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					              your f ir st choic e for h ealthcare on the eastern shore

           Two powerful systems. One mission. You.

        When two great hospital systems come together, exceptional things can happen. And they certainly have as a result
        of Shore Health System’s partnership with the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS). Together, we’re
        helping to lay the foundation for a strong and healthy community by providing you and your family with
        advanced technology and clinical expertise – as well as access to expanded clinical programs and specialty services.
        Experience the power of two and visit us at and for more information.

ExcEptional carE, EvEry Day.                                                                      
Shore Health System is committed to providing

                                                                                   7                            11
equal opportunity in the areas of employment
practices and patient services. There shall be no
discrimination against any persons because of race,
color, belief, religion, gender, age, national origin,
disability or financial status.

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PATTI WILLIS, VIce PreSIdenT of                           Finding Balance and a New Lease on Life               5
corPorATe communIcATIonS

MANAGING EDITOR                                           Clinical Highlights                                   7

EDITORIAL ADVISORS                                        Finding Meaning in a Crisis                           11
cHrISToPHer PArker,
cHIef nurSInG offIcer
                                                          Health Care in the Community                          13
VIce PreSIdenT of PLAnnInG & mArkeTInG
                                                          Supporting the Mission with a Common Goal             15
mIcHAeL Tooke, md,
cHIef medIcAL offIcer                                     The Auxiliaries: Carrying on a Tradition of Service   17
JudY GrILLo, LIndA mASTro,                                Recognizing Everyday Heroes                           19

                                                          Fundraising to Enhance the Quality of Life            21
r. AnderSon
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GRAPHIC DESIGN                                            Financial Report & Our Boards of Directors            29
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nAVIGATor is produced by the corporate
communications department of Shore Health System
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TTY phone numbers: 410-820-5704 and 410-228-7685.

    Architects for Change:
    Health Care for a Growing Region
                                                 For over 100 years, the hospitals that today make up Shore
                                            Health System have championed change. Science presents
                                            new evidence daily about techniques for delivering innovative
                                            medical care. We have seen how quickly technology becomes
                                            obsolete and how often our facilities require renovation and
                                            expansion. Orchestrating change in a region that is experienc-
                                            ing rapid growth adds even more complexity to an already
                                            complex enterprise.

                                                 Shore Health System, like all other evolving organi-
                                            zations, is a product of its history and an architect of its
                                            future. Our two community hospitals were founded over a
                                            century ago with a mission to serve the health care needs
                                            of the Mid-Shore region. The Memorial Hospital at Easton
                                            was created as Emergency Hospital in 1907 to serve the
    Joseph P. ross and John dillon          residents of Talbot, Caroline and Queen Anne’s Counties.
                                            Dorchester General Hospital, established in Cambridge in 1898,
                                            has been the primary provider of medical services for one of
                                            the most geographically expansive counties in Maryland.

          Shore Health System’s Board of Directors, in partnership with management, looks to the future with
    this same regional perspective. Our commitment to the region includes plans to build a regional medical
    center and to further develop our network of ambulatory care centers close to where people live.

          The region we serve is changing. New residents are moving to the area looking for a lifestyle that
    combines the simple pleasures of rural living and the services available in metropolitan centers. Young
    families and retirees, farmers and watermen live side by side with respect for the past and high hopes
    for the future. And we hear from these people every day that health care tops the list of what makes
    a community attractive and vibrant.

         The needs and expectations of the people our facilities serve are one reason that Shore Health
    System continues to upgrade our facilities even as we go through the process of planning for a new
    regional medical center.

          In 2007, we opened a new 32-bed Emergency Department at Memorial Hospital. This past sum-
    mer, the new Edward B. and Mildred H. Freeman Outpatient Center opened as the new entrance to
    the hospital for outpatient and surgical services. The Memorial Hospital campus is preparing for more
    changes as we move forward with renovations that will accommodate a Joslin Diabetes Center Affili-
    ate at Shore Health System, a renal transplant clinic and an expanded Shore Regional Breast Center.
    At Dorchester General Hospital, we opened the Eastern Shore’s only Balance Center and a major
    expansion and renovation is underway in the Emergency Department to address the growing need
    for services in Dorchester County.

     Our partnership with the University of Maryland Medical System is one way that we balance the
needs of the present with our vision for the future. Being a member of this respected medical system
offers us access to physicians and clinical programs that address diabetes, heart disease, stroke and
the many other health issues facing the people of the Eastern Shore.

       As a member of UMMS, we also can access the capital needed to invest in facilities and technology
which we will use to deliver improved healthcare services in Talbot, Dorchester, Caroline and Queen
Anne’s Counties. With UMMS, Shore Health System is in the process of planning to build a much-needed
Emergency Center in Queen Anne’s County. This freestanding emergency department with all the
technology, skill and services of a hospital-based ER, but without inpatient beds, will be the first such
facility in a rural area of Maryland. We will break ground in early 2009 and open in mid-2010.

     We face many challenges as we move into the next century, both at Shore Health System and as
a community. Environmental issues, population growth, aging residents, healthcare staff recruitment,
disaster readiness and financial sustainability require our constant attention. Like our predecessors
who had the courage and vision to create the Eastern Shore’s first hospitals over 100 years ago, we
have undertaken a rigorous planning process in order to be out in front of the increasing demands
for medical services.

     We face a demanding and exciting future that will continue to be affected by continued growth,
rapid change and advances in technology. As this annual report demonstrates, we have the talent, the
partners and the commitment required to provide timely health care to the citizens of the Mid-Shore.

     John Dillon
     Chairman of the Board of Directors
     Shore Health System

     Joseph P. Ross, FACHE
     President and CEO
     Shore Health System

                                Finding Balance
                                & a new lease on life
                                       Barbara North attributed her first attack of dizziness and nausea to the
                                 mayonnaise in her tuna fish sandwich. Two days later, she had a similar attack
                                 and realized something more serious was going on.
                                       For 10 years, North, who lives in Cambridge, suffered with the symptoms
                                 of vertigo nearly every day of her life. The healthy 70-year-old had to plan her
    life around the unpredictable symptoms of her condition, limiting her travel to public places and living in
    fear of the next attack, which usually sent her to bed.
           “One minute I was fine and the next minute my head was spinning so fast that I had to lie down,”
    North recalls. “I learned to adapt over the years by not turning around or bending over too quickly. But the
    problem with vertigo is that you don’t know when it is going to happen next. It can debilitate your life.”
           In January of 2008, after hearing an advertisement that Shore Health System’s new Balance Center
    had opened at Dorchester General Hospital, North called her family physician and requested a referral.
    That phone call changed her life.
           The Balance Center is part of Shore Health System’s Comprehensive Rehabilitation Care network
    that serves the Mid-Shore region. At the Balance Center, specially trained physical therapists evaluate and
    treat medical conditions that cause balance disturbances, dizziness and falls using the SMART EquiTest.
    This sophisticated technology assesses balance based on a series of physical cues.
           According to Kelly Marchetti, MSPT, Coordinator of the Balance Center, “Mrs. North had one of the
    most severe cases of vertigo we had ever seen. Through a series of balance tests, we determined that all
    three of her balance systems were affected, including her eyesight, her inner ear, and her joints and feet.”
           Armed with this knowledge, the Balance Center staff designed an intensive exercise therapy program
    for North, who visited the Center twice a week over a period of several months. At home, she followed an
    exercise routine as prescribed by the Balance Center staff.
           North comments, “The best thing for me was that the therapy I needed was at my home hospital. I
    know that I wouldn’t have been able to travel any distance to get this treatment.”
           Even though North completed the Balance Center program in May of 2008, she continues her exercises
    at home. She says, “I haven’t had any episodes or nausea since May. That is a great thing.”
           North adds, “Because I live alone, I am more at ease now. I don’t worry anymore about having an
    episode while I am driving or in public places. My daughter, who lives a distance away, has peace of mind
    as well.”
           According to Marchetti, some patients must continue the balance exercises for the rest of their lives
    to manage their conditions. She says, “We have had wonderful results. While we can’t always solve the
    source of the problem, we can help the symptoms in most cases, which means our patients get their qual-
    ity of life back.”

         For more information about Comprehensive Rehabilitation Care and the Balance Center, call
    410-822-1000, ext 2122 or ext 2131 or visit

Barbara north

clinical highlights
A new era of emergency care began in 2007, when Memorial Hospital opened a new Emergency Department. The 32-bed unit was designed to
accommodate 60,000 patient visits a year in a 50,000-square-foot addition. While the new facility was being designed and constructed, nurses
and other clinical staff planned for more efficient processes to receive and treat patients so that people, equipment and technology are coordi-
nated to respond to a medical crisis. 1

A ceremonial wall breaking in June of 2008 marked the beginning of a construction project that will expand and renovate the Emergency
Department at Dorchester General Hospital. The ED will grow from 11 to 16 patient treatment areas with two triage beds, a centrally located
nurses’ station, and work space dedicated for physicians and emergency medical services personnel. 2

In August of 2008, the Edward B. and Mildred H. Freeman Outpatient Center became the main entrance to Memorial Hospital for outpatient
and surgical services. The 14,500-square-foot facility was named for the late Edward and Mildred Freeman, whose bequest to the Memorial
Hospital Foundation was the largest bequest from an estate ever received in the history of the hospital. The Freeman Center houses Patient
Registration, Shore Comprehensive Pain Care, the Infusion Center and the Short Stay Unit as well as a phlebotomy area for routine lab services
and therapeutic phlebotomy. 3

Construction began on the Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate at Shore Health System, an outpatient service scheduled to open in late 2008. The
Joslin Center will offer an interdisciplinary team approach to improving the physical and emotional lives of individuals with diabetes. An
experienced clinical team will focus on medical management, diabetes self-management and nutrition education, as well as psychological and
pharmaceutical counseling.

In 2007, Shore Surgical Care expanded its team of expert general surgeons, who provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient surgical
services. Specialty surgery, such as X-Stop for pain relief associated with spinal stenosis, hip and knee replacement, and delicate neurosurgery, is
also available at Memorial Hospital. Surgeons on the Shore Health System medical staff are backed by the power of the University of Maryland
Medical System, where world-renowned physicians lead the way for surgical innovations across all medical and surgical specialties.

The Memorial Hospital OR is now equipped with the da Vinci® Surgical System, which is used by a specially trained team to perform mini-
mally invasive surgery for prostate cancer. This highly sophisticated equipment purchased with a $1.6 million gift from the Memorial Hospital
Foundation provides surgeons with enhanced detail and precision, which results in better outcomes for men eligible for the procedure. 4

InterStim® Therapy is now offered at Memorial Hospital as an option for patients suffering from urge urinary incontinence. During the outpa-
tient procedure, a urologist implants a small device, sometimes referred to as a bladder pacemaker, which sends mild electrical pulses to a nerve
that influences the bladder and surrounding muscles that manage urinary function. The electrical stimulation may eliminate or reduce certain
bladder control symptoms.

In 2008, Shore Health System added significant power to its comprehensive program for diagnosing and treating breast cancer by installing
the GE Healthcare Senographe digital mammography system at Memorial Hospital, Dorchester General Hospital, and at the Diagnostic and
Imaging Centers in Easton, Denton and Centreville. The Senographe system offers faster mammograms with lower doses of radiation than ever
before. The digital images can be electronically transferred to referring physicians, who rely on the extremely accurate images to make definitive
diagnoses and develop personalized treatment plans. 5

Shore Regional Breast Center welcomed additional surgeons to its comprehensive program designed to escort women and their loved ones
through the many stages of a breast cancer diagnosis.

The Requard Radiation Oncology Center located at Shore Regional Cancer Center in Easton accepted a donation from the Memorial Hospital
Foundation to add a second linear accelerator and image guided radiation therapy technology. This multi-million dollar investment adds capac-
ity to the center to meet the community’s needs for radiation therapy, which is often a vital component of a patient’s cancer treatment plan.





clinical highlights




A generous donation to the Memorial Hospital Foundation made it possible for Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services to
purchase the Lokomat® system for Shore Health System’s Outpatient Rehabilitation of Easton. Shore Health System is one of
only two Maryland health systems offering this robotic gait training technology, designed to improve mobility for individuals
following a brain or spinal cord injury and those diagnosed with other neurological conditions, such as stroke, cerebral palsy and
multiple sclerosis. 6

The Eastern Shore’s only Balance Center opened at Dorchester General Hospital, where specially trained physical therapists
work with physicians and their patients to evaluate and treat medical conditions that cause balance disturbances, dizziness
and falls. The technological centerpiece of the Balance Center is the SMART EquiTest®, which uses computerized dynamic
posturography, a clinical tool for evaluating the sensory and motor components of balance. The Balance Center also features
videonystagmography, which is a state of the art technology for evaluating eye-related balance disturbances. 7

A computer-based home exercise system lets Comprehensive Rehabilitation Care physical and occupational therapists document
at-home exercise plans for patients to follow between outpatient visits. The system helps speed recovery, promotes independence
and reduces costs associated with prolonged care.

