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VOL. 30, ISSUE 3                            OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE SAN JOSE POLICE OFFICERS’ ASSOCIATION                                        MARCH 2003

                             Captain Dewey Hosmer

Interview by Sgt. Paul Francois          promoted to Lieutenant. I was in             as the Captain assisting the Deputy        things on track. In our job you’re
Photographs by Officer                   Patrol as a Lieutenant from ‘88 to           Chief and then was placed in charge        going to be moving along at 55-60
Barb Melloch                             ‘90 and then I came up to                    of Communications in November of           miles per hour day in and day out.
                                         Communications in October when it            2002.                                      But every so often there will be a
     Vanguard: Please give us a          first opened. I did that for 9 or 10              Vanguard: You have a reputation       spike and you’ll have to go 90 miles
chronology of your career.               months and then back to Patrol. I            for going into a unit and leaving it a     per hour until a case is made or an
     Hosmer: I was hired in the sum-     went back to Narcotics in ‘92 and I          better place. Please articulate what it    investigation is completed. If you
mer of 1975 with a fairly large class.   did that until summer of ‘95. Then I         is that you do when you go to a new        spend too much energy doing the
From ‘75-78 I was in Patrol and then     went to the FBI Academy and then             unit.                                      stuff that you should be doing auto-
went into the FTO program until ‘81.     back to Patrol. I did that until ‘98              Hosmer: First, I want to get          matically, like breathing, then, when
I was in MERGE from ‘81-83. I got        when I went to Internal Affairs and          briefed on all the important aspects       it comes time for the pressure you’re
promoted out of MERGE to                 did that until I was promoted to             of the unit — the roles, personnel,        not able to deal with it. Minimize the
Sergeant. I went back to patrol and      Captain in 1999. I went to Central           the mission — all these things in          routine as much as possible so that it
then later on in ‘83 I got picked up     Division as a Captain and about a            detail. Then, I sit down with the staff    is actually routine and easy. Then
for Street Crimes as a Sergeant. I did   year later to Special Operations.            and sort things out. It’s real impor-      you’re ready to go when it’s time to
that for a year and half and then went   About a year and half later I was            tant that the unit take care of the        go.
                                                                                      everyday things with the least                  Vanguard: Let me ask you
to Narco. I went back to Patrol after    assigned to the Bureau of Technical
                                                                                      amount of effort as possible. If           specifically about I.A. One of the
my tour up there in ‘88 and then I got   Services. In BTS I did almost a year
                                                                                      there’s reports to be done, any paper-     things I know that you accomplished
                                                                                      work, appraisals, and such — get           in there was getting cases closed
        History book update!                                                          them done. Make sure that you get
                                                                                      things on track — get a schedule, a
                                                                                                                                 expeditiously. How did you make that
     I have received a number of         ago), or if you’ve changed your                                                              Hosmer: I understand that I was-
                                                                                      scheme, and make sure your invento-
 inquiries regarding the SJPD History    mailing address, contact Turner                                                         n’t the first pick for the assignment.
                                                                                      ry is right. If you’re going to be a
 Book. Turner Publishing Company         Publishing at 1-(270) 443-0121.                                                         Later on I heard they wanted some-
 has sent out postcards to all those                                                  decent manager, you better be able to
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PAGE 10                                                                   VANGUARD                                                             MARCH 2003

                                    San Jose Police & Fire
                                    Retirees’ Association
by Jim Spence                            collaborate with can only improve        directly affecting our lives.            has been a strong advocate for open
                                         our lives.                                    I know that there are people who    government, employee rights and
     When I was elected your                  Second, expand our area of polit-   believe that staying close at home is    benefits, and fiscal accountability.
President I knew the strength of our     ical endorsements beyond the City of     the best and only way to make politi-    His door has always been open for
Association. I had been the recipient    San Jose City Council races. Politics    cal activities and contributions mean    this Association to address our con-
of your energy during my City            is like a large river with tributaries   anything. As you can tell I don’t dis-   cerns.
Council campaign and had worked as       feeding to it. Many political careers    agree on the basic issue but do dis-          On March 14 your association
Association volunteer with many of       began as a School Board officer. City    agree about disregarding the ability     will be partnering with Vice Mayor
you on other campaigns. I now feel it    Council members have been on the         we have to work in the “bigger pic-      Pat Dando for a St Patrick’s Day lun-
my responsibility to look toward our     County Board of Supervisors and          ture” of politics. I would certainly     cheon for seniors in District 10. We
future. At this time I am setting two                                                                                      will need volunteers for this event.
