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                     LESSONS IN LEADERSHIP
Over the past twenty-five years, Leadership   (Leadership Saratoga Class of 1989):           Recognize and praise good work, effort
Saratoga, a program of your Chamber, has                                                     and ideas. Hire smart, enthusiastic people
                                              No one ever accomplished anything signifi-
been orienting and training persons who                                                      and let them do their jobs. Listen to people
                                              cant on their own. Surround yourself with
are interested in getting more involved in                                                   -- really listen. Be fair, consistent and reli-
                                              individuals who possess integrity, intelli-
their communities. The more than 500                                                         able, and make your goals and expecta-
                                              gence and a healthy dose of ambition.
men and women who have graduated from                                                        tions clear. A leader is a role model, wheth-
                                              Instill in them a sense of loyalty and give
the program are now serving in leadership                                                    er you realize it or not, for better or worse.
                                              them direction and purpose. Then, have
positions throughout Saratoga County. We                                                     Take your challenges seriously; yourself,
                                              enough self restraint to let them do the job
asked a dozen of them to share with you                                                      not so seriously.
                                              you hired them to do.
some of the lessons they have learned
                                                                                             Tom Roohan, President of Roohan Realty
leading their organizations and the com-      Barbara Lombardo, Managing Editor of
                                                                                             (Leadership Saratoga Class of 1986):
munity.                                       The Saratogian (Leadership Class of
                                              1986):                                         It is critical to lead yourself first and set an
Ray O’Conor, Chairman, President & CEO
                                                                                             example others will strive to follow. A lead-
of Saratoga National Bank & Trust Co.         Treat people with respect and dignity.
                                                                                             er’s attitude is more contagious than H1N1

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 F. Y . i .                                    page 7                                    AT A GLANCE
 s aving & making mOneY                        page 8                    May 4           Seminar - Roth IRA Conversions
                                                                         May 4           Young Professionals Network
 TOUrism markeTing                             page 8                    May 11          Women's Business Group
                                                                         May 12          Golf Tournament
 prOgram appLiCaTiOns                           pag e 10
                                                                         May 18          Seminar - Electric Savings
                                                                         May 20          Third Thursday Breakfast
 UpCOming evenTs                               pa g e 11
                                                                         May 20          New Member Orientation and Mixer
                                                                         May 25          Seminar - Online Social Marketing
 gOvernmenT                                    page 12
                                                                         May 26          Seminar - Video Marketing
                                                                         May 27          Member Orientation and Mixer
               Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce                                           Details on page 7
               28 Clinton Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
     , 584-3255
    COver sTOrY COnTinUed

