Monthly Update Form 03 06 00 Collingwood by wulinqing


									    neighbourhood renewal                                             Area: Collingwood                   NR Project Manager: Peter McNicol

     Please provide the following information for your Neighbourhood Renewal projects. The form begins with an overview section where you can include any relevant
     background information including an important issues section and follows with questions listed under the six key objectives being used to evaluate progress in
     neighbourhood renewal.


    Please list the street boundaries for the Neighbourhood Renewal area.

    Vere, Perry, Hoddle and Wellington Streets constitute the boundaries of the Collingwood Public Housing Estate. The Estate is part of the Northern Metropolitan Region
    and falls under jurisdiction of the City of Yarra.

                                                                                                          Regional Director                                    Date

    What are the indicators of disadvantage, employment participation statistics for example, that led to your area being selected as a Neighbourhood Renewal project?
     (The specific statistics and indicators of disadvantage is important information that will be included in policy documents and fact sheets on the region, and will be
     used for evaluation. So we need to know the date the data applies to and the source of the information for referencing.)

     1                                                                                                                             Monthly Update – June 2003
     The Collingwood Public Housing Estate is targeted for Neighbourhood Renewal in recognition of disparities between it and the broader suburb and LGA (City of
     Yarra) that have been subject to significant gentrification processes over the past decade and a half. Working class and blue collar trade in the local area,
     formerly accounting for the vast majority of local business, has declined significantly and now accounts for only ten per cent of industry. Professional and
     commercial services now predominate, and this, combined with the neighbourhood’s proximity to the CBD and cultural and entertainment precincts has
     attracted increasing numbers of households of higher socio-economic status.

     Date for    Data                                                                                                                         Source of the
     Statistic                                                                                                                                Information (eg ABS)
     Oct 2002    High incidence of single person (23.3% older singles, 22.9% singles general) and single parent households (23.5%)            OoH
     Oct 2002    High turnover and vacancy rates (due to high crime, fear from threat of violence, perceived vulnerability to violence        OoH
                 and crime, noise, proximity of undesirable elements, overt drug culture/activities); 42 per cent of households have
                 resided on the estate for less than three years
     Oct 2002    Low income levels amongst residents; seventeen percent of households have a weekly income of less than $200, and             OoH
                 forty-nine percent of all households earn less than $300 per week.
     Oct 2002    Significant ethnic diversity (resultant language and cultural differences/barriers affecting participation rates); over 30   OoH
                 differing preferred languages amongst households; over 55 differing countries of birth

   Please provide any background information, project history or an overview of the projects in your area where you think this information will be useful.

       Statistics from Victoria Police reflect that the community from this area experiences a high incidence of crime. In 2000/2001, 15% of offences recorded in
        Yarra occurred in Collingwood. The population of Collingwood represents 21% of Yarra’s total.
       Emblematic of intense polarisation between a large low-income group and a burgeoning high income/professional sector of the community, fifteen per cent
        of households in the COY earn in excess of $1500 per week, whilst twenty per cent are in receipt of incomes below $300 over the same period (CoY, ABS,
       The City of Yarra has the poorest health status of any LGA in the state (DHS – Burden of Disease, 1996).
       State ranking of 44 of 622 postcodes ranked by JSS disadvantage index (overall) (JSS, 1999)

    2                                                                                                                                Monthly Update – June 2003
   What important issues have been raised in your region about Neighbourhood Renewal (eg positive or negative comments in local media, resident perceptions to be
    aware of, particular local circumstances which may hamper the strategy)?

    Date Raised          Issue & Relevant Background                                                                             Suggested Future Action
    June 2003            Three stories discussing activities at the Collingwood Housing Estate appeared in the June edition of   Continue to promote activities and
                         The City of Yarra News.                                                                                 events occurring at the Collingwood
                         1. “Harvest Festival” reported the success of this event celebrating the diversity of the estate.       Housing Estate.
                         2. The Art exhibition held at the Collingwood Housing Estate’s underground car park during the
                             recent harvest Festival was the subject of “Underground Art”
                         3. “Laughing Out Loud” promoted the Collingwood Laughing Club led by estate resident and
                             Community Empowerment Project participant- Kim Chua.

    31/05/03             The Age published an article “Good Deeds Done”, discussing the positive work done by City of Yarra
                         youth worker, Katie Porter, at the Collingwood Housing Estate.

    21/05/03             774 ABC Melbourne radio presenter- Virginia Trioli- interviewed Inspector Greg Doheal about
                         Operation Radically- the Police crackdown on the Collingwood, Richmond and Fitzroy Housing
    20/05/03             The CPSU Olive Leaf Bulletin for members employed by the OoH briefly discussed issues relating to       Inform the CPSU regarding the
                         the maintenance and concierge CJP run at Collingwood and Fitzroy OoH. Issues included the failure       creation of new positions at the OoH.
                         of DHS to consult with the CPSU about the creation of these new positions and short term contract
                         employment for these new OoH employees.

    3                                                                                                                            Monthly Update – June 2003
1. Increased Community Participation & Pride

   What Consultative Committees have been established?

