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									   Business Name                                                                                December 2007

   The Millbrook High Letter
   A Publication of the Millbrook High School Parent-Teacher –Student Association

From the Principal’s Desk:
MHS Outstanding in Many Ways

        esides having the smoothest first semester ever, the      Sink, Tracy Shuman, and Mark Skarva are our More-
        strongest teaching faculty ever, and the greatest stu-    head nominees and Will Efird and Forrest Raynor are
        dent spirit this school has experienced during my five    our Parks nominees. We have a lot to be proud of and to
years at Millbrook, what else do we have to celebrate?            thankful for. I am thankful that Millbrook families support
Plenty! First I’d like to announce that tenth grade English       our school in such meaningful ways. The Honor Roll break-
teacher Paula Abbott is our school’s 2008 Teacher of              fast and Character Education breakfasts are planned and
the Year. Paula has taught at Millbrook for four years. Be-       supported by our PTSA. I am thankful for a senior class that
fore that she had taught several years at East Wake High          demonstrates leadership and school pride to the rest of our
School and also out of county. If your child has had Ms. Ab-      student body (thank you Tyler Norwood and Will Efird for
bott as a teacher I am sure you know what a phenomenal            our rock). I am proud of our SGA and the too numerous to
educator she is. I am also excited to share that Millbrook has    name activities and events they plan for our school. I am
seven new Nationally Board Certified Teachers. National           thankful for students who buckle up and drive safely. As we
Board Certification is the highest recognition by the profes-     enter the Thanksgiving and winter holidays I hope that our
sional that a teacher can earn and is a rigorous year-long        students get a well deserved break before we start final ex-
process. Our newest Board Certified teachers are: Kevin           ams and that second semester
Holland - Social Studies, Shannon Stone – English,                is as outstanding as the first.
Lynn Wallace – CTE, Julietta Ventura – Foreign Lan-
guage, Wendy Edwards – Science, Joy Crosby – Math,
Dail Midgette – Math. I have several commendations for
                                                                          Dana King
our students as well. Tim Armstrong is a National Merit
finalist based on his PSAT scores. Molly Emmett, Natalie
PTSA President’s Note
         his newsletter should arrive as every-   dies and their committees put together three
         one is settling back in to their work    fabulous breakfasts to honor some very de-
         and school schedules from our Thanks-    serving students!
giving break. We hope that each of you had a           We would also like to thank Laura Kal-
restful holiday with family and friends.
      Hats off to our many volunteers at Mill-
brook High School! We have many parent
                                                  baugh, our newsletter editor for being in-
                                                  credibly savvy when it comes to computer
                                                  layouts and lingo but most of all, for being
and student volunteers whose names could          flexible and forgiving (some of us are always
fill an entire page of this newsletter if we
were to thank each of them individually. Yes,
you know who you are and we can never tell
                                                  late with our articles) in her efforts to get our
                                                  newsletter ready for print so it can go out to
                                                  each of you in a timely manner! And last but
you enough how much you ARE appreciated!          not least, the staff of eight or ten women who
Special thanks to Ruth Pickering for putting
together our 2007-2008 Student Directory,
and to our talented junior, Alisa Senna for
                                                  stuffed, stuck and addressed like “mad
                                                  women” for three hours to get this out the
                                                  week of Thanksgiving….you were awesome!
designing the great Wildcat Directory cover!           Please remember that the PTSA Board
Student Directories can be purchased for          does not meet in the month of December as
$2.00 each at the Bandstand everyday after        we all try to get ready for our winter break.
school, or at home basketball games and           Our next meeting will be Monday, January
other school events.                              14, 2008 at 7 p.m. We hope that you and
      If you and your student were invited to     your families have a safe and blessed holiday
attend either the honor roll or the character     season! Here’s to great things for 2008 at
education breakfast in November, then you         MHS!
understand that special thanks is in order for                        Jody Gross, PTSA President                         S   !
both our Academics Advocate Committee led                Denise Kirkland, PTSA President-Elect                    GO CAT
by Lee Ann Efird and to Jill Brown and her                                                                            D
Character Education Committee. These la-                                                                           IL
  Page 2                                                                                                December 2007

What’s Going on in                                      Darfur Club Feeds Hungry
Room 208?

       rom board games to word find puzzles to
       wanted posters, brochures, and a video game,
       students in Ms. Ana Cuomo’s English I
classes have really been creative in completing their
latest assignment. Says Cuomo, “My students just
finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird and we had
our unit test today. I can’t wait for them to present
their final projects this week. I am so impressed
with what they have done.”
     One student created caricatures out of the
main characters and put them on a poster, while
another student actually created a video game that
re-enacts the famous courtroom scene. Several
students created board games and collages, while

others re-created scenes from the movie with clay.             uess what the MHS Darfur Awareness Club(DAC) was doing
In addition to reading the novel, the students also            on Saturday, Oct. 20th??--Packing nearly 20,000 meals for
viewed the original black and white 1962 award-                shipment to Haiti next week. 16 DAC members partnered with
winning film starting Gregory Peck. Students also       the Cary Rotary Club at the Cary Towne Center as part of the "Million
studied the themes of the story – racism and dis-                                                           Meals for the
crimination – set in 1930s Alabama. Through the                                                             World's Hun-
novel, students were able to enhance their knowl-                                                           gary Program."
edge of literary terms or devices such as tone,                                                             MHS students
mood, characterization, setting, and conflict. These                                                        received special
terms, what they mean, and how they are used are a                                                          recognition
large part of the End-of-Course Test for English I.                                                         certificates for
The projects, which will be presented in class this                                                         their service to
week, are a culmination of the entire unit of study.                                                        the world's
Ms. Cuomo will display the items in her classroom                                                           hungry.
for several weeks! Come by and look at how crea-
tive our students are!!