All units at Memorial Hospital and Dorchester General Hospital, including the Emergency Departments, now have access to
systems that enable nurses, rehabilitation therapists, respiratory therapists, radiology technologists and other clinical staff to
document patient care information online. With this system widely implemented, physicians and other healthcare providers have
immediate access to patient records. The next major phase of electronic patient record documentation is underway for outpatient
nursing areas. 8

Implementation of the 4 Medica computer system creates an electronic connection between Shore Health System and physi-
cians’ offices. Laboratory result reporting can be sent directly to the physician’s electronic medical record, reducing paper flow
and providing immediate online access to lab results. The interface also allows for online electronic ordering of lab procedures,
providing a simple, legible and accurate test requisition. 9

The Pharmacy staff, in partnership with Information Technology specialists and Nursing staff, is laying the foundation to imple-
ment Bedside Medication Verification (BMV). Planned for implementation in early 2009, BMV is a Shore Health System safety
initiative designed to reduce the likelihood of medication-related errors. This system will enable nurses who administer medica-
tions to electronically connect patient information with prescribed medications through the use of scanning devices.

At Your Service Room Service, a software system that gives hospitalized patients menu choices for meals, is now linked to
electronic medical records maintained on the nursing units. This interface gives dietary staff online access to physicians’ dietary
orders so that only the healthiest menu options are available for each patient.

Care Science, an Internet-based quality tool, is being used by members of the Shore Health System Quality team to measure
healthcare outcomes as compared with other hospitals around the country. The Care Science software enables more efficient
production of reports, which the Quality team and medical staff rely on to fine-tune the delivery of patient care and improve
operational and financial performance.

Since 2007, physicians and nurses from Shore Health System, along with their colleagues at the other University of Maryland
Medical System hospitals, have been actively involved in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s national campaign to
improve prompt identification and treatment of patients with sepsis. Memorial Hospital and Dorchester General Hospital have
already implemented standardized methods of diagnosing and treating patients at risk for this serious blood infection with im-
pressive results.

                                    Finding Meaning
                                    in a crisis
                                 Ruth Arnouts and Melissa Malcolm have something important to say to stroke survivors – life
                                 goes on after stroke.

                                 In October of 2007, just nine days after retiring from her Shore Health System nursing career,
                                 63-year-old Ruth Arnouts suffered a stroke. Recalling the day she had her stroke, Arnouts says,
                                 “Words just came out as gibberish when I tried to tell my husband something about a movie we
                                 were watching on television.”

Recognizing her stroke symptoms helped Arnouts remain calm. She admits, though, “I only felt secure when the hospital’s
‘BAT team’ was at my side.”

The Memorial Hospital Brain Attack Team, referred to as the BAT, goes into action as soon as a call comes in that someone is
experiencing stroke symptoms. The team consists of a neurologist, Emergency Department nurses and physicians, and nurses
trained in stroke care, who all follow a standard approach to stroke diagnosis and treatment.

Arnouts was concerned about her husband while she was a patient in the Memorial Hospital Emergency Department. She was
able to relax when she heard that the hospital team was explaining to him what was happening each step of the way. “By reas-
suring him, I was reassured,” she says.

Today, Arnouts feels the effects of her stroke when she has to speak more slowly to describe something in detail or, on occasion,
when she uses a wrong word. Considering herself extremely fortunate, she views her stroke “as a flashing yellow light telling me
to slow down and take care.”

At 47, Melissa Malcolm was having flu-like symptoms for a couple of days. When she noticed her handwriting sliding off the
page and her face sagging a little, she finally sought medical care. By the time she reached Memorial Hospital, she was having
trouble walking.

“At this point, neither I or my husband even suspected a stroke because we didn’t know the signs or symptoms,” says Malcolm,
“and we didn’t think I was old enough.”

A stroke survivor for over four years, Malcolm credits the team at Memorial Hospital for saving her life. “The greatest gift that
I received during this difficult time was the professional care that I received,” she says. “I felt that I had a community of people
who were treating me with respect and kindness, and who truly wanted me to be healthy again.”

Separately, Arnouts and Malcolm reached out to Shore Health System to form a support group for stroke survivors and their
caregivers. Through collaboration with Christina Ball, RN, CNRN, Coordinator of Shore Health System’s Primary Stroke Cen-
ter, the stroke survivors support group began meeting in 2007.

The support group is an opportunity for stroke survivors and their family members to share their experiences about stroke. They
learn about related health topics and become inspired to move forward after a stroke. Guest speakers are invited to discuss topics
such as diet, physical therapy, medication side effects and depression. The second half of each meeting is open for group mem-
bers to share experiences and garner help from others.

“Both Melissa and I were motivated to start a support group in the hope of helping someone else dealing with life after stroke,” says
Arnouts, “but the strength and perseverance we’re seeing in the other members is truly encouraging us in our journey after stroke.”

For more information about the stroke support group and Shore Health System’s Primary Stroke Center, contact Christina
Ball, 410-822-1000, ext. 5068 or email
Melissa Malcolm, Christina Ball, RN, CNRN, and Ruth Arnouts facilitate a stroke survivors’ support group.

 health care in the community
 The Shore Health System 2008 Community Forum on Stroke attracted a standing-room-only crowd at the Avalon
 Theatre in Easton. A panel of medical experts from the Primary Stroke Center located at Memorial Hospital dis-
 cussed the warning signs for stroke, prevention techniques, the team approach used to promptly treat a stroke, and a
 comprehensive rehabilitation program that supports individuals following a health crisis. 1

 Through the initiative of Devin Trinkley, RN, FNE-A/P, Coordinator of the Shore Health System Sexual Assault Foren-
 sic Examiner (SAFE) nurse program, Talbot and Dorchester counties now have sexual assault response teams (SART).
 Each SART consists of SAFE nurses, law enforcement officers, victim advocates and prosecuting attorneys, who use a
 victim-centered approach to investigation, evidence collection, emotional support and prosecution.

 Shore Health System stands out in a crowd when staff dressed in red t-shirts travel around the region to participate in com-
 munity health events. Medical experts meet with people of all ages at the Chesapeake Heart Walk, senior celebrations and
 privately sponsored events to offer free health screenings and to discuss the latest developments in stroke care, heart health,
 cancer care, nutrition, medication management, emergency preparedness, wound healing and rehabilitation. 2

 Free health screenings for breast cancer are offered monthly through Shore Regional Breast Center. Annually, during
 prostate cancer awareness month, Shore Regional Cancer Center partners with other health organizations to offer free
 prostate cancer screenings. Both hospital Auxiliaries offer free weekly blood pressure screenings to the public through-
 out the year.

 Nurses carried on a 22-year tradition by volunteering to staff the first aid station at the 2007 Waterfowl Festival.
 Working in pairs throughout the three-day event, over 20 nurses were on hand to respond to medical emergencies. 3

 Physicians from the Shore Health System medical staff as well as nurses and other clinical staff form a speaker’s bureau
 designed to meet with members of business groups, civic organizations, retirement communities and residents’ groups
 to update them on a wide variety of topics. Participants took advantage of these free forums to learn about the trends in
 cancer care, pain management, diabetes, stroke, wound care and sleep disorders.

 In June of 2008, Shore Health System hosted the GE Women’s Health and Wellness Tour, a custom-designed road show
 from GE Healthcare created to educate women about important health issues. Visitors to the display stationed at the
 Easton Wal-Mart received free blood pressure and bone density screenings along with information about heart health,
 breast cancer prevention, nutrition and other health topics of interest to women and their families. 4

 Navigating through a health crisis often requires more than medical intervention. Shore Health System sponsors many
 support groups for patients, their families and caregivers dealing with cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and the loss
 of a child. The support of others who share their personal experiences can help people make informed choices as they
 move through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

 In 2008, nurses, physicians and volunteers from Shore Health System once again topped the list of Maryland’s Health
 Care Heroes. The late Marie Harkowa was named Maryland’s top winner in the Nurse Health Care Hero category.
 Harkowa was one of 16 Nurse Hero finalists from around the state, which included Sherry Councell, MSN, RN, Nurse
 Support Specialist for Shore Health System, and the nurses of the Memorial Hospital Surgical Unit. Andrew McCarthy,
 MD, Medical Director for Comprehensive Rehabilitation Care, and oncologist Mary DeShields, MD, a member of the
 Shore Health System medical staff, were finalists in the Physician Hero category. The Shore Regional Cancer Center
 volunteers were finalists in the Volunteer Hero category.





                               Supporting the Mission
                               with a common goal
                               The Presidents of the Auxiliaries of Memorial Hospital and Dorchester General Hos-
                               pital share a two-fold mission – fundraising to support programs and services offered
                               by Shore Health System and assisting the staff in a variety of patient care areas. The
                               Presidents also have a common goal – to recruit new Auxiliary volunteers.

Diane McCarthy, a retired nurse and President of the Dorchester General Hospital Auxiliary since January of 2008,
says, “I have been reaching out to the community to educate them about the many ways in which the Auxiliary
serves the hospital that so many people depend on for their healthcare needs. When I talk to people, especially new-
comers to the area, about the opportunities we provide for them to be of service, they get excited.”

Joseph Shultz, who was elected President of the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary in June of 2008, says, “There are a lot of
things we can do to support Memorial Hospital with the right people willing to regularly give a few hours of their time.”

The nurses and other clinical professionals who care for patients at Memorial Hospital, Dorchester General Hospital,
Shore Regional Cancer Center and at outpatient centers around the Mid-Shore region rely on Auxiliary volunteers to
greet patients and visitors, escort them to appointments and provide information during a visit.

Volunteers who have a flare for retail sales and service have several opportunities to serve. In Cambridge, the
Dorchester General Hospital Auxiliary’s Hospitality Shop has earned a reputation for its high quality gift items and
offers a variety of snacks and a selection of flowers and cards for hospital visitors. The Robin Hood Shop is a year-
round favorite for bargain hunters who travel from around the region for the annual coat, back to school and Christ-
mas sales.

In Easton, the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary volunteers operate the Hospital Gift Shop, where they sell flowers,
snacks, cards and unique gift items. At The Bazaar at 121 Federal Street, an upscale resale shop, volunteers process
donations of gently worn fashions and household items and interact with shoppers looking for anything from a prom
dress to baby clothes.

For more information about Memorial Hospital Auxiliary volunteer opportunities, call 410-822-1000, ext. 5839.
For information about volunteer opportunities with the Dorchester General Hospital Auxiliary, call the volunteer
coordinator at 410-228-0091.

Auxiliary Presidents Joseph Schultz,
memorial Hospital, and diane mccarthy,
dorchester General Hospital.

the auxiliaries:
carrying on a tradition of service
Carole Kramer, a volunteer with the Dorchester General Hospital Auxiliary, and Julie Wojcik and Deborah Hayes of
the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary were inducted as officers for the Maryland Association of Hospital Auxiliaries in
April of 2008. They have each held leadership positions within their local hospital auxiliaries over the years and now
expand their roles as advocates for health care volunteerism across the state. 1

Through its 24th annual Tree of Lights fundraising campaign, the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary donated $10,000 to
Memorial Hospital for the purchase of four Medfusion™ syringe pediatric pumps. This equipment, which is avail-
able for physicians and nurses in the Birthing Center, the Pediatrics Unit and the Emergency Department, safely and
effectively delivers intravenous medications to some of the hospital’s smallest and sickest patients. 2

Every year since 1978, the Dorchester General Hospital Auxiliary has awarded scholarships to nursing school
students. In 2008, the Nursing Grant Committee presented awards to five area nursing students, bringing the Auxilia-
ry’s 30-year financial support to over 100 nursing scholarships totaling $90,000. The financial aid covers the cost of
tuition, books and other educational expenses.

Auxiliary volunteers have sustained the Patient Advocacy Program in the Emergency Departments at Dorchester
General Hospital and Memorial Hospital for over three years. Specially trained patient advocates make the rounds
between the ED waiting room and the treatment areas to maintain a communication link between patients and their
families. Along with a blanket, a book and games for the children, the volunteers bring back updates from the nurses
and physicians to help relieve the concerns of waiting family members. 3

Now in its 51st year of operation, the Robin Hood Shop is an outlet for people who want to donate gently used
clothing, toys, books and small household items. This merchandise is then re-sold at affordable prices to shoppers
who come from all over the Eastern Shore. The Dorchester General Hospital Auxiliary volunteers who staff the shop
supply creativity and dedication, producing profits that top $30,000 each year. Robin Hood Shop profits represent a
significant percentage of the Auxiliary’s annual gifts to the hospital for equipment and services that benefit people
throughout the region.

