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     Bishop ANTOUN
Fifty Years of Priesthood
Name of article
 VOLUME 54 NO. 6                                                 JUNE 2010

 contents                                                                                        COVER: BISHOP ANTOUN

                                                                                                 3     EDITORIAL
                                                                                                       by Rt. Rev. John Abdalah

                                                                                                 5     SEEKING THE PEACE FROM ABOVE
                                                                                                       by Fr. John Mefrige

                                                                                                 13    THE TRANSFIGURATION ON TABOR:
                                                                                                       A VISION OF A VISION
                                                                                                       by Bogdan Gabriel Bucur

                                                                                                 16    ST. STEPHEN’S COURSE OF STUDIES

                                                                                                 17    THE ARCHDIOCESE BOOK LIST
                          The Most Reverend                                                            AND ORDER FORM
                          Metropolitan PHILIP, D.H.L., D.D.
                                                                                                 25    ARCHDIOCESAN OFFICE
                          The Right Reverend
                          Bishop ANTOUN
                          The Right Reverend
                                                                                                 28    COMMUNITIES IN ACTION
                          Bishop JOSEPH
                          The Right Reverend                                                     34    MISSIONS INSTITUTE ESTABLISHED
                          Bishop BASIL                                                                 AT HELLENIC COLLEGE/HOLY CROSS
                          The Right Reverend                                                           by Fr. Luke A. Veronis
                          Bishop THOMAS
                          The Right Reverend                                                     35    THE ORTHODOX WORLD
                          Bishop MARK
                          The Right Reverend                                                     39    THE PEOPLE SPEAK …
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editor’s letter

Fifty Years of Priesthood
I have fond memories from my            My next memories of Fr. Antoun
                                        came from my seminary days when
youth of Fr. Antoun, the priest who     Father came to the seminary to
                                        teach Antiochian Liturgical Prac-
traveled with the Metropolitan.         tices and take care of the seminar-
                                        ians. He was very interested in
Fr. Antoun had a special smile, and     knowing who missed Arabic class
                                        with Bishop Elia and who missed music with Dr.
like most of us children, seemed        Kazan. He was very practical in his instruction
                                        and shared a lot of parish wisdom. He showed us
to have a hard time sitting still. He   how to be a priest and modeled problem-solving
                                        skills. The non-Antiochian seminarians were
seemed to love to interact with us,     drawn to him and came to know him as a kind,
                                        gentle and patient man. They often took advan-
tell us stories, and ask us             tage of his presence there as he walked around
                                        the campus and shared himself. At that time he
questions. We knew he cared about       seemed to hold the Archdiocese together. He
                                        was in the midst of everything and never had a
us. He was fun to have visit. I         minute to sit still.
                                            Fr. Antoun was installed as Dean of St. Nicho-
wondered what his life must have        las Cathedral on the day that I was ordained to
                                        the diaconate. He lovingly and gently guided
been like, visiting from parish to      me around the altar, and showed great compas-
                                        sion and patience for me as a new deacon. This
parish, listening to everybody’s        warmth and gentleness was not unusual for this
problems and never getting to           complex man of God who often was called to
                                        problem-solve the most difficult cases. On the
sleep in his own bed. He told us        day of his own installation as Dean, he held ev-
                                        erything together for everyone. Like every other
stories of lousy pillows in                                  day, he didn’t have even a
                                                                              minute to sit
nice hotels. He got                                                              still.
us to sing jingles                                                               ANTOUN
                                                                                 was born
and songs.                                                                      Antoun
                                                                               Khouri on
                                                                              17, 1931,

                                                                                                  The Word 3

                                                                     made an Archimandrite by Metropolitan PHILIP
                                                                     (Saliba) on August 3, 1969.
                                                                         Bishop ANTOUN was consecrated to the holy
                 in Damascus, Syria. At the age of fourteen he       episcopacy on January 9, 1983, at the Cathedral
                 entered Minor Seminary at Balamand Monastery        of St. Nicholas in Brooklyn, where he served
                 in Lebanon, where he met and befriended Philip      as pastor. His consecrating bishops included
                 Saliba, the future Metropolitan of North America.                        .
                                                                     Metropolitan PHILIP He became a diocesan bish-
                 He received his diploma in theology from the        op on October 9, 2003, and currently bears the
                 Balamand Seminary.                                  title Bishop of Miami and Assistant to the Metro-
                     Bishop ANTOUN has served as a beloved pas-      politan.
                 tor and educator in many settings, including St.        We celebrate fifty years of Bishop ANTOUN’s
                 Vladimir Orthodox Seminary in Crestwood, New        priesthood, or rather Christ’s priesthood lived in
                 York; St. George Church in Philadelphia, Pennsyl-   Bishop ANTOUN. He helped so many gain insights
                 vania; St. George Church in Toronto, Ontario; St.   into the service of the Church in North America.
                 George Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania; and       He is a teacher among the teachers. He has been
                 St. Nicholas Cathedral in Brooklyn, New York.       a priest to the priests, and a friend, mentor or
                     On October 28, 1951, Antoun was ordained a      father to almost everyone who has served in our
                 deacon by Patriarch ALEXANDER III at the Pa-        Archdiocese over the past fifty years. I thank God
                 triarchal Cathedral of the Dormition of the The-    for the life and ministry of Bishop ANTOUN. He
                 otokos in Damascus. Upon graduation from As-        has always been so alive in Christ that he has
                 siyat Orthodox College in 1957, he was assigned     never been able to sit still. He works seemingly
                 to the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Brazil.   tirelessly and with the fervor of the Holy Spirit.
                 In 1959 he came to the United States to pursue a    Join me in asking for God’s blessings upon this
                 Master of Divinity degree at St. Vladimir Ortho-    beloved hierarch of the Church.
                 dox Seminary, from which he graduated in 1962.
                 He was ordained to the priesthood on May 29,
                                                                                              Archimandrite John Abdalah
                 1960, by Metropolitan Antony BASHIR, and was

4 The Word

                                                                              Iconographer Linda Haddad is a member of St. Luke mission in Abilene, TX.
                                                                              Her website is:

Seeking the Peace from Above
Peacemaking and Conflict-Resolution in the Church
     The very words of Christ Himself proclaim, “Blessed
     are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the
     Children of God,” but all too often we see the very
     children of the Church embroiled in destructive con-
     flict and controversy. Who has not been to a Parish
     Council meeting or an Annual Parish Assembly where there has been
     conflict or controversy? Who has not experienced strong differences
     of opinions within families or with siblings? Who cannot say that they
     know people who have gone through messy divorces in their Church
     communities? As a matter of fact, a cottage industry has emerged on
     the Internet now populated with numerous websites and blogs specifi-
     cally dedicated to exploring the question of just how we are dealing

                                                                                                                                                          The Word 5

                     with conflict in the Church. Perhaps one might              strate forgiveness and encourage a reason-
                     conclude generally that conflict is “normal” to             able solution to this conflict?
                     the human condition, and, by extension, to the
                     Church, and we just have to do our best to survive         Furthermore, Christ provides us with clear
                     it. But the reality is that, all too often, conflict    guidance on this issue. During His earthly minis-
                     leaves in its wake a myriad of severed relation-       try, a young man approached Him and asked Him
                     ships and broken ties that ultimately do harm to       to settle a conflict with his brother, a legitimate
                     the very members of the Church that produce it.        concern of inheritance governed by the tradition
                     The truth is that, as a result of most conflict, the    of sibling position at that time. Instead of enter-
                     members of that body are left reeling, wounded         ing into negotiations and rendering a decision as
                     and scarred on the floor of the arena of differing      would a judge, however, our Lord points to what
                     opinions.                                              seems to be the underlying issue: he warns the
                         Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people could sim-      young man, “Take heed and beware of all covet-
                     ply decide to respond to conflict in a gracious and     ousness; for a man’s life does not consist in the
                     constructive way? Wouldn’t it be magnificent if,        abundance of his possessions.” Christ then goes
 … conflict is not
 something to be     every time there was a difference of opinion in the    on to illustrate this truth in the parable of the rich
       avoided or    Church or in any of our relationships, it could be     fool (Luke 12:13–21).
  suppressed, but    worked out in a way that builds the relationship,          Often, when faced with conflict, we focus on
… an opportunity     rather than tearing it down? What I would like to      what the other person has done wrong or should
      for ministry
                     suggest in this article is that conflict is not some-   do to make things right. In contrast, Scripture
                     thing to be avoided or suppressed, but that it is      and the tradition of the Church call us to focus
                     an opportunity for ministry. Yes! Let me say that      primarily on what is going on in our hearts when
                     again – conflict can be an opportunity to minister      we are at odds with another. Just as we say in
                     to each other and, through that ministry, glorify      the Lenten prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian, we
                     God in the process. We have the opportunity to         ask that we may first “see our own sins and not
                     harness the transformative power of conflict for        to judge my brother.” Why? Because according
                     growth and healthy change. This is no easy task,       to Scripture our heart is the wellspring of con-
                     however, as evidenced by the many missed op-           flicts. “For out of the heart come evil thoughts,
                     portunities within our church families. To break       murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft,
                     free from a pattern of destructive behavior, we        false testimony, slander” (Matthew 15:19). The
                     need to understand the way we react to conflict         heart’s central role in conflict is vividly described
                     and the dynamics it produces, and get to the bot-      in the epistle of James. If we can understand this,
                     tom of the issue that fuels the fire of destructive     we will have found a key to preventing and resolv-
                     conflict.                                               ing conflict in most of our relationships. What
                         In his book The Peacemaker: A Biblical             causes wars, and what causes fights among
                     Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict, Ken               you? Is it not your passions that are at war in
                     Sande summarizes what God teaches about re-            your members? [or your bodily parts]. You de-
                     solving conflict in four principles, which he refers    sire and do not have; so you kill. And you covet
                     to as “The Four G’s”:                                  and cannot obtain; so you fight and wage war
                                                                            (James 4:1).
                       • Glorify God – How can I honor God in this              This passage hints at the underlying cause
                         situation, and how can I witness to what he        of destructive conflict: conflicts arise from un-
                         has done?                                          met desires within what the patristic or Neptic
                       • Get the log out of your eye – How have             Fathers of the Church call the heart. When Holy
                         I contributed to this conflict and what do I        Scripture and the Fathers speak of the heart, they
                         need to do to resolve it?                          mean both the spiritual and the physical heart
                       • Gently restore – How can I help others to          (Vlachos, Hierotheos, Orthodox Psychotherapy,
                         understand how they have contributed to this       tr. Williams, Birth of the Theotokos Monastery,
                         conflict?                                           Greece, 1994). This is the place reserved for the
                       • Go and be reconciled – How can I demon-            contemplation of God, the center of our being

   6 The Word
where we have communion and union with God.
When something earthly replaces that desire for
God we have what we know to be simply idolatry.
When we feel we cannot be satisfied unless we
have something we want or think we need, the
desire then turns into a demand, and an idol al-
ways demands sacrifice. If someone fails to meet
that desire, we judge him or her in our hearts and
a fight ensues to get our way. In short, conflict
arises when desires grow into demands and we
judge and punish those who oppose our view. Let
us look at this process one step at a time.

The Four Stages of Idolatry
Stage 1: “I Desire”
    Conflict always begins with some kind of desire.     Stage 2: “I Demand”
Some desires are categorically evil, according to
Scripture, such as sinful desires like vengeance,           Unmet desires have the potential to work
lust, or greed. Many desires, of course, are not        deeper and deeper into our hearts. This is espe-
wrong in and of themselves. For example, there          cially true when we come to see the object of our
is nothing essentially wrong about desiring things      desire as something we need, or even deserve,
like peace and quiet, or a clean home, an intimate      and therefore must have, in order to be happy or
relationship with your spouse, or children who          fulfilled. There are many ways we justify and le-
are respectful and well-behaved. If a good and          gitimize a desire. For example:
holy desire, such as wanting an intimate relation-
ship with your spouse, is not being met, it is per-        • “I work hard all week. Don’t I deserve a little
fectly legitimate to talk about it with your spouse.         peace and quiet when I come home?”
As you talk, you may discover mutually beneficial           • “I worked two jobs to put you through school;
ways that each of you can serve the other. If not,           I deserve your respect and attention.”
it may be appropriate to seek professional help            • “I spend hours managing the family budget;
from a licensed marital therapist, who can help              I deserve a new car.”
you understand your differences and strengthen             • “My family has been in this Church for gen-
your marriage. What if your spouse persistently              erations and we deserve to be recognized.”
fails to meet a particular desire and is unwilling         • “I have given a lot of money to this church,
to discuss it further with you or anyone else? This          so you better listen to what I have to say.”
is where the rubber meets the road. It is here that        • “Scripture says a husband and wife should
conflict, if understood correctly and not avoided,            be one flesh. I need to have more intimacy
can be an opening for growth and change. You can             with you.”
trust that there is something deeper that you need         • “I only want what God commands: children
to address within yourself, and you can continue             who respect and honor their parents.”
to love your spouse and pray for God to work in
his or her life. Alternatively, you can dwell on your      There is an element of truth in each of these
disappointment and allow it to control your life.       statements. The trouble is that, if our desires are
At the very least, this will mean self-pity and bit-    not met, these attitudes can quickly lead to a de-
terness toward your spouse. At the worst, it can        structive sense of entitlement. The more we want
destroy your marriage. Let us look at how this          something, the more we think of it as something
downward spiral evolves.                                we need and deserve. And the more we think we
                                                        are entitled to it, the more convinced we are that
                                                        we cannot be happy or secure without it; this is the

                                                                                                               The Word 7
                                                                                                                                                 3:19). The reality is that every sincere Christian
                                                                                                                                                 must struggle with idolatry. We may believe in
                                                                                                                                                 God and profess the Nicaeno-Constantinopolitan
                                                                                                                                                 Creed, but at times we allow other influences to
                                                                                                                                                 rule us and direct our lives. In this sense we are
                                                                                                                                                 no different from the ancient Israelites: “So these
                                                                                                                                                 nations feared the LORD, and also served their
                                                                                                                                                 idols; their children likewise, and their chil-
                                                                                                                                                 dren’s children – as their fathers did, so they
                                                                                                                                                 do to this day” (2 Kings 17:41).
                                                                                                                                                     Idols can arise from good desires as well as
                                                                                                                                                 evil desires. It is often not what we want that is
 Iconographer Linda Haddad is a member of St. Luke mission in Abilene, TX.

