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  October 2009 , Volume XXXII No. 3   Serving University of Toronto engineering students since 1978

Blue Skies: The Cannon goes                                             Events
skydiving at the Parachute                                                               16th Oct
                                                                                     Alumni SUDS!
School of Toronto!                                                            16th Oct - 23rd Oct
see centrefold                                                                  World Food Week

                                                                                       17th Oct
Cover shot by Behzad Aghaei                                                  Homecoming Parade
                                                                                NSBE Conference

                                                                                        24th Oct
                                                                              CN Tower stair climb
                                                                                 Fall Campus Day

                                                                                        30th Oct
                                                                                 Halloween SUDS!

                                                                        Movember charity month

                                                                                        6th Nov
                                                                                MIE Dinner Dance

                                                                                        13th Nov
                                                                                 CIV Dinner Dance

                                                                                       20th Nov
Are you Skule savvy?                                                         EngSci Dinner Dance
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2 | the   Cannon                                                                                                                                                                    Oct 2009

THe       CaNNoN                         Letter from the editor
                                         Take a risk today!
   Huda Idrees                                                                                age lives and then die average deaths. Their      who will choose to not do anything except
                                         HuDa IDrees                                          lives have had little or no exciting elements,    schoolwork, for they feel like they need to
   PrOdUCTiON EdiTOr                                                                          except for maybe, the one day when their          study all the time in order to pass their ex-
   Tony Chen                                                                                  newspaper was late. Just because these peo-       ams. Yet, there are so many students out
                                         Merriam-webster defines the word fetish as           ple try to stay away from risks, doesn’t mean     there who do both and do well. Major or mi-
   WEBMASTEr                             follows:                                             risks won’t find them. For example, you’re        nor, a risk is a risk. As children, we fear the
   Rolan Lewis                           Fetish \ˈfe-tish also ˈfē-\                          more likely to die while driving than you are     monsters in our closets. If, as adults, we don’t
                                             An object of irrational reverence or ob-         to die in a skydiving accident. Yet 99% of this   learn to face these monsters, we might as well
   SECTiON EdiTOrS                       sessive devotion.                                    world’s population will never experience the      stay children forever.
   Tulika Gupta                              People have different kinds of fetishes.         thrill that skydiving gives you.                      Learn to take risks. It’ll initially be over-
   Sam Lane                              Some people have a risk fetish. They are fix-            Apart from extreme sports, we make            whelming, but it will take you on the road
   Mojdeh Shakiba                        ated with things that give them an adrenaline        decisions to go through with certain risks        to self-discovery, to testing your limits and
   Manasvini Vaidyula
                                         rush. Some people aren’t. What’s interesting         in our every day lives. An engineer takes a       finding out what you’re really capable of.
                                         is how we’ve come to terms, like the majority        risk when (s)he merely enters the field, gets     Whether it’s getting out there and trying
                                         of the population, that risk is a bad thing.         his/her iron ring. The government takes a         out a sport you never thought you would,
   Medha Agarwal
   Yi-Wei Ang                                Alanis Morisette sings about Mr. Play-it-        risk giving out driver’s licenses. The power      whether it’s learning how to fly or deciding to
   Amanda Bell                           Safe in her hit single “Ironic”. He is the perfect   to drive an automotive vehicle is given to        commit your time to writing for the school
   Michael Bosompra                      generalization of people who are too afraid          hundreds of people around the world. Sure,        newspaper, risks make life that much more
   Tim Chen                              to do a lot of things in life, like board an air-    there are tests to get to these milestones, but   exciting. Sure, you’ve the rest of your life to
   Tony Chen                             plane. There will be some people in your life        tests can only tell authorities so much about     take risks on. But isn’t it better to discover
   David Cheung                          that you know to be average. They’re the John        a person.                                         what you truly love while young, so you can
   Nicole Deen                           Smiths of this world, who live painfully aver-           In your classroom, there are students         pursue it all the way?
   Kyle DuPont
   Erich Gluck
   Tulika Gupta
   Patrick Han                           PEY review
   Catherine Kierans
   Mike Klassen                                                                               you may also have to meet with the client         The Bad (shhh!)
   Nefeli Kotopoulis                                                                          and concisely report and document your            If you want to spend your PEY arriving at 9
   Saifu Li                                                                                   analysis and findings. There are a variety of     am and leaving at 5 pm then Deloitte might
   Wayne Lin                                                                                  projects in many industries you can work on       not be the place for you. Though work-life
   Jimmy Lu                                                                                   that range from a few days to a few months        balance is encouraged, you may need to put
   Ashish Malhotra
                                                                                              in length. So far I’ve worked on projects for     in extra time to get your work done. Also,
   Abhishek Mathur
                                                                                              two major retailers, an incentive rewards         because the work we do is for clients, we
   Evelyn Mukwedeya
                                                                                              program project, as well as proposals in the      sometimes need to be at the client’s office.
   Robert Netopilik
   Shagun Parulkar                                                                            insurance industry.                               I have spent time at client sites in North
   Anna Sheu                             Name Anna Sheu                                                                                         York, Mississauga, and downtown Toronto.
   Anastasia Shteyn                      Program Industrial Engineering                       The Good                                          While being with the client is an interest-
   Thariq Shihpar                        employer Deloitte & Touche LLP                       Deloitte’s assets are its people, and the com-    ing and new experience, getting there can
   Alessandra Trevisan                   Position Analyst                                     pany definitely invests in every employee to      sometimes be time-consuming and tiring
   Kasper Woiceshyn                      Location Downtown Toronto                            help them grow. Being a Deloitte employee         depending on where you live.
   Song Yang                                                                                  is not just about getting your job done, it is        There are days when you’ll have nothing
   Cris Zhou                             When I received my job offer to join Deloitte        about expanding your horizons, contribut-         to do or you’ll be assigned simpler tasks that
                                         I was excited – no school, paycheques every          ing to the local community, and meeting           most people would find a bit boring. How-
   PhOTOgrAPhErS                         two weeks, and a job in downtown Toronto             new people.                                       ever you just have to accept it and remember
   Behzad Aghaei                         with one of the largest professional services             During my time at Deloitte I have been       that people would not be giving you work if
   Tony Chen                             firms in the world. Before beginning my job          part of the Women’s Tennis League, partici-       it was not important to someone.
   Jason Fisher                          someone told me working at Deloitte is “liv-         pated in social events such as the Amazing
   Amanda Santos                         ing the green dot life” due to the green dot         Race, attended networking events (with free       Why I chose Deloitte
                                         in its logo and the distinct company culture         food!), and spent a week in National New          For my job, Deloitte does not look for engi-
                                         and I was eager to find out what that meant.         Hire training. There are so many events and       neers from specific disciplines; instead they
                 Claimer                 Though there have been ups and downs four            activities at Deloitte that it would be impos-    focus on the type of person you are. If you
   The Cannon is the official (seri-     months into my PEY job I can say I’m still           sible for someone to attend them all.             are the right fit for the company they believe
   ous) newspaper of the University
                                         glad to have accepted the job offer.                      I’ve also had the opportunity to make a      you will be able to learn the skills and knowl-
   of Toronto Engineering Society.
   Established in 1978, it serves the                                                         positive impact on local community during         edge required for the job. The same reason
   undergraduate students of the         What I actually do                                   Impact Day, a day where Deloitte employees        they chose to offer me the job is the same
   Faculty of Applied Science and En-    My job is all about analyzing risk and man-          volunteer with a non-profit organization. I       reason that I chose it – because it was a fit. I
   gineering, with a circulation of up   aging it. What that means is that I work             hope to continue to have a positive impact        wanted to gain more technical skills than in
   to 3000. Submissions are welcome;     with financial and business data – typically         on the community through Deloitte’s part-         my previous job, work in a fast-paced envi-
   e-mail Advertis-     accounting – and analyze and test it to de-          nerships with Junior Achievement and the          ronment on external projects, and learn.
   ing and subscription information
                                         termine if there is fraud occurring or sus-          United Way.                                           I can’t say that PEY has been everything
   is available from the Engineering
   Society at 416-978-2917.              picious patterns that indicate something is               On top of the company culture, the ben-      that I thought it would be, because I honesty
                                         wrong with the processes it is being trans-          efits Deloitte provides are great: paid vaca-     did not know what it would be like. How-
                Disclaimer               formed and accessed by. While it helps to            tion and subsidies on expenditures related        ever, I am eager to spend the rest of my time
   The views expressed in this news-     be comfortable with scripting and data-              to health and wellness spending just being        at Deloitte finding out more and “living the
   paper are those of the authors and    bases, communication skills are essential as         two of the examples.                              green dot life”.
   do not necessarily represent those
   of the Engineering Society unless
   so indicated. The editors reserve
   the right to modify submissions to
   comply with the newspaper’s and
   the Engineering Society’s policies.