    if you are not up to a task or situation don’t   in our companies’ history where this has          espouse. In order to be a good leader, you
    expect your co –workers to be either. Go         rung as true as it does today. The current        must look within yourself first. Self-
    for a walk, get a cup of coffee and get your     economic environment has forced us all to         awareness of the qualities you possess;
    self together, get prepared and deliver the      call upon talents that we have only briefly       strategies to assist you in leading toward
    energy and attitude all that work with you       employed in the past. I have had to rely on       the goals of your organization; and the
    expect from you. Your energy and attitude        lessons that I learned throughout my life,        opportunity to listen and learn from others
    will set the tone for your entire organiza-      including my tenure at Leadership                 are critical to success as a leader. In order
    tion. Be positive, deliver value and follow      Saratoga, to guide a company that has             to be a successful leader, there are a num-
    the golden rule.                                 seen tremendous growth and change. My             ber of actions and skills that excellent lead-
                                                     advice to the future leaders of tomorrow          ers have in the toolbox. I characterize this
    William S. Lucarelli, PLS, Executive Vice
                                                     would be to listen, listen to those that have     as “Navigating with the “C’s” of
    President & Chief Operating Officer CHA
                                                     gone before you, listen to those that have        Leadership”.
    (Leadership Saratoga Class of 1993):
                                                     experienced the ups and downs of busi-
                                                                                                       Core mission—Do you know and believe in
    I think that the ability to set a positive       ness and listen to your own instincts. One
                                                                                                       the central mission of your organization?
    example is the most powerful attribute a         day you are going to be called on to lead
    leader can possess. When I first meet the        and as Vince said, you must be willing to         Communication--Communication is the
    staff of a firm we are acquiring, particularly   use what you have learned and become a            most important skill in life. You spend
    one with a different culture than CHA’s, it is   leader.                                           years learning how to read and write, and
    imperative that I am sincere in my actions                                                         years learning how to speak. What kind of
                                                     Kate Ferris, Principal, C.L. Ferris &
    and true to my words. In short, I aim to be                                                        a listener are you?
                                                     Associates (Leadership Saratoga Class of
    a role model. Individuals who strive to lead
                                                     1989):                                            Community collaboration—Is your organiza-
    by example inspire confidence and create
                                                                                                       tion a presence in the community in some
    an environment where everyone can suc-           Leadership means having the desire to set
                                                                                                       visible way?
    ceed.                                            the course, the courage to take risks, the
                                                     stamina to take criticism, the humility to        Capacity building—Are you learning and
    My definition of effective leadership can be
                                                     learn from one’s mistakes, the generosity         growing new people and ideas in a learning
    summed up in two words: “ownership men-
                                                     to share success, and most importantly,           organization?
    tality.” Individuals who adopt this mindset
                                                     the passion to give whatever is asked -           Consistency—Can others trust that you will
    are fully aware that their actions directly
                                                     time, talent or treasure - to fulfill the mis-    be fair and make decisions with the core
    influence how others perceive not only
                                                     sion.                                             mission at the center?
    them, but their companies, colleagues and
    customers. Most of all, they know that if        Christian Mathiesen, DDS (Leadership              Creativity—Do you cultivate creativity in
    they are genuinely passionate about their        Saratoga Class of 2000):                          those around you and welcome new ideas?
    organizations, they will inspire others to
                                                     As my understanding of leadership has             Confidence—Do you reflect pride in all that
    share that passion. That is ownership…
                                                     evolved over the years, especially since my       is good about your organization?
    and leadership… in every sense of the
                                                     involvement with Leadership Saratoga, I
    word.                                                                                              Courage—Do you have the courage of your
                                                     have developed a much greater apprecia-
    James W. Lee, Lee Investment                     tion for the leaders of the past. At all levels   convictions when challenges present them-
    Management LLC (Leadership Saratoga              of our community and our government, sig-         selves?
    Class of 1999):                                  nificant accomplishments were achieved            Contemplation—Do you reflect and remind
                                                     due to the tireless efforts of individuals        yourself about why what you do is impor-
    Surround yourself with the best people you
                                                     who were willing to lead. Many of these           tant?
    can find. Set clear goals and expectations
                                                     people had no formal training for leader-
    for yourself and your team, but be flexible                                                        Celebration—Do you balance the hard work
                                                     ship but had a gut instinct for doing what
    enough to listen and change if a better way                                                        with opportunities to celebrate successes?
                                                     had to be done. Our future success will be
    is revealed. Take responsibility for failure,
                                                     determined by those who exhibit similar           Eugene G. Quirk, President, Adirondack
    give credit to others for success and make
                                                     qualities.                                        Trust Insurance Agency (Leadership
    time to celebrate achievements!
                                                     Janice White, Superintendent of Saratoga          Saratoga Class of 2002):
    James M. Dawsey, President, MLB
                                                     Springs Schools (Leadership Saratoga              Treat everyone in your organization with
    Construction Services. LLC (Leadership
                                                     Class of 2003)                                    respect regardless of position. Encourage
    Saratoga Class of 1998):
                                                     A true leader is a servant first. Leadership      people by consistently providing positive
    The Great Vince Lombardi once said                                                                 feedback for jobs well done. Surround your-
                                                     is not power and protecting the status quo
    –“Having the capacity to lead is not                                                               self with people of integrity and compe-
                                                     but empowerment and letting go. With pas-
    enough. The leader must be willing to use                                                          tence…then value and solicit their opin-
                                                     sionate leadership, individuals design envi-
    it.” There has probably never been a time                                                          ions. Give responsibility to future leaders
                                                     ronments that cultivate the values they
COver sTOrY COnTinUed

and allow them the freedom to make mis-             be fair. It is easier to manage and be man-     during my career. One such leader was for-
takes as they grow.                                 aged when the guidelines are established        mer Commissioner Thomas McTygue who
                                                    and consistently enforced.                      would always say to me, “in order to be a
Dan Collins, Vice President, D.A.Collins
                                                                                                    great politician you need to have the beast
Companies (Leadership Saratoga Class of             Listen, Learn & Grow - Most of the best
                                                                                                    in the belly”. What he meant by this was
2003)                                               things we have ever implemented at our
                                                                                                    you have to love what you do and have the
                                                    companies were not top management’s
Delegate - I often hear managers say, “By                                                           courage to stand up against the naysayers
                                                    ideas, rather ideas from employees who
the time I show him how to do it, I might as                                                        in order to be a successful leader. Another
                                                    worked hard on those ideas and developed
well do it myself.” Take the time to teach                                                          mentor of mine was my late mother Helen,
                                                    them to implementation. Be humble
your employees how to do exactly what you                                                           who used to always say to me, “Johnny if
                                                    enough to change your directives if some-
want and it will pay dividends in the future.                                                       there are 100 questions on a test, 99 of
                                                    one has a better idea.
Empower your Employees - Give your                                                                  the answers are money”. What this instilled
                                                    Give Credit where Credit is Due - One of        in me was you have to always stay aware of
employees what they need to be success-
                                                    the biggest motivators for people is not        the financial ramifications of your deci-
ful. Encourage them to express their opin-
                                                    money, but recognition.                         sions in order to be an effective leader.
ions and ask for help when they need it.
Empowering your employees to make their             John P. Franck, CPA, Shareholder-West &         Lastly, Leadership Saratoga taught me the
own decisions will either allow them to             Company, CPAs, PC and Commissioner of           importance of networking, ethical decision
thrive or make it evident that there isn’t a        Accounts, City of Saratoga Springs              choices and expanding my leadership skills
“fit” and you can both part ways.                   (Leadership Saratoga Class of 2009):            which has been invaluable to me.