                                                                                                                                                 the problem, but that we want it too much. For
                                                                                                                                                 example, it is not unreasonable for a man to want
                                                                                                                                                 a passionate relationship with his wife, or for a
                                                                                                                                                 wife to want open and honest communication
                                                                                                                                                 with her husband, or for either of them to want
 Her website is:

                                                                                                                                                 financial stability. These are good desires, but if
                                                                                                                                                 they turn into demands that must be met in order
                                                                                                                                                 for either spouse to be satisfied and fulfilled, they
                                                                                                                                                 produce bitterness, resentment and self-pity that
                                                                                                                                                 can destroy a marriage.
                                                                                                                                                     The question then arises, how can you discern
                                                                                                                                                 when a good desire might be turning into a sin-
                                                                                                                                                 ful demand? You can begin by looking inward in
                                                                                                                                                 self-reflection and asking yourself these questions
                                                                                                                                                 that reveal the true condition of your heart:

                                                                                                                                                    • What am I preoccupied with? What is the
                                                                                                                                                      first thing on my mind in the morning and
                                                                                          normal progression of idolatry. When we see our             the last thing on my mind at night?
        “The Lord is
                                                                                          object of desire as essential to our fulfillment and       • How would I complete this statement: “If I
compassionate and
                                                                                          well-being, it grows from a desire into a demand.           only had ________, then I would be happy.”
   gracious, slow to
                                                                                          “I wish I could have this” becomes “I must have           • What do I want to preserve or avoid?
  anger, abounding
                                                                                          this!” This is where conflicts arise. Even if the          • Where do I put my trust and what do I fear?
  in steadfast love”
                                                                                          initial desire was not inherently wrong, it grows         • When a certain desire is not met, do I feel
      (Psalm 103:8)
                                                                                          so strong that it begins to control our thoughts            frustration, anxiety, resentment, bitterness,
                                                                                          and affect our behavior. In scriptural terms, it has        anger, or depression?
                                                                                          become an “idol.” Most of us think of an idol as          • Is there something I desire so much that I
                                                                                          a statue of wood, stone, or metal, worshiped by             am willing to disappoint or hurt others in or-
                                                                                          pagans of old, but the concept is much greater              der to have it?
                                                                                          and far more personal. An idol is anything apart
                                                                                          from God that we depend on to be happy, fulfilled,         As we search our heart for idols, we often en-
                                                                                          or secure. According to Scripture, it is something     counter multiple layers of concealment, confu-
                                                                                          other than God that we set our heart on (Luke          sion, and justification. As mentioned earlier, one
                                                                                          12:29), that motivates us (1 Corinthians 4:5),         of the most subtle mistakes is to argue that we
                                                                                          that rules us (Psalm 119:133; Ephesians 5:5), or       want things that are in themselves good and holy.
                                                                                          that we trust, fear, or serve (Isaiah 42:17; Mat-      For example, a mother may desire that her chil-
                                                                                          thew 6:24; Luke 12:4–5). In short, it is something     dren be respectful and obedient to her and kind
                                                                                          we love and pursue in place of God (Philippians        to one another. But when they do not fulfill these

                                                                             8 The Word

goals, even after her repeated encouragement             he who is able to save and to destroy. But who
or correction, she may feel frustrated, angry, or        are you that you judge your neighbor?” (James
resentful. She needs to ask herself, “Why am I           4:12). In this sense we commit the sin of Luci-
feeling this way? Is it a righteous anger that           fer; we covet the throne of God. In judging we act
or is it a selfish anger?” In most cases, it will         like the Adversary who seeks to usurp God’s com-
be a mixture of both. Part of her truly wants to         mand and who acts as the accuser. When people
see her children grow in the image of God, but           fight, their minds become filled with accusations:
another part of her is motivated by a desire for         the wrongs committed and the rights neglected.
her own comfort and convenience. The question            When we fight we play the self-righteous judge in
then becomes, which desire is really controlling         the mini-kingdoms we establish, whether in our
her heart?                                               families, our workplace or in our churches. When
    If the God-centered desire is dominating the         we judge others and condemn them in our hearts
mother’s heart, her response to disobedient chil-        for not meeting our desires, we are imitating the
dren would be similar to God’s discipline of us.         Devil rather than imitating Christ. In actuality we
“The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow            have doubled our idolatry problem: not only have
to anger, abounding in steadfast love” (Psalm            we let an idolatrous desire rule our hearts, but we     Another sign of
103:8). As she imitates God’s love for us, her re-       have also set ourselves up as demi-gods; this is        idolatry is the in-
sponse will line up with Galatians 6:1: “If some-        the formula for destructive conflict.                    clination to judge.
one is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual                This is not to say that it is inherently wrong to   When people
                                                                                                                 fail to satisfy our
should restore him gently. But watch yourself,           evaluate or even judge others within certain lim-
                                                                                                                 desires and live
or you also may be tempted.” In other words,             its. Scripture teaches that we should observe and       up to our expec-
although her discipline may be direct and firm, it        evaluate others’ behavior so that we can respond        tations, we tend
will be wrapped in gentleness and love, and leave        and minister to them in appropriate ways, which         to criticize and
no residue of resentment.                                may even involve gentle confrontation (see Mat-         condemn them in
    On the other hand, if her desire for comfort         thew 7:1-5; 18:15; Galatians 6:1). But we cross         our hearts, if not
                                                                                                                 with our words.
and convenience has become an idol, her reaction         the line, when we begin to judge others, which
to her children will be much different. It will be       is generally characterized by a feeling of superi-
characterized by harsh anger as well as unnec-           ority, indignation, condemnation, bitterness, or
essarily hurtful words or discipline. She may feel       resentment. Sinful judging often involves specu-
bitterness or resentment that her desires have           lating on others’ motives. Most of all, it reveals a
been frustrated. And even after disciplining her         self-centered love for ourselves and the absence
children, she may maintain a lingering coolness          of a genuine love and concern toward others.
or a distance toward them that extends their pun-        When these attitudes are present, our judging
ishment and warns them not to cross her again.           has crossed the line and we are playing God. To
If this latter group of attitudes and actions fre-       make things worse, the closer we are to others,
quently characterizes her response, it is a sign         the more we expect of them and the more likely
that her desire for godly children has probably          we are to judge them when they fail to meet our
evolved into an idolatrous demand.                       expectations. For example, we may look at our
                                                         spouse and think, “If you really love me, you
Stage 3: “I Judge”                                       above all people will help meet this need.” Or
                                                         we look to our children and say, “After all I’ve
    Another sign of idolatry is the inclination to
                                                         done for you, you owe this to me.” We can place
judge. When people fail to satisfy our desires and
                                                         similar expectations on relatives, close friends, or
live up to our expectations, we tend to criticize
                                                         members of our church. Expectations are not in-
and condemn them in our hearts, if not with our
                                                         herently bad. It is good to hope for the best in oth-
words. The truth is that, when we judge others –
                                                         ers and reasonable to anticipate receiving under-
criticize, nit-pick, nag, attack, condemn – we are
                                                         standing and support from those who are closest
literally acting like God, we are sitting in the judg-
                                                         to us. But if we are not careful, these expectations
ment seat reserved only for Him. Scripture tells
                                                         can become conditions and standards that we use
us clearly that “there is one lawgiver and judge,
                                                         to judge others. Instead of giving people room for

                                                                                                                    The Word 9

                 independence, disagreement, or failure, we rig-       what I want, or you will suffer.” In reality, such
                 idly impose our expectations on them. In effect,      behavior is an act of unbelief: instead of relying
                 we expect them to give allegiance to our idols.       on God, people depend on themselves. Inflicting
                 When they refuse to do so, we condemn them in         pain on others is one of the surest signs that an
                 our hearts and with our words, and our conflicts       idol is ruling our hearts (see James 4:1-3). When
                 with them take on a heightened intensity.             we catch ourselves punishing others in any way,
                                                                       whether deliberately and overtly or unconsciously
                 Stage 4: “I Punish”                                   and subtly, it is a warning that something other
                                                                       than God rules our hearts, for as we hear in the
                     Idols always demand sacrifices. When oth-
                                                                       Psalms, “thou hast no delight in sacrifice; were
                 ers fail to satisfy our demands and expectations,
                                                                       I to give a burnt offering, thou wouldst not be
                 our idols demand that they should pay for their
                                                                       pleased. The sacrifice acceptable to God is a
                 disobedience on their altar. Whether deliberately
                                                                       broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O
                 or unconsciously, we find ways to hurt or pun-
                                                                       God, thou wilt not despise” (Psalm 50:16).
                 ish people who refuse to gratify our desires. This
                 punishment can take many forms. Sometimes we          The Cure for an Idolatrous Heart
                 react in aggressive, overt anger, lashing out with
                 hurtful words to inflict pain on those who fail to         As we have seen, an idol is any desire that has
                 meet our expectations. When we do so, we essen-       grown into a demand; it is something we think
                 tially place others on the altar and sacrifice them,   we must have to be happy, fulfilled, or secure.
                 not with a pagan knife, but with our very words.      To put it another way, it is something we love,
                 Only if they give in to our desire and give us        fear, or have faith in. Love, fear, faith – aren’t
                 what we demand will we stop inflicting pain upon       these the words of worship? In the Divine Litur-
                 them. People punish those who don’t bow to their      gy we recall the words, “with fear of God, faith,
                 idols in numerous other ways as well. Our chil-       and love, draw near,” at the very moment we
                 dren may use pouting, stomping, or dirty looks to     are to receive the very Body and Blood of our
                 hurt us for not meeting their desires. Adults and     Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In Holy Scripture
                 children alike may impose guilt or shame on oth-      we are commanded to love God, fear God, and
                 ers by walking around with pained looks on their      have faith in God (Matthew 22:37; Luke 12:4–5;
                 faces. We often withhold our stewardship from         John 14:1). So, any time we long for something
                 the Church to punish and impose our desire on         other than God, fear something more than God,
                 the community. Some people even resort to physi-      or trust in something other than God to make us
                 cal violence or sexual abuse to punish and control    happy, fulfilled, or secure, we are actually engag-
                 others.                                               ing in the worship of false gods. As a result of
                     As we grow in the awareness of our sin, most      our idolatry, like most of humanity we actually
                 of us recognize and reject overt and obviously sin-   merit the judgment and wrath of the true God.
                 ful means of punishing others. But our idols do       There is a way, however, out of this bondage and
                 not give up their influence easily, and they often     judgment: it is to look to God Himself, who loves
                 lead us to develop more subtle means of punish-       and delivers His people from their idols. God has
                 ing those who do not serve them. Withdrawal           provided the cure for our idolatry by sending His
                 from a relationship is a common way to hurt oth-      Son to free mankind from the bondage of sin and
                 ers. This may include a giving someone the cold       death. Through Christ we find freedom from sin
                 shoulder or withholding affection or physical con-    and from idolatry as St Paul tells us, “There is
                 tact, refusing to look someone in the eyes, ignor-    therefore now no condemnation for those who
                 ing phone calls, or even abandoning the relation-     are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit
                 ship altogether. Sending subtle, unpleasant cues      of life in Christ Jesus has set me free from the
                 over a long period of time is an age-old method       law of sin and death” (Romans 8:1-2).
                 of inflicting punishment. Often our Churches and           Not only have we been freed from sin and
                 our family relationships are filled with such be-      death, as we recently proclaimed Christ, tram-
                 havior; the attitude is “Either get in line with      pling down Death by [His] Death, but we have

   10 The Word
also been freed from the specific, day-to-day idols
that consume us, control us, and cause conflict
with those around us. Our deliverance, however,
is not experienced once and for all time, with all
our idols being swept away in one great spiritual
experience. Instead, we are called to identify and
confess our idols one by one. Essentially this is
at the heart of the Sacrament of Confession. To
receive forgiveness from God and freedom from
sin, we must acknowledge our sins and repent
(see Acts 3:19). When we do, we are no longer

                                                                                                                                Iconographer Linda Haddad is a member of St. Luke mission in Abilene, TX.
under God’s judgment. Instead, we are by adop-
tion his children and heirs of the Kingdom (Gala-
tians 4:4–7). This is the good news of the Gospel
– forgiveness and eternal life through our Lord
and God and Savior Jesus Christ!

                                                                                                                                Her website is:
    In the Sacrament of Confession we are called
to the self-examination of our very heart before
the Icon of Christ on the iconostasis in a regular
ascetical practice of clearing out the idols within
our hearts. Once they are clearly identified with
the help of the priest, we are called to lay them
before the Lord and to cooperate with Him as He
removes them from our hearts. It is through the
ministry given by Christ to the apostles in the au-
thority to loose sins that we find the real freedom
from our many idols.
    In preparation for the Sacrament of Confession
it is advisable to engage in some form of self-ex-
amination to prime the discovery of idols that rule       • If you are dealing with an idol that is par-       “There is therefore
your heart. This process involves a few key steps.          ticular difficult to identify or conquer, do not    now no condem-
                                                            hesitate to seek specific treatment from a          nation for those
   • Prayerfully ask yourself the questions listed          licensed professional or appropriate Group         who are in Christ
     previously, which will help you discern the            (AA, SA, NA etc.) for assistance.                  Jesus. For the law
     desires that have come to rule your heart.                                                                of the Spirit of life
   • Keep track of your discoveries in a journal           If someone told you that you had a deadly can-
                                                                                                               in Christ Jesus has
     so that you can identify patterns and steadily    cer that would take your life if you did not get
                                                                                                               set me free from
     go after specific idols.                           treatment, you would probably spare no effort
                                                                                                               the law of sin and
   • Describe your idols in detail to your Spiritual   or expense in pursuing the most rigorous treat-
                                                                                                               death” (Romans
     Father, to your spouse or to an accountabil-      ment available. Well, as human beings living in
     ity partner, and ask them to pray for you and     this fallen world, we do have a cancer, a cancer of
     confront you when they see signs that the         the soul. It is called sin and idolatry. But there is
     idol is still controlling you.                    a cure. And it has been given to us freely on the
   • Realize that idols are masters of change and      Cross of Christ. This cure is administered through
     disguise. As soon as you gain a victory over      the Word, the Spirit, and the Church. The more
     a particular sinful desire, your idol is likely   rigorously you avail yourself of these means of
     to reappear in a related form, with a redi-       grace, the greater the effect they will have in de-
     rected desire and more subtle means of at-        livering you from the idols that plague your soul.
     tracting your attention.