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Oct 2009                                                                           engsoC Update                                                                                the    Cannon | 3
                                                                                                         Think Engineers Rule the World? Tell ESSCO why and you could win a
The Engsoc Annual General Meeting took place                                                             prize! Write a 250-500 word article about a successful Engineer. Send
at 6:30pm on October 13th, 2009. Log on to                                                               your submissions to along with your name, school,
                                                                                                         year of study and engineering discipline. Last day of submissions is for meeting minutes.                                                                            Nov 15th, 2009

                   VP Student Life                   know, crazy, someone’s probably going to
                                                     get hurt but that’s just all part of the fun.
                                                                                                                           VP External                         hosted by Queen’s University in King-
                                                     Their email is and                                                                 ston, ON. They are both being held from
                                   Wayne Lin
                                                     they’ve got some great ideas for this club in-                          Abhishek ‘Abi’ Mathur             November 27-29. If you are interested in
                                                     cluding training sessions and simply… run-                                                                attending these conferences or want to
As I write this article in the coziness of           ning amok, I suppose?                                                                                     learn what these conferences are about,
the EngSoc office, I can hear the echoing                To go hand in hand with this club is            One month of Skule has already passed and             gimme a shout at
sounds of an all too familiar sound: the             probably UTEFR, that is U of T Engineer-            only three more months until exams! Excit-         •	 Conference hosting: University of To-
ringing voices and cheesy tunes of a chinese         ing First Responders. This club, chaired by         ed? I didn’t think so. The last little while has      ronto has to bid for an ESSCO confer-
Karaoke song. And of course, at the same             Jessie Meji Lee is one of the most important        been pretty awesome. As you guys might                ence in this upcoming year. These con-
time someone yells, “Welcome to the CESA             support clubs on campus. If your event has          recall from the last Cannon edition, all of           ferences include President’s Meeting,
mid-autumn festival “. Ahh yes, the familiar         any risk of fainting, broken bones or plain         you were supposed to sign up for the PEO              Professional Engineers of Ontario Stu-
bustling noises of the atrium, clearly Skule         old cuts and scrapes, UTEFR is your club.           Student Membership Program for a chance               dent Conference, First Year Integration
is now back in full swing.                           They can be found at and          to win something awesome in a lucky draw              Conference and Annual General Meet-
     So in case you haven’t noticed yet, Skule       they are likely to be willing to patrol at your     by September 25th. Uhh yes, that was my               ing. After attending the ESSCO PM last
is busy. Well, School is busy and so with            next event! If you’re interested in learning        birthday! I sure hope you guys were out at            week, I have gained interest in bidding
Skule on top, it’s not surprising it gets a little   about first aid, they’re the ones to talk about     Suds on Sept. 25 because it was surely an             for the FYIC in 2011. This would mean
crazy sometimes. Yet, even in the midst of           as well!                                            awesome one. You got to see Dance Bat-                that the 1T4 Frosh will be partying their
all the things you can be doing, sometimes               So get off your lazy butt, put the prob-        tles where people were Poppin’ Lockin’ and            asses off in Toronto (assuming we win
you just can’t figure out what’s best to do          lem sets aside and do something fun and             Droppin’ their dance moves! And the tradi-            the bid). If you have any questions/
or if you’re going to be missing something           innovative! Recently, I’ve also found that          tional Hardhat ceremony was conducted by              comments, negative/positive feedback,
super cool. Therefore, I’m going to feature          sleep is good. Hope you all are having a fan-       me later on. Now its time for VP External             please do send ‘em my way.
one or two new or noticeable clubs each              tastic start to the New Year! Stay busy!            Update:                                            •	 ESSCO Directorship: There are three
month.                                                                                                   •	 I attended the ESSCO PM at Lauren-                 (3) director positions still waiting to be
     First, amazingly, the F!rosh are starting       Yours truly,                                            tian University in Sudbury: I learnt that         filled by the ESSCO Executives. If you
clubs already. Started by Zach Fejes and Ju-         Wayne Lin                                               Skule is not only the largest Engineering         are looking to get involved with ESSCO
lian Brais is the new Parkour Club. Yeah I           VP Student Life, 0T9-1T0                                Society in Ontario, but it is also the most       and would like to get to know more
                                                                                                             successful at running events. We cater to         about these positions, get at me!
                                                     website and sign yourself up for one of the             engineering students with services that           Alright ladies and germs, I am going to

                  VP Academic                        free sessions before space runs out.                    no other school can match! Be proud of
                                                                                                             being part of University of Toronto!
                                                                                                                                                            have to end this article right here because I
                                                                                                                                                            have an Economics assignment due. Adios
                              David Cheung           exams database (                     •	 National Conference on Women In En-             skulers! Enjoy the midterms
                                                     The website provides copies of past exams,              gineering AND Professional Engineers
                                                     some dating back as far as 1994. If you’re an           of Ontario Student Conference: NCWIE           Abhishek ‘Abi’ Mathur
Hey everyone,                                        upper year, you’ve probably heard of it, used           is being hosted by (yours truly) Univer-       Vice-President External
    I hope the first couple of weeks of school       it or can’t live without it, but I just wanted to       sity of Toronto and PEO-SC is being  
have been easy-going and that your prob-             make sure the F!rosh don’t miss out.
lem sets aren’t stacked up to your heads                                                                                                                    ing, and answering the requests of many
yet. Sadly, it’s time to start kicking it up a
notch if we want to get through another
                                                     Tutors list (
                                                     You may think a course is impossible to
                                                                                                                                VP Comm                     enterprising clubs. This, as those who en-
                                                                                                                                                            countered me during this time would know,
semester without going on probation. To              pass, but many people have done it before                                          Amanda Bell         made me fairly grumpy. Much to my sur-
help you out, here are some services that            you and some are willing to help you out                                                               prise (and likely for the best of my health),
the Engineering Society provides to all our          for a reasonable price. You can find a list                                                            tonight has been a well… release is the best
students:                                            of tutors on here, along with their contact         (For those of you who have no patience for my      way to describe it. All these eager, happy
                                                     information, asking price and the courses           poetic streak, please feel free to skip my col-    EngSockers make me feel young! As when
Prep101 sessions (                       they teach.                                         umn this month.)                                   the world was new - less jaded, motivated,
The Engineering Society is working with                                                                      As I write this, I’m at Survey Camp. It’s      rejuvenated, and so much more awake. I’m
Prep101 to bring you free prep sessions for               That’s it for now, but I look forward to       the first night of EngSoc Retreat 2.0, and (it     ready for October, bring it on!
MAT186 and MAT188 midterms. Prep101                  expanding the Engineering Society aca-              may just be my renewed optimism) I like to             Speaking of Council, we had an amaz-
has 10 years of experience helping students          demic resources by improving academic.              imagine that even after only two hours, it’s       ing turnout of class reps at our September
prepare for midterms and exams. Wither      and providing free software semi-          one of our most successful endeavors so far.       Council Meeting. I haven’t tallied the num-
you need help or not passing, these sessions         nars very soon. So keep your eyes open and          The mess hall is humming with energy as,           bers (though I will if you bug me about it),
will definitely help your grades. Go on the          I’ll be back with another report in a month.        behind me, class reps, directors, and offic-       but I believe we had nearly had 85% of our
                                                                                                         ers are playing Settlers of Catan, Mafia, and      members there! My next primary focus?
                                                                                                         Texas Hold’em. I sit alone at my laptop, qui-      Glad you asked. I want to re-implement the

                                                     6. Everything is in your hands. You are in          etly sipping coffee and typing away, feeding       pretty HTML digest with the posting hy-
                                                         full control of your circumstances.             off the energy of the evening. The weekend         perlinks, so expect to get an upgrade from
                                                     7. You only go through it once and it is            is beginning.                                      the boring plaintext version we have now.
                                    Jimmy Lu
                                                         shorter than you think so make use of               I’ve been very busy these past two weeks       Wish me luck, and as usual – give me a ping
                                                         every moment.                                   planning for the retreat, getting ready for the    sometime. It’s been so long since I’ve heard
I’ve learned a lot during my experiences             8. Take every opportunity open to you               motion-loaded September council meet-              from you.
here at Skule and I’m going to release these             because you will never know what you
not so secret pieces of advice throughout                would have missed otherwise.                                                                       General Meeting is less than two weeks
my Cannon articles this year. So here goes
numbers 1-15 of ‘101 Things I’ve Learned
                                                     9. You will always have more work so
                                                         putting things off doesn’t work.
                                                                                                                             VP finance                     away, being held on October 13th! This is
                                                                                                                                                            a chance where everyone can voice their
From Skule’.                                         10. It isn’t what you know, who you know                                           Kyle Dupont         opinions and vote on the Society’s opera-
1. University is a learning experience in-               or how you know but a combination of                                                               tions. I will also be presenting the Au-
    side and outside the classroom.                      all three.                                                                                         ditor’s report from last year, as well our
2. Engineering is hard. We have more                 11. Not being good at something is even             Believe it or not, it’s already October! It        budget for this fiscal year.
    class, work and complexity in our pro-               more reason to try it and get better at it.     seems like the past few weeks have past                Other than that, a short update is that
    gram than many other programs.                   12. Not knowing people is even more rea-            in a flurry of paintball, lectures, and            the Finance Committee has allocated all
3. Engineering is easy. When you get the                 son to go out and meet new people.              problem sets, only to unfold to midterms           of our Special Projects funding for this
    hang of things (and you will get the hang        13. An office at school is extremely conven-        just over the horizon.                             year, and well over half of the Affiliated
    of things) the work is easy to balance.              ient but spending all time in it causes             But behind the throws of Skule has             Clubs funding. Even with the shortfall of
4. We’re all in this together. There are hun-            you to forget there is a world outside.         been your Engineering Society hard at              Orientation, we are well on our way to
    dreds of other people who are going              14. Students will always find a way to play         work! Orientation has finally wrapped              breaking even by June 1st. If you are in-
    through what you’re going through and                Starcraft on the ECF computers.                 up, and what a phenomenal job they                 terested, you can find all of our financial
    thousands of others who have already             15. People will surprise you.                       did on this year’s F!rosh Week; and even           information online at
    done it so it is possible.                                                                           though we were short financially, merits               Good luck on midterms!
5. We come into university not knowing                  Well there are all my insights for this          are deserved for the entire team of volun-
    anyone but we end up leaving knowing             month. Hope it helps and my experiences             teers.                                             Cheers,
    people you will never forget.                    haven’t all gone to waste!                              Speaking of financials, the Annual             Kyle
4 | the   Cannon                                                                                 Oct 2009

          Engineering Science
          75th Anniversary Celebration
          Where engineers, community, and creativity converge

          Thursday December 17, 2009

          World-Renowned Soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian (EngSci 9T7)
          Acclaimed Conductor Julian Kuerti (EngSci 9T9)
          the Beloved Skule™ Orchestra and the Winner of Skule™ Idol

           Concert: 6:30pm, Hart House Theatre

           A one hour program featuring arias and            Seating is limited - do not delay
           overtures by Verdi, Rossini, Dvorak, and Mozart   and purchase your tickets today!