                                 MHS 2006-2007
                    PTSA Executive Board and Committee Chairs
                                                                                                Visit the
  President            Jody Gross—846-0319    Membership            Barbi Cox—844-8220
  President Elect                                              JoAnn Proctor—676-1293         Millbrook HS
                  Denise Kirkland—431-0652    Newsletter Editor
  VP Fundraising Holly Niemic—518-2797
  VP Scholarships/Reflections
                                                              Laura Kalbaugh—862-9552
                                              Newsletter Mailing
                                                                                               website at
                  Amanda Stroup—845-1434
                   Katie Kingbery—790-0081    Pictures
                                                               Tammy Vinsel—848-9081
                                                            Anne Rajagopalan—855-8284
  Treasurer       Margaret Frucht—876-3232                    Nancy Peterson—847-3305
  Academic Advocates                          Programs        Denise Kirkland—431-0652
                     LeAnn Efrid—790-3897     Project Graduation                vacant
  Afghans             Terri Taylor—846-7033   PTA Council Awards                vacant
  Buildings & Grounds                         Publicity        Bettina Nolan—846-0898          The Millbrook High Letter
              Susan Buchenberger—847-5818     Senior Reception/Senior Class                      Volume ‘08—Number 2
  Character Education                                          Mary Helmink—870-1924                Published 4 times
                        Jill Brown—848-4131                      Tina Saleeby—848-3592           during the school year,
                 Melanie Watkins—870-1039     Senior Reception/Junior Class                           October—May,
  Cultural Arts        Lois Knauff—845-1437                   Denise Kirkland—431-0652        by the Millbrook High School
                    Melinda Cook—848-4275                     Martha Zurawel—876-3145
                                                                                                 Parent Teacher Student
  District 3 Advisory Council                 Senior Reception/Sophomore Class
                     Amy Adcroft—848-0365                         Stacy Odum—874-7569
                                                                                                  Millbrook High School
  Directory Editor                                             Melinda Cook –848-4275
                                                                                                2201 Spring Forest Road
                   Ruth Pickering—844-3109    Senior Reception/Freshman Class
  Guidance Shcolarships                                          LeAnn Efrid—790-3897              Raleigh, NC 27615
                        Jill Brown—848-4131                   Lisa Pendergrass—431-0871         Third Class postage paid
  Hospitality      Jackie Hudson—846-6638     Staff Spotlight Debra Jenkins—848-1160              at Raleigh, NC 27676
                   Donna Falkner—847-6424     Volunteers         Diane Reass—870-5203
                                              Wildcat Academy                   vacant
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MHS Athletic Highlights
Football Teams Enters the NCHSAA State Play-offs                 shooting Guard. “We are working tremendously hard on de-
with a Bang                                                      fense and rebounding. This team has great team unity and
Friday night, November 9th, at West Johnston High marked         believes in each other. I have great expectations for this
the second straight victory in which the Millbrook Wildcat       team. If they keep working this hard, the sky is the limit,”
Football team scored 60 or more points, and dominated the        commented Associate Head Coach Chris Davis.
entire game. Although it started out as a video game-like        Wresting Team seeks another Cap-7 Title
score fest with a 35-24 halftime score, the Millbrook defense    Wrestlers to watch:
held West to seven points in the second half and the offense     Jamal Williams 35-11 (06-07 6th place)
went on to score 26 more.                                        Tim Bumpers 40-9 (06-07 State Qualifier)
     Millbrook's offense was lead by the "three amigos," Ja-     Dustin Bennett 18-9 (06-07)
mal Williams, Kuwon Eldridge, and Brian Kass. Eldridge                Expectations are high, as several new candidates will
finished the game with 241 rushing yards and four touch-         have an opportunity to compete for spots on this year’s team
downs, while Williams added 109 yards rushing and 145 re-        during the 2007-2008 Season. The team is focused on de-
ceiving with three scores. Kass was 7 of 12 passing for 196      fending the Cap 7 Conference title and earning a dual team
yards and two touchdowns, and ran for 58 yards and two           playoff birth.
scores.                                                          Women’s Basketball Outlook
     "We are playing good team football and peaking at the       The women's team returns many starters from last year's
right time. If we can keep it up, it should make for an excit-   CAP 7 runner-up team. We have high expectations for com-
ing finish- hopefully in early December!" said Assistant         peting for the Conference, Sectional, and Regional champi-
Coach Anthony Sullivan.                                          onships. Although we have a very tough schedule (one of the
Men’s Basketball Team Highlights                                 toughest in the state) we are looking forward to the chal-
The Wildcats will be lead by four seniors:                       lenges of this season.
Dominique “Mr. Defense” Williams at the point guard spot.                                                       —Scott McInnes
Joe “Hops” Houpe at the power forward at 6’4. Greg “Sweat                                                      Athletic Director
Box” Schammel at the Center at 6’5. Mike “Energy” Cobb at

2008 Senior Reception Needs You!                                                               Need a Special

O                                                                                              Holiday Gift?
        ne of the most wonderful tradi-     kitchen with friends… THIS is the op-
        tions at Millbrook High is the      portunity for you!! If you have not vol-     As the weather outside turns cold, do
        PTSA sponsored Senior Recep-        unteered yet at Millbrook High and             not forget that the MHS PTSA has
tion. After the seniors and their parents   would like to “test the waters” for just       really nice school afghans for sale.
attend the graduation ceremony, every-      one day and at the same time meet            They make a great gift for your Mill-
one is invited to attend the Senior Re-     other fantastic volunteers…THIS is the            brook High School student.
ception held in our beautifully deco-       opportunity for you!! Don’t be shy!!        Also, any parent that is stumped for a
rated cafeteria. The seniors enjoy re-      This is a very organized and enthusiastic        holiday gift idea for a student
freshments and fellowship with each         event…and there is no school the follow-      (especially juniors and seniors), the
other, their parents and the Millbrook      ing day!!                                    PTSA deadline for ordering bricks is
staff before they begin their new jour-          Along with our need for volunteers      12/14/07. You can purchase a brick
ney. It is a fantastic reception filled     during the day and evening of the recep-    to honor a student or faculty member.
with lots of energy and excitement!         tion, we are also looking for a parent         Order forms for both are available
Exams are over, school is out and the       who enjoys working with flowers. One                 from the MHS website.
seniors have graduated!! What a great       of our sub-committees is responsible for
reason to celebrate!!!                      the floral decorations in the cafeteria.
     The 2008 Senior Reception will be      (We do have a budget for this.) We al-           Flowers for your
held on June 11th. Seniors graduate at      ready have volunteers who will help on
8:00 pm that evening and the reception      this committee; we just need someone                 Sweetie?
should begin around 9:00pm. It is such      to head this. The notes and photos from     The MHS Choral Boosters are partner-
a fun event and such a fun opportunity      years past are very detailed and helpful.    ing with a Flowerama, located at Sut-
to volunteer at Millbrook High. Our              Please consider helping with this      ton Square during the winter holidays
Senior Reception committee is looking       wonderful celebration. For more infor-              and for Valentine’s Day.
for volunteers to help during the day of    mation, please contact Denise Kirkland         This is a fundraising effort to help
June 11th either decorating the cafeteria   at 431-0652, or         with the cost of the Chicago trip in
or preparing trays of food from 9:00 am     Martha Zurawel at 876-3145,                   April. The boosters will be making
until 2:30 pm. (or however long you can It’s a fun eve-        deliveries for the store and will be paid
stay) We also need volunteers to help in    ning for EVERYONE!! We look forward                     for each delivery.
the kitchen that evening replenishing       to hearing from you!                          If you plan to have a table arrange-
trays with food during the reception and    —Denise Kirkland and Martha Zurawel          ments made for the holidays, or flow-
clean up after the reception. If you                   2008 Senior Reception Chairs       ers sent for Valentine’s Day, please
would like to volunteer to help with all                                                       think about supporting the
or any of these and enjoy laughing in the                                                          Choral Department.
 Page 4                                                                                               December 2007

