional Secretary (PR) and Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber, as the Secretary (Matrimonial). He
also announced that, while Mehta O.P. Mohan will continue to be the Chief Editor of Mohyal Mitter, the
Editor (English) will be Shri D.V. Mohan, assisted by Shri K.G. Mohan, Joint Secretary (Finance). Dr. Ashok
Lav will continue to be the Hindi Editor. This was approved by the house unanimously. He added that a
proposal for the corresponding amendment to the GMS Constitution for these additional posts will be made
in due course.
He concluded his speech by once again thanking the members of the community, and looked forward to
their continued support and blessings.
Introduction of First –timers: At the request of the Secretary General, the following Mohyals, who were
attending the meeting for the first time, introduced themselves:
(i) Shri Sudhir Mohan, IPS, IG, Chandigarh. He was accorded a warm welcome and the President, Rzd. B.D.
Bali, and invited him to play a more active role in affairs of the community.
(ii) Shri Arun Mohan, MBA, s/o Shri Sudhir Mohan.
(iii) Major Daval Datta – He revealed that he had opened a Facebook account by the name ‘Mohyals’, in
order that he may get to interact with as many members of the community as possible. So far, 402 people
had accessed this account and he hoped that many more will do so.
(iv) Lt. Cdr. Vikram Datta – He stated that he and his sisters had been helped by the Mohyal community for
continuing their education and he was grateful for the same. He expressed his wish to become part of the
GMS and do service to the community. He also exhorted the Mohyal youth to come forward to serve the
(v) Smt. Veena Chhibber, Ex-MLA, Ambala – She is a new MC member and pledged her support to the
GMS in the service of the community.
(vi) Munish Bali, Ludhiana He also is a new MC member and likewise promised to work for the welfare of
the community.”
(vii) Shri V.K. Chhibber who is a dedicated worker of MS Ambala. He conveyed his best wishes to GMS in
all its ventures.
Many of the newly elected members of the Managing Committee spoke, one after the other, thereafter,
assuring their full support to the President, in all the activities and projects of the GMS undertaken for the
welfare of the community.
Shri P.K. Datta recalled his first meeting with Rzd. B.D. Bali at the All India Mohyal Conference at Bhopal.
He praised Bali Sahib for bringing about the cohesive unity of the community and for his self-less and
dedicated service to help the downtrodden among them. While assuring Rzd. B.D. Bali that he was totally
with him in the service of the community, he asserted that only a good follower could become a good leader.
He appealed to the community not to criticize, but to do something productive and tangible.
Shri Ashok Datta of Jalandhar (who was part of the counting team) stated that he felt inspired by Rzd. B.D.
Bali. He also marveled as to how the GMS has come up under his leadership, from the time, when it was
functioning from a small shed in Inderpuri, New Delhi. He was happy that there were many young members
in the new Managing Committee, which would definitely fulfill the hopes of the community. He assured that
he would do his best to increase the permanent membership of GMS, which should rise to 5000 in next
couple of years.
Bk. S.K. Chhibber, IAS (Retd.), who was a Special Invitee at the meeting, stated that he had not seen such
enthusiasm at any time earlier. He prayed for this sentiment to be maintained forever. He felt that he had
been twice blessed–blessings to give & blessings to receive. But it required 25-30 years for the GMS to
reach where it is now. But the old days could not be forgotten, when you are in happier times.S It was the
good fortune of the community that God chose a person, who was totally dedicated to lead the community –
a visionary, who had the gift of winning over people, uniting people towards a common cause. He
remembered the days when the very mention of ‘GMS’ evoked comments like ‘party politics’; GMS had a
bad image. But from there, it had progressed, despite allegations and dissenting voices, which will always
be there in a democratic set up and could not be wished away. Bk. S.K. Chhibber affirmed that Rzd. B.D.
Bali’s team did not consist of only forty people, but the entire Biradari. The results of the elections showed
the measure of the confidence the community had in the GMS leadership - in its policies & programmes.
GMS has grown not only in Delhi, but all over. His prayer was that the GMS may remain the same for the
next three years, another three years, yet another three years & so on for ever. The vision, stability and
sentiments of the GMS make him happy. Throwing stones was a universal habit and could not be stopped.
He expressed his concern that the GMS assets should be kept safe and concluded his speech with a prayer
that a situation may not arise where the community gets torn apart and its assets frittered away – till
Before the conclusion of the meeting, Shri D.V. Mohan, Secretary General, read out the names of the
members of the Managing Committee, who were celebrating their birthdays/wedding anniversaries during
September 2010, and conveyed the congratulations of the house to all of them. He also announced that the
day’s lunch was being hosted by Shri Ramesh Datta, in celebration of his birthday on the 13th September.
The meeting ended thereafter, with a vote of thanks to the Chair, to partake in the sumptuous lunch hosted
by Shri Ramesh Datta.

                             GMS MANAGING COMMITTEE
                                On Sunday 10th Oct., 2010 at 11.30 A.M.
                                     at MOHYAL FOUNDATION
                                A-9, Qutab Institutional Area, U.S.O. Road,
                                   Jeet Singh Marg, New Delhi-110067
                                                                                        Phones :
                                                                      26560456,26561504    D.V. Mohan
                                                                                      Secretary General
My dear Bali Saheb,
Last evening, Pawan Bakshi called on me, and you & I exchanged pleasantries. I was happy to talk to you
over the phone quite a bit, after a long time, although I have been always, in my quiet deep recesses, with
you in my heart.
Whether anybody will agree with me or not, I don’t bother as I have always been a positive thinker, and a
person of strong likes and dislikes, and I always make colourless assessment of men and views.
In my assessment, for the Mohyal Biradari, you have been, in your entire tenure as GMS President, a par-
excellent humble performer and a matchless contributor, a financial wizard, to take this august body to its
present usefulness. From the keen interest that you take to carry one and all with you in the day-to-day
welfare of Mohyals throughout the world, your activities are worth emulation and praiseworthy. When the
Divine Providence, who creates all human beings, has not been able to please everybody, how can we, His
toys, do it howsoever we might keenly try and desire.
You have, I feel, from your sincere, constant and consistent efforts, proved to be a virtuous person and I am
reminded of Milton’s verse to put you in this category, which I append below, for everyone’s consumption:
Milton had written:
“Mortals that would follow me
Love Virtue
She alone is free
She can make thee climb
Higher than the sphery shine
If Virtue feeble were
Heaven itself shall stoop to her”
My personal view is that we may continue to regularly pray to God for the grant of stability of mind to us, so
that we may not get perturbed in sorrow, be away from pleasure and passion and fear and anger. Wise men
salute your magnificence with obligations and words of praise.
I am confident, your new GMS team, if voted back to power, (& I am certain it will), shall continue, with
redoubled vigour, to put in their best for the welfare of Mohyals. My good wishes are always with them.
If ever I may be of any consequence, none will find me missing.
With love and blessings for a long, happy, healthy and all-round prosperous life to you and your family,
                                                                                                   S.R. Mehta
                                                                                   Mehta Niwas (H. No. 12/24)
                                                                                      Babu Banarsi Das Nagar
                                                                                   Off. Cantt. Road, Lucknow ,
                                                                                           (Mob: 9839125338)

My dear Mohan Sahib,
Please accept our thanks for your good wishes sent to us on our Wedding Anniversary, which fell on the 27th
We are really grateful to you and Baliji and express our heartfelt gratitude for your kind wishes.
With regards,
                                                                                              Krishan Mohan
                                                                                             B-106, Sector C,
                                                                                         Mahanagar, Lucknow
                                                                                              Tel: 371200 (R),
                                                                                         211600, 217100 (Off.)

Respected Brother,
I am thankful to you for sending the birthday card. As a     token of love, please find enclosed a cheque for
Rs.501/- payable to GMS.
With kind regards,
                                                                                       D.K. Mehta (Mohan)
                                                                        C4B-91, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058
                                                                                          Tel: 011-25502365
                                                                                           Mob: 9899036294

Dear Bali Sahib & Members of the Managing Committee,
My wife, Kailash, and I thank you for your kind remembrance on our 55th wedding anniversary – 29th June
1955/2010. It is always a pleasure to hear good wishes from friends and well-wishers.
A token donation of Rs. 5,500/- to the GMS Education Benevolent Fund Trust is sent herewith.
With respectful greetings,
                                                                                              Yours sincerely,
                                                                                    Mahinder Datt Chaudhry
                                                                                            23, Wallace Place
                                                                          Kingston, Ontario K7M 6B8, Canada
Dear Editor, MM,
I hereby congratulate Maj. Gen. K.K. Bakshi (Retd.), Shri B.M. Dutta and Shri P.L. Mehta for the very
successful and fair elections of the General Mohyal Sabha under their supervision with over 80% voting.
With best regards,
                                                                                          Ashok Kumar Dutta
                                                                                            Mob. 9257301711
Shri B D Bali
Subject: GMS Elections 2010
Dear Bali Sahib,
Our heartiest congratulations to you on your election as President of GMS. I am sure that you and your
team will continue to work for the betterment of our community and encourage our youngsters to find their
rightful place in the society.
I also wish to place on record, our appreciation for the commendable job done by the Election Committee.
Mohyal Sabha Gurgaon will always be there whenever you want us.
God bless you Sir .
                                                                                             Yours brotherly
                                                                                      Shyam Sunder Dutta
                                                                                    Mohyal Sabha Gurgaon
                                                                                  9810276027 ,9810365905

Bk. D.N.Chhibber is Central Government Standing Counsel at
It is a matter of great pride for the Mohyal community that one of our brothers, Bakshi Dwarka Nath
Chhibber, General Secretary, MS, Ludhiana, has been appointed as the Central Government Standing
Counsel, in Ludhiana.

MS, Ludhiana, and all other Mohyals of Ludhiana, congratulated him, on this achievement, and presented
him with a Memento. While thanking them for their love and affection, Bk. DN Chhibber assured that he
would always stand by them for any kind of help relating to his profession. Any Mohyal brother/sister could
approach him, at any time, for justice relating to any Central Government department. He also thanked God,
for His blessings, due to which he could rise to such a responsible position.
Bk. Dwarka Nath Chhibber considers Rzd. B.D. Bali, as his idol & source of inspiration, and as a brave and
successful commander, who works for the upliftment of the Mohyal community. He wishes Rzd. B.D. Bali
good luck in his ventures, and pledges his full support to him, in his efforts for the betterment of the Mohyal
On this occasion, Shri K.K. Vaid, Senior Vice President, MS, Ludhiana, has contributed Rs.501/- to the GMS
towards the Mohyal Mitter Fund.

                              GMS ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP
  The Annual Membership fee of GMS has been revised from Rs. 50/- to Rs. 100/- with
  immediate effect for those also, who are sending the same through their respective sabhas.
  All the members are therefore advised to send their membership fee In the prescribed form
  with the revised fee only. Specimen of the form has been published in the Mohyal Mitter of
  June and Sept. 2010.
                                                                                              D.V. Mohan
                                                                                Secretary General

Independence Day celebrated at the Major K.R. Bali Memorial
Mohyal School Dehradun.
The 64th Independence Day was celebrated, on the 15th August 2010, with great pomp and show, by
the Major K.R. Bali Mohyal School Dehradun, in the presence of more than 150 persons, including the
members of the local Mohyal Sabha, guardians, students and teachers of the school. Shri Gobind
Mohan Parshad was the Chief Guest.

Welcoming the Chief Guest and others, Shri S.K. Dutta Manager of the School, briefly explained the
significance of the Day. Thereafter, the Chief Guest unfurled the national flag, to the singing of the
National Anthem.
Later, Shri Gobind Mohan, the Chief Guest, and Shri L.P. Mehta, Vice President & Shri S.K. Chhibbar,
former Secretary, MS, Dehradun, addressed the gathering and congratulated the school management
for the successful organization of the function.
This was followed by a cultural programme, based on patriotic songs, by the students of the school,
which was very much enjoyed by all.
The function concluded with the singing of ‘Vande Mataram’ by the teachers and distribution of sweets
by the local sabha.

  A book by Shri R.T. MOHAN
  This book highlights the rule by Hindu India in Southern Afghanistan safeguarding the
  Khyber Pass (and thus India) between c. 700-1000 AD – out of which Mohyal Kings reigned
  with power and glory for the latter half of this period. This glorious chapter of the History of
  India is a sister volume of Mohyal History and a must read for all who want an authenticated
  account of our claims.
Even though the inaugural edition of the book is priced at Rs. 300 only, it is being offered to all
Mohyals for a further discounted price of Rs.175/- (plus Rs.50/- as postal charges, if sent by
post). Orders for the book , together with the necessary payment may be sent to the General
Mohyal Sabha (Regd.) , A-9, Qutab Institutioinal Area, USO Road, Jit Singh Marg, New Delhi-67.
– Secy. General GMS

By J.S. Bali
Comments in Indian Newspapers are more about poverty statistics
Than on time-bound measures to eradicate it
We Indians seem to have grown indifferent to penury around
We isolate ourselves into comfortable cocoons
Few politicians or parties earnest about poverty after elections
      Latest Economic Survey of 2009 tells us:
      60.5 per cent of the people earned less than Rs.20 a day
      And 77 per cent of urban India and 90 per cent of rural India
      Lived on less than Rs.40 a day–close to 900 million of them
      The World Bank norm of poverty being less than a dollar a day.
But official India still talks of only 27.5 per cent of the poor.
The figure out a Rs.12 a day in the villages and Rs.18 a day in towns
And these figures are all for the year 2004-05, the present is perhaps worse
Poverty means hunger, children mal-nurished and deformed.
Poverty means dirty drinking water, disease and death.
      Shall we observe a 3-minute silence and hang our head in shame
      And resolve to do our bit for the poor and the deprived
      Devoting a bit of our time, energy and resources towards them
      Let us build pressure groups and parties,
      And compel Government to wage a war against poverty
Economic policies should only be a means to implement social policies
Social policies are just beginning to be visible, compelled perhaps by politics
Citizens of free India must have roti, kapda, makaan, swasthya and shiksha
Warnings are plenty – Naxalism, Maoism and other brands.
Affecting 200 of our district–the poor falling a prey to their promises.
      The country less poor by means, more by policies and priorities
      Corruption consuming a big chunk of the national wealth
      Administration becoming more a part of the problem than solution
      Drastic changes necessary in policies and programmes
      For wiping away the curse of poverty within five to ten years.
International recession increasing the woes of the poor
Market economy does not benefit all equally
The State must come to the help of the millions left untouched
Mix industry with agriculture within small watershed
To bring about a Bioindustrial Rural Revolution in India.