           Dinner: 7:45pm, Hart House Great Hall

           Concert and dinner: $75 ($50 separately)

           Please purchase tickets through
           U of T Hart House box office:
Oct 2009                                                                                   news                                                                    the   Cannon | 5

Skule history Contest                                                                                                                     10
Time to test your Skule savvy! To win, you must submit
the first correct/most complete set of answers by                                                                                                          YI-WeI aNG
Monday, October 19th. To the winner of this year’s                                                                                                  UTEk 2010 dirECTor

first Archives contest will go honour and glory, and of
                                                                                                                           The 8th annual University of Toronto Engineering Kompeti-
course, a prize.                                                                                                    tions (UTEK) will be happening again this year. UTEK will be tak-
                                                                                                   ing place on January 16th, 2010, and winners of UTEK will have a chance to repre-
      When was the LGMB founded, and why is it “award-winning”?
                                                                                                   sent University of Toronto in the provincials or even the nationals!
      how many votes are there in the EngSoc Council?                                                  Competitors can participate in 1 of 6 categories: Senior Design, Junior Design,
                                                                                                   Innovative Design, Consulting, Engineering Communications, and Parliamentary
      What was the name of the first Skule nite? (and it wasn’t “Skule nite”!)
                                                                                                   Debate. Winners of each category will receive a cash prize and can move onto the
      how many versions of the Mighty Skule Cannon have been forged?                               Ontario Engineering Competitions (OEC) in University of Waterloo this year.
                                                                                                       UTEK is a great way for you to put your academic skills into a practical situation
      Why does the Cannon Guard wear black?
                                                                                                   that makes you think on your feet. It will also give you an opportunity to present and
      Where can you find a remnant of the Little red Skulehouse?                                   defend why you believe in your solution or standpoint.
                                                                                                       Do watch out for posters (and the EngSoc Digest) regarding our information
      What are the origins of the School/Skule Yell?                                               session happening very soon. We will be giving your more information regarding
                                                                                                   the competitions. Early birds at the information session get guaranteed spots in the
Email your answers to                                                          competition! For more information, check out or email us at utek@
notice to the F!rosh: there will also be a special prize for the first winning entry from a 1T3.

Sprinkler                                          Congratulations!
explodes!                                          Mr. and Mrs. Jamieson
                                                                                                                       On the birth of his first child, the Cannon briefly interviewed
                                                                                                                       Professor Jamieson

(at New)                                                                                                               TC: What does Fatherhood feel like?

                                                                                                                       GaJ: Fatherhood = overwhelming + profound humility

                                                                                                                       TC: Being a Human Factors professor, what will you do dif-
                                                                                                                       ferently than other dads?

                                                                                                                       GaJ: Being a Human Factors professor means I can criticize
                                                                                                                       stroller designs with ruthless precision.
It was yet another peaceful night where
all the residents of the New College New                                                                               TC: What’s one interesting fact about Yen Linh?
Building where fast asleep during the
early hours of Thursday morning. Many                                                                                  GaJ: Both, her father (MASc 9T8, PhD 0T2) and maternal
still studying as they had their mid terms           Name Yen Linh Jamieson                                            grandfather (MEng 8T1) are U of T engineers.
the following morning. But alas! The fire            Etymology and meaning Both names are Vietnamese.
alarms go off all of a sudden and panic              “Yen” means peace, “Linh” means spirit.                           Looks like we have another engineer in the making! Here’s
ensues. Students running around all                  Nickname England                                                  wishing the happy couple hearty Congratulations on the
over the place not knowing what to do.               date of Birth September 19th, 2009                                birth of their beautiful baby daughter on behalf of the en-
In 15 minutes , the entire New Building              Time of Birth 5:12pm                                              tire Engineering student body. May she bring you both much
was evacuated and all the students were              Zodiac Star Virgo                                                 happiness and joy!
moved to the Wilson Hall lodge. Then                 Weight 6 lbs. 9 oz.
came the fire brigade. Things looked                 height 21 in.
out of control as confusion prevailed.
In a few minutes , everyone’s worst
fears came true. THIS WAS NO MOCK
DRILL. After an entire hour of waiting,
fear soon turned to irritation and then
anger. Students could not understand
what was taking so long.
    Finally, one of the Dons told us that
the sprinklers on the fifth floor had gone
off and the entire floor was flooded.
And even worse, he told us that electric-
ity would be hampered and the eleva-
tor shafts were damp and therefore the
building was not yet safe. The students
started getting more curious and started
inquiring as to how the sprinklers went
of. It then became common knowledge
that a student of the fifth floor had hung
his clothes on the water sprinkler, which
caused it to break and set off the alarm.
(We know for sure that he was not in en-
gineering). Then finally around 4:00 in
the morning and after nearly 2 hours of
waiting, the students were escorted back
to their rooms.
    So it comes down to this: 500 hun-
dred students woken up from bed, were
left waiting in the cold, some still in
their night suits, all because one smart
kid decided to hang his clothes on the
water sprinkler. Let’s hope he decided to
go to Walmart and buy himself a pair of
hangers.                                                                                                                                                        In affiliation with NBTC
6 | the   Cannon                                                                       FeatUre    Oct 2009
The Parachute School of Toronto (PST)              jumping from a plane, while attached to
Limited is located in Baldwin, ON, just            an instructor. Sure, it doesn’t give you
an hour’s drive from Downtown Toronto.             the same bragging rights Solo does, but
It was founded in 1974 in the town of              it does allow more freefall time. For a
Arthur, just west of Orangeville. In 2002,         tandem jump, there’s a short, 30-minute
Adam Mabee, an MASc 9T1 graduate in                training session.
Aerospace Engineering from the Uni-                    Once you’ve completed your jump, you
versity of Toronto took over the School            are eligible for a “First Time Jump Certifi-
and moved it to Baldwin, ON. Which, as             cate”, which you can frame and make all
much as it is in “the middle of nowhere”           your friends jealous with! Your first jump
is closer to civilization than Arthur. An          doesn’t have to be your last however, sky-
hour’s drive from Downtown Toronto is              diving is a fun, adrenaline pumping sport,
not too bad for a Parachute school.                and you can actually go on to get a li-
    PST has trained hundreds of jumpers            cense.
from ages 18 to over 70 and unlike other               Thousands of students have done a
parachute schools; it is an airport, in-           first-time jump at PST. Everyone at the
stead of just a landing strip – which, as it       school is very helpful, not to mention su-
sounds, is SO much cooler. PST also holds          per-friendly. PST also has special pricing
the honor of having hosted the Ontario             for students and student groups for both
Provincial Skydiving Championships, a              Tandem and Solo jumps.
tradition that was revived after 15 years.
    First-time jumpers, if they choose to
do Solo (which means, jumping all on                  For more informtation, log
your own) have to go through 5 hours                  on to the Parachute School
of training, during which an instructor                   of Toronto website:
walks them through what a jump will be       
like, what they can expect and what kind                    OR call them at
of emergencies can happen in this sport.
    For those more acrophobic, there’s
another option: Tandem. Tandem means

falling out of the sky has never been this
A group of 7 engineering students made a trip down to the
Parachute School of Toronto bright and early on Saturday, Oct
10th 2009. It consisted of 5 first-time jumpers and 2 experienced
jumpers. The following articles give you a flavor of what it’s like
to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Be it the first or fifth
time, the adrenaline rush never seems to get old.

                 roB NeToPILIk                                     kasPer WoICesHYN
                 AdvAnCEd JUMpEr                                   ExpEriEnCEd JUMpEr

