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                        Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors of Chesterfield Village Homeowners Association, Inc., a Missouri
non-profit corporation, held a meeting at the Chesterfield Village Homeowners Association
Clubhouse in Springfield, Missouri, on July 9, 2007 at 7:00 p.m., pursuant to the notice posted at
the Association clubhouse.

The following Directors of the Corporation were present: Linda Becker, Pam Breedlove, Kathey
Grodi, Julie Mason, Mary Myers, Ramon Shane, and Dwane Turnage.

The meeting was called to order by President Dwane Turnage.

     A. Secretary’s Report

          Minutes from the June, 2007 CVHA Board Meeting were distributed and read by Pam
Breedlove. A motion was made by Mary Myers and seconded by Ramon Shane to
accept the minutes as written. Motion passed.

    B. Treasurer’s Report

           Julie Mason presented the June Profit and Loss Report and the Balance Sheet as of
July 9 .
Expenses were $2,385.92 for opening the pool for the summer season, $420 for the pool monitor,
$5,540 for common grounds maintenance, and the usual utilities, office, and repair items. Total
expenses were $16,376.87. Clubhouse rentals for June totaled $210. Julie reported that she
transferred $50,000 from savings to checking to allow for payment of bills, especially the large
expenses to Galloway Greenscape for landscaping at all entrance monuments, Modern Tractor
for the annual note due, DC Lawn Company for common areas mowing and other maintenance
(such as grub control and removing the tree that a car wreck had uprooted on Chesterfield
Boulevard). President Dwane Turnage submitted the bill from Sechler Electric for the work
done on lighting around the clubhouse and pool areas. This amount was $2,578.61.
         Pam Breedlove made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report; Mary Myers seconded
the motion. Motion carried.

   C.   Neighborhood Watch Report

           Linda Becker reported that the new directories and newsletters would be completed by
the end of the week. Due to time involved, she will publish a newsletter in odd months, not
Directors agreed with Linda’s recommendation to forego a neighborhood barbecue and have an
ice cream social in August. September 15 is the date for the CV garage sale. As pool monitor,
she expressed her concerns that pool visitors were not always accompanied by the homeowner.
A new resident found multiple blue pool passes and swipe cards from former homeowners upon
moving in. Some visitors claimed that they had been told that they could use the facilities though
they were not family and were unaccompanied by the homeowner. Discussion ensued about
how to monitor the situation without offending homeowners, whether homeowners should be
present at all time with their guests, etc. Directors then agreed to issue a new colored pool pass
that would allow for easy “registration” at the pool, would eliminate pool passes in possession of
people who were not homeowners currently, etc. These will be printed and distributed to
homeowners personally with the new directory and newsletter. In addition, copies of the
procedures and protocols for using the Clubhouse, pool, and tennis courts will be given to all

   D.    Pool and Tennis Courts Report

          Ramon Shane reported that the pool was damaged twice recently due to feces in the
pool. Discussion was held regarding how to monitor this situation, i.e., cameras, etc. Some
directors believed that the two incidents were not vandalism. Dr. Shane asked the Board
regarding their feelings about a new pump/filter. Cost would be $1,654.50. He said that the
pool company felt that we could finish the summer fine, cleaning with one pump. Directors
agreed to wait on purchasing a new filter/pump. Dr. Shane had talked to the pool company
management about the poor service that we had experienced in May and June. Representatives
are now coming out more often. He reported that his own pool company recommended a solid
cover tarp over the mesh cover recommended by our company. Dr. Shane will secure costs for
both types of covers.

    E.    Clubhouse Report

            Vice President Mary Myers shared that $280 in rentals was received. She turned
over rental forms, keys, and other items to Steve and Diana Deford to maintain during her
accident recovery.

   F.    Architectural Control

         A letter was read from a homeowner on Winchester regarding an auto for sale parked in
a homeowner’s driveway. Directors agreed that this did not violate our covenants. A letter was
received from Anna Crane; Ms. Crane’s concerns were not understood by Directors. The
Bakare fence on Dearborn that is in violation of covenants is in the hands of our CVHA attorney.

   G. Grounds

          President Turnage asked Pam Breedlove, Secretary, to write the narrative for the
reforestation project with the City of Springfield. The NeighborhoodWoods project grant
application is lengthy, but we will attempt to participate, as agreed by Directors in a monthly
meeting earlier this spring. Directors remain pleased with the services of DC Lawn for common
areas mowing and maintenance.

         President’s Report

        President Turnage shared that he would like Pam to secure the Chesterfield Boulevard
accident report in order to bill the driver for the costs of removing the uprooted tree and replacing
it. He requested Kathey Grodi to write a letter to the West Westview homeowner who had built a
pool, reminding him about prior approval for such projects.

         New Business

          Directors discussed the drainage concerns in front of the Clubhouse and driveway to the
Clubhouse. Condo owners behind the tennis courts on W. Westview have water problems under
their homes and backyards. Directors were not certain who should address this issue: the
condo builder, CVHA, the City, or condo homeowners. The August meeting will not be held on
the first Monday due to the absence of two directors. The Board agreed to have the monthly
meeting on August 13 at 7:00 p.m. This will be posted on the CVHA website.

Pam Breedlove made a motion to dismiss the meeting; Ramon Shane seconded the motion.
Motion carried.
Respectfully submitted,

Pam Breedlove, Secretary