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                          After-School Programs: Much More Than Homework Help
                                                              Shana Cooper
                                                       Public Information Specialist

The end-of-the-school-day bell may prompt children                      childhood obesity by teaching kids healthy eating and
to whoop with joy, but it often causes their parents to                 exercise habits. Some are promoting teen pregnancy
palpitate in panic.                                                     prevention, job skills and relationship building. And
                                                                        others are reaching out to the families of the children
In Florida, nearly one-third of children of working                     in their care – serving as a resource to the whole
families are unsupervised after school, according to                    community.
a study by Afterschool Alliance, a national advocacy                                                                     Continued on page two
group. Nationally, 40 percent of middle-school
students are left unsupervised for two to four hours
a day while they wait for parents to get home from
As child advocates, law enforcement officials and
parents know all too well, that leaves too many
children vulnerable to a multitude of dangers – such
as committing or becoming a victim of crime or
experimenting with drugs, tobacco, alcohol and sex.
But quality after-school programming can act as a
powerful preventative tool. Not only do programs
provide academic assistance while giving children
a safe place to go, they now also focus on boosting
children’s self-esteem and social skills through a host
of creative outlets.
In Palm Beach County, 32 high-quality after-school
programs funded by the Children’s Services Council
offer children everything from homework help and
sports to museum- and theater-linked arts activities.
Programs also are joining the national fight against

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 “We go beyond after-school,” said Edna Runner,                  Within the last two years, CSC launched a quality
 executive director of the West Jupiter Community                improvement plan for its after-school programs,
 Group, which provides after-school services to 90               similar to the one taking place among early child
 children. “Your program cannot be successful in                 care providers.
 after-school if your families are hurting.”
                                                                 The goal now is to help youth become “successful
 Results in dollars and cents                                    and productive adults,” Ms. Rogers said.
 For years, after-school programming was seen as
 a babysitting service, said Ms. Rhonda Rogers, a                And that starts when children are young, said
 program specialist for CSC. Then the local push                 Marlo Belkin, executive director of the Milagro
 became FCAT preparation. But now, Ms. Rogers                    Center in Delray Beach, which runs after-school
 added, after-school experts recognize kids need                 programs that emphasize the arts.
 more than 45 minutes to an hour of homework                     “They begin to build a sense of self-confidence,”
 help. They need to know responsible, caring adults              Ms. Belkin said of the 45 to 50 children her
 are there for them – especially when their parents              program serves daily. “And sometimes it happens
 can’t be.                                                       in even a two- or three-day period because they
 “It’s important for kids to have consistent and                 feel safe and they know it’s OK to explore the
 nurturing relationships,” she said.                             different colors on the canvas.

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 children’s Services council of Palm Beach                       chief Executive officer
 county, a special taxing district, invests its resources        Gaetana D. Ebbole
 in programs that help Palm Beach County children begin
                                                                 The council:
 life healthy, enter school ready and thrive in quality after-
                                                                 Kathy Adams, Chair
 school activities.
                                                                 Rod Macon, FP&L, Vice Chair
                                                                 Dari Bowman, Child Advocate
 2300 High Ridge Road
                                                                 Judge Ronald Alvarez, Juvenile Court Judge
 Boynton Beach, FL 33426
                                                                 Vincent Goodman, Retired Educator
 Phone: (561)740-7000
                                                                 Dr. Art Johnson, Superintendent of Schools
 Phone (800)331-1462
                                                                 Jeff Koons, County Commissioner
 Fax (561)835-1956
 Website                                   Willie A. Miller, Jr., Florida Atlantic University Office of
                                                                 Alumni Relations, Broward County
                                                                 Dr. Debra Robinson, School Board Member
 For questions or comments about the newsletter, please
 contact Shana Cooper, Public Information Specialist, at
 (561)740-7000 or