Consistency - Treat people the way you              I’ve been blessed in life by having various     For more information about the Leadership
would want to be treated, do what you say           leaders and organizations that helped           Saratoga program, please see the article
you are going to do, be firm, be direct, and        guide me both professionally and politically    on page 10.

green Tip

                        reCYCLing - One persOn's
                        Trash...                                                      Please check your garbage and see if there is any
                        Do you throw away items that might be useful to a fel-        thing there that someone else might find useful then
                        low Chamber member? For example, do you toss card-            contact the Chamber and we'll see if we can find a
                        board boxes and packing materials? The Chamber                member that will take it off your hands. Call 584-
                        knows of businesses that will recycle and use them.           3255 or e-mail

                         BS&K’s “Workplace 2010” HR Conference
               Employment Law Update                              Social Networking
               Employee Benefits Update                            Union Avoidance
               FMLA Issues                                        Workplace Investigations
                           Religious Discrimination, Accommodation and Retaliation
          Saratoga Springs  The Saratoga Hilton  May 27 ― Albany  The Desmond  June 15
                                          8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Includes Continental Breakfast and Lunch
                                                Who Should Attend Our Full Day Conference
                         HR Directors, Vice Presidents and Managers and others involved in Human Resource matters.
    Program was submitted to HR Certification Institute.                BS&K Clients / SHRM & Chamber Members: $140; General HR Public: $185