                                                                                                                  The Word 11

                Replace Idol Worship with Worship                         • Love God. Desire the One who forgives us
                                                                            instead of looking to other things that cannot
                of the True God
                                                                            save. “Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your
                   Ultimately, idolatry is what we do when we are           God with all your heart and with all your
                not fully satisfied in God. In other words, if we            soul and with all your mind’” (Matthew
                are not fulfilled and secure in God, we will inevita-        22:37). “Seek first His kingdom and His
                bly seek other sources of happiness and security.           righteousness, and all these things will be
                Therefore, if we want to eliminate the idols from           given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33).
                our heart and leave no room for them to return,           • Have Faith in God. “It is better to take
                we must make it a top priority to pursue aggres-            refuge in the LORD than to trust in man”
                sively an all-consuming worship of the living God.          (Psalm 118:8). “Trust in the LORD with all
                Ask Him to teach you how to love, fear, and have            your heart and lean not on your own un-
                faith in Him more than anything else in this fallen         derstanding” (Proverbs 3:5).
                world. Replacing idol worship with worship of the
                true God involves several steps:                          As these passages indicate, God has designed
                                                                       a wonderful cycle for those who want to worship
                   • Repent before God. When we repent and             Him above all things. As you love, praise, give
                     confess our sins before God and the Priest        thanks, and delight in God, you will feel less need
                     we confess our faith in Christ. Repentance        to find happiness, fulfillment, and security in the
                     and confession of our faith in the true God       things of this world. By God’s grace, the influ-
                     is true worship (1 John 1:8–10). “The sac-        ence of idolatry and conflict in your family can be
                     rifices of God are a broken spirit; a bro-         steadily diminished, and you and your family can
                     ken and contrite heart, O God, you will           enjoy the intimacy and security that come from
                     not despise” (Psalm 50:17; see also Isaiah        worshiping the one true God.
                                                                                                                  Fr. John Mefrige
                   • Fear God. Stand in awe of the true God
                     when you are tempted to fear others or are             Fr. John Mefrige has both theological and psychologi-
                                                                       cal training, holding a Master of Divinity degree from Holy
                     afraid of losing something precious. “The           Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, and a Master
                     fear of the LORD is the beginning of [all         of Science degree in Marital and Family Therapy (MS MFT)
                     wisdom]” (Proverbs 1:7). “Do not be afraid         from Fuller Theological Seminary. Presently he is also pur-
                                                                         suing his Doctorate in Ethics and Christian Peacemaking.
                     of those who kill the body but cannot kill         He is the founding priest and Proistamenos at St. Ephraim
                     the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who            the Syrian Antiochian Orthodox Church in San Antonio,
                                                                          Texas (, he serves as chaplain to
                     can destroy both soul and body in hell”           the San Antonio Police department, and he is the Founder
                     (Matthew 10:28).                                                   of the Coalition of Orthodox Peacemakers.

  Visit to register for the 2010 Diocesan Parish Life Conferences
                                                                                                             Name of article

The Transfiguration on Tabor:
A Vision of a Vision
The Transfiguration is at the very heart of Chris-
tian theology, irresistibly commanding the gaze
of the iconographer, the ready pen of the hym-
nographer, the amazing tales of the hagiogra-
pher, and constituting, one can say, the focal
point of the Orthodox Church’s “mystical the-
ology.” Much of early Christian exegesis uses
the Transfiguration account as a springboard
for spiritual rumination.

Thus the glory of the Transfiguration discloses
Christ’s divine identity, so that even when we
behold the Crucified One we should not forget
that He is the Lord of glory (1 Corinthians 2:8);
                                                       moreover, as its hymnographic and iconographic        Moses with the
the luminous vestments of the Lord represent the                                                             Lord on Tabor, at
                                                       reception attests, this interpretation enjoyed un-    the Transfiguration.
many layers of his divine and human reality, as
                                                       surpassed popularity during the first Christian        Icon by Theophanes
disclosed to us in the many layers of the Scrip-                                                             the Greek, late 14th
                                                       millennium.                                           century; Tretyakov
tures; the blinding appearance of the Transfig-
                                                                                                             Gallery, Moscow.
ured One sets before us the image of our glorified
                                                       The Vision on Tabor and the Vision
state in the age to come; the Taboric light is the
deifying divine energy, that is, God-as-He-mani-
                                                       on Sinai
fests-Himself. This approach, exemplified by Ori-           The connection between Tabor and Sinai is first
gen, St. Maximus the Confessor, or St. Gregory         and foremost suggested by the very readings as-
Palamas, is generally well-known. Indeed, many         signed for the Vespers of the Transfiguration. To
scholars (and many Orthodox theologians among          understand Christ’s appearance on Tabor, we read
them) have discussed the rich “reception history”      from Exodus 24 (the appearance of the Lord to the
that the Transfiguration account has had in patris-     seventy elders on Sinai), Exodus 33 (of which more
tic literature, East and West.                         presently), and 3 Kingdoms/ 1 Kings 19 (Prophet
    In what follows I will point to another strand     Elijah’s vision on the Mountain of the Law).
of interpretation, which is much less explored             In Exodus 33, in response to Moses’ request
in scholarship and somewhat muted in Church            to see the divine glory more intimately, God states
preaching. According to St. Irenaeus of Lyon,          that He will indeed manifest Himself to his proph-
Tertullian, St. Anastasius the Sinaite, and the Byz-   et by parading in his glory, by proclaiming the di-
antine hymnographic tradition, the Transfigura-         vine name, and by showing Moses His back parts.
tion account set forth in the Gospel of Matthew        But God insists on the impossibility of a more
is not only a “vision” (Matthew 17:9) that the dis-    complete revelation: “You shall not be able to see
ciples have of Christ, but, so to speak, a vision of   my Face, for no man shall see my Face and live ….
a vision: a vision granted to Moses and Elijah, wit-   You shall see my hind parts; but my Face will not
nessed by the disciples. This interpretation is an-    appear to you (Exodus 33:20, 23). Some early
cient, going back to at least the second century;      Christians interpreted this to mean that the vision

                                                                                                                 The Word 13
The Transfiguration

                                                     face to face, refused        Now I have seen You, The-One-Who-Truly-Is
                                                     to Moses, was being          …. You that said on the mountain, “I am He-
                                                     postponed for a later        Who-Is” [Exodus 3:14] .… I have seen You,
                                                     time. The great theo-        whom of old I desired to see, saying, “show
                                                     logian of the second         Yourself clearly to me” …. I have seen You, no
                                                     century, for instance,       longer as you revealed Your back and turned
                                                     St. Irenaeus of Lyon,        me away on the rock of Sinai, but as made
                                                     writes in his treatise       visible to me clearly on the rock of Tabor.
                                                     Against      Heresies
                                                     4.20.9:                  The same view is echoed by St. John of Damas-
                                                                              cus, whose compositions remain, to this day, part
                                                     [The passage in Exo-     of the official Transfiguration hymnography of the
                                                     dus 33] signifies two     Orthodox Church:
                                                     things, namely that it
                                                     is impossible for man        He who once spoke through symbols to Mo-
                                                     to see God, and that         ses on Mount Sinai, saying, “I am He-who-is”
Moses with the Lord
on Sinai, receiving         man will see Him in the latter times on the           [Exodus 3:14] was transfigured today upon
the Law. Winchester         summit of the rock, thanks to God’s Wisdom:           Mount Tabor before the disciples . . . (Great
Bible folio 5r, 12th
century; Photo by Dr.       that is in His coming as man. And it is for           Vespers of Transfiguration, Apostichon);
John Crook, Win-            this reason that he conferred with him face to
chester Cathedral.
                            face on the top of the mountain [at Transfigu-         You were seen by Moses on the mountain of
                            ration], while Elijah was also present (as the        the Law and again on Tabor; formerly in the
                            Gospel relates), thus fulfilling in the end the        darkness but now in the unapproachable light
                            ancient promise.                                      of Godhead (Second Canon of Transfigura-
                                                                                  tion: Ode 1, Sticheron 3).
                        For Tertullian also (Against Praxeas 14.7), who
                        writes a few decades later, a more perfect vision     The Vision of “He-Who-Is”
                        of the Face of God – that is, of the Son – than was
                                                                                  It is quite obvious, from the texts surveyed
                        available on Sinai was reserved for Moses’ vision
                                                                              so far, that an important segment of patristic
                        on Tabor:
                                                                              and Byzantine exegesis regards the Transfigura-
                                                                              tion not only as a vision that the disciples have
                            He reserves to some future time his presence
                                                                              of Christ, but, so to speak, as a vision of a vi-
                            and speech face to face with Moses – for this
                                                                              sion: a vision that the disciples have of Moses and
                            was afterwards fulfilled in the retirement of
                                                                              Elijah gazing on the transfigured Jesus, because
                            the mount [of Transfiguration], as we read
                                                                              they have gazed upon the same “Lord” before, on
                            in the Gospel, “Moses appeared, talking with
                                                                              Sinai. This manner of reading the divine manifes-
                                                                              tation at Sinai was absorbed into Byzantine fes-
                                                                              tal hymnography, thus becoming widespread and
                        This type of exegetical linking of Sinai and Ta-
                                                                              theologically normative. For instance, the hym-
                        bor carries on in later orations and hymns of
                                                                              nography of the Meeting (or Presentation) of the
                        the Transfiguration. St. Anastasius of Sinai, the
                                                                              Lord, which we celebrate on February 2, is replete
                        seventh-century holy abbot of Saint Catherine’s
                                                                              with statements about how the very Lawgiver, the
                        Monastery on Sinai, exploits the occurrence of
                                                                              One who thundered on Sinai, is now brought to
                        “vision” in the Transfiguration account (Matthew
                                                                              the Temple:
                        17:9) and “great vision” at the burning bush (Exo-
                        dus 3:3), and then very explicitly identifies Christ
                                                                                  Today Simeon takes in his arms the Lord of
                        as the subject of both the revelation at Sinai and
                                                                                  Glory whom Moses saw of old in the dark-
                        of that at Tabor:
                                                                                  ness, when on Mount Sinai he received the
                                                                                  tables of the Law (Presentation of the Lord:
                                                                                  Sticheron at the Litya);

     14 The Word
                                                                                                                     Name of article

    Receive, O Simeon, Him whom Moses once             of the baby in the arms of the Theotokos, or the
    beheld in darkness, granting the Law on Si-        Lord as Teacher, or the Crucified, Risen, or Trans-
    nai, and who has now become a baby sub-            figured One. “He-Who-Is” (or, in a less felicitous
    ject to the Law; yet this is the One who spoke     rendering, “The Existing One”), Christ our Lord,”
    through the law! (Great Vespers of the Pre-        is precisely what we hear the priest proclaim at
    sentation: Sticheron at Lord I have cried);        the closing of Vespers. It is this identification, af-
                                                       ter all, that lends weight to the earliest Christo-
    The Ancient of Days, who in times past gave        logical proclamation: Jesus is “Lord”!
    Moses the Law on Sinai, appears this day as
    a baby. As Maker of the Law, He fulfills the        Hymns Are Theology
    Law, and according to the Law He is brought
                                                           The hymns of the Church anchor all of us in
    into the temple (Great Vespers of the Presen-
                                                       the living experience of Israel’s walk with the
    tation: Sticheron at the Litya).
                                                       God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Lawgiver
                                                       and “God of our fathers” – the same one whom
We see the same perspective in the hymns cel-
                                                       the hymns proclaim as Jesus Christ, the Lord.
ebrating the Jordan Baptism. The Baptist is petri-
                                                       There is no need to argue for the importance of
fied with fear, because it is no less than the “Lord”
                                                       the hymns in Christian devotion – this is quite
revealed to Moses on Sinai who now condescends
                                                       self-evident. But it is worth repeating that, in the
to be baptized:
                                                       Orthodox Church, hymnography can never be iso-
                                                       lated from doctrinal inquiry: hymns are theology,
    Moses, when he came upon You, displayed the
                                                       and they ought to be taken seriously by all who
    holy reverence that he felt: perceiving that it
                                                       wish to acquire the mind of the Church. They are
    was Your voice that spoke from the bush, he
                                                       bearers of an elaborate Christology, which essen-
    forthwith turned away his gaze [Exodus 3:6].
                                                       tially proclaims the same mystery of Christ that
    How then shall I behold You openly? How
                                                       the ecumenical councils sought to defend, yet in
    shall I lay my hand upon You? (First Canon of
                                                       a language very different from that of conciliar
    Theophany: Ode 4 Sticheron);
                                                           Learning theology from the hymns not only
    If I baptize You, I shall have as my accusers
                                                       teaches us but also shapes our religious aware-
    the mountain that smoked with fire [Exodus
                                                       ness. The Troparion of the Transfiguration – “ You
    19:18], the sea which fled on either side, and
                                                       were transfigured on the mountain, O Christ God,
    this same Jordan which turned back [Psalm
                                                       revealing Your glory to Your disciples as far as
    113/114:5] (First Canon of Theophany: Ode
                                                       they could bear it. Let Your everlasting Light also
    4 Sticheron).
                                                       shine upon us sinners …” – is not about some
                                                       past event, but about the “body of the Lord” that
This is surely not a marginal strand of interpreta-
                                                       we must learn to discern (1 Corinthians 11:17)
tion: none of the Fathers has been read so exten-
                                                       when called to approach the chalice “with fear of
sively as these hymns have been (and continue
                                                       God, faith, and love.” We are called to draw near
to be) chanted, listened to, and called to mind by
                                                       the Lord, the very Lord who spoke on Sinai, so
believers from almost all times and places, and
                                                       that we may partake of the same vision as Moses,
with such unconditional acceptance. What is
                                                       the Apostles, and all the saints, and join in their
more, the witness of the hymns is confirmed by
                                                       confession: we have seen the true light, we have
that of the icons, which often depict Moses on
                                                       received the heavenly Kingdom!
Sinai receiving the Law from the hand of the Lord
Jesus Christ!                                                Bogdan Gabriel Bucur is a member of the community
   In short, the message seems to be the same          at St. George Orthodox Cathedral in Pittsburgh. He is also
                                                       an assistant professor of Theology at Duquesne University,
as that of the hymns: Moses appears with Jesus                              where he teaches Bible and Patristics.
on Tabor because He-Who-Is revealed Himself on
Sinai! “He-Who-Is,” the self-designation of God
at the burning bush (Exodus 3:14), is precisely
the “definition” given of Christ in all icons – be it

                                                                                                                       The Word 15
                                                        The Study of Byzantine
       Interested in Studying Orthodox Theology?
   Unable To Attend a Seminary Or Theological School?
                                                        Music, Part of the
                                                        St. Stephen’s Course
            The St. Stephen’s                           of Studies
            Course of Studies                               The “Byzantine Musicology Concentration”
                                                        and its components, part of the St. Stephen’s Di-
         in Orthodox Theology                           ploma Program, are designed to afford the stu-
             Is Your Answer.                            dent an understanding of the many factors that
                                                        contributed to the development of Byzantine mu-
                                                        sic/hymnography, and of the theological/liturgi-
       Besides our theological program, we now
                                                        cal implications of the evolution of this art form.
         offer three new specialization tracks:
                                                        Students are also instructed in the art or craft of
       Youth Ministry, Musicology and Iconology
                                                        Psaltic performance, using liturgical resources
         These tracks are offered in a distinct
                                                        available in English and preparing them for the
           Orthodox and Byzantine setting.
                                                        practical application of these studies in their roles
           St. Stephen’s Course, a three-year,          as chanters and as teachers of the Psaltic Art.
     directed-reading program under the auspices            To achieve these instructional goals, students
          of the Antiochian House of Studies,           will complete guided readings and participate in
           is open to both men and women.               integrated listening, web-based audio/visual con-
                                                        ferencing (including podcast lessons) and inten-
            For information and catalogue,              sive music instruction in Psaltic performance,
      contact The St. Stephen’s Course of Studies       during the residency programs, reading periods
          385 Ivy Lane, Bergenfield, NJ 07621            and service projects.
              E-Mail:                      Upon successful completion of the program
                Telephone: 201-569-0095                 the graduate will receive a diploma. Following
                                                        this, the student may wish to pursue the Master
     Please send me further information and             of Arts Program in Applied Orthodox Theology,
               application forms for                    which adds a research component to the work al-
      The St. Stephen’s Course of Studies in            ready done for the diploma. This component is
                Orthodox Theology                       the composition of a fifty-page thesis under the
                                                        guidance of a faculty advisor. Masters degrees
                                                        are awarded through the Saint John of Damascus
                                                        School of Theology of Balamand University, Leb-
                                                        anon, which is under the auspices of the Greek
(Please print)                                          Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch. This degree
                                                        program is accredited through the Department of
                                                        Education of the Republic of Lebanon.
Name:______________________________________                 The next reading session begins October 1.
Address:____________________________________            Anyone interested can write for a complete cata-
                                                        log by contacting
City:________________________State:____Zip:___              The St. Stephen’s Course of Studies
E-mail:______________________________________               Antiochian House of Studies
                                                            Attention: Registrar
Telephone:__________________________________                385 Ivy Lane
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                                                            Telephone: 201-569-0095