    A. Office of Housing and/or Neighbourhood Renewal Driven Committees

    Date          Committee Name                                     Chair/Contact      Meeting Dates        Participants (orgs.)              Total
    started                                                                                                                                    Members
                                                                                                                                               & No. of
    November      Neighbourhood Advisory Team                        Sherri Bruinhout   Monthly.             Current: 12 Residents, COY,       12
    2002                                                             (CoY), OoH         Next meeting July    JSS, NYCH, Homeground, OoH,       residents,
                                                                     contact: Jacki     24 2003              Centrelink, AIDS Housing Action   12 agency
                                                                     Holland                                 Group, BSL, Collingwood           representat
                                                                                                             College, DACCHTA, Victoria        ives and
                                                                                                             Police, CNH and ACU.              DACCHTA
    November      Health & wellbeing working group                   Jacki Holland      Monthly.             Current: Residents, COY, JSS,     Varies
    2002                                                                                Next meeting: July   NYCH, CNH, DHS
                                                                                        22nd 2003
    November      Crime and safety working group                     Jacki Holland      Monthly.             Current: Residents, AHAG,         Varies.
    2002                                                                                Next meeting: July   Victoria Police, OoH, Chubb
                                                                                        7th 2003             Security.
    November      Employment, Learning and Economic Development      Jacki Holland &    Monthly              Current: Residents, Collingwood   Varies.
    2002          working group                                      Mark Daniels       Next meeting: July   College, Homeground, JSS, OoH
                                                                     (OoH)              15th 2003

    4                                                                                                                   Monthly Update – June 2003
B. Other

Date         Committee Name                                      Chair/Contact         Meeting Dates         Participants (orgs.)               Total
started                                                          and lead agency                                                                Members
                                                                                                                                                & No. of
2000         Collingwood Estate Network Meetings                 Aldo Malavisi (JSS)   1st Tuesday of        Outreach Victoria, OoH, JSS,       Attendance
                                                                                       every 2nd month.      Dacchta, CNH, NYCH, COY,           varies.
                                                                                       Next meeting          Yarra Youth Services               Minimum 2
                                                                                       05/08/03                                                 residents
                                                                                                                                                (approx 8-
3/7/01       Collingwood Housing Estate Arts Committee/Project   Andy Miller (CoY)     Usually 1st           COY, NYCH, CNH, OoH,               17 total
             (CHEAC/CHEAP)                                                             Wednesday of          Contemporary Sculptors             members
                                                                                       month – next          Association, Primary Mental        9 residents
                                                                                       meeting 02/07/03      Health Service, VicHealth, RMIT,
5/2002       Community Empowerment Project Steering              COY                   Fortnightly           OOH, COY, SMHW, BSL, JSS,          12
             Committee                                                                                       NYCH, NRCH, Residents              residents
1/4/01       The Link Newsletter Committee                       CNH                   Usually bi-monthly.   CNH, OoH, JSS, Residents,          8 total
                                                                                                                                                5 residents
April 2001   Harvest Festival Committee                          CNH                   In lead time to       Artists, Promoters, OoH, CNH,      8 total
                                                                                       Housing Week          JSS                                members
                                                                                                                                                5 residents

5                                                                                                                       Monthly Update – June 2003
   What other activities are taking place to increase community participation and pride?

    A. Office of Housing and/or Neighbourhood Renewal Driven Activities

     Actions         Orgs.      Targets                   Start         Budget &      Current   Outcomes/                                  Future Action
                     involved                             Date/         Agency        Expend    Achievements
                                                          End Date
     NAT             OoH,       Training is required so   25/06/03      $13,970       $13,970   12 resident NAT members are taking         Participants will provide
     Training:       NAT,       that resident members     Ongoing       Kangan                  part in the training program to develop    feedback regarding
     delivered by    Kangan     of the NAT can develop    for 17        Bateman                 their skills.                              training and session
     Kangan          Batman     and attain skills that    sessions on   TAFE                    Participants have the opportunity to       content will be adapted
     Batman TAFE     TAFE       enable them to            a                                     obtain accreditation towards Certificate   as necessary.
                                participate and           fortnightly                           1 in Business Skills.
                                contribute to their       basis.
                                fullest capacity.

     NAT             NAT,       To welcome agency         11/06/03      Approx        $500      New NAT members (tenants and               To organise an annual
     induction       NAB and    representatives and                     $500                    agency representatives) were               NAT social activity.
     and social      OoH        new tenant                               OoH                    welcomed and briefed.
     activity- 10               representatives to the                                          10 Pin bowing fostered group
     pin bowling.               NAT and to meet for                                             cohesion.
                                the first time via a
                                social activity
     RMIT Faces      OoH,       Faces in the Crowd is a   05/06/03      $7,920        $7920     Two groups with up to 20 participants      To evaluate the
     in the Crowd    RMIT       series of community       5 sessions                            each will undertake five 2-hour            program.
     Training                   involvement               to be                                 workshops to be delivered by an RMIT
                                workshops targeted at     delivered                             trainer at the Collingwood Housing
                                the many Collingwood      by end of                             Estate.
                                Housing Estate            July
                                residents who would
                                like to be more
                                involved with their
                                community but don’t
                                have the confidence or
                                skills to do so.

    6                                                                                                                           Monthly Update – June 2003
 Public           NAT,        To discuss expressions   04/06/03    $200 for                   The NAT organised and hosted a Public    The NAT will advise the
 Consultation     OoH, JSS    of interest submitted                catering                   Meeting where the future use of the 74   OoH of the outcome of
 re. the future               regarding the future                                            Vere Street space was discussed.         this consultation process.
 use of vacant                use of the vacant                    NAT, OoH
 premises at                  premises at 74 Vere
 74 Vere St,                  Street Collingwood.