Date: 05-09-2010
Venue: 229, Ganesh Vihar
Attendance: 14
In Chair: Shri N.K. Vaid,
Sad News: After the Mohyal Prarthana and Gayatri Mantra, two minutes’ silence was observed for the
peace of the departed soul of the late Master Kash Vaid s/o Smt. Geeta and Rotash Vaid, r/o Village Balana,
who died in a road accident, on 23-08-2010. The deceased, who was only eighteen, was a bright student,
studying in BA 1st year. His untimely death was mourned by the Mohyal biradari of Ambala, Ambala Cantt.
and the neighbouring villages.
Confirmation of minutes: The minutes of the last meeting were read out and approved, unanimously.
Election of Office Bearers: The house, unanimously, resolved that the following Office Bearers, who are
working with honesty, efficiency and integrity should continue for the next year also:
President: Shri Naresh Vaid, Vice President: Smt. Deepa Datta, Secretary:         Shri   M.L.   Dutta,   Joint
Secretary: Shri Deepak Dutta, Secretary (Finance) Shri M.K. Vaid.
The house congratulated them.
Kisan Vikas Patras: The house noted, with concern, that there was some difficulty in realizing the maturity
value of Rs. 34,000/- of the Kisan Vikas Patras, purchased in the name of Mohyal Youngmen‘s Association,
Ambala Cantt., in 2002, for an amount of Rs.17,000. The house unanimously decided to file an appeal with
the District Consumer Court, Ambala, to sort out the matter and get its dues. In this connection, a
Committee, consisting of S/Shri Deepak Dutta, M.K. Vaid and Amrit Prakash Chhibber, was constituted to
take necessary action, on behalf of the sabha, at the sabha’s expense.
Donations: The Secretary appealed to the members to donate, generously, to the sabha, for helping the
needy Mohyal widows and their children. The following members donated spontaneously:
Shri IR Chhibber-Rs.200/-
Shri M.K. Vaid-Rs.100/-
Shri N.K. Vaid-Rs.100/-
Shri S.K. Mehta-Rs.100/-
Shri M.L. Dutta-Rs.100/-                         Shri Dharam Vir Bali-Rs.100/-
Shri D.S. Datta-Rs.100/-
The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair.
                                                                                           N.K. Vaid, President
                                                                                          M.L. Dutta, Secretary

Date: 01-08-2010
Venue: Mohyal Bhawan,
         Ambala City.
Attendance: 69
In Chair: Shri J.P. Mehta,
Hosts: Shri Bhupinder Datta &
       Mrs. Sangeeta Datta
After the Mohyal Prarthana, led by Sh. Ashwani Bakshi, and confirmation of the minutes of the July, 2010
meeting, the house welcomed the members, who were attending the meeting for the first time or after a long
Birthdays and Marriage Anniversaries: The house congratulated the members, whose birthdays and
marriage anniversaries fell in the months of July and August, 2010. In this connection, following donations
were received:
1. Rs. 151/- by Neeru Datta, on the birthday of Ms. Nalini Datta on the 14th August 2010.
2. Rs. 100/- by Smt. Kiran Chhibber, Naniji, on the birthday of Hena Mehta.
3. Rs. 100/- by Shri Ashwani Baksh, on the birthday of Ashmita Bakshi on the 29th August, 2010.
4. Rs. 100/- each to the GMS and the local sabha by Shri Vijay Datta, on the birthday of Shivrajan Datta on
the 2nd August 2010.
5. Rs. 100/- by Shri Sunil Bali, on his own birthday on the 9th August 2010.
6. Rs. 100/- by Shri Pankaj Bali, on the birthday of Yashika Bali on the 5th July 2010.
7. Rs. 500/- each to the GMS and the local Sabha by Mrs. Veena Chhibber, on the birthday of Yatharth
Chhibber on the 30th August 2010.
8. Rs. 100/- by Savita Datta and Col. N.M. Datta, on their marriage anniversary on the 12th August 2010.
9. Rs.100/- by Kiran Vaid and Bhoomi Dev Vaid, on their marriage anniversary on the 21st August 2010.
10. Rs.100/- by Vibha Bali and Naveen Bali, on their marriage anniversary on the 21st Aug. 10.
11. Rs. 200/- by Smt. Sushil Datta, on the marriage anniversary of Rekha Datta and Navdeep Datta on the
12th Aug. 2010.
Individual Activities: i. Sanjeev Chhibber sang a melodious song.
ii. Kiran Chhibber also sang a song.
iii. Baby Garvita Bali presented a solo dance.
iv. Baby Diksha Datta and Baby Vani Datta also presented a dance.
v. Rekha Datta sang a song.
Sunderkand Path: The house was informed that, on 14.8.10, there would be a Sunderkand path at the
residence of Sh. Manmohan Datta, on the birthday of his daughter, Ms. Nalini Datta.
Distribution of clothes in slum areas: The members of the Ladies Wing informed the house that they will
be going to the slum areas, for the distribution of old clean clothes, and requested the members to deposit
their old clothes.
The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair and the hosts and recitation of Shanti Path.
Date: 05-09-2010
Venue: Mohyal Bhawan,
        Ambala City.
Attendance: 23
In Chair: Shri J.P. Mehta,
After the Mohyal Prarthana, the minutes of the meeting held in the month of August, 2010 were confirmed.
Sad News: The house observed two minutes’ silence and prayed for grant of peace to the soul of Smt.
Parkash Datta w/o the late Shri Sita Ram Datta, who expired on 27.08.2010. She was the mother of Shri
Manmohan Datta, Zonal Secretary of the sabha.
Prayers for early recovery: The house prayed for the speedy recovery of the following members:
1. Col. N.M. Datt, who had a mild paralytic attack a few days back.
2. Shri Jalaj Kumar Bali, who is not keeping well for the last few days.
Shaheedi Divas of Bhai Mati Dass Ji: The house discussed about holding the Shaheedi Divas in
November, 2010, for which suggestions were given by the members.
Birthdays and Marriage Anniversaries: The house congratulated the members, whose birthdays and
marriage anniversaries fell during the months of August and September, 2010. In this connection, the
following donations were received:
1. Rs.100/- from Bhai Sham Sunder Chhibber, on the birthday of his grandson, Master Kushan Chhibber, s/o
Bhawna & Bhai Vikas Chhibber, on the 29th Aug. 10.
2. Rs. 100/- by Smt. Vanita Bali, on the birthday of Paras Bali, on the 20th September 2010.
The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks and Shanti Path led by Bhai Sham Sunder Chhibber.
                                                                                     J.P. Mehta, President
                                                                                Ashwani Bakshi,Gen. Secy.

Date: 15-08-2010
Venue: Mohyal Bhavan
In Chair: Shri Rajiv Dutta,
Before the commencement of the monthly meeting, members participated in the Independence Day
celebrations, organized at the Maj. K.R. Bali Memorial School, being run by the GMS from the premises. (A
report on this is being published in this issue, separately).
After the Mohyal prayer, the house expressed its concern on the messages being received by the members
regarding the elections of the GMS Managing Committee and felt that the matter should have been settled
amicably, through consensus. In this connection, the house praised the leadership qualities of Mohyal Ratna
Rzd. B.D. Bali.
The house unanimously decided to recommend to the GMS the name of Shri Sandeep Datta as a
Representative Member in the GMS Managing Committee.
The meeting concluded with vote of thanks to the Chair and to Shri Sandeep Dutta for his hospitality. Shri
Sandeep Dutta and Shri Rajiv Dutta donated Rs. 50/- and Rs. 100/-, respectively to the sabha.
                                                                                Rajesh Mohan,Gen. Secy.
                                                                                        Mob.: 09358311454

Date: 01-08-2010
Venue: Mohyal Colony School
Attendance: 20
In Chair: Sh. Sham Sunder Dutta,
After the recitation of Gayatri Mantra and Mohyal Prathana. The President welcomed the members and told
the house that ther sabha have have made efforts to further increase its membership by contacting 50
families in Gurgaon. Shri S. C. Chhibber & his wife came for the meeting for the first time, as a result of this
initiative, were welcomed by the members.
The minutes of the meeting held on 4 July 2010 were read out and confirmed, unanimously.
Format for the meetings: Col. Vaid suggested a format for the smooth conduct of the monthly meetings,
which was accepted by the house with a few changes.
The house unanimously elected Shri Satpal Mohan, (9899317383) as Secretary Public Relations. He
accepted the responsibility with folded hands.
5.Donations: The following donations were received:
(a) Rs. 500/- from Shri Kailash Chhibber on the occasion of his birthday due on 30.08.10.
(b) Rs. 200/    from Shri Pawan Bali, on his daughter Sneha Bali scoring 88% marks in her class-10
Commitments: Shri PK Dutta gave an enlightening talk on commitment. He said that commitment which is
personally driven by the Internal forces is stronger and more enduring than commitment hinging upon
outside rewards. He described various classes of commitment, as under:
(a) Healthy Commitments: Striving for excellence. finding a way to win. being focused & committed and
being optimistic.
(b) Unhealthy commitments: Striving for perfection, always focusing on mistakes, only working for rewards ,
Being pessimistic.
(c) Lack of Commitment: Taking things easy, being lazy, thinking negatively, and blaming Others.
The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair, which was followed by light refreshments.
Food for Thought: i) Always remember that TIME takes away everything from you - be good and do good
to everyone. Skin, face and personality will never stay, but one’s work and name   stays for ever.
ii) Relationship is not ranked by, whom we have known the longest, who came first or who cares the most. It
is about who came into our life and never left.
Date: 05-09-2010
Venue: Mohyal Colony School
Attendance: 15
In Chair: Sh. Shyam Sunder Dutta,
After the recitation of Gayatri Mantra & Mohyal Prarthana and welcome of the members by the President,
the minutes of the meeting held on 01-08-2010 were read out and passed, unanimously. Shri VM Mehta
then presented the statement of Accounts which was also unanimously passed.
Community News:(a) GMS Managing Committee meeting will be held on 12-09-2010 at Mohyal
Foundation. This will be the first meeting of the newly elected managing committee.
(b) Counseling Camp for students (class 7 to 11) is scheduled to be held from 11 to 14 Oct. 2010 at the
facility provided by Shri PK Datta at Manesar.
(c) Shri PK Datta is giving financial aid to 21 widows which is a very noble gesture.
(d) Mohyal Ashram at Vrindavan is likely to be ready by Baisakhi 2011 .All mohyal brothers and sisters are
requested to come forward with their donations, the Ashram will have the following facilities:
7 suites, 3 deluxe rooms, 28 double rooms, 6 dormitories, 3 staff rooms, Library, Prayer room, Dinning room,
Solar water heating system, Backup Power etc.
(e) Boys and girls keen to join the Armed Forces as commissioned officers may contact Col. Vaid
(9810365905) for free coaching at Delhi/ Gurgaon.
In the open house discussion that was held in a very cordial manner, members spoke on the following
(1) To increase membership it is necessary to reach out to the people and make personal contact with
(2) Youth should be encouraged to take some responsibility in managing the affairs of the sabha.
(3) Healthy atmosphere should be created and women oriented activities undertaken to encourage ladies to
become active participants.
(4) Mutual inter-action should be based on respect and trust.
Next meeting will be held at the residence of Shri P.K. Datta on 03-10-2010 at 5 P.M. where everybody is
cordially invited.
The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair after which tea and biscuits were served to the
Food for Thought: (i) How strange is the logic of our Mind? We look for compromise when we are wrong &
we look for justice when others are wrong.
(ii) In spite of many favours, if we refuse once, all farours done earlier are forgotten.
(Contributed by Nikhil Mohan, age 22 yrs., Yamunanagar).
                                                                                      Subhash Chhibber, Secy.

Date: 29-08-2010
Venue: R/o Sh. Jagdish Lal Mehta
Attendance: 40
In Chair: Sh. Sham Sunder Dutta,
After the Gayatri Mantra and Mohyal Prarthana, led by Smt. Sushma Kumari Mehta, the house observed two
minutes’ silence, in the memory of the wife of Shri Swarn Lal Chhibber of London, who expired recently. A
letter of condolence was sent to Shri S.L. Chhibber.
The house was apprised about the position of the construction of the Mohyal Bhavan and was informed that
the opening ceremony of the Bhavan will be held before the 3rd Sunday of October, 2010. The
announcement was greeted with cheers. A list of donors for the Bhavan was read and the same was
applauded by all present. It was decided to display the list on a Board at the Bhavan Hall, once construction
was completed.
The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair and the host, who donated Rs. 150/- each to the
GMS and the local sabha.
                                                                               Vijayant Bali, Gen. Secy.