                                         Supervisors have become City lead-       like to hear from each of you about
goals for my term with regard to                                                                                           Please sign-up as soon as possible.
                                         ers. We know that current health care    this issue.
political activity:
                                         problems are not those generated at           I am very pleased to announce            In closing, please feel free to
     First, enhance our reputation by
                                         the local level but are from our State   that the Executive Board and the         contact me if there are any questions
political action in issues directly
                                         and Federal governments. To affect       members voted our endorsement of         or concerns by using our website
affecting our standard of living. At
                                         change for us we should considered       Councilmember Chuck Reed for re-         (, my email
times that will mean to partner with
organizations which may not be from      being aggressive in supporting indi-     election to District 4 for San Jose      ( or
the police and fire profession but       viduals running for those offices        City Council. Councilmember Reed         (408) 920-0479. ◆
who have similar interest in a partic-
ular issue. An example would be to
look at meeting with retiree groups
from MEF and the California
statewide PERS group with interests
in health care programs and benefits.
On a national scale becoming active
in AARP. These and other organiza-
                                               2003 Contract Survey
tions which we choose as a body to
                                                                    Wage Increase
“INTERVIEW” from page 1
been in much trouble along the way                                  Night Differential
in my career, but didn’t worry about                                Increase Paid Overtime Allotment
the assignment too much since I was
going to manage it regardless. So,                                  Increase Vacation
even though I didn’t have an inti-
mate personal knowledge of the dis-                                 Increase Dental Benefit
cipline process, I looked forward to
it.                                                                 Increase Sick Leave
    Vanguard: I can tell you what
you want to know about that.
                                                                    Modify Sergeants’ Selection/Transfer Policy
    Hosmer: [Laughs] One of the                                     Increase Uniform Allowance
things I was told was to establish a
relationship with the auditor, Teresa                               Increase Holiday Pay
Guerrero-Daly and make sure that
everybody’s role is defined — that                                  Domestic Partner Benefits
there’s no morphing of roles. She has
her role in this City and Internal                                  Modification of Promotional MOA
Affairs has its role. And they’re dif-
                                                                    City Mortgage Subsidy
    I got over there and established a                              Improve Sick Leave Donation Policy
professional relationship with the
auditor — which was kind of easy                                    Employee/Employer Match Savings Plan
actually — people thought it was
going to be harder than it was, but it                              Uniforms Supplied by City Commissary
wasn’t — she was professional and
candid in all our interactions. Once                                Retirement Improvements
that was established, I started look-             *Rank Items in order of importance (#1 = Most important)
ing around for things to do. I started
working my way down the hall
where the Sergeants worked. I want-               Suggestions/Comments
ed to get a briefing by all of the
Sergeants responsible for doing
investigations on what they did. It
was a real eye-opener for me. I got
the distinct impression that some of
them had never been directly asked
what they were up to and what was
next on their agenda to be complet-
ed. Plus it gave me insight into who                           Only Original Form Can Be Submitted (no copies)
was organized and who was disorga-
nized. It went across the board from
the guy who pulled out his drawer                                                 Please return to to POA
and had everything tabbed and col-
lated to the guy who was looking for
                                                                                     1151 N. 4th Street
paperwork on the floor.                                                             San Jose, CA 95112
    See “INTERVIEW” on page 11
MARCH 2003                                                                    VANGUARD                                                                        PAGE 11

                                                                                                                                 pension for every year that they’re shy
                                                                                                                                 of their 55th birthday.
                                                                                                                                      This is because (duh) they are

                                              R & B News                                                                         expected to live actuarially longer and
                                                                                                                                 thus collect more pension dollars
                                                                                                                                 before permanently “logging off”
                                                                 by Bret Muncy                                                   from planet earth. Their monthly pen-
                                                                                                                                 sion must therefore be discounted, or
                                                                                                                                 reduced, to make up for living many
                                                                                                                                 years post-SJPD. I will refrain from
                                                                                                                                 going into an actual example since my

                                      2022 and Beyond                                                                            slide ruler broke and I’m running out
                                                                                                                                 of space.
