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Design Services Agreement


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									                                                      Design Services Agreement
               Date: February 18, 2007

       The Client: Name                               Phone:
                   Street                               Fax:
                   City, State Zip                    Email:

    This letter will serve to set forth the scope of work to be performed by the Rosellini Group, llc
in connection with the design services required for the residential remodel located at
__________________ as requested by The Client and owners of the property. Also provided in
this agreement are the terms and conditions of this assignment.

Residential Design Services
     Interview with The Clients to establish the design criteria and direction
     • Provide drawings for approval in concept (AIC)
     • Review of AIC drawings and modifying the drawings as requested by The Clients
     • Select & coordinate with a structural engineer
     • Select & coordinate with an environmental engineer, if necessary
     • Provide residential design drawings & specifications as follows:
             o Provide space planning and design layout
             o Provide working drawings sufficient for permits and constructing the project
             o Coordination with the structural engineer who will provide all necessary structural
                 designs, details & specifications
             o Coordination with other professional consultants as necessary, which may
                 include surveying, soils analysis, drainage and environmental engineering
             o Assist The Clients in obtaining the necessary building permits
             o Provide both door & window schedules
             o Provide designs for finish trim, cabinets & special conditions
             o Provide lighting, switching and electrical layout (including low-voltage)
             o Provide General Specifications & Conditions for construction
             o Provide construction consultation & advice during construction of the project
     • Provide interior design services, including:
             o Coordination of the surface materials, finishes and colors
             o Coordination of the window coverings and other fabrics for a complete design
             o Coordination of the electrical lighting selections
             o Coordination of the appliance selections where necessary
             o Coordination of the plumbing fixture selections where necessary
             o Design Fees and Expenses

2201 Broadway East                                                                            Bus: 206.323.0907
Seattle, WA 98102                                  1 of 3                                     Fax: 866.639.4249
Reprinted: 2/18/07 at 4:03 AM                                          tRG-Agreement, Complete Design
      Our design fee for the services outlined above will be based on time charges at the hourly
  rate of the designer performing the specific phases of design and other related services for this
  project. See our rate schedule below. We shall maintain for your inspection a complete project
  record of all time expended, and The Client will be billed bi-monthly based on our time records. In
  addition, we shall bill The Client monthly for the net cost for blueprinting reproductions, samples,
  and any out-of-pocket expenses pertaining to this project. In house printing shall be billed at the
  rate of ten cents ($0.10) per page for all sizes of paper up to and including 17x11. All invoices
  rendered by the designer to The Client are due and payable within 10 days of billing date.

  Changes in Scope of Work
      Additions and revisions requested during the study stage of our work is both encouraged
  and expected. However, once The Client has signed its approval on the “Approval In Concept”
  (AIC) drawings changes to the design are considered a change in scope to this agreement. In
  the event that we incur additional drafting time and or other expenses due to the change in the
  scope, such expenses shall be billable to The Client at our regular hourly charge plus other costs
  expended. The Client shall provide a written order to us when requesting additions and or
  revisions to the scope of work. If we accept this request we shall issue a change order. We will
  begin the requested work once The Client signs the change order.

  Engineers and Consultants
      All surveying, engineering and other consultants shall contract directly with The Client for
  services required as a part of the scope of work described above. The Rosellini Group, llc will
  coordinate all necessary services provided by the engineers and consultants as related to the
  scope of work described above. The Client shall be solely responsible for any and all incurred
  expenses related to services provided by these engineers and consultants.

  Other Provisions
      A retainer of $_____________is required upon signing of this agreement and will be applied
  to the final balance of The Client’s account.
      In the event that this project is terminated before completion, the above retainer will be
  used as compensation for services rendered. In the event that the charge for such services is
  less than the retainer fee, we shall remit the balance to The Client. In the event that the charge
  for such services is greater than the retainer, we shall bill The Client for services rendered based
  on our time and expense records.

  Designer & Other Service Rates
              •     Jack Rosellini          $100/ per hour (Design & Construction Management Services)
              •     Design Assistants $55/ per hour (Design Services)
              •     Engineers & Consultants are not employees of The Rosellini Group, llc and their
                    services are billed directly to The Client. The Rosellini Group, llc does not add a

  2201 Broadway East                                                                             Bus: 206.323.0907
  Seattle, WA 98102                                     2 of 3                                   Fax: 866.639.4249
Reprinted: 2/18/07 at 4:03 AM                                             tRG-Agreement, Complete Design
                    markup to the invoiced services provided by these consultants. However, we will bill
                    for our time as logged and expenses related in the coordination of these services.

      If this agreement meets with your approval, please sign the enclosed copy of this letter and
  return the copy and your check in the amount of the retainer specified above.

  Sincerely:            _____________________________         ________________________
                                Jack Rosellini                         Dated

  Accepted:             _____________________________         ________________________
                                 The Client                            Dated

  Accepted:             _____________________________         ________________________
                                 The Client                            Dated

  2201 Broadway East                                                                                Bus: 206.323.0907
  Seattle, WA 98102                                       3 of 3                                    Fax: 866.639.4249
Reprinted: 2/18/07 at 4:03 AM                                                tRG-Agreement, Complete Design

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