Lord of the Flies

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					Lord of the Flies                          Name ___________________________________ Block _____

Turn in these notes, in this order. Except where noted, these are things you should have written or
completed. Your notes packet will be worth 25 points (1 point per item that is finished, 3 points for
putting them in the right order). Turn in this sheet as the cover page to your packet. You will be able
to use these notes as your study guide for the test.

1.       Chapter 1 Quiz
2.       Chapter 2 3-2-1 Response
3.       Chapter 3 Story Board
4.       Chapter 4 Quiz and/or 3 Questions you wrote
5.       Chapter 5 Quiz
6.       Chapter 6 Quiz
7.       Chapter 7 3-2-1 Response
8.       Chapter 8 Quiz
9.       Chapter 9 Questions & « Bohemian Rhapsody » journal
10.      Chapter 10 Quiz
11.      Chapter 11-12 Questions & Character Delineation Chart
12.      Wall-E Allegory Study Guide
13.      “Cast Your Ballot” Activity
14.      Nature/Nurture Notes
15.      Nature/Nurture Essay
16.      Abraham Maslow (Hierarchy of Needs) Notes
17.      Sigmund Freud (id, ego, superego) Notes
18.      “Lucifer Effect” (Zimbardo) Reading & Questions
19.      “What Makes us Moral?” Reading & Questions
20.      Lit Analysis Paragraph Practice #1 (Who’s to blame for Simon’s death?)
21.      Lit Analysis Paragraph Practice #2 (Explain one example of one EU)
22.      Enduring Understanding Notes

                              The 100-point test includes:
                                  25 multiple choice questions (2 pts each)
                                  2 essays (25 pts each)

 Each essay should be a well-formed literary analysis including
      o a thesis statement that responds to the prompt (3 points)
      o background with specific and relevant examples from the book (and studies for
          questions a, b, and c) (12 points)
      o explanation of your examples: how do they prove what you said in your TS? (10 points)
 1 ½ -2 hand-written pages is an appropriate length.
 You may use your book on this section so you can include quotations and citations in your
  background. Though this is not required, specific detail is.

       Explain how Freud’s theory of the Id, Ego, and Superego can be used to explain what went
        wrong on the island in Lord of the Flies.
       Explain how Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can be used to explain what went wrong on the
        island. Why can’t the boys’ society function?
       Explain how Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford prison study results help explain what happened on
        the island.
       A major theme in this book is that ALL humankind (not just the boys in this book) is inherently
        evil. How do the events in the novel support this theme?
       Explain Simon’s role A) on the island and B) in revealing the theme of the book.
       Explain the origin and meaning of the title of the book and why it is appropriate for what
        unfolds on the island.