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					                  Vision Statement
                   DAN’s vision is to be the most
                recognized and trusted organization
               worldwide in the fields of diver safety
             and emergency services, health, research
                   and education by its members,
             instructors, supporters and recreational
                     diving community at large.

                 Mission Statement
                    Divers Alert Network (DAN),
                  a non-profit organization, exists
              to provide expert medical information
              and advice for the benefit of the diving
               public. DAN’s historical and primary
                 function is to provide emergency
                 medical advice and assistance for
                   underwater diving injuries and
                      to promote diving safety.
                   DAN promotes and supports
                 underwater diving research and
               education, particularly as it relates
               to the improvement of diving safety,
                 medical treatment and first aid.
                DAN strives to provide the most
               accurate, up-to-date and unbiased
               information on issues of common
             concern to the diving public, primarily,
              but not exclusively, for diving safety.

Vision and

  Mission                        Statement

       ivers Alert Network, Inc. (DAN®) is a 501(c)(3) international non-profit organization, supported by the
       world’s largest association of recreational divers. Associated with Duke University Medical Center (DUMC),
       DAN was founded in 1980 by distinguished hyperbaric scientist
Dr. Peter B. Bennett, a professor of Anesthesiology at Duke University,
now CEO and President of DAN.
The DAN staff of 80-plus employees is dedicated to the DAN vision
of superlative service to its members, and many of DAN’s employees
are themselves divers with distinguished records in the scuba diving
DAN America’s distinctive office building is located in Durham, N.C.,
which is known as the “City of Medicine” and is one of the high-
technology centers in North Carolina’s renowned Research Triangle.
DAN America and its employees serve the North American, Latin
American and Caribbean recreational dive communities. DAN
America is also the world headquarters for International DAN (IDAN),
a federation of DAN-affiliated organizations in Europe, Japan,
the Southeast-Asia Pacific region and Southern Africa. The IDAN
federation forms a global safety net for recreational scuba divers,
with diving emergency hotlines and rescue capabilities.
The Source Divers Call in An Emergency . . .
From the time DAN began as a single telephone hotline at Duke
University Medical Center’s F.G. Hall Hypo / Hyperbaric Laboratory,                                  William M. Mercadante Photo
the organization has contributed greatly to the safety of recreational
diving and the understanding of dive physiology. Its best-known service continues to be its 24-Hour Diving
Emergency Hotline. On call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the highly trained dive medical team at DAN
provides emergency medical consultation and coordination of emergency medical evacuation and treatment.
. . . or with Dive Medical Questions
DAN medics also staff the DAN Dive Safety and Medical Information Line during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. -
8 p.m. Eastern Time) and respond to email queries that come to DAN via All of these
services are available at no charge to all divers as part of the DAN mission to provide expert medical information and
advice for the benefit of the diving public.
The Future of Dive Research
Divers Alert Network is the only organization in the world that conducts significant medical research specifically
on recreational dive safety. DAN researchers have delved into determining scientifically based surface intervals for
divers who plan to fly after diving, conducted ongoing studies on aging and its effect on dive health, and researched
the medical advisability of diving with insulin-requiring diabetes.

DAN Is...
                                                                            Helping Divers

DAN Research is also engaged in a massive effort around the world to collect dive profile data from recreational
divers using dive computers. With Project Dive Exploration (PDE), these profiles — essentially, road maps of each
dive recorded on dive computers — are collected by volunteers and delivered to DAN via the internet. The data is
then analyzed to help DAN scientists understand the relationship of the risk of decompression illness (DCI) to myriad
physical, medical and behavioral factors. The results of this study are likely to form the basis of future dive table and
dive computer models.
                                                         A Source of Diver Education
                                                         In addition, DAN develops, administers and conducts dive
                                                         first aid and medical training programs for divers, scuba
                                                         instructors and medical professionals. In conjunction with
                                                         its efforts to train divers in how to respond to a dive medical
                                                         emergency, DAN designs and distributes emergency oxygen
                                                         delivery systems and first aid equipment. Through its
                                                         subsidiary, DAN Services, Inc., DAN is now reaching
                                                         lifeguards and those on the swimming community, who
                                                         may benefit from specialized training programs based
                                                         on the organization’s expertise in oxygen first aid.
                                                        Supported By Its Members
                                                        DAN Members fund all DAN public services and scientific
Courtesy of International SOS                           studies. In turn, DAN members receive medical evacuation
                                                        and travel assistance services, and are eligible to purchase
affordable dive accident insurance. DAN members also receive a subscription to the award-winning Alert Diver
magazine, and receive special pricing on the organization’s product line of books, videos and other products
developed for safety-minded divers. In addition DAN Members also receive the Alert Diver edition of Skin Diver,
a 5.99 value.*
DAN Instructors teach oxygen first aid courses and a course on preventing and treating marine life injuries. DAN also
maintains a Business Member / Development program that includes hundreds of dive retailers, resorts, charter
boats, scuba manufacturers, dive clubs and instructors who provide DAN visibility to divers and dive students. In the
fall of 2000, DAN launched a program for Industry Members that offers additional benefits to dive professionals.
More than 200,000 active divers consider DAN Membership as necessary to safe and enjoyable diving as their C-card,
mask, fins and regulator. At $29 a year (for individuals; family membership is available at $44), DAN membership is
one of the best values in scuba.
* which is not deductible from your dues.

                  For more information about Divers Alert Network
                        or to join DAN, call 1-800-446-2671 or
                  visit our website at


   DiversAlertNetwork                                                                                       .org

Statement from the President                 6

Key Accomplishments in FY2001                7

DAN Research                                 8

DAN Medical Services                        10

DAN Training                                11

DAN Communications                          12

DAN Membership                              13

DAN Continuing Medical Education            14

DAN Worldwide                               15

DAN Industry Membership Program             16

DAN Development                             17

DAN Services, Inc.                          18
                                                                 William M. Mercadante Photo

                                                 Cover Diver — William M. Mercadante photo
DAN Financial Summary                       19

Board of Directors and Key Executives       21

DAN Business Members                        22

DAN Donors                                  25

About DAN                                   31

             Table of

This 2001 Annual Report strongly identifies DAN’s continued support of its mission as a dive medicine and safety
association. Its growth is due to the loyal support from its 150,000 North American members, plus the additional
60,000 international members, and the instructors, business members, dive stores, liveaboards, computer manufac-
                                                                             turers and many others in the dive
                                                                             industry who help us in so many ways.
                                                                                        As divers helping divers, DAN is 21
                                                                                        years old this year and so has reached
                                                                                        maturity. Our excellent growth of more
                                                                                        than 20 percent per year over the last
                                                                                        five years was recognized by the 2001
                                                                                        nomination and selection of Divers Alert
                                                                                        Network as a finalist for the Ernst &
                                                                                        Young Entrepreneur of the Year award
                                                                                        for North and South Carolina from
                                                                                        more than 300 companies. This is
                                                                                        a tribute to the successful hard work
                                                                                        of the DAN management and staff using
                                                                                        non-profit and wholly DAN-owned
                                                                                        for-profit associated companies for the
                                               Butch Usery / Duke Medical Photography
                                                                                        common good of DAN divers.
Indeed, according to the September 2001 Fortune Small Business magazine, it is rare to survive the transition from
a small business to a fast-growing “gazelle.” The “gazelle” is among the elite 3 percent of all small companies that
grow at least 20 percent a year for four consecutive years.
You will see that DAN has many facets to its diamond reviewed in this annual report, including medical services,
research, operations, marketing, our website, internet kiosks, training, continuing medical education, industry
membership, and insurance services. At 21, DAN continues to grow and remains innovative and focused on provision
of excellent service to our members and the dive industry.
We hope you like this annual report of DAN activities and know that DAN and all our staff will continue to serve our
members in the very best way possible in support of our mission.
Yours in Dive Safety,