     Last month’s Retirement and             will all be eligible for a 72% pension    all be looking at a 78% pension while
                                                                                                                                 Defer Vest
Benefits News was dedicated to the           when we sing “Happy 55th Birthday”        Patrick “Sissy Mary” Ward, Aaron
                                                                                                                                      And of course there is the
“old” guys who retired out in January        to them; they’ll have 24 years on the     Offenberg, and Hau Ngo will be bud-
                                                                                                                                 “deferred vested” option. This allows
and who are now enjoying the after           job. Nqui “Freckles” Scherry can          geting their golden years with an 81%
                                                                                                                                 you to separate from City employ-
life. This month we’re taking a look at      stake claim to a 69% pension on his       pension. And lastly Gina “I’m             ment, whether you’re shown the door
the “new” guys and gals who took the         55th birthday with 23 years as a cop.     Everything My Sister Isn’t” Tibaldi       or you walk out yourself, and leave
oath in late December and who are                 Allan De La Cruz, Harold Hoyt,       and Michael “Mirror Boy”                  your retirement contributions here.
currently in the field training program.     and Phal Muong joined us at 29 years      Carranza will both need to wear the       You can only do this if you have put
                                             of age so they can put their papers in    badge for almost 28 years before          in at least ten years of serving the pub-
Twenty and Out!                              for a 75% pension when they hit 54        applying for a service retirement. The    lic.
     Since our Police and Fire Plan has      years of age. Marco Ybarra, James         good news is that their pensions               When you are then eligible for a
permitted a 20/55 retirement (20 years       “Percy” Pickens, Christopher              should be close to 84% of Final           check (only after 20 years has elapsed
of service and 55 years of age) since        “TopCop” Gridley, former NYPD             Average Salary around year 2030.          since you took the oath) on your 50th
1946, I imagine it’ll still be in place in   Officer Christopher “Jersey”              Wow.                                      or 55th birthday or somewhere in
another 20 years. Some of our more           Heinrich, and John Van den Broeck                                                   between, give Retirement Services a
“mature” recruits will be eligible to        can all bail out of here at age 53 with   Go Sooner, Stay Longer                    call from Timbuktu and they’ll be
bail out of here in December of 2022.        the same 75% pension.                          Over the last 56 years, our Plan     happy to start the money flowing.
     David “Stoner Boy” Kirby will                Carlos Benitez, Scott Erickson,      has evolved from a primordial quiver-
be 55 and Angel Mina will be 56 at           Scott Povio, and Tanaya “Shania”          ing glob to an effervescent algebraic     Happy To Be Here
that time. Mark “Pimento” Pimental           Waters can enter the retirement world     frog. The numerical options today are         I know that some of our new
will need to wait for his 64th birthday      in December of 2027 after they cut the    many compared to 1946. One of those       members may be chuckling at the
before collecting a pension and              cake on their 51st birthday. They’ll      benefits that police officers and fire-   thought of retirement. Eighteen years,
Thomas “Country Bear” Rodgers                have earned a 75% pension as well.        fighters can now choose is the option     twenty-plus pounds, and a full head of
will be 61. Hector Ruiz has ‘em all                                                    to flee the scene early, by taking a      hair ago I barely gave retirement a
beat: he’ll be 66 when first eligible for    Happy 50th!                               reduced pension, touched on below.        thought. But I did give it a thought
a pension in 2022.                                Four of our new arrivals were, in         And by all means I did not intend    and so should you. At the very least
     All these folks will be entitled to a   my opinion, sworn in at the perfect       to infer that these recruits must leave   you should know your options. But of
60% retirement allowance (if they            age for retirement purposes. Timothy      on those dates listed above. If they’re   course enjoy the stay while you’re
decide to leave us in 20 years), based       “Camel No Filter” Alford, Mike            having a good time when eligible for a    here.
upon my (safe) prediction that we will       “Homebui” Bui, Corey “Funny               retirement allowance, they simply stay
have a 3% credit per year of service         Guy” Chao, and Hieu “La La” La            and refigure their pension on fingers     Formerly Sworn
for pension calculation in 2022.             were all 25 when they graduated the       and toes. The future multiplier will          The Police and Fire Retirement
                                             academy and will be 50 years young        probably be 3% a year and it’s always     Board directed a few of our members
The ‘Between-ers                             when eligible for a 75% pension upon      prorated to your very last day.           to be sworn back into the civilian
    Several of our new recruits fall in      their 25th anniversary as officers.                                                 world from whence they came.