B. Other

 Actions          Orgs.          Targets               Start       Budget      Current      Outcomes/                              Future Action
                  involved                             Date/       &           Expend       Achievements
                                                       End Date    Agency
 Collingwood      Estate         To involve the
 Estate           resident-      estate community
 Laughing         Kim Chua       in
 Club             and CoY
                  nt Project
 Community        CNH,           Paintings from        Started:    $2000       Project      25 pieces currently framed.            Broaden art base to wider
 Art Bank         Collingwood    Collingwood           January     Collingw    will         Promoting and celebrating the          community – not just
                  College,       College students      2001 –      ood         hopefully    talents of young children living on    children. Monies raised to
                  NRCHC          (primary to year      now         Rotary,     become       the estate. Create opportunities for   fund future community arts
                                 12) framed and        ongoing     $4000       self-        quality framing, exhibition and        projects.
                                 leased to offices.                DANKS       sustaina     income. Development of website
                                                                               ble (not 2
                                                                               for profit   exhibitions in local galleries
 Somali           CNH &          To educate            July 2002   $0          $0           Weekly meetings (Sat and Sun)          Support with “in kind”
 Language         Somali         younger Somali        and                                                                         resourcing
 School           Community      persons in the        ongoing
                                 Somali culture and

 Afghan and       JSS and        Health education      January     $2000       $500         12 participants. Weekly meetings at    May be picked up in broader
 Irani            NYCH           and outings for       2002 and    from CoY                 Collingwood College. Successful        participation strategies
 Women’s                         Afghan and Irani      ongoing     Communi                  Islamic New Year Festival event.
 Support                         Women                             ty Grants

7                                                                                                                             Monthly Update – June 2003
Actions         Orgs.           Targets                Start       Budget      Current     Outcomes/                                 Future Action
                involved                               Date/       &           Expend      Achievements
                                                       End Date    Agency
Multicultural   CNH             To provide catering    Commence    $3000       In excess   Provides employment and                   Establishment of commercial
Catering                        services for           d July      seeing      of $3000    development of business skills for        kitchen for Catering Program
Program                         residents and local    2001 and    funds                   residents, catering for meetings,         use.
                                agencies.              ongoing     CoY,                    functions and events. Now self-
                                                                   OoH,                    sufficient business.
CHEAC           CoY, NYCH,      To establish           July 2001   $80 000     $0          Attracted Melbourne Fringe Festival       Continue to support
                CNH, OoH,       Collingwood Public     and         over 2                  to work with residents on the estate      initiatives
                Contemporar     Housing Estate as      ongoing     years                   during 2001.
                y Sculptors     a centre for                       from Vic
                Assoc.,         excellence in art.                 Health
                Primary                                            and OoH
                Services, Vic
                RMIT, JSS,
                Down Street
Excursion       CNH             Monthly excursions     Ongoing     Self-                   Fifty to sixty residents regularly
and camping                     and an annual                      funded                  participating.
program                         weekend camping                    and
                                trip                               subsidise
                                                                   d by CNH
                                                                   and CoY.
                                                                   ns $5000
Work for the    Centrelink,     Projects to            Ongoing     $5 000      $4 500      Garden bed rejuvenation.
Dole            OoH, CNH        improve the                        (Current                Permanent display of Mosaic Art
                (host), Work    physical                           project)                Pieces created by participants.
                Placement       environment and                    $1000                   Installation of recently completed
                (Supervisor)    to enhance skills of               DEWRSB                  mosaics in various locations on the
                                participants.                      (Work                   estate, including lift foyers at 253
                                                                   for the                 Hoddle Street.

8                                                                                                                               Monthly Update – June 2003
Actions       Orgs.       Targets               Start        Budget     Current    Outcomes/                                Future Action
              involved                          Date/        &          Expend     Achievements
                                                End Date     Agency
                                                             , $1000
                                                             OoH and

Communities   JSS         Improve               July 2000    $249,00    $7,000     Work plan now incorporated               Continue to support tenants
Together                  community             and          0 pa       est. for   commitment to NR. Increased              and build relationships with
Project                   involvement in        currently    Across     02/03      community involvement in programs        the broader community.
                          programs on the       funded       CoY                   and social activities run on the         Targeting younger people
                          estate                until June                         estate.                                  and recent arrivals.
                                                2003                               Increased capacity and a focus on        Emphasis on working with
                                                                                   long term problem solving.               emerging community leaders
                                                                                   Additional resourcing attracted to       and representatives.
                                                                                   the estate by JSS.                       Assist development of tenant
                                                                                   Networking of participants in to         driven projects.
                                                                                   education, social support and civic
                                                                                   involvement. Increase in numbers of
                                                                                   tenants working as volunteers on
Various       CNH         Social recreational   July 2000    $0         $0         15 participants attending each class     No further action at this
classes                   activities for                                                                                    stage, however, may be
including                 residents and the                                                                                 picked up in broader
boot                      local community                                                                                   recreational strategies.
scooting,                                                                                                                   Ongoing funding sought by
Latin, and                                                                                                                  CNH.
Positive      CNH, CoY,   Photographic          2001-2002    $5000                 Photographer employed during             Public display.
Images        OoH         display of positive                from CoY              2001. Community has selected 5
Project                   images of the                      and OoH               photographs from photographer’s
                          estate                                                   folio now on display in foyer of high-
                                                                                   rise 253 Hoddle Street.

9                                                                                                                    Monthly Update – June 2003
   What initiatives are being undertaken with the Community Development grant?

     Start Date/     Type                 Orgs Involved        Targets and              Outcomes and               Budget (and financial    Current Expenditure
     End Date                                                  Objective                Achievements               year)
     Nil                                                                                                           2002-2003 $165,000

   What events or neighbourhood activities have been held and what will be held in the future?