Peter B. Bennett, Ph.D., D.Sc.
President and Chief Executive Officer

      Statement from the


DAN Medical Services responded to 2,990 emergency calls, 14,052 email inquiries and 10,347 calls for medical and safety
information in Fiscal Year 2001.
Project Dive Exploration (PDE), under the supervision of DAN Research, now has compiled more than 32,000 profiles that
are used investigate risk factors in dive accidents.
The DAN Student Membership Program
set two records, for the most new Student
Members in one month (3,583), and for
the most new DAN members from the
Student Membership Program in one
month (471). Also, DAN installed six
internet kiosks, called DAN Safety Stops,
at various dive stores across America to
serve customers better.
DAN Training certified its 10,000th DAN
Instructor; completely revised the DAN
Instructor materials for all courses;
created a new Instructor Trainer Manual;
restructured the Instructor Qualification
Course (IQC); and introduced a new
DAN program, Automated External
Defibrillators (AEDs) for Scuba Diving.
The Continuing Medical Education                                                              Butch Usery / Duke Medical Photography
Department helped organize the first
DAN-Beaches® Dive Festival on Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, and the 40th Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Course
during DAN’s 20th anniversary year celebration in Sydney and Heron Island, Australia.
DAN created a dedicated Spanish / Portuguese language emergency hotline and a network of chambers and dive physicians
to serve all of Central and South America in FY2001.
Customer Service Representatives with DAN Services, Inc., answered 64,530 telephone calls and made 7,213 return calls
to members and handled 6,809 pieces of emailed correspondence, 4,015 pieces of standard mail correspondence and
3,369 pieces of faxed correspondence in FY2001.
Total donations to DAN for FY2001 reached $565,867 through contributions from the Fall 2000 and Spring 2001 fund-
raisers, the Endowment Fund and other means of donations to DAN through the newly formed Development Department.
The DAN Industry Membership program recruited 500 members during its first seven months, including dive training
stores, dive resorts and liveaboards and, by mid-2001, DAN Instructors and Instructor Trainers who wanted to support
DAN as well as dive businesses. The $125 annual membership dues give members benefits, while at the same time DAN
Industry Members help publicize the DAN mission of promoting dive education, safety, health and research by their dues
and their participation in DAN projects.

Accomplishments                                                     in Fiscal Year2001

The long-range plan of the DAN America Research department is to provide the epidemiology of diving fatalities, diving
injuries, and injury-free dives based on a cumulative analysis of on-going annual data collection and data collected since
1987. The objective is to identify diver characteristics, diver behaviors, and dive profiles that are associated with diving
injuries and fatalities.
                                                                                In 2000, the department added a section
                                                                                to the annual DAN Report on
                                                                                Decompression Illness and Diving
                                                                                Fatalities that compared diving with air,
                                                                                nitrox, and heliox/trimix across popula-
                                                                                tions of divers who died, were injured or
                                                                                dived without problem. The comparison
                                                                                of these populations will be the basis for
                                                                                investigating diving risk factors during
                                                                                the next few years. The data will be made
                                                                                available for analysis by qualified
                                                                            Project Dive Exploration (PDE) provides
                                                                            detailed information on a control
                                          Donna Uguccioni Photo             population of divers who dive without
                                                                            problems by using dive computers to
record their depth-time profiles. Recognition of the importance of real-time diving data collection is growing as
other computer manufacturers, most recently Dive Rite, are joining Cochran, Suunto and Uwatec to provide PDE-
compatible dive computers. To date, PDE has collected more than 32,000 dives from dive shops, diving medicine
courses, and liveaboards around the world.
DAN also works with liveaboards to collect PDE data. For several years now, Nekton Cruises
has been collecting PDE data aboard their vessel the Nekton Pilot. In 2001, they also will
begin collecting the data aboard their new vessel, the Nekton Rorqual. Also, this year,
DAN began to work with the Aggressor Fleet to train staff members on their vessels in
PDE data collection. In 2001, DAN worked with two of their boats to set up a data
collection system that can be used by all of their vessels in the future.
Also in 2000, DAN trained three dive instructors in Cozumel, Mexico, to collect PDE
data. The goal with the Cozumel program is to allow PDE data collection to occur
year-round and involve numerous divers from all around the world. Also, the
Cozumel data collectors are developing a program that will allow PDE data
collection to benefit DAN with the data but also benefit the dive shops on the
island. These three instructors are starting to collect data on fellow divemasters
and instructors, which is allowing the dive shops to log their dive profiles. These
divemasters and instructors are logging numerous dives.



The DAN Internship Program expanded this year with the assistance of a generous grant from the ML Foundation
as well as additional grants from Our World-Underwater, the Harvey Weiner Memorial Fund, Ken Davis Foundation,
Cochran and Suunto dive computer manufacturers. DAN trained seven people this year in data collection procedures.
They have worked at sites on the East and West coasts, the Caribbean and Scotland.
The program is designed to expand PDE data collection; provide the interns with an experience in dive safety
research; and educate the diving public about DAN and PDE.
This year’s interns communicate the importance of dive
research and PDE data collection in the field as well
as assist DAN by training other divers to collect PDE
data. This will allow data collection to continue in the
locations where the interns were long after the interns’
time is finished.
The internship program would not be as successful as it
is if not for the interest and support of the host facilities.
In 2000 and 2001 the following host facilities gave time,
work space, lodging and knowledge to the interns and
enhanced learning experiences: Discovery Diving,
Beaufort, N.C.; Aquatic Safaris, Wilmington, N.C.; Duke
Marine Lab, Beaufort, N.C.; Lynnhaven Dive Center,
Virginia Beach, Va.; Dive Shop II, Boynton Beach, Fla.;
Laguna Sea Sports, Laguna Beach, Calif.; USC Catalina
Hyperbaric Chamber, Avalon, Calif.; Captain Slate’s
Atlantis Dive Center, Key Largo, Fla.; Beaches Resort,
Provo, Turks and Caicos.
Major projects with which DAN personnel are involved
take place at Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and
Environmental Physiology at Duke University Medical
Center. Physicians and scientists on DAN’s staff conduct
research funded by the U.S. Navy and NASA, bringing
world-class scientific and medical expertise to DAN-
sponsored research by conducting studies in the preven-
tion of decompression sickness (DCS) in astronauts
building the space station (funded by NASA) and in                                                    William M. Mercadante Photo
high-altitude parachuting after diving (funded by
Additional U.S. Navy and NASA-funded projects seek to understand bubble formation and inert gas exchange in the
body, the results of which can be applied to sport divers.
The results of the DAN-sponsored Flying After Diving studies have been used by the U.S. Navy in developing flying-
after-diving guides. The Navy’s continuing interest in flying after diving has led them to sponsor a new project to
determine how much oxygen breathing before flying to will reduce the preflight surface interval.

DAN Medical Services provides vital emergency services for divers and medical education, and it continues as the back-
bone of the DAN organization. Increased staffing for DAN Medicine has helped overall efficiency, especially for the Medical
Information services (phone and email), as well as the DAN Diving Emergency Hotline. With the addition of two full-time
medics earlier this calendar year, DAN Medicine is now operating with a full complement of medics. An additional staff
member has also been added to manage and update the changing physician and chamber referral databases.
                                                                        With the advent of expanded hours for Medical
                                                                        Information Services, two offsite medics have undergone
                                                                        training and now field information calls until 8 p.m.
                                                                        Eastern Time. This service began Sept. 1 of this year.
                                                                        In FY2001, DAN on-call medics and physicians
                                                                        responded to 2,990 emergency calls. This brought
                                                                        the total number of emergency calls fielded to 30,438
                                                                        since DAN was founded in 1980.
                                                                Since 1995, when DAN began using email inquiries via
                                                                the DAN website at, DAN
                                                                Medical Services has received 14,052 such inquiries for
                                                                medical information. This added another communica-
                                                                tion channel through which DAN medical personnel
Butch Usery / Duke Medical Photography
                                                                provide dive health and safety information to the general
                                                                public. These email inquiries, added to the 156,750
phone inquiries for medical information, brought the total number of medical inquiries since 1980 to 170,802.
The website also contains a DAN Medical Center section where users can review medical articles from Alert Diver and
frequently asked questions (FAQs) about medical conditions and diving. In June 2001 there were 38,650 hits and 6,909
visitors to the Medical section of the website.
In FY2001, DAN medics responded
                                                                   Emergency Calls         Information Line       Email Inquiries
to 10,347 medical and safety
information calls and answered         18000
3,403 email inquiries. Since           16000
it was founded in 1980, DAN
has answered 201,240 medical
emergency and informational calls.     12000