Date: 05-09-2010
Venue: Mohyal Bhavan, Jammu
In Chair: Shri N.L. Bakshi I.A.S
         (Retd.), President
After the Gayatri Mantra and Mohyal prayer, the minutes of the last meeting were read out and confirmed.
Sad News: The house observed two minutes’ silence in the memory of Sh. Joginder Kumar Bali, Bk Om
Parkash Vaid (s/o the late Sh. Bk Thakur Dass), Smt. Kosham Devi Dutta (w/o Sh. Poonchi Lal Dutta), Sh.
Hansraj Dutta (s/o the late Sh. Charan Dass Dutta), Smt . Satya Devi Dutta (w/o Shri Shanti Swaroop Dutta)
and Sh. Subash Vaid, who had left for their heavenly abode, recently. The house prayed for the grant of
peace to the departed souls and strength enough to the bereaved families to bear their losses.
Financial matters: The Treasurer presented the Income and Expenditure Statement for the month of Aug,
2010, which was approved unanimously. The house also unanimously decided to increase the honorarium
of Shri Mehar Singh Dutta , Manager of the sabha, by Rs. 500/- per month. The Secretary informed the
house that 10 members have agreed to continue to contribute towards “A Rupee A Day” scheme. The house
appealed to all Mohyal brothers & sisters of Jammu to become members of the above scheme and donate
rupee one per day to strengthen the sabha. The house also unanimously resolved to authorise the
President and the Treasurer to jointly open, and operate, Fixed Deposits for amounts, that can be
conveniently spared from the Saving Bank Accounts with any bank, to the maximum advantage of the
Good News: The house congratulated Shri Bansi Lal Bali on his 76th birthday. Shri Bali distributed sweets to
the members and donated two Durries (Mats) to the local sabha and Rs.501/- to the GMS.
The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair.
                                                                                      J.P. Bali, Joint Secretary
                                                                                            Mob: 94192-03296

Date: 08-08-2010
Venue: R/o Shri Rakesh Bali
Attendance: 19
In Chair:        Shri S.K. Bali,
After the Mohyal prayer, led by Smt. Veena Bali, the house decided to arrange a picnic on a large scale and
invite members of the community, through issue of invitation cards.
All members paid their respective membership fee for the year 2010-2011.
Donations: i) Rs. 500/- by Smt. Maan Kaur, mother of Shri Ajit Singh Datta.
ii) Rs.100/- by Shri Durgesh Bali, on his getting his first increment.
The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair and the hosts.
                                                                                           S.K. Bali, President
                                                                                         Arun Dutta, Secretary

Date: 29-08-2010
Venue: R/o Shri Anil Bakshi
Attendance: 36
In Chair:        Col. K.C. Bali,
After the Gayatri Mantra and welcome to Miss Shruti Bali, who was attending the meeting after a long
absence, the proceedings of the previous month’s meeting were read out and confirmed, unanimously.
Good News/Donations: 1. Rs. 101/- each by Shri Anil Bakshi and Smt. Vidya Bali (Nani) on Shri Gaurve
Bakshi, s/o Smt. Renu and Shri Anil Bakshi, being selected as a Senior Electrical Engineer at Larson and
Toubro. He will be posted to Muscat.
2. Rs. 101/- each by Shri Anil Bakshi and Smt. Vidya Bali (Nani) on Ms. Garima Bakshi, d/o Mrs. And Mr.
Anil Bakkshi, on her participting in a Music Concert, organized by M/s. Mercury Entertainment Ltd. where
she reached the semi-final.
3. Rs. 101/- by Smt. Vijaya Bali, on the 1st birthday of Bhoovi Bali, d/o Smt. Rita Bali and Shri Pankaj Bali, on
A sum of Rs. 2,200/- was presented to the winners of the Kitty Draw. A game of tambola was played, that
was enjoyed by everybody.
The meeting concluded, with a vote of thanks to the Chair and the hosts, after Shanti Path and shouts of
‘Mohyal Sabha ki Jai’
                                                                                   Satyendra Chhibber, Secy.
                                                                                           Mob.: 9829695357

Date: 15-08-2010
Venue: Matt Mandir
Attendance: 12
In Chair:        Shri Ajay Bali,
After the Mohyal prayer, the minutes of the meeting held on 04-07-2010 were read out and confirmed,
64th Independence Day: The members congratulated each other on the 64th Independence Day and wished
that the country progresses in leaps and bounds.
Annual Function: It was decided to finalise the arrangements for the Sabha’s Annual Function in the
current year, at the September 2010 meeting which is expected to be attended by a large number of
Happy News: Marriage of Shivdeep Vaid (Happy), s/o Smt. Bimla Vaid and Shri Prem Swaroop Vaid, with
Priyanka (Priya), d/o Smt. Satya Devi and Shri Om Nath Sharma, was solemnized on 20-07-2010. The
parents of the groom donated Rs. 201/- each to the GMS and the local sabha. The house congratulated and
blessed the newly married couple.
The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair.
                                                                               Sardari Lal Datta, Secretary

Date: 04-07-2010
Venue: R/o Shri B.K. Chhibber
In Chair: Shri Devi Dayal Bali,
After the Gayatri Mantra and Mohyal Prarthana, the house was informed about the illness of Smt. Anita
Datta, w/o Shri Brij Mohan Datta, and that of Smt. Raj Rani Vaid, w/o Shri Krishan Gopal Vaid. All prayed
for their early recovery.
The house was happy to know that Km. Divya Datta, d/o Smt. & Shri Chander Mohan Datta, has been
promoted by her employers, who, after considering her outstanding performance, have doubled her
Punctuality award was given to Shri Harbans Lal Vaid.
The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair and the hosts and a Jaikara of “Jai Mohyal”.
                                                                                 Harish Kumar Bali, Secy.

Date: 15-08-2010
Venue: NMSA Club, Vashi
Hosts: Smt. & Sh. Pran Nath Vaid.
Attendance: 25
In Chair: Shri J.N. Mehta,
After the Mohyal prayer, the minutes of the last joint meeting with M.S. Pune, on 25-07-2010 at Lonavala,
were read out and confirmed, unanimously. Thereafter, the house welcomed the newly joined life members
and their families.
The General Secretary greeted the house on the 64th Independence Day, which co-incidentally marked the
successful completion of two years of the Navi Mumbai Mohyal Sabha. He appreciated the support and co-
operation of all brothers and sisters for this achievement and appealed to the members to bring more
Mohyal families, known to them from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, to join the fraternity.
The day being the 2nd Foundation Day of the sabha, the house decided to institute “Shri N.K. Mehta
Memorial Scholarship”, in the memory of the Founder President of the sabha. The amount of the scholarship
will be Rs.500/- per month, for one year, and it will be awarded to a Mohyal student, who secures more than
90% marks in his/her SSC examination.
To the delight of everybody, Shri Rajiv Mehta of Mulund, who had newly joined the sabha, distributed car
stickers, with the Mohyal Logo, to all present, as a token of his love and affection towards the Mohyal
Smt. Neela Bali, Treasurer, resigned from the post for personal reasons. In her place, the house
unanimously elected Shri Vinay Bakshi.
It was proposed to have the Mohyal Mela 2010 in December 2010. The final date and venue will be finalized
and circulated, at the earliest.
Donations: i) S/Shri JN Mehta, Ramesh Bali and Prithviraj Chhibber donated Rs.500/- each towards “Shri
N.K. Mehta Memorial Scholarship Fund”.
ii) Shri Mahesh Mehta donated Rs. 500/- to the sabha, on the birthday of his wife, Smt. Leena Mehta.
The house conveyed its greetings to the members whose birthddays/marriage anniversaries fall in the
months of August and September, 2010.
The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair and the hosts.
         Ramesh C. Bali, President                                                        Mob. 919969229516
                                                                                       J.N. Mehta, Gen. Secy.

Date: 05-09-2010
Hosts: Smt. Veena Chhibber
       and family
Venue: Party Room, AVCC
Attendance: 41
In Chair: Lt. Gen. G.L. Bakshi,
         PVSM (Retd.)
After the Mohyal Prayer, the minutes of the meeting held on 01-08-2010 were read out and confirmed,
Sad News: Smt. Adarsh Mehta w/o Shri S.L. Mehta (Chhibber) and d/o the late Col. MNC Dutta (a very
senior and prominent Mohyal, who was the Senior Vice President of the GMS), expired in U.K. on 15-08-
2010. The house prayed to God Almighty to grant peace to the departed soul. The house also conveyed its
heartfelt condolences to Smt. Asha Dutta (w/o Col. P.S. Dutta), who is the sister-in-law (Bhabhi) of the late
Smt. Adarsh Mehta.
Salient Points from Mohyal Mitter Aug ’10 Issue: The President highlighted, for the information of the
members, the salient points covered in the Mohyal Mitter August, 2010, Issue:
(a) He drew the attention of the members to the piece written by Shri SK Chhibber, which also included a
photograph of the ‘Mohyal Bhawan’ at Inderpuri, as it existed in olden times. The journey, from the times,
when that old photograph was taken, to the present-day Inderpuri Complex’, is a shining tribute to the
outstanding leadership provided and the exceptional contribution made to the community, by Rzd BD Bali
and his dedicated team.
(b) It is a matter of pride for NMS that Shri Khushi Ram Mehta Ji (Vaid) has been specially felicitated in the
Mohyal Mitter, on his attaining the age of 101. The President requested Smt. Veena Chhibber, d/o Shri
Khushi Ram Mehta, to convey to her father, the best wishes and prayers of all NMS members, for his good
health and long life.
(c) The President informed the members of the Training Camp, being organized by the GMS at Manesar
(Haryana), and advised those, having children in the age groups indicated, to make use of this opportunity
for the benefit of their children.
Non-receipt of Mohyal Mitter by Members: A number of members complained that they were not regularly
receiving their copies of the Mohyal Mitter. The President advised them to follow the laid down procedure of
making a written complaint to the Post Office in their respective areas and send a copy of the same to GMS
for the necessary ‘follow up’ action by them.
Picnic at Flora Farms in Nov. ’10: All were informed that it was proposed to organize, on a contributory
basis, a picnic at Flora Farms (on Greater Noida Road), on a Sunday in Nov 2010, after consultation with
Shri BR Datta, on his return from USA in Sept. 2010.
Distribution of ‘NMS Directory’: The President thanked Shri Sunil Dutta, Col. PS Datta, Shri JM Chhibber,
Capt BK Vaid and others, who assisted in this project, for the good work done, in bringing out the first edition
of the ‘NMS Directory’. Shri Sunil Datta was requested to take on the responsibility of getting copies thereof
printed and coordinating their distribution to the members of the sabha. He was also requested to maintain,
with the help of Shri JM Chhibber, a ‘Master Copy’, for incorporating amendments/additional inputs, when
the second edition is printed.
Felicitations: The President and the members felicitated those members and their spouses, whose
birthdays/marriage anniversaries were falling during the current month.
Monthly Topic: A lively discussion took place on the topic “Is decontrol of prices of petroleum products,
without reduction of taxes on them, an appropriate step under the present inflationary conditions?”
Conclusion: The meeting concluded, after Shanti Path and a vote of thanks to the Chair and the hosts.
Thereafter, a short game of Tambola was played before dispersal.
                                                                                Capt. B.K. Vaid, Secretary

Date: 13-09-2010
Venue: R/o Shri Lochan Mohan
Attendance: 24
Host: Smt. Nandita Mohan
In Chair: Shri Sat Parkaksh
After the Gayatri Mantra and exchange of local news, the house welcomed the members, who were
attending the meeting for the first time.
The house congratulated Rzd. BD Bali for his sweeping success in the GMS Election and wished him further
laurels in building the Mohyal organisation.
All the members present were introduced.
Complaints were received of non-receipt of copies of Mohyal Mitter and that the September issue of the
Mohyal Mitter was not received till the 13th of the month.
(Note by the GMS Secretariat – The September issue of MM was dispatched only on 09-09-2010, for
inclusion of the result of the elections to the Managing Committee of the GMS that was declared on 05-09-
Six copies of book “Afghanistan Revisited” authored by Shri R.T. Mohan have been ordered from the GMS.
These will be distributed, on receipt.
The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair and the host for serving tea and snacks.
                                                                                        H.D. Bali, President

Date: 05-09-2010
Venue: Airports Authority of India Officers’ Institute
In Chair: Gp. Capt. D.C. Mehta,
The monthly meeting was clubbed with “Shri BD Datta Memorial Lecture”, being held every year in
September, which coincidenatally happens to be the month of the birth and death of the late Shri Budh
Devji. This was done to ensure that all members of the sabha get an opportunity to personally
oversee/supervise the arrangements.
Secretary Shri MM Mehta requested the members to assemble, in advance, so as to afford him the
opportunity to commence the meeting and brief all present of the actions initiated and of the plans on the
anvil for the conduct of the day’s programme. The aim was to take stock of the situation and to
discuss/review the various requirements. Gp Capt DC Mehta placed on record the appreciation and the
gratitude of the house to Shri MM Mehta & Ajay Datta, Secretary & Treasurer, respectively, of the sabha, for
their relentless efforts in organising the event.
After receiving the guests, that included the Chief Guest Prof JS Bali, who was slated to give the Memorial
Lecture, and Rzd. B.D. Bali, President GMS, who presided over the function, the 2nd Memorial Lecture in
honour of the late Shri BD Datta commenced.
                                                                                 Shri MM Mehta, Secretary

Date: 12.09.2010
Venue: Gautam Modern School,
       Mayur Vihar Phase-III
Hosts: Smt. & Shri Ashwani Kumar Datta
Attendance: 21
In Chair: Shri BM Bakshi (Vaid)
After the Mohyal Prayer and observation of two minutes’ silence in the memory of those Mohyal brothers
and sisters, who had left for their heavenly abode during the month of August, 2010, the minutes of the last
meeting were read out and confirmed, unanimously.
The house offered its felicitations to Rzd. B.D. Bali and his team, for winning the GMS 2010 Elections.
There were loud shouts of “Long Live B.D. Bali—Long Live GMS”. The President said that he had personally
conveyed congratulations to Rzd. B.D.Bali, who in turn had appreciated the good work being done by MS
Vasundra Enclave and for having regular meetings with almost 100% attendance; though it was relatively a
small sabha.
Non-receipt of Mohyal Mitter copies by some members was noted with concern.
Donations: Rs.101/- by Smt. Nidhi Vaid, w/o Shri Rajesh Vaid from Noida, on the occasion of the birthday
of her daughter, Reet, on 22.09.2010.
The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair and the hosts.
                                                                              B.M Bakshi (Vaid), President
                                                                                        Mob: 9313346412
                                                                                G.L. Chhibber, Genl. Secy.
                                                                                        Mob: 9911152778

           Ms. Priya Dutt MP welcomed by MS Amritsar
During her recent visit to Amritsar, Ms. Priya Dutt, MP, d/o of the late Sh. Sunil Dutt, former Union
Minister, was accorded a warm welcome by the Bhai Mati Dass ji Mohyal Sabha, Amritsar.

In the photograph, with Ms. Priya Dutt, are Sh. Sunil Dutta (Datti) Ex-Mayor, Amritsar, Sh. Devinder
Bali President, Sh. Anil Dutta Senior Vice President, Sh. Subash Bali General Secretary, Sh. Davinder
Vaid, Sh. Inderjit Dutta, and others of MS, Amritsar.