The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary’s new resale shop, The Bazaar at 121 Federal Street in Easton, opened in No-
vember of 2007 to rave reviews. Formerly known as the Commission Shop, the resale outlet had been one of the
Auxiliary’s most lucrative fundraisers since beginning operation in 1962. In less than one year, net annual donations
to Memorial Hospital from Bazaar sales increased by more than 40 percent. Bazaar shoppers find reasonably priced
and gently worn formal, business and casual fashions for men and women as well as clothing for children of all ages,
fashion accessories, shoes, toys and an assortment of linens, dishes and glassware. 4




        4       18
                               everyday heroes
                              As a major in the National Guard Medical Service Corps, Robert Twilley of Gra-
                              sonville helped organize transportation for wounded Vietnam War soldiers between
                              Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland and Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Wash-
                              ington, DC. When it came to his own health care, however, Twilley never thought he
                              would need the kind of emergency services he provided for his men.

                              Twilley, age 78, recently had a medical emergency that took him on an ambulance ride
from his physician’s office in Centreville to the Emergency Department at Memorial Hospital. “Dr. Eric Ciganek
wanted me to have immediate attention because of the nature of the problem,” he recalls. “What I encountered was
an efficient operation – from the ambulance driver, to the emergency room physicians and staff, to my surgeon. From
my military career, I know how important efficiency is to outcomes when it comes to our health.”

Twilley credits the prompt evaluation of Emergency Department physician Thomas Chiccone, MD, and nurse Lin
Lee Allen, RN, with making him and his wife, Jane, feel informed and cared for during the ordeal. Twilley’s sur-
geon, Jerry Batley, Jr., MD, cared for him and, after five days, Twilley’s condition had improved and he was able to
go home.

Twilley’s wife, Jane, comments, “Everything was taken care of for us at Memorial Hospital. We had always been
well, so being in a hospital was new for us. It was a wonderful experience.”

One day, while waiting in the hospital lobby, Jane Twilley found literature about Shore Health System’s Everyday
Hero Program. She read about how she and her husband could say “Thank You” to the physicians and nurses who
had helped them through their medical crisis. The program enables patients and their families to make tax-deduct-
ible donations to the Memorial Hospital Foundation as a way to recognize the efforts of a person or a whole group.
Donations can also be designated for a specific healthcare service.

“We are careful about where our donations go. We direct our donations to help people and organizations who need it
most,” Twilley explains. He adds, “In this case, Jane and I agreed we needed to acknowledge the kindness, patience
and efficiency of those who cared for us at Shore Health System. We liked the idea we could direct our gift to benefit
the services that we used, so we made donations to Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department and to its third floor
Surgical Unit.”

Julia Marlowe, Vice President of Philanthropy for Shore Health System, comments, “The Everyday Hero Program
gives patients and their families the opportunity to marry their appreciation with a gift, to acknowledge the special
care they received from Shore Health System staff, physicians and volunteers. At the same time, their donations sup-
port us in continuing our mission of Exceptional Care, Every Day.”

For more information about the Everyday Hero Program, contact the Memorial Hospital Foundation at
410-822-1000, ext. 5915.

Lin Lee Allen, rn, and
Thomas chiccone, md      20
     fundraising to enhance
     the quality of life

      The Memorial Hospital Foundation established a fund that commemorates Memorial Hospital’s 100-
      year tradition of providing health care for all residents of the Mid-Shore region. The Century Fund
      for Patient Care is used to support individuals and families who need financial assistance to obtain
      healthcare services

      In September of 2007, 500 guests gathered at the Centennial Celebration Gala to honor The Memorial
      Hospital at Easton for 100 years of service to the community. An evening of gourmet dining and danc-
      ing was topped off with a fireworks display. Thanks to the generosity of the many Gala sponsors, over
      $200,000 was raised for the Century Fund for Patient Care. 1

      The 2007 Aquafina Alive Wellness Water™ Shore Health System Golf Invitational raised more than
      $42,000 for the Century Fund for Patient Care. The 25 foursomes who participated in the tournament
      enjoyed a day on the Talbot Country Club course, a deluxe gift package and a catered lunch followed
      by an awards reception. 2

      The Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay was the site of the 2008 Dorchester General Hospital Snow Ball.
      More than 200 guests turned out to dine, dance and raise $82,000 for the Balance Center and the
      Neurological Day Rehabilitation Program, two new services of Shore Health System’s Comprehensive
      Rehabilitation Care. 3




       Contributing to Health Care
                                                                                         for a Growing Region

       The Memorial Hospital Foundation extends gratitude to every member

       of the Annual Giving Societies. Those listed on the following pages made

       a contribution to one or more of the Foundation’s annul fund appeals

       and events held during the fiscal year July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008.

       During that same timeframe, many other gifts were designated

       for specific uses.


The Memorial Hospital Foundation makes every effort to ensure that this tribute to our donors is accurate. If there is an error, please contact the Foundation office
by calling 410-822-1000, ext. 5763. *Deceased
Thank you to our donors who support health care for our growing region.
Designated Giving
Wm J Banfield Education:                 Gardner Construction & Development LLC       Ms. Patricia J. Ferguson          Ms. Pamela J. Naumann           Craig and Patti Willis
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Meredith           Leach Wallace Associates, Inc.               Ms. Anya Fitchett                 Ms. Sherry Newcomb              Mrs. Lenora Beth Wilson
Behavioral Health:                       Reliable Pest Control                        Ms. Kathryn E. Fitzhugh           Mrs. Tara L. Newman-Bell        Ms. Lynette F. Wongus
Mr. Robert D. Rauch                      Juvenile Diabetes Camp:                      Ms. Kathy Flamer                  Ms. Amanda M. North             Ms. Tonya Wright
Birthing Center:                         Mr. and Mrs. Franklin L. Lewis               Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn           Ms. Megan Novak                 Mr. Joel R. Yacks
Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital           Ms. Kawana L. Molock                         Mrs. Mary Jane Flynn              Mr. Henry F. Noyes              Mr. and Mrs.
Cancer Services/Programs:                Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Shafer                Ms. Charlstine Foreman            Ms. Sarah J. Olsen               Michael J. Zimmerman
Ms. Bernadette M. Alderson               WalMart #1715                                Ms. Patricia Foreman              Mrs. Roxine W. Palmer
American Cancer Society South            MHE Emergency Services:                      Ms. Karen Fowler                  Terri Palmer
 Atlantic Division, Inc.                 Mrs. Margaret B. Ferree                      Ms. Catherine A. Foxwell          Ms. Samantha Patrick
B. P. O. Elks #1622                      Palliative Care Suite:                       Ms. Inez Freeman                  Ms. Judith L. Paul
Ms. Janice S. Barkley                    Mrs. Shirley S. Gooch                        Ms. Joan M. Garver                Ms. Marissa S. Pearce
Mrs. Shirley Baynard                     The Chris Gooch Family                       Ms. Lori Geisler                  Ms. Mystie N. Perez
Mrs. Melissa Bigelow                     Nick Rajacich Memorial Scholarship:          Ms. Davina Gibbs                  Ms. Amy L. Peugh
Ms. Judith P. Bladen                     Mrs. Lynn R. Osborn                          Mr. Gregory A. Gibson             Ms. Mary Ann Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Joel M. Bodder              Requard Center for Acute Rehabilitation:     Ms. Gail Gilless-Pardoe           Mr. Roger Pinder
Dr. Mary B. Burgoyne                     Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Uhl                   Ms. Bernadette K. Golt            Mrs. Patricia P. Plaskon
Mrs. Nancy A. Campbell                   Womans Club of St. Michaels Inc.             Mrs. Sheila M. Greenwood          Ms. Amalia Punzo
Ms. Jane E. Chapman                      Shore Regional Breast Center:                Mr. Edward Greer                  Ms. June G. Purnell
Mrs. Mary B. Cole                        Easton Church of the Brethren                Ms. Deborah L. Grimm              Mrs. Wendi A. Rhodes
Ms. Mary Lou Cooper                      Union Baptist Church                         Mrs. Cynthia M. Gullion           Ms. Sharon Richter
Mrs. Hetty M. Corrigan                   Short Stay Unit:                             Ms. Margaret Harper               Ms. Sherry L. Roeder
Mrs. Sally Ann Coursey                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Keller                Ms. Charlotte Harris              Mr. Wendell S. Rojas
Mrs. Nancy S. Covert                     SHS Caring Fund:                             Ms. Dawn M. Hartsock              Mr. Ryan H. Rosenstein
Mr. and Mrs.* Maria C. Deckelman         Mrs. Kathy Abend                             Mrs. Ann E. Hash                  Ms. Eva Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Ulrich J. Dembowski         Ms. Jessica A. Adkins                        Ms. Nikki Lee Hazel               Ms. Joan M. Russell
Ms. Lori Dulin                           Ms. Thelma E. Aldridge                       Mr. F. Bruce Herman               Ms. Lauren M. Saathoff
Mrs. Sharon L. Elliott*                  Ms. Erin K. Allan                            Mrs. Robin L. Herman              Mr. Kenneth R. Sample
Fellows, Helfenbein and Newnam           Dr. Allan A. Anderson and Ms. Ingrid Ramos   Ms. Tracy K. Hindle               Ms. Lenora J. Sampson-Taylor
 Funeral Home                            Anonymous                                    Mrs. Felicia M. Hitch             Ms. Ma Amparo G. San Juan
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Greiner               Mrs. Wynne Aroom                             Ms. Jennifer Hoffman              Ms. Kathryn D. Satchell
Dr. and Mrs. David C. Halverson          Ms. Frances Baker                            Dr. Mary L. Horseman              Mr. John P. Sawyer
Mrs. A. Rennie Harper                    Ms. Diane Y. Baltimore                       Ms. Nadine Houston                Mrs. Joanna B. Schmidt
Ms. Deborah A. Hock                      Ms. Alisa L. Banks                           Ms. Lillian M. Hubbard            Ms. Julia P. Schuyler
Ms. Crystal Kelkowski                    Ms. Joyce Banks                              Ms. Paula Hughes                  Mrs. Eugenia L. Scott
Ms. Roberta H. Kettering                 Mrs. Barbara Bilconish                       Ms. Kimberly D. Hutchins          Mr. Chad D. Shellenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Miles, Jr.          Ms. Carla A. Blake                           Mrs. Julie R. James               Mrs. Barbara S. Sherwood-Hill
Mrs. Julie Etta Mills*                   Mrs. Florence L. Blough                      Ms. Nicole Leatherman Janes       Mr. Ira W. Short
Mrs. Melissa K. Myers                    Ms. Julia M. Bratcher                        Mr. Theodosious Jenkins           Ms. Mary E. Shortall
Mr. and Mrs. John North                  Ms. Twilla E. Brice                          Ms. Maryanne Jester               Ms. Paula A. Sibert
Mrs. Janet S. Palmatary                  Terry Brooks                                 Ms. Evette C. Johns               Ms. Melinda Simpkins
Ms. Mary C. Pippin                       Mrs. Jeanne C. Brower                        Mr. Kenyon T. Johns               Ms. Wendy H. Simpson
Mrs. Sharon Pond*                        Ms. Mary A. Brummell                         Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Johnson   Mrs. Melissa N. Smallwood
Mrs. Kobe A. Pryor                       Ms. Kathleen Burton                          Ms. Linda V. Johnson              Ms. Jessica S. Smith
Mr. Ronald E. Schaake                    Ms. Deborah B. Cahall                        Ms. Pamela D. Jones               Ms. Karen Sproul-Serrano
Mrs. Shannon L. Seek                     Ms. Pamela Callahan                          Ms. Rebecca L. Jones              Mrs. Kathleen S. Spurry
Ms. Diane L. Shores                      Ms. Helen Campbell                           Mr. Roland E. Jones               Ms. Sandra Stanco
Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Smith, Jr.        Mr. Elenzor Camper, Jr.                      Ms. Rose M. Langrell              Ms. Roxanne A. Stanford
Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. Stevens           Ms. Noshima Camper                           Mrs. Paula R. Larrimore           Mrs. Patricia Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Jack T. Taylor              Mr. Shawn M. Carter, Jr.                     Ms. Shirley A. Larrimore          Mrs. Ruth P. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Twilley            Ms. Annette M. Carver                        Mr. Timothy T. Lawson             Mrs. Tracy N. Supcoe
Mrs. Margaret Anne Tyler                 Ms. Mary O. Charles                          Mr. Robert A. Le Master           Ms. Carlene L. Taylor
United Way of Central Maryland           Ms. M. Denise Chodnicki                      Ms. Connie L. Lewis               Ms. Danielle S. Thomas
Mrs. Nancy S. Vance*                     Ms. Martha A. Clark                          Ms. Constance Lewis               Donsha Thomas
Mrs. Nancy L. Walls                      Ms. Vilma Condon                             Ms. Susan B. Lewis                Ms. Sherry Thomas
Mrs. Nancy V. Wooden                     Ms. Vivian E. Cooper                         Ms. Brenda J. Lopez               Ms. Vanlee A. Thomas
Mrs. Nell E.B. Yeatman                   Ms. Christine E. Copper                      Ms. Melissa A. Lourie             Ms. Ruth A. Thompson
Cardio-Pulmonary:                        Mrs. Charlene H. Copper-Pierce               Mrs. Kathleen A. Lowery           Mrs. Carolyn Timms
Easton Lions Club                        Mr. Otis Cornish                             Mrs. Jeannette P. Lusby           Mrs. Barbara A. Todd
Critical Care University:                Ms. Kirsten D. Coursey                       Ms. Shakia L. Lyles               Mr. Richard Todd
Dorchester General Hospital Auxiliary    Ms. Joann Cox                                Ms. Lavanda L. Major              Mrs. Raynette Travers
Dorchester General Hospital Foundation   Mrs. Nancy F. Dail                           Mrs. Jessie R. Malone             Ms. Sarah L. Turano
DGH Emergency Services:                  Ms. Lois D. Darr                             Ms. Julia A. Marlowe              Ms. Angelina B. Valdez
Dorchester General Hospital Auxiliary    Ms. Mary C. Denny                            Ms. Linda M. Mastro               Mrs. Mary Alice VanHoy
Mr. and Mrs. J. Eugene Prevost           Mrs. Mary Deshields-Basilio                  Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mathewson     Ms. Elizabeth J. Verplank
DGH Equipment:                           Mr. G. Donald Dietrich                       Ms. Ruth McCord                   Mr. Richard A. Wales
Dorchester General Hospital Foundation   Ms. Ronni Dietrich                           Mr. James McFarlane               Ms. Deandra l. Walker
DGH Shore Shape:                         Ms. Chamice K. Dill                          Ms. Carolyn McFillin              Mr. Dionne N. Walker
Dorchester General Hospital Auxiliary    Ms. Joann Dixon                              Ms. Heather A. McGlaughlin        Ms. Margaret F. Walker
Dorchester General Hospital Foundation   Mrs. Susanne M. Draper                       Mrs. Kimberly L. McGrath          Ms. Shannon Walls
Digestive Health:                        Ms. Virginia Duncan                          Ms. Renna McKinney                Ms. Christine C. Walton
Anonymous                                Ms. Sheila Dunning                           Mrs. Sue D. McLaughlin            Ms. Catherine Warfield
General Benefit of Memorial Hospital:    Ms. Donna Elbourn                            Mrs. Patty McNeal                 Ms. Aimee Watkins
Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital -         Ms. Michele J. Eustace                       Ms. Vonnie J. Mende               Ms. Jessica E. Webster
 Denton Unit                             Ms. Mattie Evans                             Ms. Edna Molock                   Ms. Audrey West
Joslin Diabetes Center:                  Ms. Michelle D. Faulkner                     Ms. Michelle A. Molock            Mrs. Jessie West
Anonymous                                Ms. Dawn Feher                               Ms. Annette Moore                 Ms. Alice M. Wilkinson                      24
Clark Charitable Foundation, Inc.        Ms. Miriam Feldmeier                         Ms. Amanda M. Moseley             Ms. Andrea M. Williams
Easton Lions Club                        Mrs. Linda J. Ferara                         Ms. Jennifer L. Mueller           Ms. Maria Williams
Annual Fund Giving Societies