     Date held      Type                                 Venue                              Participants (no. & orgs.)            Lead agency
     or Start
     Date & End
     August 2003    Café Nights- A celebratory           Estate Grounds                     Tenants, Collingwood Neighbourhood    Collingwood Neighbourhood
                    evening of community                                                    House, OoH, CoY, JSS                  House.
                    performances, food and
     July 2003 –    Voices of the People Choir.          Estate Grounds and local           Residents, Belgium Avenue and         Belgium Avenue and Collingwood
     June 2004      Voices of the People Choir will      community (CoY) events.            Collingwood Neighbourhood House in    Neighbourhood House
                    provide ongoing choir work and                                          partnership with:
                    musicianship to children and                                            Office of Housing
                    residents of Collingwood and                                            Collingwood College
                    Fitzroy Housing Estates and to                                          Jesuit Social Services
                    develop community talent to                                             North Yarra Community Health Centre
                    perform at community events                                             Vietnamese Older Women’s Singers
                    throughout the year. The                                                Turkish Women’s Group
                    anticipated outcome will be a
                    large multi lingual choir that
                    explores singing from the
                    heritages of the participants

     12 July 2003   Block Unlocked Festival– Young       Collingwood Estate Youth Drop      Tenants and broader community         Collingwood Neighbourhood House
                    persons musical workshops (over      in Space (253 Hoddle St). Local    ($5000 from CoY)                      (OoH contributing funds of $3000)
                    one week) culminating in             schools (during preceding week)
                    performance day on estate

    10                                                                                                                       Monthly Update – June 2003
   Please list all local Neighbourhood Renewal publications put out by the region. Please forward all publications listed to NR Branch (on disk if to be included on the

     Date         Publication Name      Orgs. involved       Targets                 Budget      Current Expend      Outcomes/                Future          OoH
                                                                                     &                               Achievements             Action          Utilisation
                                                                                     Agency                                                                   of
     As           Minutes of Public     CNH, OoH, JSS,       All interested                                          Consultation Minutes     Commitment
     required     Consultations,        CoY, HG,             residents from the                                      distributed across       to open and
                  Reference Group       Dacchta, NYCH        estate and relevant                                     the estate in four       transparent
                  Meetings,                                  agency staff                                            key languages.           communicatio
                  Neighbourhood                                                                                                               ns.
                  Advisory Team                                                                                                               Development
                  meetings                                                                                                                    of local
                                                                                                                                              ns strategy
                  Collingwood           OoH (and local       DHS, OoH, Local         $0          $0                  Part A completed         Action Plan
                  Neighbourhood         networks through     Community                                               November 2002            released
                  Renewal               working groups                                                                                        locally
                  Community Action      and consultation                                                                                      January 2003
                  Plan                  processes)                                                                                            for comment
                                                                                                                                              of priorities
     Usually      The Link              CNH, OoH, JSS        To promote tenant       $700        $4900               Regular contributions    Continue to     Regular NR
     Bi-          Newsletter                                 awareness of what is    per                             by residents.            support this    page/compon
     monthly                                                 occurring on the        issue                           Community training.      publication     ent
                                                             estate. Increase                                        Translations by                          incorporated
                                                             tenant involvement                                      community.                               in publication.
                                                                                                                                                              Promotion of
                                                                                                                                                              events and
                                                                                                                                                              “what’s on”
     2002         Yarraweb              InfoXchange,         To provide              Initial     $20,000             Limited utilisation      Encourage       Promotion of
                                        OOH, CoY, NYCH,      information and         start up                                                 greater         events and
                                        HG, AGRA, JSS        coordination around     monies                                                   utilisation     activities
                                                             activities on the       provided                                                                 through
                                                             estate                                                                                           periodic entry
                                                                                                                                                              of information

    11                                                                                                                              Monthly Update – June 2003
2. Enhancing housing and the physical environment

   How many private and public properties in the Neighbourhood Renewal area.

     Private Properties                                                             Public Housing Properties

     NIL                                                                            3 high rise (571 flats) and 31 walk ups (367 flats).

                                                                                    100% public housing

   What is the type and age of the stock?

     Public Housing was established in Collingwood in 1958, numerous cottages making way for three storey Housing Commission Accommodation. Three twenty-
     storey high-rise blocks were constructed between 1968 and 1971. These blocks and the walk-up and townhouse style accommodation (much of which was
     refurbished during the 1980’s) between them comprise the Collingwood Public Housing Estate. Despite these refurbishments, much of the walk-up estate is
     experiencing building movement resulting in large fractures appearing in many of the properties. A consultant’s report for permanent remedial works is currently
     being considered.

     The vast majority of housing stock is in need of upgrade and maintenance, there having been little capital investment in physical assets during the 1990’s.
     It is a physical environment that attracts a high incidence of trespass.