 · FOR OUR CHILDREN · August 007
“We see grades change almost immediately               within them and helped them get better at things
because all of the sudden they feel good about         they care about.
                                                       At the West Jupiter Community Group after-
While after-school programming doesn’t always          school program, youth participate in an array
get the most attention among policymakers, its         of sports and arts activities. But they also find
results can clearly be seen in dollars and cents.      support for themselves and their families in other
                                                       ways, Ms. Runner said. During a back-to-school
According to a report by the Afterschool Alliance:     bash, the program provides supplies and uniforms
• Effective after-school programs save between         to area children. During homecoming, staff takes
  $1.87 and $5.29 for every $1 spent because           teens to the parade. And during Christmas, local
  participants commit fewer crimes.                    families receive gift baskets and volunteers invite
                                                       youth to their homes for dinner.
• An evaluation of one teen pregnancy prevention
  program showed reduced births among girls by         That same kind of community outreach can be
  50 percent. That program also saw a 61-percent       found at the Milagro Center. There, staff stays in
  college-enrollment rate among eligible students.     close contact with local schools to ensure they’re
                                                       reinforcing the skills children are learning. Staff
However, to get these kinds of results, after-school   also acts as a liaison for parents who may not
programs must have more than good intentions.          speak English as a first language if they need help
They must have an informed, committed staff and        finding a community resource.
an enriching curriculum.
                                                       And that kind of connection, experts say, between
Which, of course is easier said than done when         a child, a family, an after-school program and a
you consider how challenging it can be to reduce       community is the key to quality.
staff turnover and create exciting programming
in an industry that pays, on average, $10 an hour.     “They want to come,” Ms. Runner said. “They
But Ms. Rogers said the programs CSC now fund          want to be here.”
aim to do just that by following five performance
standards outlined by Prime Time, a non-
profit focused on raising quality in after-school
programming. Those standards are: establishing
appropriate program oversight; encouraging
supportive relationships between staff and youth;
creating an inclusive and stimulating environment
for youth; and involving families.
Creating a sense of pride
The final challenge in after-school programming
is convincing the kids to come. And that becomes
increasing harder as youth get older.
They get bored easily, Ms. Rogers said. “We have
to keep doing something new and innovative and
to give them choices. If there’s no buy-in, they
won’t come.”
But a recent report on CSC-funded, quality after-
school programs in Palm Beach County found
that more than 80 percent of youth interviewed
believed their program created a sense of pride

                                                                          August 007 · FOR OUR CHILDREN · 
By the Numbers

                       Program STaTISTIcS

            More than 14 million U.S. children,
            K-12, spend some portion of after-
            school hours taking care of themselves.
            Meanwhile, 6.5 million children, K-12,
            participate in after-school programs.



            Hispanic                                  31 percent of U.S. children of working
                                                      parents are in self-care after school. The
                                                      breakdown by grade level:
         Haitian                 Black
          627                    3,193                K:                                   1%
                                                      1 to 5:                              9%
                                                      6 to 8:                             40%
            Breakdown by race/ethnicity of the
                                                      9 to 12:                            60%
              nearly 5,600 Palm Beach County
            children who attended CSC-funded          Unreported:                         12%
            after-school programs in 2005-2006

Sources: Children’s Services Council; Afterschool Alliance, America After 3 p.m., 2005

 · FOR OUR CHILDREN · August 007
                             Helpful Hints

The Case for Quality After-School
Did you know …
• There are about 20-25 hours a week that
  children are out of school while most parents
  are at work, creating an “after-school gap.
• Self-care and boredom increases the
  likelihood that a young person experiments
  with drugs and alcohol by as much as 50%.
  And youth tend to develop patterns of drugs,
  alcohol and tobacco use, or nonuse, between          Links and Resources:
  the ages of 12 and 15.                               Afterschool Alliance:
• Teens who do not participate in after-school
  programs are nearly three times more likely          Florida After School Alliance:
  to skip classes at school than teens who do.
  They are also three times more likely to use
                                                       National Afterschool Association:
  drugs, drink alcohol, smoke and engage in
  sexual activity.
                                                       Children’s Services Council:
But quality after-school programs are
                                                       Prime Time:
powerful prevention …
• They provide safe haven that keep keeps away
  from violence.
• They provide an alternative to gang and street
  life while at the same time developing a
  youth’s social, emotional and interpersonal
• They provide academic support to youth,
  giving kids a leg up on the future.