between two retirement options: the                                                    The Discounted Pension                    During our February meeting, we said
20/55 plan stated above and the popu-        The Youngsters                                Seventeen of our newest members       farewell to Sergeant Jack Baxter,
lar 25/50 option (25 years of public              Those recruits who joined us         of the department can always choose       Officers Terry Brown, George DeLa
service and 50 years old). To collect a      before their 25th birthday will need to   to split sooner by taking advantage of    Rocha, and Johnny “Ruff” Ruffner. I
pension immediately upon retirement,         stick around at least till their 50th     our “Early Retirement” option.            wish you all well.
they either need to hit that magical age     birthday to begin receiving a pension         The ‘Between-ers listed above
of 55 (with 20 or more years of ser-         check. The good news is that their        are the only ones to have this option.    Questions & Comments
vice) or celebrate their 25th anniver-       years of service to the public will       They can retire from the force when            I’m always available to answer
sary on the force.                           reward them well.                         they are between 50 and 55 years old      your questions. Please reach me at the
    Jeffrey Yates, Kevin Enterline,               Juan Vallejo, Mario Martinez,        and have between 20 and 25 years on       POA, through the City Intranet, MDT,
Jeff Gaudin, and Melecio Ubarre Jr           and Jared “Stick Boy” Johnson will        the job. But they take a “hit” on their   or at ◆

“INTERVIEW” from page 10                     for me to control the Officers at the     this the Normandy Invasion we’re          per Sergeant in a few months. And
    The other thing I did was take           front end, it really worked to my ben-    trying to analyze? — it turned out        this resulted in even better write-ups
away all collateral assignments from         efit because rather than having an        that they were nothing cases, not-sus-    because they weren’t burdened with
the Sergeants because I’d heard that         Officer going to a Sergeant about an      tainable one-on-ones which were           an     overwhelming         caseload.
people would do their time in I.A.           unusual matter, the Officer could         fairly straight forward write-ups. But    Meanwhile I started bugging every-
and leave with a stack of cases still        come directly to me. The Sergeant,        because they were simple, they were       one in BFO to finish up Officer
not completed. As an outsider, I             most likely, would have had to come       shuttled to the back burner. I asked      involved accidents that were uncom-
never understood that. As an insider,        to me anyway, so it cut out the mid-      them to get them done. You’re screw-      pleted. Some of them had been hang-
I wanted to see what the deal was.           dleman. Plus it helped me to estab-       ing with people lives, careers, their     ing for months. All the cases ended
About the 3rd or 4th guy down the            lish a rapport with the front-end peo-    peace of mind if you sit on things        up in IA for eventual filing, so I was
line, the word got out and the               ple who were critical to that assign-     like that. It really motivated me to      trying to clean that up too and it got
reviews of case loads got better. I just     ment. They are a critical window into     get things going.                         right up to date.
wanted people to be able to do their         the Department for the public.                 I would bug them about when I             Vanguard: Sometimes it just
job — which was to be finders of                  Getting back to the Sergeant’s, I    was going to get the case. They’d tell    comes down to having reasonable
fact — without having to deal with           had a laundry list of what each           me, “I don’t know — in a week or          expectations and holding people
the collateral stuff. I didn’t want to       sergeant had on his plate and realized    two.” I’d say, “No, give me a date.”      accountable.
give people any excuses as to why            that we had about 85 open cases for 8     When the date came up, I’d go to               Hosmer: Yes. It’s no secret that I
they wouldn’t, couldn’t, or shouldn’t        sergeants. Four of the cases were two     them looking for the investigation or     am demanding as a supervisor.
do their job — which was to be               years old! That’s not right. My feel-     they’d come to me, but either way,        People like me fine, but I’m still
investigators. So I cut out all of the       ing as an outsider coming in was,         they soon saw that it was better to get   demanding. But what I’m asking of
collateral assignments. Either the           “Wait a minute — people’s lives are       them done than to procrastinate. It       people is what they should be doing
intake officers did them or I did            on hold while these cases are open.”      went pretty fast after that. They knew    anyway! I’m not asking them to do
them.                                        When I asked the Sergeant’s why           I had expectations. Ultimately, this
    Even though it was unorthodox            those cases were still open — was         got the caseload down to 1 to 2 cases         See “INTERVIEW” on page 20
PAGE 20                                                                     VANGUARD                                                                              MARCH 2003

Interview with Captain Hosmer cont’d from page 11
anything extraordinary. The people         and we stand on their shoulders, not      mandatoried officers — we tell them                What else do we have to do?” They’d
who like to accomplish things do           because we’re good, but because they      half-way through their shift you have              look at me like, “You’re asking me?”