16 The Word
                                                                                       Name of article

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The Way, The Truth, The Life (Student)                           15.95
The Way, The Truth, The Life (Teacher)                           19.95
Teaching Pictures (1 Package, 4 Sets)                            35.00

                                                                                                                  PLEASE DO NOT TEAR OFF THIS PAGE
Lenten Lotto                                                      3.00
Teaching the Parables of Jesus                                    6.00
My Lenten Journey                                                 7.00
The Icon Book (Student)                                           8.00
Divine Liturgy Flip Chart                                        15.00
The Divine Liturgy for Children ~ Set of Two Books               10.00
The Divine Liturgy for Children ~ Text Book                       7.00
The Divine Liturgy for Children ~ Activity Book                   7.00
Birth of Jesus (Picto-graph)                                     11.00
Come Bless the Lord Icon Packet (Teacher)                        26.00
Byzantine Coloring Books:        *Volume 1 – Sunday Gospels       5.00
                                 *Volume 2 – Liturgical           5.00
                                 *Volume 3 – Feast Days           5.00
                                 *Volume 4 – Parables             5.00
“Crayon” Icon Coloring Books: * The Miracles                      5.00
                                 * Special Edition                5.00
                                 * The Old Testament              5.00
                                 * Journey to Pascha              5.00
                                 * The Nativity                   5.00
Scope and Sequence Chart                                          2.00
Total Parish Education                                            6.00
Build Your Own Church (Exterior)                                  9.00
Build Your Own Iconostasis and Altar                              9.00
Build Your Own Bishop, Priest and Deacon                          9.00
Orthodox Feasts of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary (Wybrew)     15.00
The Parables (Archbishop Dmitri)                                 15.00
Iconostasis (Pavel Florensky)                                    16.00
Bible for Today’s Family                                         10.95
The Children of Promise (Western Rite Catechism Book)             9.95
Praise the Lord: A Christmas Workbook                             3.00
The Lenten Workbook                                               3.00
Biblical and Liturgical Charts (Student)                          3.00

                FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL
What’s Love Got to Do With It? Everything                         7.00
To Teach All Nations                                              7.00
What Would You Do? Ethics Unit of 14 Lessons                      7.00
The Earth is the Lord’s                                           7.00
God is Calling You                                                7.00
The First 800 Years                                               7.00
My Body, My Spirit                                                7.00
The Work of Salvation                                             7.00
                                                SUB-TOTAL B

   18 The Word
                                   JUNE 2010                                                      ORDER FORM                        Name of article
                                                                                                                                     JUNE 2011
                                                    TITLE                                         PRICE     QUANTITY   TOTAL COST   FOR OFFICE USE
                                    SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS FOR HIGH SCHOOL
                                   Getting Along With Parents                                      $ 7.00
                                   International Orthodoxy                                           7.00
                                   What’s Love Got to Do With It? Everything                         7.00
                                   God is Calling You                                                7.00
                                   The Earth is the Lord’s                                           7.00
                                   Reaching Out: Our Call to Minister                                7.00
                                                MATERIALS FOR YOUTH WORK
                                   Lifestyle Discipleship                                           12.00
                                   Holy Cross Society                                                5.00
                                   Reruns, Reruns                                                    6.00
                                   Second Helpings 1                                                 5.00
                                   Second Helpings 2                                                 5.00
                                   Retreat & Study Guide                                             6.00
                                   Focus on You (6 Programs, 30 Sessions)                           40.00
                                   Film and Values (Supplemental program to Focus on You)           10.00
                                   Him Again (Supplemental program to Focus on You)                 12.00
                                   Youth Dynamics Cassette Leadership Training                      25.00
                                   Sourcebook for Youth Work                                         7.00
                                   Challenge Questions on Orthodoxy A to Z for Students             11.95
                                   Sacred Symbols that Speak: A Study of the Major Symbols
                                   of the Orthodox Church                            ~ Volume 1     14.95
                                                                                    ~ Volume 2      14.95
                                   The Story of Icons (Hallick)                                     14.95
                                   Bible for Little Hearts                                           9.99
                                   Child’s Garden of Bible Stories (Groll)                          13.95

                                   My Bible Story Book (Fletcher)                                   10.99
                                   One Hundred Bible Stories (Hardcover)                            12.99
                                                      ADULT STUDY TEXTS
                                   Second Time Around                                                6.00
                                   The Doctrine of Sanctification                                    8.00
                                   Christian Community                                               4.00
                                   Liturgy and Life (Schmemann)                                      7.00
                                   Inner Way (Allen)                                                14.95
                                   Pillars of the Church                                             6.00
                                   New Apostles of Christ                                            6.00
                                      MATERIALS FOR TEACHERS AND LIBRARIANS
                                   Teaching Dynamics Cassette Teacher Training                      25.00
                                   Teaching Dynamics Workbook                                        2.00
                                   Playing it up for Christmas (6 Christmas Plays)                   9.00
                                   Children’s Literature                                             6.00
                                   Foundations for Christian Education                              12.95
                                   Foundations for Christian Education (Cassettes)                   7.00
                                   Reading and Parish Library Guide                                  3.50
                                   Intentional Parenting (Cassettes ~ By Dalack)                    24.95
                                   The Growing Child in the Christian Home (Cassette)                7.00
                                                 YOUNG CHILDREN’S BOOKS
                                   Christina Goes to Church                                          8.50
                                   You Are Special: An Alphabet Book for Children                    8.50
                                   My Orthodox Counting Book                                         8.50
                                   Christina Learns the Sacraments                                  10.00
                                   Byzantine Coloring Books:
                                                                 * Volume 1 – Sunday Gospels         5.00
                                                                 * Volume 2 – Liturgical             5.00
                                                                 * Volume 3 – Feast Days             5.00
                                                                 * Volume 4 – Parables               5.00
                                   “Crayon” Icon Coloring Books:
                                                                 * The Miracles                      5.00
                                                                 * Special Edition                   5.00
                                                                 * The Old Testament                 5.00
                                                                 * Journey to Pascha                 5.00
                                                                 * The Nativity                      5.00
                                   The Book of Jonah                                                18.00
                                   Celebrate the Earth, Psalm 104                                   18.00
                                   North Star, St. Herman of Alaska                                 18.00
                                   The Praises: Psalm 148                                           18.00
                                   Prepare O Bethlehem, The Feast of the Nativity                   18.00

                                                                                   SUB-TOTAL C

                                                                                                                                       The Word 19
 Name 2010
JUNE of article                                                      ORDER FORM                          JUNE 2011
                        TITLE                                        PRICE     QUANTITY   TOTAL COST   FOR OFFICE USE
We Pray to God – A Prayer Book for Children                           $ 2.00
Bible for Kids                                                         11.95
Children’s Bible in 365 Stories                                        19.99
Read and Learn Bible                                                   15.95
A Book About Jesus                                                      8.95
                       FAMILY ITEMS
How About Advent                                                        6.00
Bible for Today’s Family                                               10.95
The Biggest Birthday Party (Family Advent)                              6.00
Praise the Lord (Family Advent Workbook)                                3.00
The Mystery of Love (Cardinal Basil Hume)                              13.95
Preserve Them, O Lord – John Mack                                      14.95
801 Questions Kids Ask About God with Answers from the Bible           12.99
The Divine Liturgy – A Text for Students                                2.95
Making God Real in the Orthodox Christian Home                         15.95
The Great Bible Discovery: Discovering the Baby King (VHS)             12.99
The Savior is Born (VHS)                                               12.99
Contemplating Icons (VHS)                                              19.99
The Bread of Life: Your Guide to Making Holy Bread (DVD)               15.00
The Growing Child in the Christian Home (Cassettes ~ Boojamra)          7.00
Orthodox Feasts of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary (Wybrew)           15.00
Teaching Pictures (1 Package, 4 Sets)                                  35.00
Encyclopedia of Major Saints and Fathers of the Orthodox
Church (Eleftheriou)                                 *Volume 1         14.95
                                                     *Volume 2         14.95

                                                                                                                        PLEASE DO NOT TEAR OFF THIS PAGE
Symbols of Church Seasons and Days - John Bradner                       7.95
Mom’s Devotional Bible                                                 24.95
Our Church and Our Children (Koulomzin)                                16.00
                 CATECHISM MATERIALS
Faith and Science (George Koulomzin)                                    5.95
The Faith – Understanding Orthodox Christianity:                       22.95
An Orthodox Catechism (Carlton)
The Way – What Every Protestant Should Know About the                  22.95
Orthodox Faith (Carlton)
The Truth – What Every Roman Catholic Should Know About the            22.95
Orthodox Church (Carlton)
The Life – The Orthodox Doctrine of Salvation, An Orthodox             22.95
Catechism (Carlton)
In Peace, Let Us Pray to the Lord. An Orthodox Interpretation of       22.95
the Gifts of the Spirit (Trader)
Homeland of Your Heart’s Desire – The Orthodox Teachings on             9.95
How to be Saved (Carlton)
Orthodox Christians in America (Erickson)                              28.00
The Treasured Traditions and Customs of the Orthodox                   14.95
Churches (Hallick)
The Orthodox Faith (Hopko):
                             * Volume 1 – Doctrine                      9.00
                             * Volume 2 – Worship                       9.00
                             * Volume 3 – Bible and Church History      9.00
                             * Volume 4 – Spirituality                  9.00
                             * Complete Set (Volumes 1-4)              33.00
Baptism (Lazor)                                                         3.00
The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony (Meyendorff)                            2.00
Holy Wednesday & Holy Thursday (VHS Tape)                              29.95
Great Friday & Resurrection (VHS Tape)                                 29.95
                                  ** Set of Both VHS Tapes             50.00
Holy Matrimony (VHS Tape)                                              29.95
Baptism & Chrismation (VHS Tape)                                       29.95
An Orthodox Catechism of the Antiochian Archdiocese                     4.00
A Way of Life (Family Centered Activities)                             16.00
Studies in the Greek Church (Metropolitan Antony Bashir)                7.00
Renovation of the Heart (Dallas Willard)                               24.99
The Gospel for Real Life (Jerry Bridges)                               19.00
The Pursuit of Holiness (Jerry Bridges)                                11.00
The Pursuit of Holiness ~ Bible Study                                   6.00
The Orthodox Companion (Abramtsov)                                      9.00
Meeting the Orthodox (Hopko)                                            2.00

                                                  SUB-TOTAL D

   20 The Word
                                   JUNE 2010                                                          ORDER FORM                        Name of article
                                                                                                                                         JUNE 2011
                                                           TITLE                                      PRICE     QUANTITY   TOTAL COST   FOR OFFICE USE
                                                    CATECHISM MATERIALS
                                   Orthodox Catholic Instruction Books:
                                                              * Book 1: Beginners’ Course              $ 4.00
                                                              * Book 2: Primary Course                   4.00
                                                              * Book 3: Junior Course                    4.00
                                                              * Book 4: Intermediate Course              4.00
                                                              * Set of 4 Books                          12.00
                                   Orthodox Christian Catechism                                         12.00
                                   The Orthodox Church (Ware)                                           16.00
                                   The Orthodox Way (Ware)                                              15.00
                                   Orthodox Study Bible – The New Testament & Psalms:
                                                              * Hardbound                               30.95
                                                              * Softbound                               24.95
                                                              * Bonded Leather Edition                  39.95
                                                              * Genuine Leather Edition                 50.95
                                                              * Thumb-indexing per Bible, add extra      6.00
                                   Orthodox Study Bible – Old and New Testaments:
                                                              * Hardbound                               49.95
                                                              * Leather Bound – Regular                 70.00
                                                              * Leather Bound – Elegant                100.00
                                   The Third Millennium Bible                                           36.00
                                   Coming Home (Gillquist)                                               8.95
                                   Becoming Orthodox (Gillquist)                                        14.95
                                   Welcome Home, A Journey to Antioch (DVD)                             13.95
                                   Anglican/Orthodox Pilgrimage (Billerbeck)                             4.50
                                   One Lord, One Faith (Bakoyannis)                                      9.00

                                   Suffering & Salvation (Bakoyannis)                                    6.00
                                   Introducing the Orthodox Church (Coniaris)                           16.95
                                   Intentional Parenting (Cassettes—Dalack)                             24.95

                                                  GENERAL SERVICE BOOKS
                                   The Divine & Holy Gospel Book                                       100.00
                                   The Liturgikon: Book of Divine Services for the Priest & Deacon      50.00
                                   Service Book of the Archdiocese                                      13.00
                                   Divine Prayers and Services (Nassar)                                 30.00
                                   Service Book of the Orthodox Church (Hapgood)                        25.00
                                   Western Rite Service Book                                            25.00
                                   The Divine Liturgy for Clergy and Laity                              10.00
                                   The Funeral Service Book—Winfrey                                      9.00
                                   The Pocket Prayer Book—Paperback                                      4.00
                                   The Pocket Prayer Book—Red Vinyl ~ or ~ Black Vinyl                   5.00
                                   Antiochian Village Camp Music Service Book                           12.00
                                   Psalm Verses of the Orthodox Church                                  20.00
                                   Old & New Testament—Today’s English Version (TEV)                    15.00

                                                   SPECIAL SERVICE BOOKS
                                   Evening Divine Liturgies—Phase I (10 Volumes)                        35.00
                                   Evening Divine Liturgies—Phase II (12 Volumes)                       40.00
                                   Individual Copies for Christmas                                       4.00
                                   Individual Copies for Epiphany                                        4.00
                                   The Office of the Typika                                              4.00
                                   My Daily Orthodox Prayer Book                                         8.95
                                   Our Father Among the Saints, Raphael—Hardcover                       15.00
                                   Our Father Among the Saints, Raphael—Softbound                       12.00
                                   Supplication Service to Our Father Among the Saints Raphael           5.00
                                   The Complete Service of St. Raphael—Audio CD                         15.00
                                   Service of Chrismation of Converts into the Orthodox Faith            2.50