    12                                                                                                                            Monthly Update – June 2003
   Please specify budget details against progress made for housing projects.
    Location of Works       Budget                 Works 2001/2002                Budget 2002/2003               Breakdown of No of Properties and type of
                            2001/2002                                                                            work scheduled for 2002/2003
    253 Hoddle Street       $1m                    Internal upgrade of 18 flats   $1m                            Internal upgrade of 18 flats (floors 3, 4 & 5), and
                                                   (floors 1 & 2)                                                Retrofit windows floors 1 & 2
                            $0.65                  Open lifts to all floors       $0.03m                         Masterplan
                                                                                  $0.09m                         Window replacement (floors 3, 4 & 5)
                                                                                  $1.5m                          Security upgrades including centralised camera
                                                                                                                 monitoring, access control, foyer concierge and
                                                                                                                 upgrade, car parking facilities
                                                                                  $0.16m                         Lift lobby treatment (floors 1-4)
                                                                                  $0.24m                         Access balcony upgrades (floors 1-4)
                                                                                  $0.33m                         Civil works
                                                                                  $0.3m                          CNH Refurbishment (including commercial kitchen
                                                                                  $0.145m (one third share of)   High Rise Mixed Household Programmed
                                                                                                                 Maintenance of 29 flats on estate
    240 Wellington           $0.65m                Conversion of 14 three         $1.5m                          Security upgrades including centralised camera
    Street                                         bedroom flats to 21 flats                                     monitoring, access control, foyer concierge and
                                                   including two and one                                         upgrade, car parking facilities
                                                   bedroom size
                                                                                  $0.145m (one third share of)   High Rise Mixed Household Programmed
                                                                                                                 Maintenance of 29 flats on estate
                                                                                  $0.33m                         Civil works
    229 Hoddle Street                                                             $1.5m                          Security upgrades including centralised camera
                                                                                                                 monitoring, access control, foyer concierge and
                                                                                                                 upgrade, car parking facilities
                                                                                  $0.145m (one third share of)   High Rise Mixed Household Programmed
                                                                                                                 Maintenance of 29 flats on estate
                                                                                  $0.33m                         Civil works

    13                                                                                                                      Monthly Update – June 2003
*Progress Against Budget (the Number of Properties Completed & the Type of Work - for work completed, work underway, work that has a start
date and tenders let etc) for 2002-2003

                               July   August September October November December January February March April   May   June   Comments
Open lift to all floors                                                                                                      Complete
Civil Works                                                                                                                  Complete
Internal upgrades                                                                                                            Floors 3, 4 & 5

Window replacement                                                                                                           Floors 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
Access balcony upgrades                                                                                                      Floors 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Lift lobby treatment
                                                                                                                             Dates to be confirmed. Public
                                                                                                                             consultation undertaken.
                                                                                                                             Cabling commenced August.
                                                                                                                             Interim measures implemented
Security Upgrade & IT wiring                                                                                                 in August.
CNH Refurbishment                                                                                                            To be advised
Programmed Maintenance                                                                                                       To be advised

Civil Works                                                                                                                  Complete
                                                                                                                             Dates to be confirmed. Public
                                                                                                                             consultation undertaken.
                                                                                                                             Cabling commenced August.
                                                                                                                             Interim measures implemented
Security Upgrade & IT wiring                                                                                                 in August.
Programmed Maintenance                                                                                                       To be advised

Civil Works                                                                                                                  Complete
                                                                                                                             Dates to be confirmed. Public
                                                                                                                             consultation undertaken.
                                                                                                                             Cabling commenced August.
Security Upgrade & IT wiring                                                                                                 Interim measures implemented

14                                                                                                                Monthly Update – June 2003
                                                                                                                                             in August.

    Programmed Maintenance                                                                                                                   To be advised

   Other budget details or housing works completed to be aware of. (Include NR work prior to 2001-2002 financial year. Don’t always need to include a breakdown of
    properties but what ought to be included is special budgetary considerations for the area, eg. Redevelopment funding or in the case of Latrobe Valley, Ministerial
    Taskforce funding for example.)

     Financial Year/Date            Budgeted Amount                        Purpose (eg Redevelopment,       Amount          Date Work       Type of Work & No. of
                                                                           or Neighbourhood Renewal)        Spent           Completed       Properties
     January 2003                                                          Community Jobs Program                           4 April 2003    Landscaping and
                                                                           (Landscaping)                                                    beautification works across
                                                                                                                                            two garden areas on estate
                                                 $206 000                                                   $206 000
     February 2003                                                         Community Jobs Program                           May 2003        Further landscaping across
                                                                           (Painting, Landscaping)                                          grounds, painting (could
                                                                                                                                            include vacant unit painting)

3. Employment, Training, Education and Economic Expansion

   What is the total number of CJP places for the NR area?

     CJP Place 2001-2002                                                            CJP Places 2002-2003
     NIL                                                                            Jan 2003 – 12 (Brotherhood of St Laurence sponsored)
                                                                                    Jan 2003 – 10 (Apprenticeships Plus sponsored)
                                                                                    Feb 2003 – 15 (Apprenticeships Plus sponsored)

   Details of CJP projects.

     Start Date/     Type                      Training         Budget        Places       No. of        No. Gone on to      Other                           Graduation
     End Date                                  Organisation                   Allocated    participan    Study &                                             Dates
                                               /s, or Other                   for this     ts            Training
                                               Orgs involved                  Project
     January         Additional resources      BSL, OoH         $76 246       12           12            N/A                 Aims to create employment       April 2003
     2003            for the estate – new                       through       Funding                                        opportunities for residents
                     positions of Concierge,                    CJP           submission                                     and address issues of
                     Cleaner/Handyperson,                       funding.      approved                                       concern including
                     Administration Officer                     $130,000      October                                        maintenance, security and
                     for NR                                     OoH           2002                                           cleaning

    15                                                                                                                          Monthly Update – June 2003
     Start Date/     Type                     Training            Budget       Places        No. of       No. Gone on to        Other                             Graduation
     End Date                                 Organisation                     Allocated     participan   Study &                                                 Dates
                                              /s, or Other                     for this      ts           Training
                                              Orgs involved                    Project
     September       Linking CJP positions    OoH, CoY,           ($357,000)   Funding       50 across    N/A                   Aims to create employment         April 2003
     2002            to housing works and     Apprenticeship                   approved      Collingwoo                         opportunities for residents
                     maintenance programs     s Plus                           October       d and                              and address areas of
                                                                               2002          Fitzroy                            concern in the landscape
                                                                                                                                environment (25 positions).
                                                                                                                                Second round landscaping
                                                                                                                                and painting (25 jobs)

   What other employment, training, education or economic related activities are taking place?