On the Trail of Ancestors
Recently I, Bk. Lalit Kumar Dutt, with my wife Smt. Sujata Dutt, & family, accompanied by Rzd. Prahlad
Kumar Bali, his wife Smt. Bala Bali & family, went on a pilgrimage to Orissa. We visited the ancient
temples at Konark and Puri. At the Jagan Nath temple at Puri, we contacted our Panda, who maintains
old records of Mohyals of Mirpur (J & K) and Bhalla Karyala, Tehsil Chakwal (now in Pak.). After
ascertaining from us the names of our ancestors at these places, and, after searching his big Pothi
(large register), he told us that Bakshi Devi Dayal Dutt and his wife Smt. Dhanwanti Dutt, of Mohyalla
Bakshian, Mirpur Town of Jammu, in J & K, had visited the Puri Jagan Nath Temple in 1820. They had
come on a Bullock Cart, all the way from distant Mirpur and stayed in their house. Similarly, Rzd.
Prahlad Kumar Bali came to know that his father Rzd. Salig Ram Bali, with his brothers & cousins, had
visited Puri, on their holy trips, before partition. We were very happy to see the names of our
ancestors, written in their own hands.
The record maintained by the Panda reveals that, in ancient times, our brave ancestors were highly
religious and used to visit distant holy places, without fear.
I hereby appeal to my Mohyal brothers and sisters, who may visit Puri, to contact the Panda and enter
their names, addresses and purpose of visit, along with places of their origin, in the Pothi, maintained
by him, for the information of our coming generations. His address is as under:-
Shri Kalijug Janardan, B.Com, L.L.B At Harachandi Sahi P.O. & Distt. Puri (Orissa)-752001.
His contact no: 06752-230001, 230003, 231000,230913.
He is a renowned Panda and has the record of the Mohyal community of Punjab, J&K, Haryana,
Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Sind (Pak.) Karachi, NWFP, Afghanistan, and many others places of U.P,
such as Benares, Allahabad etc.
I am happy to donate Rs.250/- towards the GMS Education Fund.
                                                                            —Bk. Lalit Kumar Dutt,
                                                                  34A, Naveen Park, Sahibabad (U.P.)
Donations towards Widow Fund
  Shri P.K. Datta, r/o H-33, Residency Green, Sector 46, Gurgaon (Haryana), has donated Rs. 20,000/-,
towards the GMS Widow Fund.
 Shri D.P. Datta, r/o 393, Model Colony, Yamuna Nagar (Haryana), has donated Rs. 500/- towards the
GMS Widow Fund.
 Shri S.N. Datta, r/o 8/11, Kalkaji Extension, New Delhi-110019, has donated Rs. 1500/-, towards the GMS
Widow Fund, for giving financial aid to two widows, for one month.

  The accounting period of Mohyal Mitter subscription is from 1st January to 31st December
  every year. Those of our esteemed patrons who subscribe to Mohyal Mitter on yearly basis,
  are requested to please remit their subscription of Rs. 100/- for the year 2011 to GMS,
  through their respective local Mohyal Sabhas or directly through Money Order/Bank Draft by
  31st December 2010. No individual reminders will be issued by this office for renewal of
  subscription. Those, who send their subscription by Money Order, are requested to send a
  confirmatory letter subsequently, as nowadays. Money Orders are being sent through satellite
  channels, due to which the message on the coupon of the Money Order is not transmitted by
  Dept. of Posts. All concerned are also requested to send their particulars in the following
  format alongwith their subscription.
  (a) ID Number (for existing subscribers. This is given in the address portion of the envelope
        in which the MM is sent)
  (b) Name (in Capital letters)
  (c) Complete Postal Address (in capital letters)
  (d) Pin Code
  (e) Amount remitted
  (f) Year of MM subscription:
  (g) Whether a New Subscriber of renewal subscriber (if you are renewing the subscription,
        please do not forget to quote your ID Number)
  (h) If you are sending the amount for other purposes also, please indicate the following:
  (i) For Mohyal Mitter:          (For the year)…………
  (ii) For GMS Membership (For the year)…………
  (iii) For Other Purposes
            Place:                                                              (Dharam Vir Mohan)
                                                                                   Secretary General
 The particulars of boys and girls for matrimonial alliance are as furnished by the parties
 concerned. Parents/guardians are advised to satisfy themselves regarding the
 correctness of the same. GMS or the Publisher or the Printer or the Editor of the Mohyal
 Mitter are not responsible for the veracity of the particulars of the boys or girls, in any
 manner whatsoever.
(List 16-08-10 to 15-09-10)

331. Bali. 03.07.80, B.E. working in a reputed automobile co based at Raipur, transferable job with a
package of 5.8 lacs p.a. Seeks well cultured adjusting nature and professionally qualified girl. Contact: Mob:
9926202110, 8109000115. E-mail:,
332. Bali (Manglik). 14.03.78, 5’-10”, B.Com, MBA, working in ICICI Bank, package Rs. 9 lacs p.a. Contact:
Mob: 9760102870, 9760361805.
333. Datta. (Manglik). 14.1.85, 5’-4”, BA, PGDCA, DOEAC, M.Sc (Computer Science) Match from
Chandigarh, Panchkula, Yamuna Nagar, Saharanpur, preferred Contact: Mob: 9412508143.
334. Bhimwal. 28.7.80, 5’-5”, matric, working in Pvt. Company at Yamuna Nagar, salary Rs. 5,000/- p.m.
Contact: Mob: 9355550008.
335. Bhimwal. 1979, 6’-0’’, working as Manager in MNC, drawing 7.7 lacs p.a. Seeks suitable match.
Contact: Shri S.C Mehta, Ph: 011-25535856, 9910976767.
336. Chhibber. (Anshik Manglik). 03.09.82, 5’-11”, fair, smart, MA (English), Diploma in Mass
Communications, working in TATA AIG as Business Development Manager, salary Rs. 30,000/- p.m.
Educated working girl preferred. Contact: Mob: 09896649577, 09316162675.
337. Chhibber. 7.11.79,      5’-10”, fair, matric, Mobile Engineer, salary Rs. 10,000/- p.m. Homely girl
preferred. Contact: Shri Ashwani Chhibber, 72/5, Hakikat Nagar, Jind-Haryana. Ph: 01681-225873,
338. Chhibber. 02.10.83, 5’-10”, B.Com, MBA, working as Assistant Manager in reputed firm. Salary 3.25
lacs p.a. Contact: Ph: 01732-290560, Mob: 9812089865.
339. Chhibber. 28.01.76, 5’-8”, undergraduate, fair, private job in Gurgaon, salary Rs. 10,000 p.m. Contact:
Ph: 25372794, 9868629727.
340. Chhibber. 15.02.79, 5’-9”, fair, slim, graduate in Hons. and pursuing MBA IT certification, IT System
Analyst. Preferred educated homely and good looking suitable match. Contact: Ph: 0013122356757, Mob:
341. Chhibber. 07.08.83, 5’-5”, Matric, own business. Homely girl residing in Patiala required. Contact:
9316111016, 9781275141.
342. Chhibber. (Manglik), 18.11.82, 5’-8”, fair, MBA, diploma in MCSC, working in MNC at Gurgaon.
Educated working girl preferred. Contact: Ph: 011-25621207, Mob: 9871399015.
343. Datta. (Manglik), 18.7.86, 5’-8”, Matric, working with Bajaj Showroom at Ambala. Contact: Mob:
344. Dutta. (Manglik), 8.10.77, 5’-4”, fair, good physique, BA from Delhi University, working as a Cardiac
Lab Technician in reputed Hospital for last 5 years. Salary Rs. 15,000/- p.m. Contact: Mob: 9818590845,
9211223429, 9289009923.
345. Dutta. 19.12.82, wheatish, 6’-0’’, B.Com, MBA, own business, Contact: Ph: 0191-2431653, Mob:
346. Dutta. (Manglik), 9.09.85, 5’-8”, Graduate, MBA, working in Railways. Contact: 9868201384,
347. Dutt. 31 years, 6’-2”, tall, fair, handsome and has athletic build. He is a traditional family oriented,
good-natured boy, own business, American Citizen. If interested please send bio-data and picture. Contact:
348. Dutt. Nov. 1978, 5’-11½”, MBA, Mumbai based own house, handsome working in ICICI as a Manager
(Dev.), Contact: Mob: 9286364560, 9359794992.
349. Dutt. 05.07.85, 5’-6”, fair, handsome, MBA employed in MNC, salary 3 lacs p.a. Contact: Shri Vimal Kr.
Dutta, Mob: 9899503335.
350. Lau. October 1978, 5’-7”, MBA (Marketing & Finance), postgraduate in Banking &Finance, teetotaler,
working in a private sector bank in Jaipur as Assistant Vice President. Professionally qualified match
desired. Contact: Mrs. Suman Bakshi. Mob: 8955555026.

351. Lau. 30.08.84, 5’-9”, fair, studying and working in Sydney, income approx Rs. one lac p.m. Contact:
Mob: 98104 44469.
352. Mohan. (Anshik Manglik), 23.02.81, 5’-10”, BCA (Specialization Information Security) Manager,
WIPRO, salary 9 lacs p.a. Contact: Mob: 9872660914.
353. Mohan. 28.11.80. 5’-7”, MBA, working as Manager in Govt. Bank, salary 6 lacs p.a. Contact: Mob:
9717043733, 9818372652.
354. Vaid. 14.01.78, 5’-5”, B.E (Computer Science & Engineering), working as Senior Engineer in an IT
Company at Noida, and drawing good package, residing in own house at Noida. Desires professionally
qualified beautiful, working and homely girl. Contact: Ph: 0120-4231377, e-mail:
355. Vaid. 23.11.84, 5’-6”, fair, B.Tech. (E& C) Development of Electronics Technology, Guru Nanak Dev
University Amritsar, Exec. Program in Management from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), working in
Management Consultancy. Income five figures. Contact: Dr. Santosh Vaid, Mob: 9419182235.
356. Vaid (Anshik Manglik). 07.09.75, 6’-1½”, B.Com, NIIT Computer Diploma, proficiency in acquiring
ISO certification, working as Manager (HR) in a Faridabad industry, salary Rs. 2.5 lacs p.a. Desires a
qualified tall working girl. Contact: Ph: 0120-2400544,

357. Bali. 1985, convent educated, BA with diploma in Fashion from IIFT, tall good looking, very fair,
vegetarian, working in a reputed buying house in Gurgaon as Merchandizer, package Rs. 3 lacs p.a.
Compatible tall, handsome, Manglik boy, well-settled from cultured family desired. Contact: Mob:
358. Bali. 09.08.84, 5’-2”, M.Com, B.Ed, M.Phil, pursuing M.Ed, working as a teacher in Pubic School at
Yamuna Nagar. Well educated, well settled match desired. Contact: Ph: 01732-2664000.
359. Bali. (Manglik), 14.01.78, working as Asst. Manager in Genpact Jaipur in Bank Loan Group, having
B1/B2 Visa valid for 10 years of US (already visited 4 times in 2 years). Seeking a professionally settled
match.      Contact:     Mob:     9926202110,       8109000115.       E-mail:,
360. Bhimwal. 03.02.1981, 5’-3”, 10+2, with ITI course in fashion designing cutting and sewing. Contact:
Mob: 9355550008.
361. Bhimwal (Manglik). 12.02.86, 5’-1”, M.Com, B.Ed, fair, slim. Contact: Mob: 7206111507.
362. Chhibber. 23.11.81, 5’-2”, B.Com, MBA (Finance) from Symbosis, well settled family. Contact: Mob:
011-45679858, 9212092455.
363. Chhibber. 27.02.78, 5’-5”, postgraduate, fair, beautiful, working in a BPO at Gurgaon. Contact: Ph:
011-25372794, 9868629727.
364. Chhibber. (Manglik), 16.07.81, 5’-0’’, PGDCA, M.Sc, Astrologist, wheatish, teacher, salary Rs.
10,000/-. Preferred match having Govt. job. Contact: Mob: 9896412593, 9996494110.
365. Chhibber. 18.08.85, 5’-5”, fair, 12th one year Computer Course. Contact: Mob: 9873879535,
366. Chhibber. 09.12.81, 5’-2”, B.Sc, MCA, working with MNC at Gurgaon, caste no bar, family settled in
Chandigarh. Contact: Mob: 9988099716, 9815015887, 9868201384.
367. Chhibber. 10.11.81, 4’-11”, M.Com, fair, good natured, teacher in private school. Desired well
educated, teetotaler, non-smoker, non-drinker match. Contact: Shri Chander Mohan Chhibber. Mob:
368. Chhibber. 08.03.85, 5’-0’’, fair, good natured, working in private Hospital as Accountant. Desired well
educated, teetotaler, non-smoker, non-drinker match. Contact: Shri Chander Mohan Chhibber. Mob:
369. Chhibber (Manglik). 01.11.76, 5’-4”, B.Com, Computer Course, working as LIC Agent, drawing
12,000/- to 15,000/- p.m. Contact: Mob: 9811950614.
370. Chhibber. 10.11.90, 5’-2”, doing BA, fair, homely. Contact: Mob: 9729569156.
371. Chhibber (Manglik). Sep. ‘83, 5’-7”, smart, M.A, B.Ed., pursuing M. Ed, teaching in a private school.
Suitable match within Delhi/NCR desired. Contact: Mr. Chhibber. Ph: 011-25023594.
372. Datta (Manglik). 20.08.85, 5’-4”, 12th Pass, Basic Computer Course. Contact: Shri Ravinder Kumar
Datta, H.No 88, Ward No 5, Near Punjab National Bank, Doiwala, Dehradun, Mob: 9219818534,
373. Datta. (Manglik), 25.11.90, 5’-2”, BA, fair, homely. Contact: Mob: 9050736967.
374. Dutta. 30.04.80, 5’-3”, fair, smart, M.Com, Last Semester. Contact: Ph: 32629698, 9350277955.
375. Dutta. 09.07.88, 5’-3”, graduate, fair, Contact: Ms. Chanchal Dutta, Ph: 32629698, 9350277955.
376. Dutta. (Manglik), 31.8.88, 5’-5”, BA, course in Interior Decoration, fair, beautiful, slim and working.
Contact: 9899967063.
377. Datta. 05.10.84, 5’-1”, B.Com, (Pass), from Delhi University, fair, slim, working in a CA firm, as
Accounts Executive. Contact: Mob: 9910720014, 9871619678, 9868105899.
378. Datta. 30.12.78, 5’-3”, fair, slim, M.Com, B.Ed, Diploma in Computer, teaching in a school. Contact:
Mob: 0171-2557445.
379. Lau. 1986 born, fair, 5’-4’’, graduate (Prestigious College, DU), MBA (Regular), working in US based
MNC at Gurgaon, parents well settled in New Delhi. Boy from cultured family with good qualifications- CA,
Engineer, Defence Officer, settled Businessman, executive preferred. Contact: (M) 09971010063,
380. Mohan. 16.09.83, 5’4”, fair, Associated Degree in Science and Child Development, dual citizenship of
India and USA. Contact: 9717920886.
381. Mohan. (Anshik Manglik), 17.04.82, 5’-4”, fair and sharp features B.Com, PG Diploma in Retail
Management from New Delhi, employed in MN Garment Store, Delhi. Salary Rs. 20,000/- p.m. + incentive.
Contact:  Ph:   0121-2559912,     Mob:     9927266286.      suitable  match   Delhi/NCR.      E-mail:

The matrimonial get-together is now being held quarterly, i.e., once in three months.
The last get-together was held on the 26th September 2010, at the Mohyal Bhawan, EG-29, 30-31,
Inderpuri, New Delhi-110012. A report there on will be published in the next issue of Mohyal Mitter.
The next quarterly get-together will be held at the Mohyal Bhawan, Inderpuri, New Delhi, on the 26th
December 2010 (last Sunday of December 2010), at 11.00 AM. All those, who are desirous of finding
a suitable match for their ward(s), are advised to attend the get-together, where, not only lists of
suitable boys and girls will be available, but their parents/guardians will be at hand for preliminary
discussions. It will be better if the parents/guardians bring photos & horoscopes of the boys/girls
concerned, at the get-together.
                                               Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber, Secretary Matrimonial, GMS
                                                Smt. Amba Bali, Convener, GMS Matrimonial Committee

 1. Mr. Rajiv Vaid s/o Shri Surinder Mohan Bakshi Vaid of Aakriti Apartments WED Shalu Bakshi Lau d/o
 Shri Ashok Bakshi Lau, of Gandhi Nagar, on the 3rd June 2010.
 2. Mr. Bhuvan Chhibber s/o Mr. Ashok Mehta Chhibber of Delhi WED Roopam Vaid d/o Mr. Sunil Vaid of
 Yamuna Nagar, on the 9th September 2010.
 3. Ms. Poornima Bakshi d/o Mr. Mr. Vinay Bakshi of Faridabad WED Diwakar Datta s/o Mr. Prem
 Parkash Dutta of Yamuna Nagar, on the 20th September 2010.
                                                                            Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber
Secretary Matrimonial, GMS
  Roma Weds Dhiraj: Roma, d/o Smt. & Shri Chandra Prakash Dutta, r/o Dutta Parivar-363, Arya
Nagar, Sitapur-261001, tied the nuptial knots, with Dhiraj, s/o Smt. & Shri Nirupam Mohan, r/o C/1302,
Indira Nagar, Lucknow, on the 17th May 2010.

On this happy occasion, the bride’s father, Shri C.P. Dutta, donated Rs. 250/- to the GMS.

Smt. Sudesh Kumari & Shri Prem Parkash Mehta (Mohan): On the marriage anniversary of himself
& his wife, Smt. Sudesh Kumari Mehta (Mohan), on the 10th August 2010, Shri Prem Parkash Mehta
(Mohan) of Hoshiarpur has donated Rs. 101/- to the GMS.

Infatuation, Lust & Virtue
—Ms Meena Datta
In all religions & teachings of Gurus, unethical infatuation is compared to sensory lust and sin. Some seers &
psychologists however describe that temptation or infatuation is a normal & significant trait of human beings.
For example, when one finds a beautiful flower with pleasing fragrance in a garden, one is attracted towards
that. To satisfy this temptation, there are two paths, one through internal praise & appreciation of the
creation of God, the other path is to pluck the flower to satisfy the lust & destroy the beauty of the flower.
The difference is obvious in the two approaches. One of the paths is virtuous and the other path is sinful or
Let us consider another example, more nearer to our sensory possession & infatuation related to that. One
comes across a brilliant scientist, a sportsperson or a beautiful/handsome person. Every normal person is
bound to get attracted to such a person. It is the motto with which one gets attracted that is important. Is it
for praise or appreciation (a virtuous motto) or forceful possession (Vice)?
Thus attraction or temptation/infatuation is a natural instinct, but there are norms & ethics which should
govern the process of satisfying the inner urge. What is ethical & virtuous for one society could be
considered sin or vice in another society.
Let us consider the marriage system in various societies. Marriage between cousins is quite normal amongst
Muslims & Christians, but if the same happens in the Hindu community, there could be all types of disputes,
even honor killings. Even amongst Hindus, there is a vast difference in north India & south India. Whereas,
in south India, marriage between maternal uncle & niece is a norm, in north India, the same will be a sin.
This one example of marriage system clearly shows that to declare an action as virtuous or sinful is very
complicated. The norms also keep on changing. A few decades earlier, live-in without marriage was
considered a sin, but not so today. One can quote plenty of examples in pros & cons. Ultimately how do we
tell our youth as to what is right & what is not?
For the younger generation, the Bhagvad Gita is the best support system of life.
The virtuous & vice aspects of infatuation is fully explained in the verses 58 to 72 of the second Chapter of
Bhagvad Gita.
One falls back to the wonderful dialogue between Lord Krishna & Arjuna. The Lord has first elaborated on
the characteristics of a person of stable mind, because such a person is predominantly a virtuous person.
A person with a stable mind is compared to a tortoise, which draws in its limbs from all directions and so the
person with a stable mind withdraws his sense from the sense- objects. It is the turbulence or instability in
the mind, which makes the mind to act abnormally. There is strong need for a controlling mechanism to keep
the mind in virtuous path.
In verses 62 to 65, the Lord then explains that a person, dwelling on sense – objects, develops attachment
for them, from attachment springs desire, and from desire (if unfulfilled) comes anger. The anger in turn
leads to confusion, illogical actions and sinful actions. To avoid that eventuality, the Lord has advised self-
The verses 64 to 66 are reproduced which explain the conditions under which one takes a right decision
(Virtuous) or a wrong decision (vice or sinful).
“But the self-controlled sadhka while enjoying the sense-objects through his senses, which are disciplined
and free from likes & dislikes, attains placidity of mind”
“With the attainment of such placidity of mind ,all his sorrows come to an end; and the intellect of such a
person of tranquil mind soon withdrawing itself from all sides, becomes fully established in God “
Thus disciplined acts lead to virtuous action. “He who has not controlled his mind and senses can have no
reason, nor can such an undisciplined man think of God (virtue). The unthinking person can have no peace;
and how can there be happiness for one lacking peace of mind.”
Thus in conclusion, a person with instable, undisciplined mind is likely to commit mistakes & sinful activities.
To be virtuous, it requires stable mind & discipline. Infatuation or temptation for attaining a good object is a
normal trait. If the pursuit for attainment of the object is through ethical process, it is virtuous.
As the saying goes “if the wishes were horses even beggars would ride”, it is important to follow an ethical
path to achieve the object. Failure to do that would mean that either the pursuit was not strong enough or
the object was not worth the pursuit.
Again as the Lord has said, “You do your duty well, leave the fruit to the will of Lord”.
It is comparatively easy to write and give sermons but difficult to put in practice. The bottom line is however,
how our youth react to that. My advice to our youth is to critically analyze before taking any action or
choosing a specific path. It is good for them to see a role model in their teacher, mother, father, grandfather,
grandmother etc. On the other side, as elders, it is our moral duty also to step in their shoes and understand
what they want. We have to understand with patience and hold their hands at each and every step like our
Lord Krishna did for Arjuna.

1) MERIT is now an approved Programme Study Centre for Jamia Millia Islamia Centre for Distance and
   Open Learning. The approved courses are ADCHNT (Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware
   Networking Technology) and CCIT (Certificate in Computer and Information Technology). Admission is
   open. For details, contact MERIT. The URL for Jamia Millia Islamia is Last date of
   Admission is 30th September 2010.
2) Admission open for DOEACC CCC (Course on Computer Concepts) for duration of 3 months.
3) Admission open for MES (Modular Employable Skills) courses under NCVT (National Council of
   Vocational Training) under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India.
4) CSI has given seed money for development of a Project titled ‘Mobile Empowerment in Rural India
   (Agriculture & Healthcare)’. Volunteers who want to contribute in the above project can contact MERIT.
5) Admissions are open for COPA (Computer Operator Programming Assistant) trade under NCVT
   (National Council of Vocational Training). For further details, contact at MERIT Phone Nos: 011-
   26968829, 26961182.

Mundan Ceremony
 The Mundan Ceremony of Master Ishan Mohan, s/o Mrs. & Lt. Col. Manu Mohan, grandson of Mrs.
Col. V.B. Mohan, and great grandson of Mrs. & Ordnance Officer D.C. Mohan, r/o A-33, Ved Vihar,
AWHO Trimulghery, Secunderabad (AP), was celebrated on the 25th July 2010, at Jhansi (UP)

On   this   auspicious   occasion,   Col.   V.B.   Mohan     donated    Rs.   1001/-   to   the   GMS.
  Shri Suraj Parkash Bakshi (Vaid), s/o Bakshi Salig Ram Vaid of Lahore, was born in Village
Begowala Ghartal, Dist. Sialkot (Pak.), on the 7th July 1918, and was educated in Lahore. On partition,
the family shifted to Delhi and, in 1992, to Noida. In 2005, they moved to Bikaner, Rajasthan, (B-323,
Karni Nagar, Lalgarh, Bikaner), where they are residing now.

Bakshi Salig Ram Vaid had retired from the Punjab Police, Shimla, in 1953. Later, he had been the
President of the Mohyal Sabha and worked for the welfare of the community. His Nanaji was Rzd. Jog
Dhian Bali of Ratifal, one of the pioneers and founder members of the GMS, who had a major
contribution in the construction of the Mohyal Ashram at Lahore.
The family feels proud and honoured, when they recall the yeoman service rendered by their ancestors
for the welfare of the community.
Shri S.P. Bakshi had married Bimla Kumari, d/o Rzd. H.C. Bali, Principal Govt. College, Dharamshala,
in 1943. He retired from the Delhi Police in 1976.
Bakshi Suraj Parkash Vaid, who is 92 now, has donated Rs. 11,000/- towards the Langar Fund at
Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar, in memory of his place of birth and date of birth.
Date of Langar: 7th July.
  Shri Revti Raman Bali (31st January 1940-20th Sept. 2009) of Kala, Distt. Jhelum (now in Pak.), s/o
the late Sh. Shiv Ram Das Bali & the late Smt. Sumitra Bali, had left for his heavenly abode on the 20th
September 2009, at his residence, 60- A, Sunder Apartments, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi. He was a
very honest, social, and sincere person, who was always ready to help others. The void created by his
death cannot be filled. He is fondly remembered by his relatives and friends.
“We know that he is there with us smiling and guiding us like a shining star. His ideal path, values and
vision are being followed by his wife, Shanti Bali, son, Nirav Bali, daughter-in-law, Juhi Bali and grand
children, Prachi and Arav.

It is true that a year has passed, but his memories are still fresh in our minds and hearts. We think
about him each day and miss his love, care and guidance.”
On the first death anniversary of Shri Revti Raman Bali, in his fond & loving memory, his son, Nirav
Bali, has donated Rs.11000/-, towards the Langar Fund at Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar.
Date of Langer: 20th Sept.
  Shri Tapish Datta r/o 2/105, Vikas Nagar, Paloti Road, Jammu, has donated Rs. 11,000/- to the GMS,
towards the Langar Fund at Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar, im memory of the late Shri Sant Ram Datta.
Date of Langar: 17th Dec.
  Dhruv Dutta, (s/o Shri Surinder Dutta, r/o J-13, Vikas Puri, New Delhi) & Kartik Dutta – Life Member,
GMS (s/o Shri Varinder Dutta, r/o 12801, Gate Port Court, Herndon, Virginia, USA– 20171), both
grandsons of the late Shri Krishan al Dutt & the late Smt. Uma Dutt, have donated Rs.11,000/-,
towards the Langar Fund, at Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar, on the death anniversary of their grand father,
the late Shri Krishan Lal Dutt, on the 12th September 2010, with the following tribute to him:

“Persons taken away from this world are often considered a material loss. Have you ever wondered
what they left behind, when they boarded into the worldless dimension? The answer is you, me & us;
the values, knowledge & wisdom, which we collected from them, during their life-time.
We have been blessed with the same from our grand parents, the late Shri Krishan Lal Dutt & the late
Smt. Uma Dutt. As we stand today, on the innate ideology of simple living & high thinking, which our
grand parents inculcated in us since our childhood, it helps us to succeed in any difficult situation.
They had played all the significant roles of being mentors,caring parents, and friends & philosophers
when needed. When we value the doctrines & morals of the person, who has left this world behind,
that is when the person actually lives through our eyes. Papaji & Dadiji, even though you are not
among us now, you are still engraved within our hearts.
We love you very much and miss you with each passing breath.
Dhruv Dutta & Kartik Dutta”.
Date of Langar: 12th Sept.
  Bhai Ramesh Chander Chhibber & Smt. Saroj Bala Chhibber, have donated Rs. 11,000/- to the
GMS, towards the Langar Fund at Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar, in memory of their parents, the late Bhai
Ram Nath Chhibber & Smt. Soma Wanti Chhibber, on the occasion of the death anniversary of their

Date of Langar: 15th Dec.
Bhai Ramesh Chander Chhibber hails from Bhala Karyala, Distt. Jhelum (now in Pak.) and is ordinarily
resident of village Dehra Salimpur, Distt. Ambala, but now is living with his son at 1581, Sector-17,
HUDA, Jagadhari . The family feels proud to be the descendants of the great Mohyal Martyr Bhai Mati
Dass Ji Chhibber.