                                                   LENTEN SERVICE BOOKS
                                   The Service of Holy Unction – New Edition                             4.00
                                   The Little Compline & Akathist Hymn – Textbook Only                   4.00
                                   The Little Compline & Akathist Hymn – Text & Music                   10.00
                                   9 Hour Typika and the Presanctified Liturgy—Music Book               12.00
                                   Now the Powers of Heaven—CD of the Presanctified Liturgy             18.00
                                   The Presanctified Liturgy of St. Gregory—Textbook Only                7.00
                                   Liturgy of St. Basil the Great—Pastor’s Text                          4.00
                                   Liturgy of St. Basil the Great—Layman’s Text                          3.00
                                   Services of Great & Holy Week and Pascha—Winfrey                     25.00
                                                                                   SUB-TOTAL E

                                                                                                                                           The Word 21
JUNE 2010                                                        ORDER FORM                          JUNE 2011
                    TITLE                                        PRICE     QUANTITY   TOTAL COST   FOR OFFICE USE
The Divine Liturgy for the Pews – Rahal                           $10.00
The Little Compline with the Akathist Hymn – Rahal                  9.00
The Great Compline Service – Rahal                                  9.00
The Funeral Service for Lay People – Rahal                          9.00
The Funeral Service for a Bishop or Priest – Rahal                  9.00
Sacrament of Holy Baptism – Romley                                  7.00
Sacrament of Holy Matrimony – Romley                                7.00
New International Version: New Testament – English/Arabic          10.00
New International Version: Bible / Hardcover – English/Arabic      25.00
                 ARABIC SERVICE BOOKS
The Arabic Service Book (Kassab)                                   50.00
The Small Arabic Service Book: Beirut Archdiocese                  15.00
The Divine Liturgy in Arabic (Black Vinyl)                         12.00
The Divine Liturgy in Arabic for Deacons & Priests (Hardcover)     20.00
The Great Euchologion (Hawaweeny—Arabic)                           20.00
The Small Euchologion with the Service of Holy Unction             15.00
The Divine and Holy Gospel Book (Arabic—For Altar Use)            100.00
Services of Holy Week & Pascha (Beirut Archdiocese—Arabic)         25.00
The Gospels and Epistles—Arabic Orthodox Lectionary                15.00
The Service of Holy and Great Pascha (Arabic)                       5.00
The Little Compline & Akathist Hymn (Arabic)                        4.00
The Life Application Bible (Hardcover—Arabic Study Bible)          25.00
NIV Old & New Testament (Arabic Bible)                             15.00

                       MUSIC BOOKS:

                                                                                                                    PLEASE DO NOT TEAR OFF THIS PAGE
Byzantine Project # 1: VESPERS                                     25.00
Byzantine Project # 2: MATINS                                      30.00
Byzantine Project # 3: HOLY WEEK (2 Volumes)                       45.00
Byzantine Project # 4: PENTECOSTARION (3 Volumes)                  60.00
Byzantine Project # 5: TRIODION (2 Volumes)                        45.00

The Divine Liturgy for Clergy and Laity                            10.00
Tchaikovsky Divine Liturgy (Meena)                                  5.00
Three Divine Liturgies (Hilko)                                      5.00
Hymns of Praise: Troparia & Kontakia (Meena)                        5.00
Divine Liturgy (Abboud)                                             2.00

                   OTHER MUSIC BOOKS
Hymns from the Festal Menaion, Karam-George                         5.00
Orthodox Hymns in English                                           5.00
Great Friday Service of Lamentations (George)                       5.00
The Resurrection Service (George)                                   5.00
The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony (Meena)                             3.00
Vespers (Abboud)                                                    3.00

                BOOKS AND PAMPHLETS
The Date of Easter (Abboud)                                         1.00
A Brief History of the Patriarchate of Antioch                      1.00
Guide to Monasteries of the Patriarchate of Antioch                 1.00
A History of the Orthodox Church in America, 1917-1934             12.95
History & Rituals of the Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch          15.00
Dying in the Land of Promise (Donald Wagner)                       16.95
Orthodox Lent, Holy Week & Easter (Hugh Wybrew)                    12.00
Jerusalem Easy Walks (Aviva Baram)                                 22.95
The Priest’s Guide: Constitutions & Bylaws                          6.00
Altar Boys’ Guide in Serving the Divine Liturgy                     5.00
A Beginner’s Guide to Prayer (Keiser)                              10.95
Beginning to Pray (Anthony Bloom)                                   9.95
The Art of Prayer (Arabic—Adnan Tarabulsi)                         15.00
On Prayer (Archimandrite Sophrony)                                 16.00
If We Confess Our Sins (Hopko)                                      4.00
Confession – Met. Anthony Khrapovitsky                              9.95

                                                  SUB-TOTAL F

   22 The Word
                                   JUNE 2010                                                          ORDER FORM                        Name of article
                                                                                                                                          JUNE 2011
                                                          TITLE                                       PRICE     QUANTITY   TOTAL COST   FOR OFFICE USE
                                                   BOOKS AND PAMPHLETS
                                   Partakers of Divine Nature (Archimandrite Stavropoulos)            $ 12.95
                                   Let Us Commit Ourselves (Coniaris)                                    9.95
                                   Liturgy and Life (Schmemann)                                          7.00
                                   Of Water and the Spirit (Schmemann)                                  15.00
                                   Understanding the Orthodox Liturgy (Najim)                           14.00
                                   Harvest of Antioch—Lives of Antiochian Saints                         4.00
                                   ANTIOCH: Incarnational Theology & Ministry (Allen/Najim)             12.00
                                   St. John Chrysostom—On the Priesthood                                15.00
                                   St. John Chrysostom—On Wealth & Poverty                              15.00
                                   St. John Chrysostom—On Marriage & Family Life                        13.00
                                   St. John of Damascus—On the Divine Images                            14.95
                                   The Apostolic Fathers (Sparks)                                       14.95
                                   Poets & Hymnographers of the Church                                   6.00
                                   We Praise God (Tarasar)                                               2.00
                                   Out of the Depths (Saliba/Allen)                                     10.95
                                   Mystery of the Incarnation (Cardinal B. Hume)                        13.95
                                   Mystery of the Cross (Cardinal B. Hume)                              12.95
                                   Mystery of Fidelity (Allen)                                           6.95
                                   Orthodox Synthesis (Allen)                                           16.00
                                   The Church & Social Reform (Boojamra)                                20.00
                                   A Light from the East (Michael O’Carroll)                            16.00
                                   The Faith We Hold (Archbishop PAUL, Finland)                         11.00
                                   Feed My Sheep (Metropolitan PHILIP Saliba)                           12.00
                                   Inner Way (Allen)                                                    14.95
                                   The New Oxford Annotated RSV Bible with the Apocrypha                39.99

                                   Metropolitan PHILIP: His Life & His Dreams (Softbound)                5.00
                                   Metropolitan PHILIP: His Life & His Dreams (Hardbound)               10.00
                                   Metropolitan PHILIP: And He Leads Them (Softbound)                   20.00
                                   Metropolitan PHILIP: Ordained for Men—40 Anniversary Book            27.00
                                   The First 100 Years—A Centennial Anthology                           20.00
                                   The Centennial Jewelry Box (1895-1995 AOCA)                          25.00
                                   Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre (Hawaweeny ~ Arabic)                6.95
                                   Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre (Najim ~ English)                   6.95
                                   Our Father Among the Saints, Raphael (Softbound)                     12.00
                                   Our Father Among the Saints, Raphael (Hardbound)                     15.00
                                   The Ministry of the Church (Allen)                                   14.95
                                   Twenty Parables of Our Lord                                           4.00
                                   The Parables (Archbishop Dmitri)                                     15.00
                                   The Miracles of Christ (Archbishop Dmitri)                           16.00
                                   Jesus, Politics and the Church (Tony Nassif)                         13.00
                                   Christmas Poems (John Hollander)                                     13.95
                                   Emigration from Syria and Lebanon (Najib Saliba)                     12.00
                                   A New Era Begins: Proceedings of the 1994 SCOBA Meeting               7.95
                                         PERIODICALS, CASSETTES, CD’s, & ICONS
                                   The Word Magazine (USA & Canada ~ Annually)                          20.00
                                   The Word Magazine (Overseas ~ Annually)                              26.00
                                   The Word Magazine (Individual Copies)                                 3.00
                                   Joy of the Soul (Metropolitan PHILIP) Audio CD                       10.00
                                   Joy of the Soul (Metropolitan PHILIP) Audio Cassette                  5.00
                                   Bless the Lord O My Soul (English-2 Cassettes-Bitar)                 18.00
                                   The Eight Byzantine Tones: Simplified (Bitar ~ CD)                   15.00
                                   God is With Us (English-Cassette-Bitar)                              10.00
                                   Orthodox Byzantine Hymns (Arabic-Cassette-Bitar)                     10.00
                                   Divine Liturgy in Arabic (Bitar ~ CD)                                15.00
                                   Divine Liturgy in Arabic (Bitar ~ Cassette)                          10.00
                                   Christ is Born: Music for the Nativity of Christ (Cassette)          12.00
                                   The Complete Service of St. Raphael – Audio CD                       15.00
                                   Now the Powers of Heaven—Presanctified Liturgy CD                    18.00
                                   Antiochian Village CD                                                10.00
                                   Antiochian Village Cassette                                          10.00
                                   It is Truly Meet: Byzantine Chant: Arabic & English CD               15.00
                                   Chants from Balamand—Audio CD                                        17.00
                                   Orthodox Male Choir of Beirut: Byzantine Chants in Arabic CD         15.00
                                   Orthodox Male Choir of Beirut: Paschal Hymns in Arabic CD            15.00
                                   First Fruits: Boston Byzantine Choir—English Audio CD                16.00
                                   Thy Passion: Boston Byzantine Choir—English Audio CD                 16.00
                                   Thy Resurrection: Boston Byzantine Choir—English Audio CD            16.00
                                   Mystical Supper: Boston Byzantine Choir—English Audio CD             16.00
                                                                                        SUB-TOTAL G

                                                                                                                                           The Word 23
 Name 2010
JUNE of article                                                 ORDER FORM                             JUNE 2011
                      TITLE                                     PRICE    QUANTITY   TOTAL COST       FOR OFFICE USE
ICON: Synaxis of the Great Saints of Antioch (11.5” x 15.5”)     25.00
ICON: Life of Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra (7” x 9.75”)        15.00
ICON: Saint Raphael Bishop of Brooklyn/Bust—Small (4” x 6”)       8.00
ICON: Saint Raphael Bishop of Brooklyn/Bust—Large (8” x 12”)     20.00
ICON: Saint Raphael of Brooklyn/Standing—Small (4” x 5.25”)       7.00
ICON: Saint Raphael of Brooklyn/Standing—Large (8.75”x11.75”)    18.00
ICON: Saint Romanos the Melodist (Icon Card: 6” x 7”)             1.50
Intentional Parenting (Dalack Lectures / 5 Cassettes)            24.95
Divine Liturgy Video (Holy Trinity Cathedral, NY)                29.95
Centennial Musical Video (1895-1995 AOCA ~ VHS Tape)             30.00
The Great Bible Discovery: Discovering the Baby King (VHS)       12.99
The Savior is Born (VHS Tape)                                    12.99
Contemplating Icons (VHS Tape)                                   19.99
Holy Matrimony (VHS Tape)                                        29.95
Baptism & Chrismation (VHS Tape)                                 29.95
Holy Wednesday & Holy Thursday (VHS Tape)                        29.95
Great Friday & Resurrection Service (VHS Tape)                   29.95
                  *** Both Holy Week VHS Tapes                   50.00
The Ancient Church—DVD or VHS Tape                               15.00
The Bread of Life: Your Guide to Making Holy Bread (DVD)         15.00

                                              SUB-TOTAL H

                                                INSTRUCTIONS & TERMS

                                                                                                                      PLEASE DO NOT TEAR OFF THIS PAGE
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    2.   Make your check or money order payable to the Antiochian Archdiocese, in US funds.
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    24 The Word
                                                                                             Archdiocesan Office

                   Archdiocesan Office
MIKHAIL, Deacon John, was ordained to the holy     The St. Thekla
priesthood, by Bishop MARK on September 27,
2009, at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church,
West St. Paul, Minnesota.                              “Come, let us go up the
                                                   mountain of the Lord, that
Elevations                                         he may teach us his ways
                                                   and we may walk in his
MOUBAYED, Deacon George, was elevated to           paths” (Micah 4.2). Even
the dignity of Protodeacon, by Bishop JOSEPH       as Summer approaches and
on April 25, 2010, at St. Mark Orthodox Church,    we get in gear for fun in the
Irvine, California.                                sun and vacations, it is not
                                                   too early to plan for the Fall.
DRESDOW, Father Athanasius, was elevated to        September 1 is the beginning
the rank of Archpriest, by Bishop MARK on No-      of our Liturgical Year and a good
vember 22, 2009, at Saint Barnabas the Apostle     time to get our spiritual houses in
Orthodox Church, Sunbury (Columbus), Ohio.         good order. Why not ascend the moun-
                                                   tain of the Lord?
                                                       The Convent of St. Thekla invites
GEEVARGHESE, Father George (Kunnathu),
                                                   the faithful to the St. Thekla Pilgrim-
was elevated to the rank of Archpriest, by Bish-
                                                   age from September 24–26, 2010, for
op MARK on December 27, 2009, at St. Michael       a weekend of prayer, workshops and
the Archangel Orthodox Church, Louisville, Ken-    fellowship at the Antiochian Village.
tucky.                                             This year’s theme is “Ascending the
                                                   Mountain: It’s a Family Road Trip.” Our
HAGAN, Father Mark, was elevated to the rank of    Presiding Hierarch, Bishop THOMAS,
Archpriest, by Bishop MARK on October 4, 2009,     of the Diocese of Charleston, Oakland
at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Iron Mountain,      and the Mid-Atlantic will present a
Michigan.                                          reflection on our theme after Great
                                                   Vespers on Saturday. Mother Alexandra,
Donations to The WORD                              Abbess of the Convent of St. Thekla,
                                                   will offer two talks on the theme on
April 2010                                         Saturday. The workshops will include
David C. Saliba                        $100.00     “Confession: Setting and Resetting the
Dr. and Mrs. George Farha              $500.00     Course,” “The Eucharist: What’s in Your
                                                   Lunchbox?” “Holy Unction: First Aid
Miram Boeid                             $50.00
                                                   and Urgent Care,” and a book discus-
   For the good health of Elsie and
                                                   sion. By popular demand, there will
   George Nassor                                   also be a question-and-answer session
Mr. Jack Chami                         $30.00      with Bishop THOMAS and Mother
                                                   Alexandra, discussion groups, and time
                                                   to enjoy the grounds of the Antiochian
                                                       See the Web site or contact the of-
                                                   fice at the Antiochian Village (724-238-
                                                   3677) for more information.