Millbrook High School Honor Roll
C   ongratulations! The following students have earned a place on the first quarter “A” Honor Roll or the “A/B” Honor Roll.
    Your commitment to to your education is admirable. Keep up the good work!
                                                                                      — The Academic Advocate Committee

A Honor Roll            Kyle Vey                 Amy Brooks                Camille Collins          William Johnson
                        Sarah Ward               Cindy Castellanos         Megan Corbally           Megan Jones
                        Alexander Wheaton        Lillian Caulkins          Michael Costa            Pamela Kass
9th Grade               Emily White              Kelsey Cody               Catherine Cox            John Kennamer
Elizabeth Akaronu       Allison Wiles            Brittany Davis            Taylor Crain             Wade Kennedy
Lilian Akaronu          Olivia Wilson            Dustin Deleon             David Crump              Barrett Keyes Jr
Bria Artis                                       Emma Fauser               Brenden Culver           Erin King
James Ayscue                                     Sean Filpi                Tucker Cummings          Demetrius Kirk
                        10th Grade
Katherine Behning                                Izah Gallagher            Amanda Damiano           Annalisa Kristoffersen
                        Thomas Aguayo
Hannah Bergeson                                  Casey Godwin              Bethany Daniel           Katherine Kristoffersen
                        Elizabeth Alfano
Christina Boctor                                 Kerri Harrington          Kathryn Daubenspeck      William Lassiter
                        Michael Allan
Ioan Bolohan                                     Jessica Highsmith         Marvin Davis             Kathryn Latta
                        Sara Barringer
Lauren Brand                                     Malcolm Kennedy           Sydney Dawson            Da'Zhan Leath
                        Reid Baumann
Amber Buckalew                                   Jessica Kobs              Dustin Demery            John Lee
                        Serena Bogaczyk
Frances Burson                                   Jade Lester               Terry Denning II         Erik Leszczynski
                        Jessica Bradley
William Burton                                   Jamilla McDougal          Austin Dietz             Simon Levy
                        Jarrick Brown
Jonathan Butler                                  Maurice Mercer            Georgia Ditmore          Austyn Lippmann
                        Lauren Calamari
Jontae Cannady                                   Alison Newman             Justin Dixon             Peyton Long
                        Alexander Clapsaddle
Brian Carcaterra                                 Morgan O'Bryhim           Matthew Dorn             Victoria Lowry
                        Rebecca Currin
Leslie Carlucci                                  Megan Petcavich           Rosemary Dorn            Nicholas Machak
                        David Egan
Mary Carter                                      Christopher Pilley        Eric Dreier              Ryan Matthews
                        Derek Eidum
David Christofel                                 Kevin Ratliff             Christian Dudley         Shamir McCall
                        Samantha Everling
Elizabeth Crump                                  Javiera Rojas             Kendall Eldridge         George Parker
                        Leslie Harrison
Jason Dao                                        Stephanie Roseman         Loran Elliott                     McDonald
                        Mark Hoffman
Taylor Davis                                     Joshua Scaggs             Alanna Ellis             Sean McKeown
                        Ciara Hylton
Stephanie DiBenedetto                            Mark Skvara               Robert Emmett            Ian McNeill
                        Sarah Kim
Annie Dreitzler                                  Samaiya Tafirenyika       Giovanni Espinosa        Connor McWilliams
                        Eric Mackie
Meredith Edwards                                 Hillary Taylor                     Delgado         Jessicka Mercer
                        Matthew Milstead
Campbell Efird                                   Vy Tran                   Parissa Fathullahzadeh   Kenneth Miller
                        Jelani Mitchell
Sarah Friedensen                                 Erica Vass                Jonathan Faulk           Ashley Milton
                        Erin Mooneyham
Bonnie Gartland                                  Sean-Michael Verneret     Christopher Fesmire      Jared Montana
                        Thai-Duong Nguyen
Jane Gates                                       Megan Vice                Michael Foltz            Violette Moore
                        Nnamdi Ozuzu
Kayla Gibson                                     Adam Walton               Camden Freeman           Hunter Morgan
                        Katherine Sholtis
Mitchell Hallman                                 Jamal Williams            Kathleen Garner          Tessa Moses
                        Matthew Smith
Mason Hayes                                                                Linda Garshong           Brigette Mourning
                        Stephon Smith
Eric Honeycutt                                                             Linh Giap                Emily Newsome
                        Adam Spinks              A/B Honor Roll
Mollie Jamison                                                             Brandon Gilliam          Henry Nguyen
                        Claudia Stacks
Lauren Kangas                                                              Shadeque Ginn            Hanna Norwood
                        Caroline Teachey
Bryan Kress                                      9th Grade                 Jacqueline Glass         Caitlin O'Connell
                        Anna Thirakul
Brittany Lademann                                Mary Allen                Todd Goldfarb            Winifred Okunlola
                        Marrion Vallido
Jade Luna-Ramos                                  Ivan Artiga               Jenifer Gonsalves        Francisco Padro
                        Kasey Wagers
Jessie Malek                                     Colette Baldelli          Jonathan Gonzalez        Carolina Paez
                        Stephanie Wakeford
Joshua McKenney                                  Chelsea Bandy Carias      Jennifer Goodnight       Yong Park
                        Camille Walton
Lindsey Merlo                                    Stefanie Barfoot          Laura Greenstein         Thinh David Pham
                        Sean Weber
David Mills                                      Zachary Beasley           Terrell Harris           William Poole
                        Dan Ya
Alexandra Moreci                                 Derrick Belcher           Dalton Hays              Remi Porpora
Reyad Oueijan                                    Stanley Best              Chandler Haywood         Rebecca Ratchford
Laura Owczarski         11th Grade               Matthew Blaise            Megan High               LeAnne Ray
Dana Passman            Marquinne Clark          Leigh-Kathryn Bonner      Jeremy Hill              Michael Raynor
James Pendergrass       Christopher Dorn         Matthew Boone             Justus Hoffmann          Leah Robichaud
Nolan Piland            Steven Thomas Flake      Lucy Booton               Jordan Holmes            Rachel Rojas
Alise Pocta             William Johnson          Peyton Boyce              Alonna Holt              Ashley Royal
Sheila Rajagopalan      Leel Mangum              Joyce Brill               Joseph House Jr          Kevin Rubio
Hunter Riddick          Quynh Nguyen             Allora Burke              Daymon Hughes            Alexa Saleeby
Emily Rodgers                                    Justin Canady             Crystal Hunt             Benjamin Schmidt
Raphael Rojas           12th Grade               Quinn Carmean             Amatulah Ibraahiym       Dashawn Shearn
Collin Sanderson        Henry Allen              Timothy Casadonte         G B Alford Johns         Margaret Sheets
Ryan Searcy             Chinwe Anumudu           Joseph Casey              Amy Johnson              Ana Soriano Deyta
Jaclyn Smith            Margaux Austin           Jeffrey Cobb              Kenneth Johnson          Travis Spatola
 The Millbrook High Letter                                                                                Page 5