J. McKenny Willis, Jr. Society            Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Carmean           John W. Tieder, Inc. Electrical Contractor   Ms. Priscilla D. Scott
  - ($25,000 + )                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Carraher         Ms. Lavinia Johns                            Mr. and Mrs. William L. Scott
Dorothy A. Metcalf Foundation             Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Carter              Mrs. Betty M. Jones                          Mr. William Shakespeare, Jr.
Mrs. Margaret B. Ferree                   Mr. and Mrs. Christopher V. Chansler     Dr. Ona M. Kareiva                           Mrs. Eunice B. Shearer
The Firstman Family Foundation, Inc.      Mrs. Jean R. Child                       Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Keene                  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Shearer
Russell J. & Margaret B. Ferree Society   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Cover, Jr.        Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Keller                Mr. Thomas Shepke
 - ($10,000 - $24,999)                    Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Covey              Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kelly, Jr.              Mr. Henry F. Sieradzki
Anonymous                                 Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Cox, III              Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Kerchner              Smith & Downey
Miss Agnes E. Ernst*                      Mr. J. Gary Cox                          Capt. and Mrs. Fred K. Kieser                Mr. and Mrs. Rodney V. R. Spring
Mr. David Gang                            Mrs. Joan Cox                            Mr. and Mrs. Abner Kingman                   Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stalfort
Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Stoltz               Mr. and Mrs. R. James Crowle             Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kinnamon             Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Stephenson
Care Giver’s Society                      Dr. Victor Crown                         Mr. and Mrs. Harold Klinger                  Mr. John Swaine, Jr.
 - ($5,000 - $9,999)                      Mr. and Mrs. Clyde F. Culver             Dr. John P. Knud-Hansen                      Talbot County Chapter AARP 1601
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund A. Stanley, Jr.       D. C. Electric, Inc.                     Mrs. Deborah N. Kudner                       Talbot Dermatology
Sustainer’s Society                       Dr. and Mrs. David B. Danner             Mrs. Ann P. Ladd                             Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Tarbox
 - ($2,500 - $4,999)                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Daspit           The Hon. Jeffrey M. and Dr. Lynn Z. Lang     Dr. Volkan O. Taskin
Asplundh Foundation                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Deakins           Mrs. Jean F. Larner                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Taylor
Granville Blades, Ph.D.                   Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Dembo             The Hon. and Mrs. Richard B. Latham, Sr.     Temple B’Nai Israel
Canon Business Solutions, Inc.            Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Denton              Mr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Lerman                The Friel Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Lea, Jr.          Mr. and Mrs. William W. Ditman           Mr. Michael G. Levy                          The Hermitage Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Horace M. Lowman, Jr.        Dr. L. Thomas Divilio                    Mrs. Catherine J. Liebl                      The Marcia Brady Tucker Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Munn              Mr. and Mrs. C. Leroy Dixon              Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Linck                Dr. and Mrs. Gary W. Thomas
Benefactor’s Society                      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Doherty           Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Lindsay               Dr. James B. Thomas
 - ($1,000 - $2,499)                      Mr. and Mrs. David G. Draut              Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Lloyd                 Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Thomas
Anonymous                                 Mr. C. Kenneth Dulin                     Mr. Eben W. Lothrop                          Mr.* and Mrs. Peter S. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Anthony            Mr. & Mrs. Weber Duncan                  Mr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Love               Mr. and Mrs. W. Stuart Thompson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Baker               Eastern Springs Water Co., Inc.          Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reed Madary, Jr.        Mr. and Mrs. James Thorington II
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd L. Beatty, Sr.         Easton Lions Club                        Mrs. Margaret C. Maher                       Mr. and Mrs. Rufus M. Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Franz Eugene Burda           Mrs. Patricia J. Eberly                  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mann                    Mr. and Mrs. Alexander C. Tomlinson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Capute            Ms. Louise W. R. Edmunds                 Ms. Julia A. Marlowe                         Mr. and Mrs. John M. Touchard
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Casson             Mr. William N. Embert                    Dr. and Mrs. Walter L. Marshall              Mr. and Mrs. Luther Tucker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Cecil III          Drs. Michael and Leslie Emmert-Buck      Mrs. Jacqueline Martino                      Mr. and Mrs. George S. Tulloch, Jr.
Mrs. Betty R. Fox                         Mrs. Dolores M. Faulkner                 Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Masters               Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Vermilye
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Granville         Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fernandez             Mr. Frank B. May                             VFW Memorial Post No. 7464
Joyce and Donald Rumsfeld Foundation      Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Fichtner         Mr. and Mrs. William W. McAllister, Jr.      Mr. and Mrs. James M. Voss
Kent Island American Legion Post 278      Mr. and Mrs. Jon M. Files                Mr. and Mrs. Dufferin R. McConnell           Mr. and Mrs. William W. Vowler
Mr. and Mrs. George V. McGowan            Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Fischer           Admiral Kinnaird McKee                       Mr. and Mrs. A. Eugene Walbridge
Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Meyerhoff           Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Flynn, Sr.       Mr. Jonathan T. McLane                       Dr. Corinda S. Waters
Mrs. Jean C. Miller*                      Mr. Brian Foster and                     Mr. Edward O. McNicholas, Jr.                Dr. and Mrs. Alan M. Weintraub
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Peck                        Ms. Stephanie Ercegovic                 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Michael              Miss E. Jayne Wesley
Mrs. Ellen Rajacich                       Mr. W. Thomas Fountain                   Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Middleton, Jr.        Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Taylor White III
Mrs. Martha M. Read                       Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. J. Fricker      Military Order of the Purple Heart           Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. White, Jr.
Mr. John J. Roberts                       Dr. Scott D. Friedman and Dr. Cathy      Mrs. Willie D. Moll                          Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Whittum, Jr.
Schwab Charitable Fund                     A. Friedman                             Mr. and Mrs. James D. Moneymaker             Mr. and Mrs. John M. Williams
Mrs. R. Carmichael Tilghman               Mr. Jose H. Garcia, Sr.                  Mrs. Jane W. Moore                           Mrs. Helen Witt
The Hon. and Mrs. Russell Train           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gardner             Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Moran III            Mr. and Mrs. George R. Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. G. Albert Turner             Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Gardner            Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Morris, Sr.         Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wolfe
Dr. James C. Walsh                        Mr. and Mrs. David Gill                  Mr. David C. Murchison                       Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. Wrightson
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wheeler                Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Gipe              Mr. and Mrs. John H. Murray                  Mr. and Mrs. H. Orville Wyatt
Compassionate Aid Society                 Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Girard               Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Noonberg             Mr. and Mrs. William J. Yeager, Jr.
 - ($100 - $999)                          Dr.* and Mrs. Sheldon Goldgeier          Mrs. Vivian B. North                         Friend’s Society - ($1 - $99)
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Abruzzese            Dr. Patricia W. Goodyear                 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Novak                Mrs. Arnita Adams
Katherine R. Adler, Ph.D.                 Mr. William G. Greenly                   Mrs. Mariana E. Nuttle                       Mr. Elmer G. Adams
Akridge Family Foundation                 Mr. William P. Griffin, Sr.              Mr. and Mrs. Ernest T. Oskin                 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Andrew, III       Mr. and Mrs. John W. Guidera             Mr. and Mrs. John Pagenstecher               Ms. C. Priscilla Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Andrew              Ms. Gloria Shaw Hamilton                 Mr. John W. Payne                            Anonymous
Anonymous                                 Ms. Lana W. Harding                      Mr. Royce A. Peabody                         Mrs. Shirley F. Aveson
Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Awalt             Ms. Margaret E. Harmsen                  Mr. and Mrs. Bart L. Pelstring               Mr. and Mrs. John F. Banghart IV
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Bank              Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Harvey            Mr. and Mrs. James K. Peterson               Mrs. Nellie H. Bartlett
Mr. Jerome Barsky                         Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Hassan             Mr. and Mrs. David Pitard                    Mr. and Mrs. William Edward Batson
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Batty                Mr. and Mrs. Craig V. Hawkins            Mrs. Ruth A. Quiri                           Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Beacham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Baumann            Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hazen              Ms. Jamesene A. Randall                      Mrs. Nancy C. Benitez
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Becker                Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Herbert           Mr. Edward H. Rankin                         Mr. and Mrs. Franklin H. Berry, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bennett              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Herson            Mrs. Carolyn H. Revelle                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Betz
Rabbi and Mrs. Donald R. Berlin           Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Hilderbrandt II   Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Reynolds              Mr. and Mrs. Edgar R. Bilbrough
Mr. and Mrs. Marion W. Bevard             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hill              Dr. and Mrs. Harry C. Rhodes                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Bilbrough, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey E. Blades              Mr. Joseph W. Holecheck                  Mr. Donald S. Rice and Ms. Elizabeth Loker   Mrs. Atha M. Blades
Ms. Diane L. Blazejak                     Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Porter Hopkins   Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Richardson             Mrs. Anna L. Blair
Mrs. Joan R. Bolling                      The Hon. William S. Horne                Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Risley               Ms. Linda Carol Blume
Mrs. E. Marie McGrath Bowens              Mrs. Jayne B. Horner                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roberts                  Mr. Francis H. Bohlen, III
Mr. John H. Brothers                      Mrs. Martha F. Horner                    Mr. and Mrs. Lee G. Rubenstein               Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Boicourt
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Brown             Mrs. Nina R. Houghton                    Ruff Express, Inc.                           Charlotte and Leslie Booze
Mr. and Mrs. Norman H. Brown              Mrs. David R. Houston                    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryan                      Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Bordley
Mr. Oliver W. Brummell, Jr.               Mrs. Hilda Hrechun                       Salisbury Door & Hardware, Inc.              Ms. Ernestine Boulden
Mr. John C. Butner                        Governor and Mrs. Harry R. Hughes        Mrs. June E. Sallada                         Ms. Joan F. Bradley
Mr. Donald M. Butterworth                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hynson, Jr.         Mr. and Mrs. James W. Sanders                Mr. and Mrs. Ceibert C. Bragg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Byrnes             Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Ireland          Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Schneebeli           Ms. Ruth D. Braxton
Carmean Grain, Inc.                       Mr. J. B. Jarrell, Jr.                   Mr. Dietrich W. Schulz                       Ms. Gina Maria Brent