The day started off like every other, but that     Having done a few skydives before, I de-
changed very quickly as we pulled up into          cided to tag along on this trip for fun.
the driveway of the Parachute School of            I’m still on “student status,” meaning I
Toronto. As I left the car a sudden thought        haven’t finished all of the training jumps
crossed my mind – “holy shit it’s cold”. But       for basic certification. One of my jumps
then, I thought of what the temperature            that day was a 15 second freefall, provid-
would be like at 13,500 feet in the air. It took   ing a first and much-anticipated experi-
me about an hour to actually decide it was         ence of terminal velocity.
time to freeze myself more than the ground             When you first leave the plane, it’s
winds were already doing and I put on my           like stepping into a hurricane, but you
parachute and went up for a low jump -             also lose sense of direction and gravity—
about 6,000ft. The first ride down of the day      especially if you’re above clouds. A few
was peaceful and oddly enough, not cold at         seconds of this madness, and the wind
all.                                               begins to push your chest, telling you
     After this jump, it was time to go to the     that you’re stable. Strange things hap-
top floor -13,500ft (4100m). My second jump        pen when you hit terminal (120 mph).
of the day ended up being a 2-way with one         Air feels more like a solid than a gas, and
of the many experienced skydivers at PST,          even slight body movements have big ef-
Nicole Horak. This was one of the best jumps       fects.
I have had in a while, and probably the most           Twelve seconds into my jump I had
fun to date. We exited the plane linked to-        to twist my shoulders hard so I wouldn’t
gether, one leg hooked and arms gripping           spin like a figure skater. Every bit of
each other, causing us to go through a pretty      loose fabric on my body was buzzing
sweet tumble in about every direction pos-         loudly. After what felt like minutes—
sible. Eventually, we grabbed hands while          time dilation, perhaps, due to such high
maintaining our legs linked and extended           speeds—the altimeter told me to pull.
one hand out to each side, getting in a stable,    WHAP! The opening canopy yanked
spinning position. The spinning in the air,        me out of my dreamy daze, and made me
while falling at terminal velocity was the best    appreciate the importance of proper leg-
feeling ever (and I definitely mean ever). By      strap adjustment in keeping one’s “valu-
around 6,000ft we let go from this position        ables” safe. From that high, the ground
and played around a bit in what was left of        looks like Google Maps, so it’s easy to see
the free fall.                                     where you are. The altitude afforded a
     I followed this jump with 2 more later in     majestic view of the fall colours, and even
the day getting some training for myself for       a bit of the Toronto skyline. Thinking of
my next level license. All in all, the day was     the warmth of the wood stove awaiting
absolutely incredible, and I’m sure the others     below, I pulled my canopy’s right steering
that jumped for the first time that day would      toggle all the way down, putting it into a
agree, that skydiving is one of the most amaz-     dizzying spiral down another 2,000ft, be-
ing experiences that you can go through, and       fore gliding into the field for a soft, tip-
everyone should try it at least once.              toe landing.
 Oct 2009                                                                              FeatUre                                                                           the   Cannon | 7

                                                                  PaTrICk HaN                                      CrIs ZHou                                        saIfu LI
                                                                  FirST-TiME JUMpEr                                FirST-TiME JUMpEr                                FirST-TiME JUMpEr

                                                  “It is definitely crazy…this is what we en-     To put it in a few words: It’s so crazy I can’t   To me, the 3000ft climb in the airplane
                                                  gineers should do!!”                            believe I have done this crazy shit!              and the moment that I made the jump
                                                      When I was told about the skydiving             Think about it. You are high up in the        was definitely the most memorable part
                                                  trip on Friday, I said “Cool. Why not?”         sky at 3000ft. Things on the ground are           of this experience. I remember curling up
                                                      A group of 7 of us drove all the way to     tiny in your sight. You are now sitting at        in the tiny plane with three other jumpers
                                                  Baldwin, 5 of us were new jumpers and           the door of the aircraft with a parachute         and the jumpmaster as it picked up speed,
                                                  chose to go Solo. This meant 5 hours of         on your back. Dare you jump out? Do you           left the grassy runway, and headed for the
                                                  training before jumping out of an airplane      think you are safe just because you are car-      menacing, cloud-filled sky. Everyone was
                                                  on our own. During the training, 3 hours        rying a parachute? The answer is, yes, but        quiet and all we could hear was the engine
                                                  were all about how to save oneself in case      not 100%. Which is why we took a 5-hour           rattling and the evening wind calling out
                                                  of emergency. You must learn what you           training course from 10am in the morn-            to us, inviting us to the night sky. We were
                                                  should do if there is a malfunction, like,      ing to 3pm in the afternoon. In the morn-         all a little nervous, but definitely excited.
                                                  for e.g., jumping out of an airplane with-      ing we learnt how to skydive with a good          Weeks of anticipation and an entire day of
                                                  out a chute on. That situation would obvi-      parachute and in the afternoon we learnt          training had finally led to this point.
                                                  ously mean that you would die.                  to deal with emergency situations.                    We had reached altitude and, one by
                                                      But we were also trained not to worry           Look up! Malfunction parachute!?              one, the three jumpers before me had all
                                                  about it. The guys at the PST are profes-       Look right! Look left! Punch right! Punch         exited the aircraft. It was now my turn. I
                                                  sional, reliable people. But, once you sign     left! You have to make a decision and do          scooted up to the exit, placed my hands
                                                  the “Death Contract” and decide to jump,        this emergency procedure in a total of 4          on the doorframe, and poked my head
                                                  you’re on your own. Trust me, you won’t         seconds or risk a 20 something-second fall        out of the plane. Surprisingly, I was no
                                                  worry too much about the jumping ‘cause         to earth, which you won’t really remember         longer nervous or scared; I was rather
                                                  you would have done enough training and         since it will result in your death. Plain and     overwhelmed by how beautiful everything
                                                  your coach will have given you the OK           simple. Scary? As our instructor Alec said,       looked down below and by the fact that
                          JASON FISHER            that you’re ready. But once you’re high up      “Not a big deal”. In fact, 99% the parachute      there was nothing between this splendid
                                                  there in the sky, all you will think about      will be functioning well. I feel really proud     earth and me. The time had come; I was in

s EXCiTiNg
                                                  is “how did I get myself into this?” This       that I managed to make the jump. I’m sure         position, sitting on the edge of the plane,
                                                  thought will not leave your mind until you      all first-time jumpers feel the same way.         my knees hanging out. I scrambled my
                                                  can see that perfectly shaped canopy over       After free-falling for around 5 or 6 second       brain for all that I had been trained to do
                                                  your head. This means that you are safe         the parachute opened and I felt the calm,         and thought “f**k it. If I die, I die.” I then
                                                  now. Follow the instructions and enjoy a        life-saving feeling of a good parachute. I        heard the firm “Ready, go!” and pushed off
                                                  good flight!                                    breathed a sigh of relief. For the rest of the    the plane.
                                                                                                  time I just enjoyed flying in the sky. It was         The moments after that are now a blur.
                                                                                                  hands-down the most amazing experience            I remember feeling my whole body be-
                                                                                                  of my life!                                       ing pulled down by gravity and then, after
                                                                                                                                                    what felt like forever, the gentle tug of the
                                                                                                                                                    parachute opening. It gave me what my in-
                                                                                                                                                    structor would call a “calm, saving-my-ass
                                                                                                                                                    feeling” as it carried me safely back to the
                                                                                                                                                    ground for a muddy landing.
                                                                                                                                                        I posted photos of me gliding down
                                                                                                                                                    the sky on facebook and have received
                                                                                                                                                    many messages of awe and envy. However,
                                                                                                                                                    looking back, it was not the parachuting
                                                                                                                                                    that made the trip worthwhile – it was the
                                                                                                                                                    plane ride up and the feeling of being truly
                 HuDa IDrees                                                                                                                        alive when I decided to jump. And it is this
                 FirST-TiME JUMpEr                                                                                                                  feeling that will keep me going back for