DAN also increased support to the
popular Recompression Chamber           8000

Assistance Program. This included       6000
continuing education programs for
chamber staff around the world, in
both English and Spanish.
                                               1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001


FY2001 was a banner year for DAN Training, including the celebration of its 10th anniversary and the certification of the
10,000th DAN Instructor.
But this wasn’t a year to rest. DAN Training completely revised the DAN Instructor materials for all courses to meet the new
American Heart Association guidelines, created a new, complete Instructor Trainer Manual and completely restructured the
Instructor Qualification Course (IQC). The new IQC now features a Core Module that teaches Instructor candidates to be
DAN Instructors. After completing the Core Module, candidates can take course modules for the programs they are inter-
ested in teaching. Candidates can take one or all of the course modules, as they see fit. This program revision will serve
to drive more Instructor candidates to become DAN Instructor Trainers, creating more active and vocal advocates for DAN.
                  This year was also spent creating a completely new DAN Training program, Automated External
                  Defibrillators (AEDs) for Scuba Diving. Sudden cardiac arrest kills between 225,000 and 250,000
                  people each year, according to the American Heart Association. As in the general population, divers die
                                 from heart conditions. In fact, approximately 30 percent of
                                 dive fatalities involving divers over 35 are
                                 attributed to cardiovascular disease. This
                                 program teaches divers, and
                                 interested non-divers, to
                                 use automated external
                                 defibrillators to defibril-
                                 late a heart in ventricular
                               fibrillation, the most common
                               cause of sudden cardiac arrest.
                                To distinguish the programs, DAN
                                Training also created a series
                                of icons to represent each of them.
                                The icons serve
as graphic representation of course materials.
Instructors will now be able to quickly find related
materials by watching for these icons.
DAN Training was also able to respond to a
common request from DAN Instructors and
develop CD-ROM versions of the teaching
presentation materials. All three of these major
revisions and developments were developed in
FY2001 and released at the beginning of FY2002.
The existing DAN Training Programs continued to
progress as well.

                                                                                               Butch Usery / Duke Medical Photography

Training          DAN

During FY2001, DAN Communications began providing monthly editions of Alert Diver and, as part of an agreement with
Skin Diver magazine, DAN members receive free monthly editions of that magazine.
                                                                   As a result of the agreement forged with Skin Diver
                                                                   magazine, more quality information is available to DAN
                                                                   members at a significant cost saving to DAN. These
                                                                   savings in turn are allowing DAN to provide additional
                                                                   services to further its mission, such as:
                                                                   • DAN has been able to increase the Medical
                                                                   Information Line’s operating hours to 8 p.m. Eastern
                                                                   Time to provide evening and weekend access for all
                                                                   members. This also helps us to better serve our West
                                                                   Coast members.
                                                                   • DAN has increased funding for the DAN
                                                                   Recompression Chamber Assistance program, to
                                                                   provide chambers with gifts of vital equipment such
                                                                   as oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzers, oxygen masks,
                                                                   compressors and training on current treatment tables.
                                                                   It also helps provide continuing education to chamber
Butch Usery / Duke Medical Photography
                                                                   staff to elevate and maintain the standard of care at
                                                                   remote facilities.
• The savings help provide additional support to DAN dive safety research projects.
Working in concert with DAN Marketing and the Industry Membership program, DAN
Communications began publishing quarterly editions of On Board, the
newsletter for the DAN Industry Membership program.
DAN Communications also merged the quarterly
Oxygen Window into On Board, streamlining the
process through which Business Members and
Instructors are informed about goings-on at DAN.
To enhance the promotion and marketability of DAN
products in the Industry Membership program, DAN
Communications created a Resource Guide for Industry
Members and a Product Catalog, with quarterly updates
of Product Listings.
Consistent with the mission of education, DAN
Communications wrote and disseminated media releases
to dive media outlets in the United States and around the
world, informing the dive public of current news, both at
DAN and industrywide. Media releases are posted immedi-
ately on the DAN website, which is constantly updated with the assistance of the Information Technology Department.
The releases included announcements of new programs, upcoming DAN events, honors and awards, and scuba
equipment recalls.


The Student Membership Program grew bigger and faster than ever before in the first half
of 2001. From January to June, DAN enrolled 16,564 new Student Members, and 1,267
instructors from 17 countries in the DAN Americas region participated in the program.
In June alone, DAN set two records, for the most new Student Members in one month
(3,583), and for the most new DAN members from the Student Membership Program
in one month (471).
The Student Membership Program began in February 1998. DAN offers complemen-
tary dive insurance to any entry-level scuba student taking a class from a certified
instructor in the DAN Americas region (North America, South America, Caribbean
and U.S. Territories). DAN also provides each student a free copy of the Alert Diver
magazine and DAN membership information. This program continues to expand and
create many new DAN members, most of whom purchase DAN dive insurance. From
January through June, for example, 1,628 students purchased DAN insurance when
they joined this year.
The Student Membership Program has undergone several major changes, with more
on the way. The new Student Membership Video for Instructors is now available, as
is the new online registration on the DAN website. Revisions are planned to the
Student Membership Roster and Membership Packets to make it easier and more
conducive for Instructors to participate in the program and for students to join DAN.
In FY2001, the official website for DAN,, has continued
to be an important avenue of communication with DAN Members and divers all over
the world. About a half-million visitors see DAN on the web. The DAN website is
currently averaging 1.8 million hits each month, with a yearly total of approximately
22 million hits. Continually evolving, the DAN website is updated on a regular basis        Steve
                                                                                                       tt Pho
with the latest DAN happenings. From DAN workshop recommendations to diving                                  to
equipment recalls, DAN Members can stay up to date.
One of the most commonly visited areas of the DAN website is the DAN Medical Center. With more information than ever
before, the site allows divers to quickly find information about diving medical issues. All the information is available
through a keyword search, making the site the most comprehensive dive health and safety information database online.
Also, the DAN website allows prospective and existing DAN Members to join DAN or renew their DAN Membership and buy
or purchase DAN insurance. Up to 40 percent of new DAN Members have joined via the DAN website in recent months.
With the assistance of an online DAN Product Listing, members also can buy DAN products online 24 hours a day, seven
days a week. Many members have used this option generating more than 2,000 orders and $175,000 in product sales.
Divers Alert Network has entered the “Clicks and Bricks” age with a web-enabled internet kiosk, the DAN Safety Stop. With
the DAN website as its engine, the DAN Safety Stop can be used by a dive center’s customers and staff to find information
about such things as medical questions and details of DAN Membership benefits and how to join or renew as a DAN mem-
ber. It’s like having a DAN representative in a store 24 hours a day.
Six kiosks have been installed at dive centers around the country — Weaver’s Dive and Travel Center in Boulder, Colo.; A-
1 Scuba and Travel Center in Englewood, Colo.; National Aquatic Service in Syracuse, N.Y.; Pro Dive in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.;
Laguna Sea Sports in Laguna Beach, Calif.; and Ocean Concepts in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.


Key Accomplishments for FY2001
• DAN and Beaches Turks & Caicos partnered to host the first DAN-Beaches® Dive Festival 2000 on Providenciales,
  Turks & Caicos.
• DAN hosted its 40th Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Course during its 20th anniversary year celebration in Sydney
  and Heron Island, Australia.