                                                 Source: Afterschool Alliance, Afterschool Alert issue briefs

                                                                           August 007 · FOR OUR CHILDREN · 
In Other News
DElray BEacH maN cHoSEN aS faTHEr of THE yEar
   Deborah Solow
   Director of Development, healthy mothers/healthy babies
   Coalition of Palm Beach County Inc.

   Chris Jefferson was working two jobs and had just
   started his own home remodeling business when
   he suddenly found himself acting as both mother
   and father to his three daughters. Unexpectedly, the
   girls’ mother left – leaving Chris and his daughters to
   redefine life as they knew it.

   “Chris assumed the sole responsibility for the girls
   and a pile of debts,” said Ellen Saposnik, assistant
   director of the Achievement Centers for Children and
   Families. “He told me that he didn’t know how to be a
   “mother,” but he quickly learned where to take them
   for hair braiding and Saturday afternoon movies, and
   how to set up an activity center at home filled with
   books and materials for drawing.”

   With no extended family nearby, Jefferson of Delray
   Beach is now raising Maleah, 6, Camryn, 4, and
   Alanah, 1 1/2, on his own. So it’s no surprise he
   claims to get just four hours a sleep a night.
                                                              “The Father of the Year Award” is one of many
   Such dedication is the reason Jefferson was selected       programs of The Responsible Fatherhood Initiative,
   out of 28 nominees as Palm Beach County’s 2007             which works in the community to help prevent the
   “Father of the Year” by The Responsible Fatherhood         problems that occur when a responsible father is not
   Initiative, a program of healthy mothers/healthy           present in a child’s life. The program makes a variety
   babies of Palm Beach County, which is supported by         of resources available to teenage boys and teenage
   the Children’s Services Council.                           fathers during presentations about male responsibility
                                                              at Palm Beach County middle and high schools. RFI
   “This year, we received twice as many applications         also uses a media presentation to help youngsters
   as we did last year,” said Andre Hankins, RFI              and adults learn alternative behaviors to bullying and
   program coordinator. “Dads from all over the county        gang violence. And RFI has established men’s groups
   were nominated by children, spouses, friends and           in the community that address vital topics such as
   associates. It was a very difficult decision.              paternity, parenting skills and the importance of the
                                                              father’s role in a child’s life.
   “Chris definitely met all of our criteria. He is a man
   who has gone beyond the call of duty in his role as a      For more information about The Responsible
   father to his three daughters.”                            Fatherhood Initiative, contact healthy mothers/
                                                              healthy babies at 561-732-2110 or go to www.
   Jefferson said he wants to teach his girls the following
   life lessons: “Family is first; education is important;
   and be humble.” They certainly can follow their
   father’s example.

  · FOR OUR CHILDREN · August 007
In Other News

local famIlIES HoNorED aT 4TH aNNUal SHINE awarDS
  Poverty. Homelessness. Health complications. Depression. Violence.
  To many families, these would seem like                    in all parent-teacher conferences – something she was
  insurmountable tribulations. But to the four local         too intimidated by to do before. With the love and
  families honored in July with a Shine Award for their      support of her husband, she also has learned how to
  strength, these are simply challenges to be conquered.     drive and now knows what her family has known all
                                                             along, that she is a wonderful wife, mother and person.
  For the fourth year, Children’s Services Council’s
  Family & Community Partnership recognized local            The Owens Family: In the Glades area, a single mother
  families, from four targeted geographic areas, for their   of five children battled severe health issues as well as
  ability to overcome monumental problems through            depression to keep her family whole. Her oldest son,
  determination and resilience. The following families       along with other family members, pulled together while
  were honored during a ceremony at the Kravis Center        the mother underwent surgery – caring for younger
  for the Performing Arts in West Palm Beach.                siblings, helping them with homework, washing clothes
                                                             and packing lunches. The mother is strong and stable
  The Hotchkiss Family: In Lake Worth, a divorced            now, and looking forward to returning to work. And the
  mother of five children, ranging in age from 3 to 19,      children are doing well in school.
  overcame an abusive marriage, as well as financial
  struggles, to complete school and earn her nursing         The Montgomery/Neal Family: And in Riviera Beach,
  degree. At one point, the family faced homelessness        a mother of children with serious behavioral problems
  while the mother attended school. Yet through it all the   found the support she needed to keep her family
  family stayed together and the children always made        together. Over time, her children have learned that
  it to school. The oldest son has since graduated from      violence isn’t the answer to life’s problems. One son
  high school ranking 7th in his class, and now attends      went from causing fights in school to teaching his fellow
  University of Miami on a full scholarship.                 classmates how to talk out differences. Her oldest son,
                                                             who had had trouble with the law, has begun turning
  The Gonzales Family: In West Palm Beach, a mother          his life around – filling out applications for summer
  struggling with self-esteem issues went back to school     jobs and talking to his siblings about the hard life
  to learn how to read and write English. She is now an      lessons he’s learned.
  active member of her children’s school and participates