 With my heart racing, I tried to calm myself
 down with deep, easy breaths. It was only                                                                                                            fUN fACT: The Cessna 206
 training time and I was already nervous! My                                                                                                         (pictured above) has thrown
 instructor was Alec, who has trained hun-                                                                                                            out more first-time jumpers
 dreds of students in the span of three years.    look at my canopy made me realize it was                                                             than any other plane in all
 He knows his stuff inside out and he’s abso-     just a line-twist, which basically means that                                                            of North America!
 lutely hilarious. He told us how none of his     you have to kick around for a while before it
 students have ever died; I felt like I was in    becomes a perfect canopy that gives you the
 good hands. For the first two hours, we went     “calm, quiet, saving-your-ass kinda” feeling.                                                     (it was more like a hole, because there
 through what a normal solo jump would be         Once I completed the flight control check,                                                        was no door on the plane) to get myself
 like. For the rest of the training, we were      I simply hung out – in the air, enjoying the                     ToNY CHeN                        comfortable with the height. When my
 taught how to deal with emergencies.             sights around me. I could see all the way to                     FirST-TiME JUMpEr                jumpmaster gave me the signal to jump,
     Before I knew it, it was time for me to      downtown Toronto and the CN tower, Lake                                                           all I was thinking was, look up, arch, and
 board the plane. My jumpmaster was Bill,         Simcoe and the Black River – which looked                                                         leap! Then there I was, somewhere in
 an awfully nice guy who makes you feel like      like silvery bodies of mercury from all the      This year I started pushing my limits by         the air, and all I could see was the white
 jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is a    way up here. The sun was just about to set      taking on outdoor recreational activities.        clouds, losing sense of orientation, until
 completely normal thing to do. Needless to       and it gave the fall-colored trees, a magi-     I went whitewater rafting, kayaking, and          my parachute opened up with a slight
 say, I liked Bill.                               cal glow. It was simply breathtaking. It was    I started learning how to swim. So when           line twist. Once I resolved that problem,
     “In about 10 seconds, I will tell you to     like nothing I had ever experienced. Apart      I first found out about the skydiving trip        my perfectly good parachute gave me this
 get in the door. When I tell you to get in the   from the adrenaline rush, skydiving gives       from Huda, I thought to myself, “Another          "nice, calm, quiet, saving-your-ass" feel-
 door, I want you to get in the door”             you a chance to really experience the beauty    one wouldn't hurt”. In the days leading up        ing, while I enjoyed the fall colors on the
     A split-second later, it was time for me     around you.                                     to this skydiving trip, however, I thought        ground and the beautiful sunset. I fol-
 to get in the door.                                  Over the radio, I was soon instructed to    to myself, “Why would I even agree to             lowed the instructions over the radio and
     At an altitude of about 4000ft, I placed     steer my parachute in the right direction in    this?” I thought back to four years ago           glided for about another 4 minutes before
 my left hand on the base and my right hand       order to land in the PST field. Once I slid     when I saw a skydiving trip poster around         making a landing back at the school.
 on the door of aircraft with the wind push-      to the ground, I just sat there for a moment    school and thought that I would never do              This was my first skydiving experience
 ing hard against my knees. As soon as Bill       or two, taking it all in. The experience was    this to myself. The fact that I am afraid         and it was unbelievably exciting. I still get
 yelled, “Ready? Go!” I pushed off as hard        completely exhilarating and indescribably       of heights didnt help either. I finally re-       an adrenaline rush whenever I think back
 as I could – into the air. Literally. Arch-      awesome, and I had enjoyed every single         solved to try everything at least once, in-       to the jump. It wasn't just the skydiving
 ing my body as hard as I could, like Alec        nanosecond of my solo jump experience.          cluding skydiving.                                experience alone. The people at PST, be it
 had instructed me to, I did the count and        Simply put: skydiving is addictive and there         After hours of training on the ground        my instructor or just random skydivers,
 looked up. My first reaction was that I had a    is no doubt in my mind that I will be back at   at the PST, it was time for the jump.             were all very helpful and enthusiastic. I
 parachute malfunction and that I had to go       the PST as soon as I can get a ride to Bald-    We got all our equipment and took off             definitely want to go back and do more
 through Emergency Procedure. A second            win.                                            on the plane. I looked outside the door           jumps in the future!
8 | the    Cannon                                                                                ClUbs                                                                                  Oct 2009

first step to forever                                                                                     fSAE Shootout race
                                                     there are so many questions floating around                                                            It was a long and cold day, the events
                                                     in my mind: where will I stay when I arrive?                                                       wrapping up at around five o’clock in the
                  MICHaeL BosoMPra
                                                     What will I eat? Drink? Will I make friends?                         NefeLI koToPouLIs             evening, at which point the awards were
                  EWB JUnior FELLoW
                                                     Are people expecting me? What will work                              CAnnon STAFF WriTEr           distributed. The first set of awards was
                                                     be like? The ambiguity and uncertainty defi-                                                       given out to the five best drivers. The win-
It’s 3:30 am and I’m standing in the middle          nitely aren’t helping my nervousness. I try to                                                     ning driver’s teams were (in ascending
of a field in pitch darkness with my grossly         ground myself in what I do know: I’m going           On Saturday September 26, at the crack        order): Rochester Institute of Technology
oversized backpack, a package of malt n’ milk        to Zabzugu town to work with the Zabzugu/            of dawn, over twenty cars filled with         (RIT), University of Missouri, ETS Mon-
biscuits, and a roll of toilet paper just in case    Tatale District Assembly’s Coordinating and          sixty Formula SAE members, potential          treal, University of Missouri, and ETS
the brown menace strikes. The night air is           Planning Unit. My placement is part of En-           members, and volunteers left Toronto for      Montreal. The next awards were a little
surprisingly crisp and the field is alive with a     gineers Without Borders’ Governance and              Bowmanville. As the sun rose, the cars        more objective. “Best Looking Vehicle”
certain energy that reminds me of Yonge and          Rural Infrastructure strategy with the broad         piled into the Mosport Racetrack, located     and “Quietest Car” went to McGill Uni-
Bloor during rush hour. For everyone else,           objective of promoting evidence based deci-          approximately an hour and a half east of      versity, while the “Team Choice” award
it’s the weekly rush to Yendi, a major town in       sion-making within the district. But beyond          downtown Toronto. Even though it was          went to the University of Waterloo (UW)
northern Ghana, for me it’s a journey that will      that…. Nothing.                                      seven o’clock in the morning, U of T was      for their ability to overcome difficult
hopefully lead me to the place I will call home           Now fast forward three and a half months        definitely not the first team to arrive at    situations. A favourite amongst the par-
for the next 4 months. As I stand there among        later and here I am, awake at 3:30 am and            the racetrack. Many teams had arrived         ticipants, the “Mr. Plow” award, given to
the masses, I can’t help but feel nervous; the       standing in another field in pitch darkness          the night before, (including University       the driver who managed to run over the
last four months of my life have been dedi-          only this time instead of venturing towards          of Missouri and Cornell University) and       most cones, was given to Peter Chan from
cated to preparing for this journey that once        the unknown I’m returning to what I know             had set up camp in the parking lot of the     UW. The final awards were distributed to
seemed ages away, I’ve read books by experts,        well… Toronto. There’s an odd symmetry to            racetrack. Teams from all over North          the five top teams. The winning teams
talked with natives of the country, and shared       the situation that I can’t help but appreciate.      America attended this year’s shootout,        were (in ascending order): University of
my thoughts with others also embarking on            But this time instead of standing still in nerv-     hosted - as always - by U of T. With 19       Toronto, Cornell University, RIT, Uni-
this journey.                                        ousness I’m among friends, family and col-           teams in attendance this was the biggest      versity of Missouri, and ETS Montreal.
      None of the trainings could have pre-          leagues, quietly reflecting on what has been         and most successful shootout to date.         Surprisingly, ETS Montreal, taking home
pared me for the delicious aromas, vibrant           a life altering journey. I was blessed with the      School spirit was definitely in the air; as   the first place award for both team and
colours, and the everlasting symphony of ani-        opportunity to experience rural livelihoods          cars raced around the track the cheering      driver, was one of the teams new to this
mal sounds and languages I hope to one day           and tasked with the mission of helping Cana-         teams almost masked the sounds of the         year’s race. Overall it was an eventful and
understand. Everything is happening so fast,         da understand some of those realities                engines. A volunteer-run barbeque offer-      exciting day, and the immense success of
                                                                                                          ing free food helped the day go by more       this year’s race definitely set the bar even

“So how was Africa?”
                                                                                                          comfortably.                                  higher for next year.

                                                     ing in Manyona pledging to dig her own pit
                                                     latrine. I picture the locally elected councillors
                   MIke kLasseN
                   EWB JUnior FELLoW                 debating the negative effects of hardware sub-
                                                     sidies on their wards because it makes people
                                                     dependent on handouts.
Finding a word or sentence to describe such               So when I tell you that Africa was alive,
a massive and diverse continent is absurd, but       complex, inspiring and empowered, this is
I end up doing it many times a day now that          where I’m coming from. But amidst my op-
I’m back in Toronto. It’s a lot like framing the     timism, I can’t just paint over the incredibly
problem of extreme poverty as a lack of ma-          difficult lives of so many Zambians with a few
terial wealth which is easy solved by handing        choice words. My host family had seven chil-
things out. It’s not that simple. Africa as a con-   dren, and no possible way of paying the school
tinent and an idea perplexes and intrigues me.       fees for all of them. When malaria or diarrhea
So far I only have a tiny slice of experience in     strikes a heart-wrenching trade-off has to be
one country - Zambia.                                made between the medical fees for treatment,
    I lived and worked in the Southern Prov-         seeds for next planting season or notebooks
ince of Zambia, partnered with Africare, a           for schoolwork.                                                                                                       AMANDA SANTOS
large non-governmental organization (NGO).                What I can’t wrap my mind around is
We were mobilizing rural communities to              that the warmest, strongest, hardest-working,
construct and use their own toilets to reduce
the disease and death caused by cholera and
                                                     most dedicated people I’ve met in my life are
                                                     so vulnerable to things outside of their control.    LoT certificate program
diarrhea. This method is contrary to many            Sickness, drought, market fluctuations that
traditional approaches to development, which         suddenly cut their annual income in half – the                                                     ing their long-term goals. As the first
rely on foreign aid and fundraising to con-          events which have the most profound impacts                                                        point on the agenda of the evening, Ms.
struct expensive and elaborate latrines for          on human life are currently well outside their                       aNasTasIa sHTeYN              Simpson invited students to let go of the
people who “can’t afford” them.                      sphere of influence. This unfairness has shak-                       CAnnon STAFF WriTEr           school week distress and to participate
    The approach Africare used gets closer to        en me to my core. I believe that Africans can                                                      in a trust-building activity. Curiously, it
the root cause of the health challenges faced by     change this, and I think Canadians have a role                                                     was through non-verbal communication
many Zambians, but in doing so it strays from        to play in this as well.                             On Wednesday, September 23rd, the             exercises that many of the participants
the simple image of a starving, naked child               While the summer of 2009 has been a             International Student Centre became a         planted new friendships. The exercises
covered in flies. The view of Zambia I took          vivid and brief introduction to Africa, I have a     gathering place for twenty-eight engi-        warmed up the atmosphere in the room
away is one of passionate and vibrant women          lifetime to really get to know her, to really un-    neers who were selected to participate        that was soon to burst out in a passionate
and men who believe in their own power to            derstand ‘how Africa is’. My challenge to you        in the second Leaders of Tomorrow co-         discussion on the matter of developing
solve their own problems. I picture the old          is to ask a different question the next time you     curriculum certificate program “Leading       our potential.
woman standing up in a community meet-               see me.                                              from Inside-Out”. They met for the ses-           Over pizza and soft drinks, partici-
                                                                                                          sion entitled “Stepping into Your Power”,     pants contemplated the nature of per-
                                                                                                          the first in the series of five workshops     sonal power, its limits and ways of ex-
                                                                                                          on self-leadership. The program’s ulti-       pression. Under facilitators’ instructions,
                                                                                                          mate goal is to guide students through        students also discovered aspects of their
                                                                                                          a process of creating authentic visions       shadow self, a concept developed by the
                                                                                                          about participants’ personal leadership       famous psychologist Carl Jung referring
                                                                                                          paths.                                        to unrealized parts of ourselves. Partici-
                                                                                                              Annie Simpson, the Student Leader-        pants then engaged in a role-playing ac-
                                                                                                          ship Development Coordinator at the           tivity aimed at expressing their ‘shadows’.
                                                                                                          University of Toronto, is facilitating the    The evening was concluded by partici-
                                                                                                          program, which she co-created with            pants’ reflections and closing thoughts.
                                                                                                          Emily Reed, the former Student Leader-            The program focuses on revealing
                                                                                                          ship Curriculum Specialist.                   leadership nuances by taking a personal
                                                                                                              After brief introductions it became       perspective and is running throughout
                                                                                                          clear that participants came from all         October. The upcoming sessions include
                                                                                                          across the Faculty, but shared a genu-        “Embracing Challenge”, “Living on Pur-
                                                                                                          ine interest in increasing self-awareness,    pose”, “Envisioning your Future” and, fi-
                                                                                                          pursuing congruent living and envision-       nally, “Sharing Your Vision”.
Oct 2009                                                                                   liFestyle                                                                         the    Cannon | 9

