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									           ―Where the Rubber Meets the Road – The Power of the Tongue‖
                                 Sermon Notes

James 1:19-20, 26; 3:8-10

James says the tongue simply reflects what is on the inside. The tongue has no brain to make its
own decision. It is totally controlled by what is on the inside – in the heart and mind of the
person. The question is: how do we get them in line so we can be a faithful witness?

We let God into our hearts and minds; we tell God to take the reins. God then controls the bit
which controls the 1,200 pound thundering horse. We pause before we speak and ask God to get
control of our heart and mind. When anger has stirred up the sludge in the bottom of our heart we
stop and allow it to settle so God’s work in us will have an opportunity to influence our words.
Once that happens our words become powerful tools of creation in God’s hands.

Try this experiment:
One day this week ask God to direct every word you say. Be aware of and deliberate about your
words, every one of them from the moment you get up to the moment you go to bed. At the end
of the day review them with God. If a day is too much, try the experiment with one hour. If you
are daring, expand this experiment to more days, maybe even a week.

May I hear through your ears and see through your eyes.
And may the mind be in me that was in Jesus Christ.
Help me remember the power of my words.
Control my tongue so that I may be a faithful witness to you. Amen.

                                                 Sermon Series
                                       Where the Rubber Meets the Road:
                                              The Book of James

     Join us in worship next week for the conclusion of a 3-part series from the
    book of James as we take our faith to the street and allow the rubber to meet
                                     the road!
                                  A Community in Christ
                Chester United Methodist Church
Our Mission: Rooted in God, Growing in Christ, Bearing Fruit in the Spirit
  12132 Percival Street, Chester, Virginia 23831 * Church: (804) 748-6006 Fax: 748-0859

                              FRESH START SERVICE
                               May 8, 2011 - 8:30 Ministry Congregation
            Web site: * A Stephen AM

     Please sign the attendance register on the clip board, sign up for activities in which
                  you would like to participate and pass it to your neighbor.

                                 WORSHIP MUSIC
                                  Let the Praises Ring
                             Awesome Is the Lord Most High
                                     Take My Life
                                  Lord, Reign In Me

                                   SPECIAL MUSIC
                          If We Are the Body – Fresh Start Band

            ―Where the Rubber Meets the Road: The Power of the Tongue‖
                            Rev. Dr. Margaret T. Kutz

                                 James 1:19-20, 26, 3:8-10
                                     SERVICE OF WORSHIP                               Third Sunday
   May 8, 2011                                                                            of Easter

                 Please sign the red attendance register, sign up for activities in which
                       you would like to participate and pass it to your neighbor.
   Prelude                   Jesus, Lover of My Soul (It’s All About You)           God Moves
                                                     Dawn Boyd, director; Susan DePhillip, soloist
  Call to Worship
  Leader:         On this Mothers Day we give thanks for the joy of human love, brother, sister,
                  parent, child.
  Congregation: Lord of all, to thee we raise, this our hymn of grateful praise!
* Opening Hymn No. 92             For the Beauty of the Earth                    stanzas 1, 4 & 6
  Welcome and Honoring Mothers
  Prayer for Mother’s Day
* Greeting
  Commissioning of Stephen Ministers (see insert)

                               PROCLAMATION AND RESPONSE
   Children’s Message                                                                  Rev. Rita
   Special Music                           A Song for Mama                        Darryl Ellyson
                                                         with Susan DePhillip & Joshua Wortham
  Prayer for Illumination
       May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable in
       your hearing, O God, our Rock and Redeemer. Amen.
  Scripture                            James 1:19-20, 26, 3:8-10
  Sermon                         “Where the Rubber Meets the Road:               Rev. Dr. M.T. Kutz
                                      The Power of the Tongue”
  Hymn No. 399                        Take My Life, and Let It Be                       stanza 2 only
  Offertory Anthem                      I’m Down On My Knees                           Chancel Choir
                                                                              Darryl Ellyson, soloist
                                                                     Composer, Darryl Ellyson (2009)
* Doxology No. 94
      Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
      Praise God, all creatures here below: Alleluia! Alleluia!
      Praise God, the source of all our gifts! Praise Jesus Christ, whose power up-lifts!
      Praise the Spirit, Holy Spirit! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