                                                                                                 The Word 25
                                       V. REV. GEORGE ALBERTS

                              DAILY DEVOTIONS
                 JULY 2010                                           AUGUST 2010

1.  1 CORINTHIANS 3:18-23; MATTHEW 13:36-43         1. 1 CORINTHIANS 4:9-16; MATTHEW 17:14-33
2.  1 CORINTHIANS 4:5-8; MATTHEW 13:44-54 (FAST)        (FAST)
3.  ROMANS 9:1-5; MATTHEW 9:18-26                   2. 2 CORINTHIANS 2:4-15; MATTHEW 23:13-22
4.  ROMANS 12:6-14; MATTHEW 9:1-8                       (FAST)
5.  1 CORINTHIANS 5:9-6:11; MATTHEW 13:54-58        3. 2 CORINTHIANS 2:14-3:3; MATTHEW 23:23-28
6.  1 CORINTHIANS 6:20-7:12; MATTHEW 14:1-13            (FAST)
7.  1 CORINTHIANS 7:12-24; MATTHEW 14:35-15:11
                                                    4. 2 CORINTHIANS 3:4-11; MATTHEW 23:28-39
8. 1 CORINTHIANS 7:24-35; MATTHEW 15:12-21
                                                    5. 2 CORINTHIANS 4:1-6; MATTHEW 24:13-28 (FAST)
9. 1 CORINTHIANS 7:35-8:7; MATTHEW 15:29-31
    (FAST)                                          6. 2 PETER 1:10-19; MATTHEW 17:1-9 (FAST)
10. ROMANS 12:1-3; MATTHEW 10:37-11:1               7. 1 CORINTHIANS 1:3-9; MATTHEW 19:3-12 (FAST)
11. 2 CORINTHIANS 6:1-10; MATTHEW 9:27-35           8. 1 CORINTHIANS 9:2-12; MATTHEW 18:23-25
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13. 1 CORINTHIANS 10:5-12; MATTHEW 16:6-12          9. 2 CORINTHIANS 5:10-15; MARK 1:9-15 (FAST)
14. 1 CORINTHIANS 10:12-22; MATTHEW 16:20-24        10. 2 CORINTHIANS 5:15-21; MARK 1:16-22 (FAST)
    (FAST)                                          11. 2 CORINTHIANS 6:11-16; MARK 1:23-28
15. GALATIANS 1:11-19; JOHN 10:1-9                      (FAST)
16. 1 CORINTHIANS 11:8-22; MATTHEW 17:10-18         12. 2 CORINTHIANS 7:1-10; MARK 1:29-35 (FAST)
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17. ROMANS 13:1-10; MATTHEW 12:30-37
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                                                    31. GALATIANS 2:21-3:7; MARK 6:1-7

26 The Word
                 V. REV. GEORGE ALBERTS                          SAINT GEORGE
       DAILY DEVOTIONS                                           ANTIOCHIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH
                                                                 ALLENTOWN, PA

                  SEPTEMBER 2010                             2010 Eastern Dioceses’
                                                                   59th Annual

     GALATIANS 3:15-22; MARK 6:7-13 (FAST)
     GALATIANS 3:23-4:5; MARK 6:30-45
     GALATIANS 4:8-21; MARK 6:45-53 (FAST)
                                                           Parish Life Conference
4.   1 CORINTHIANS 4:17-5:5; MARK 24:1-13                     June 30   to   July 4,   2010
5.   2 CORINTHIANS 4:6-15; MATTHEW 22:35-46        
6.   GALATIANS 4:28-5:10; MARK 6:54-7:8
7.   GALATIANS 5:11-21; MARK 7:5-16
8.   PHILIPPIANS 21:5-11; LUKE 10:38-42, 11:27-28 (FAST)
9. EPHESIANS 1:1-9; MARK 7:24-30
10. EPHESIANS 1:7-17; MARK 8:1-10 (FAST)
11. 1 CORINTHIANS 2:6-9; MATTHEW 10:37-11:1
12. GALATIANS 6:11-18; JOHN 3:13-17
13. EPHESIANS 1:22-2:3; MARK 10:46-52
14. 1 CORINTHIANS 1:18-24; JOHN 19:6-11, 13-20,
    25-35 (STRICT FAST)
15. EPHESIANS 3:8-21; MARK 11:23-26 (FAST)
16. EPHESIANS 4:14-19; MARK 11:27-33
17. EPHESIANS 4:17-25; MARK 12:1-12 (FAST)
18. 1 CORINTHIANS 1:26-29; JOHN 8:21-30
19. GALATIANS 2:16-20; MARK 8:34-9:1
20. EPHESIANS 4:25-32; LUKE 3:19-22
21. EPHESIANS 5:20-26; LUKE 3:23-4:1
22. EPHESIANS 5:25-33; LUKE 4:1-15 (FAST)
23. EPHESIANS 5:33-6:9; LUKE 4:16-22
24. EPHESIANS 6:18-24; LUKE 4:22-30 (FAST)
25. 1 CORINTHIANS 15:39-45; LUKE 4:31-36
26. 1 JOHN 4:12-19; JOHN 21:15-25
27. PHILIPPIANS 1:1-7; LUKE 4:37-44
28. PHILIPPIANS 1:8-14; LUKE 5:12-16
29. PHILIPPIANS 1:12-20; LUKE 5:33-39 (FAST)
30. PHILIPPIANS 1:20-27; LUKE 6:12-19

                                                                                       The Word 27
  Above Left: This
   Roman Catholic
outdoor church on
the mountaintop is
                       Communities in Action
pastored by Father
      Louis Marie.
                       Flip-Flops for Haiti                  flops, the only shoes that would        Americans have no idea how
       Above Right:                                          fit Josie’s swollen feet. So, when      such a little thing like a pair of
  Bishop THOMAS           “Flip-Flops for Haiti”? That’s a   she and her friend returned to         flip-flops can bring joy to these
 in West Virginia at
   theHermitage of     popular phrase at St. Matthew’s       Chicago, inspiration struck and        people who have nothing.
     the Holy Cross    of North Royalton and all around      Josie said, “Hey, I have an idea.         Thoughtful and very appre-
                       Cleveland, since one of our pa-       Let’s do ‘flip-flops for Haiti.’”        ciative are two expressions
                       rishioners, Josephine Katzbach,       Thus was born a new philan-            Josie uses again and again to
                       ventured on a four-day trip           thropic idea for Josie.                describe the people she met
                       to Haiti in early March with a           Josie is no stranger to help-       in Haiti. One little girl, Maria,
                       friend of hers, to help build a       ing others. She takes food and         moved her greatly. Josie gave
                       clinic for the mountain people.       water to the homeless in Cleve-        Maria a piece of gum, and in-
                       The ladies made the trip to work      land twice a month with parish-        stead of consuming it herself,
                       with a nun and a priest affiliated     ioners from St. Matthew’s or           she shared that one stick of gum
                       with a church in Chicago called       St. George of Cleveland. She           with her sisters.
                       Fraternité Notre Dame. Josie          also helps people professionally          Josie is hoping to collect a
                       returned from Haiti with an           through her job providing spe-         variety of sizes of flip-flops for
                       ambitious goal of raising 2,000       cial home healthcare.                  men, women and children – the
                       flip-flops for the 1,500 or so im-         A “life-changing experience”        more the better. So far, “Flip-
                       poverished inhabitants who live       – that’s how Josie describes her       flops for Haiti” has gathered
                       around a primitive camp at the        trip to Haiti. Although the city’s     700 flip-flops locally, while an-
                       top of a mountain near Port-au-       poverty and devastation are            other 400 have been collected
                       Prince. She and her friend plan       great, poverty is even more ex-        elsewhere.
                       to return sometime in July to         treme in the mountains. “They             Anyone interested in par-
                       distribute the flip-flops to the        are the poorest of the poor,”          ticipating in this project with a
                       people there.                         says Katzbach. The earthquake          donation of flip-flops or with a
                          An experience in Haiti was         did not have as much of an ef-         monetary donation can reach
                       the source for Josie’s ambition.      fect on them; instead, poverty is      Josephine Katzbach at josiea-
                       The ladies had to escort an ill       a way of life for them.      
                       woman from a clinic in town              “They have shoes, if you want
                       back up the mountain. Struck          to call them that. They are hand-                            Camille Patrick
                       by her lack of material posses-       me-downs. None of them are                       St. Matthew the Evangelist
                                                                                                           Antiochian Orthodox Church,
                       sions, Josie literally gave the       new. I saw a guy wearing wom-
                                                                                                        North Royalton (Cleveland), Ohio
                       woman the clothes off her back        en’s shoes. A lot of the little kids
                       – with the exception of her flip-      are barefoot,” notes Katzbach.

 28 The Word
Bishop THOMAS in                    The parish utilized this chapel       ship. This meant that finding
                                    for the next three years.             space for the church school and
West Virginia
                                      In 2001, in order to encour-        a social hall had to be delayed,
  On April 17–18, 2010, Bishop      age the parish to move ahead          and only a small, multi-purpose
THOMAS made his annual pas-         with planning and free up ad-         hall could be included. In 2005,
toral visit to Holy Spirit Church   ditional funds for construction,      Bishop THOMAS consecrated
in Huntington, West Virginia.       parishioner Richard Dixon was         the church and returned the holy
Since his consecration in 2004,     ordained to the Holy Priest-          relics to the altar. Although many
this was Sayidna THOMAS’s           hood, taking the name of John.        wanted to construct the social
first visit to Huntington that did   He would continue his secular         hall and church school addition,
not involve discussions of build-   employment until the parish           it appeared that the next phase
ing planning and construction.      could once again afford a full-       would be many years in the fu-
  In 1999 our parish made           time priest. On August 1 of that      ture. A parish tragedy, however,
the decision to sell our church     year, he was assigned as pastor       created an impetus to continue.
building, which had been our        of Holy Spirit. That same month,         In 2008, Sarah Saad, daugh-
home since the early 1970’s,        parish Deacon Mark Hagan was          ter of Julian and Jihad Saad, fell
and move to a new location.         ordained to the priesthood and        asleep in the Lord after a coura-
As a community of fewer than        assigned as pastor of St. Mary        geous fight with cancer. Sarah
a hundred members, this was         Antiochian Orthodox Church of         had coordinated several of the
a huge challenge. The exist-        Iron Mountain, Michigan.              Paschal feasts in our cramped
ing property, however, needed         In May 2002, the parish pur-        social hall and one of her great
significant renovations and          chased two tracts of property,        desires was to see a more spa-
concern was raised about the        totaling 2.4 acres and located at     cious hall constructed. In her
decline of the surrounding          Woodhaven Drive and 5th Street        honor, several parishioners be-
residential neighborhood. The       Road. In the Spring of 2003,          gan raising enough funds to
church property was placed on       Bishop DEMETRI blessed the            begin construction. In 2009, a
the market for sale and a com-      property and construction com-        social hall accommodating 240
mittee was established to raise     menced in May. The building was       people was completed, with ex-
funds and search for a suitable     completed by Christmas and the        isting space converted for use
location. In a surprising move, a   parish family moved into their        as the church school, an office,
buyer was found for the current     new home. After serving almost        and a library.
church building before a new        four years as part-time priest, Fr.      After these busy years, in
location could be agreed upon.      John was able to resign from his      which we were focused on con-
In the Spring of 2000, the par-     secular employment and become         struction and keeping the parish
ish voted to accept an offer and    the full-time priest in May, 2005.    united, Bishop THOMAS’ visit
moved into temporary quarters         Our goal in constructing the        this year had a very different
that were graciously provided       church was to return to a fully       character. Since completing our
by Fifth Avenue Baptist Church.     functioning church for wor-           construction projects, parish-

                                                                                                               The Word 29
Communities In Action

                  ioners have expressed a desire
                  to move beyond the walls of the
                  church, particularly in obeying
                  Christ’s command to serve the
                  “least of the brethren.” Sayidna
                  joined us on Saturday at the
                  Huntington City Mission where
                  parishioners provide lunch on
                  the third Saturday of the month.
                  Holy Spirit parish is also a
                  member of Christian Associ-
                  ates, which operates a down-
                                                        St. George Cathedral                tion that was sent from the Ca-
                  town food and clothing pantry.
                                                                                            thedral to the Archdiocese.
                  Fr. John has served as president      Church School
                                                                                               While the amount of their
                  of Christian Associates for the       Worcester, MA                       donation was impressive, their
                  past two years. Additionally, the
                                                           In the poem “On Giving,”         example inspired our parishio-
                  parish has a longstanding com-
                                                        Kahlil Gibran begins by saying,     ners. These young people em-
                  mitment to the organization
                                                        “You give but little when you       phatically reminded us of the
                  Information and Referral Ser-
                                                        give of your possessions. It is     words of the Prophet Isaiah,
                  vices, providing funds for utility
                                                        when you give of yourself that      who tells us that “a little child
                  payments for low-income resi-
                                                        you truly give.” In the days that   shall lead them” (Isaiah 11:6).
                  dents. Sayidna encouraged us to
                                                        followed the tragic earthquake      Everything that they gave, they
                  continue these outreach efforts
                                                        in Haiti, the second of these       gave of themselves and follow-
                  and even suggested that we or-
                                                        sentences described the actions     ing the example of the Scrip-
                  ganize a walk-a-thon to support
                                                        of a young lady from our Church     tures. In the same poem, Kahlil
                  additional outreach activities.
                                                        School. Jenna Husson (7 years       Gibran tells us that all who give
                     Following the Sunday Hierar-
                                                        old) contacted our Parish Coun-     also receive. He states, “And
                  chical Divine Liturgy, Sayidna
                                                        cil with the desire to do some-     you receivers … and you are
                  visited with Bishop GEORGE
                                                        thing for the people of Haiti.      all receivers … rise together
                  and the brethren of the Her-
                                                        Her idea was to create an arts      with the giver on his gifts as
                  mitage of the Holy Cross (Rus-
                                                        and craft project that she called   on wings.” May our children al-
                  sian Orthodox Church Abroad)
                                                        “Sticks of Hope,” and make the      ways serve as an example to us
                  in Wayne, West Virginia. Since
                                                        crafts available to the parishio-   and may we rise together “as on
                  moving to the Huntington area
                                                        ners for a voluntary donation       wings.”
                  in 2000, the monks have be-
                  come an invaluable part of the        during the coffee hour after Di-
                  Orthodox community. Vladyda           vine Liturgy. Her “small” project
                  GEORGE was consecrated Aux-           proved to be a huge success!
                  iliary Bishop in 2009 and lives       Jenna so inspired our young
                  at the monastery. This was the        people that four more parish-
                  first time the two hierarchs           ioners, Samuel Abusamra (12),
                  have had a chance to meet, and        Maryrose Abusamra (11), Naya
                  everyone was edified by their          Burshan (8) and Jameel Gam-
                  warm exchange.                        mal (11), asked if they could
                     Sayidna’s visit was a grace-       have a Bake Sale during the
                  filled weekend. We hope to fulfill      following Sunday’s coffee hour.
                  his parting admonition to “con-       Once again, the event was suc-
                  tinue to reach out to the people of   cessful and these young people
                  Huntington with prayerful faith-      made a substantial contribution
                  fulness and neighborly love.”         toward the Haitian relief collec-