    Visit for more information or to register online.                      BOND, SCHOENECK & KING, PLLC                     B S &K
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Franklin Community Center, Inc.             Saratoga Dance, Etc., Inc.                   NBT Bank N.A.                                 Management
Furniture Theatre                           Saratoga Emergency Physicians                Northwestern Mutual Financial Network         The Dalton Law Firm
Gil's Garage, Inc.                          The Saratoga Group                           One Caroline St Jazz & Blues Bistro           DeMaria Financial, LLC
Jones Ferradino, Attorneys at Law           Saratoga OB/GYN Associates                   Orsini Electric                               Design Network
KeyBank N.A.                                Saratoga Signature Interiors                 P & H Popcorn, Inc.                           Dine Restaurant, LLC
LeCours, Chertok & Yates, LLP               Saratoga Water Services, Inc.                Phillips Lytle LLP                            Dode's Discount Trophies
Leland Paper Company                        Smithe-Roberts Homebuilders, Inc.            The Pike Company, Inc.                        Double H Ranch
Marni Ebersole                                 Residence Inn by Marriott - Saratoga Springs   Capital Realty Management of NY             Holiday Inn Express-Clifton Park
Ellis Bros.                                    Robison & Smith                                Carr-Hughes Productions                     Home of the Good Shepherd
Empire Health Advisors                         Sacandaga Outdoor Center                       Central Plumbing & Heating Supply           Homewood Suites by Hilton - Albany
Esperance Health & Wellness                    Sam's Club                                     Lew Chandler Trucking                       Law Office of Mary Beth Hynes
The Etiquette School of New York in Saratoga   Saratoga Autobody Supply             , Inc.                           I-C-U Optical Studio LLC Designer Sunglasses
Springs                                        Saratoga Boatworks                             Classic Wall Finishes                       The Irish Times
Eugenio's Cafe Gelato                          Saratoga Debut Hair Design                     Harold R. Clune, Inc.                       Ivins Computer Consulting
Excelsior Title, LLC                           Saratoga Equine Veterinary Service, P.C.       Colburn National Foundation                 Janet M. Longe Designs
Family Vision Care Center                      Saratoga Heritage Apartments, LLC              The Colden Company                          Jness LLC
Stephanie Ferradino                            Saratoga Mini-Golf                             Colwell Computers                           Maureen M. Jones, LCSW
1st Advantage Dental                           Saratoga Restaurant Equipment Sales            ComDoc Inc.                                 JOSH Enterprises, LLC
First Rate Funding                             Saratoga Wine Exchange                         Comfort Inn & Suites                        Just Meats & Deli Inc.
Five Oak Farm                                                           Commercial Coverage, Inc.                   Just Plain Good
David A. Flanders Surveying & Site             Schuyler Farms                                 Congregation Beth Shalom                    Justin Builders, LLC
Consultant, PLLC                               Seeley Office Systems                          Congress Park Capital                       Kaivalya
Nancy Flint-Budde, CFP                         L.C. Seymour, Bookkeeping Service              Conti Appraisal & Consulting, LLC           Keeler Motor Car Company
The Fun Spot                                   Shaw Fuel Oil & Kero                           Andrew Cook, Pinnacle Realty Saratoga       Keller Williams Realty Saratoga Springs
Law Office of Michael I. Getz, Esq.            Siravo Homes                                   Corepay, Inc.                               The Kelly Companies
Girvin & Ferlazzo, P.C.                        Greg Slywka, D.C.                              Creatacor, Inc.                             Kokwai Yap
Glennpeter Jewelers                            David H. Spingarn, D.O.                        Creative Sparks/Balloonatics                Kyle Business Forms & Labels, Inc.                               St. Peter's Hospital                           Crescent Ace Hardware                       LA Pet Salon, LLC
Granite & Marble Works, Inc.                   The Stadium Cafe                               CRWireless / AT & T                         The Lawn Guy, Landscape Management
Greenfield Press                               Sterile Technologies, Inc.                     Dale Carnegie Training                      Lazer Pix
Hanehan Family Dairy, LLC                      Town of Stillwater                             Matt Dalton                                 Legacy Timber Frames, Inc.
Hannaford - Clifton Park                       Gary Stine Consulting                          Davidson Bros. Restaurant & Brewery         Linda McClain Travel Services
Harris Beach PLLC                              Stone Soup Antique Gallery                     Deck Crafters, Inc.                         Living Waters Church of God of Glens Falls
Hawk Drilling Co., Inc.                        Terrace Homebuilders                           Decker's Landscape & Aquatics               Luther Forest Technology Campus
Hayes Paving, Inc.                             Towne Construction & Paving                    Derby Tours                                 Lynchy's-Ice House-Taverns, Inc.
Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti P.C.         Turbo Parts, LLC                               Designer Interiors of Ballston              Mahoney Alarms
Home Improvement Gallery, Inc.                 tw telecom                                     Designsmith Studio                          Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc.
Hudson River Community Credit Union            United Mobile Homes, Inc.                      DJ Joey G. Entertainment, LLC               Michele Martin
Huff 'N Puff                                   Upstate Priority Insurance Agency, LLC         Don Bowers Productions, Inc.                Mary Martin Co.
Hungry Spot Cafe, Inc.                         V.L.G. Real Estate Developers                  Dreamsleep Mattress Outlet                  Mazec Enterprises
ICOM                                           Scott Varley Group                             Julie Dwyer, Roohan Realty                  William M. McClune D.C., P.C.
Janitronics, Inc.                              Waldron Catering, LLC                          Dyerworks Construction, LLC                 Mechanicville Family Health Center
Frank R. Jarvis Assoc., Inc.                   Walsh & Walsh, LLP                             Eighty Twenty Consignment & Gift Boutique   Medical Edge Legal Nurse Consulting
Karp, Ackerman, Skabowski & Hogan, CPA's,      Walton's Sports Shop                           Electric Concepts, LLC                      Meme's Florist
                                               Waterwheel Village, Ltd.                       Elevate Cycles                              Mino's Japanese Bistro
Kimberly Smith Company
                                               Wells Fargo Home Mortgage                      Elle Ced                                    Moe's Southwest Grill
Kodiak Construction, Inc.
                                               Whispering Pines Campsites & RV Park           Ellms Family Farm                           Mohill Design
Lake Ridge Restaurant
                                               The Whistling Kettle, Inc.                     Empire Exhibits                             Law Office of Todd W. Morrow
Lake Side Cider Mill Farm
                                               The Wilber Corporation                         Empire State Youth Orchestra at Proctors    Mouzon House
Lansing Engineering, PC                                                                       Theatre
                                               Wild Thyme Whole Food and Tea Co.                                                          My Way Cafe
LeChase Construction Services, LLC                                                            Excellent Wedding Options
                                               Wurtmann Advertising                                                             
Lender Consulting Services (LCS)                                                              The Fast Lane Technologies
                                               Young, Sommer, Ward, Ritzenberg, Baker &                                                   NEACA, Inc.
Macaran Printed Products                       Moore                                          Fillpoint                                   Near Perfect Water
The Mansion of Saratoga                                                                       1st Advantage Dental
                                               OVER ONE YEAR                                                                              New York Central Mutual
U.W. Marx, Inc.                                                                               First Niagara Benefit Consultants
                                               Adirondack Mobile Shredding                                                                New York Power Authority
MC Environmental Services, Inc.                                                               550 Maple Professional Offices
                                               Adirondack Natural Stone, LLC                                                    , Inc.
McDonald's of Ballston Spa                                                                    Foglietta Realty, LLC
                                               Adirondack School of Northeastern New York                                                 Nomadic Display
Senator Roy McDonald                                                                          Foley Services
                                               Advanced Electronic Technologies, LLC                                                      North Country Academy of Saratoga Springs
Meyers & Meyers, LLP                                                                          Forno Bistro
                                               AdvoCase, LLC                                                                              North Country Janitorial, Inc.
The Mill, LLC                                                                                 FPC of St. Lawrence
                                               Affordable Modular Homes, Inc.                                                             North Country Painting
Mondragon McGrinder Medical Assoc. PLLC                                                       Franklin Square Condominium IV
                                               Alabu Skin Care                                                                            Northeast Analytical Inc.
Moongate Antiques                                                                             Thomas Garrett, Realty USA
                                               Albany Saratoga Speedway                                                                   Northeast Construction & Repair
Mountain Media                                                                                The Georgian
                                               Alchemy Promotional Products                                                               OMI Communications Group, LLC
Music Man Entertainment, Inc.                                                                 Gilbane Building Company
                                               Allstate Insurance                                                                         Omni Development Company, Inc.
N.B.E. Design                                                                                 Gilda's Club
                                               Ambit Energy                                                                               Oncall Plumbing & Heating, LLC
Navy Federal Credit Union                                                                     Girls Incorporated of the Greater Capital
                                               Amigos Cantina                                                                             One Roof, 58 Henry Street, Inc.
Newmeadow Saratoga School                                                                     Region
                                               Anderson Equipment Company (NY), Inc.                                                      P.A.S.F.M.C., Inc.
NewWard Development, LLC                                                                      The Giving Circle, Inc.
                                               Aromabird                                                                                  Pai's Tae Kwon Do
Nissan of Saratoga                                                                            GMB Engineers & Planners, Inc.
                                               Astro Chemical Company, Inc.                                                               Palace Theatre
North-East Machine, Inc.                                                                      Golden Corral
                                               Awesco                                                                                     MaryAnn Paratore
Northeast Parent & Child Society                                                              Granger Foley Associates
                                               Aymont Technology Inc.                                                                     Peabody's
Old Saratoga Motor Inn                                                                        Grasshopper Gardens, In c.
                                               Back In Motion Chiropractic, P.C.                                                          Pet Partners, LLC
Olde Saratoga Home & Garden                                                                   Great Bay Seafood Restaurant
                                               Bartender Ball                                                                             Pheasant Ridge Hunting Preserve
Shawn Corp                                                                                    Grennon Project Services
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Park Pools                                                                                    Greno Industries, Inc.
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Pennysaver/Moneysaver                                                                         HA2F Consultants in Engineering
                                               Berkshire Brochure Display                                                                 Positive Impact
Performance Imaging Group                                                                     Hair Creations
                                               Bluffhead Marketing                                                                        Propel Media
Pole Valley Players Club                                                                      Harvest and Hearth, Inc.
                                               Julie Bonacio                                                                              RASP Incorporated
John Popielarski, DDS                                                                         Carol Haugaard, RN, MSN, ANP
                                               Boston Market                                                                              Renewable Power Systems
The Preferred Group                                                                           Heber Travel Service
                                               Brock Brothers Landscaping                                                                 Roberts Enterprises
Queensbury Tile & Spas                                                                        Hedley & Co., PLLC
                                               Brownell Electric Corp.                                                                    Sandy Rubino, Coldwell Banker Prime
Quick Response Restoration, Inc.                                                              Hill & Markes, Inc.                         Properties
Racing City Realty                             Business Environments by Ras
                                                                                              Hill Electric Supply Co., Inc.              Sanctuary Spa of Saratoga Springs
                                               Capital District Transportation Authority