   Community Announcements and Temple Talk                                              Marcus Walker
                                                                  Broadwater Community Services Director
   Morning Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer No. 895

                                              SENDING FORTH

* Closing Hymn No. 664                                                                      stanza 1 only
* Benediction
* Choral Amen (The congregation is invited to join in singing.)

* Those who can will please stand. Bold print – unison response

   The Flowers on the Altar are given to the glory of God and in honor of Amanda Elizabeth Yerby
   in celebration of her graduation from American University (Saturday, May 7, 2011), from Mom
   and Dad. We are very proud of you. The flowers are also in honor of the mothers in our church
   on Mother’s Day.

                                  Leading Our Worship TODAY (May 8, 2011)
   Acolytes: 11:00           John Ryan Irvin, Mallory Seal
   Greeters: 8:30            Cindy Yuoconis, Sandra & Rachel Dishman
             11:00           Juanita Timmons, Gerald Stewart, Marylou Cumby, Shirley Blankenship
              6:00           Carolyn Maxwell
   Ushers:    8:30           John Ferguson, Dale Clark, Rian Mey
             11:00           Tam Moody, Lee Ross, June Garrett, Billy Hopson, David Ferry
              6:00           Bruce Costner
   Nursery:   8:30           Darlene Emerson, Sue Matthews, Janean & Jeff Trimble
              9:45           Courtney & John Farrell
             11:00           Judy McGee
   Welcome Center:           9:45 Judy McGee
                                           May 8-May 15, 2011
   Today:       8:20 AM     Light Breakfast               Saturday:
                8:30 AM     Fresh Start Service           Next Sunday:   MISSION SUNDAY
                9:30 AM     Connections Group                           8:30 AM    Gathering & Prayer
                9:45 AM     Sun. Sch/Small Groups                       8:40 AM    Mission Project Work
               11:00 AM     Traditional Service                         9:45 AM    Some Adult SS Classes
                 3:00 PM    MS UMYF                                    11:00 AM    Traditional Worship
                 5:00 PM    Friendship Ministry                        12:15 PM    Covered Dish F’ship
                 6:00 PM    CrossRoads Service                                     Luncheon
   Mon.- Thurs. Mornings:   Nursery School                               3:00 PM   MS Youth
   Mon. – Thurs. Evenings:  Boy & Girl Scouts                            4:00 PM   Spiritual Growth
   Monday:     10:00 AM     Beth Moore                                   5:00 PM   Friendship Ministry
                 6:00 PM    Jean Craig Fellowship                        6:00 PM   CrossRoads Service
                 6:30 PM    Beth Moore                                             with Children’s Music
   Tuesday:    10:00 AM     Prayer Group                                           Ministry Concert
                 7:00 PM    Trustees                      Music Schedule:
   Wednesday: 9:00 AM       Bulletin Deadline             Today:       9:40 AM Cherub Choir
                9:00 AM     Shepherd Ctr. Water                        4:00 PM His Kids & Kids Praise
                            Color & /Intro to Art                               (combined until 5 PM)
                   9:30 AM Visitation Team                             NO Chimes or Wesley Ringers
                   1:00 PM Shepherd Center                             4:30 PM Youth Choir
                            Sr. Meditation Group                       5:00 PM God Moves
                   1:30 PM Prayer Shawl Group             Tuesday:    10:00 AM Joy Singers
                   6:00 PM High School Youth                           6:30 PM CrossRoads Band
                   7:00 PM Emmaus Group                   Wednesday:    4:00 PM Dawn of Grace
                   7:00 PM Finance                        Thursday:     6:30 PM Fresh Start Band
   Thursday:       10:00 AM Bookman F’ship                              7:30 PM Chancel Choir