                                                                             The diving and hyperbaric medicine course was
                                                                             offered three times during the year (twice offshore,
                                                                             and once at Duke University and DAN Headquarters
                                                                             in Durham, N.C.). It continues to be the only diving
                                                                             and hyperbaric medicine course in the country that
                                                                             is hosted by an internationally recognized organiza-
                                                                             tion — DAN — and which presents topics with the
                                                                             latest diving medical and research data discussed
                                                                             by practicing clinicians from the field.
                                                                             Duke University Medical Center’s Searle Center was
                                                                             the location for the 39th DAN Diving and
                                                                             Hyperbaric Medicine Course, held Aug. 3-5, 2000.
                                                                             Seventy-nine participants, both medical and non-
                                                                             medical, and divers and non-divers, listened to lec-
                                                    Cindi Easterling Photo
                                                                             tures provided by 11 Duke and/or DAN faculty.
The special 40th Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Course celebrating DAN’s 20th anniversary was held on the Great
Barrier Reef in Australia on Oct. 16-28, 2000. Ninety persons made the journey, and 54 participated in an exceptional
course hosted by both DAN/Duke physicians and noted Australian physicians. Attendees came not only from across the
United States, but also from as far away as Saudi Arabia and South America to attend this internationally known course.
The spring of 2001 saw the 41st Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Course, which was held at the renowned Little Cayman
Beach Resort, Little Cayman, BWI. The attendees were hosted by internationally known faculty, dived the excellent waters
around Little Cayman, and helped to make this DAN course a continuing success.
DAN continued its series of “DAN Divers Days.” These one-day educational / informational events were held in Durham
and San Diego. These special educational days continue DAN’s mission of providing “expert medical information and
advice for the benefit of the diving public.” The attendees agreed with DAN’s intent and provided comments to support this:
• “Great value for my money – thank you!”
• “How can you improve on perfection? I am really impressed with everything.”
• “Excellent presentations. Has many clearly explained suggestions to make recreational diving safer. Thank you.”
• “Very good background / intro. Nice to have key admins doing presentations and available for questions.”

DAN and Beaches Resorts, a member of the Sandals Resort family, picked up a current industry trend of “partnering” by
hosting the first DAN-Beaches Dive Festival 2000. Beaches Turks & Caicos was the host site for this festival, which brought
together divers who had first-hand information sessions with DAN headquarters staff, participated in the festival social
activities with internationally known guest speakers, and dived the crystal waters of the Turks & Caicos Islands. DAN-
Beaches Dive Festivals are planned to be annual events every September.

DAN Continuing

Medical Education                                                                                                 CME

The International Department acts as the liaison and facilitator for the five DAN organizations within the International DAN
(IDAN) Federation: DAN America, DAN Europe, DAN Southern Africa, DAN Japan and DAN South East Asia-Pacific (SEAP).
These organizations communicate daily on patient referrals, the now-global DAN Oxygen First Aid program, membership,
insurance and research. DAN is working toward standardization of services and member benefits and greater cooperation
in areas of research, education and dive accident data sharing. The table below shows current numbers of supporting
memberships and oxygen Providers, Instructors and Instructor Trainers trained as of June 2001.

                                            DAN       DAN           DAN      DAN       DAN
                                           America   Europe        Japan     SEAP    So. Africa   Total

                     Memberships           149,102   34,318        13,913    4,317     5,818      207,468

                     Providers Oxygen       93,242   21,133         1,225    7,404       670      123,674

                     Instructors Oxygen     10,023    2,412          468     1,036        45       13,984

                     Instructor Trainers      670       203          270       93         13        1,249

                                                                            DAN Latin America Hotline
DAN Reaches Out to Latin America
To help reach the expanding diving community in Latin America,
DAN provides promotional, membership and training materials
in Spanish and Portuguese. The availability of materials in these two
languages helps make Latin American divers aware of DAN's safety,
education and research programs, as well as encourages continued
education for preparedness in the event of dive emergencies. This
year DAN created a dedicated Spanish / Portuguese language
emergency hotline (+1-267-520-1507) and network of chambers
and dive physicians to serve all of Central and South America. DAN
is also working to address the problems associated with managing
dive injuries in locations very far from a chamber.
DAN America is committed to helping IDAN affiliate organizations
worldwide. Today, divers can rely on DAN to serve them almost
everywhere they venture.

                                                              Para Español o Portugués


Launched on Dec. 1, 2000, the DAN Business Membership collected its 500th member seven months later. It, along
with DAN Development, supplanted the DAN Sponsor program late last year to comply with Internal Revenue Service
(IRS) regulations. The IRS ruled a true sponsor should not receive benefits in exchange for its contributions, other
than a simple recognition and perhaps a gift of insignificant value in relation to the donation, thus leading DAN to
change its program.
                                                  To provide supporters of DAN with ways to maintain Sponsor-type benefits for
                                                  businesses who desire them, DAN created the Business Membership program.
                                                  It covers dive training stores, dive resorts and liveaboards. Through annual
                                                  membership dues of $125, DAN Business members receive many advantages.
                                                  For example, the DAN Retail Product Distribution Program allows them selected
                                                  DAN products for resale under margins discounted more than ever before. The
                                                  Point Incentive program earns businesses one point for every new DAN Member
                                                  they enroll and one point for every DAN insurance plan sold to new members.
                                                  Points can be accumulated over a 24-month period and redeemed to obtain
                                                  DAN products. DAN Business Members are listed on the DAN website and our
                                                  members are directed to them. In addition, Business Members can link to the
                                                  DAN website, with a hotlink to their websites, and receive a DAN Business
                                                  Member Certificate, a DAN Dive Flag, DAN Decals, two DAN Memberships,
                                                  a subscription to Alert Diver, and use of the DAN Business Member logo.
                                                  In return, DAN Business Members help publicize the DAN mission of promoting
                                                  dive education, safety, health and research by their dues and their participation
                                                  in programs involving such DAN departments as
                                                  Training and Research. They also can contribute
                                                  additional tax-deductible monies to DAN as part
                                                  of the DAN Development program.
                                         By mid-2001, the program became known as the
                                         Industry Membership program to cover DAN
         Butch Usery / Duke Medical Photography

                                         Instructors and Instructor Trainers who
wanted to support DAN as well as businesses. As a result, the official quarterly
magazine for DAN supporters, On Board, added the Oxygen Window quarterly
publication sent to Instructors and Instructor Trainers as part of its package.
There are dedicated customer service representatives at DAN who handle all
Industry Members’ questions, concerns and product orders on a special
 toll-free line weekdays. There is a special email address for them to use too.
The DAN Industry Membership program gives its supporters an added edge in
the dive industry to help them be successful. At the same time, the money raised by
DAN Industry Members assists DAN in meeting its goal of providing the best, most recent
information on dive safety.

Industry      DAN
                                                              Membership Program

DAN Development grew out of the former Sponsorship program when Internal Revenue Service rules said a true sponsor
of DAN should not receive benefits in exchange for a contribution, other than a simple recognition and a gift of insignifi-
cant value in relation to the donation. Like DAN Sponsorship, DAN Development handles fund-raising events and appeals;
coordinates finances received through grants and foundations; notes donations and donor packages; and handles other
contributions, such as memorial gifts and matching gifts. Development differs primarily from Sponsorship in that it
concentrates on seeking more outside revenue for the organization, including developing planned giving, cultivating
larger donors and seeking grant monies.
With the change to Development came a streamlining of the different levels and designations for what used to be DAN
Sponsors. There are 12 levels for DAN Donors. The levels are based on the amount of money donated to DAN rather than
the dive operation’s status as a store, corporation, etc., as with          Comparative of General & Endowment Appeal Returns:
Sponsorship. The levels and their designations are as follows:                                         1996 - 2001
                                                                               (Does not include Sponsor, Memorial, Grants and other donations)
• DAN Friend (any Donor contributing $100-$1,499):                                                                                                    $565,867

  $100 minimum – Bronze; $250 minimum – Silver;                                               $500,000

  $500 minimum – Gold; $750 minimum – Platinum;                                               $450,000                                     $422,143

  $1,000 minimum – Diamond.                                                                   $400,000

• DAN Ambassador                                                                              $350,000
                                                                                                         $310,631   $316,645

  (any Donor contributing $1,500-$4,999):                                         Total

  $1,500 minimum – Gold; $2,000 minimum – Platinum;                                           $250,000

  $3,000 minimum – Diamond.                                                                   $200,000

• DAN Guardian (any Donor contributing $5,000 or more):                                       $150,000

  $5,000-$9,999 minimum – Silver; $10,000-$24,999 minimum – Gold;                             $100,000

  $25,000-$49,999 minimum – Platinum; $50,000 or more – Diamond.                               $50,000