Matthew Stevens         Allison Gross        Christina Spence       Kyle Smith               Kristy Jones
Jordan Taylor           Patrick Hanks        Joshua Steyn           Sarah Spruill            Karen Kennamer
Lindsey Thompson        Ryan Hanks           William Swanek         Brittney Tabron          Kathleen King
Christopher Towey       Trent Harloe         Jamillah Tawwab        Shadina Toudle           Katherine Kirk
Alyssa Townsend         Courtney Hausfeld    Kimberly To            Rogelio Trimino          Megan Knox
Kiet Tran               Alexandra Haywood    Jasmine Tuck           Brandon Vallido          Damon LaReau
Caroline Wagner         Shawnice Henry       Nicholas Villanova     Reid Vey                 Brandi LeVasseur
Kara Walker             Stephen Hickey       McKenzie Wallace       Ian Watkins              Samantha Lindabery
Lindsey Wall            Michael Hickson      Tessa Walters                                   Shaunesha Lindsey
Shane Walsh             Tracy Higgins        Vincent Washington     12th Grade               Matthew Longo
Cynthya Watkins         Amanda Holland       Alexandra Watkins       Katherine Adams         Sally Lulciuc
Kevin Watkins           Christian Holley     David Weiss            Cory Adcroft             Simeon MacDonald
William Weatherspoon    Caroline Hostetler   Alyssa Wilhelmy        Essence Allen            Tessa Malmberg
James Wheaton           Sarah Hounshell      Eliel Wyss             Robert Andrews           Shalika Marable
William Whitley         Christina Hunt                              Timothy Armstrong        Katherine Matchunis
Courtney Wilson         Alyssa Jennings      11th Grade             Allison Bedics           Melissa McCollum
Cody Woodlief           Bryce Johnson        Miguel Aguayo          Dejha Bond               Leah McKee
Shamori Worrells        Connor Karr          Carlos Arellano Cruz   Eric Book                Jessica McKeithan
                        Megan Kiper          Aasin Bell             Dominique Bryant-        Kathleen McKenney
10th Grade              Deborah Kleitsch     Latisha Benefield      Jones                    Ashley McKoy
Justin Abbott           Kevin Kostello       Kelly Blake            Amelia Bryce             Jennifer N McLean
Lindsey Adleman         Trevor Kovacs        Christopher Brodie     Kendra Burnette          Carly Moore
George Allen            Nicholas LaScala     Jose Cambero           Destiny Butler           Eboni Moore
Chatherine              Peter Le             Gessica Chadic         Beatrice Campbell        Megan Moralez
         Bandy Carias   David Liang          Brandon Ciereck        Scott Carter Jr          Ilia Norowzi
Alexandra Barquin       Stephanie Macon      Cotter Collins         Michael Caslin           Ronald Norwood
Andrew Bass             Philip Maness        Yessenia Cruz          David Castille           Dawn Nwaebube
Meg Bellesheim          Ryan Margosian       Jacob Dameron          Eric Chamblee            Eliakim Nyatuga
Lauren Bellew           Erica Masselle       James Dolan            Tiffany Chamblee         Shannon O'Neal
Rayjeanna Bernier       Shane McBride        Madeline Dolan         Eric Cohen               Andrew Owens
Lauren Black            Niall McDougal       Tiffanie Downing       Mario Colindres          Ford Paul
Christopher Boehlert    Lindsay McGovern     Catherine Ellis        Allison Conrad           Christine Peterson
Kelli Bonner            Garret McGrath       David Foltz            Matthew Conti            Alfonso Ponce
Emily Bower             Nada Milkovich       Christine Gamble       Stephanie Cooper         Danielle Poston
David Brumbaugh         Seyed Mirabedini     Igor Ghiolora          Pilar Copney             Nicole Radke
John Buchenberger       Jaramillo            Amanda Gorman          London Core              Heather Ragland
Molly Bunch             Ashley Mobley        William Gouz           Phillip Cox              Nurah Rasheed
Samuel Carter           Cassie Moore         Devin Hamilton         James Cronin III         Forrest Raynor
Alan Chandler           Erin Morton          Jonathan Hicks         Maria Cucurullo          Ghafar Raza
Joshua Coburn           Wanjiku Muraguri     Ashley Honeycutt       Allison Dail             Rishan Rogers
Colby Cook              Donta Norman         Diana Johnson          Stephen Deininger-Bell   Caitlin Sasser
Connor Cook             Casey Olevsky        Glen Kalbaugh          Andrew Didsbury          Gregory Schammel
Savannah Cooper         Sara Perez           Yoonji Kim             Julia Dolan              Ellet Shaner
Bilal Corbin            Keith Pickering      Alyssa King            Emma Dunbar              Tracy Shuman
John Cortes             Elizabeth Plummer    John Leahy             Katie Dunnivan           Stephen Simms
Gillian Cronin          Cody Probst          Jacob Lebbad           Franz Duterte            Natalie Sink
Amanda Dalton           J Hunter Rabon       Alexander Lee          Parker Edwards           Shekanah Solomon
Hunter Davis            Ashley Radke         Jeffrey Mamuscia       William Efird            Mylea Spicer
Michael Dickson         Nikolay Rashev       Kristen Maynard        Margaret Emmett          Hillary Stewart
Victoria Dronzek        Taylor Reeves        Nicole McAfee          Ashley Everling          Elizabeth Strickland
Parker Eden             Jesse Ribeiro        Jela-Ni McCarthy       Carly Finck              Carrie Strickler
Mackenzie Eldridge      Nathan Rinderer      Channing McLaurin      Daniel Fordice           Rahim Sultan
Meredith Elsea          Corey Riner          Daniel Morgan          Howard Foster            Jessica Sztancsik
Adam Elsedoudi          Ricarlos Rochelle    Kaleigh Myers          Michael Frucht           Irma Tello
Brittany Farrell        Taylor Rodely        Juan Orellana Molina   Lauren Gamble            Madison Tessener
Ryan Fordice            Miri RoyBrown        Clayton Ortiz          Haven Hammack            Benjamin Thirakul
Bryn Gallagher          Juliana Saleh        Laura Peters           Jordan Haskins           Maureen Thomas
Martecia Gass           Daniel Serratos      Cody Poole             Courtney Hickland        Talisha Thorpe
Michelle Ginsburg                Prudencio   Tyler Raymond          Regina Hicks             Thuy Tran
Mylika Godwin           Caitlin Shaw         Sattar Raza            Travis Hudson            Andrew Vanover
James Goertz            Hniem Siu            Cameron Rifkin         Jessie Hunt              Alyson Williams
Sean Gooden             Erica Smith          Kayleigh Schnackel     Lisa Huynh               Sarah Wilson
Zachary Goodrich        Sara Snarzyk         Nicholas Seaman        Aaron Jamison            Quentin Winstead
Scott Gray              Amber Snyder         Elijah Seha            Eric Jones               Jonathan Witt
Brittany Green          Edward Sommers       Keyona Shears          Jessica Jones            Alison Young
                        Jesus Sotelo
  Page 6                                                                                                     December 2007