                        Ministers                                    Every Member of the Congregation
                        Pastor                            Dr. Margaret T. Kutz:
                        Associate Pastor               Rev. Brandon Robbins:
                        Dir. Spiritual Formation                 Rev. Rita Stewart:
                        Middle School Youth Director                  Susan Nixon:
                        Music Director/Organist                Joshua Wortham:
                        Financial Administrator                   Jerri Hunter:
                        Church Administrator                Cathy Gentry:
A Community in Christ   Secretary                      Terry Wisegarver:
                        Nursery School Director               Dee Fisher:
                        Maintenance Coordinator           Richard Arnold:
                        Nursery School Website                              
                        Church Website                                    
                                                      James 1:19-20, 26, 3:8-10
May 8, 2011
                                                    ―Where the Rubber Meets the Road:
                                                       The Power of the Tongue‖
                                                               Pastor Marg
                                                         Goodbye World Goodbye
                                                         I Feel Like Traveling On
                                                                 Do Lord
                                                             Because He Lives
                                                            SPECIAL MUSIC
                                                      Eagle When She Flies – Jennifer

Join us for CrossRoads–Southern Gospel Worship for Today’s Journey—Every Sunday
evening at 6 PM for Southern Gospel Hymns, Special Music from the CrossRoads Band, and the
leadership of Associate Pastor Brandon Robbins.
    Sunday, May 15, 6 PM—Children’s Music Ministry Concert – As we close out another
    great year of growing in faith and fellowship through music, each of our ensembles for
    children will team up to present a concert of their favorite songs they’ve learned throughout
    the year. Join us for this charming and energetic program.

KEEP IN PRAYER: Joyce Fritzgerald (Kay Williams’ sister), Crystal & Chris (CUMC next-door
neighbors, family of Mary Katherine Fields (Terri Costner’s mother), family of Devin Hawkins,
Broadwater Community, Russell Wyndham, Jan Gibson & family, Charlie Moore, Doug Pike, Charlie
Higgins, Logan (Phil Yerby’s nephew), Sandy Hanky (Doug Hanky’s sister-in-law), Shirley Hathaway
(Dee Fisher’s mother); David & Pamela Overton; Terri Costner’s mother, Evelyn Black (Harold Crowder’s
aunt), Hazel Burton, Emily Scott (Phyllis & Dennis Knaack’s daughter), Jan Gibson’s brother & family,
Sylvia Whitter (Merlin Mitchell’s neice), Karen Verlander (Don Phelps’ daughter), Victor Watters
(grandson of Barbara & Jim Watters), Marr Snyder (nephew of Karen Comer and Mike & Sylvia Wray),
Dee Pearson, Tom Welchel (Joe Welchel’s father), Beth Scarborough (Holly Scarborough’s mom),
Beth Newsome, Bob Geddings, Julia Bowman, Joanna McVicker, Brenda Norris, Adele & Bill Maxwell,
Edwina McCoy, Nellie Ervin, Judy Dyson, Margaret Lipscomb.
In Iraq: Jeff Swain (Debbie Yerby’s cousin)
In Afghanistan: Heather Tittle Briggs & Travis Cooper (530 th HHC from Fr. Lee)
In Coronado, CA: CDR Hersch Weinstock (son of Ann Stuart)
In Spangdahlam, Germany: Lt. Richard M. Smyth, USAF (Tish Manuel’s great-nephew)
In Kosovo: CW4 Mark Phillips (Son of Doris and John Hancock)
Marine Recruit, Jacob Davis
  We are blessed that all visitors have chosen to worship with us today.  You are
  invited to stop by our Welcome Center in the Atrium or the table in the narthex where
  we have prepared gift bags for you. Information and brochures on our church may
  be found at our Welcome Center. Thank you for worshipping with us today!