   30 The Word
St. George, Niagara                  George Aswad, Pastor Emeri-         burgh also know, many locals
                                     tus, spoke eloquently about the     begrudgingly venture out of
Falls, New York
                                     movement of the Holy Spirit         their respective neighborhoods,
   The faithful parishioners of      within our St. George Parish.       and happily retreat back into
St. George Antiochian Orthodox       Then the newly ordained Fr.         them, in their daily routines.
Church of Niagara Falls, New         Raphael addressed His Grace         For many Pittsburghers a “long
York, participated in a weekend      ALEXANDER and the assembly          journey” involves crossing one
of “joy beyond words!”               of family and friends, express-     of the city’s three rivers!
   During the weekend of April       ing his gratitude.
                                       One of our longstanding             In a way, this “neighborhood
11th, His Grace Bishop ALEX-
                                     members rejoiced that the           mentality” of Pittsburgh is simi-
ANDER met with various parish
                                     weekend with Bishop ALEX-           lar to the mentality of Orthodox
groups for worship, fellowship,
                                     ANDER was “by far” the best         Christians in the United States
refreshments and conversation.
                                     planned and carried-out week-       today. We do not know our Or-
Highlights included the eleva-
                                     end ever! Thanks be to God!         thodox neighbors and prefer to
tion to the Archpriesthood of
                                     Our joy was beyond words!           stay comfortably tucked away
the Very Rev. Fr. Paul R. Solberg,
                                                                         in our parish neighborhoods. To
the ordination to the Priesthood
                                                                         get acquainted with its Orthodox
of the Rev. Fr. Raphael K. Bar-      Celebrating
                                                                         neighbors, St. George Cathedral
berg, and the tonsuring of Kevin     Oneness as the Body                 in Pittsburgh recently organized
Boddecker as Reader. His Grace       of Christ: Won’t You                and participated in a Progres-
also blessed all the new festal
icons written by the Rev. Fr.
                                     Be My Neighbor?                     sive Dinner and Church Tour
                                                                         with three sister churches in the
Theodore Koufos which grace          The city of Pittsburgh is
                                                                         city’s Oakland and South Side
the interior walls of the nave.      known for many things. Less
                                                                         neighborhoods. What better
   At the Celebration Banquet,       well-known, perhaps, than
                                                                         way for Orthodox to celebrate
the Diocesan clergy presented        the world-champion Steelers,
                                                                         their oneness as the Body of
Fr. Paul with the prototype of       but I dare say almost equally
                                                                         Christ on Bright Saturday than
an icon of St. George and St.        beloved, is the children’s
                                                                         by eating their way through a
Paul which will be written by        public television program “Mr.
                                                                         four-course meal?
Kh. Donna Smith and present-         Roger’s Neighborhood,” with
                                                                           Beginning in the South Side
ed at a later date. Sub-deacons      its catchy tune, “Won’t You Be
                                                                         neighborhood, the Orthodox
Thomas Slaiman and Justin            My Neighbor?” Those familiar
                                                                         neighbors first met one another
Mokhiber presented the newly         with Pittsburgh know that the
                                                                         at Holy Assumption of the Virgin
ordained priest with a congrat-      city does, in fact, have many
                                                                         Mary Church (Orthodox Church
ulatory card that included fi-        neighborhoods that were
                                                                         in America). After a brief talk
nancial gifts graciously contrib-    settled by immigrant popula-
                                                                         by the priest, the group enjoyed
uted to purchase vestments for       tions at the turn of the century.
                                                                         savory appetizers that were, in
Fr. Raphael. The Very Rev. Fr.       As those familiar with Pitts-
                                                                         true Orthodox form, more like

                                                                                                             The Word 31
Communities In Action

                  a meal than an opener. Next,
                  the group processed together
                  – well, we walked a few blocks,
                  but since we were an Orthodox
                  group, “processed” just seems
                  more appropriate – to St. Vladi-
                  mir’s Church (Ukrainian) for
                  a lesson on that community’s
                  history, followed by an elegant
                  salad course.
                    At this point, the group cara-          Bishop THOMAS at                    evening came The Lamenta-
                                                                                                tions at the Tomb, and an all-
                  vanned – over a river – into the          St. George, Oakland
                  neighborhood of Oakland where                                                 night Vigil. Teen SOYO members
                                                            (Pittsburgh)                        read the Gospels throughout
                  St. Nicholas Cathedral (Greek)
                  is located. After hearing the                The faithful of St. George An-   the entire night, and greeted
                  history of this community, the            tiochian Cathedral (Oakland,        Bp. THOMAS for the celebra-
                  group progressed to St. George            PA) gathered around his grace,      tion of the Vesperal Liturgy on
                  Cathedral (Antiochian) to enjoy           Bishop THOMAS, for Holy             Holy Saturday morning. As we
                  a meat-laden main course. The             Thursday through Agape Ves-         celebrated Christ’s triumphal
                  event then culminated with the            pers of Great and Holy Pascha.      decent into Hades, we looked
                  celebration of Vespers at St.             On Thursday evening, Sayidna        forward with great anticipation
                  George and closed with delec-             performed the service of the        to Rush Service and Celebration
                  table desserts prepared by the            Washing of the Feet that com-       of Pascha.
                  ladies of St. Nicholas. Quite             memorates Christ’s washing             The Paschal celebration truly
                  miraculously, the event stayed            the feet of the Disciples before    proclaimed the resurrection of
                  close to on-time – no small feat          his life-giving death and resur-    Christ. The faithful gathered
                  for Orthodox!                             rection. Those present were         around their Bishop stood as
                    From this event, we gained              reminded of the great example       witnesses to each other, the city,
                  several things. First, we learned         of our Savior, encouraging us to    and, indeed, all the world, that
                  about our strangely similar his-          be humble servants and to know      Christ is risen from the dead,
                  tory as Orthodox working to               that the great among us are the     trampling down death by death,
                  build up His Vineyard in Pitts-           servants among us. Sayidna          and upon those in the tombs
                  burgh for over a century. Sec-            then led us in the reading of the   bestowing life. With fervor Bp.
                  ond, we were reminded of our              Twelve Passion Gospels. After       THOMAS again and again an-
                  common Faith – not Antiochian,            the Royal Hours of Holy Friday,     nounced that “Christ is risen!”
                  not Greek, not Russian, and not           he spoke about the importance       “Indeed He is risen!” we shouted
                  Ukrainian – in His One, Holy,             of the cross and our need to        in response. We then broke the
                  Catholic, Apostolic, Orthodox             take up our cross on the way to     fast with dinner provided by the
                  Church. And finally, through               salvation.                          Fellowship of St. John the Di-
                  this common Faith, we shared                 At the conclusion of the Ves-    vine.
                  in the joy of being not only Or-          pers service that evening he re-       We were especially blessed
                  thodox neighbors, but also sis-           minded us of the importance of      during Holy Week to receive
                  ter churches who are one in the           silence in contemplating God,       a beautiful Icon of the Myrrh-
                  Body of Christ.                           the cross, and the resurrection,    Bearing Women. Iconographer
                                                            as we live the spiritual life. He   Erin Kimmett wrote the icon at
                           Alexis Cross, wife of Deacon     called us always, especially dur-   the request of the Antiochian
                   Andrew Cross and mother of three, is                                         Women and Cathedral Com-
                    a member of St. George Antiochian       ing Holy Week, to keep before
                        Orthodox Cathedral in Oakland       us the cross, the grave, and the    munity in remembrance of the
                                            (Pittsburgh).                                       community’s beloved Khouria
                                                            third-day resurrection.
                                                               With Holy and Great Friday       Joanne Abdalah, wife of Archi-

   32 The Word
mandrite John Abdalah, who
fell asleep in the Lord in May of
                                      Book Review
   The Cathedral of St. George
in Oakland continues to share
in the priesthood and ministry            Review of The Heavenly Banquet:
of Christ. For Bright Saturday        Understanding the Divine Liturgy
the Cathedral organized and           by Fr. Emmanuel Hatzidakis (Orthodox
participated in a pan-Orthodox        Witness, ISBN # 978-0-9778970-1-8,
Progressive Dinner, which was         420 pages, $40.00).
sponsored by The Fellowship               Every Sunday and every feastday,
of St. John the Divine. It be-        Orthodox Christians celebrate the Di-
gan at Holy Assumption of the         vine Liturgy which, over the past 2,000
Virgin Mary (Orthodox Church          years, has developed into the form that
in America), proceeded to St.         we use today. A solid understanding, not
Vladimir’s (Ukrainian Orthodox        only of the theology, but also of the his-
Church), then on to St. Nicholas      tory of the Divine Liturgy, is not easily
Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and         found in just one source. Treatments are
culminated at St. George An-          either simple commentaries or more in-
tiochian Cathedral for Vespers,       depth academic treatises. In his book,
after which we enjoyed the de-        The Heavenly Banquet: Understand-
licious dessert provided by St.       ing the Divine Liturgy, Fr. Emmanuel
Nicholas. This successful event       Hatzidakis, a Greek Orthodox priest and president of Orthodox
brought Orthodox faithful from        Witness, has given us a worthwhile study of our liturgy written
various jurisdictions together to     for the laity.
see one another’s churches and            Fr. Emmanuel looks at the Divine Liturgy line by line, petition
learn of their histories, and to      by petition, and provides the reader with a study that is based
affirm their oneness as the Body       on Scripture, the Fathers, and Orthodox scholarship. The book
of Christ.                            is well-researched and draws extensively from the 305 primary
   Other activities at St. George     and secondary sources listed in the bibliography. The book has
have included the Antiochian          1,281 footnotes! In addition to the main text, the book also con-
Women’s recent Calendar Party         tains 80 excurses that take the reader even further into some of
to benefit the new Convent of          the concepts discussed in the book.
St. Thekla. Bible Studies and             Don’t let the length of the book or the scholarship that went
theological discussions/lectures      into it scare you away. At first glance, the book looks something
continue to be held Wednesday         like a college textbook (and it could be used as such). The read-
evenings following Vespers,           er, however, will find the language inviting and the text under-
and new members continue to           standable.
trickle into the community. We            This book is perfect for catechists who want an in-depth look
continue to thrive, by God’s          at our liturgy or for those Orthodox who want a greater knowl-
will, and we are thankful for our     edge and appreciation of what has been handed down to us over
Father and Metroplitan PHILIP   ,     the centuries. Handsomely arranged and beautifully bound, the
our Bishop THOMAS, our Priest         book would be a great addition to any church or home library.
Fr. John Abdalah, our Deacons,        The book is easily obtained from Orthodox Witness (www.ortho-
those who serve and those who at a lower price than online booksellers.
sing, and all the people of our
Cathedral community.                                                                     Fr. Steven C. Salaris
                                                                                 All Saints of North America
                                                                                 Maryland Heights, Missouri
              Deacon James Purdie
    St. George Orthodox Cathedral,
               Oakland (Pittsburgh)

                                                                                                                 The Word 33
                                       Missions Institute Established
                                       at Hellenic College/Holy Cross
                  “The Missions Institute of Orthodox Christian-        The Reverend Dr. Chad Hatfield,Chancellor of
              ity” was established on April 29, 2010, at Hellenic   St. Vladimir’s Seminary and a member of the new
              College and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School          board, highlighted the role the Missions Institute
              of Theology with an initial endowment of one mil-     can play at all Orthodox seminaries in the United
              lion dollars from EFOM (the Endowment Fund for        States. “The first program of this new Institute will
              Orthodox Missions). EFOM, a charity connected         be to offer a three-credit class and practicum for
              with the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church of        students from Holy Cross and SVS this summer,
              Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was created in 1981 to       taking them to Albania to witness one of the most
              honor the missions-minded ministry of the Rever-      vibrant missions in the Orthodox world. What an
              end Alexander and Presbytera Pearl Veronis.           exciting program!”
                  The endowment was presented to the Rever-             The Reverend Luke A. Veronis, himself a mis-
              end Nicholas Triantafilou, President of HC/HC, by      sionary with more than 12 years of experience in
              EFOM’s Board President, Mrs. Helen Nicozisis.         Albania and Africa, was named Executive Direc-
              On presenting the check to the school, Mrs. Nico-     tor of the Institute. Fr. Luke recently published
              zisis noted that this gift came not from one major    the book Go Forth: Stories of Mission and Res-
              benefactor, but from many people who gave both        urrection in Albania, his third book related to
              small and large donations over many years. “All       Orthodox Christian missions. He teaches courses
              of these people,” she emphasized, “believe in the     in world missions and evangelism at Holy Cross
              essential importance of cultivating the spirit of     and has taught at St. Vladimir’s Theological Semi-
              missions, especially among our seminarians and        nary. He expressed the hope that “through the
              future clergy.”                                       programs and courses that this Missions Institute
                  Father Alexander addressed the entire HC/         will offer, no students will graduate from our Or-
              HC community after Great Vespers in Holy Cross        thodox seminaries without having some knowl-
              Chapel. He called the inauguration of the Missions    edge of a missions-minded ministry.” “Any form
              Institute the fulfillment of a fifty-year-old dream,    of parochialism, or of limiting our faith in any
              beginning with the establishment of a Mission-        way, is a distortion of the Gospel, which is Good
              ary Society at Holy Cross when he was a student       News for all people everywhere – locally, nation-
              there. Following Vespers, a special reception was     ally and globally. Our future clergy and leaders of
              held for the school’s faculty and student body.       the Church need to capture this universal vision
                  Archbishop DEMETRIOS and Fr. Triantafilou          of God’s love.”
              hosted a dinner that evening at the Cathedral Cen-        In addition to endowing the Institute, EFOM
              ter in Brookline to celebrate the event for the new   sponsors an Annual Missions Lecture at Holy
              Missions Institute Board members, along with the      Cross, grants annual scholarships to mission-
              EFOM Board and several donors and friends. The        minded seminarians, and financially underwrites
              Archbishop told the gathering: “Missions are not      noteworthy mission projects.
              simply important. They are vital, an indispensable
              component of our existence as Orthodox Chris-
              tians …. As this new Missions Institute cultivates                       Fr. Luke A. Veronis, Executive Director
                                                                              The Missions Institute of Orthodox Christianity
              a deeper consciousness and awareness of the mis-              Hellenic College and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox
              sionary dimension of the Church, it will provide
              something absolutely central to the life of the