Cheer Clinic for Kids                                                                  PTSA Silver, Gold,

T                                                                                      & Platinum
       he Millbrook Cheerleading Program hosted its first "Millbrook Cheer
       Clinic" on Saturday, October 6th. We had 65 girls ranging in ages from
       4-13 who learned jumps, motions, and cheers. Participants also learned

a dance and created a banner under the leadership of our Varsity and JV                       he following members of the PTSA
Cheerleading teams. We want to thank all those that were involved, with a                     have joined at the Silver, Gold, or
special thanks to the following local businesses that sponsored this event                    Platinum levels. We greatly appreci-
     Falls Village Chick-fil-A                Harris Teeter - Durant Road              ate their commitment to the students of
     Lowe's Food - Strickland Road            Kroger - Falls of Neuse Road             Millbrook High School.
Check the Millbrook website ( for the date of the next Mill-                       Jim and Melanie Watkins
brook Cheer Clinic coming in January. The registration cost is $35 and this                      Carolina Silver Company
includes lunch and a t-shirt. All girls that participate will be invited to cheer at             Joe and Teri Taylor
one the Millbrook Varsity home basketball games.                                                 Rick and Dana King
                                                                                                 Doug and Katie Kingsbery
                                                                                                 Robin and Tina Saleeby
The Math Department Connected                                                                    Chuck and Karen Wakeford
                                                                                                 Doug and Jill Brown

        he Mathematics Department is making new connections as well as                           Jenifer Maryak
        maintaining some values ones from the past. Treasured members of                         Jerry and Margaret Frucht
        our department have taken the turn into the next stage of their lives.                   Tom and Lori Skelton
We offered grateful farewells and best wishes to Mrs. Sue Garriss in her retire-                 David and Susan Boone
ment, Ms. Christie Hawk in move to Tennessee, and Mrs. Wendy Stocum in                           Marshall and Barbi Cox
her new role as a Professional Learning Community Coach for Wake County                          Tom and Jo Ann Proctor
Schools. We are deeply grateful for the service these talented teachers to the                   Corky and Julie Teachey
Millbrook Community. We welcome the talents and experiences of six teach-                        Paul and Jackie Hudson
ers to our Millbrook Math family – Mr. Ethan Boehm, Mrs. Danielle Eggleton,                      David and Kathryn Brantley
Mrs. Karen Jackson, Ms. Jennifer Marsh, Mrs. Dail Midgette, and Mrs. Leslie                      Jim and Denise Kirkland
Sheppard. We also welcome three student teachers from NC State this fall.                        Tom and Gina Young
Their lessons have included using a CBR (Calculator-Based Ranger) to explore                     Jeff and Stacy Odum
real-world graphs as they are generated by measuring real-time activity. Pro-                    Mike and Julie Miller
ject titles around the department include “The Development of the Definite                       Charles and Jody Gross
Integral”, “The Impact on World Population Growth of the Black Plague”, and                      Jim Weiel and Terri Alorby
“Artist and Scribe”. Mathematics reaches into every field of study.                              Lin and Debbie Overby
      We have renewed some connections this year as well. Millbrook sent a                       Stephen and Becky Jones
seven-student team to the Todd Fuller Math Contest at NC State in October.                       Anthony and Julie Toney
We are very proud of these students and their efforts. Technologically, we                       Greg and Jill Baumann
renewed our ‘hook-up’ with WebAssign – an Internet-based homework system                         Doug and Mary Helmink
– in Introduction to College Math, AP Calculus, and AP Statistics. The math                      Bill and Kitty Kovacs
department also connected with to receive a grant for the                       Tom and Bettina Nolan
purchase of measurement equipment to be used in our Technical Math                               Charles and Melanie Abbott
classes. Please also look for an interview with Mr. John Pritchett, our new                      Ed and Diane Reass
department chair, about his experience with the Kenan Fellows program on                         Peter and Amy Adcroft
WCPSS’s program The School Connection.                                                           Brian and Susan Hurley
                                                                                                 Mark and Donna Falkner
PTSA Raffle … A Success!                                                                         Randy and Lee Ann Efird
                                                                                                 J L and Jean Stacks

         any thanks to the parents and students who purchased raffle tickets                     Andy and Karen Weber
         in support of our PTSA fall fundraising efforts. We surpassed our                       John and Janice Zaremba
         goal of $3,000 and it was a big success. Help us to congratulate our                    Gary and Lynne Greene
lucky winners!                                                                                   Ed and Liz Book
         Ana Cuomo—Apple iPod Vickie Pope—Laptop Computer                                        Shrin and Anne Rajagopalan
                Mark Buckalew—Desktop Computer & Printer                                         Phillip and Marissa Conte
                                                                                       Thank you to everyone that has joined the
Cultural Arts News                                                                     PTSA at all levels. Extra membership forms
                                                                                       are available in the office.

        n November 2, Millbrook students filled the auditorium to watch a                                Barbi Cox & JoAnn Proctor
        performance of Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble from Washing-                              PTSA Membership Committee
        ton, DC. This was the first Cultural Arts assembly of the school year,
and the audience was exposed to a variety of dance styles, usually accompa-
nied by a string musician. These styles included South African boot danc-
ing,clogging, ham bone, and wooden shoe. Thanks to the Millbrook PTSA and
all those who support its fundraising for financing Cultural Arts programs like
this one.
                          —Lois Knauff and Melinda Cook, PTSA Cultural Arts
 The Millbrook High Letter                                                                                          Page 7