     Actions                Orgs. involved    Targets              Start Date/    Budget &        Current       Outcomes/                              Future Action
                                                                   End Date       Agency          Expend        Achievements
     Youth Employment       OoH, BSL          To offer             30/6/03 to                                   Employees commenced 30/6/03
     Scheme - 3                               traineeships to 3    30/6/04
     Administrative                           youth from the
     Assistant positions                      Collingwood and
     filled.                                  Fitzroy estates
     Confidence Booster     OoH, RMIT         Local community      5 June 2003    RMIT            $7920         Program developed and to
     Personal                                 members                             $7920                         commence June 5 2003
     Development                              requiring further
     Training                                 skills for
                                              confidence in
     Employment,            Various           To identify and      Commenced:     Unfunded        N/a           Part A of Action Plan developed        Prioritising identified
     Learning and                             respond to issues    November                                     capturing the background, issues       issues and
     Economic                                 around training      2002                                         and opportunities identified by this   development of
     Development                              and employment                                                    group.                                 strategic responses.
     Working Group                            on the estate. To
     established                              inform
                                              development of
                                              Action Plan.
     English Classes,       CNH, Caringbush   Local community      Weekly                                       Over 40 participants regularly         Support as required
     writing programs,      Adult Education   members                                                           attending classes
     sewing classes,

    16                                                                                                                              Monthly Update – June 2003
Actions              Orgs. involved     Targets             Start Date/     Budget &       Current   Outcomes/                             Future Action
                                                            End Date        Agency         Expend    Achievements
PC classes           CNH                Local community                     $3240 (CNH,    $0        PC access to community, five days     Support as required
(beginners,                             members                             Adult                    per week.
internet, email)                                                            Community
                                                                            and Further
CHEAP                CHEAC (as          Renovate            Commence:       $50 000        $10 000   Creation of site specific art piece   Support as required
                     above)             Collingwood         1/1/02                                   10 youth trainees
                                        Underground Car     Finish:                                  Certificate IV in Community Work
                                        park to provide     1/7/03
                                        art and
Community            COY (auspice)      To train and        Started: July   Part of        $0        To develop 45 leaders for             Strongly link CEP
Empowerment                             empower up to       2002            $350,000                 disadvantaged communities across      reps into decisions
Project                                 15 residents                        over 2 years             the CoY                               on the estates
                                        across 3 estates                    using FaCS
                                        as community                        funding
HIPPY (Home          HIPPY Australia,   To improve          To start:       Funding        $0        Funding in development (combined      Support application
Instruction for      BSL, OoH,          educational base    2003            submission               application with Fitzroy,
Parents of Pre-                         of pre-school                       at draft                 Collingwood and Richmond)
School Youngsters)                      youngsters. To                      stage
                                        assistance to
                                        parents and offer
                                        and training
                                        opportunities to
Social Contracts     OoH                To ensure tenant    July 2003       Estate         $0        To create employment                  Evaluate the success
                                        employment is                       cleaning and             opportunities on the estate           of Social Contracts.
                                        an included                         gardening                                                      Scope to increase
                                        outcome of                          budget:                                                        the number of
                                        cleaning and                        $2,000,000                                                     tenants employed.
                                        gardening                           pa.
                                        contracts at

17                                                                                                                       Monthly Update – June 2003
Actions             Orgs. involved     Targets             Start Date/   Budget &        Current   Outcomes/                         Future Action
                                                           End Date      Agency          Expend    Achievements
Minor Gardening     OoH, Cultivating   To provide up to    April 2003    $15,000-        $0        To improve the estate             Evaluate and
Works               Communities and    4 landscape                       Landscape                 environment and provide tenant    possibly consider
                    Apprenticeships    positions on the                  area around               employment and training.          tenants for minor
                    Plus               estate for CJP                    140                                                         gardening works
                                       graduates                         Brunswick                                                   contracts.
                                                                         Part time
                                                                         to maintain
                                                                         exisiting CJP
Work for the Dole   Centrelink, OoH,   Projects to         Ongoing       $5 000          $4 500    Garden bed rejuvenation.          Installation of
                    CNH, Work          improve the                       (Current                  Permanent display of Mosaic Art   recently completed
                    Placement          physical                          project)                  Pieces created by participants.   mosaics in various
                                       environment and                                                                               locations on the
                                       to enhance skills                                                                             estate.
                                       of participants.

18                                                                                                                   Monthly Update – June 2003
       How many community enterprises and small businesses have started up in the Neighbourhood Renewal area?

         Date       Name/Type                       Orgs Involved                       Neighbourhood Renewal              OoH financial      No. of Employees (& How
         Started                                                                        Involvement (if any)               Contributions      Many Newly Created
         July       Multicultural Catering          Collingwood Neighbourhood           Regular support of business,       Funding a          Nine
         2001       Program                         House                               catering to public consultations   commercial
                    - provides catering services                                        and various meetings               kitchen for the
                    for residents and local                                                                                Neighbourhood
                    agencies                                                                                               House ($300

    4. Improving Personal Safety and Reducing Crime

       What is being done to improve personal safety and reduce crime?