                                                                                                         FY 96/97   FY 97/98   FY 98/99    FY 99/00   FY 00/01
Those giving $99 or less are classified as Donors. A separate category
remains for planned giving donations — the DAN Heritage Society                DAN sends a special thank-you to its many Donors who support the mission
                                                                                of dive safety, dive medicine and research, and dive training and education.
handles DAN supporters who bequeath or designate a portion of
their estates to DAN in their wills or establish living or testamentary trusts, with DAN as a beneficiary. DAN Development
oversees the DAN Heritage Society.
DAN Development also still supervises the Spring and Fall Fund-raisers for DAN. The closeout totals as of May 1, 2001 for
the Fall 2000 appeal listed 3,940 donors. Total donations were $170,493.32. This is an average donation of $43.27 and
a range of $1 to $2,500 for an individual donation. Of those donations, the Charter Boat Identification Board program
(C.B.I.D.) continues to be strong, with $16,675.01 from 205 donors. As of June 30, 2001 the Spring Fund-raiser was off
to an excellent start with 3,336 donations in the preliminary tally. Total donations were $126,498.60, which is an average
donation of $37.92. This is a 100 percent increase for both total donations and number of donors as compared to the Fall
Aside from the fall appeal, the Endowment Fund, which is managed by the Trust Company of the South in Burlington, N.C.,
received 3,977 donations for a total of $61,530.94 from Dec. 1, 2000 until June 28, 2001. The total donations to the
Endowment now stand at $234,464.14. Memorial donations increased 385 percent over last year to a high of $15,016.02
from 169 donors.
Total donations to DAN for FY2001 reached $565,867. DAN is especially grateful and sends a special “Thank You” to all of
these donors who support the organization’s mission. Their efforts created additional pathways for revenue streams at DAN
and a successful return of these investments toward dive medicine, research, education and safety.


A for-profit, wholly owned subsidiary of DAN America, DAN Services, Inc. was incorporated in FY1999 as part of a growing
trend among tax-exempt organizations to manage unrelated business income and protect their 501(c)(3) status. As with
many 501(c)(3) organizations, DAN provides its members with useful and impor-
tant services that are not directly related to its tax-exempt mission. DAN
Services, Inc. pays tax on the revenues generated by these activities,
while allowing DAN to maintain a ratio of “related business income”
to “unrelated business income” well within accepted Internal
Revenue Service limits.
DAN Services, Inc. manages the DAN Membership / Customer
Services Department, which handles the questions about DAN
membership, including the administration of the popular dive
accident insurance programs. The in-bound call center operates
from 8:30 a.m. through 5 p.m. Eastern Time (1330-2200
Greenwich Mean Time), but DAN Members can leave voice
messages after hours or fax, mail or email requests to the
department at any time.
As of June 30, 2001, Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) answered
64,530 telephone calls and made 7,213 return calls to members. In the same period, Membership CSRs also handled
6,809 pieces of emailed correspondence, 4,015 pieces of standard mail correspondence and 3,369 pieces of faxed
DAN Services also began doing data entry in-house in this period, and membership CSRs completed 102,136 pieces.
In addition, the CSRs processed 18,976 applications from the internet. And DAN Services assumed responsibility for
data entry of the Student Membership Program (for more details on that, see p. 13).
A popular, recent addition to the insurance program is the DAN Preferred Plan, introduced by DAN Services, Inc. in
May 2000. The DAN Preferred Plan available for U.S. residents offers a dramatic increase in dive accident coverage, with
increased benefit levels for skin- and scuba-diving injuries: up to $250,000 per occurrence; medical accident coverage
for non-diving injuries outside the insured’s home country; and dive vacation cancellation AND interruption coverage
(all subject to terms and conditions).
Under the Preferred Plan, an insured person in the U.S. can receive up to $10,000 lifetime coverage for non-dive accident
medical coverage occurring outside the insured’s home country. If an illness or an injury occurs before or during the trip,
the DAN Preferred Plan provides up to $10,000 for an injured person’s losses incurred for a dive trip cancelled before
departure. If an injury or illness after departure results in the dive trip’s interruption, the DAN Preferred Plan provides up
to $5,000. Additionally, this plan offers up to $2,000 for extra transportation and up to $3,000 for extra accommodations
in the event of a covered dive accident.
The $99 fee for the DAN Preferred Plan includes DAN individual membership and DAN TravelAssist emergency medical
evacuation assistance benefits as well as insurance. The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York is
the policy underwriter. For more details, call 1-800-446-2671.
Divers Alert Network, Inc. wholly owns DAN Services, Inc. All income generated by DAN Services, Inc., flows to DAN,
creating additional financial stability to DAN as it rides the peaks and troughs of the scuba diving industry business cycle.


DAN experienced another record year in 2001 as revenues climbed 10 percent to $9.75 million. More than 92 percent
of DAN’s operating budget was used for program services including over $2.75 million contributed towards recreational
diving research, medical programs, and training and education.
Since 1992, DAN has grown rapidly from less                                              DAN Revenue Growth FY 1992 to FY 2001
than 75,000 members to over 225,000 members                  $10,000,000
worldwide and is now a very sophisticated                     $9,000,000
association with two insurance subsidiaries.
DAN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,
but many may not realize that most of DAN’s
funding comes from members rather than outside
support. Since funding is primarily from dues,
product sales, donations, course fees, and
insurance royalties, the organization continues
a focused mission and responsive attitude towards             $2,000,000

member concerns. The result is an association                 $1,000,000

that listens to its members, operates efficiently,                   $0
                                                                            1992      1993   1994      1995      1996      1997      1998    1999   2000   2001

and constantly tries to improve services.
Membership and related services continued to represent a significant amount of DAN’s operating budget in 2001. The
$29 regular membership contribution supported membership benefits such as DAN TravelAssist and services for all divers
including the 24-hour emergency hotline, with 53 percent of revenues derived from membership dues. Members also
helped fund DAN programs by purchasing safety products, insurance and related services that generated more than 23
percent of total revenues this year. In 2001 more than $8.49 million went into programs that benefited members and
recreational scuba divers worldwide, a 14 percent increase over the prior year. This increase in funding and continued
success is a result of very dedicated staff maintaining focus and providing programs and services that support DAN’s safety
and health mission. You can expect more of the same in the future. The continued health and safety of members and
divers around the world depends on our success.

                                                   2001 DAN Expenses
                                                   Education, Training & CME
                                                              13%                                      Medical

                                                                                                           Sponsor Programs
                             Membership Services                                                    IDAN
                                   43%                        Development                            4%
                                                              & Fundraising        Communications
                                                                  1%                   4%


                                             Divers Alert Network, Inc.
                                               Statement of Activities
                 Year Ended June 30, 2001 With Comparative Totals For the Year Ended June 30, 2000
                                                      Temporarily      Permanently                 Total
                                     Unrestricted       Restricted       Restricted          2001            2000
Revenues, Gains and Other Support
   Membership dues                     $5,123,104                                       $5,123,104      $4,769,407
   Product Sales                        1,307,425                                        1,307,425       1,236,557
   Subsidiaries                           961,105                                          961,105       1,020,555
   Contributions                          407,433          100,061          88,425         595,919         578,653
   Education & Training                   587,340                                          587,340         335,142
   Sponsor income                         189,394                                          189,394         265,586
   Advertising                            100,431                                          100,431         204,084
   Royalties                              612,531                                          612,531         256,164
   Investment Income & Other              203,614                                          203,614         263,964
                                        9,492,377          100,061          88,425       9,680,863       8,930,112

Net Assets Released from Restrictions               60,316                (60,316)

Total revenues, gains and
      other support                             9,552,693                   39,745                 88,425.00                9,680,863         8,930,112

    Membership Services                         3,880,923                                                                   3,880,923         3,497,922
    Medical                                       827,855                                                                     827,855           752,752
    Education, Training & CME                   1,233,965                                                                   1,233,965           981,608
    Research                                      697,197                                                                     697,197           603,404
    Sponsor Programs                              316,323                                                                     316,323           371,355
    Marketing                                     807,934                                                                     807,934           601,660
    Communications                                363,261                                                                     363,261           337,777
    International DAN                             368,723                                                                     368,723           282,174
Total Program Expenses                          8,496,181                                                                   8,496,181         7,428,652

Administration                                    697,581                                                                    697,581            672,381
Development & Fundraising                         137,028                                                                    137,028            148,639
Total Expenses                                  9,330,790                        0                         0               9,330,790          8,249,672
Increase in net assets                            221,903                   39,745                    88,425                 350,073            680,440
Beginning net assets                            4,458,527                   98,684                   146,039               4,703,250          4,022,810
Ending net assets                              $4,680,430                 $138,429                  $234,464              $5,053,323         $4,703,250

                                               2001 DAN Revenues
                                        Membership dues                                     Product Sales
                                            53%                                                 14%


                                                                                                                   Sponsor income
                                                                                                   Education & Training
                                                      Investment Income                                    6%
                                                           & Other         Advertising
                                                             2%               1%

Peter B. Bennett, Ph.D., D.Sc., President
Michael A. Lang, M.S., Chairman
Chris Bennett, MBA
Wolcott Henry, M.M.
Dick Long
Alessandro Marroni, M.D., International DAN
Dan Orr, M.S.
Karen B. Van Hoesen, M.D.
William M. Ziefle, B.S., J.D.

