Baldwin _Bud_ Hum by ghkgkyyt


									       Baldwin (Bud) Hum
       Subject Matter Expert, Natural Gas Markets

Expertise                                           About Bud
    Arbitrage (exposing inefficiency)              Mr. Hum has over 20 years of experience in the
    Risk Management / Hedging Tools                Energy Commodity Sector. He has engaged in
    Margin Analysis and Optimization               virtually every aspect of natural gas from the
    OTC Products & Derivatives                     wellhead to the burner-tip. His last 10 years were
    Business Development, Deal Making, Joint       spent bringing efficiencies to the marketplace
       Ventures and Strategic Alliances             through his tenure at IntercontinentalExchange Inc.
    Strategic Planning (M&A)                       (NYSE:ICE) – creating physical products and
    Budgets and Forecasting                        financial swaps for industry participants. As a
                                                    pioneer of electronic trading and exchange clearing,
    Sales and Marketing
                                                    his clients are broad and vast. These affiliations
    Brokering and Facilitation
                                                    have provided him a unique and omniscient view
    RFP, RFQ Processes                             inside the world of Hedge Funds, Proprietary
    Rates and Contract Negotiations                Trading firms, Investment Banks and numerous
    Team and Project Management                    commercial entities.
    Training and CRM
                                                    Career Highlights
Industry Experience                                     Successfully positioned ICE as market
    Physical Natural Resource                             leader in the electronic energy trading world
    Finance, Banking                                      before Enron’s downfall
    Exchange & Trading                                 Played critical role in growing company from
    Utility, Producer, Pipeline, Storage, C & I           small startup to lucrative IPO
    Transportation and Logistics                       Created leading-edge products for traders
                                                           which were copied by competitors
Relevant Employment                                     Helped capture over 50% market share of
    ICE – V.P. and Corporate Office,                      natural gas futures market leading to demise
       OTC Natural Gas Products                            of floor trading
    Budco Hub Services – Managing Partner              Effectively sought out and secured strategic
    QuickTrade – Director, Bus. Development               alliances to dominate market sector
    NGC Corp. – Director, Marketing & Sales
    Direct Energy – Sr. Manager, Trading & Risk    Value Proposition
    Amoco – Manager, Operations                    Bud offers innovative perspectives on current issues
                                                    in the commodities trading sector. He draws on his
Specialized Skills                                  wealth of experiences and prolific industry
                                                    relationships in addressing clients’ need for
    Trading Systems
                                                    alternative solutions to complex problems.
    Margin and Clearing Processes
    Risk Management Procedures                     He has a proven track record and exhaustive list of
    Compliance Structures                          non-traditional solutions that focus on maximizing
    Scheduling and Control                         asset value and reducing inefficiencies. He is a
    Accounting and Reconciliation                  master at finding a novel approach to seemingly any
    Contracts Administration                       opportunity and applies an entrepreneurial approach
    Field Operations                               to execute strategy.
    Yield Management
                                                    Bud has acquired intimate knowledge of the buy-
Formal Education                                    side, sell-side and everything in between - giving
    Bachelor of Business, University of Alberta,   him a competitive advantage when looking to
       Canada (1991)                                capitalize on potential opportunities.

       Phone: 312-543-6789

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