         Actions              Orgs. involved       Targets             Start      Budget      Current       Outcomes/                         Future Action
                                                                       Date/      &           Expend        Achievements
                                                                       End        Agency
         Locally controlled   Chubb, OoH           To better           01/07/03                             More local imput and control
         and negotiated                            respond to          Ongoing                              over security services
         security contract                         estate              for 2                                delivered on the estate.
                                                   community           years
                                                   safety issues.
         Crime and Safety     Various              To identify and     Commen     Unfunde     N/a           Part A of Action Plan developed   Prioritising identified issues
         Working Group                             respond to issues   ced:       d                         capturing the background,         and development of
         established                               of crime and        Novembe                              issues and opportunities          strategic responses.
                                                   safety on the       r 2002                               identified by this group.
                                                   estate. To inform
                                                   development of
                                                   Action Plan.
         Interim Security     OoH                  To provide a        Started:   TBA         TBA           Have gained support for the       Use community feedback
         Measures                                  safer and more      12/8/02                              introduction of these measures    to inform further plans.
                                                   private                                                  through extensive public
                                                   environment for                                          consultation. Successful
                                                   residents by                                             implementation from 12/8/02.
                                                   restricting entry
                                                   to residents and
                                                   invited visitors

        19                                                                                                                            Monthly Update – June 2003
Actions              Orgs. involved    Targets            Start      Budget      Current    Outcomes/                       Future Action
                                                          Date/      &           Expend     Achievements
                                                          End        Agency
Crime Prevention     OoH, DOJ, CPV     Researching        2002       $2,000      $0         A concept stage only            Ongoing support if tenants
Victoria proposed                      viability of                                                                         see project as viable
strategies                             “vertical”
                                       Watch, proposal
                                       to produce a
                                       safety guide for
                                       residents (esp.
Syringe Collection   Melbourne         Removal of drug    2001       Part of     TBA        Harm minimisation and a safer   Ongoing support until
                     Needle            use                           $150,00                environment.                    other security measures
                     Exchange, North   paraphernalia                 0                                                      are bedded down.
                     Richmond          from public
                     Community         spaces in high
                     Health            rise “hot spots”
Draft Report on      OoH, Swinburne    To identify        Started:   Unknown     Unknown.   Provision of report and         Consider recommendations
Crime and Safety     University &      strategies to      2002       .                      recommendations.                and implementation.
in Public Housing    Melbourne         address crime      Final      Managed
                     University        and safety on      draft:     by Policy
                     Private.          public housing     TBA        Branch-
                                       estates                       Head

20                                                                                                                    Monthly Update – June 2003
5. Improving Health and Wellbeing

   What is being done to improve health and wellbeing?

    A. Office of Housing Driven
     Actions               Orgs. involved    Targets             Start      Budget &      Curre   Outcomes/                          Future Action
                                                                 Date/      Agency        nt      Achievements
                                                                 End                      Expen
                                                                 Date                     d
     Health Promotions    NYCH (with DHS     Aiming to           July       $60000        $6000   Funding proposal developed to      Support and link to NR
     in Public Housing    funding)           encourage           2003       PA            0       tie position closely to NR         initiatives
     Project                                 tenants to better                                    initiatives
                                             access health
     Health and           Various            To identify and     Commen     Unfunded      N/a     Part A and B of Action Plan        Prioritising identified issues
     Wellbeing Working                       respond to issues   ced:                             developed capturing the            and development of
     Group established                       of health and       Novembe                          background, issues and             strategic responses.
                                             wellbeing on the    r 2002                           opportunities identified by this
                                             estate. To inform                                    group.
                                             development of
                                             Action Plan.

    B. Other

     Actions              Orgs. involved     Targets             Start       Budget &     Curre   Outcomes/                          Future Action
                                                                 Date/       Agency       nt      Achievements
                                                                 End Date                 Expen
     Outreach Project     Outreach           Outreach to         August      Grant from   $0      An assertive outreach model        Continue to be sensitive to
                          Victoria, RDNS,    highly              2000        CoY                  has been developed for point       the culture of this group.
                          NYCH, Fitzroy      marginalised                    For BBQ’s            of contact provision of health     Ensure that new services
                          Legal Service,     group of persons                $4000                and welfare services. A            on the estate are aware of
                          Centrelink         (Koori) who                     from July            dietician, physiotherapist,        the cultural issues.
                                             meet regularly at               2002                 dentist, and doctor (amongst
                                             BBQ shelter on                                       others) have been on site to
                                             Estate                                               deliver services to this group.
                                             (confidentiality                                     Awarded a Victorian Public
                                             of this group is                                     Health Award for Excellence
                                             an issue, so the                                     and Innovation 2001.
                                             suburb and
                                             estate should not

    21                                                                                                                      Monthly Update – June 2003
                                      be publicised)

Gym                 NYCH              Fitness programs     7/2001        VicHealth -   $19   Daily access for residents to    Seeking further funding
                                      and gym                            $19 800,      800   gym facilities                   through philanthropic
                                      equipment for                      OoH - $20                                            trusts
                                      residents’ use                     000
The Kitchen         Collingwood       Practical            July 2001     State               An innovative gardening and      Support as required.
Garden at           College and       experience in                      Governme            cooking program. Increased
Collingwood         Council, DHS      garden care and                    nt,                 understanding of cultural and
College             Community         cooking with                       Education           culinary difference.
                    Gardens, Parent   fresh, seasonal                    Foundation
                    Community,        produce. Actively                  , Eduction
                    Stephanie         involving cultural                 Trust,
                    Alexander         traditions of the                  Rotary
                                      larger school                      Club of
                                      community.                         Collingwoo
Weekly community    CNH               Better access to     Weekly        $0            $0    Free organic vegies and fresh    Support as required.
lunches                               wholesome foods                                        bread drop each Monday