Saratoga Bootcamp                            Security Supply Corp                           Stonegate Stables, LLC                      The Ulasewicz Law Firm, LLP
Saratoga Cheesecake Company                  Service Tek of America                         Strategic Financial Services, LLC           Tamara Valentine, Roohan Realty
Saratoga Collectible Closet Estate Sales     Service Tek of America                         Strategic Signage Sourcing LLC              The Vault
Saratoga County Democratic Committee         Sigma Psi Consulting Mechanical, Electrical,   Stratex Services, Inc.                      Vermont Timber Frames
Saratoga Excelsior Group, LLC                Plumbing Engineers, PLLC                       Summit Construction, Inc.                   verytobin
Saratoga Family Physicians                   Silver Bay YMCA of the Adirondacks             Sundari Fine Art, LLC                       Village Smithe
Saratoga Home Management Services            Soft-Tex Manufacturing Co.                     TCT Federal Credit Union                    The Vista at Van Patten Golf Club
Saratoga Public Affairs/John J. Boltz        Solark                                         Tech Werks                                  Leslie Warner-Rafaniello
Consulting                                   Sorelle Gallery                                Technical Building Services, Inc.           WCD Enterprises Promotional Products
Saratoga Springs Medispa                     Soroptimist International of Saratoga County                         Whip's Pool Service
Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery/Steven      Specialized Environmental Monitoring           3N Document Destruction, Inc.               Willard & Zeronda, CPA's LLP
Yarinsky, MD                                 Spotlight Newspapers, LLC                      Timber & Stone LLC                          Willow-Marsh Farm
Saratoga Stress Reduction Program            The Springwater Inn                            Time Warner Security                        Witch Enterprises, Inc.
Saratoga Vitreo-Retinal Opthalmology, PLLC   St. Lawrence Technologies                      Treasures                                   David Wolfe
Saratoga Walk-in Bathtubs                    Standard Insulating Co.                        Troy Belting and Supply Company             Yankee Business Solutions
Schwans Home Service                         State Farm Insurance, Dan Wagner Agency        Tuxego, Anthony Commisso                    Zone 5

F. Y. i .
“This has been a tough time to be in busi-                   more horses and horse farms in Saratoga
ness but Saratoga County is one of the                       County than in any other. Racing has a
best places to be to weather the storm,"                     $200 million economic impact here and
according to Saratoga County Administrator                   brings in over $100 million in direct taxes
David Wickerham and Chair of the Board of                    to the state.
Supervisors Bill Peck. The two spoke at a
                                                             Wickerham and Peck explained that the
recent Chamber Third Thursday Breakfast.
                                                             County budget is streamlined with no
Saratoga County has low debt, lower taxes
                                                             excess fat. Eighty percent of the budget
and lower per capita spending. The County
                                                             consists of unfunded mandates but the
has the resources – good infrastructure
                                                             goal is not to increase taxes and to have
including a new water system serving as a
                                                             no layoffs. Two great projects that will be
catalyst for economic development.                                                                                              Dave Wickerham, Saratoga County
                                                             completed this year are the emergency
GLOBALFOUNDRIES and the Luther Forest                                                                                           Admisistrator
                                                             radio system and the county animal shel-
Technology Campus bring more jobs, more
spending and more customers for our busi-
nesses.                                                      Teamwork in Saratoga County has played
                                                             an important role in the County’s success.
The State is struggling with budget deficits
                                                             The County, Saratoga County Chamber,
and will likely not pay what it owes to the
                                                             Saratoga Economic Development
county on time. Through the combined
                                                             Corporation, Luther Forest Technology
efforts of the County, the Concerned
                                                             Campus and others have worked together
Citizens for Racing and others, the state is
                                                             to plan and strike a balance between
being encouraged to make their payments
                                                             growth/business/economic development
to NYRA which would ensure a solid racing
                                                             and agriculture and green space to ensure
season at Saratoga Race Course this sum-
                                                             our quality of life here.
mer. This is important to us as there are                                                                                       Bill Peck addresses a full house.
                                                                                                              Real savings.
                                                                                                              Real value.
                                                                                                              To grow your business.