  Great Performances

  EmPloyEES HoNorED
  The following Children’s Services Council employees        and chosen by fellow staff members for exhibiting
  have been cited by their peers for exhibiting high         such skills as leadership, teamwork, customer service,
  performance standards and an organizational work           innovation as well as ingenuity, productivity and
  ethic that supports CSC’s leadership philosophy, values    commitment to quality.
  and behaviors. The recognition is given each month
  at CSC’s staff meeting. The winners are nominated          The recipient for June was: Leah Graber, systems

                                                                                  August 007 · FOR OUR CHILDREN · 7
 local mENTor wINS NaTIoNal awarD
Darlene Hagerty
Children’s Home Society MODEL Mentoring Program
                                                         Enriching Lives) program for three years. The program
                                                         is part of Children’s Services Council’s Mentor Center
                                                         network. Rubin also has been: an Eagle Scout and
                                                         Boy Scout Leader; a volunteer with SCORE, a Small
                                                         Business Administration program; a Guardian ad
                                                         Litem, advocating for abused and neglected children in
                                                         court; and a successful mediator in the Florida Small
                                                         Claims Court system.

                                                         But to 11-year-old Devonta Battles, Rubin’s greatest
                                                         accomplishment is as his mentor. “Bear,” as the boy is
                                                         nicknamed, said Rubin is as close to him as family.

                                                         “Mr. Marty has been a father, a grandfather, big
After dedicating his time as both a mentor and           brother. Better yet, Mr. Marty is my best friend,”
community volunteer, Martin Rubin, 82, of Delray         Devonta wrote in a recent essay.
Beach has been awarded the 2007 Generations United
Outstanding Older Adult Volunteer Award. The             Devonta’s schoolwork has greatly improved
national organization focuses on improving the lives     under Rubin’s enthusiastic interest. With Rubin’s
of children and older people through intergenerational   encouragement to work hard and stay in school, along
strategies, programs, and public policies.               with his love and support, Bear is sure to realize his
                                                         dream of becoming a veterinarian.
Rubin has been a mentor with the Children’s Home
Society’s M.O.D.E.L. (Mentors Opening Doors              As Devonta wrote: “Mr. Marty is a one of a kind.
                                                         I [would] really feel lost without you.”

 Two cSc EmPloyEES                                       Two Children’s Services Council employees recently
                                                         received national certification as efficacy and
 EarN NaTIoNal                                           proficiency trainers from the Efficacy Institute, Inc., a
 cErTIfIcaTE                                             non-profit agency dedicated to education reform.

                                                         Gary Graham, senior outreach coordinator for the
                                                         Mentor Center, and Kimberly Allen, Beacon/FRC
                                                         operations consultant, joined other Palm Beach
                                                         County community volunteers to be trained as part
                                                         of a countywide effort, The Campaign for Proficiency,
                                                         to help all young people achieve challenging academic
                                                         and character proficiency targets. The countywide
                                                         campaign hopes to ensure that all children develop
                                                         into productive and successful citizens and that adults
                                                         take responsibility for their role in that effort.