Peter B. Bennett, Ph.D., D.Sc., President & Chief Executive Officer
Dan Orr, M.S., Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Chris Wachholz, R.N., MBA, Vice President, IDAN
Joel Dovenbarger, BSN, Vice President, Medical Services
Chris Bennett, MBA, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Cindi Easterling, M.Ed., Vice President, Continuing Medical Education & Executive Asst. to CEO
Donna Heath, M.S., Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Richard Moon, M.D., Vice President & Medical Director
Richard D. Vann, Ph.D., Vice President, Research
Guy Dear, M.B., FRCA, Assistant Medical Director
Bryant Stolp, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Medical Director
Edward Thalmann, M.D., Assistant Medical Director
Petar Denoble, M.D., D.Sc., Senior Research Director
Steve Barnett, B.S., Acting Director, Marketing
Eric Douglas, B.A., Acting Coordinator, Training
Brian Levering, B.S., Acting Director, Purchasing and Materials Control
Daniel A. Nord, EMT-P, CHT, Director, DAN Medical Services
Renée Duncan Westerfield, B.A., Communications Director

Directors              Board of
                                                and Key Executives

* A-1 Scuba & Travel Center Inc     Aquatic Adventures Inc                California Divers                        Dive Commercial International Inc
Aaron’s Dive Shop                   Aquatic Adventures of Michigan        Calypso Scuba N Ski                      Dive Connections Inc
Abyss Dive Center                   * Aquatic Dreams Scuba Center         Cape Eleuthera Island School             Dive Fair Helen
Academie A.R.B.                     Aquatic Escapes                       Capital City Dive Charters, LLC          Dive Kauai Scuba Center
Action One Dive Center              Aquatic Obsessions                    Capital Divers Inc                       Dive Key West Inc
Action Sports & Travel              Aquatic Realm Scuba                   Captain Aqua’s                           Dive Locker
*** ActionQuest                     Aquatic Safaris & Divers’ Emporium    Captain Dale’s Dive Center               * Dive Magic
Adventure Outdoors Inc              Aquatic Specialties Inc               Captain Johns Sports & Scuba             Dive Odyssea Inc
Adventure Plus                      Aquatic Transcension                  * Captain Nemo’s Dive Shop               Dive Paradise - Cozumel
Adventure Scuba Diving              Aquaventures Dive Shop Inc            Caribbean Adventures Dive Travel         Dive Paradise - CO
Adventure Sports Scuba              ASK Scuba & Snorkeling Center         Casa Grande Dive Shop                    Dive Provo
Adventures in Diving                * Aspen Aquatics                      Catalina Scuba LUV                       Dive Quarters
Adventures in Scuba - IL            Aspen Divers LLC                      Cayman Aggressor IV                      * Dive Rescue International
Adventures in Scuba - Canada        Ati Divers                            Cayman Diving School                     * Dive Reservation Service
Adventures Underwater Inc           Atlantic Divers Inc                   Cha Cha Cha Dive Shop                    * Dive Shop of St Louis, The
Agua Rica Diving Center             Atlantic Scuba                        Channel Dive Center                      Dive Shop, The - TN
* Alabama Blue Water Adventures     Atlantis Aquatics                     Charleston Scuba                         Dive Shop, The - Alberta, Canada
  LLC                               Atlantis Dive Center                  Chesapeake Bay Diving Center             Dive Shop, The - KS
Alan’s Scuba Inc                    Austin Aqua Sports                    Choo Choo Diving and Expedition          Dive Shop, The - Ontario
* Albatros Charters                 B &B Divers                             Center                                 Dive Shop, The - TX
Alberta Watersports SA De CV        Baja Expeditions                      Cincinnati Diving Center Inc             Dive Shop, The - NY
Alexander’s Dive Shop Too           Beach Safaries N.V.                   Clay's Dive Shop                         Dive Shop, The - AZ
Alkhorayef Commercial Company Ltd   Belize Aggressor                      Club Caribbean Dive & Travel             Dive Shop, The - CT
All About Diving Inc                Below H20 Scuba Inc                   * Colorado Scuba Center                  Dive Shop, The - TX
All Wet Scuba                       Bermuda Biological Station for        Columbia Scuba LLC                       * Dive Spot, The
American Cactus Divers                Research Inc                        Concord Dive Center                      Dive Texas North
American Dive Center Inc            Bermuda Triangle of Greenville        Copeland's Inc                           Dive Tiara
American Diving                     Berry Dive Center                     Coral Island Charters                    Dive West Inc
American Scuba Center               Best Dive Centers                     Coral Reef Scuba & Travel Center         Dive-In Scuba Inc
Amigos Del Mar                      Bill Beard’s Diving Safaris           Costa Rica Ventures                      DivePro-Hawaii
Amoray Dive Resort                  Black Magic Dive Shop                 Crabby Hermit Dive Center                Diver Dan's Wet Pleasure
Anacapa Dive Center                 Blue Dolphin Dive Center              CUDA Dive Shop                           Diver's Center
Anderson Aquatics                   * Blue Dolphin Dive Center II         Cumberland Scuba Center                  Diver's Depot
Anthony’s Key Resort                Blue Horizons Dive Center             Custer's Pool 'N' Dive                   Diver's Market Inc
Any Water Sports                    Blue Island Divers                    * D & M Sport Diving Inc                 * Diver's Reef
Aqua Adventures                     * Blue Marble Divers                  Dacotah Divers and Snorkel Center        Divers Academy of the Eastern
Aqua Center                         Blue Ocean Divers                     Dallas Weston Dive Center                  Seaboard Inc
Aqua Divers                         Blue Planet, LLC                      Dawn's High Desert Divers                * Divers City USA Inc
Aqua Fantasea                       Blue Seas Scuba Center Inc            De Palm Tours                            Divers Cove / Sea Wolf II
Aqua Hut                            * Blue Water Divers - NJ              Deep Blue Dive Store                     Divers Den of Pensacola
Aqua Hut Divers                     Blue Water Divers - IA                Deep Blue Divers                         Divers Dream
Aqua Lung Center of NE              Blue Water Divers - CA                Deep Blue Divers 2                       Divers Emporium
* Aqua Plein Air Inc                Blue Water Scuba and Travel Center    Deep Six Dive & Watersports              Divers Equipment & Repair Serv.
Aqua Safari                         Bluewater Divers                      Deep Six Divers Service                  Divers II Dive Center
Aqua Specialists Inc                Bob Brayman’s International Diving    Deep South Scuba                         Divers Institute of Technology
Aqua Sport Scuba Center               Career Institute at Halls           Delta Divers                             Divers Two Inc
Aqua Sports Diving Inc              Bottom Time Scuba                     Denver Divers                            Divers World
Aqua Tech Dive Center               Bubbles Below                         Depth Perception Dive Center Inc         Diving Bell Scuba Shop
Aqua-Tech Scuba Center              Bubbles Dive Center                   Discover Diving - NH                     Diving Center, The
Aquamarine Dive                     * Buckeye Diving School               Discover Diving - NY                     Diving Den Inc
Aquanauts Dive Center, Inc          Buddy Dive Resort                     * Discover Diving Dive Center            Diving Dynamics
Aquareef                            Burlington Scuba Inc                  Discover Scuba                           Diving Enterprises Ltd
Aquasports Scuba Inc                Businet Corporation                   Discovery Dive Charters & Tours          Diving Locker Ski Chalet
Aquatech / Villas DeRosa            C & D Diving, Inc                     Discovery Diving Company Inc             Diving Technologies Ltd
Aquatic Adventures                  C & J Divers Scuba 2000               Dive Castaways                           Dixie Divers
Aquatic Adventures Dive Center      C & N Divers Inc                      Dive Center At the Great Outdoors, The   DJ's Scuba Locker Inc