                                                                                         WIRELESS POS

    Member FDIC.   Adirondack Trust business checking account required.

 saving and making mOneY
If you are going to be hiring a new employ-                     you may qualify for a tax break of up to      to Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment
ee between now and January 1, 2011 who                          $3,000-$4,000. For more information on        (Hire Act.)
has been unemployed for at least 60 days,                       the benefits go to and go

Do you need fencing, new carpets, office                       can place your request for bids and pro-       you can also view all active requests and
furniture, or some design work done? Use                       posals on this section of the site and let     submit your bids. Go to http://www.sarato-
the Chamber's RFP tool in the Members                          other Chamber members address your   
Only section of the Chamber website. You                       needs. If you provide goods or services,       asp to get started.

TOUrism markeTing
TOuRISM                                                        VISITOR TROLLEY                                INFORMATION BOOTh
The Saratoga County Tourism program has                        Space still exists on the Saratoga Springs     Any Chamber member that wishes to have
placed tens of thousands of dollars in                         Visitor Trolley. Get your message in front     their brochures placed in the Information
advertising, reached out to travel media                       of thousands of people each day as the         Booth outside Congress Park should drop
about the destination and coordinated a                        trolley goes up and down Broadway.             them off at the Chamber offices by June
large cooperative advertising campaign to                      Contact Greg Dixon at      1st. Restaurants should email a PDF of
promote the upcoming summer season.                            or 584-3255 x234 for more information.         their menu to by the
Promotional efforts for the summer season                                                                     same date to appear in our Menu Book.
will continue throughout Labor Day as
more and more last minute travel trends

                               DOES YOuR NON-PROFIT ORGANIzATION NEED VOLuNTEERS?
                               In an effort to further develop and encour-              tions will be considered.
                               age a stronger sense of community involve-
                                                                                        If you have or know of a project requiring
                               ment in their service members, the Navy is
                                                                                        volunteers please contact Pom Fine at
                               looking for volunteer opportunities for
                                                                               or call 518-886-0200
                               them. The scope of work must be reviewed
                                                                                        ext 127. or Petty Officer Jermaine Thomas
                               in advance and approved by the command-
                                                                                        at 518-884-1856.
                               ing authorities. Only non-profit organiza-
L e a d e r s h i p s a r aT Og a

                      ITS NEXT
If you are interested in getting more          Accounting Manager of Gilbane Building          (3) To offer non-profits and public service
involved in the community in a volunteer       Company.                                        boards an enthusiastic, committed group
capacity, consider Leadership Saratoga. It                                                     of men and women who are willing to vol-
                                               The program is currently seeking appli-
is a program of your Saratoga County                                                           unteer their time to the community.
                                               cants for its 25th class. You are encour-
Chamber that is designed to orient and
                                               aged to request a brochure about the pro-       The next Leadership class begins
train persons who are interested in becom-
                                               gram and to consider applying.                  September 26th and concludes April 6th.
ing more involved in their community in vol-
                                                                                               Sessions are mostly half-days and are held
unteer leadership roles.                       The program's objectives are threefold:
                                                                                               roughly every other week. To request a bro-
                                               (1) To give participants an in-depth, hands-
"I have always had an interest in getting                                                      chure, please call 584-3255 or email:
                                               on orientation about issues facing the
involved in the community. Leadership                                                 Additional informa-
                                               County's municipalities, schools, health
Saratoga gave me the opportunity to make                                                       tion and the application form are online at
                                               and human service organizations;
the difference I am making today. The                                                 Deadline for
                                               (2) To give participants training and experi-
Chamber’s program prepared me and                                                              completed applications and three brief
                                               ence in serving effectively on boards, rais-
opened up so many doors that I am doing                                                        interviews is Wednesday, June 2nd.
                                               ing money, public speaking, working with
exactly what I have wanted to do as a com-
                                               the media, facing ethical dilemmas and
munity volunteer leader" states Paul
                                               leadership skills;
Loomis, Class of 2008, and Regional

Members have the opportunity to save sub-      Applications will be accepted between May       For information and applications, contact
stantial dollars on health and dental insur-   1st and May 21st for insurance to take          Susan in the insurance benefits office at
ance available to sole proprietors and         effect on July 1.                               584-3255, Ext. 211, or by email,
small businesses with up to 50 employees                                             
                                               Your Chamber continually shops the mar-
through plans offered by your Chamber.
                                               ket for the best programs - so you don't
Eligible members can take advantage of
                                               have to become a health insurance expert.
these programs during Open Enrollment.
                                               You can also mix different plans within your