well with me because things get            allow us to. We need to have a sense      to stay another 3 or 4 hours and keep              I’d see the light go on and they’d
done.                                      of obligation to them. As soon as we      working. Not once in a while — like                realize that nobody is perfect and two
     Vanguard: Communications —            start thinking we’re something spe-       when there’s a Patrol holdover for a               heads are better than one. We’re in
it’s no secret that you came into a        cial as a manager, we’re only fooling     field situation — but regularly. If                this together. We’re going to have to
nightmare here. A lot of unhappy           ourselves because we’re not fooling       there’s one short - term goal I have               answer to everybody as to how we
people being overworked, poor work-        anyone else. People know, even if         up here, it’s to do away with manda-               performed in this critical situation
ing conditions, supervisors micro-         you can’t do everything for them,         tory overtime. I’m focused on that                 and they’re counting on us to manage
managing them. How have you                that you’re trying. My job is to try      because it’s a real detriment to peo-              this thing.
approached this assignment?                my best to make things as good as I       ple’s personal and family lives. It                      Maybe that’s the point. When we
     Hosmer: When I was given the          can for the Dispatchers.                  burns them out.                                    were a team together, it created a
assignment, I did what I’ve been                When you’re in Patrol you can             Vanguard: Something that frus-                bond of trust. A “we” thing instead of
doing all along. I got briefings from      usually take a break whenever you         trates me as a Sergeant is incompe-                a “you” and “me” thing. I think back
all the senior staff, ordered up a new     want. You have a lot of control of        tent Lieutenants. If we have a                     on all the Sergeants and all the big
inventory right off the bat, and dis-      your situation throughout the shift       Lieutenant who is not an effective                 things we handled over the years and
covered some amazing things. I got         and you only have to account for          manager, that means we have a                      it seems they almost always rose to
that squared away. I’d been up here        your own activity. The Dispatchers        Captain somewhere in the picture                   the occasion.
                                                                                                                                              As a Captain, people will ask me
before in 1990 and, because of that,       can’t do any of that. Their breaks are    who is not teaching, training, help-
                                                                                                                                        if a Lieutenant is strong or weak. The
people knew me. When I came up             short and on a schedule and when          ing, mentoring that Lieutenant. I
                                                                                                                                        way I look at is, it’s not whether he’s
here back then, I was able to put          everything is going crazy during a        realize that some people can’t be
                                                                                                                                        weak or strong, it’s how much do I
faces to the voices on the phones. I       big situation, they have to accurately    helped, but what is the Captain’s
                                                                                                                                        need to watch him or her. Do I need
finally understood what it involved        keep track of what everyone is say-       responsibility for mentoring subordi-
                                                                                                                                        to be close and constant, or can I be a
when I made requests from the field.       ing, where they’re at and what            nates?
                                                                                                                                        little more distant, or do I really not
So, my bias has been toward                they’re doing. Most cops I know                Hosmer: When I was a                          need to worry at all? There’s about 3
Communications ever since then.            would not be able to do their job. We     Lieutenant, whenever we had a big                  tiers. You gauge the way you’re
Later, when I went back to Patrol, if      stand on their shoulders.                 one (a homicide or Officer involved                going to supervise and then mentor
people started belly-aching about               For the March shift change we’re     shooting), I liked to go to the scene              that particular individual. With a new
Communications they learned right          re-doing the staffing. We’re going to     and hook up with the Sergeant and                  Lieutenant, I’ll usually spend more
away that I really wasn’t sympathet-       try and do something that hasn’t been     huddle up. I’d have him brief me and               time with them. Others would just be
ic. My heart was on the side of the        done before — utilizing a unique          give me the laundry list of what’s                 a short coming together and analyz-
Dispatchers because I had insight and      staffing configuration. If it goes well   been done. Sometimes I’d interject                 ing his or her strengths and weak-
understanding.                             — and I think it will — I want to do      and make sure we had some other                    nesses, getting a feel for what that
     Now, twelve years later, I’m          away with mandatory overtime. I           things covered. But then I’d always                person needs to work on. The person
back. I became even more aware, and        don’t know if Patrol officers realize     try and wait for the lull — the homi-              might be a good investigator but
I’m still learning how complex things      that mandatory overtime up here is        cide detectives were coming, this was
are up here. Managers stand on the         like an accepted fact. Can you imag-      the calm before the storm — then I’d
shoulders of those who do the work         ine the screams we’d hear if we           ask them, “What did we forget?                          See “INTERVIEW” on page 21

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MARCH 2003                                                                                        VANGUARD                                                                        PAGE 21

Interview with Captain Hosmer cont’d from page 20
doesn’t have a lot of street experi-                was joking around with her friends.                realize I’m a lousy driver. I’m always       and the earth but space. It was a kick
ence. There’s all types of different                She’d say, “Hey, Dewey, come here.”                sweating out another three year dri-         in the rear.