Donation for Suite/Room in Vrindavan Ashram
  Ch. S.N. Datta, r/o 8/11, Kalkaji Extension, New Delhi-110019, has paid a further instalment of Rs.
25,000/-, towards donation for a suite in the Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan, in the memory of his late
father, Mohyal Ratna Ch. Harnam Das Datt. With this, the total amount donated by him for this
purpose is Rs. 1,75,000/-.
  Shri O.K. Mehta r/o D-65, Narmada Apt., Alaknanda, New Delhi-110019, has paid a further
instalment of Rs. 4 lakhs towards donation for 3 rooms in the Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan, to be
distributed as under:
(i) For a room in memory of Smt. Nirmal Mehta–Rs. 1,20,000/- (with this, the payment towards this
room has been made in full.)
(ii) For a room in memory of Smt. Indira Mediratta (Vaid) – Rs. 1,40,000/-. (With this, the total payment
made so far for this room is Rs. 1,80,000/-, leaving a balance of Rs.70,000/- yet to be paid.)
(iii) For a room in memory of Shri Inder Datta-Rs. 1,40,000/-. (With this, the total payment so far made
for this room is also Rs.1,80,000/-, leaving a balance of Rs.70,000/- yet to be paid.)
  Dr. Lajja Devi Mohan, r/o 463-L, Model Town, Panipat, has paid a further instalment of Rs. 50,000/-,
towards donation for a room in the Mohyal Ashram, Vrindavan, in memory of her husband, Dr. Mehta
Vasishtha Mohan. With this, the total payment made by her, for this purpose, is Rs.1.50 lakhs.

Langar Fund Vrindavan
  Wg. Cdr. Mumtaz Bhadur Dutt (Retd.) r/o #912, Sector 7, Panchkula-134109, has donated Rs.
11,000/- towards the Langar Fund at Mohyal Ashram, Vrindavan, on the occasion of the death
anniversary of his wife, the late Smt. Pratishtha Mohan Dutt, on the 30th October 2010. Date of
Langar: 30th October.

Donation for Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan
 In July 2010, Shri Sushil Kumar Chhibber & Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber, r/o C-80, Niti Bagh, New
Delhi-110049, had announced a donation of Rs. 51,000/- for the Mohyal Ashram, Vrindavan, against
which they had also made a payment of Rs.11,000. They have now paid a further instalment of
Rs.10,000/-, towards the same, bringing the total payment to Rs.21,000/-.

Addition to Trust
  Km. Manisha Dutta, r/o C4C/115, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058, has donated Rs. 500/- to the GMS,
on the 43rd death anniversary of her Nanaji, the late Mehta Madan Lal Mohan, on the 5th September
2010, to be added to “Smt. Shanti Devi Mohan & Mehta Madan Lal Mohan Bazaar
Sarafa/Bartanwala Rawalpindi Trust”

Donation towards Medical Treatment
  In response to the Appeal, published in MM of August 2010, the Mittar Mohyal Manch, H-111, Army
Flats, Mansadevi Complex, Sector IV, Panchkula-134109, has contributed Rs. 11,000/-, for the
medical treatment of Shri Krishan Lal Bali, suffering from a serious heart disease.
The Trust has also thanked the GMS, for taking up such humanitarian issues and for providing
financial assistance to needy Mohyal brethren.

Mohyal Couple Wins Bridge Championship
The Chandigarh Senior Citizens’ Association, which has a membership of nearly 1500 top retirees of
Chandigarh, held an Open Bridge Tournament, at the Central Club, Chandigarh, on the 17th July 2010.
12 teams participated and the team of Shri A.K. Datta, IPS (Retd.), r/o No. 530, Sector 8-B,
Chandigarh-160009, with his wife, Smt. Mohinder Datta, as Partner, were declared as Champions.
They were profusely congratulated by the President and other members of the Executives watching
the tournament.

Raghav Lau (Bakshi) Selected for Electrical Engineering
Raghav Lau (Bakshi), s/o Shri Rakesh Lau & Arun Bakshi, r/o Lower Mutti, Jammu, has been selected
for training in Electrical Engineering, after passing the J&K Service Selection Board Examination,
2010. On this happy occasion, his parents have donated Rs. 500/- towards the GMS Education Fund.

Raghav is the Dohta of Bhai Ved Vyas Datta of Mendhar.
High Marks
Nalin Chhibber, s/o Smt. Reema & Shri Ashok Kumar Chhibber, r/o 211, Vikas Kunj, New Delhi-
110018, and grandson of the late Smt. Yagya Devi & Shri K.L. Chhibber, has scored over 90%
marks, in his Class XII Examination.
On this occasion, his father, Shri A.K. Chhibber, donated Rs. 251/- each, for the Mohyal Ashram,
Haridwar, and the Mohyal Ashram, Vrindavan.

Rakesh Chhibber
Appointed in ITC
After successfully completing BE (Computer Science) from Gwalior, and MBA (Marketing) from
Nagpur, Ch. Rakesh Chhibber, Pota of the late Smt. Prem Lata & Shri Krishan Lal Chhibber of
Amlai (MP), and Dohta of the late Smt. Vimla Mehta & Shri Kasturi Lal Mehta of Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi, has been appointed in ITC InfoTech, Bangalore.

On this occasion, Shri P.K. Chhibber, r/o D-9, Sanjay Nagar, Distt. Anuppur-484120 (MP) (Mob:
09826688543), has donated Rs. 501/- towards the GMS Education Fund.

                                         DEATH & TAXES
 ‘Death and taxes are certain, but death isn’t an annual event’.
 GMS expresses its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and prays to God to grant
 eternal peace to the departed souls and strength to their families to bear with fortitude their
 irreparable loss.
                                                                    D.V. Mohan, Secretary General
Bakshi Dhanraj ji Chhibber (85), (affectionately called Daddy ji by his children and grand children)
s/o the late Sh. Brij Lal Chhibber & Smt. Maina Wanti of Bhera (W. Pak.), former General Secretary,
GMS, breathed his last, in the wee hours of the 15th August 2010, in New Delhi.
My first meeting with Daddy ji was in the Parliament House, New Delhi, in 1979, when he was working
as Dy. Director in the Lok Sabha. That year, I married his daughter, Sarita. He was, and always will be,
an inspiration of love and generosity for all of us. His warmth and care towards others showed no
boundaries or prejudice. His charisma and mature demeanor endeared him to one and all, who knew
him. He had been chosen by the Almighty God to fulfill His mission.
Bakshi Dhanraj ji is survived by wife, Smt. Kamla Bakshi, son & daughter-in law, Sh. Anil Bakshi &
Smt. Joyotisha Bakshi, daughters, Smt. Sarita Bakshi, w/o. Sh. Harish Bakshi, Smt. Vinod Mohan &
Smt. Alka Bakshi, w/o. Sh. Ashok Dutta, grandchildren, Priyanka, Aishwarya, Prerna, Saurabh,
Abhishek & Vaibhav.
It has been more than a month since he was taken away from us, but the pain still lingers, though we
know that he is safe in the Lord’s hands. The true tribute to him will be that we follow the path shown
by him.
People like Bakshi Dhanraj ji never die, they simply fly away to settle in the sky, like an ever- shining
star, that we can always see.
On this sad occasion, his son-in-law, Shri Harish Bakshi (Vaid), donated Rs. 500/- towards the GMS
Widow Fund.
Remembered by all near & dear, who were associated with Bakshi ji.–Harish Bakshi Vaid, B2A/28
Janakpuri, New Delhi-58 Tel: 011-25523866.

Shri Baldev Datt Mehta (01-02-1925 – 08-08-2010)
Shri Baldev Datt Mehta, Secretary, MS, Modinagar, r/o Gali No.2, Bhupenderpuri, Modinagar (UP),
expired on the 8th August 2010. He is survived by sons, Kulbir Mehta, Raghubir Mehta & Balbir Mehta,
daughter, Santosh Mehta, son-in-law, Surinder Mehta and grandsons, Dr. Sameer Mehta, Deepak
Mehta, Abhishek Mehta & Anirudh Mehta.

Uthala was performed, on the 11th August 2010. On this occasion, the family donated Rs. 500/- to the
GMS.–Kulbir Mehta, Mob: 09319047737.

Dr. Narinder Kumar Dutta
Dr. Narinder Kumar Dutta,      s/o the late Ch. Ram Nath Dutta & Smt Soma Wanti Dutta of “Kanjrur
Duttan”, Tehsil Norowal, Distt. Gurdaspur (now in Pak.), breathed his last on the 12th July 2010, at
Phoenix, USA, after a prolonged illness. He was cremated there, on the 17th July 2010, in the
presence of family members.
Dr. Narinder Kumar Dutta was born on the 18th March, 1936, in New Delhi. He had his early education
at Harcourt Butler School, New Delhi. He pursued his pre-medical from the Delhi University and did
MBBS from Patiala (Punjab). He migrated to the USA, in the early nineteen sixties, and settled in St.
Louis. He specialized in gynecology and practised in St. Louis, for more than 40 years.
He is survived by his wife, Carole, two sons, Dr. Devin Kumar Datta & Dr. Jason Chander Datta, a
daughter, Asha Ranee Datta (MBA from New York University), and four granddaughters & two
grandsons. He also leaves behind two brothers, viz., S.K.Dutta and V.K. Dutta, sister-in-law Ravi
Dutta, a nephew, a niece and a grand niece.
On this sad occasion, his elder brother, Shri S.K. Dutta, has donated Rs. 5000/- to the GMS. Delhi.–
S.K. Dutta, A-2/154, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi-110029

Shri Surrinder Dev Mehta
Shri Surrinder Dev Mehta,          s/o the late Shri P.N. Mehta/Soma Vanti Mehta, expired on the 8th
August 2010, after a brief illness. His Kriya, held on the 11th August 2010, in the Geeta Mandi, Central
Town, Jalandhar, was attended by friends, relatives (who came from far & wide), and Mohyal Biradari,
including S/Shri Gulshan K. Datta, Navinil Datta, B.S. Vaid, Prof V.K. Datta & others.

Shri Surrinder Mehta had retired from the MES, Jalandhar. He was a soft-spoken, reserved & honest
person, and was a devoted MES official, who had struggled in life. He is survived by wife, Savitri
Mehta, and two sons.
He was the brother of the late Shri Narrinder Dev Mehta and Shri Naresh Mehta, founder President of
Mohyal Youth Punjab, who had been honoured by Rzd. B.D. Bali ji, during his visit to Jalandhar.
On this sad occasion, his brother, Shri Naresh Mehta, r/o No. 833, H.B. Colony, G.T.B. Nagar,
Jalandhar, donated Rs. 200/-, towards the GMS Sabha Fund, through Shri G.K. Datta & Prof. V.K.
Datta, with a prayer to God to grant peace to the departed soul in heaven.
Shri. Krishan Lal Datta (92)
Shri Krishan Lal Datta, passed away on the 11th Aug., 2010, in Bharuch (Gujarat). Kriya was held on
21.08.2010, at A/I01-102 Maitrinagar, Bholav, (Bharuch) attended by family members.

Shri Krishanlal Datta was the son of the late Shri. Prithmichand Datta, who hailed from village Bajwala
Datta, Distt. Jhelum (now in Pak). After partition, he had settled at Bharuch (Gujarat).
He was 2/Lt in the INA and had fought in Burma (now Myanmar), during the Second World War. He
was honoured by the Government of India as a Freedom Fighter:
After independence, he joined the Indian Railways, and earned a name for himself as a man of
principles. He retired as HGC in the Western Railway (Baroda Division) in 1978.
He was a staunch Mohyal and always helped the needy.
We pray to Almighty to grant eternal peace to the noble soul.
On this sad occasion, his son, Shri Vijay Kumar Datta, donated Rs. 500/- to the GMS.–Vijay Kumar
Datta, B/72, Meghdoot Township, (Opposite Bus Stand) P.O. Zadeshwar, Distt. Bharuch-392011 (Gujarat)
Tel: 02642-231730 Mob: 9428721158.

Shri Vijay Vaid
Sh. Vijay Vaid (42), s/o Sh. Avdiha Vaid & Smt. Kanta Vaid, of Gujran Wala (now in Pak.), settled at
Dhandari, Ludhiana, left for his heavenly abode, on the 29th July 2010, in the prime of his youth.

He was working in Oswal Company and was a sincere and obedient worker. He was a staunch
Mohyal, and was a very helpful, noble and religious person, always ready to help others. He was
highly respected and admired by his friends, relatives and the community.
He was the nephew of Sh. Raghu Nath Vaid & Smt. Nirmal Vaid; brother of Smt. Suresh Chhibber,
Smt. Chander Prabha Bali & Smt. Sunita Bali; son-in-law of Sh. Harbans Lal Mehta, Sh. Dilbagh Rai
Mehta & Krishan Gopal Mehta; Jija of Smt. Neelam Vaid & Smt. Poonam Chhiber,
Kriya (Rasam Pagri) was performed on 8-8-2010, at the Dharamshala, Dandari, attended by a large
number of persons from all walks of life, who paid rich tributes to the departed soul. . He left behind,
wife Mamta Vaid, and son Master Nikhal Vaid, c/o Akhal Vaid.
On this occasion, Nikhal Vaid donated Rs. 200/- to the GMS and made other donations to the
Dharamshala, Mandir Dhandri etc.—Nikhal Vaid        C/o Sh. H.L. Mehta, H.No. 88, Geeta Colony,
Yamuna Nagar.

Mangal Sain Mehta
Shri Mangal Sain Mehta (75), Subedar (Retd.), s/o the late Smt. Vidyawanti & Mehta Ram Lal Vaid,
hailing from village Wadhrawan, Tehsil Kharian, Distt. Gujrat (now in Pak.) left for his heavenly abode,
on the 25th July 2010, at village Mandoli Yamuna Nagar, due to cancer in throat.