* Dockside Dive Center                Groundhog Divers II                   Lifeguard Systems Inc                   Ocean Sports Victoria
Dolphin Dive Center                   Guadalupe Hobby Center                Lighthouse Dive Center                  Ocean's Window – Austin, TX
Dolphin Dive Center                   Gulf Coast Divers                     * Lighthouse Reef Resort                Ocean's Window – Plano, TX
Dolphin Resorts                       Gulf Coast Scuba                      Long Island Scuba Academy               Ocean's Window – San Antonio, TX
Dolphin's Adventures Inc              Gus Dive Center                       Long Lake Scuba Inc                     * Odyssey Adventures
Donovan's Hobby & Scuba Shop          Gypsy Divers                          Louisiana Divers & Co.                  Odyssey Diving Inc
* Dosil's Ski, Scuba & Surf           H2 Deep                               Louisville Dive Center                  Odyssey Expeditions
Doug's Diving                         H2O Eco Expeditions                   Lynnhaven Dive Center                   Off Base Scuba
Down Under Dive Shop LLC              Haigh Quarry                          * Malibu Divers                         Off the Wall Divers
Downunder Dive & Travel               Hal Watts - Mr. Scuba                 Mann Overboard                          Okeanos Aggressor
Dressel Divers                        Harry's Dive Shop Inc                 Manta Ray Dive Center                   Oklahoma Scuba
Duggan Diving Enterprises Inc         Heartland Scuba Center                * Manta Reef Resort                     Omni Divers
Eagle Ray Dive Center                 High Plains Scuba Inc                 Marin Skin Diving                       Ontario Dive Co
Earth Adventures Unlimited            High Tech Diving & Safety Inc         Maurer Dive Shop                        * Orange County Scuba
Eco-Adventures                        Holiday Isle Dive Shop                Meridian Divers Inc                     * Orbit Marine Sports Center
El Mar Diving Center                  Holyoke Underwater Supply Inc         Mermet Springs Inc                      Our Ocean Dreams Inc
Emerald Coast Scuba                   Horizon Divers                        Micronesian Divers Association          Outpostravel
* Emerald Sea Divers                  Horizon Water Sports                  Mid Atlantic Scuba Center               Pablo Krooz Dive Shop
Emerald Seas Pro Dive Inc             Houston Scuba Academy                 Midcoast Scuba Center Inc               * Pacific Watersports Inc
Epsilon Dive Center                   Huron Scuba Adventures Inc            Middle Tennessee Scuba and Swim         Palatka Scuba International
Escuela De Buceo Y Rescate            Hurricane Divers                      Midwest Aquatics                        Palau Aggressor
  Minchen-Có                          Hydro-STAT Inc                        Mike's Divers (Fiji) Ltd                Pan Aqua
* Eugene Skin Divers Supply           IANTD                                 Millennium Divers Inc                   Pan Aqua Diving Inc
Expedition Point                      Illinois Institute of Diving          Monroe Dive Center                      Pana Divers
Exploramar Diving                     Inland Scuba Center                   Morin's Dive Centers                    Papa Smurph's Dive Shop
Export Caribbean Lesalfer             Inland Scuba Inc                      Motor Yacht Centinela II                Paradise Charters - Key Largo
Extasea Dive Center                   Innerspace Dive & Surf                Mountain West Diving                    Paradise Watersports
Extreme Wet Watersports               Innerspace Scuba                      Mrs J's Scuba                           Pelican Divers Inc
Face the Elements                     Innerspace Scuba Center               NADCO                                   Pelikano S.C.C.
Family Scuba Center                   Institute of Diving Technology        Nassau Scuba Center                     * Pennyroyal Scuba Center
Fantasea Diving & Snorkelling         International Diving Centre           National Aquatic Service                Pepe Scuba
Fantasea Scuba                        International Scuba Center Inc        Nautical Adventures                     *** Peter Hughes Diving Inc
Fantasea Scuba & Aquatic Center Inc   International Underwater Explorers    Nautilus Aquatics – Pleasant Hill, CA   Pirates Point Resort Ltd
Fantasy Dive & Travel                   Society                             Nautilus Aquatics – San Ramon, CA       Planet Ocean - OH
Fiji Aggressor                        * Island Dive and Watersports         Nautilus Scuba Center                   Planet Ocean - PA
Finger Lakes Scuba                    Island Divers Inc                     Nekton Diving Cruises                   Planet Ocean Scuba Center
First State Scuba Inc                 * Island Dreams Travel                Neptune Dive & Ski Inc                  Point Breeze Dive Shop
5-Star Divers                         Island Quest Dive Center              Neptune Divers, American Aquatic        Point Defiance Aquarium
Florida Down Under Inc                Issaquena Outdoor Center                Institute                             * Portage Quarry
Florida International University      * J & T Dive Shop Inc                 Neptune's Locker Diving Center          Poseidon Dive Center
Florida Keys Community College        J. Cooper's Scuba Center              Neptuno Dive, S.A.                      Premier Dive Travel
* Four Seasons Resort Maldives at     Jack's Dive Center Inc                Nootka Sound Charters                   Prestaciones Submarinas
  Kuda Huraa                          * Jack's Diving Locker                North Atlantic Scuba                    * Princess Cruises
Four Seasons Sports & Scuba           Jerry's Diving Services               North Georgia Dive Center               Pro Dive
Frank White's Dive Stores             John G. Shedd Aquarium                North Shore Aquatics                    Prospect Dive & Sport Shop
* Frogg Pond Dive Shop                JR Aquatic Center                     North Superior Scuba                    Quiescence Diving Services Inc
Fun Divers                            JRS School of Scuba                   Northeastern University Marine          R & D Scuba
FWC / Florida Marine Research         Kanata Diving Supply                    Science Center                        Recoleta Buceo
  Institute                           * Kelly's on the Bay / Aqua-Nut       Northern Coast Aquasports               Recreational Diving Systems
Gadsden Scuba Center                    Divers                              Northern Diving Co.                     Red Sail Sports
Galapagos Aggressor I                 Key West Diving Society               Northern Underwater Exposure            Red Sea Aggressor
Garrard Underwater Educators          Kings County Divers Corporation       Northland Divers                        Reef Divers at Little Cayman / Brac
Genesis Marine                        Klein Scuba Inc                       Northwest Divers of Orlando               Reef
Gigglin Marlin Divers                 Kona Aggressor                        Northwest Scuba                         Reef Scuba Company, The
GR8 Divn 2                            Kunuku Dive & Travel                  Nu Horizons Dive and Travel Inc         * Reef Seekers Dive Company
Grand Bahama Scuba                    L.T.C. Scuba Centre                   Oasis Divers                            Regency Diving Center
* Grapevine Scuba Inc                 Lady Cyana Divers                     Ocean Concepts Scuba                    Regional Scuba Inc
Great Lakes Dive Locker               LaGrange Dive Center                  Ocean Corporation, The                  Rex Dive Center
Great Lakes Divecenter Inc            Laguna Beach Resort                   Ocean Divers                            Rick's Diving Locker
Great Lakes Scuba                     Laguna Sea Sports                     Ocean Diving Inc                        RNR Dive Shop
Great Lakes Underwater Exploration    Lake Erie Dive Center                 Ocean Encounters                        Roberts Pro Dive
  Inc / M/V Great Lakes Explorer      Lancaster Scuba Center                Ocean Frontiers Ltd                     Rocky Mountain Diving Center Ltd
Green Bay Scuba Shop Inc              Landfall Dive & Adventure Travel      Ocean Journey                           Rod's Reef
Green's Marine & Sporting Goods       Latin Tour Galapagos-Freedom          Ocean Odyssey Scuba Center              Rogue Valley Scuba Center
Groundhog Divers                      Leaird's Underwater Service           Ocean Pro Dive Shop                     Rollins Scuba Associates