Metro Richmond at Prayer: We pray for the Churches and religious institutions of
Metropolitan Richmond: For all pastors, ministers, missionaries, and servants of Christ.

You Are Invited to a Service of Healing and Wholeness at the Outdoor Chapel of the Chester
Family YMCA on Tuesday May 10 at 7:30AM. This worship service, led by Monica Swofford,
will be a time for healing of mind, body, spirit, and relationships. All are welcome to attend. In
the event of rain the service will be held in the Teen Center of the Chester Family YMCA.

Broadwater Community Olympiad: Rescheduled to Saturday, May 14 from 1-5 PM.
During the event, we will have a time of observation and remembrance in honor of Devin
Hawkins, the teen that was recently victim to a fatal shooting at Broadwater. All children and
youth who participated in the Spring Break Sports Activity Camp are invited to return for a fun
afternoon of competition and demonstration of the skills they learned. Many of the collegiate
athletes will return to assist in the activities but adult volunteers are also needed. If you are
interested in registering your child or serving as a volunteer, please contact Amy Dodd (399-
8680 or

Children’s Music Ministry Concert NEXT Sunday, May 15 at
6 PM. His Kids, Kids Praise, Cherub Choir, New Beginnings
Chimes, Wesley Ringers and God Moves will all join forces to
share some of their favorite songs they’ve learned this year!

District Farewell Celebration: SUNDAY, JUNE 5; 4 PM at Main Street United Methodist
Church (105 Church Street; Emporia, VA). THIS IS A CORRECTION! All are invited to attend
this event to honor pastor and clergy families being reassigned or retiring. Please RSVP to
Becky Paxton (732-2538) by May 25.

This Week’s Food Pantry Needs: lg. cans of juice; coffee/tea; 16 oz. can fruit; 16 oz. peanut
butter; 16 oz. jelly; soup, can or dry; 16 oz. beef stew; 12 oz corn beef hash; 16 oz. can meat chili,
can Span/Treat; canned ham, lg. box quick cook rice; 16 oz. can carrots, peas, pork & beans,
lg. jar mayonnaise; lg. box biscuit mix; lg. bottle syrup; lg. box laundry soap; shampoo and bar
soap. Many supplies are critically low. Please consider donating to the food pantry this week.
Congregational Meeting: You are invited to our second congregational information meeting on
Sunday, May 22, during the Sunday school hour in the Davis Fellowship Hall. This meeting will
focus on Trustees - what they do, how they function, where they need help. Carrie Coyner,
Trustee Chair, will highlight some current maintenance projects, needed funds for HVAC and
roof problems, the new Facility Manager position, and the new Energy Star Committee. Other
administrative council leaders will be there to answer questions and hear your comments. Please
plan to attend! We need to be an informed, involved congregation.

                               CUMC VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 2011
                                      Where kids carry out God’s recipe!
                                     Monday, June 20— Friday, June 24
                                             9:00 AM– 12:15 PM
                                          Registration Begins Soon!
Many volunteers are needed to support this wonderful ministry of outreach, mission, and
spiritual growth. If you would like to serve, please register on the pew pad or contact
Victoria Martinko ( / 748-0815).

Graduate Recognition Sunday: Sunday, June 5; 8:30 and 11:00 services; Breakfast reception
in the Atrium for graduates and their families from 9:45-10:45 AM. Please register graduates on
the pew pad and submit pictures of the graduates (current and older) to be used in a PowerPoint
presentation. E-mail pictures to Sue Matthews at or place in Higher
Education mailbox.

