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									    [ FACEBOOK SHARK ]
“How to use Facebook PPC to generate nice paydays”

The contents of this report reflect the author's views acquired through his experiences of the
topics under discussion. The author disclaims any personal loss or liability caused by the
utilization of any information presented herein. The author is not engaged in rendering any
legal or professional advice. The services of a professional person are recommended if legal
advice or assistance is needed. While the sources mentioned herein are assumed to be reliable
at the time of writing, the author and publisher, or their affiliates are not responsible for their
activities. From time to time, sources may terminate or move and prices may change without
notice. Sources can only be confirmed reliable at the time of original publication of this report.
This report is only a guide and, as such, should be considered solely for basic information on the
topic. All earnings described within this product and on our website are accurate to the best of
our knowledge, and should not be considered "typical". Earnings or profits derived from
participating in the following program are entirely generated by the ambitions, motivation,
desires, and abilities of the individual reader and nothing is guaranteed. No part of this manual
may be altered, copied, or distributed, without prior written permission of the author. All
product names, logos, and trademarks are property of their respective owners who have not
necessarily endorsed, sponsored, or approved this publication. Text and images available over
the internet and used in this manual may be subject to intellectual rights and may not be
copied from this manual.

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        This report comes with Master Resell Rights.
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        You may not alter the content or change it any way.
        It must be given away or sold as is.

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What you are going to learn in this course?

I am going to teach you how to make money using Facebook. I am not talking about Facebook
fan page or friends marketing. Nowadays it’s too hard to make consistent income with those
methods, because Facebook is ever-changing and what works today might not work tomorrow.

But this doesn’t apply to Facebook PPC.

Now, I must warn you, you will need some initial capital to get started. But don’t worry, it’s
nothing major. You can start your first money-making campaigns for as low as $20 or $50.

You can scale this system as much as you like! More money you put in to the advertising – more
money you are going to earn!

Why it’s so cool to advertise in Facebook?

Well, you can get in front of highly targeted audience! For example, you don’t want to advertise
“weight loss” product for muscular, good looking people. That wouldn’t make sense, huh?

What you want to do is find a targeted Facebook users that are interested in your product, and
advertise to them! With Facebook it’s very simple!

Another cool thing: you don’t need to make ANY content. While with Google Adwords you need
to make a page that you link to from your ad and then you can link to your affiliate offer. In
Facebook you can link straight to the affiliate link!

While some people say this is the lowest quality traffic, I don’t agree. It allows visitors to reach
the “add to cart” button faster, and that matters!

So, what you can do is simply take paydotcom or clickbank affiliate link and create a Facebook
ad for it. No fancy review sites or anything like that!

What product to promote?

There are couple of things you need to be aware of before starting a promotion in Facebook.

You can’t sell “make money online” products. That means that IM, Survey, Work from Home,
Make Money Online and similar products are banned, and you can’t promote them (your ads
will simply be rejected).

While this might sound like a big deal, believe me, there are tons of other niches out there.
The truth is people spend huge amount of money on their hobbies. Games, sports, activities –
these are the real money makers. Niches like golf, world of warcraft, starcraft, cooking, wood
working and so on are gold mines.

People tend to spend thousands of dollars on their hobbies. They want to be as good as
possible at what they are doing, even if it’s cooking, fishing or wood working…

So, don’t get upset that you can’t promote anything from IM and MMO niche and try to think
about your hobbies and what do you think would benefit the community most.

Whom to promote to?

Once you came up with a product that fits in “hobby” niche you need to think about your
perfect customer.

You need to find such people that would be happy to pay you money, because they are very
passionate about they are doing.

But how do you find out who is your perfect buyer?

Ok, let’s say we want to promote this product:


Trout Fishing Secrets is a book for passionate fishermen, who want to get better at fishing.

First, let’s copy the sales letter URL, and head to:


Enter the URL at the top of QuantCast search and hit find.
Most of the Trout Fishing Secrets visitors are men between 18 and 50, have kids and their
earnings are average.

This might not seem like very valuable information at first sight, but that’s everything we need!

Yes, we are done with the customer and product research, and we are ready to make money
with it!

Making Facebook Ad

You will need a Facebook account first.

If you don’t have one, then go ahead, head to Facebook.com and make a free account.

Once you’ve done that head to Facebook advertising center:


And click Create ad (please note, that you might need to confirm your Facebook account by
attaching a credit card of phone number to it).

In the following window you are going to see the Facebook ad creator.

Now, before we start making an ad, there’s something you need to be aware of.

I strongly recommend that you go through Facebook ad guidelines.

Now, don’t be afraid, it’s not a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo. It’s really easy to read, and it’s a
short read too!

I recommend you going through it, because there are some things that you may not think about
(for example you can’t promote pages that have “exit scripts” or “exit popups”).