The history and tradition of Jack-o`-Lanterns
                                                   coin that Jack could use to buy their drinks.        put the coal into a carved-out turnip and has
                 TuLIka GuPTa                      Once the Devil did so, Jack decided to keep          been roaming the Earth with, ever since. The
                 SECTion EdiTor
                                                   the money and put it into his pocket next            Irish began to refer to this ghostly figure as
                                                   to a silver cross, which prevented the Devil         "Jack of the Lantern," and then, simply "Jack
Halloween has always been a holiday filled         from changing back into his original form.           O'Lantern."
with mystery, magic and superstition. It be-       Jack eventually freed the Devil, under the               In Ireland and Scotland, people began to
gan as a Celtic end-of-summer festival during      condition that he would not bother Jack for          make their own versions of Jack's lanterns
which people felt especially close to deceased     one year and that, should Jack die, he would         by carving scary faces into turnips or pota-
relatives and friends. For these friendly spir-    not claim his soul. The next year, Jack again        toes and placing them into windows or near
its, they set places at the dinner table, left     tricked the Devil into climbing into a tree to       doors to frighten away Stingy Jack and other
treats on doorsteps and along the side of the      pick a piece of fruit. While he was up in the        wandering evil spirits. In England, large beets
road and lit candles to help loved ones find       tree, Jack carved a sign of the cross into the       are used. Immigrants from these countries
their way back to the spirit world. Pumpkin        tree's bark so that the Devil could not come         brought the Jack O'Lantern tradition with
carving is a popular part of this celebration.     down until the Devil promised Jack not to            them and soon found that pumpkins, a fruit
     People have been making jack-o’-lan-          bother him for ten more years.                       native to North America, make perfect jack
terns at Halloween for centuries. The practice         Soon after, Jack died. As the legend goes,       o'lanterns.
originated from an Irish myth about a man          God would not allow such an unsavory fig-                Come Halloween, you will witness Skule
nicknamed "Stingy Jack." According to the          ure into heaven. The Devil, upset by the trick       traditions around these Jack-O’Lanterns. En-
story, Stingy Jack invited the Devil to have       Jack had played on him and keeping his word          gineers tend to adorn the campus with them,
a drink with him. True to his name, Stingy         not to claim his soul, would not allow Jack          in our own creative ways and places. Keep
Jack didn't want to pay for his drink, so he       into hell. He sent Jack off into the dark night      your eyes peeled, you never know where you
convinced the Devil to turn himself into a         with only a burning coal to light his way. Jack      might find one!

Antiperspirants: The sweet
smell of progress turns deadly?                                                                              Dear Diary,
                                                                                                                   I can’t believe a month has already passed so quickly!
                                                   trace amounts of parabens were found in all                F!rosh week was awesome, but classes are so different. I’ve
                                                   of the 20 different breast tissue samples that             hardly gotten any assignments, but I’ve done a lot of home-
                 eveLYN MukWeDeYa                  were analyzed. The growth of breast cancers                work. Now that I have a month of university experience, I definite-
                 CAnnon STAFF WriTEr               can be enhanced by oestrogen and since                     ly think that it’s one of the most challenging things I’ll face, what with midterms
                                                   parabens are very similar to oestrogen, the                being worth the percentage of the course as high school exams, and finals almost
                                                   research group postulated that parabens can                double that (WHYY?). And it’s already time for midterms, as my first one is next
Body odour a.k.a. BO is frowned upon in            mimic the oestrogen’s stimulating effect on                week (at least at the point in time that I’m writing this)!
most cultures, and antiperspirants, and their      cancer cells. In addition, the researchers ob-                  It’s so weird not being reminded about assignments and homework everyday,
cousins, deodorants, are part of the arsenal of    served that most breast tumours developed                  and I still can’t memorize my schedule. I keep forgetting which room I’m going
cosmetic products which are meant to keep          in the upper quadrant of the breast, near                  to, and I have to stop in the middle of the hallway to get my schedule out of my
us smelling fresh. However, in recent years,       the underarm areas where antiperspirants                   bag. I’ve managed not to get myself lost more than once, though it’s really scary
there has been concern that antiperspirants        are usually applied. For several years, alu-               when you’re trying to find a new way from one building to another and the halls
may be a risk factor in the development of         minum compounds in cosmetics have been                     are completely deserted, and you can’t find a map. It makes you feel like &%^$#*
breast cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.            implicated in the degeneration of nerve cells              I’ve never been a morning person, but I’m still getting up at 6 am so I can make
                                                   in the brain and the formation of plaques                  it here earlier than most people to get a front seat in Con Hall. It’s such a big
about sweat                                        around neurons both of which contribute to                 change from waking up at 7 and still being able to get to school before everyone
    Since sweat is composed of mostly water        Alzheimer’s disease. However, no study has                 at 8:15 when the rest of my family has to use the bathroom too (Once a nerd, al-
and trace amounts of minerals such as so-          been able to establish a definitive association            ways a nerd…or rather it’s ‘keener’ here…never thought I’d use that word! xD).
dium and potassium, it is mostly odourless.        between antiperspirant-use and Alzheimer’s                      I’ve only made a couple friends. I came into engineering by myself, all my
So, in fact, sweat alone is not the problem.       disease.                                                   friends going to McMaster, Waterloo, UTSC or are artsies here, so I’m starting
The problem is when bacteria feed on small                                                                    over completely. I think because the same group of friends has surrounded me
amounts of fatty acids in the sweat as well as     so now what?                                               for about 3, almost 4 years, I think I’ve forgotten how to make new ones (some-
protein in dead skin and hair cells on the sur-         Despite the results of the various piece-             body help me!!).
face of skin. This bacterial activity causes the   meal studies, researchers acknowledge that                      I’ve tried to get involved in clubs too, such as the Cannon, as well as Crum-
release of odorous compounds such as pro-          longer-term studies need to be run in order                pled Paper, the Lego Club, Skule Nite and the Skule Arts Festival. I think that
pionic acid which give BO its characteristic       to prove that chemicals in antiperspirants                 it’s a nice escape from all the homework that we’ve gotten (like the pile of linear
vinegary-cheesy smell. The odour-causing           can harm us. On the other hand, there has                  algebra that looks oh-so-giant when they give it to you all at once), but I’m hesi-
bacteria thrive in warm and moist environ-         been no evidence to refute the claims, so                  tant to join too much as meetings are all 6 or after, and I commute (blech ~.~).
ments of the body including the underarms,         is swiping our underarms with antiperspi-                  But so far, university has been good, finding cool little places to wait for class and
groin and feet.                                    rant really worth the risk? Should we throw                exploring the huge campus and surrounding area.
                                                   away our deodorants and antiperspirants?
How antiperspirants work                           Well, yes and no. Experts suggest that after               More for later,
    Most common antiperspirants contain,
among other ingredients, 15-25% (by weight)
of aluminum salts such as aluminum chlo-
                                                   shaving your underarms, allow the skin to
                                                   recover before applying any product to re-
                                                   duce the chance of the aluminum and other
ride and aluminum zirconium tetrachloro-           offending chemicals from being quickly ab-
hydrex glycine. The aluminum compounds             sorbed into the body. Or better yet, convert
reduce sweating by forming a gel complex           to aluminum-free products which tend to
which plugs the skin’s pores, prevents the         use less harmful substitutes to aluminum
flow of sweat from the sweat glands and            compounds like potassium and ammonium
deprives the bacteria of the moisture that         salts. There are also non-medicinal remedies
they need to grow. Another ingredient in           to BO. Foods like red meat, onions, garlic,
antiperspirants are parabens, oestrogen-like       spices and alcohol can contribute to making
compounds, which inhibit the growth of the
bacteria and also serve as a preservative for
                                                   our sweat stinkier so reducing our intake of
                                                   such foods could actually reduce our need to
                                                                                                                                   “You see things, and you
the cosmetic product.                              use antiperspirants. However, the effects of                                    say: `Why?’ But I dream
                                                                                                                                   things that never were,
                                                   different foods vary from person to person so
studies on the possible detrimental effects        if you did decide to eliminate some of these
of antiperspirants
    Over the past decade, there have been
                                                   foods, you would have to do a “smell test”
                                                   after 1-2 weeks to see if the change in diet                                    and I say `Why not?’”
studies on the possible effects of ingredi-        made any significant difference. The bottom
ents in antiperspirants and similar cosmetic       line is that better lifestyle choices such as eat-                                                 - George Bernard Shaw
products. A 2004 study conducted by Dr             ing healthier, wearing clean clothes and tak-
Philippa Darbre at the University of Read-         ing regular showers go a long way in keeping
ing suggested a causal link between the use        us smelling fresher – with or without anti-
of antiperspirants and the steady increase         perspirants. But of, course, Mom has been us
in breast cancer cases to date. In the study,      telling that for years…
10 | the    Cannon                                                                          opinion                                                                                        Oct 2009