combinations. That’s how I work —                   and stuff like that. Well, the joke was            ving “parole” so I don’t get a letter of          Vanguard: How about your per-
assume the best of people and try to                on her, because, as time went on, it               reprimand. It seems like I’m never           sonal life?
get them to feel like we’ve got to                  imprinted and it was too late to go                out of trouble with my driving. I’m               Hosmer: I’ve been married for
deal with things together.                          back and start calling me by my real               happiest when my wife drives when            29 years. Got out of the service,
     Vanguard: I for one appreciate                 name. I guess she didn’t want to con-              I’m off duty and it makes her happy          came up here, worked in Silicon
that you’re doing that. I think there               fuse me or maybe my stubborn streak                because she’s not as nervous. I don’t        Valley while I was looking for a job
needs to be more of that at your                    was already evident. Either way, I’ve              know why — maybe it’s because I’m            as a police officer. Met my wife there
level. I think we need to be more                   been Dewey ever since!                             always in a fog or not paying atten-         at work, got hired by Daly City. Did
aware of where we’re assigning folks                     Vanguard: Tell me a little about              tion. On-duty, I’m paying too much           a year and a half there, then came to
who do require more mentoring.                      your background as an historian.                   attention to everything except what’s        San Jose. My wife had three children
Putting them at an offsite facility is                   Hosmer: I’m a pack-rat. When I                in front of me. [Laughs]                     from a previous marriage, then we
not a good idea because the close                   was a youngster, my family had a                        The other thing is, when I’m not        had two more girls. My baby will be
supervision and mentoring is not                    foot-locker full of photos and some-               here at work I’ve always got a book          23 at the beginning of next month.
possible from a distance.                           where along the line, it got lost. I’ve            stuck in my face. I like to read histo-      I’m a grandparent several times over
     Hosmer: A newly-promoted                       always had a sense of regret that                  ry books or good trash mysteries like,       already. In fact, we had twins last
Lieutenant should do a considerable                 something that precious — photos                   Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen.             night [February 4th].
amount of time in Patrol before they                that will never be seen again —                         Vanguard: I heard that you went              Vanguard: Are you still in the
get assigned to a specialized unit of               could be lost. Ever since, I’ve been               skydiving recently with your daugh-          Marine Corps Reserves?
any kind. It’s a good testing ground                afraid to lose anything.                           ter.                                              Hosmer: No, I retired from the
for them as police managers. We                          When I came to San Jose — I did                    Hosmer: My daughter and her             reserves in 1995. I graduated from
don’t help Lieutenants if we put them               a year and a half with Daly City P.D.              friends had a threesome and needed a         Berkeley in 1969 and got my draft
in units before they’ve had a chance                prior — I knew that toward the end                 fourth party. Their boyfriends flaked        notice two weeks later. But I had
to really show the Department what                  of my career that I’d want to look                 out on them. They had already front-         been accepted to Graduate school, so
they’re all about as people in a posi-              back and reminisce. I also knew that               ed the money out for the fourth per-         I went to all the armed services and
tion of responsibility such as a Patrol             if I didn’t keep track of one thing or             son, so I got the late call with my kid      said I’d do my time, but asked for an
Lieutenant.                                         another, I wouldn’t be able to do that             basically challenging me. I’m not            extension before I had to report in. I
     Vanguard: How did you get the                  with any credibility. So, I kept copies            going to walk away from that one. I          wanted to do a quarter of grad school
nickname “Dewey?”                                   of all my F.I. cards, photos and book-             tell you what though — I had night-          then take a leave of absence. The
     Hosmer: My mother was a die-                   ing sheets of everybody I booked, old              mares before that thing. It’s a little       Navy, the Air Force, and the Army all
hard Democrat her whole life and,                   Insiders, Vanguard issues, and mem-                bit of death when you take that first        laughed at me and said, “No.” The
when I was a toddler, the Truman —                  orabilia along the way.                            step out of the door of the airplane         Marines said, “Sure kid, sign right
Dewey presidential campaign was in                       Vanguard: What little known fact              into space. It was quite an experi-          here.” I did my quarter in grad
full swing. She thought it was a hilar-             would people be surprised to learn                 ence. Fifteen thousand feet up and           school, took a leave of absence, then
ious gag to compare the looks of the                about you?                                         when you look out you see the curva-         went back to Quantico in January of
Republican candidate, Thomas                             Hosmer: People who know me                    ture of the earth and when you look
Dewey, to her baby boy when she                     know this, but most people don’t                   down there’s nothing between you                 See “INTERVIEW” on page 22

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PAGE 22                                                                                 VANGUARD                                                                  MARCH 2003

“INTERVIEW” from page 21                              Vanguard: How would you like
1970. I did three good years in the
Marine Corps.