   Annual Fund Giving Societies (continued)

    Mrs. Grace E. Brey                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Haddaway       Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Miller III     Mrs. Gertrude E. Spiering               PRESTON C. CREIGHTON
    Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Britt          Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Hammer      Mr. and Mrs. W. James Milliken        Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Stahl             Mrs. Susie Creighton Embert
    Mr. and Mrs. George H. Brower         Mrs. Florence B. Harper             Mr. and Mrs. Mark Monath              Ms. Wanda Louise Stansbury              ANNA DULIN
    Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bruckner      Ms. Betty Harris                    Mrs. Frances Mondoweney               Mr. and Mrs. David M. Stavely, Sr.      Mr. C. Kenneth Dulin
    Mr. and Mrs. Dillard E. Bryant, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Harris      Mr.* and Mrs. T. Weldon Monteith      Mrs. Barbara L. Stevens                 RUTH A. ETTER
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Buckley        Mr. Ernest J. Heinmuller            Mr. Paul S. Moorhead and              Mr. Winfield H. Stewart                 Mr. and Mrs. Winslow Womack
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Buczek         Mr. & Mrs. Steve Heller              Ms. Rebecca Otter                    Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Storm              DANIEL P. FALVEY
    Mr. and Mrs. W. Ellsworth Cadell      Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Henkel           Mr. Thomas B. Morison                 Mr. and Mrs. Vernon D. Stotts           Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Haas
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Callaghan     Mrs. Hannah R. Henry                Mr. Charles E. Morkosky, Sr.          Mrs. Theda Warren Stubbs                Mrs. Mary Margaret McQuay
    Mr. and Mrs. William F. Callaway      Mr. and Mrs. Herman C. Henschen     Ms. Betty Ann Morris                  Mr. and Mrs. Stanley O. Tall            CAROL FAULKNER
    Mr. Calvert C. Cannon                 Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Hepler     Mr. and Mrs. William H. Morris        Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lee Tate            Mr. and Mrs. John McLaughlin
    Caroline Business Equipment           Mrs. Elizabeth Hite                 Mrs. Betty F. Mowbray                 Mrs. Evelyn M. Taylor                   THOMAS J. FAULKNER
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Carter        Mrs. Lillian S. Hoch                Mrs. Mildred G. Mueller               Mrs. Pauline Taylor                     Mrs. Dolores M. Faulkner
    Mrs. Elsie D. Chisholm                Mr. and Mrs. Kennard E. Holden      Ms. Kathleen K. Nachtrab              Ms. Jean K. Telling                     MARGUERITE FORTE
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Clagett        Mr.* and Mrs. Joseph A. Holland     Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Nash               Mrs. Christine A. Thalmann              Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Greene
    Mr. and Mrs. D. Theodore Clark        Mrs. Grace Z. Hoster*               Mr. and Mrs. Mark Newberg             The Hyde Parker’s Club, Inc.            JOHN GADOW
    Mr. William J. Clark                  Mr. and Mrs. George T. Hoxter       Mrs. Anne K. Newcomb                  Mr. James E. Thomas*                    Mrs. Joyce W. Cohee
    Mr. and Mrs. James B. Clements        Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred H. Huber       Mr. and Mrs. Leonard I. Nichols       Mr. John E. Thomson                     OTIS GIBBS
    Mrs. Joyce W. Cohee                   Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hunt        Mrs. Margaret D. Orem                 Ms. Joanna Lloyd Tilghman               Ms. Eva M. Lake
    Mr.* and Mrs. J. Rosse Collins, Jr.   Mrs. Beverly Huxster                Overeaters Anonymous                  Mr. Kenneth W. Tindall                  DENISE O. GRIFFIN
    Mrs. Regina E. Collins                Mr. and Mrs. Billy L. Insley        Ms. June Palmer                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Towers           Mr. William P. Griffin, Sr.
    Mr. Leroy L. Condon                   Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel E. Jackson   Ms. Shirley M. Palmos                 Towson Mechanical Inc.                  GEORGE B. HABERKORN
    Ms. Louise Copper                     Mrs. Charlotte Jarzynski            Mr. and Mrs. James R. Parrish         Mrs. Helen C. Travers                   Mrs. Marylea J. Doerner
    Mrs. Patricia C. Crane                Mr. and Mrs. Raymond N. Jenkins     Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Passarella       Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Trippe          Mr. and Mrs. John L. Fairbank
    Mrs. Beverly N. Creighton             Mr. Kenneth D. Jordan               Mr. and Mrs. James C. Paul            Mr. and Mrs. Muhammad Z. Ullah          Mrs. Betty R. Fox
    Major General and                     Ms. Mary P. Joyce                   Mrs. Geraldine E. Pauls               Mr. and Mrs. James W. Valliant          Mrs. Evelyn M. Graybeal
     Mrs. W. D. Crittenberger, Jr.        Dr. and Mrs. Jerome H. Kaplan       Mrs. Willie M. Pauls                  Mrs. Aurelia M. Van Derveer             Ms. Sandra W. King
    Ms. Betty Cummings                    Mrs. Margaret A. Kaufman            Col. and Mrs. Edwin F. Pelosky        Ms. Dorothy S. Vanderpool               Mr. and Mrs. James B. Kneale
    Mrs. Patricia L. Currey               Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Kellenbenz     USA (RET.)                           Ms. Dorothy C. Wailes                   Mr. and Mrs. * Fred Pond
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Richard Davidson      Mr. Dale R. Kellenberger            Ms. Phyllis B. Pensel                 Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert C. Walbridge       Ms. Harriet R. Ryan
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Davis         Ms. Deborah A. Kennedy              Mr. William A. Peoples                Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Walls            Mr. and Mrs. William J. Scar-
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Davis          Mr. James M. Kennedy, Sr.           Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Perry          Mrs. Barbara A. Weber                   borough
    Mr. and Mrs. Sherman DeMaris          Mrs. Evelyn M. Keys                 Mrs. Edna M. Pettit                   Mr. & Mrs. Skip Weber                   Ms. Anne B. Showell
    Mrs. Loistine P. Dennis               Ms. Carol S. Kilbourn               Mr. and Mrs. John D. Phillips         Mr. and Mrs. Gary Welzenbach            Mrs. Arthur A. Varela
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Detweiler      Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kingsbury    Mr. and Mrs. James K. Pickard         Dr. and Mrs. Peter L. Whitesell         Mrs. Helen Witt
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Dill           Mr. Alan E. Kleppinger              Mr. and Mrs. George J. Pillorge       Mr. and Mrs. Lee E. Wickline            HARRY H. HACKETT
    Mr. and Mrs. Ian Donaldson            Mr. and Mrs. Clement L. Klug, Jr.   Miss Flossie G. Pinder                Mr. and Mrs. George A. Wielepski        Mrs. Ella A. Hackett
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Dunner         Mr. Frederick H. Knight III         Miss Virginia Pinkett                 Ms. Lillie P. Williams                  BETTY AND GEORGE
    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Dunton        Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Lagana        Mr. and Mrs. Marion R. Propst         Ms. Adele C. Wilson                      HARMSEN
    Mrs. Evelyn M. Earp                   Ms. Eva M. Lake                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Pyper, Sr.     Ms. K. Nancy Wilson                     Ms. Margaret E. Harmsen
    Mrs. Dorothy P. Eaton                 Mr. David L. Lampert                Mr.* and Mrs. James A. Quick, Sr.     Mr. and Mrs. Winslow Womack             HENRY HOCH
    Ms. Nancy H. Eglee                    Mrs. Sheila S. Lanahan              Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Raabe         Mrs. Mary Ann Wood                      Mrs. Lillian S. Hoch
    Mrs. Susie Creighton Embert           Ms. Marjory J. Lee                  Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Ranish         Mr. James Worrell                       KATHERINE M.
    Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. English        Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lesko          Mr. and Mrs. William J. Rankin, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wyatt               HOLECHECK
    Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Eustace, Jr.   Mrs. Dorothy B. Lewis               Ms. Karol B. Redline                  Mr. Royden S. Zimmerman                 Mr. Joseph W. Holecheck
    Ms. Cecelia A. Evans                  Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J.           Mrs. Vivian Rhea                      Mrs. Lula R. Zlock                      THOMAS HUGHES
    Mr. and Mrs. James F. Ewing, Sr.       Linthicum                          Ms. Christine W. Ridley               Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Zwemer           Mrs. R. Carmichael Tilghman
    Mr. Emerson Farley                    Mr. and Mrs. Bernard B. Lochte      Ms. Lynne L. Riley-Coleman                                                    WALTER JARZYNSKI
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Feldhuhn       Mrs. Alice R. Long                  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Riter            Gifts given in                          Mrs. Charlotte Jarzynski
    Mr. and Mrs. George A. Fink, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jay Fisher
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Luggerio
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lynch
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Salvator James Rizzo
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. James W. Roach
                                                                                                                    memory of                               HOWARD F. JONES
                                                                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Robinson
                                                                                                                    WILLIAM E. ADAMS
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Flanagan            Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Lynch        Mr. and Mrs. Linwood L. Roberts       Mrs. Arnita Adams                       R. C. JONES
    Ms. Barbara A. Flower                 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald MacDonald       Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Robinson          JAMES M. ANDERSON                       Mrs. Betty M. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Fluharty, Jr.      Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mace, Jr.      Mr. and Mrs. William A. Robinson      Ms. Carol S. Kilbourn                   HARRY F. KAUFMAN
    Mrs. Ollie H. Forest                  Mrs. Sheila H. Mann                 Mr. and Mrs. Randolph C. Rogge        HENRY AND EVA ASHBY                     Mrs. Margaret A. Kaufman
    Mrs. Dolores W. Fountain              Mr. and Mrs. David G. Manning       Ms. Maureen B. Roloson                Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Keene             ELLEN G. LALLY
    Mr. and Mrs. James C. Frampton        Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Margrey      Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Rosette       ROBIN R. BACHAND                        Mr. and Mrs. William M. Ginder
    Mrs. Mary J. Francis                  Mr. and Mrs. David L. Marsh         Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Ruark          Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. L. Botsford      Mrs. Grace Z. Hoster *
    Mr. and Mrs. Roland C. Frankton       Mrs. Nancy C. Martin                Mr. and Mrs. James T. Rule            CYNTHIA E. BARTLETT                     Mr. and Mrs. Bernard B. Lochte
    Miss Bertha W. Frase                  Mr. and Mrs. John J. Mathena        Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Runnels            Mrs. Ellen Rajacich                     Ms. Christine W. Ridley
    Mrs. Doris C. Gardner                 Mr. Joseph E. McCarthy              Mr. Gilbert C. Salmond                Mrs. Barbara L. Stevens                 Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Sipe
    Mr. and Mrs. Hilliard Gardner         Mrs. JoAnne P. McCoy                Ms. Carrie A. Sampson                 PHILIP H. BEAVEN                        ADELE L. LANG
    Mr. and Mrs. Ron Gauch                McCrone, Inc.                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Saville       Ms. Phyllis B. Pensel                   The Hon. Jeffrey M. and Dr.
    Ms. Marie D. Gibson                   Mr. and Mrs. Edward N.              Mrs. Carlene G. Schmick               ROBERT BLAIR                            Lynn Z. Lang
    Mr. and Mrs. William M. Ginder         McCullough                         Mrs. Jean M. Schroder                 Mrs. Anna L. Blair                      CHARLES E. LEWIS
    Ms. Helen Gocs                        Ms. Barbara A. McCurdy              Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Seibert        MARIO J. BOIARDI                        Mrs. Dorothy B. Lewis
    Mr.* and Mrs. Errol D. Goddard        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V.              Mr. Ernst S. Selig                    Mr. and Mrs. William W. McAllister, Jr. HANS LIEBL
    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Goll            McGuinness                         Mr. and Mrs. George C. Sellner        LEE A. BROHAWN                          Mrs. Catherine J. Liebl
    Mrs. Alice Lois Gondeck               Mr. and Mrs. John McLaughlin        Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Shanks         Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Brown           LEROY AND ESTHER LORD
    Good Scents Company                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. McNeal      Ms. Georgia W. Shaw                   OLIVER AND LYDA BRUMMELL Mr. James M. Kennedy, Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Gouge, Sr.        Mrs. Mary Margaret McQuay           Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Sheehy          Mr. Oliver W. Brummell, Jr.             J. DAVID MANN
    Mr. and Mrs. James P. Griffin         Mrs. Emilie T. McWilliams           Mrs. Emma T. Shehan                   PEARLIE M. CLAGGETT                     Mrs. Sheila H. Mann
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Grosh          Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mease          Ms. Helen F. Shehan                   Ms. Lillie P. Williams                  DOROTHY C. MANSHIP
    Mr. William M. Guilfoyle              Mr. Sandy S. Medford                Mrs. Anne C. Shoemaker                CHARLES AND                             Ms. Margaret A. Thompson
    Mr. Joseph E. Guschke                 Ms. Blanche L. Meekins              Mr. and Mrs. Ira A. Shortall           ELIZABETH CONWAY                       LEONARD S. MARGREY
    Guyette & Schmidt, Inc.               Mr. and Mrs. James W. Merriken      Mr. and Mrs. James H. Shortall        Mrs. Jacqueline Martino                 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Margrey
    Mr.* and Mrs. Charles B. Haas         Mr. and Mrs. George F. Meyerle      Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Sipe           CHARLES H. CRANE                        ROBERT MARTINO
    Mrs. Ella A. Hackett                  Mr. David M. Meyers                 Mrs. Frances D. Smith                 Mrs. Patricia C. Crane                  Mrs. Jacqueline Martino