He was married to Smt. Shakuntla d/o Sh. Daya Ram Bali and sister of the late Mangal Dev Bali, Shri
Deputy Bali of Rawalpindi (Pak.) & Smt. Leela Wanti.
He was a very religious and pure-hearted soul. They always said “Do Kaam Karna Pyare, Izzat Sai
Jeena Aur Izzat Sai Marna”. He had sacrificed a lot for the family. He was active and healthy till the
His cremation was attended by Mohyals, relatives and friends, including members the Muslim
community of the village.
His Uthala on the 3rd August 2010 at Radha Krishan Mandir, Village Mandoli, was also attended by a
large number of Mohyals and relatives.
He is survived wife Shakuntla Mehta, three sons Anil Mehta, Vijay Mehta & Manoj Mehta, daughters-
in-law Kiran Mehta, Rita Mehta and Vandana Mehta, three daughters Sunita, Anita & Rita, Potas
Tareen Mehta, Shubham Mehta, Hrithik Mehta & Jai Mehta and two Ladli Poties Bhavna & Kumud and
Dohtas and Dohties.
On this occasion, Mehta Parivar donated Rs. 100 each to MS Jagadhari Workshop and the GMS.

Smt. Parkash Datta
Smt. Parkash Datta, w/o the late Sh. Sita Ram Datta, left for her heavenly abode on 27.08.2010 at
Ambala City. She was the mother of Shri Manmohan Datta, Zonal Secretary, and mother-in-law of
Smt. Neeru Datta, Vice President, Istri Wing, of MS Ambala City. She was a liberal donor and had
been donating to GMS, MS Ambala City and various religious institutions. Her qualities of head & heart
had endeared her to her family, friends, relatives, Mohyals as well as the general public. She was very
social and was always ready to help others. She was a staunch Mohyal, who inspired her family to
follow the true Mohyali traditions. She was caring, generous, pious and kind-hearted and whosoever
came in contact with her was deeply touched by her humility and warmth. She left an everlasting
impression on the people, who met her, as she had a fund of knowledge, which she always shared
with others.
She was a very good daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, mother, mother-in-law,
grandmother, and great grandmother and a role model in all these for others to follow.
When she was ill, the family had provided her the best medical treatment but to no avail.
She is survived by sons Chander Datta, Manmohan Datta, Capt. Vinod Datta and daughter Chanchal.
Her Kirya and Rasam Pagri were performed on 05.09.2010 at Prem Mandir Dharamshala, attended by
relatives, friends, a large number of Mohyals and people from all walks of life. Rich tributes were paid
to her by Sh. J. P. Mehta President & Sh. Ashwani Bakshi Gen. Secretary, MS Ambala City, on behalf
of the local sabha and the GMS, and by the prominent Mohyal Industrialist, Bhai G.D. Chhibber.
On this occasion, her son Capt. Vinod Datta donated Rs. 11000/- to the GMS for the Vrindaban Langar
Fund and Rs. 1100/- to Ms Ambala City. Date of Langar: 27th Aug.

  Smt. Lakshmi Devi: On the 65th death anniversary of his mother, Smt. Lakshmi Devi, w/o Mehta Ram
Sahai Mohan, on the 5th August 2010, her son, Shri Prem Parkash Mehta (Mohan) of Hoshiarpur, has
donated Rs. 101/- to the GMS.
  Mehta Ram Sahai Mohan: On the 30th death anniversary of his father, Mehta Ram Sahai Mohan, Retired
Postmaster, (originally from Karyala, Teh. Chakwal, Distt. Jhelum, Pak.), on the 23rd August 2010, his son,
Shri Prem Parkash Mehta (Mohan) of Hoshiarpur, has donated Rs. 101/- to the GMS.
  Shri Harish Chander Bakshi: The death anniversary of the late Shri Harish Chander Bakshi is being
observed on the 1st October 2010.
He had retired as Superintendent (Customs & Central Excise) from Ghaziabad (UP). He was a thorough
gentleman, who had held the family together with his good, simple & co-operative nature.
He had worked for the welfare of Mohyals in Ghaziabad and left an everlasting impression on those, who
came in contact with him.
On this sad occasion, his wife, Smt. Vimal Bakshi, has donated Rs. 1000/- towards the GMS Widow Fund.
Fondly remembered by:Smt. Vimal Bakshi, C-69B, 1st Floor, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019 Tel: 26477009.
  Sh. Siri Ram Mehta: The 9th death anniversary of Sh. Siri Ram Mehta, a staunch Mohyal and a great
personality of the Mehta Parivar of Parasia/Chhindwara (MP), was observed on 21.08.2010 at Nagpur, He
had expired, after a brief illness, on the 21st August 2001, leaving his near & dear stunned. On his Barsi,
sons Subhash, Arvind and Vijay Mehta performed Pooja, attended by friends and Mohyals, and served
Brahm Bhoj. His daughter Kamlesh Datta also performed Pooja and made donation in the Mandir at
All remembered his qualities of head and heart and devotional & God-fearing nature. His hard work for the
welfare of the family and the Mohyal community was also remembered.
Shri Siri Ram Mehta was the son of the late Sh. Sant Ram Mehta, related to Shri Harnam Dass Chhibber,
who had taught Lady Minto and her daughter. He was born in 1917 in Pind-Dadan-Khan (Pak.) and served
in Newton Colliery, Parasia & ACC. He had been honored many times with appreciation, being a member of
the Tennis and Football teams of ACC. He was married to Krishna Mehta, and had three sons, Subhash,
Vijay & Arvind (daughters-in-law, Mamta, Veena & Renu) and one daughter, Kamlesh, married to Prof. V.K.
Datta s/o the late V.P. Datta, Founder Patron, D.M.S, Jalandhar, all well-settled in life. He retired in 1977,
settled in Chhindwara (M.P.), and led a simple peaceful retired life. He endeared himself to every one, who
came in contact with him. He is missed by his family & friends.
On his Barsi, Smt. Krishna Mehta donated Rs. 500/- to the GMS Ashram Fund, through Shri Neeraj Datta,
who donated in Mandir also. All prayed to Almighty God, to rest his soul in peace in heaven.–Prof V.K.
Datta, 159, Lajpat Nagar, Opp. Red Cross Bhawan Jalandhar City.
   Smt. Shakuntala Datta: The 6th death anniversary of Smt. Shakuntala Datta (Kunti) w/o the late Suraj
Parkash Datta, s/o Mehta Malik Chand Datta of Haranpur (Pak), a staunch Mohyal, Arya Samajist of
Jalandhar, was observed on 21-08-2010. On this occasion, her sons, Randhir & Ranbir and Bhanji Kamlesh
Datta performed Pooja, Havan & Brahman Bhoj and made donation at the Geeta Mandir, Lajpat Nagar,
Jalandhar. They remembered her good qualities and devotional nature.
She had struggled hard to make her sons settled in life. Her sons, Randhir & Ranbir, are married to Shashi
& Nisha, respectively, from Mohyal families.
She was the daughter of the late Ishar Dass Chhibber of Amlai. She was soft-spoken, with a religious bend
of mind. She was God-fearing and led a pious life with dignity. She was known as “Jhai Jee” to all family
members. She always helped the needy and the poor. She was admired and respected as a unifying force
and strength of the family. She was a devotee of Ram Sharnam Shakuntala Bahen Ji of Panipat Ashram.
We all miss her benign presence every moment.
May her soul rest in peace.
On her Barsi, Prof. V.K. Datta/Kamlesh Datta donated Rs. 150/- to the GMS Ashram Fund, as a mark of
respect to the departed soul.–Prof V.K. Datta, 159, Lajpat Nagar, Opp. Red Cross Bhawan Jalandhar City.
  Shri Surinder Kumar Mehta: The 3rd death anniversary of the late Shri Surinder Kumar Mehta (of
Roorkee), s/o Shri H.L. Mehta, nephew of Shri P.L. Mehta and cousin of Shri Yogesh Mehta, was observed
on the 1st September 2010, by family members, by performing Pooja.
On this occasion, Shri Yogesh Mehta donated Rs. 500/- towards the GMS Widow Fund.
   Mehta Bal Krishan Lau– ‘You Are With Us’: The 30th death anniversary of Mehta Bal Krishan Lau s/o
Smt. Lakshmi and Mehta Ram Lal Lau (of Akalgarh, Gujranwala), was observed on the 28th August 2010. He
left this world on the 28th August 1980. He was a staunch Mohyal, a revolutionary, an athlete and an artist.
He was the father of Dr. Ashok Lav (Editor -Hindi, Mohyal Mitter), Shri Raman Lau, Shri Kamal Kant Lau,
Smt. Sushma Sharma and Smt. Anita Vaid.
Rich tributes were paid to him by family members, viz., Smt. Naresh Bala & Dr. Ashok Lav, Smt. Lily & Shri
Raman Lau and Smt. Suman & Shri Kamal Kant Lau (sons and daughters-in-law); Smt. Richa Mehta, Smt.
Shambhavee Mehta Bhasin and Ms. Parul Mehta (grand daughters); and Shri Eeshan Mehta & Shri Pulkit
Vaid (grandsons).
On this occasion, in loving memory of his father, Dr. Ashok Lav donated Rs.500/-, towards the GMS
Education Fund.
Pitaa! deh to naheeh hai tumharee sang hamaare,
phir bhee hamesha rahate ho tum sang hamaare!
We all love you and miss you.!
–Dr. Ashok Lav, Flat No-363, Surya Apartments,Sector-6, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075.
   Shri Sunehari Lal Chhibber: On the 96th birth anniversary, on the 14th August 2010, of the late Shri
Sunehari Lal Chhibber, Advocate, his relatives and close friends remembered him and prayed for the peace
of his soul.
On this occasion, Shri Sushil Kumar Chhibber & Smt. Krishan Lata Chhibber, r/o C-80, Niti Bagh, New
Delhi-110049, donated Rs. 500/- to the GMS, to be added to the existing trust, viz., “The late Shri Gujjar Mal
Chhibber & Lajwanti Devi Chhibber of Village Tanda Distt. Hoshiarpur, Punjab, Educational Trust”.
 Smt. Maya Devi Vaid:
Smt. Maya Devi, w/o the late Pandit Amar Singh, Advocate, Model Town, Lahore, had left for her heavenly
abode on the 9th Sept, 1960, at the residence of her son-in-law, the late Sh. A.C. Bali, former News Editor,
The Tribune.

She was the mother of Smt. Lilawanti Bali, Smt. Shanti Mehta, Smt. Bimla Bakshi & Smt. Sushila Soodan:
Ms. Pushpa Vaid and son Shri Rajinder Vaid had died young. Her sons-in-law S/Shri A.C. Bali, Narender
Bakshi, Prem Prakash Soodan and Krishan Gopal Mehta had achieved high positions, reputation, name and
fame, during their lifetime.
One’s Nana–Nani are as loveable and precious as one’s parents, having no substitute in the whole world.
Our prayer to God Almighty is to bless our Nani ji, wherever she is at present.
On her death anniversary on the 9th September 2010, Shri Satish Bali donated Rs. 51/- to the GMS.
   Satish Bali/Chetna Bali/Ramesh Bali/ Umi Datta/Manmohan Mehta, Kurukshetra (Mob: 08053435720)
 Rzd. Dewan Chand Bali:
Rzd. Dewan Chand Bali (72) s/o the late Shri Harnam Dass had passed away, in 1955, at Ambala
Cantt. His wife, the late Smt. Maya Devi, had died, much earlier, in Lahore. His sons were S/Shri A.C.
Bali, former News Editor. The Tribune, K.C. Bali, IPS, APMC (APMG), Prem Prakash Bali, C.C. Bali,
Engineer in HAL, Bangalore, and P.C. Bali, Freedom Fighter, Scholar and Pleader.

Rzd. Dewan Chand Bali had retired as PMG, during the British time. In appreciation of his services, he
had been awarded Gold Medal, by the then Governor, Sir Michael O’ Dwyer. He also won a medal for
Voluntary War Work in India, during 1914-1919.
He was noble, straight-forward and pure at heart, to whom many had looked forward, for advice and
guidance. He was of a religious bent of mind and, a day before his death, he had attended the
Bhartiya Sanskriti Sammelan, upto 11:00 P.M. The next morning, he had felt uneasy and his brother,
Dr. P.N. Bali, had given him the best of medical aid. But he could not survive and had left for his
heavenly abode, at 1-45 P.M.
May God keep his noble soul in His kingdom.
In his memory, Shri Satish Bali has donated Rs. 51/- to the GMS.
Remembered by: Lt. Col. Sarat Bali (Retd.)/Lt. Col. Vinod Bali (Retd.)/Sh. Ramesh Bali/Sh. Uday Bali
(Bangalore)/   Satish     Bali/All     Grandchildren.      Mob:        8053435720      (Kurukshetra)/
9914822401(Chandigarh)/9845130193 (Bangalore).