                                                 your Epitaph to read?
                                                      Hosmer: I’ve always tried to
                                                 work hard and have fun — figuring           by Marc F. Derendinger                             • Cost of house cleaning
     The first year was basically train-                                                                                                        • Cost of missed work when a
ing with the Marines and with the                it’s just simpler doing things that
                                                 way. It’s too hard to be sorry for               One of the touchier conversation-        child gets sick
Army learning tanks. Then we all                                                             al subjects is having a discussion with            • Cost of eating out (a lot)
flew to Okinawa but they kept us                 things so, how about “No excuses,
                                                 no regrets, no apologies.” I hate stay-     your spouse about his or her financial             • Loss of income from a working
there. All the Marines, in the begin-                                                        value to the family. No matter how            spouse
ning of ‘71, were being retrograded              ing awake at night wishing I had
                                                 done something else, wishing I had          good-intentioned your approach, try-               • Cost of a full-time errand runner
out of Viet Nam. The Army was still                                                          ing to place a life insurance value on        e.g. medical appointments, shopping
there but the Marines were out. I was            spoken up. When you get older, you
                                                                                             your partner is like dancing through a        for food, clothing, school projects,
fully expecting to do my service in              realize it’s not worth it — it’s better
                                                                                             minefield on one leg. Many reach the          teacher conferences, youth sports and
Viet Nam, but I got to do it in                  to just address issues tactfully and
                                                                                             conclusion it is safer to have this con-      activities, pet care, auto service etc.
Okinawa. I got a couple of trips to              politely. It’s far better to deal with
                                                                                             versation on some other day.                       Been there, done that: as a former
Japan out of it. Then they sent me to            things as best you can so you don’t              It is easy to dodge this issue, as       single-parent with three children, I am
San Diego for a year. As much as I               have excuses, regrets, and apologies.       there are so many things life insur-          not short on words about these
liked it, I wanted to go back to                 We all have to do them in life, but if      ance cannot do: “you can pay some-            “costs.” However, the biggest cost
school. When I got out of the                    you can minimize those occasions,           one a million a year, and they still          could be the stress your children
Marines and went back to Berkeley, I             then life certainly becomes a lot easi-     can’t care for my kids as much as I           endure, as you take on the Herculean
realized I had changed significantly             er.                                         do,” is a common sentiment. Nor will          task of performing two full-time jobs,
as a person. It was time to get on                    Vanguard: Dewey Hosmer: No             insurance ever replace emotional sup-         by yourself.
with my life and I did. Later on, I got          excuses, no regrets, no apologies.          port or the nurturing of your children.            The S.J.P.O.A. Insurance &
back in the Marine Reserves and                  Sounds fitting to me. A good motto          This is tough ground to cover, and due        Benefit Trust helps by offering low-
retired out as a Colonel.                        for a good man. ◆                           to our inaction, many of us are “self-        cost life insurance plans for spouses.
                                                                                             insuring” a very large financial risk.        The recently enhanced “Spouse Best
                                                                                                  Rather than get bogged down in           Buy” life insurance plan is available
                                                                                             the “can’t dos,” let us focus on the          for under $7.00 per pay period. Call
                                                                                             “can dos.” In fact, if your spouse dies       the S.J.P.O.A. office today, to apply
                                                                                             tomorrow there are many financial             for this important insurance protec-
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                                                                                             proper life insurance planning. You                Editor’s Note: Marc Derendinger
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                                                                                             If the stars appeared only one night every thousand
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