Theatre at Millbrook High School

       he Theatre Department at Millbrook High School has       bassador's son and the caterer's daughter even have time to
       a line up of terrific shows for the 2007-2008 school     fall in love.
       year. With Danny Kotzian leading the way, these per-           You will be impressed with the talented cast of nineteen
formances are sure to be worthy of standing ovations. The       and their motley characters. Leading the crew is the ener-
Drama Club has also been working hard for upcoming per-         getic and enthusiastic Ryan Christie, playing the role of Axel
formances. With student crew chiefs working with lights and     Magee. The fanatical Hollander family consists of Alex
sound, make-up, costumes, props, and publicity, we as a         Hunt, who plays Walter, Emily Weber playing Marion, and
theatre department are trying to ensure fantastic produc-       Jordan Roberts as their daughter, Susan. Living and working
tions.                                                          within the embassy there are four diverse characters includ-
     This fall, the theatre department will proudly present     ing Kilroy, played by Michael Deininger-Bell, the Chef
“Don’t Drink the Water,” a comedy by Woody Allen, di-           played by Elizabeth Brantley, Sister Drobney played by Kaye
rected by Danny Kotzian. The play, originally written in the    Benning and Mrs.Burns played by Savannah Core. The an-
80’s, takes place in a US Embassy in Communist Russia.          tagonist of the show is Carly Finck as Ms.Krojack, with her
Kotzian, working along side with the creative minds of his      sidekick KGB agents who are Mason Hayes, Stephanie Coo-
theatre students, has updated the play for today’s audiences.   per, and Emily Brink. The rest of the cast, who make special
The play deals with an American tourist, a caterer by trade,    appearances in the embassy, includes Nick Seaman, Alonna
and his wife and daughter who rush into the embassy two         Holt, Ford Paul, and Katie Kirk. There are also appearances
steps ahead of the police who suspect them of spying and        with Laura Enemark and Kayla Gibson as the party goers.
picture taking. It's not much of a refuge, for the ambassador         If you missed "Don't Drink the Water", please make
is absent and his son, now in charge, has been expelled from    plans to attend our musical "The Wiz" which will be per-
a dozen countries and the continent of Africa. Nevertheless,    formed March 6, 7, and 8 at 7:00pm.
they carefully and frantically plot their escape, and the am-                               —Jordan Roberts, Publicity Crew

Sows, Cows, and Plows…At Millbrook??

        he Career and Technical Education (CTE) department at Millbrook offers a variety of courses that are centered on
        helping students prepare for successful careers after high school. Our CTE department is very unique compared to
        other Wake County High Schools. We teach everything from business and marketing to agricultural sciences.
           Agriculture?? In a school that is over 20 miles from anything remotely close to being called a farm?? Are we
teaching our students how to drive tractors or milk cows?? The answer is no…. we’re teaching students about where their
beloved food and clothing actually come from. We also make them aware of agricultural opportunities that are available in
our urban environment. Currently there are six agricultural courses being taught including Horticulture I & II, Agriscience
Applications, Agricultural Mechanics I & II, and Advanced Agricultural Studies. In addition to the courses, Millbrook also
has a very active FFA program. FFA, formerly known as the Future Farmers of America, is open to any student enrolled in
agricultural education courses. We currently have 85 members for the Fall 2007 semester. Our FFA program gives stu-
dents opportunities to develop leadership skills, travel, and network with students from across our state and nationally.
We participate in several statewide leadership conferences and competitive events where students actually apply skills that
they learn in class. Most recently our FFA chapter won 1st place in the NC. State Fair Garden Show Exhibit. We also have
an alumni affiliate chapter that parents and other supporters can join to support our program. You can check out our web-
site at for more information!

                                                                school lobby so I could get something from my office. When
Staff Spotlight: Dana King                                      I came out several people were having conversations with

        riginally from Ohio (Cincinnati area). I am a frus-     her about this school and asking for information about
        trated die-hard Reds fan, and make myself follow the    things. I was so embarrassed because I knew they thought
        Bengals. I attended Miami University, was an English    she was me and she played along (badly) waiting for my re-
major. I taught in Ohio for three years. I received my Mas-     turn. I have NOT invited her back......
ters degree from Xavier University and still follow Musketeer        I read a lot, prefer anything by David Sedaris (who was a
basketball.                                                     Sanderson student!) and Haven Kimmel. I have a baseball
     Married and moved to Boston area. Worked in an inner       signed by Josh Hamilton the day he signed with the majors,
city school in Dorchester. Moved to California, was a teacher   and a football signed by Philips Rivers. Emerald Isle is my
then vice principal at a school in Cupertino, California.       favorite spot in North Carolina and go there as often as pos-
Moved to Raleigh, taught at Sanderson High School (English      sible. I frequently run into Millbrook students who don't
department), Assistant Principal at Athens Drive High           know how to react seeing me on a jet ski or banana boat.
School, principal at East Millbrook Magnet Middle School,            Millbrook High is the best place I have worked. The
came to Millbrook High School in the spring of 2003.            students are amazing, the staff is excellent, and the commu-
     Married for 24 years, two children one graduated from      nity supports everything that makes this school great. We
Millbrook in 2004 and the other should graduate this spring     have the strongest most capable assistant principals any-
(‘08)! I have two cats, Samm doesn't like any of us, and        where in Wake County. I am very proud to be a Wildcat, be
Beau has a lot of cat problems. I would rather have a dog. I    a Millbrook parent, and a part of the legendary Millbrook
have an identical twin sister who confuses people when she      community.
comes to Raleigh. During one visit I left her in the
 Page 8                                                                                                    December 2007

Mock Trial Changing and Growing

           ock Trial competitions among high schools in          follow the rules and procedures of a Mock Trial competition.
           North Carolina are sponsored and managed by the       It is our hope that this pre-season practice will hone our
           North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers. Mill-        skills so that, once we receive this year’s actual case, we are a
brook has competed in Mock Trial for the last three years,       stronger team for the competitions in February and March.
and each year the team has advanced from regional to state             In these months of training, the Mock Trial team has
competition. This year, in an effort to increase participation   attracted a larger number of students. In the past, Millbrook
in Mock Trial, the Academy has changed the schedule.             has had only one team, which is a group of seven or eight
Rather than having regional competition in November, that        students. However, with the current level of participation,
competition will occur in February. Accordingly, the state       Millbrook will probably have two teams to enter competition
competition has been moved from January to March. This           this year. It is exciting to see this number of students gain in
year, the official case for competition is not available until   utilizing critical thinking skills, improve their public speak-
November 1. These changes demand a shift in practices.           ing abilities, and increase in understanding of the judicial
     Millbrook’s Mock Trial team has adjusted its strategy in    process.
light of these schedule changes. As we have met in Septem-             Change and growth are continuous in life, and Mill-
ber and October, the group has practiced with an old case.       brook’s Mock Trial team is enthusiastically working to use
By doing this, new members are learning how to analyze a         change and growth for its advantage.
case, how to prepare as a lawyer or a witness, and how to                                —Paula Abbott, advisor for Mock Trial