rock Music… has it died?                                consistently good music.                        suddenly the lights died. The music stopped.      ‘you something something’. It happened.
                 MaNasvINI vaIDYuLa                     BUT, the point of this article isn’t to bring   I was not mentally prepared for seeing the            Speaking of Josh Homme, one would
                 SECTion EdiTor                   you head bangers down! I give you hope in             face in reality that I’ve otherwise been watch-   think he would be intimidated by the pres-
                                                  the form of a new band that’s coming up.              ing religiously on YouTube. It was John Paul      ence of two greats like Grohl and Jones but
                                                  What happens when you mix Led Zeppelin                Jones! And there was a huge roar of approv-       he took it in his stride. He repeatedly men-
Are you one of those people who worries           and Foo Fighters/Nirvana and an incred-               al. And then came Josh Homme and Alain            tioned Jones and Alain Johannes and he
about what kids listen to these days? Ever        ible Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone              Johannes. There was a chant for the legend        interacted really, really well with the audi-
shook your head listening to the news of          Age? You get the band that might just save            from Led Zeppelin. And then without fur-          ence.
how the new Miley Cyrus concert sold out          Rock and Roll. And in 10 years, when some-            ther ado, they started playing.                       Some of the other songs I really liked
in a week? Or how a movie called ‘Camp            body else is writing this article, this decade             They started with the track ‘Elephants’,     were ‘Scumbag Blues’ and ‘Daffodils’. All
Rock’ included a Jonas Brother?                   will hopefully be named after them. I guess           this music was hard rock at its best and the      in all, it struck me as a good set of songs –
     Hey, I don’t mind Hannah Montana or          it’s a lot of hope and faith. It’s because I know     way God intended it to be. There was good         with that good old hard rock sound and a
the Jonas Brothers. And, I’m not slamming         we’ve all been waiting for a band that would          chemistry between the band members. And           good diversity so that you would rather buy
the teenyboppers for limiting themselves          create as much excitement for us as it did for        Dave Grohl! He played with such intensity.        the album than download it. I’m definitely
to the musical talents of anyone being pro-       those who were standing in line for Nirvana           This was also the first time he came back to      buying their album, whenever they are to
moted on the Disney Channel. I just worry.        or Led Zeppelin. Dave Grohl of Foo Fight-             the drums after Nirvana so it was worth it        release it. Which again, I haven’t found clear
Worry that my favourite genre of music            ers and Nirvana fame joined forces with               to push the guys in front of me so I could        confirmation on because they’re being tight-
is slipping away from a generation. With          John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin to create           get really bad photos of Dave (yeah, we’re on     lipped about it. I don’t know how you can go
fewer kids listening to rock music, I feel like   a hard rock super group that promises a bet-          first name terms) with hair in his face.          wrong with Dave Grohl, who seems to have
the world may slowly forget all that amaz-        ter future. I can just hear those angels sing.        John Paul Jones plays over a gazillion instru-    the passion and smarts for creating new and
ing music. And worse, not create any more               The band is called ‘Them Crooked Vul-           ments and he played about 5 of them at the        eventually successful rock band and John
amazing rock music at all. But I can see why      tures’ and they’ve been incredibly hush-hush          concert. I was so close to the stage by now.      Paul Jones and a good team effort. But can
it’s happening: we don’t have a band that can     about their first album. They have started            In one of the songs, Josh Homme pointed in        ‘Them Crooked Vultures’ really bring back
create a frenzy or produce music like it did      touring – the tour was called Deserve the             my (general) direction when the line went         rock to its former glory? I believe they can.
in the 60s and 70s, with bands like Cream,        Future (sound like something I’ve been say-
Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and many oth-            ing?) with Alain Johannes (from Queens of
ers. They were universal and everyone loved       the Stone Age) and they hit Toronto on Oc-
them. Everyone knows who Led Zeppelin is,         tober 9th at the Sound Academy.
for a good reason: they were/are that good.             The concert was AMAZING. We were
In the 80s many rock bands were formed            four rows from the stage! Well, four rows
that still play today –Guns N’ Roses, Metal-      away from the barricade that was 3 feet away
lica, U2, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith etc. In the 90’s    from the stage with security guards in the
we had Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers,           middle-but still! We brought our excitement
Oasis which were hugely popular and others        at 7pm at Sound Academy. And then we
like Linkin Park, Soundgarden, Audioslave,        waited, and waited. For 2 hours. Apparently,
Foo Fighters, Staind were able to do well,        the band was doing an interview with 102.1
but were not exactly universal. And then a        Edge FM. I couldn’t even find the interview
noticeable decline in:                            on the Internet but that was the reason we
1. number of people who listened to rock          waited in a crowded, smoke-filled indoor
     music                                        club for 2 hours.
2. the number of new bands that made                    At 9pm, the crowd was restless. When
Oct 2009                                                                 teCh review                                                                      the    Cannon | 11

                                                                                        Microsoft bounces
                                                                                        back with Windows 7
                                                                                                                                       and security options, such as the ability to
                                                                                                                                       keep user account control notifications to
                                                                                                        sHaGuN ParuLkar
                                                                                                        CAnnon STAFF WriTEr            a minimum.
                                                                                                                                           Performance wise, reports claim that
                                                                                                                                       Windows 7 is faster than its predecessor.
                                                                                        Microsoft Windows 7 – the highly awaited       This is partly due to the fact that Windows
                                                                                        addition to the Windows operating system       7 is able to use more than 4GB of RAM
                                                                                        series - will be released worldwide on Oc-     (on a 64 bit version, there is no confirmed
                                                                                        tober 22nd, 2009. From my observations         upper limit), thus using greater memory
                                                                                        when using the operating system (Thank         for smooth and powerful processing. Pro-
                                                                                        you, MSDNAA!), Windows 7 keeps the             vided you have a computer with the mini-
                                                                                        look and compatibility of Vista, while in-     mum standard specifications, you will see a
                                                                                        cluding numerous improvements, one of          definite improvement over Windows Vista.
                                                                                        which is the completely redesigned task-       During my experience, there were hardly
                                                                                        bar. Now, applications can be pinned to        any hiccups while I had multiple windows
                                                                                        the taskbar in order for the user to quickly   and programs running simultaneously. I
                                                                                        pull up frequently used programs. Addi-        definitely did not run into the notorious
                                                                                        tionally, Windows 7 is made more acces-        “blue screen of death”, and hope that this
                                                                                        sible through several upgraded features to     will be a permanent relief. It is evident that
                                                                                        its Windows Aero interface, such as the        this time round Microsoft has listened to
                                                                                        ability to view the desktop by “peeking”       customer criticism, creating a perfect bal-
                                                                                        through many opened windows (Aero              ance of multimedia and power to provide
                                                                                        Peek), as well as “snapping” windows in        a suitable environment for both general
                                                                                        order to resize and view them side by side     and advanced PC users to work within. I
                                                                                        (Aero Snap). Furthermore, there are minor      am very happy with my overall experience
                                                                                        enhancements towards mainstay Windows          of Windows 7 and believe that it is a good
                                                                                        programs such as Windows Media Center          step in the right direction for Microsoft
                                                                                        to create better multimedia integration,       Windows, to once again become a worthy
                                                                                        as well as several changes made to system      competitor on the market.