  Shri Sarja Bali: Smt. Kamal Datta, r/o C4D/4-A, Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 donated Rs. 500/- to
the GMS towards the Mohyal Ashram Vrindavan fund, on the 1st death anniversary of her son-in-law,
Sh. Sarja Bali, on 05.08.2010. On this occasion, his daughter pays tributes to her father, as under:
A daughter’s tribute to her father
The one who treasured my tears like pearls
The one who lovingly untangled my curls
The one who sang to put me to sleep
The one whose love was unconditional and deep
Dad, who could it be except you?
  The one who used to be my horse
  The one who amidst dark was my torch
  The one who bought me teddy bears
  The one who showered me tender cares
  Dad, who could it be except you?
The one who taught me to walk
The one to whom I could endlessly talk
The one who carried me on his shoulder
The one who made me feel bolder
Dad, who could it be except you?
  The one who treated me like a doll
  The one who held me when I would fall
  The one who called me his little princess
  The one who showed me the road to success
  Dad, who could it be except you?
The one who took me to the mall
The one who attended my every call
The one who never let my faith be shaken
The one who never let my heart be broken
Dad, who could it be except you?
  The one who was most dear to me
  The one with whom it was fun to be
  The one who made me stand on my feet
  The one whom I would never meet
  Dad, why did it had to be you?
  I love you, I miss you.
                                                                                            Shreya Bali
                                                                                     DGII/132, Janakpuri,
                                                                                      New Delhi-110058

Sr. No. Name of Donor                                Address                                                Amount

                                         ASHRAM FUND ACCOUNT
 1. Shri Govind Ram Mehta                Flat No.302-D, Regal Shipra Suncity, Indrapuram, Ghaziabad.          1100
 2. Shri Romesh & Sh. Satish Bali        2033, Sector-4, Kurukshetra, Haryana.                                 101
                                       BENEVOLENT FUND ACCOUNT
 1. Ms. Suversha Mohan                 C-64, Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024.                          11000
 2. Shri S.N. Dutta                    8/11, Kalkaji Extension, New Delhi-110019.                         500

                                       EDUCATION FUND ACCOUNT
 1. Smt. Agyawati Datta                C/o Sh. Anand Vinod Datta, B-91, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar-4,
New Delhi.                             501
 2. Col. Ravi Bakshi                   H.No. 632, Sector-28, Noida.                                       500
 3. Prof. V.K. Datta                   159, Lajpat Nagar, Opp. Red Cross Bhawan, Jalandhar, Punjab-
144001.                                500
 4. Dr. A.C. Vaid                      C/o Shri A.K. Datta, 530, Sector-8 B, Chandigarh UT.               251
 5. Shri Sardari Lal Datta             C/o Mohyal Sabha, Kathua, J&K.                                     251
 6. Shri Ramesh Bali                   99, Azad Nagar, Moradabad,U.P.                                     151
 7. Smt. Uma Devi Bhimwal              C/o Mehta Vishwa Mitter Bhimwal, H.No.1172, Sector-18C,
Chandigarh.                            101

                                       EDUCATION FUND TRUST ACCOUNT
 1.   Smt. Nirmal Bakshi Chhibber      H.No.1454-A, Purewal Nagar, Nakodar Dist. Jalandhar, Punajb.     11000
 2.   Shri Swarn Lal Mehta Chhibber    84-B, Telephone Place, London SW6 1TH UK.                         5000
 3.   Capt. Gaurav Dutt                MAA Durga Niwas, B-1/1321, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070.         1100
 4.   Shri Vimal Sain Chhibber         RZ-5A, Palam Vihar, Sector-6, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075.           1100
 5.   Shri J.L. Bali                   7-A, Mohyal Colony, Jharsa, Gurgaon, Haryana.                     1000
 6.   Bhai Mangal Sain Chhibber        34, Begum Bagh, Meerut, U.P.                                       500

                                       HARIDWAR LANGAR FUND
 1.   Major R.C. Dutta                  1171, Sector-7, Panchkula, Haryana.                             11000
 2.   Mohyal Sabha Saharanpur           Saharanpur, U.P.                                                11000
 3.   Dr. I.S. Dutta                    16/46A, Second Floor, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi-110018.            11000
 4.   Mehta Sunder Sarup Chhibber       104-A, Pocket J&K, Dilshad Garden, Delhi-110095.                11000
 5.   Sh. Ashcharj Lal Mehta Chhibber H.No.389D, Multani Pura, (Parav), Modi Nagar, U.P.                11000
 6.   Sh. Ashcharj Lal Mehta Chhibber H.No.389D, Multani Pura, (Parav), Modi Nagar, U.P.                11000
 7.   Shri Krishan Gopal Bali           RZ-111/3, Vaishali, Palam New Delhi-110045.                     11000
 8.   Sh. Rajinder Kr. & Sh. Ashok Bali 264-L, Model Town, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana.                       11000
 9.   Sh. Ramesh Gupta, Ashok Agarwal –                                                                 11000
      and Sh. Bal Krishan Aggarwal
10. Shri Satish Dutt Mehta             A-103, Trimbak Tower, Plot No.86, Sector-15, CBD Belapur, Navi
Mumbai.                                11000
11. Shri Siddharth Datta               K.M. Apartments, Sector-12, Dwarka New Delhi-110075.             11000
12. Smt. Prabha Bakshi                 60/954, Baldev Nagar, Ambala City, Haryana.                      11000
13. Smt. Raj Rani Bali                 B-34, Rattan Nagar, Jabalpur, M.P.                               11000

                                       MOHYAL MITTER TRUST ACCOUNT
 1. Bhai K.K., S.P., D.V. Chhibber     251, Sector-8, Panchkula, Haryana-134109                          5000
    Ms. Sheetal
                                       RADHA KRISHNA PRATIMAS FUND
 1. Smt. Amba Bali                     C-24, Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024.                          25000

                                       SABHA FUND ACCOUNT
 1. Shri Ravinder Dutta                WZ-12B, Sant Nagar, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi-110018.                1100
 2. Shri Anil Chhibber                 Flat No. 202-203, Basil Everest World, Koshet Road, Thane (W)
Mumbai.                                1000
 3. Shri Swarn Lal Mehta Chhibber      84-B, Telephone Place, London SW6 1TH UK.                         1000
 4. Shri Om Parkash Vaid               Bakshi Niwas, Mohalla Chowdharian, Phillor, Jalandhar, Punjab.     501
 5. Prof. V.K. Datta               159, Lajpat Nagar, Opp. Red Cross Bhawan, Jalandhar City,
Punjab.                            500
 6. Rzd. Satish Bali               C/o M/S. Ganesh Paper Mart, Dhounthly Bazar, Jammu Tawi, J&K.        500
 7. Shri Chander Parkash Bali      Dhingra Housing Complex, MIG-20, Mall Mandi, GT Road,
Amritsar.                          500
 8. Shri K.P. Mehta                PO. Parasia, Distt. Chhindwara, M.P.                                 500
 9. Shri Sanjeev Mohan             2/172, Raja Garden, Old Faridabad, Haryana.                          500
10. Shri Sunil Bali                C/o District Mohyal Sabha, Jalandhar, Punjab.                        500
11. Shri Suresh Kumar Mohan        WZ-34, Plot No.72, Vishnu Garden, New Delhi-110018.                  500
12. Smt. Anshul Dutta              C/o Sh. Harshbir Singh Mehta, Mohyal Sabha, Prem Nagar,
Dehradun.                          500
13. Smt. Chandra Kanta Chhibber    C/o Mohyal Sabha Barara, Ambala Haryana.                            500
14. Smt. Gaytri Chhibber           141-G, Sector 10/DLF, Faridabad, Haryana-121006.                    500
15. Shri Krishan Lal Dutta         C/o Mohyal Sabha, Faridabad, Haryana.                               251
16. Shri Satish Chand Bakshi       A5B/162B, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058.                              251
17. Shri Sunil Bali                H.No. 4597, First Floor, Pocket-2, Sector-3, Faridabad, Haryana.    251
18. Bali Family                    99, Azad Nagar, Harthala Railway Colony, Moradabad, U.P.            250
19. Shri Harsh Mehta               NJ-214, Lawn Mohalla, Jalandhar, Punjab-144001.                     250
20. Shri S.K. Chhibber             C/o Mohyal Sabha, Jodhpur, Rajasthan-342008.                        250
21. Shri Umesh Chandra Datta       Opp. General Bus Stand, Resham Ghar Factory Road, Jammu
Tawi.                              250
22. Shri Ajay Kumar Lau            H-336, Kali Bari Marg, New Delhi-110001.                             201
23. Smt. Saroj Dutta               10, Jail Road, Gurdaspur, Punjab.                                    201
24. Shri I.K. Datta                28/123, Gumanpura, Kota U.P.-324007.                                 200
25. Smt. Saroj Dutta               H.No.469/1, Rulia Ram Colony, Opp. Happy School, Gurdaspur,
Punjab.                            200
26. Smt. Veena Chhibber            A-2/002, Krishna Apra Garden, Indrapuram, Ghaziabad, U.P.            151
27. Shri O.P. Mohan                C/o Mohyal Sabha, Rohini/Pitampura, Delhi.                           101
28. Shri Sunil Dutta               C/o Mohyal Sabha, Pune, Maharashtra.                                 101
29. Shri Prahlad Bali              H.No.617, Sector-21B, Faridabad, Haryana.                            100

                                   SABHA FUND TRUST ACCOUNT
 1. Shri S.L. Dutta                S-180, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi-110048.                       15000
 2. Mehta Ascharj Lal Chhibber     H.No.389-D, Multani Pura, (Parav), Modi Nagar, U.P.                10000

                                   SAPTARISHIS PRATIMAS FUND ACCOUNT
 1. Shri Hari Sharan Datta         C4C-14/115, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058.                            1100

                                   VRINDAVAN ASHRAM ROOM DONATION
 1. Shri S.N. Dutta                8/11, Kalka Ji Extension, New Delhi-110019.                        25000

                                   VRINDAVAN FUND ACCOUNT
 1.   Noida Mohyal Sabha           13A-B-9/8, Srijan Apartments, Sector-62, Noida.                    55000
 2.   Smt. Savitri Dutt            1, Defence Estate, Gwalior Road, Agra U.P.                         50000
 3.   Capt. B.D.P. Chhibber        1-C-29 (SFS) Talwandi, Kota Rajasthan-324005.                      11000
 4.   Shri Sushil Kr. Chhibber &   C-80, Niti Bagh, New Delhi-110049.                                 11000
      Smt. Krishanlata Chhibber
 5.   Shri Narender Datta          C/o Mohyal Sabha, Bhopal, M.P.                                      2100
 6.   Shri R.K. Mohan              C/o Mohyal Sabha, Bhopal, M.P.                                      1100
 7.   Shri Vivek Datta             1374, Sector-29, Arun Vihar, Noida.                                 1100
 8.   Shri Ashok Kumar Bakshi      6, Hem Bagh, Near Shiv Mandir, Patiala, Punjab.                      500
 9.   Shri J.L. Bali               7A, Mohyal Colony, Jharsa Gurgaon, Haryana.                          250

                                   VRINDAVAN LANGAR FUND
 1. Gp. Capt. D.C. Datta &         MAA Durga Niwas, B-1/1321, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070.          11000
    Smt. Kamlesh Datta
 2. Mohyal Sabha Saharanpur        Saharanpur, U.P.                                                   11000
 3.   Noida Moyal Sabha                        13A-B-9/8, Srijan Apartments, Sector-62, Noida.                 11000
 4.   Ms. Meera & Suman Bakshi                 B-14/10, Ramesh Nagar, New Delhi-110015.                        11000
 5.   Shri C.K. Bhai                           1591/28, Faridabad, Haryana.                                    11000
 6.   Smt. Agyawati Datta                      B-91, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar-IV, New Delhi-110024.           11000

                                               WIDOW FUND ACCOUNT
 1.   Wg. Cdr. I.K. Bali (Retd.)               Inder Bhawan, Sherwan Estates, V. & P.O. Salogra, Solan, H.P.   12000
 2.   Shri P.K. Dutta                          H-133, Residency Green, Sector-46, Gurgaon, Haryana.            10000
 3.   Shri S.N. Dutta                          8/11, Kalka Ji Extension, New Delhi-110019.                      1500
 4.   Smt. Meenakshi Datta                     F-13, Lajpat Nagar-III, New Delhi-110024.                        1100
 5.   Col. (Retd.) M.M. Bakshi                 H.No.328, Sector-28, Noida U.P.- 201303.                         1000
 6.   Shri J.L. Bali                           7A, Mohyal Colony, Jharsa, Gurgaon.                               500

                                               WIDOW FUND TRUST ACCOUNT
 1. Smt. Sita Dutta                S-180, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi-110048.                                16000
 2. Shri Harish Mohan Mehta        C/o Mohyal Sabha, South East Faridabad.                                      1000
 3. Shri Narinder Dutta            117/5, Nisson Huts, NIT-5, Faridabad.                                        1000
 4.     Smt. Satyawati #1507/1, Sector-43B, Chandigarh,U.T.       1000

1.    Name in full with expanded initials
2.    Caste: Bali/Bhimwal/Chhibber/Datta/
3.    Father’s name …………………….....
4.    Mother’s name &
      caste before marriage: ………........................................……..
5.    Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY) ………………………………......….
6.    Place of Birth…………………………………………………….
7.    Place of Origin ………………………………………………….
8.    Marital Status ………………………………………………….
9.    Name of husband/wife (with wife’s caste before marriage
10. Date of marriage (DD/MM/YY) ……………………………..
11. Name & age of children & their marital status
      Name/Sex/Age/Marital Status
(i) ……………………………………………………………………
(ii) ……………………………………………………………………
(iii) ……………………………………………………………………
12. Present address with pin code…………………………........
13. Permanent address (if different from above) ……………...
14. Telephone No. (with STD code)………………………………
15. Mobile No., if any ………………………………………………
16. E-mail address, if any ………………………………………..
17. Educational qualification ………………………......................
18. Professional/Technical qualification, if any ……......……….
19. Details of fee being paid; Amount Cheque/DD No./MO
    details/Name of Bank
    I undertake that I shall abide by the GMS Constitution and the Rules & Regulations framed thereunder,
as amended from time to time.
    I send herewith an amount of Rs. 21,000.00/11,000.00/2100.00, Please tick the appropriate amount in
cash/by cheque/DD, as donation, for being admitted as Patron/Partisht/Life Member of the General Mohyal
Sabha (Regd.). and request that the I.D. Card be sent to me at the earliest.

Date:                                             (Signature)
Place:                                              (Name)

                               GENERAL MOHYAL SABHA (REGD.)
                                   ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FORM

1.   Name in full, with expanded initials…………………………
     (in block capital letters)
2.   Caste : Bali/Bhimwal/Chhibber/Datta/Lau/Mohan/Vaid
3.   Father’s Name ………………………………………...............
4.   Date of Birth/Age………………………………………………
5.   Present address with pin code………………………………
6.   Telephone Numbers, with STD code ………………………
7.   Were you a member of the G.M.S during last year Yes/No.
8.   Membership fee of Rs. 100/- is being paid in Cash/
     Cheque as per the following details:

Cash/Cheque/DD No./ Dated/drawn name of Bank & Station

I undertake that I shall abide by the GMS Constitution and the Rules and Regulations framed thereunder, as
amended from time to time.

                                                                               (Signature of the applicant)

(To be filled by the Local sabha wherever existing)

Certified that Mr./Ms…………………………………………………

is a member of Mohyal Sabha…………………………………….

since ……………………………….He/She may be enrolled as a member of GMS New Delhi).

(Secretary of Local Sabha)          (President of Local Sabha)
1.   Name……………………………………………………….........

2.   Full Address………………………………………………….

     …………………………………Pin Code…………………..

3.   Telephone No. (with STD code)…………………………

4.   E-mail address, if any…………………………………..

5.   Cheque/DD/MO particulars…………………………………

6.   Amount: Rs 100/- (Rupees one hundred only)...................

7.   Subscription for the calendar year…………………………

     Date:                                         (Signature)
     Place:                                          (Name)

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