                               There is no fear in love.
                                                                                  1 John 4:18a

United Methodist Women News: Contact Susan Petrey (275-9258) to learn more.
   Jean Craig Fellowship—will meet Monday, May 9; 7 PM at the Petrey’s to work on health
   kits. Visitors and new members are always welcome. Call Susan Petrey for details.
   Frances Allen Fellowship—will meet Tuesday, May 10, 7 PM, in the home of Susan Henry.
   All women of the church are welcome to attend. Call Janis Hargrave, 526-4156, for details.
   Ada Mae Bookman Fellowship—will meet Thursday, May 12 for lunch at Antonio’s. Call
   Martha Miles, 748-5476, for details.
   Conference UMW Spiritual Life Retreat—Saturday, May 14 at VUMAC—Eastern
   Shore DS Rev. Tammy Estep will lead the retreat ―Blessed to be a Blessing.‖ Meet in the
   CUMC parking lot at 8:30 AM to ride together. Advanced registration of $28.65 is required
   no later than May 6. Call Susan for details.
Join the Fresh Start Sunday School Class in Study, Fellowship and Service:
    Faith Lessons on the Life and Ministry of the Messiah (Vol.3)—Resuming May 1
Uncover the "hidden" meaning of scripture with this exciting faith discovery series by biblical
professor and archeologist Rev. Ray Vander Laan, that brings the Bible to life! Uniquely
captivating, this video series reveals keen insights into the relevance of God's Word, making it
truly applicable to today's Christian.
The Fresh Start Class meets every Sunday morning at 9:45 in room 232. Visitors and new
members are always welcome. Call Susan Petrey, 275-9258, for more information.

Pork Roast Update: UMM still has approximately 14 Boston Butt Pork Roasts in the kitchen
that have not been picked up yet. If you have not picked up your Boston Butt Pork Roast please
stop by the kitchen today to pick it up. If you cannot stop by the kitchen please contact Gordon
Morris (751-0316), Gary Williams (748-3811) or Tom Boyd (748-5484) to make arrangements
for pick-up. Any pork roasts not picked up today will be offered for sale on a first-come, first-
serve basis.

Barbecue for Shady Hill Community: Cornerstone Assembly of God has a mission program
serving meals at Shady Hill. CUMC supported the program last year by preparing barbecue. It
was so well received that we are doing it again as one of our mission projects for our Mission
Sunday next week. If you are interested in preparing barbecue, please contact Julie Ferry at 530-
5009 or See purple pages of bulletin for more details.

Meals for Hawkins Family: Devin Hawkins (age 13) was recently victim to a fatal shooting at
the Broadwater Townhomes on Harrowgate Road. The family’s faith is strong and they are doing
ok. CUMC is providing dinner for the family (parents and older brother, Desmond) for the next
couple weeks. If you would like to provide a meal, please contact Jenni Deckert at 796-2873 or

                       Leading Our Worship Next Sunday (May 15, 2011)
Acolytes: 11:00      Savannah Stone, Laura Morris
Greeters: 8:30       No Fresh Start Service
          11:00      Lorraine Young, Harley Young, Mary Lou Cumby
           6:00      Bill Comer
Ushers:    8:30      Marshall Henry, Pat Stanfield, Rian Mey
          11:00      Mary Rhodes, Grady Andrews, Jr., Scott Pugh, Don Schmidt, Gary Williams
           6:00      Rian Mey
Nursery:   8:30      Janean & Jeff Trimble, Lisa Zoller, Jenna Davis
           9:45      Courtney & John Farrell
          11:00      Diane Duffy
Welcome Center:      9:45 Judy McGee
Collection Drive: A collection drive has started for the Chester YMCA and 4-H families that
were recently affected by the April 26 fire at Colonial Ridge Apartments. Below is a list of
needed items for these families. You may drop your items off at the Chester YMCA or at the
Chesterfield Extension office, by Friday May 13. Please make sure you label your donation items
with the family number given on the list. If you have further questions, please contact Tiffany
Patton at 414-0473 (work)/638-0764(cell) or Iris Hatton at 751-4401.