You can find the guidelines here:


However, I want to point out one thing. Facebook is not Google. They are much friendlier. If you
are breaking the rules by submitting a bad ad, you might still get approved.

Facebook ads are reviewed by real humans. Yes, each ad is reviewed by a real person.

So, even if you get rejected you can re-submit an ad and hope it’ll get approved next time.

Facebook really looks through the fingers to rule violations. They care that you are paying them
money for the clicks ;)
Still, I recommend you to stay with the rules, because you will get approved much faster, and
you will start making money faster!

Alright, so in the field URL enter your affiliate URL you want to lead to (in this example I’ve
entered a simple ClickBank URL that I’ve got from CB-Analytics.com).

This isn’t email marketing and subject line (title) is not so important, because it’s only 25
characters long.

In the title you want to summarize your offer in 3-5 words. You want to state what’s the biggest
benefit of the product you are promoting.

For example, I am promoting a guide for fishermen.

Why they want this course in the first place?

Because they can’t catch any fish?

They don’t enjoy the fishing if they don’t catch anything. So biggest benefit is not being a best
fisherman in your local area, or anything like that… Biggest benefit is making fishing enjoyable
again. That’s what they want. They want to enjoy the hobby.

By not catching anything they are getting frustrated.

You must put the whole sales letter in a nutshell by making a 3 to 5 words killing title that
would reveal the biggest benefit of your product.
In the body field you have 135 characters.

State two or three things that would reveal the benefits of the product.

If you can’t come up with them, just re-phrase the benefit you used in title.

Also, at the end of your body field, you want to use words like “Click here now!”, or “Check it
out now!” Use a call to action. Make sure you use the word now.

Give people a clear command what they should do. Give them strong call to action.

Now the most important step of your ad is your image.

Make sure you use something that would attract an eye of visitors. Be simple, but creative. In
my example I’ve used a simple, black and white, fish. While it’s simple, it’s also simple to

Fishermen will recognize it’s a fish and it’ll catch their attention, they will want to find out

Don’t use images that are not related to your offer. While you might get tons of clicks just
because you use a hot girl in your image, you won’t make any sales, because people clicked to
see a girl, and you are selling them a fishing guide.

Use relevant images, because otherwise you will get clicks, but not sales, which will leave you
empty pocket…

You might use colorful images, they work well as well.

But yet again, use relevant images, otherwise you will only hurt yourself!

Where to get images you can use freely?

You can check out a great free royalty free images site sxc.hu:


Or you can go to Google images search and in advanced images search select “labeled for
commercial reuse”.

If you are not on a tight budget you can grab a photo from iStockPhoto:


Now, we must specify who will be our audience.

Remember the step, where we did QuantCast research? Now we are going to use that
In my example I’ve selected men between 18 and 49 years, who are interested in fishing,
fisherman, bass fishing, who are college graduates, married and are living in United States.

One thing never changes.

I never promote to other countries but United States (sometimes I add United Kingdom). Why?
Because US people are internet savvy and they are comfortable at buying online.

I simply took the information I’ve got in QuantCast and I’ve filled the fields in Facebook ad
creation page. It only took me a minute!

Now, the last thing we must do is select a price for our ad.

Note: you always want to put a CPC (cost per click) instead of CPM (cost per 1000 impressions).

Don’t go below the suggested minimum price (I recommend keeping the 5 cents above the
minimum price) or else you won’t get any impressions.

Facebook likes when you are not too greedy ;)

How low should you get with your ad cost?

Well, I am satisfied with anything that is below $0.70 or $0.80, because I make 3 or more sales
for $20+ in a budget of $50, so at the end of the day I’ve earned $10 from one campaign (that’s
only 1 in 20 visitors are buying). Of course you can bump the cost even lower, so you get way
more clicks.

While this might sound like a low number, there’s no limit how many campaigns you can have.
Even if you make only 5 of these campaigns, which will only bring you a $10/day, you end up
earning $50/day!

You can scale it as much as you like!

How to put down the cost of ad?
If your ad is too expensive, you might want to go back to ad settings (where you’ve selected the
country, gender, age etc.) and niche everything even more! The more you niche everything
down, the less money you will spend on ad.

Of course, this means that you will have much smaller audience.

But this is not a bad thing! The smaller the audience, the more targeted it is! That means even if
you won’t get tons of clicks on your ad, you will get buying clicks! You will get clicks from people
who are really interested in what you are offering them!

Last Word

Making money with Facebook PPC is very easy. And to be honest, I think that everyone should
take advantage of it while they still can, because I believe that one day it will turn into Google
Adwords – with lots of rules and restrictions.

If you are not afraid to spend $20-$50 for your first campaign, I can almost guarantee that you
will face the success.

It’s all about taking action ;)

To your success!

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