 · FOR OUR CHILDREN · August 007
TaNa TalkS
Tana Ebbole
Chief Executive Officer

 Quality After-school
 Programs Help Kids Thrive
 Well, it’s almost that exciting, exhausting, butterflies-in-the-tummy
 time again for children to start, or return, to school. This time of year
 is full of preparation: getting ready for school; stocking up on supplies;
 finding the way around your child’s school; meeting your child’s new
 teacher or teachers

 But it is also a time when many working
 parents need to ensure their child has a safe,
 loving and interesting place to go after school.
 After all, most children get out of school
 between 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Yet most
 working parents don’t get home for another
 two to four hours.                                     A quality after-school program also provides
                                                        children with the opportunity to explore new
 That means parents need to know there’s a              talents. That may mean trying activities such
 place they can count on to take good care of           as dance, drawing, painting, music, fencing,
 their kids. And that’s where quality after-school      tennis and golf – to name a few. We know
 programming comes into play.                           from research that children who discover an
                                                        area of interest in which they can succeed will
 The Children’s Services Council strives to
                                                        generally do better academically, as well as in
 provide access to high quality after-school
                                                        other areas of their lives.
 programs to our children by funding slots
 through the subsidized care system, the                So please support quality after-school
 after-school program, Beacon Centers and               programming in your community. And look for
 Prime Time.                                            it when searching for a program for your child.
 These programs offer children access to adults         For more information about quality
 who care about and pay individual attention            after-school programs:
 to them and provide homework assistance as
 well as access to play, arts, culture, life skills     Family Central Inc.,
 and recreational activities. A good program also       561-514-3300 or
 encourages staff to share stories with parents
                                                        Prime Time Palm Beach County Inc.,
 when they come to pick up their child – a vital
                                                        561-659-4993 or
 connection for parents trying to keep up with
 their child’s progress.

                                                                              August 007 · FOR OUR CHILDREN · 
Google Grants Offers Free Online Advertising
By Randy Palo, Resource Development Initiative Director

Do you need a way to get a message out to interested       How Do You Apply?
parties? Maybe attract the attention of potential          Start by going to the Google Grants website (http://
donors? How does free advertising sound? How about
free advertising targeted to people with an interest in
your agency and/or its programs?                           There, you will find lots of background information on
                                                           the program. Then complete an online application.
Google Grants gives free search advertising to non-
profit groups. The ads appear as sponsored links above     According to the website, your application is more
or next to search results when someone uses Google to      likely to be successful if you have a basic understanding
search for a topic on the Internet.                        of the Google AdWords program. You’ll be asked
                                                           to provide sample keywords, ad copy and a brief
The Google Grants program supports organizations           statement about how your organization will benefit
that share the company’s philosophy of community           from participating in the Google Grants program.
service in areas such as science and technology,
education, global public health, the environment,          After receiving the application online, the Google
youth advocacy and the arts. Designed for 501(c)(3)        Grants committee (consisting of Google employees)
non-profit organizations, Google Grants is a unique        then determines award recipients. They will confirm
in-kind advertising program. It uses Google’s primary      your 501(c)(3) status, and review your application
advertising product, Google AdWords, to aid non-           carefully. Google Grants recipients are selected every
profits seeking to inform and engage their constituents    quarter. You will know within three months or less
online.                                                    whether you will receive a Google Grant award.

Google Grants has awarded AdWords advertising              How Does It Work?
to hundreds of non-profit groups whose missions            Google Grants provides eligible organizations with
range from animal welfare to literacy, from                in-kind keyword advertising using Google AdWords
supporting homeless children to promoting HIV              so you can connect directly with your target audience.
education. Google Grant recipients use their award         Through simple, short text ads that run on Google.
of free AdWords advertising on to raise         com, a countless number of people can learn about
awareness and increase traffic. Each organization          your organization online as they search for related
awarded a Google Grant receives at least three months      information. When someone enters keywords (short
of in-kind advertising.                                    phrases specifying a particular search query) into
                                                 , ads targeted to those keywords appear
Organizations that are either religious or political in    alongside the search results.
nature are not eligible, including those groups focused
primarily on lobbying for political or policy change.      An automated system monitors the performance of
In its first year of operating Google Grants, 80 percent   your ads, and displays the most relevant ads in the
of the organizations applying met the criteria for this    most visible position on the page. Once your campaign
award of in-kind advertising.                              is running, you can see how well your ads perform
                                                           by logging into your AdWords account to view your
                                                           online reports, including how often people have clicked
                                                           on each of your ads and keyword phrases, and the
                                                           value of those clicks.