                                            to the keypad to the keys is so ergonom-                                                   X here, hands down.
 MeDHa aGarWaL                                                                          asHIsH MaLHoTra
                                            ically designed that it’s almost intui-     CAnnon STAFF WriTEr
                                                                                                                                       Moreover almost all of the hardware
 CAnnon STAFF WriTEr
                                            tive. For example, the first day I almost                                                  peripherals (such as mice, keyboards,
                                            knew where every key was without sort                                                      printers, cameras) out there support
For some people a purchase decision         of looking for it, most functions can be    Underneath all the snazzy exteriors and        Windows. This isn’t necessarily true for
is like snatching candy from a baby,        done through the keyboard and don’t         cute apple shaped lights is a below aver-      a Mac.
whereas there are people who require        require the endless hassle of looking       age and awfully overpriced OS. Here are
a long complicated well thought out         for the right application because they      some of the reasons why PC’s rule Macs         Windows is safer
purchase. I usually tend to fall some-      are all right there for you to use. For     any day.                                          Vista is a more secure operating sys-
where in between, but this time when I      example, you can choose between the                                                        tem than Mac OS X. In a recent hacking
was buying a new laptop for university      different minimized windows currently       Windows runs more software and pe-             competition Mac OS X was hacked in less
I came pretty close to having a nervous     running by simply hitting a button the      ripherals                                      than 30 minutes using a security exploit
breakdown.                                  screen, rather than look for it on the          Admittedly, Mac OS X is a very pretty      present in Apple’s acclaimed browser
    You see, with the limited amount of     desktop as in a Windows PC. I think         operating system, but beauty runs only         “Safari”. Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox
technical knowledge I have it was hard      it’s the small things about a Macbook       skin deep. An operating system by itself       took a whole day to be cracked.
for me to decide which one I wanted         which make it stand out for me like the     isn’t of any use; it’s the applications that
because the only specifications I knew      amazing aluminum unibody which is           run on top of it that count. And here’s        Buying a Windows PC is economical
I wanted was to be compact, portable,                                                                                                      If you got a lot of extra cash lying
sleek and good-looking. And as you                                                                                                     around that you don’t really care about,
may know, there are a number of lap-                                                                                                   then by all means, buy a Mac. But if, like
tops out there that fit that description.                                                                                              most of the world, you’ve got to work

                                                Mac vs. PC
    When I got to the store as confused                                                                                                for a living, then you’ll find that a Vista
as I was about buying just any ordi-                                                                                                   machine is far less expensive than a Mac
nary PC, the in store technician intro-                                                                                                and provides much better specs. This
duced me to the Mac. At first I wasn’t                                                                                                 is apart from the fact that Mac updates
sure about it, having never really seen                                                                                                cost you around $165 each while not
a Mac before, it was hard for me to im-                                                                                                providing any major improvements in
agine how different it would be to use.                                                                                                functionality.
But the technician assured me it wasn’t
rocket science and with all the help                                                                                                   PC users get to choose hardware
and tutorials available it would not be                                                                                                    Any person or company, who wants
a problem. Next, was the consideration                                                                                                 to build a PC with Vista on it and then
of price. Being a university student, I                                                                                                sell it, or use it themselves, is perfectly
had to make sure that it fit in my budg-                                                                                               free to do so, as long as they buy the op-
et. I did end up getting a pretty sweet     strong and durable, the individually fit    where Mac OS X falls short. It can’t run       erating system. But for a Mac this is next
deal – with a free printer too!             keys that appear unbreakable, the fact      much of the common software, includ-           to impossible because OS X ships only
    I went home excited and from the        that a Mac rarely gets a virus or maybe     ing enterprise applications, popular           with the Mac computer. Which by the
moment I opened the box even before         just the fact that the sensors light the    games etc.                                     way is another one of Apple’s monopo-
switching it on I was amazed by how         keyboard automatically when it’s dark!          Virtualization software like Parallels     lizing schemes to get people to buy their
well designed it was. The fact that it          Everything that I was skeptical         Desktop for Mac won’t solve the prob-          hardware just to get their operating sys-
was so thin and light was great as that     about regarding the Mac now seem ir-        lem. Parallels can’t run even the most ba-     tem.
was the main thing I wanted in my new       relevant for example, “not many peo-        sic Vista games such as FreeCell, Hearts,
laptop. Once I switched it on, it took      ple have it” has now become “I’m one        Pinball, Solitaire and Minesweeper, be-        easier to get help
my breath away. When you switch on a        of the lucky few who do have it”, or “it    cause it doesn’t support DirectX 9. And           There are many more Windows users
Mac, you are introduced to a space like     might be hard to use” has now turned        virtualization software creates big prob-      than Mac users. In fact around 90% of the
screen and the graphics and the sound       into, “I was born knowing how to use        lems for enterprises with regard to vol-       world’s computer users run Windows. If
quality are simply wonderful.               it”. In short, it was approximately 2       ume licensing, technical support, creat-       you get stuck with your Windows PC,
    Having owned a Mac now, it’s hard       weeks ago on when I was looking for a       ing standard enterprise-wide images and        chances are you know someone round
to imagine how my life was pre-Mac.         new laptop, I saw the new Macbook I’ve      so on. So it’s no good for running enter-      the corner who can help you fix it. If you
Everything about it from the interface      never looked back.                          prise applications either. Vista beats OS      are on a Mac, well good luck.
12 | the   Cannon                                                entertainment & review                                                                                          Oct 2009

                 Candid on Campus                                                                                 fML: Skule version
  “You know what’s worse than buying textbooks? Buying the stupid iClicker!                       “Today, I realized there are 5 jobs for 200 mechs in PEY round 1.
  The fuck they use that money for anyway?! Such a rip-off guy…”                                  FML”

  Well, of course, the University Hospital Network, that’s definitely incentive
  to work at the St. George Campus. “That’s the reason I’m here downtown…                         “Today, I spent 1.5 hours in a ECE lab trying to debug my circuit,
  in case I get a heart attack or something.” – Prof. Chignell                                    only to realize there was a misplaced capital letter in the original
                                                                                                  code given to us in the lab. FML”
  LGMB crashes Ontario Universities’ Fair. Waterloo reps come to UofT booth
  UW: “Did that band belong to you guys?”
  UofT: “Yes”                                                                                     “Today, on the fifteenth day of Skule, I got back my first graded
  UW: “Are you trying to intimidate us?”                                                          quiz. It was the first quiz I failed since grade 5. FML”

  So there I was sitting in the very very first row in my first year programming
                                                                                                  “Today we had to do a titration in a lab. The indicator goes from
  lecture because I didn’t know anything about computers and the prof is
  going on and on about this C programming! C this, C++ that, C-C-C-C... Fi-                      purple to blue. I am colour blind. FML”
  nally, I turn to the girl next to me and I’m like, ‘I don’t get it… what’s C?’ She
  doesn’t know what the prof was talking about either. So I promptly raise                        “Today, I realized I had studied 6 hours/day for 3 days for my AER210
  my hand and boldly ask, “Excuse me, does C stand for computer?”                                 midterm, and the only real skill I had at the end of it all was that I
                                                                                                  could flip to the right page in the Stewart Calculus Solution Manu-
  “So what we learn from this is: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it or anything around
  it”– Professor Jamieson                                                                         al every time. And then I forgot what Taylor series are. FML”

 Food Bytes
                                                 ...because who doesn’t love food?
                                      (a bit too salty and maybe MSG-y)
                                                                                                                                bUddha’s vegetarian restaUrant
Cost per portion
Location                              (not as close as Chinatown)
Customer Service                      (nice waitresses who don’t expect a lot of tips)
                                                180 degrees and a whole other cluster of
                                                tables appears. After the awesometastic
                TIM CHeN                        tea is served and you are given an oily
                CAnnon STAFF WriTEr             yellow background with red text menu,
                                                you will notice that most main dishes are
                                                $8-10 (after you figure out the Chinese
Buddha is a Chinese vegetarian restaurant       and English versions that is). It seems like
located on Dundas St east of Bathurst.          quite a bit for a small Chinese joint, but
    The restaurant is one of those Chinese      here’s the curve that may explain things a
places with a shady facade, things like oily    bit.
glasses with curtains, bunch of stickers for
no reason. Passing ancient news articles        Cost per person vs. #people, decreases
posted on the glass panels of a small set of    exponentially
double doors, you are greeted by a statue           Picture this: I assume one person will      er than cooking food yourself, or if it is           The restaurant is closed on Tuesdays.
of the Buddha, red candles, and green-          order a side dish to accompany the main         as nutritious, but it’s definitely worth it if   It operates from 11am to 9pm all other
apron-wearing waitresses. All of them           dish, which will cost around $12. The           you are out of food and need something           days. The take-out is amazing! They pack
Chinese, all of them very friendly. Once        problem is, the portion they serve is more      filling and cheap, and tasty as heck.            even more into the containers than origi-
you’ve visited there a couple of times, they    than I can eat in a whole day. So I end up           The menu features tofu, seitan, mush-       nal servings. Overall, it is a good place to
will recognize you and greet you like an        taking over half of what I ordered home.        rooms of all kinds, a lot of greens, noodles     introduce friends to Asian vegetarian cui-
old friend. It’s a nice feeling.                If someone is eating with me, (s)he doesn’t     and rice, as well as a variety of imitation      sine.
    If the restaurant is busy, which it usu-    need to order anything, cutting the cost        meats.
ally is, and all the tables you see are occu-   by half to $6. Craziness! Of course, if you          I personally enjoy imitation duck
pied, you will be led into what you’d think     have a 6+ people party there, obviously         ($2.90 for small), anything with mush-
is a kitchen. Before you reach the kitchen      the cost will go down a bit.                    rooms (such as noodles ($7.95), rice, or
though, the waitress will turn you almost           I don’t know if the food itself is cheap-   mushroom by itself).
                                                                                                                                                                                          G uck

Skule Meets Engineers

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