Laser Hair Removal Treatment – How Does it Work?

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					Laser Hair Removal Treatment – How
does it Work?
Laser Hair Removal Technique - Forewords

Most of our body is covered with hair, right from our head to legs. In fact, all of our body parts are
covered with hair. In fact, many of us don’t want excessive visibility of hair on certain parts of their
body. This is why they look for different ways of removing hair from specific parts of their body where
they don’t want them to be. Some of these places where people don’t want any hair are neck, back,
arms, breasts and other body parts. There are many temporary ways (waxing, shaving, using hair
removing instruments, etc.) of removing hair from our body but these are required to be used on a
regular basis or frequently. To do away with unwanted hair growth in selected body parts, people
started to search for a permanent hair removal technique. After years of research researchers came
with the laser hair removal technique. This is virtually a painless, quick and almost permanent solution
to hair removal problem.

Technique Involved in Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Time taken in laser hair removal treatment technique varies from person to person because of the wide
range of complexities involved in their different requirements. The treatment time depends on the area
and extent of treatment. In most of the cases, low energy laser beam is used at the time of laser hair
removal treatment. The procedure of this treatment involves passing of laser beam through the skin,
which gets attracted to the hair pigment. The laser energy passes through the hair shaft, which then
gets absorbed by those follicles of hair that are in the phase of active growth. Absorption of the laser
energy disables the hair follicle in the skin’s deeper layer. However, it should be pointed out that those
hair follicles which are still in their dormant phase don’t get affected by the laser hair removal
treatment. The best part of this laser hair removal treatment is that it requires no anaesthesia and is
almost painless.

Mechanism Associated with Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Photothermolysis (SPTL) is the main principle behind the laser hair removal treatment. In this technique
the specific wavelength of the light is matched with the pulse duration of the person undergoing the
treatment. This is done in order to get optimal effect on the targeted tissue and at the same time the
surrounding tissues have minimal effect on them.

In this process of treatment, the damage to the target area is done on a selective manner so that other
parts of the skin don’t get adversely affected. Laser is used to do localized damage only. In the laser hair
removal treatment, the localised damages done are:

    a) Melanin – Laser heats up the dark target matter
    b) Hair Follicle – Laser heats up the hair growth area called hair follicle and disables it so that the
       growth of hair gets restricted

We know from our basic science knowledge that dark matters absorb light. This simple concept is
applied during laser hair removal method. In case of skin, the dark matter present is Melanin. This is the
pigment that is responsible for giving the colour to skin and hair. During this treatment, the laser
specialists target the dark matter, which is also called ‘Chromosphere’. Melanin, which occurs naturally
in human body, is used as the chromosphere during laser hair removal treatment and that’s why this is
the pigment that is targeted during the process.

In case of hair, there are basically two kinds of melanin found:

  I.    Eumelanin – This type of melanin is responsible for giving black or brown colour to the hair

  II.   Pheomelanin - This type of melanin is responsible for giving blond or red colour to the hair

Now, using laser light, only Eumelanin can be removed because of the selective absorption of laser light
photons. Thus, laser hair treatment is able to remove only those hair follicles where the hair colour is
black or brown. Hence, effectiveness of laser hair removal treatment can be achieved in case of the dark
course hairs. Best results through this treatment can be achieved when the colour of the patient’s skin
and hair is light and dark respectively. Innovations in the laser hair removal treatment has made it
possible to target black hair follicles and also get certain degrees of success even in case of patients
with dark skin.

Laser hair removal treatment is the latest and one of the best procedures of removing unwanted hairs
from our body. Research well to get high end beauty salon for cheap hair removal through laser in

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