UK Skippered Vessel Charter Agreement by Megadox


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Vessel:                                                         Type:

LOA:                   ____________ m.
                       Includes all gear and equipment on board and in any inventory attached hereto
Delivery Port:                                                  Redelivery Port:

Cruising Limits:

Charter Period:        Start Date and Time:
                       End Date and Time:
Crew: (names and
experience         /

Vessel Fee:            £___________________
Catering Fee:          £___________________
Miscellaneous:         £___________________                     For: ________________________________
                       £___________________                     For: ________________________________

                                                                             Subtotal:    £_____________________

                                                                          Taxes / VAT:    £_____________________

                                                          TOTAL CHARTER COSTS:            £_____________________

Booking Deposit:       £___________________                     Due Date:                 PAID ________________
Damage Deposit:        £___________________                     Due Date:                 PAID ________________
Other      Deposits    £___________________                     Due Date:                 PAID ________________
                                                      TOTAL DEPOSITS RECEIVED:            £_____________________

                                                                       BALANCE DUE:       £_____________________

                                    CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS
acknowledges receipt from ________________________________________________ (hereinafter “CHARTERER”) the
amount set forth on the face of this Vessel Charter Agreement as a deposit for the charter described thereon. The parties
hereto agree as follows:

OPERATOR agrees to let, and CHARTERER agrees to hire, on skipped charter, the Vessel named on page 1 of this
Agreement or, if such vessel is not available due to unforeseen circumstances, a substantially similar vessel (the “Vessel”) on
the date(s) and for the duration and at the rates set out on page 1 of this Agreement.

OPERATOR requires a booking deposit of ______% of the total charter cost to secure the Vessel for the Charter Period, which
must be paid upon signing of this Agreement to confirm the Charter reservation. The booking deposit must be paid by no later
than _________ (___) working days prior to the start of the Charter Period. If CHARTERER fails to pay the booking deposit by
that date, OPERATOR shall make the date and the Vessel available to other clients.

OPERATOR may retain and apply the Security Deposit to any amount owed by CHARTERER, save that no retention shall be
made in respect of liability, loss or damage occasioned by the negligence of the skipper, and provided always that such
retention shall be without prejudice to the right of OPERATOR to recover any unpaid balance from CHARTERER. The Security
Deposit will be refunded to CHARTERER within fourteen (14) days after completion of the charter if there is no loss or damage
to the Vessel, its furnishings, equipment, or fittings caused by CHARTERER or its agents, servants, or guests, or, in the event
of dispute, upon the determination of such dispute.

4.1       At the beginning of the Charter Period, OPERATOR shall deliver the Vessel to CHARTERER in good, seaworthy
          condition, furnished, outfitted, and ready for service for the intended purpose, and in full compliance with the MCA’s
          Code of Practice for the Safety of Small Commercial Motor or Sailing Vessels, or (if delivery takes place outside of
          the UK) its equivalent (if applicable) as approved by the appropriate authority in the country of delivery where delivery
          takes place, and with the minimum equipment requirements of the Marine Leisure Association (MLA).

4.2       OPERATOR shall provide an experienced and properly qualified Skipper who shall navigate the Vessel to ports
          within the cruising limits as CHARTERER may direct and who shall, so far as is consistent with the safety of the
          Vessel and her guests and crew, comply with all reasonable requests of CHARTERER. The Skipper shall, however,
          be in complete control of the navigation of the Vessel and shall have absolute authority with respect to matters of
          seamanship and safety. The Skipper shall have the right to require CHARTERER and all members of the party to
          comply with all reasonable orders where CHARTERER or any member of the party might otherwise endanger the
          Vessel or any person on board, or vitiate the Vessel’s insurance, or prevent or be likely to prevent timely redelivery at
          the end of the Charter Period, or otherwise be prejudicial to OPERATOR’s interests.

4.3       OPERATOR will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver the Vessel to CHARTERER at the agreed time and place
          for delivery but if OPERATOR fails to do so for whatever reason (including a breach of clause 4.1), OPERATOR’s
          liability shall be limited to a pro rata return of the Charter Fee for each 12-hour period for which delivery is delayed. If
          such delay exceeds 25% of the Charter Period, CHARTERER shall have the right to terminate this Agreement, and
          OPERATOR shall return all sums paid together with reasonable compensation for travel and accommodation costs,
          but shall have no further liability to CHARTERER in respect of the cancellation of the Charter, including (without
          prejudice to the generality of the foregoing), liability in respect of consequential or economic loss or loss of use or
          enjoyment, save where delivery is delayed other than by reason of force majeure, in which case OPERATOR’s
          maximum liability, in addition to the return of all sums paid by CHARTERER, shall be limited to an amount equal to
          fifty percent (50%) of the Charter Fee.

5.        INSURANCE
5.1       OPERATOR shall keep the Vessel and its equipment insured on the terms of the Institute Yacht Clauses, or on
          comparable terms, for the full replacement value with third party liability cover of not less than £2,000,000 and
          subject to a policy deductible not to exceed the amount of the Security Deposit.

5.2       CHARTERER shall indemnify OPERATOR in respect of any loss of or damage to the Vessel or its equipment or any
          other expense or liability arising out of any act or omission of CHARTERER or any member of its party which is not
          for any reason covered by OPERATOR’s insurance policy.

5.3       OPERATOR and/or the Skipper shall have no liability for death or personal injury suffered by CHARTERER or any
          member of CHARTERER’s party unless caused by the negligence or wilful default of OPERATOR and/or the

5.4       CHARTERER shall not do and shall not permit any member of the party to do anything which may vitiate the Vessel’s
          insurance or prejudice OPERATOR’s right to claim thereunder.

5.5       In the event the Vessel is damaged or disabled by breakdown of machinery, fire, grounding, collision or other cause
          which renders the Vessel unseaworthy and/or unusable, a pro rata credit will be given for the period during which the
          Vessel was unseaworthy or unusable, PROVIDED that neither CHARTERER nor any member of CHARTERER’s
          party caused or contributed to the damage or breakdown and provided further that OPERATOR shall not be liable to
          CHARTERER for any other compensation in respect of damage or breakdown, whether in respect of consequential
          or financial loss or otherwise, unless the damage or breakdown is caused by the negligence or wilful default of

       OPERATOR and results in death or personal injury. In the event the Vessel is lost, damaged or disabled to such
       extent that the Vessel cannot be repaired within _______ days following such disability, this Agreement will be
       terminated at no further liability to either party, and CHARTERER will be refunded for that portion of the charter which
       was not completed at the time of such los
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