Family #1
Adult Female:          Size 9 or 10 pants; M/L tops; Shoe Size 8 ½
Girl:                  Size 7 clothing; shoe size 12 child
Girl:                  Size 4 clothing; shoe size 6 child

Family #1
Adult Female:          40D bra; panties size 7; pants; socks; shoe size 10W
Girl:                  L shirts; pants size 15; 38C bra; panties size 7; shoe size 9
Boy:                   L men’s boxer briefs; colored A-shirts size XL; pants size 38-40;
                       2X shirts; shoe size 11; no show ankle socks
Boy:                   size 12-14 boys large underwear; L t-shirts; pants size 12-14;
                       shirts size large 14; shoe size 6 ½; no show socks

Family #3
2 year old girl        3T or a little larger; 3T toddler pull-ups/training pants; size 7 shoes
4 year old boy         5T or a little larger; shoe size in boys 111/2 to 12
Adult woman            work attire; size 11 pants; L topS; shoe size 7 (flats)

Family #4
2 month old baby       Similac advanced formula; size 2 pampers


1. PRAY DAILY THIS WEEK for the volunteers, participants and for the persons
   whom we are seeking to support in this caring effort. Give thanks to God for the
   rich opportunity we have to serve God and others.

2. BRING PLANTS for the landscaping project at PATHWAYS in Petersburg.
   (See list in bulletin.) Bring plants to the church on Sunday, May 15, by 8:30
   a.m. Any questions, please call Debbie Yerby (920-2715).

3. BRING BACKPACK ITEMS for needy elementary children. (See bulletin
   listing.) Articles can be left in the special bins in the Mission Closet (by
   Pastor Marg’s office.) For further information, contact Sandra Dishman

4. PREPARE BARBEQUE for the Feeding of the Homeless (in cooperation
   with the Cornerstone Assembly of God Church). Julie Ferry (530-5009) can
   provide further details.

   EVERYONE at 12:15 p.m. on May 15. You can be a wonderful supporter by
   bringing an additional meat, salad, vegetable, or dessert. The mission
   participants will appreciate your generous sharing. Food items may be
   dropped off by the kitchen any time after 8:30 a.m. on Mission Sunday.

6. BE A VOLUNTEER in the set up or clean up of the LUNCHEON.

7. MAKE A MONETARY CONTRIBUTION to help purchase needed supplies
   and materials for the various mission projects. Your check can be made
   payable to Chester U.M.C. and marked ―Mission Sunday.‖
                           May 15—MISSION SUNDAY
You are invited to participate in an exciting mission outreach on Sunday, May 15 from 8:30 AM
to 12 noon. (We will gather at 8:30 for prayer before starting.) This will be a vital and enriching
experience for you and for all members of your family as we seek to really be Christ’s church in
our community. Let’s not just talk church, let’s be the church! We need you!
Prayerfully study the mission project list below:
    1. Packing and delivering special items for CCHASM’s local Food Pantries.
        Dixie Stone (748-4755) is the leader.
    2. Trash Pickup/Beautification of the park area by Ecoff Elementary School
        Carolyn Landis (796-1860) is the coordinator. Our DASH children (3rd-5th graders) and
        their families will be participating.
    3. Adopt a Highway Clean Up along Ecoff Road.
        Gordon Morris (751-0316) and Susan Nixon (748-6006) are the project leaders.
    4. General repairs and yard work for needy homes in our community.
         Bruce and Donna Koch (768-1632) are the coordinators.
    5. Landscaping and planting of plants at Pathways in Petersburg.
        The coordinator is Debbie Yerby (920-2715).
    6. Visiting local Nursing Homes and sharing with the residents.
        Amy Gray (717-8240) is the leader and there will be music by our choirs.
    7. Work on our Backpack Ministry (Curtis Elementary School Children).
        Sandra Dishman (748-2790) is the coordinator.
    8. Interior Painting in the Church.
        Ginger Chadwick (748-4778) is the project leader.
    9. Broadwater Spring Cleaning—various community improvement projects.
        The leader is Amy Dodd (399-8680).
    10. Feeding the Homeless (in cooperation with the Cornerstone Assembly of God
        Church). Julie Ferry (530-5009) is the leader.
    11. Coordinating Luncheon at 12:15 PM for the congregation and the mission
        participants in the Fellowship Hall. Darlene Emerson (530-2517) is the coordinator.
There is something for all ages! We are especially hoping that all of our children will be
participating. Please fill out a SIGN UP FORM. There will be NO 8:30 AM Fresh Start
worship and NO Sunday school for children or youth. Some adult classed may still meet so
please check with the facilitator. There WILL be 11 AM worship followed by a Fellowship
Covered Dish Luncheon for EVERYONE at 12:15 PM in the Davis Fellowship Hall. Food
items may be dropped by the kitchen anytime after 8:30 AM on the morning of May 15.
The general plan is to have two different sizes: Regular Household and Travel. The travel size
items will be placed in Ziploc bags. Please put these items in the labeled bin in the Mission
Closet by May 15.
    Adult diapers                                      Napkins
    Baby diapers                                       Toilet paper
    Toiletries of all types (shampoos, soaps,          Bottles or boxes of laundry detergent
        toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.)                Hygiene products for men and women
    Bottles of lotions, creams (skin care)             Some pet foods (canned or dry)
    Paper towels                                       Dishwashing detergent
    Boxes and small packets of tissues