                                                                     "Roast of Joe Dalton"
                                                                 A dinner to honor Joe's forty years of
                                                                       service to the Chamber
                                                                     Invitations will be sent shortly.
                                                                          Wednesday, June 16th
                                                                           6:00 p.m. cocktails
                                                                       7:00 p.m. dinner and roast
                                                                      Saratoga Springs City Center.
                                                                If you would like to reserve your place,
                                                                         please call, 584-3255                                               9
                      M A Y              C H A M B E R                               E V E N T S

     8:00 - 10:00 a.m.
     Chamber Offices
     28 Clinton Streeet
                                 Roth IRA Conversions
                                 Caren Kennedy
                                 Saratoga Strategic
                                                          Changes have occurred regarding some of the legalities with Roth IRA and con-
                                                          versions of these accounts. Caren Kennedy will go over all the particulars and
                                                          what you should know and be aware of. Take this opportunity to keep yourself
                                                          educated. Cost is $10 if reservations are made by Friday April 30, $15 after.
     Saratoga Springs

     5:00 - 6:30 p.m.
     Bailey's Cafe Patio
                                 Networking and Speaker
                                 Kevin Burt
                                                          One office at a time…
                                                          Kevin Burt from McMurry, a national marketing communications company will
     37 Phila Street                                      share how he designed and implemented an Employee Green Initiative
     Saratoga Springs                                     Program. Cost is $10. Please call or email to make a reservation.

     9:00 - 10:00 a.m.
     Hyatt Place
                                 Improving our
                                 Karen Totino
                                                          Continuing our "How To" theme, we will discuss the different things we can do
                                                          and items we can use to lessen our impact on the environment both in our
                                                          office and in our homes. If you haven't come to a Women's Business Group
     20 State Farm Place         Green Conscience Home    yet, come and meet new people and learn what all the buzz is about. Free to
     Malta                       and Garden               all women Chamber Members.

     11:30 a.m. lunch
     1:00 p.m. shotgun
     Saratoga National Golf
                                 Golf and Networking       There are still a few slots left for the tournament. Call yours in. Cost includes
                                                           lunch, greens fees, GPS cart, contests and prize reception with bar and heavy
                                                           appetizers. Come and work on your game and your connections!
                                                           $175 per golfer, $700 per foursome.
     458 Union Avenue
     Saratoga Springs

     Tuesday                     NYSERDA and Allerdice    Learn from the experts at NYSERDA and Allerdice about the small steps you
     8:45 - 10:00 a.m.                                    can make in your office to save big money on electrical costs. Free.
     Allerdice Electric Supply
     120 Excelsior Avenue
                                                          Please rsvp by Friday, May 14th.
     Saratoga Springs

     7:30 - 9:00 a.m.
     The Inn at Saratoga
                                 Norm Armour
                                 VP and General Manager
                                                          Work continues in the Luther Forest Technology Campus with the largest clean
                                                          technology construction project in the world right here in Malta. Already antici-
                                                          pating growth from the building of this fab, GlobalFoundries is already discuss-
                                                          ing expansion. Come and here an update. Reservations made by May 18 will
                                                          be charged $15. After that deadline the cost is $20. This event is sponsored
     231 Broadway                                         by Premier Transportation.
     Saratoga Springs

      4:00 - 5:00 p.m. -
                                  Networking              At orientation, you receive a free beverage and find out what the Chamber can
                                                          do for you as well as meet the staff who are there to serve you. Network with
      5:00 - 6:30 p.m. - Mixer
                                                          other members at the mixer - how many new contacts can you make? $2 bever-
      Cantina Restaurant
                                                          ages and free hors d'oeuvres. Free and open to new members who joined in the
      430 Broadway
                                                          last 4 months and volunteer recruiters. Please reserve by Tuesday, May 18th.
10    Saratoga Springs
                              M A Y                C H A M B E R                              E V E N T S

              Tuesday                      How to Market and           You created a Facebook page and registered an account for Twitter, now what?
              8:00 - 10:00 a.m.            Position your Company with Learn the marketing strategies you need to make social media work for you.
              108 Harder Hall              Facebook and Twitter        This is not an entry level class. You must have a basic knowledge of the pro-
              Skidmore College             Kariann Morris
                                                                       gram. This will be hands on in a computer lab. Spaces are limited. The reser-
              Saratoga Springs             FingerPaint Marketing
                                                                       vation deadline is May 21st. Cost is $30.
                                           Otis Maxwell
                                           Otis A. Maxwell Advertising

              Wednesday                    Video Marketing Panel     A variety of ways to reach your prospective clients exists; video is quickly
              8:00 - 10:00 a.m.            Bigler Productions        becoming one of the most effective and successful. This panel of experts will
              Chamber Offices              Myriad Productions        discuss why you should consider video marketing, what things to consider, how
              28 Clinton Street            Working Pictures, Inc.    to do some of this yourself and when to call the pros. The reservation deadline
              Saratoga Springs                                       is the 24th. Cost is $20.