Yarra MultiSports   JSS & COY         To promote           2001          $23 000       $23   Table tennis competitions
Program                               physical                                         000   commenced July 2001.
                                      wellbeing                                              Approximately 50 participants.
                                      through social                                         Soccer program commenced
                                      and competitive                                        26/10/02 – 55 youths signed
                                      events                                                 up to the program. Soccer
                                                                                             component to be launched
                                                                                             3/11/01 by Minister Pike at
                                                                                             Collingwood Neighbourhood
                                                                                             Renewal Day Festival.
Market Group        CNH               Excursions to        Fortnightly   Funded              22 residents from Collingwood    Support as required.
Program                               Victoria Market                    from CNH            and Richmond estates
                                                                         core                regularly attending

22                                                                                                                     Monthly Update – June 2003
    6. Increased Access to Services and Improved Government Responsiveness

   What is being done to increase access to services and improve government responsiveness?
    A. Office of Housing initiatives
     Actions                Orgs.           Targets              Start     Budget      Current   Outcomes/                            Future Action
                            involved                             Date/     &           Expend    Achievements
                                                                 End       Agency
     Additional Human       OoH, BSL        To provide a         Starts:   Notional    $0        Cjp training successfully            Induction to OoH
     Resources -                            customer service     January   $185                  completed by all participants. All   employment for all 5
     Concierge                              via the position of  2003      000 ($36              participants have been offered       participants.
                                            concierge                      720                   employment.
     Additional Human       OoH, BSL        To improve OoH       Starts:   Notional    $0        CJP training successfully            Induction to OoH
     Resources –                            responsiveness to    January   $104                  completed by all participants. All   employment for 4
     Cleaner/Handypers                      issues of            2003      000,                  participants have been offered       participants.
     on                                     cleanliness and                ($32 640              employment (4 with OoH and 1
                                            maintenance.                   through               with BSL).
     Neighbourhood          Residents and   Work with tenant     Started:  $0 but      $0        Improve service delivery to the      Training program ongoing
     Advisory Team          various         representatives to   Novembe note NR                 estate                               for 17 sessions from June
                            agencies.       deconstruct and      r 2002    contributi                                                 2003.
                                            improve service                on to
                                            delivery on the                area

    B. Other
     Actions              Orgs.           Targets              Start      Budget      Current    Outcomes/                            Future Action
                          involved                             Date/      &           Expend     Achievements
                                                               End        Agency
     Collingwood          JSS             Community Info       Starts:    $40 770                Establishment of a drop in           Core team of volunteers to
     Information Centre                   Centre for low       July       over 2                 information centre for residents,    be consolidated to staff
                                          income families in   2002       years                  providing connection to local        centre 3 afternoon
                                          Collingwood.                    from                   services etc. 34 residents (public   sessions per week. CCIC to
                                                                          FaCS and               and private) trained. 3              be incorporated in its own
                                                                          Communi                Community PC’s installed.            right.
                                                                          Informati              Second training program in
                                                                          on                     progress.

    23                                                                                                                        Monthly Update – June 2003
Actions           Orgs.         Targets              Start      Budget      Current   Outcomes/                          Future Action
                  involved                           Date/      &           Expend    Achievements
                                                     End        Agency
                                                                ty Grant.
Tenant Welcome    NYCH          Improve tenant       Started:   $23 000     $23 000   Printed and being distributed to   1000 posters to be
Information and                 access to and        2001                             all new tenants. Copies mounted    distributed per estate.
Resource Poster                 knowledge of                                          in all high rise foyers on the
                                existing local                                        estates.
                                health, welfare
                                amenities and
Support Group     CNH           To support           2002       $23 000
Program                         emerging groups                 from CoY
                                to establish                    for
                                themselves in the               Collingw
                                centre                          ood and
Neighbourhood     CNH           Targeting most       2002       $6000
Links Program                   disadvantaged                   p.a.
                                groups on public                recurrent
                                housing estates to              from
                                access broader                  HACC
                                Yarra Services
                                such as Recreation
                                Centre and
Community         Collingwood   Newly created        2003
Development       College       position to link
Worker                          youth/children
                                from school to
                                other activities
                                such as those on
                                the estate.

24                                                                                                              Monthly Update – June 2003
     *           Part of High Rise Strategy
     AGRA        Atherton Gardens Residents’ Association
     BSL Brotherhood of St Laurence
     CNH         Collingwood Neighbourhood House
     COY         City of Yarra
     CPVCrime Prevention Victoria
     CSA         Contemporary Sculptors Association
     Dacchta     Dight Street, Collingwood and Clifton Hill Tenants’ Association
     DOJ         Department of Justice
     HG          HomeGround
     JSS Jesuit Social Services
     NAB         Neighbourhood Advisory Board (Fitzroy)
     NAT         Neighbourhood Advisory Team (Collingwood)
     NYCH        North Yarra Community Health
     OoH         Office of Housing
     RDNS        Royal District Nursing Service
     RMIT        Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

25                                                                                 Monthly Update – June 2003

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