34 The Word
    Orthodox World

                                    crucial. The participation and                                           Above: His Eminence,
General Secretary of                                                    Antiochian Faithful                  Metropolitan PHILIP
                                    input of IOCC’s Executive Di-
the ACT Alliance Visits             rector in ACT’s finance commit-
                                                                        Support Haiti Relief                 (center) presents a
                                                                                                             check for $150,000 to
IOCC                                tee has been crucial as it looked   Efforts of IOCC                      IOCC Executive Direc-
                                                                                                             tor Constantine M. Tri-
                                    into financial accountability and                                         antafilou. Also present
    John Nduna, the General Sec-    fiscal responsibility of the ACT         The faithful of the Antiochian   were His Grace Bishop
retary of the ACT Alliance, was                                         Orthodox Christian Archdiocese       ANTOUN, Chair of the
                                    secretariat.”                                                            Order of St Ignatius
received by International Ortho-       Nduna recently returned          of North America gave a boost        of Antioch, Dan Abra-
dox Christian Charities (IOCC)                                          to International Orthodox Chris-     ham, and IOCC board
                                    from Haiti, where IOCC and                                               members the Very
Executive Director Constantine      other partners in the ACT Alli-     tian Charities’ ongoing relief       Rev. Michael Ellias and
Triantafilou at the IOCC head-                                           efforts in Haiti. His Eminence,      Anne Glynn Mackoul.
                                    ance are providing assistance to                                         (Photo courtesy of the
quarters in Baltimore, Maryland     the survivors of the January 12     Metropolitan PHILIP (Saliba)         Antiochian Orthodox
on April 8, 2010. IOCC joined       earthquake.                         presented a check for $150,000       Christian Archdiocese)
the new ACT Alliance (www.act-         With more than 100 mem-          to IOCC Executive Director and, one of the world’s   bers globally, the ACT Alliance     CEO Constantine M. Triantafilou
largest humanitarian bodies,        works in 125 countries with a       on April 14 at Antiochian head-
which officially launched on         combined operating budget of        quarters in Englewood, N.J. Also
March 24.                           approximately $1.5 billion.         present were His Grace, Bishop
    “I express my great satisfac-                                       ANTOUN, the Chair of the Or-
tion with IOCC’s commitment                                             der of St Ignatius of Antioch,
to the new ACT Alliance and                                             Dan Abraham, and IOCC board
the fruitful discussions we have                                        members the Very Rev. Michael
with IOCC that strengthen the                                           Ellias and Anne Glynn Mack-
cooperation between IOCC and                                            oul. The gift brought the total
the Alliance,” said Nduna during                                        raised by IOCC in response to
the visit. “As an Orthodox mem-                                         the earthquake in Haiti to over
ber of the Alliance, IOCC’s con-                                        one million dollars.
tributions and participation are                                            “When the earth shook in

                                                                                                                 The Word 35
Orthodox World

                 Haiti, it also shook our hearts     including thousands of hygiene       Worshiping and
                 and our souls. The faithful of      kits that were assembled or col-
                 the Antiochian Archdiocese          lected by Orthodox Christians.
                                                                                          Serving in Afghanistan
                 responded generously to my          IOCC made an appeal for the
                                                                                              This month has been unusual
                 appeal and I am pleased to          kits following the January 12
                                                                                          for me here in Afghanistan. As I
                 present this check to IOCC,”        earthquake. These kits were
                                                                                          am an Orthodox priest and it is
                 said His Eminence, Metropoli-       used to help Haiti’s survivors
                                                                                          the Paschal season, I have been
                 tan PHILIP “We are blessed to       and will also be available for
                                                                                          doing some especially interest-
                 have IOCC as the humanitarian       use in response to disasters and
                                                                                          ing travel; I have Orthodox peo-
                 arm of the Orthodox Church in       situations of need throughout
                                                                                          ple from nine different countries
                 North America, representing us      the world.
                                                                                          to support here – Romania, Bul-
                 for such emergencies through-           IOCC is the official humani-
                                                                                          garia, Albania, Canada, Russia,
                 out the world.”                     tarian aid agency of the Stand-
                                                                                          America, Georgia, Macedonia,
                      “We are grateful to His Emi-   ing Conference of Canonical Or-
                                                                                          and the Netherlands!
                 nence and the Antiochian faith-     thodox Bishops in the Americas
                                                                                              First of all, there is an actual
                 ful who generously provided this    (SCOBA) and a member of the
                                                                                          Orthodox Church in Afghani-
                 support from churches through-      ACT Alliance, a global coalition
                                                                                          stan. Let me say that again.
                 out the U.S.,” said IOCC Board      of churches and agencies en-
                                                                                          There is a Church – not just a
                 Chairman Alex Machaskee.            gaged in development, humani-
                                                                                          chapel – here in Afghanistan,
                 “The generosity of Orthodox         tarian assistance and advocacy.
                                                                                          which is to our knowledge the
                 Christians has been tremendous          You can help the victims of
                                                                                          only free-standing, permanent
                 in supporting our efforts to help   disasters around the world, like
                                                                                          Church structure of any kind in
                 those affected by this tragedy.”    the Haiti Earthquake, by mak-
                                                                                          the entire country. According
                     From the first days of this      ing a financial gift to the IOCC
                                                                                          to the CIA World Factbook, Af-
                 tragedy, IOCC has worked on         International Emergency Re-
                                                                                          ghanistan is thought to be 80%
                 behalf of the Standing Confer-      sponse Fund, which will provide
                                                                                          Sunni Muslim, 19% Shi’a Mus-
                 ence of Canonical Orthodox          immediate relief as well as long-
                                                                                          lim, and 1% “other” (and this
                 Bishops in the Americas (SCO-       term support through emergen-
                                                                                          one percent is mostly made up
                 BA) with its Orthodox Chris-        cy aid, recovery assistance and
                                                                                          of small breakaway sects of Is-
                 tian and ecumenical partners        other support for those in need.
                                                                                          lam). Christianity is almost non-
                 to provide immediate food,          To make a gift, please visit www.
                                                                                          existent, and Afghani Christians
                 shelter and other necessities to, call toll free at 1-877-
                                                                                          would be ostracized in every
                 the suffering people of Haiti.      803-IOCC (4622), or mail a
                                                                                          community that we know of.
                 IOCC has delivered more than        check or money order payable
                                                                                          But there is still one Church in
                 $2.7 million in immediate relief               .O.
                                                     to IOCC, P Box 630225, Bal-
                                                                                          the country!
                 to Haitians since the middle of     timore, Md. 21263-0225.
                                                                                              Back in 2001, the Romanian
                 January. Medicines, medical
                                                                                          Army sent an infantry battal-
                 equipment, water purification
                                                                                          ion to Kandahar, joining with
                 and sanitation equipment, tents,
                                                                                          the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain
                 hygiene kits, shelter materials,
                                                                                          Division and nine other NATO
                 fuel, food, blankets, jerry cans
                                                                                          countries to provide a military
                 for water and mattresses have
                                                                                          and diplomatic response to
                 been shipped and distributed
                                                                                          the attacks of September 11th.
                 throughout Haiti in cooperation
                                                                                          Each NATO force built its own
                 with Orthodox Christian part-
                                                                                          compound, and the Romanians
                 ners, ACT Alliance members
                                                                                          were not going to be without
                 and other partners.
                                                                                          a Church in theirs. They had
                     IOCC has received sup-
                                                                                          loved ones back home send pic-
                 port for Haiti from Orthodox
                                                                                          tures of a particularly beautiful
                 churches throughout the U.S.,

   36 The Word
                                                                                                              Orthodox World

monastery chapel in Transylva-       I marveled more and more at         tian Marines from my battalion
nia (the central region of Ro-       its size and beauty, but noth-      had traveled with me, to help me
mania), and with the help of an      ing could have prepared me for      with services, and the two of us
ethnically Romanian U.S. Army        what I felt walking inside. After   took a few minutes to stop and
Engineer, they drew blueprints       holding services every week in      pray, asking for God’s blessing
and built a replica of this chapel   tents, with makeshift altars and    on us and thanking him for this
in Kandahar, made entirely out       some small portable religious       true spiritual oasis in a war-torn
of wood. The results are abso-       items, I entered a Church lined     and weary land.
lutely stunning.                     with beautiful frescoes and icons       During the Easter season
    I first saw the Church from       (some three feet high), plants      we held five services, including
over a mile away, its tower          and flowers lining the center        Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sun-
climbing up out of the base’s        aisle, and even a little bell-      day. We had an incredible time
landscape almost 4 stories high.     house outside, for letting the      with all those who came to wor-
I had come to Kandahar to visit      community know when Church          ship, who hailed from America,
some Marines from my battalion       is being held. Entering the altar   Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia,
who were temporarily working         I found all of the implements       Russia, and Canada. The Ro-
at the airfield, and I had agreed     and accoutrements I would find       manians were incredibly hospi-
to provide services for Ortho-       in any Church, and a picture of     table, and I developed a love for
dox members of the American          a Romania bishop blessing and       them as a people in those short
military serving there, and also     consecrating the Church several     five days that will last for the
for those of other countries. As     years earlier.                      rest of my life, I am sure. In be-
I walked toward the Church,              One of the Orthodox Chris-      tween services I remained in the

                                                                                                               The Word 37
Orthodox World

                 Church, and had the opportu-         about 30 soldiers from the Re-       my faith sustains me. And, you
                 nity to talk to dozens of people     public of Georgia into the small     know, your faith as a Church
                 who had just seen the Church         tent we were using. He was smil-     sustains me – us – also. That’s
                 and decided to stop in – Chris-      ing triumphantly, and it was in-     what it means to be a spiritual
                 tians of all kinds, and some of      deed a triumphant moment, but,       family. St. Anthony’s was here in
                 no faith background.                 wow – were we crowded in our         Afghanistan this year, and Scott
                     RP3 [a Religion Program spe-     little chapel tent! To top every-    and I both knew it. It was more
                 cialist] and I returned to Camp      thing off, two Indian Christians     than their icons and breads
                 Leatherneck on the Monday be-        entered in the back and stood        and cards, of course, although
                 fore Easter, where as a Chaplain     in the doorway – it was a very       those things made our celebra-
                 team we normally spend about         NATO celebration.                    tion special. I believe that we
                 two-thirds of our time. Easter            I will never forget the joy     are also carried along by their
                 came at a good time this year,       of that service. I nearly broke      prayers at Church and at home.
                 because there was a fairly large     down in tears while reading the          I send all of you at St. An-
                 turnover in the various Marine       sermon of St. John Chrysostom,       thony’s love from my family.
                 units across the country. As the     and again while giving com-          Little Eve turned one the day af-
                 Marine Headquarters for Af-          munion to a newly chrismated         ter Pascha! I also send you love
                 ghanistan, Camp Leatherneck          member of my battalion for           from Scott, who is now back in
                 also serves as a sort of transit     the first time. After the service     the battle in Northeastern Hel-
                 station for departing and arriv-     ended, the joy continued – we        mand Province. Do not miss a
                 ing Marines, and so several Ma-      ate sweet breads sent to us from     day of praying for him, if you
                 rines just coming into country       our St. Anthony’s family, and        can remember. And please pray
                 or just preparing to leave were      sang “Christ is Risen!” at the top   also for me.
                                                                                                          Fr. David Alexander
                 able to make services; other-        of our lungs. I also gave away
                 wise they would have been in         almost all of the beautiful little
                 some remote location and un-         icons that parishioners sent,
                 able to attend. In addition, Scott   as a Church, along with bottles
                 Hakim was able to be present         of holy water. Scott called the
                 because he was still recovering      distribution of these items “the
                 from injuries he received in bat-    Great Church Giveaway.” Af-
                 tle at one of our regional surgi-    terwards most of us broke our
                 cal hospitals located at a British   Lenten fast at “mid-rats,” short
                 airfield adjacent to Camp Leath-      for “midnight rations,” the
                 erneck. It filled me with joy to      fourth meal of the day provided
                 have him with us, and was just       for those working odd hours, and
                 one of many ways that my home        lasting from 0000-0300. A burg-
                 parish, St. Anthony’s, was in my     er hit the spot just fine for me.
                 heart this Pascha.                        Those are just a couple of
                     At 2330, or 11:30 p.m. on        stories out of many during the
                 Saturday night, our service be-      month of April. In these months
                 gan, and it took us right into       away from my family, there is
                 Easter morning. We had about         a big hole at my center. I have
                 15 Orthodox Marines and Sail-        never gotten used to being away
                 ors present (quite a good size       from my wife and daughter, and
                 for a military chapel during de-     I never will – they are a part of
                 ployment), and we were light-        me, and I refuse to ignore or
                 ing candles for everyone to hold     eliminate my longing for them. I
                 when John, a friend of mine and      choose to live with longing, be-
                 Marine infantry Captain from         cause that is what it means to be
                 Tarpon Springs, Florida, led         truly human. During these times

   38 The Word
The People
Speak …                                            Sacred
                                                                    25 TH Annual

                              April 20, 2010

His Eminence
Metropolitan PHILIP
Antiochian Orthodox Christian                         “Let our Mouths be Filled
Archdiocese of North America                          With Thy Praise, O Lord!”
358 Mountain Road
Englewood, NJ 07631
Your Eminence:                                          Presentations                                           Wednesday,
   Christ is Risen!                                                                                              July 28th
                                                              THE HISTORY OF
   Thank you for receiving us last week                 THE SACRED MUSIC INSTITUTE
at the chancery and for your continued              INTRODUCTION TO BYZANTINE CHANT
                                                           ADVANCED CHANTING
support for the ministry of IOCC and our                   BYZANTINE NOTATION                                 August 1st, 2010
work to respond to the needs of Haitians                    CHANTING THE ISON
who have suffered so greatly as a result of               REHEARSAL TECHNIQUES
the January 12 earthquake. We are truly                     VOCAL TECHNIQUES
                                                   MUSIC FOR MISSIONS AND NOVICE CHOIRS
blessed by the generosity of the Antiochian                    HYMNOLOGY
faithful who have poured out their hearts to            CHILDREN’S MUSIC PROGRAM
                                                               PITCH GIVING
assist and we appreciate this opportunity            TEMPO AND PERFORMANCE PRACTICE
to be your hand of compassion for those                    COMPUTERIZING MUSIC
                                                         CONGREGATIONAL SINGING
who survived this terrible tragedy.
   IOCC gratefully acknowledges receipt of            AND BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND...                               Antiochian Village
$150,000 designated for use in our ongo-           25TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT FEATURING:
                                                                                                                 40 Church Camp Trail
                                                     THE SACRED MUSIC CHAMBER CHOIR                                Bolivar, PA 15923
ing efforts to provide relief and develop-
ment assistance in Haiti.
   Your Eminence’s Arch-pastoral blessings
                                                           F o r m o r e i n f o r m at i o n p l e a s e c o n t a c t
and the gracious and ongoing support of                             PA U L J A B A R A AT J A B A R A S M I @ G M A I L . C O M
the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Arch-
diocese of North America for the ministry
of IOCC is a beacon of hope that extends
Christ’s love to people who have suffered.
We look forward to our continued coopera-
tion in service to God’s people in need.
   Asking for your Archpastoral blessings
and praying that our Lord grants Your Emi-
nence many years, I remain,

                                Yours in Christ,
                    Constantine M. Triantafilou
                   Executive Director and CEO
       THE WORD
    358 Mountain Road                                                                                  Periodical postage paid at
      PO Box 5238                                                                                       Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Englewood, NJ 07631-5238

            Y                  ou’ve Gotta Have Heart.
                                   Join The Order.

          Members of The Order of St. Ignatius of Antioch
          step up to the plate to serve the Antiochian Orthodox
          Christian Archdiocese in harmony with fellow
          members and they do so with heart.

          Join The Order and help support our youth, clergy,
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