27              ORIENTATION AND
                MEMBER MIxER
                4:00 - 5:00 p.m. -
                5:00 - 6:30 p.m. - Mixer
                Vapor Night Club at

                                            Sponsored by:
                                                                    At orientation, you receive preferred parking, free admission, a free beverage
                                                                    and find out what the Chamber can do for you as well as meet the staff who are
                                                                    there to serve you. Network with other members at the mixer - how many new
                                                                    contacts can you make? $2 beverages and free hors d'oeuvres. $5 with reserva-
                Saratoga Gaming and                                 tions, $10 without. Please reserve by Tuesday, May 25th. This event is spon-
                Raceway                                             sored by
                342 Jefferson St.
                Saratoga Springs

        UpCOming wOrkFOrCe seLeCTiOn haLF daY evenT
     As GLOBALFOUNDRIES continues its process of hiring the employees they need, it is important to keep you, our membership,
     informed about what is happening and how. Who are they looking for, how are they reaching them, should you be con-
     The Chamber will hold an event in May at Hudson Valley Community College's TEC-SMART campus. This half day event will
     include guided tours of Luther Forest Technology Campus and the Tech STEP campus. Representatives from HVCC and
     GLOBALFOUNDRIES as well as an area communications and technology expert will speak.
     As soon as more information is available we will get it to you. This event is co-sponsored by Saratoga Economic Development
     Corporation (SEDC). This will only be open to the first 200 registrants with one representative allowed per member company.

                         JuNE hEADS uP
June 1, Tuesday, 5:00 - 6:30 pm                June 15, Tuesday, 8:00 - 10:00 am
Young Professionals Network                    Seminar - Seeing Growth in Business
June 6, Sunday, 1:00 - 7:00 pm                 June 16, Wednesday, 8:00 - 9:00 am
Caroline Street Arts and Blues Festival        New Member Breakfast
June 8, Tuesday, 9:00 - 10:00 am               June 16, Wednesday, 6:00 - 9:30 pm
Women's Business Group                         Joe Dalton Retirement Party
June 9, Wednesday, 8:00 - 10:00 am             June 17, Thursday, 7:30 - 9:00 am
Seminar - Online Marketing Part II             Third Thursday Breakfast
June 10, Thursday, 8:00 - 9:00 am              June 23, Thursday, 4:00 - 6:30 pm
New Member Breakfast                           Orientation and Mixer
June 11, Friday, 11:30 - 1:00 pm                                                      To make a reservation, please contact the
Networking Luncheon                                                                     Chamber offices, 584-3255 or register
                                                                                             online,                           11
                                Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce
                                28 Clinton Street
                                Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

                                Return Service Requested


As early as 2001 a VLT operator could have       in 2008. Due to long previous delays in         The State is in default on monies owed
been named for Aqueduct Race Track. If it        approving VLTs, the State agreed that if        NYRA; we are losing big name racing sta-
had been done, none of today’s racing            VLTs were not operating at Aqueduct Race        bles; and Monmouth wants to crush
problems would exist, and the State would        Course by April 1, 2009 it would cover any      Saratoga Race Course. So what is the
have been getting $1 million a day in VLT        NYRA operating deficits or capital debts        State’s answer? Let’s start from scratch.
profits. It didn’t happen because of politics    until VLTs started operating at Aqueduct.       Enough is enough. You, the State, have
and patronage.                                                                                   played political games for over nine years
                                                 That was more than a year ago and none
                                                                                                 with an industry that employs 34,000 New
Three years ago a group of non elected           of those state monies have been forthcom-
                                                                                                 Yorkers and means $211 million to our
community members, with a broad back-            ing. This is after NYRA deeded over $1 bil-
                                                                                                 nine county region. Make a decision now.
ground in Saratoga Racing and the local          lion in prime land to the State in exchange
                                                                                                 Choose a VLT operator for Aqueduct.
economy, was formed by the Saratoga              for less than $160 million in cash and con-
County Chamber of Commerce and began             siderations.                                    One final point for those county residents
working to protect racing traditions as we                                                       who don’t think this is important if we lose
                                                 NYRA has drastically cut expenses and laid
know them in Saratoga.                                                                           thoroughbred racing, your increased local
                                                 off employees to stay afloat this year, while
                                                                                                 taxes will be over 4 million dollars a year
Their initial efforts developed a list of pro-   the state continues its political games.
                                                                                                 and your children probably won’t get sum-
tections desired in any new state racing
                                                 Due to the State’s inaction it has been los-    mer jobs.
franchise. The protections included: exclu-
                                                 ing $1 million a day for over nine years and
sive Saratoga racing dates, full payment of
                                                 now jeopardizes another $100 million,
all current taxes, continuation of spring/fall
                                                 budgeted in the current state fiscal year
training, protection of local track architec-                                                            What can you do?
                                                 from NYRA profits.
ture and grounds, reinvestment in Saratoga                                                             Write the Governor at:
track facilities, and guarantees of a per-       Pennsylvania and New Jersey are luring big
centage split in VLT profits to horsemen         name stables away from New York due to            The Capitol, Albany, NY 12224
and the operator. Senator Joseph Bruno           VLT and slot machine subsidized purses
agreed with the protections and success-         and the uncertainty of New York’s racing
fully fought to ensure they were included in     future. Monmouth Park, in cooperation
the franchise agreement.                         with the State of New Jersey, is going to go
                                                 head-to-head with Saratoga Race Course
A final agreement to operate racing was
                                                 with $1 million New Jersey purses every
developed by the state and went into effect
                                                 three day weekend this summer.


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