Monkey Grass (300 feet of border)
10 Native Honeysuckle Plants (not the ultra-common invasive species)
Common Orange Day Lilies (enough for a 12 ft. x 20 ft. bed)
Forsythia (enough to plant 265 ft. of hedge rows)
      Please bring plants to the church Sunday, May 15, by 8:30 AM

                    (Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ready-to-serve foods)
Cereals, hot and cold                              Boxed macaroni and cheese
Granola/breakfast bars                             Canned Beefaroni, spaghetti
Pop Tarts                                          Canned soups/stews
Fruit/applesauce cups                              Spaghetti sauce
Saltine crackers                                   Spaghetti noodles
Peanut butter                                      Meals Complete
Jelly                                              Instant potatoes

                     (Put in church refrigerator by 11 AM on Mission Sunday)
Combine all ingredients and cook in crock pot for 8 hours or until the meat falls apart. Remove
the port, shred with a fork and add pork back into sauce.
4 to 5 lbs. Pork Loin                                20 ounces ketchup, 12 ounces chili sauce
½ bunch celery                                       1 teaspoon black pepper
1 large onion                                        1 teaspoon salt
If you would like to help serve, meet at Cornerstone Assembly of God at 2:30 PM ((May 15) OR
           meet at Shady Grove Community on Jefferson Davis Highway at 3 PM.
                     MISSION SUNDAY—May 15
                                        SIGN UP FORM
                            (You may check more than one option.)
______ I will participate on May 15 in the following Mission Outreach project:
       (Fill in project name.)____________________________________________
______I will make a monetary gift to help in the purchase of needed food items,
      supplies, etc. (Checks should be made payable to Chester UMC and marked: ―Mission
______I cannot be a mission participant on May 15 but I am willing to bring some of the needed
       articles for CCHASM, the Backpack Ministry, food for the homeless, plants for
       PATHWAYS, etc.
______I cannot attend on May 15 but I am willing to help in the following way(s):

Name (PLEASE PRINT) ______________________________Phone No.__________________
We need your form TODAY. Please place in the offering plate or in the
                Mission Sunday tray in the Atrium.

                                     May 15, 2011
8:00 AM     Receiving luncheon food, supplies, and plants for Pathways project
8:30 AM     Gathering and Prayer Time
8:45 AM     Embark on Mission Sunday projects (here or off –site)
9:45 AM     Some adult Sunday school classes may be meeting. Please check with the
11:00 AM    Traditional Worship Service
12:00 PM    Completion of Mission Sunday projects
12:15 PM    Fellowship Covered Dish Luncheon for ALL

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