The Memorial Hospital Foundation makes every effort to ensure that this tribute to our donors is accurate. If there is an error, please contact the Foundation office
by calling 410-822-1000, ext. 5763. *Deceased
MARY HELEN McCARTHY                Cynthia E. Bartlett*                        John, Ann and Dona Hurt                BEULAH I. SCHULTE
Mr. Joseph E. McCarthy             Kenneth W. Barton                           In honor of Harriett and               Mrs. Nellie H. Bartlett
HENRY F. MCGRATH                   Alan and Lorie Baynard                       Richard Slaughter                     RICHARD AND ELIZABETH C. SCOTT
Mrs. E. Marie McGrath Bowens       Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd L. Beatty                In the name of Harriett D. Slaughter   Ms. Priscilla D. Scott
ANNE H. McNICHOLAS                 Daniel and Teresa Benhoff                   Carol and Peter Katz                   JIM AND SALLY SHARPE
Mr. Edward O. McNicholas, Jr.      Ed and Wendy Bishop                         Margery Newbaker Keen                  Mr. and Mrs. John T. Batty
LEROY MESSICK                      Lawrence D. Bohan MD                        Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Kittredge        MORTON SHEARER
Mrs. Carol W. Armstrong            Curtis and Brynja Booth                     Cyndy and Harold Klinger               Mrs. Eunice B. Shearer
B. P. O. Elks #1622                Charles and Jennifer Britt                  Dr. John and Merrilyn Knud-Hansen      SUSAN G. SHEHAN
Mrs. Joan R. Bolling and Family    Mr. and Mrs. Sydney P. Britt                Deborah Newnam Kudner                  Ms. Helen F. Shehan
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Copenhaver        James F. Brogley-Reliable Pest Control      Linda S. Laramy                        SHIRLEY F. SHORES
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harman        Mr. and Mrs. John C. Brooks, Jr.            Wayne, Gail, Jill and Steve Lewis      Mrs. Carol W. Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Klein              Allen and Georgia Bryan                     Lou and Cheryl Lister                  Mr. and Mrs. John P. Morgan, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted M. Marshall       David and Barbara Bryan                     Mr. and Mrs. Willard A. Lockwood       Mr. and Mrs. John A. Schaech, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mitchell    J. Marion Bryan and Sons, Inc.              Robert B. Mavity                       BARBARA K. SIBLEY
Talbot Rod & Gun Club              Mildred Bullock                             Sandy and Debbie McAllister            Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Thomson         Denise and Luther Byington                  Mr. and Mrs. W. Bruce McConnel         Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Callaghan
VFW E. E. Streets Memorial Post    Sean and Lump Callahan                      Catherine Y. McGinnis                  Ms. Nancy H. Eglee
 #5118                             Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carraher               George S. McManus                      Mr. and Mrs. Ron Gauch
STEPHEN M. MIDWAY                  Robert and Sandra Case                      Don and Joyce Meritt                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Harris, Kyle and Jenni
Ms. Judy Spear                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cattaneo                Danny and Janet Messick                Ms. Mary P. Joyce
NEIL L. MILES                      CBIZ Beatty Satchell LLC                    Mr. and Mrs. William W. Messick        Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Alexander        Mr. and Mrs. John R. Chandonnet             Maxine and Bill Millar                 Mr. and Mrs. David L. Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Banghart IV   Donna Clem at The General Ledger            Bill and Irma Miller                   Ms. Kathleen K. Nachtrab
Mrs. Cynthia Beemer                Nancy and Peter Colket                      Francis A. and Ilene T. Morgan Jr.     Mrs. Barbara A. Weber
Ms. Barbara P. Bromfield           James and Justine Cooney                    Catherine Murphy                       Mr. and Mrs. Skip Weber
Mrs. Jeanne C. Brower              Jill Corkran, JoAnne and Glenn Crowder      Mr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Newell          GEORGE STANLEY
Mrs. Anne S. Harvey                Kimberly C. Corkran and Lucile P. Corkran   Dr. and Mrs. Gene Newmier              Mrs. Geraldine E. Pauls
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Jones         Joan and Richard Crowley                    Mrs. Rhonwen L. Newton                 JOYCE G. STAYTON
Mr. and Mrs. W. Jack Lane          Mr. and Mrs. W. Wilson Daffin               Gail and John O’Brien                  Mr. and Mrs. W. Richard Holloway, Jr.
Mrs. Patty McNeal                  Keith and Ronnie Davis                      Michelle Duffy Orr                     DR. AND MRS. ROBERT G. TAYLOR
Ms. Faye P. Meek                   Leonard and Christine Dayton                Thomas A. Otter                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Taylor
Mrs. Frances D. Smith              Daniel C. Deer, III                         John and Wendy Pagenstecher            MARY THOMAS
Mr. and Mrs. A. Eugene Walbridge   Dr. and Mrs. John J. Devine                 Royce Peabody                          Mr. James E. Thomas*
Mrs. Dorothy W. Waters             John and Susan Devlin                       Pensel & Walker, Inc.                  REBECCA A. THOMPSON
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H.            Peter and Penny Dietz                       Electa and Lee Phillips                Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Thompson
 Wieland, IV                       The Douglas Family                          Judith Warfield Price                  ARTHUR L. WALDIE
JULIE E. MILLS                     Ritchie Dulin                               Rajacich Family                        Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Linck
Ms. C. Priscilla Andrews           Judge Carville D. Duncan                    Dale and Bob Rauch                     WALTER T. WARREN
CHARLES W. MOORE                    and Jennifer Duncan                        Mr. and Mrs. James E. Reynolds, Jr.    Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Storm
Mrs. Jane W. Moore                 Buck Duncan                                 Jim and Margy Robfogel                 BOBBY E. WILLIAMS
JUNE G. MURCHISON                  Corey N. Duncan                             Gail S. Romain                         Ms. Carrie A. Sampson
Mr. David C. Murchison             Ritchy and Jennifer Eason                   Brenan and Donna Roser                 JOSEPH WILLIAMS
PHILIP K. NEWCOMB                  Eastern Shore Title Company                 Adrienne W. Rudge                      Ms. Blanche L. Meekins
Mrs. Anne K. Newcomb               Easton Eye Care and Optical/                Chris and Jackie Sadler                MR. AND MRS. J. GRANVILLE WILLIAMSON
BYRON H. NUTTLE                     Dr. Alan Bishop                            L. Steve Satchell                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Bilbrough, Jr.
Mrs. Mariana E. Nuttle             Easton Steel Service, Inc.                  Will and Jeanne Shannahan              J. LAWRENCE AND MARY WOOD
ELINORE PEABODY                    Mick and Beverly Edgell                     Eunice B. Shearer                      Mrs. Dolores W. Fountain
Mr. Royce A. Peabody               Fellows, Helfenbein and                     Steve and Mary Kay Shearer             EDNA WORRELL
JO ANN QUICK                        Newnam Funeral Home, P.A., Easton, MD      John Shettle and Abbey Smith           Mr. James Worrell
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Quick, Sr.   Ferris Baker Watts                          Harriett and Richard Slaughter
GEORGE E. QUIRI                    Doug and Becky Firth                        Richard M. Slaughter and               Gifts given in honor of
Mrs. Ruth A. Quiri                 Diane Flagler                                Harry D. Slaughter III                ARTHUR B. CECIL
MARY E. RANKIN                     Fluharty’s Electric, Inc.                   Frances D. Smith                       Mrs. Kristin C. Teeters
Mr. Edward H. Rankin               Thomas D. and Lynne H. Foard                Reynolds Somers                        GARY FELLOWS
CLARA ROCHE                        Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Foster               Herman and Nettie Stevens              Mr. and Mrs. John Ronald Merceron
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cuttler        W. Thomas Fountain                          Bruce L. Summer and Carol O’Driscoll   THE FRANKTON FAMILIES
DORIS ROCKEFELLER                  Nancy Fox                                   Butch and Lisa Townsend                Mr. and Mrs. Roland C. Frankton
Dr. and Mrs. Gary W. Thomas        Antonio and JoAnn Genova                    Mr. and Robert T. Valliant, Jr.        TOM HELFENBEIN
WILLARD G. ROLOSON                 Jay and Toni Gibson                         Bobby and Mary Van Fossan              Mr. and Mrs. John Ronald Merceron
Mrs. Maureen B. Roloson            Wendy and Ken Gibson                        Dick and Becky VanGilder               JOINT REPLACEMENT CTR STAFF
KENNETH ROSETTE                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Granville           Vida S. Van Lennep *                   AND 5TH FLOOR SOUTH NURSES & STAFF
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Rosette    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Greenberg                 Sally and Moorhead Vermilye            Ms. Susan Rabenhorst
EDWARD E. SALLADA                  William P. Griffin                          Bill and JoAnn Vorwald                 CHARLES L. LEA
Mrs. June E. Sallada               Polly and John Hanes                        Debbie Walsworth                       Mr. and Mrs. Alfred H. Taylor, Jr.
JOHN AND MARY SALMON               David and Lizbeth Haslup                    Drs. Charles and Ann Webb              The Kresge Foundation
Mrs. Mary Ann Wood                 John A. Hawkinson, M.D.                     Lee and Kista Weller                   MAURICE E. NEWNAM
VIOLA SALMOND                      Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Heaton               Betty Jean and Charles Wheeler         Mr. and Mrs. John Ronald Merceron
Mr. Gilbert C. Salmond             Cynda J. Hill, D.D.S.                       Wayne and Mary Wheeler                 NURSING STAFF
WILLIAM SANDERS                    Hill’s Drug Store, Inc.                     Sandy and Steve Whelan                 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Sanders      Tom and Cathy Hill                          George and Yvonne Wilson               THOMAS A. OTTER
LENETTE D. SATCHELL                Rich and Suzanne Hood                       John I. and Barbara B. Wilson          Mr. and Mrs. Rufus M. Todd
Anonymous                          Martha Filbert Horner                       Roo and Susie Wood                     GREG E. PETTIT
Jack and Nancy Anthony             Dr. and Mrs. William R. Houck               Charles and Lori Wrightson             Mrs. Edna M. Pettit
Joe and Susan Anthony              Mr. and Mrs. Luke V. Howard, Sr.            Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wyatt             VIOLA G. PINKETT
Anthony, Walter, Duncan, LLP       Thomas and Patricia Howell                  Fred and Tracy Zell                    Miss Virginia Pinkett
Carol W. Armstrong                 Gordon Hughes                               G. KENNETH SCHMICK                     SHORE HEALTH SYSTEM LAB EMPLOYEES
Peter K. Bailey                    Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Hughes              Mrs. Carlene G. Schmick                Ms. Karol B. Redline
       Gifts given in honor of (continued)