Emergency Response Program at MHS

       ince its inception in the fall of 2005, Millbrook High School has had a student-led emergency response program to
       handle all medical situations that happen on campus during the school day. Now in its third year, the program has
       been instrumental in providing appropriate medical care to faculty, staff and students and is the only program of its
kind in Wake County.
      Each year, 4-6 students are chosen as emergency responders through an administrative interview process after they
have completed four semesters of Sports Medicine and are certified in Emergency Response through the American Red
Cross. These students demonstrate the highest level of maturity and responsibility and are entrusted to respond to all
medical situations that occur on campus. In the absence of full time qualified medical staff on campus, these students pro-
vide much-needed service to the school while further increasing their skills related to independent management of emer-
gency medical situations.
      The following is a partial list of conditions or injuries that the students are capable of handling:
                     Basic and Advanced First Aid                      Fainting
                     Diabetic Emergencies                              Seizures
                     Musculoskeletal Injuries (including sprains, strains, and fractures)
                     CPR and Advanced Life Saving (including the ability to administer oxygen)
      The benefits of this program cannot be underestimated both in terms of the high quality medical care victims receive
and the real world experiences that the emergency response students gain that prepare them for future careers in the medi-
cal field. This unique program is a continual source of Wildcat pride.
                                                                                                —Shannon Poole, Sports Medicine

Assistant Principal of the Year                                       MHSTARS

K                                                                     T
         elly Aman is a 1988 graduate of Meredith College where               he Millbrook High School Teenage Republicans
         she earned a BA in English. She earned a Masters of                  (MHSTARS),founded in 2005, is a member or-
         School Administration through Wake Leadership Acad-                  ganization of the Wake County Teenage Republi-
emy’s cohort program at North Carolina State University.              cans (WCTARS). WCTARS is in turn an official auxiliary
Though she grew up on the North Carolina coast, Ms. Aman has          organization of the Wake County Republican Party.
called Raleigh home since 1984. Ms. Aman began her teaching           There is also both a state-wide and a national organiza-
career at Athens Drive High School, where she was also varsity        tion, which are auxiliaries to their respective parties.
cheerleading coach and senior class advisor. In 1999, she became      MHSTARS strives to promote core Republican values
a curriculum coordinator at East Millbrook Magnet Middle              on campus and to elect Republican candidates on all
School and in 2004, she was named assistant principal at Mill-        levels. We also attempt to serve our community through
brook High School. Ms. Aman lives in the Millbrook community          education and social outreach as well as provide a net-
and enjoys the fact that her neighbors’ children are students at      work of friends to our members.
Millbrook High School. Ms. Aman is an A+ Fellow with the                 MHSTARS meets on every first and third Wednes-
Kenan Institute for the Arts, providing staff development in arts     days in Mr. Lindsay's room (1407). Please stop by any
integration across the country. She is an avid reader, a competi-     meeting or speak to a club member to get inspired by
tive sailor and happiest when her toes are in the sand! Recently,     conservative ideas and to get involved in the political
Ms. Aman was awarded the WCPSS Assistant Principal of                 future of your nation.
the Year honor. This award was presented on October 25, 2007,                                           —Waylon Keith Lindsay
at Exploris Museum.
 The Millbrook High Letter                                                                                               Page 9

Not on Our Watch

          orldwide rallies occurring in as many as thirty          Ghana donned blindfolds to advise world leaders not to look
          different countries have joined forces for one cru-      away from the continuing brutality. Here at home, people
          cial cause: to save Darfur. Four devastating years       are taking a political stand, finding it a priority for the next
have passed during which Darfurians have endured continu-          president of the United States of America to be willing to
ous violence, murder, rape, and torture. The Sudanese gov-         take action on the situation in Sudan. “Ask the Candidates”
ernment-approved militia has killed thousands of civilians.        is an online petition calling on each presidential candidate to
Thousands more remain refugees. In the fall of 2004, U.S.          partition his/her personal investments and divest from com-
Secretary of State Colin Powell officially used the term           panies that are complicit in the genocide. Even students here
“genocide” to describe the ongoing massacre in Darfur.             at Millbrook High School formed a Darfur Awareness Club
     Through the years, awareness of the current genocide          in 2005 dedicated to informing students about these atroci-
has steadily spread to more and more individuals, and as           ties. On October 20th, club members packaged meals for
awareness increases, so does the effort to put an end to it.       refugees at the Cary Towne Center Mall through a program
This effort is shared globally; protesters in Rome wore T-         called Operation Sharehouse.
shirts bearing a bloodstained hand and carried peace                     Everyday, increased action is taking place, but there is
torches, marchers in London carried signs reading “Rape,           more needed nevertheless. There are still people unaware of
torture, murder. How much longer for Darfur?” China is             the genocide, still those who are apathetic. Those are the
preparing a 300 strong team to be sent for deployment in           individuals that can be the difference between a simple re-
Darfur to build roads, bridges, and wells. Some countries          lief, to international aid. Join in the cause, and chant along-
choose to display their opinions symbolically in order to be       side others, “Not on our watch!”
heard. For example, demonstrators from Ottawa and Accra,                                                             —Lisa Huynh


       hirty-five students at Millbrook High School have           Award by earning an average grade of at least 3.25 on all AP
       earned the designation of AP Scholar by the College         Exams taken, and grades of 3 or higher on four or more of
       Board in recognition of their exceptional achievement       these exams. These students are Eric Chamblee, Eli Ding-
on the college-level Advanced Placement Program® (AP®)             man, Emma Fauser, Wilbur Green, Kelley Mathys, Hayden
Exams.                                                             McNeil, Kelly Mooneyham, Natalie Sink and Anna Under-
     The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program of-            wood.
fers students the opportunity to take challenging college-              Twenty-three students qualified for the AP Scholar
level courses while still in high school, and to receive college   Award by completing three or more AP Examinations, with
credit, advanced placement, or both for successful perform-        grades of 3 or higher. The AP Scholars are Chantal Bowman,
ance on the AP Exams. About 18 percent of the more than            Michael Chiulli, Emily Dean, William Efird, Claire Emery,
1.4 million high school students in more than 16,000 secon-        Margaret Emmett, Peter Floyd, Carlos Fonseca, Michael
dary schools worldwide who took AP Exams performed at a            Funderburk, Felicia Jenkins, Sana Khan, Joseph Levin-
sufficiently high level to merit the recognition of AP Scholar.    Manning, Brittany Macon, Chad Mukherjee, Michael Neese,
     Students took AP Exams in May 2007 after completing           Sharlee Neubert, Jessica Nicholson, Anna Norris, William
challenging college-level courses at their high schools. The       Roberts, Justin Rodely, Ellet Shaner, Mark Skvara and Al-
College Board recognizes several levels of achievement based       ison Young.
on student’s performance on AP exams.                                   Of this year’s award recipients at Millbrook High
At Millbrook High School:                                          School, twelve are seniors: Timothy Armstrong, Chantal
     Three students qualified for the AP Scholar with Dis-         Bowman, Eric Chamblee, William Efird, Margaret Emmett,
tinction Award by earning an average grade of at least 3.5 on      Emma Fauser, Carlos Fonseca, Andrew Owens, Ellet Shaner,
all AP Exams taken, and grades of 3 or higher on five or           Natalie Sink, Mark Skvara and Alison Young. These students
more of these exams. These students are Timothy Arm-               have at least one more year in which to complete college-
strong, Erin Gray and Andrew Owens.                                level work and possibly earn another AP Scholar Award.
Nine students qualified for the AP Scholar with Honor

