Quick Tips to backup your data

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					Due to the presence of so many virus attacks and other threats it is quite possible that you
your valuable computer data can get corrupted. So, it is important to have a backup
recovery data for such emergencies. Be it you memorable photos, important documents
or general information, you must save them all in backup.

Before backing up your system data, you must first ensure what all is critical for you and
accordingly start backing them up. It is important to make at least one extra copy of your
tax, financial records and business records or photos and videos transferred from your
digital cameras. You must also remember that a complete system backup like a disk
image will help you recover quickly from a drive failure. The perfect time to create a
drive image is once you re-install Windows.

Another quick tip for backup data is to partition the data and then save it. For instance,
make a separate partition for photos, videos, music and other such similar types of files
and keep them at one place. Create another partition for business data. This is an easy
way to backup quickly all your essential computer data. In case you are looking for back
up software please check our backup and recovery section

Make sure to find the right medium for backing up your computer data. You can choose
to save the backup on CDs, DVDs or other media. However, make sure to choose the
right size of medium so that it can save the data with ease. A useful tip in this respect is
that faster backup can be assured by trying an external hard drive like Western Digital’s
Media Center or Maxtor’s One Touch. Beginners can also use backup software and select
the partitions of files or folders that they need to save as backup.

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