       DR. THOMAS SISCA                         Eastern Shore Emergency Medicine         Cambridge Family Eye Care, LLC/ Drs.
       Mrs. Ann Roe-Rever                        Physicians, LLC                          Brant and Willey
       RICHARD SLAUGHTER                        Eastern Shore Urology Associates         Choptank Community Health System, Inc.
       Mr. and Mrs. Steven Periconi             Easton Bank & Trust Co.                  Delmarva Power
       ALEX SPENCER                             Mid-Shore Surgical                       Dr. Kenneth Judd and
       Mr. and Mrs. James K. Pickard             Eye Center, Inc.                         Dr. William Bair
       RICHARD STANSBURY                        Mid-Shore Women’s Health, LLC            Marshall Craft Associates, Inc.
       Wanda Louise Stansbury                   Williams Scotsman, Inc.                  Dr. and Mrs. Andrew McCarthy
       DR. MYRON J. SZCZUKOWSKI                 Patrons:                                 Miles & Stockbridge Foundation, Inc.
       Mr. and Mrs. William J. Novak            Mr. J. Malcolm Bahrenburg                Dr. and Mrs. Michael Moran
       THE EMERGENCY ROOM                       Dr. and Mrs. Fred R. Bailor, Jr.         Lois A. Narr, D.O.
        STAFF OF MHE                            Dr. and Mrs. Jerry O. Batley, Jr.        Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Newmier
       Mrs. Vivian B. North                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Baumann           Tri-Gas & Oil Co., Inc.
       PAULA A. YOUNG                           Mr. and Mrs. William R. Bowles           Tudor Farms, Inc.
       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Cover, Jr.        Mr. and Mrs. Gerald K. Cassidy           Dr. and Mrs. Michael Ward
                                                Dr. Brian J. Corden                      Patrons:
       Matching gifts                           Drs. Jeffrey and Anna Denton             Bay Country Security, Inc.
       These companies provided matching        Mr. and Mrs. W. James Farrell            Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bilconish
       gifts to donations made by               Dr. Susan T. Forlifer                    Ms. Florence Brohawn
       members of their company                 Dr. Cathy A. Friedman and                Ms. Nancy Bunce
       programs:                                 Dr. Scott D. Friedman                   Ms. Donna L. Campbell
       B D Associates                           Mr. and Mrs. Alan Griffith               Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carmean
       The Kresge Foundation                    Harris Crab House, Inc.                  Mr. and Mrs. James Carpenter
       Wiley Rein LLP                           Dr. W. David Hill                        Mr. and Mrs. William W. Clyde
                                                Mr. and Mrs. F. Worthington              C. Edmond Connelly, DDS
       2007 centennial                           Hobbs III
                                                Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hockmeyer
                                                                                         Curran-Bromwell Funeral Home, P.A.
                                                                                         Dragonfly Boutique
       celebration gala                         Mr. William and Dr. Gail S. Jones        Dr. and Mrs. William D. Elliott
       Platinum Sponsor:
                                                Dr. and Mrs. William H. Katz             Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Johnson
       Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital
                                                The Kresge Foundation                    Mr. and Mrs. John Lesko
       Gold Sponsor:
                                                Mr. and Mrs. Jack Magee                  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mann
       CES Acquisition Corp
                                                Ms. Julia A. Marlowe                     Mr. and Mrs. Sewell Matthews
       Chevy Chase Bank
                                                Mr. and Mrs. Neil Mufson                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael McKeage
       Clark Charitable Foundation, Inc.
                                                Nagel Farm Service Inc.                  McWilliams Financial Group
       Darby Foundation
                                                Dr. and Mrs. Curtis N. Nelson            Vinodrai M. Mehta, M.D.
       Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hammonds
                                                Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Nigra             Mid Shore Cremation Center
       Mr. Bruce Wiltsie and
                                                Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Noel              Ms. Meta Mills
        Mr. Bill Davenport
                                                Mr. and Mrs. Blaine T. Phillips          Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moore
       Salisbury Pewter, Inc.
                                                Mr. and Mrs. William M. Platt            Mr. George Neall
       Widgeon Foundation
                                                River Family Physicians, P.A.            Premier Wireless Solutions, Inc.
       Silver Sponsor:
                                                Mr. John J. Roberts                      Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reddig
       Doug & Ardis Eby
                                                Sherwood of Salisbury                    Ms. Karol Redline
       Max Fry, Gunston Day School ‘06
                                                Sodexo, Inc.                             Mr. Doug Robbins
       Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Granville
                                                Mr. and Mrs. William B. Stagg            Dr. John Serino and Dr. Sharon Liu
       Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hunter, Jr.
                                                Ms. Meghan Stewart                       Theda Warren Stubbs
       Kent Island American Legion Post
                                                Mr. and Mrs. Alfred H. Taylor, Jr.       Talbot Dermatology
                                                Dr. James C. Walsh                       Tidewater Anesthesia Associates
       Mr. and Mrs. James E. Koons
                                                Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. S. Waxter         Ms. Helen C. Travers
       Leach Wallace Associates, Inc.
                                                Mrs. Kate Whalen                         Mr. and Mrs. Grason Winterbottom, III
       Marshall Craft Associates
                                                Wiley Rein LLP
       Medical Staff of
        Shore Health System
                                                Mr. and Mrs. David W. Willse             2007 golf tournament
                                                Dr. Elizabeth Wroth                      Presenting Sponsor:
       Miles & Stockbridge
        Foundation, Inc.                                                                 Pepsi Cola Bottling Company of Delmarva
       Navigant Consulting                      2008 DGH                                 Masters Sponsor:
       Smith Barney Group                       snow ball                                Clark Charitable Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                         Birdie Sponsor:
       Tri-Gas & Oil Co., Inc.                  Presenting Sponsor:
       Willow Construction, LLC                 Dorchester General Hospital Foundation   Sodexho, Inc.
       Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Wyman            Gold Sponsor:                            Pro Sponsor:
        and the Frederick W. Richmond           Mrs. Norah Goddard in memory of          Canon Business Solutions, Inc.
        Foundation                               E. Desmond Goddard, Ph.D.               Fidelity Investments
       Bronze Sponsor:                          Medical Staff of Shore Health            First Mariner Bank
       Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Armistead           System, Inc.                            Linens of the Week
       BGE Home Products &                      Warwick Manor Behavioral Health, Inc.    Nason Construction, Inc.
        Services, Inc.                          Silver Sponsor:                          Underwriter:
       Cowdrey, Thompson & Karsten              Delmarva Radiology                       John H. Hampshire, Inc.
       Delmarva Radiology                       Eastern Shore Emergency Medicine         Shore Bancshares, Inc.
       Sharon Liu, D.O. &                        Physicians, LLC                         Tee Sponsor:
        John W. Serino, D.D.S.                  Dr. and Mrs. Morris A. Effron            Benson & Mangold Real Estate, LLC
       PNC                                      Mr. Robert Gleickert                     Best Care Ambulance, Inc.
       Copper Sponsor:                          Midshore Surgical Eye & Laser Center     Dankmeyer, Inc.
       Aberdeen Asset Management                University of Maryland Medical System    Eastern Shore Vacation Rentals, LLC
       Bank of America                          Bronze Sponsor:                          Marvesta, LLC
       Bartlett, Griffin & Vermilye, Inc. and   Allen Family Foods, Inc.                 Murdoch Gardens LLC
        Innovative Insurance Services           Dr. and Mrs. Allan A. Anderson           Oxford Commercial LLC
       CBIZ Beatty Satchell, LLC                Bank of the Eastern Shore                PNC
       Digestive Health Associates              Benevolent Protective Order of           Robert Morris Inn
       Eagle Hospital Physicians                 Elks 1272                               Willow Construction, LLC

The Memorial Hospital Foundation makes every effort to ensure that this tribute to our donors is accurate. If there is an error, please contact the Foundation office
by calling 410-822-1000, ext. 5763. *Deceased
     financial report
     Years Ended JULY 1, 2007 - JUNE 30, 2008
     (In thousands)
     Shore Health System, Inc.                                                  Care Health Services, Inc.
     OUR INCOME                     FY 2007   FY 2008                           OUR INCOME                     FY 2007          FY 2008

     Net Patient Revenue            172,189   192,098                           Net Patient Revenue            5,865            5,353

                                                                                Other Operating Revenue        21               32
     Other Operating Revenue        4,751     5,415
                                                                                Net Operating Revenue          5,886            5,385	         	           	
     Net Operating Revenue          176,940   197,513	 	                    	
                                                                                OUR EXPENSES
                                                                                Salaries & Employee Benefits   3,264            3,652
     Salaries & Employee Benefits   92,722    100,908
                                                                                Depreciation/Amortization      20               31             	           	
     Depreciation/Amortization      10,315    11,398            	           	
                                                                                Interest                       0                0
     Interest                       2,224     2,976
                                                                                Other Operating Expenses       2,127            1,647          	           	
     Other Operating Expenses       65,857    78,457            	           	   Total Operating Expenses       5,411            5,330          	           	
     Total Operating Expenses       171,118   193,739 	                     	
                                                                                OUR NET RESULTS
     OUR NET RESULTS                                                            Net Operating Profit/(loss)    475              55

     Net Operating Profit/(loss)    5,822     3,774                             Non-Operating Revenue          2                2              	           	

     Non-Operating Revenue          4,991     (610)             	           	   Total Net Income/(loss)        477              57             	           	

     Total Net Income/(loss)        10,813    3,164             	           	

     Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc.                                         Shore Clinical Foundation, Inc.
     OUR INCOME                     FY 2007   FY 2008                           OUR INCOME                         FY 2007           FY 2008

     Net Patient Revenue            0         0                                 Net Patient Revenue                4,663             6,407

     Other Operating Revenue        0         1,176                             Other Operating Revenue            167               203

     Net Operating Revenue          0         1,176	    	           	           Net Operating Revenue              4,830             6,610	        	           	

     OUR EXPENSES                                                               OUR EXPENSES

     Salaries & Employee Benefits   145       121                               Salaries & Employee Benefits       3,752             6,076

                                                                                Depreciation/Amortization          5                 65            	           	
     Depreciation/Amortization      8         55        	           	
                                                                                Interest                           0                 0
     Interest                       0         0
                                                                                Other Operating Expenses           2,861             5,015         	           	
     Other Operating Expenses       423       333       	           	
                                                                                Total Operating Expenses           6,618             11,156        	           	
     Total Operating Expenses       (576)     509       	           	

                                                                                OUR NET RESULTS
                                                                                Net Operating Profit/(loss)        (1,788)           (4,546)
     Net Operating Profit/(loss)    (576)     667
                                                                                Non-Operating Revenue              0                 0             	           	
     Non-Operating Revenue          5,252     (518)     	           	
                                                                                Total Net Income/(loss)            (1,788)           (4,546)       	           	
     Total Net Income/(loss)        4,676     149       	           	

     Shore Health Enterprises, Inc.                                              Statistics
     OUR INCOME                     FY 2007   FY 2008                            FY 2008                               MHE                DGH
     Net Patient Revenue            0         0                                  Patient Days                          38,403             14,267
     Other Operating Revenue        57        57                                 Admissions                            10,956             3,541

     Net Operating Revenue          57        57	           	           	        Average Length of Stay                3.50               4.0	         	           	

                                                                                 Average Daily Census                  105                39
     Salaries & Employee Benefits   0         0                                  Ambulatory Surgeries                  3,381              917          	           	

     Depreciation/Amortization      12        12            	           	        Inpatient Surgeries                   2,528              699

     Interest                       0         119                                Emergency Room Visits                 36,535             18,397       	           	

     Other Operating Expenses       137       19            	           	

     Total Operating Expenses       149       150           	           	

     Net Operating Profit/(loss)    (92)      (93)

     Non-Operating Revenue          3         0             	           	                  	         	

     Total Net Income/(loss)        (89)      (93)          	           	                  	         	
our boards
                                                           SHORE HEALTH SYSTEM BOARD OF DIRECTORS members
                                                           pictured are (left to right), seated, Diane McCarthy,
                                                           Dorchester General Hospital Auxiliary representative;
                                                           Michael Moran, MD; Stuart Bounds, Secretary; John Dillon,
                                                           Chair; second row, Neil Mufson; Phyllis Matthai, Assistant
                                                           Secretary; Martha Russell, Treasurer; Jack Stoltz; P.J. Hunt,
                                                           Memorial Hospital Association representative; Joseph P. Ross,
                                                           FACHE, President and CEO for Shore Health System; third row,
                                                           James Peterson; Robert Carmean; Richard Loeffler, Vice
                                                           Chair; Keith McMahan; back row, Marlene Feldman; Michael
                                                           Joyce, MD; and David Milligan. Unavailable for the photo:
                                                           Charles Lea, Vice Chair; Walter Zajac, Assistant Treasurer;
                                                           Ludwig Eglseder, III, MD; Margaret Ferree; Allan Anderson,
                                                           MD, Dorchester General Hospital Chief of Staff; Lakshmi
                                                           Vaidyanathan, MD, Memorial Hospital Chief of Staff; Julie
                                                           Wojcik, Memorial Hospital Auxiliary representative; and Hershel
                                                           Johnson, Dorchester General Hospital Community
                                                           Association representative.