10 · FOR OUR CHILDREN · August 007
Training and Education Opportunities                        Other Training Resources for Grant Writers and
As school children are returning to class, it may be time   Fundraisers
to consider training and education opportunities for your
grant writing and fundraising staff. The following are      The Grantsmanship Center ( The center
local training opportunities and some websites for more     provides a comprehensive, five-day interactive training
education on the subject of grants and fundraising.         on seeking and writing grants in locations throughout
                                                            the country. Topics include researching funding
RDI Grants Workshops                                        opportunities, writing grant proposals and negotiating
                                                            with philanthropic sources.
Basic Grant Writing
This course is for novice grant writers. Participants       Foundation Center (
will review the basics of seeking and writing grants. At    Among the many resources available on this website for
the conclusion of the class, participants will be able to   grantmakers and grant seekers are online and classroom
identify and evaluate grant opportunities, establish a      training courses on securing grants from private
system to write grants, and identify the basic parts of a   funders.
grant proposal.                                             Association of Professional Researchers for
Intermediate Grant Writing                                  Advancement ( This leading
                                                            organization for fundraisers who specialize in research
Participants will review the basic components of a          or data management offers conferences, virtual
grant proposal, successful approaches, and the Dos and      seminars and symposiums on searching for and
Don’ts of grant writing. Special attention is devoted to    investigating foundations, corporations and individuals.
writing each technical component of a grant proposal.
It is highly recommended that participants take RDI         American Association of Grant Professionals
Basic Grantwriting Workshop before registering for          ( This group aims to build
Intermediate class.                                         a community of people in the grants field through
To register for the above workshops,                        seminars, networking, regional chapters and certificate
visit                                        programs.

                                                            Association of Fundraising Professionals (www.afpnet.
                                                            org): AFP sponsors informative conferences at the
                                                            national and local levels that offer great opportunities
                                                            for networking. Its Resource Center and Career Site
                                                            help you address almost any grant-related problem.

                                                            Alliance for Nonprofit Management
                                                            ( Devoted to helping
                                                            nonprofits build their capacity; ANM offers
                                                            conferences, networking opportunities and

                                                            Center for Nonprofit Advancement
                                                            ( Although this
RDI is a collaboration between Children’s Services          organization is focused on supporting nonprofits in the
Council of Palm Beach County and the United Way             Washington, D.C. area, it offers training in areas such as
of Palm Beach County.                                       fundraising, leadership development, communications,
For more information contact Tanisha Hudson,                and the latest technologies.
Resource Development Specialist
(561) 740-7000 ext. 2201

                                                                                 August 007 · FOR OUR CHILDREN · 11
calendar Highlights                                                                                                   STANDARD
                                                                                                                   US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                                   WEST PALM BCH FL
august                                                                                   00 High Ridge Road       PERMIT NO 10
                                                                                         Boynton Beach, FL 

 11      Community Back to School Bash – Palm Beach County Convention Center
 11      Putting Kids First – John I. Leonard High School
         Successful Fingerprinting Skills for Mentoring Programs – Children’s Services
         Infant/Toddler Training Initiative Kick-off luncheon – Crowne Plaza Hotel,
         CSC and Palm Beach Community College


         Literacy Expo – Palm Beach Airport Hilton, Palm Beach County Literacy
 17      Managing the Line of Tension panel discussion – CSC
 20      Share the World of Reading – Palm Beach County Literacy Coalition
 28      Facilitating Hurricane Preparedness for Kids – CSC

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