Fall Issue Bridges Newsletter                                                                 No Fuss Fundraisers

       he Bridges Newsletter staff at Millbrook High School (NC) has                      HARRIS TEETER ID #1502
                                                                                         —Must relink each year after August
       worked assiduously on our fall, 2007 publication. This expanded
                                                                                                   —Tell cashier
       issue of Bridges is packed full of interesting articles, ranging from
what The Wall means to Vietnam veterans 25 years later, General David                          TARGET ID #81085
Petraeus’ recent report, Iraq—the first online war, Presidential “firsts,”                  —Target Guest Card purchases
“Generation Next,” Darfur, Myanmar-- and more! This newsletter can be                              FOOD LION
viewed at , so                           —Register your MVP card by calling
please check out our first Bridges Newsletter of this school year! The staff                     1-800-210-9569
is very eager show you the lessons they have learned through their Lessons                OFFICE DEPOT ID #70062217
of Vietnam/Recent International Relations class.                                               —Lasts all year long
                                             — Submitted by Eric Book, Editor
  Page 10                                                                                                    December 2007

Marching Wildcats Wrap-up a Winning Season

        he 2007 season of the Millbrook Marching Wildcats is        amazing job with these students both on and off the field.
        coming to a very successful close. It seems like a life-    Her no nonsense approach and her kind heart have made her
        time ago when a group of excited freshman and sea-          true role model for the students.
soned upper classmen took the field in 100+ degree weather                    When they are not marching, the students are busy
to kick of the Speed of Sound Tour. The first weeks were the        raising money for their annual spring trip. This year the stu-
longest. Mother Nature was unrelenting by providing the             dents will travel to NYC in the spring. The students will be
marchers with one of the hottest and driest seasons in Ra-          acting as Santa’s elves each Friday evening and all day Satur-
leigh’s history. The students were amazing. They braved the         day’s starting on 11/23. Please come by and have your holiday
heat and put in twelve-hour days to create an amazing show.         presents wrapped at Crabtree Mall. The booth will be set up
           The first taste of success came with in August with      just outside of the old Lord and Taylor location. If you hap-
the opening football game. The crowd cheered and screamed           pen to be at the RBC center, look for the Band Boosters at the
after being treated to the half-time show. This start gave the      concession stands. The boosters will be selling food and bev-
marchers the momentum to head into their competition sea-           erages as a major fundraising effort this year. Please stop by
son with pride and energy. The Marching Wildcats took               and say hello!
home five-first place, twelve-second place and five-third                     In case you haven’t had a chance to see the band
place finishes this season in categories of music, marching,        perform, you still have time! The Marching Wildcats have
effect, percussion, drum major, and color guard.                    accepted the invitation to appear in the 26th annual Raleigh
           This was an amazing accomplishment for the               St. Patrick’s Day Parade to be held on March 15th. We hope to
marchers and especially for director Natalie Kerr. Mrs. Kerr        see you all there!
was chosen as the new band director in June. She originally                   Thanks to all the Marching Wildcats, Natalie Kerr
hails from Dallas, NC and is a Carolina Girl at Heart. She          and all the parents who put so much into making this an
holds a masters degree from UNC-CH. We welcome her back             amazing year!
from her recent placement in NJ. Mrs. Kerr has done an

Environmental Science Club News

       he new school year has brought many fun and exciting changes to the Environmental Science Club. Our club focuses
       on increasing awareness of the environmental issues and doing our part to help. We are in charge of Millbrook’s Feed
       the Bin recycling program and supervise other clubs when they help out.
     Attendance has doubled so far in the year, with a turnout of about twenty people every meeting. We also have planned
for the remainder of the year field trips to the North Carolina Zoo, Duke University Primate Center, the Museum of Natural
History, and a camping trip in the spring to the mountains. On November 17th we went to Umstead State Park for a hike and
picnic. The trip was a great bonding experience for the new and old members. The Environmental Science Club meets on
Wednesdays in Mr. Murphy's room. Officers - Laura Peters – President, Tom Orban - Vice-President, Brian Dickson -

How About Chess?                                                   Gymnastics News

T                                                                  T
       he MHS Chess Club met on November 13th in the                      he gymnastics team is looking forward another exciting
       media center for the 1st meeting of the 2007-2008                  season. Coach Price’s goal is to be a top 5 team in the
       school year. It will be the third year for this young              state. Last year they placed 6th.
club which is still working hard at establishing a Millbrook            They will be giving an exhibition November 27th at 4pm in
tradition. Bookwormish and brainy but lion-hearted "chess          gym 2 and hope to have a big crowd.
geeks" who seek an arena of mind-to-mind combat are all                 Team members include: Freshmen Katie Daubenspeck &
invited. Those whose souls thirst for a conceptually chal-         Brooke Mussler. Sophomores Megan Kiper, Hannah McCleary,
lenging arena in which to develop mental disci-                    & Beth Schumacher. Seniors, Rachel Bowman, (last year’s
pline through the rigors of intellectual sparring with a wor-      MVP!), Jennifer Denton, Santyra Simeon, Allison Dail and
thy adversary will have found a safe haven. But we also            Caitlin Singleton. Managers are Christina & Crystal Hunt and
welcome those who just want something to do while hang-            Shykeela Hartsfield.
ing out after school. In the past, most of our students have       COMPETITION SCHEDULE:
actually valued chess more as a means of building interper-                  December 14th at Apex Gymnastics
sonal relationships and socializing around a friendly game.                  January 4th at Raleigh School of Gymnastics
     The chess club will make few demands on students'                       January 18th at Impact Gymnastics
already busy schedules other than meeting times. Our goal                    January 25th Conference Championships
is simply to enjoy playing chess and improve our games                                 at Raleigh School of Gymnastics
as well as developing the character trait of good sportsman-                 February 2nd State Championships
ship. For those with a more competitive spirit who take                                at Raleigh School of Gymnastics
their chess seriously, we hope to organize a student chess              All competitions start at 7:30. The State Championship
tournament in the spring if enough members express an              time is yet to be determined. Arrive early for good seating. The
interest.                                                          team would greatly appreciate your support!
                                               —Patrick Uzzell
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