Lloyd Beatty, Chairman                          Shore Health System:
W. Moorhead Vermilye, Vice Chairman             Joseph Ross, President and CEO
Charles Capute, Secretary                       Walter Zajac, Senior Vice President of Finance
Douglas Croker
Delia Denny
Keith McMahan
William H. Munn
C.E. “Ted” Peck
Joseph Shultz

Caroline County Health Department: Becky Loukides
Dorchester County Health Department: Roger Harrell
Talbot County Health Department: Kathy Foster
Shore Health System:
Rita Holley, Director of Shore Home Care
Gary Jones, Director of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Services
Chris Parker, Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer
Joseph Ross, President and CEO
Lakshmi Vaidyanathan, MD, Medical Director for Shore Home Care and Hospice
Walter Zajac, Senior Vice President of Finance

Elizabeth Draper Brice, Chairman
Pam Fleckenstein, Secretary
Frank Adams, Treasurer
Henry Leonard, III
Shore Health System:
Joseph Ross, President and CEO
Walter Zajac, Senior Vice President, Finance
Debbie Cannon, Director of Physician Relations and Clinic Services
medical executive committee
                                           MEMBERS OF THE SHORE HEALTH SYSTEM MEDICAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE pictured are (left
                                           to right), seated, front row, Thomas E. Stauch, MD, Chief of Orthopedics for Shore Health System; Lakshmi
                                           Vaidyanathan, MD, Chief of Division for Memorial Hospital; Thomas G. Chiccone, MD, member at large for
                                           Memorial Hospital; standing, back row, Myron Szczukowski, Jr., MD, Vice Chief of Division for Memorial
                                           Hospital; Michael D. Joyce, MD, Chief of Emergency Medicine for Dorchester General Hospital; Robert S.
                                           Middleton, MD, Chief of Anesthesiology for Shore Health System; Patrick O’Brien, MD, Chief of Obstetrics
                                           and Gynecology for Shore Health System; David B. Danner, MD, Chief of Pathology for Shore Health
                                           System; Christine Galan, MD, Chief Emeritus for Memorial Hospital; and Robert Ball, MD, Chief of Surgery
                                           for Shore Health System. Unavailable for the photo: For Dorchester General Hospital, Allan A. Anderson, MD,
                                           Chief of Division and Chief for Psychiatry; William Bair, MD, Vice Chief of Division; Eric Widmaier, MD,
                                           Secretary and Treasurer of Division; Frank Ciocci, MD, Vice Chief of Emergency Medicine; Brandon Paltoo,
                                           MD, Chief, and Noman Thanwy, MD, Vice Chief for Medicine; Christian E. Evans, MD, Chief, and Kevin
                                           Gately, Vice Chief for Radiology. For Memorial Hospital, Kimberly Ann Oster, MD, Secretary and Treasurer
                                           of Division and Vice Chief for Radiology; Salvatore Verteramo, MD, Chief, and Jane Wang, MD, Vice Chief
                                           for Emergency Medicine; R. Bruce Helmly, MD, Chief, and Dennis DeShields, MD, Vice Chief for Medicine;
                                           Ahmed A. Gawad, MD, Chief, and M. Elizabeth Wroth, MD, Vice Chief for Pediatrics; and Christopher S.
                                           Levey, MD, Chief for Radiology. For Shore Health System, John Foley, Vice Chief for Surgery; John A. Snell,
                                           MD, Vice Chief for Anesthesiology; William Katz, MD, Vice Chief for Obstetrics and Gynecology; James W.
                                           Palumbo, MD, Vice Chief for Orthopedics; and Reinhardt Sahmel, MD, Vice Chief for Pathology.

community associations
                             Hershel        Elaine Farquhar                                                   George Fox, III
                             Johnson        Jennie Hyatt                                                      Wendell O. Foxwell
                             and            Thomas Herbert, MD                                                Mary Handley
                             PJ Hunt        Betty Baer                                                        Roger Harrell
                                            Julie Goldsborough                                                James Lewis
                                            Karen McLoughlin                                                  Deborah Luthy
                                            Stacey Wrightson                                                  Jackalyn Noller
                                            William Neary                                                     Berthena Pinder
                                            Walter J. Cuttler                                                 Sean Reincke
The Memorial Hospital                       Brenda Wooden                                                     Bonnie Rimpo
at Easton Association                       Cassandra Guy                                                     Joseph Schulte
P.J. Hunt, President, Centreville           Ronald Chiste                                                     Bonnie Shertenlieb
Leanne Allen, 1st Vice President, Easton    Karen Bailor                                                      Reverend Cynthia Stanton
David Lee, 2nd Vice President, Easton       David Lee                                                         Corinda Waters, PhD
Linda Ellis, Secretary, Bozman              Melissa Taylor                                                    Church Creek
 Caroline County                            Ellicot McConnell, PhD                                            Barbara Steiner
Denton                                      Neavitt                                                           Karen Tolley
Fred Spence                                 Marie Zinninger                                                   East New Market
Charles Huber                               Oxford                                                            Henry Hernandez
Catherine Spence                            Judy Strong                                                       Rosalie Dolan
David Whaley                                Mary Holston                                                      Bertha Dockins
Preston                                     St. Michaels                                                      Easton
Joan Evey                                   Les Callaway                                                      George Radcliffe
William Evey                                Donald G. Beck, DVM                                               Hurlock
Ronald Fearins                              Nancy Knowles                                                     Jessica L. Lane
Patsy Fearins                               Kathleen Hughes                                                   Doug Scott
 Queen Anne’s County                        Robert Knowles                                                    Sharon Wall
Centreville                                 Royal Oak                                                         Rhodesdale
Jane Coppage                                Fred Israel                                                       Carolyn Green
Diane Brown Brandt                                                                                            William Collier
Wye Mills                                   Dorchester General Hospital Association                           Pauline Pinkett
Michael Schiwy                              Herschel Johnson, President, Cambridge                            Taylors Island
Trudy Schiwy                                Edmund Connelly, Vice President, Cambridge                        Eleanor Polley
 Talbot County                              Nancy Spicer, Secretary, Church Creek                             Patti Carpenter Tieder
Bozman                                      Cambridge                                                         Toddville
Joyce Jones                                 James Adkins                                                      Evelyn Robinson
Mary Jane Eustace                           George Ames                                                       Trappe
Easton                                      Christine Burkett                                                 JoAnne Hart
Jody Baker                                  Jerry T. Burroughs                                                Woolford
Sue Carney                                  Ruth Braxton                                                      D. Graham Slaughter, MD
                                            Lemuel Chester
Shore Health System and its members and affiliates take pride in our many accreditations and memberships.
Accreditations include:
The Joint Commission – The Memorial Hospital at Easton
The Joint Commission - Dorchester General Hospital
The Joint Commission - Shore Home Care Home Health and Hospice
Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems - Primary Stroke Center designation for
The Memorial Hospital at Easton
Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems - Memorial Hospital and Dorchester General Hospital
Emergency Department Base Stations
Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems - Shore Health System EMS Training Center
Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education
American Society of Health System Pharmacists for Pharmacotherapy Residency
American College of Radiology for magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound and mammography
Food and Drug Administration Mammography Quality Standards Act
American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
College of American Pathologists
State of Maryland Laboratory Licensure
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA)
American Association of Blood Banks
American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories
Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Echocardiography Laboratories
College of Pastoral Supervisors and Psychotherapists
National Children’s Alliance for the Talbot County Children’s Advocacy Center

Memberships include:
The American Hospital Association
The Maryland Hospital Association
Association of Community Cancer Centers
The Caroline County Chamber of Commerce
The Talbot County Chamber of Commerce
The Queen Anne’s County Chamber of Commerce
The Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce
The Kent County Chamber of Commerce
The Maryland Healthcare Ethics Committee Network
Maryland-National Capital Homecare Association
Maryland Hospice Network
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

Shore Health System complies with all applicable federal and state agency codes and regulations, specifically the Americans
with Disabilities Act, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the State of Maryland Department of Health and
Mental Hygiene, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Food and Drug Administration.
contact us
Shore	Health	System                                 Diagnostic and Imaging Centers                         Shore Physician Services
219	S.	Washington	Street                            2540 Centreville Road, Centreville: 410-758-0011       Shore Family Practice
Easton,	Maryland	21601                              920 Market Street, Denton: 410-479-3510                2540 Centreville Road
410-822-1000                                        10 Martin Court, Easton: 410-820-7778                  Centreville, Maryland 21617                                                                                        410-758-3877
                                                    Digestive Health Center
Dorchester	General	Hospital                         511 Idlewild Avenue                                    Shore Family Practice
300	Byrn	Street                                     Easton, Maryland 21601                                 920 Market Street
Cambridge,	Maryland	21613                           410-820-8838                                           Denton, Maryland 21629
410-228-5511                                                                                               410-479-1388
TDD	410-228-7685                                    Endoscopy Services                                 Dorchester General Hospital: 410-228-5511,             Shore Pediatrics
                                                    ext. 8336                                              8579 Commerce Drive, Suite 104
The	Memorial	Hospital	at	Easton                                                                            Easton, Maryland 21601
219	S.	Washington	Street                            Joint Replacement Center                               410-822-8550
Easton,	Maryland	21601                              Memorial Hospital: 410-822-1000, ext. 5406;
410-822-1000                                        1-877-245-1026                                         Shore Pediatrics
TDD	410-820-5704                                                                                           828 Airpax Road, Building B,                                 Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate at                    Suite 600
                                                    Shore Health System                                    Cambridge, Maryland 21613
The	Memorial	Hospital	Foundation                    Memorial Hospital: 410-822-1000, ext. 5757             410-228-6161
121	Federal	Street,	Suite	2
Easton,	Maryland	21601                              Nutrition Center                                       Shore Surgical Care
410-822-1000,	ext	5763                              Dorchester General Hospital: 410-228-5511,             505 Dutchman’s Lane                                   ext. 8474                                              Building B
                                                    Memorial Hospital: 410-822-1000, ext 5339              Easton, Maryland 21601
Birthing Center                                                                                            410-822-4553
The Memorial Hospital at Easton                     Patient and Family Advocate
410-822-1000, ext. 5700                             Dorchester General Hospital: 410-228-5511,             Shore Regional Breast Center
                                                    ext. 5828                                              Memorial Hospital
Center for Cardio-Pulmonary Fitness and Wellness    Memorial Hospital: 410- 822-1000, ext. 5828            410-820-9400
Dorchester General Hospital:                                                                               410-476-3771, ext. 5387
410-228-5511, ext. 8201                             Patient Financial Services (Billing)
Memorial Hospital: 410-822-1000, ext. 5208          29515 Canvasback Drive                                 Shore Regional Cancer Center
                                                    Easton, Maryland 21601                                 Requard Radiation Oncology Center
Center for Integrative Medicine                     410-822-1000, ext. 1020                                509 Idlewild Avenue
607-B Dutchman’s Lane                                                                                      Easton, Maryland 21601
Easton, Maryland 21601                              Regional Sleep Disorders Center                        410-820-6800
410-770-9400                                        Dorchester General Hospital: 410-228-5511, ext. 2181
                                                    Memorial Hospital: 410-822-1000, ext. 5338             Shore Works Occupational
Community Wide Access (patient scheduling)                                                                 Health Services
410-820-6505                                        Shore Behavioral Health Services                       2 Aurora Street
410-822-1000, ext. 2600                             Dorchester General Hospital: 410-228-5511,             Cambridge, Maryland 21613
410-228-5511, ext. 2600                             ext. 8120                                              410-228-5511, ext 8470

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services               Shore Comprehensive Pain Care Clinic                   Vascular Center
Inpatient Services:                                 Memorial Hospital: 410-820-6517                        Memorial Hospital
Dorchester General Hospital:                                                                               410-822-1000, ext. 5809
410-228-5511, ext. 8363                             Shore Health Laboratories
Memorial Hospital: 410-822-1000, ext. 5532          Memorial Hospital                                      Wound Healing Center
Requard Center for Acute Rehabilitation:            Dorchester General Hospital                            Memorial Hospital
410-822-1000, ext. 5845                             2540 Centreville Road, Centreville                     410-820-6500
                                                    920 Market Street, Denton
Outpatient Services:                                10 Martin Court, Easton
15 Sunburst Center, Cambridge:                      410-820-9355
410-221-0029, ext. 8472
146 Courseval Drive, Centreville: 410-758-2810      Shore Home Care, Home Health and Hospice
920 Market Street, Denton: 410-479-3300             121 Federal Street, Suite 3
10B Martin Court, Easton: 410-822-3080, ext. 2525   Easton, Maryland 21601
Balance Center, Dorchester General Hospital,        410-820-6052
410-822-1000 or 410-228-5511, ext 2122              800-542-5005

Diagnostic and Imaging Centers
Dorchester General Hospital: 410-228-5511
Radiology, ext. 8350
Lab, ext. 8304
Memorial Hospital: 410-822-1000
Radiology, ext. 5678
Lab, ext. 5510
yo u r f i rst choice for healthc are on the eastern shore

        More than 5 million people
         with diabetes share one
           thing in common.
  They don’t know they have it.

   At Shore Health System’s new Joslin Diabetes Center, our philosophy is that the more you know,
   the better you can live. As a leader in diabetes treatment and education, our center provides
   adults with a comprehensive understanding of diabetes, from its early warning signs to all the
   ways it can affect one’s life. We then work together to design a specialized program that fits
   your needs and lifestyle. Diabetes is a complex disease that affects millions of people. The Joslin
   Diabetes Center Affiliate at Shore Health System is committed to giving you the tools you need to
   understand it and live a full, healthy life. For more information, call 410-822-1000.

ExcEptional carE, EvEry Day.                                          
              your first choice for healthcare on the eastern shore

                         Compassionate, world-class
                          health care. Times two.
                When two great hospital systems come together, exceptional things can happen.
                And they certainly have as a result of Shore Health System’s partnership with the
                University of Maryland Medical System. Together, we’re helping to lay the foundation
                for a strong and healthy community. Experience the power of two and visit us at
       and for more information.

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219 S. Washington Street
Easton, Maryland 21601
                  exceptional care, every day.                      

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