Rome Scuba Center                  Scuba Utah                      Southeastern Divers Inc            Underwater Sports Inc - MN
Rx SCUBA                           Scuba Venture Inc               Southern Indiana Scuba             * Underwater Sports of New
S B Diving Services                Scuba Ventures                  Southern Ohio Diving Academy         Hampshire
S.S. Minnow Charters Inc           Scuba Ventures LLC              Splash Aquatics                    Underwater Swimmers Inc
Saba Deep Dive Center              Scuba World                     Splash Dive Center Inc             Underwater Warehouse
Saguaro Diving & Sports            Scuba World Inc - Manila        Sport Chalet                       Underwater World - NY
* Sail Caribbean                   Scuba World Inc - DE            Spruce Creek Scuba                 Underwater World - Portsmouth, OH
Saint Albans Scuba                 * Scuba World Sacramento Inc    * Stan's Skin & Scuba Diving       Underwater World - Maineville, OH
Saint Joseph Scuba                 Scubacaribe                     Steamboat Scuba and Water Sports   Underwater World Inc
Saltwater Adventures / Sea Tales   Scubahaus                         LLC                              University of California, Santa Cruz
Salty Dog Dive Center              Scubaland Adventures            Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas         University of Florida
San Diego Ocean Enterprises        Scubaset Adventure Center       Sub Aqua 2000 Ltd                  University of Miami
Sandy Paws Diving                  Scubaver                        Sub Aquatic Sports & Service       University of New Hampshire
Sandy Point Scuba                  ScubaWorld Ltd                  * Sub-Aquatics Inc                 Upper Canada Scuba, The
Santa Barbara City College         Sea Belize Ltd                  * Subtropic Dive Center            USS Watersports
  Marine Tech                      Sea Colony Aqua Sports          Sueno Del Mar Resort               Utila Dive Centre
Scuba #1                           Sea Diver, The                  Sundown Diving                     Valentines Dive Center
Scuba Adventures                   Sea Fever Diving Cruises Inc    Sunset Sports                      Valley Divers
Scuba Adventures and Training      Sea Lab Diving                  * Susquehanna Scuba Center Inc     Valley Scuba Divers
Scuba Adventures Ltd               Sea Lions Dive Center           T L Sea Diving                     * W W Diving Company
Scuba Center                       * Sea Pro Divers S. A.          T L Velas Diving & Supply          Washington Scuba Center
Scuba Center, The - CA             Sea Raven Dive Charters         Tackle Shack Inc                   Water Etc.
Scuba Center, The - MA             Sea Saba, N.V.                  Tarpoon Lagoon                     Water Sports
Scuba Central                      Sea Sports Belize               TC's Scuba                         Water Ways
Scuba Club Inc, The                Sea Sports Inc                  Tennessee Aquarium                 Water World
Scuba Company, The                 Sea Sports Scuba                Titanic Dive Center                Water World Outfitters Inc
Scuba Connection, The              Sea Trek Divers Inc             Todd's Scuba Sales                 * Waterline Sports Inc
Scuba Cozumel S.A. de C.V.         Sea Wolf Diving School          Toucan Divers Inc                  Watermark Scuba
Scuba Den                          * Sea World Divers              Toucan Diving                      Wazee Sports Center
Scuba Divers Paradise              Sea-Clusive Charters            Treasure Cove Scuba                We B Divin'
Scuba Escapes Dive Center          Seal Sports Inc                 Treasure Island Divers             Weaver's Dive & Travel Center
Scuba Experience & Aquatics Inc    SeaLife Divers Dive Shop        Tri-State Scuba School Inc         * West Side Scuba Centre
Scuba Habitat                      Seaside Scuba                   Tropical Treasures Dive Center     Wet Dreams Scuba
Scuba Haven Dive Center            Seaspace                        Truk Aggressor                     Wet Pleasures Dive Outfitters
Scuba Hut Inc                      Seasport Divers                 Turks & Caicos Aggressor           Wet-N-Fla Scuba
** Scuba North Inc                 * Seatasea, LLC                 Turneffe Island Lodge              Wilderness Experiences Unltd /
Scuba Quest                        See In Sea Scuba                Twin Dolphins Diving                 Westfield Watersports Unlimited
Scuba School, The                  Sere Ni Wai                     Ultimate Adventure Dive Center     William C. Conte Inc
Scuba Sciences Inc                 Sesto Continente Dive Resort    Ultimate Dive Travel Ltd           World Below
Scuba Shack - AZ                   Sharky's Scuba Supply           Under The Sea                      Y-kiki Divers Inc
Scuba Shack - CT                   Shoreline Charters              Under Water Works Inc              ZZ UnderWater World
Scuba Shack of Northern Kentucky   * SJ Scuba                      Undersea Adventures - WA
  Inc, The                         Ski / Scuba Center Inc          Undersea Adventures - VA           * DAN Friend
Scuba Shack, The - TX              Skin & Scuba Dive Center        Underwater Adventures                (also contributed $100-$1,499)
Scuba Shack, The - VA              Skin-n-Scuba Dive Shop Inc      Underwater Adventures Ltd          ** DAN Ambassador
Scuba Shop, The                    Skinny Scuba                    Underwater Connection                (also contributed $1,500-$4,999)
* Scuba St Lucia                   Smiley's Scuba Shop Inc         Underwater Connection Inc          *** DAN Guardian
Scuba Supply                       Smoky Mountain Divers           Underwater Explorers                 (also contributed $5,000 or more)
* Scuba Tank, The                  * Sonoma Coast Bamboo Reef      ** Underwater Outfitters
Scuba Toys                         South Beach Divers              Underwater Safaris
Scuba Training Center              South of the Surface            Underwater Schools of America
* Scuba Unlimited                  South Shore Divers              Underwater Sports Inc - WA

Guardians                                       Martin Giesecke MD and Susan Giesecke       Stephen Belth                                J T Millington MD
Diamond                                         Dr and Mrs H E Gross                        Christopher J Berdos                         R Moore PhD
ActionQuest                                     Elaine Hanlon                               D S Berenson                                 NASE Worldwide
Fred Henke and Martha Lahana /                  William and Barbara Hilson                  Blue Dolphin Dive Center                     National Association of Underwater
  The ML Foundation                             Hoover Dam Divers                           Bruce D Bowen and Eva Eagle                     Instructors (NAUI)
McClary Charitable Remainder Unitrust           Jonathan Iseson                             Mark H Bramson                               P Sherrill Neff
Dr Ed Maeyens                                   Michael Johnson                             Andrew Brill                                 Ben Odegard and Kyoko Takayama
Pudge Corporation                               Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Fund            Brisgel Family Charitable Foundation         Old Colony Amphibians
Susan D Smilow and Marc V Van de Weyer /        Kwajalein Scuba Club                        Frank R Brownell III                         Karri and Ed Olefirowicz
  Joel E. Smilow Charitable Trust               Larry Levine                                James R Buch                                 Open Water Adventures
                                                J Kenneth Loewen Jr                         Sarah Bunge                                  Arthur M Pappas
Platinum                                        Steve and Terry Lowe                        Buzos                                        Lyle F Parks MD
Rolex Watch USA Inc                             Forrest E Mars Jr                           Mark Allen Carter                            Patrick Parma
                                                Maritime Underwater Surveys Inc             Cincinnati Diving Center Inc.                The Peckham Family Foundation
                                                MBNA America®                               Club Med                                     Pennyroyal Scuba Center
PADI - Professional Association of Diving
                                                Nekton Diving Cruises                       Edwin A Cluster Jr                           Barry Peters
                                                Ocean Wreck Divers                          David A Coleman                              Ron R Petersen
Robert B Mackey
                                                Palancar Industries Inc                     Michael J Craun                              John G Pitcairn
Moore Family Foundation
                                                Abby and Stephen Rubinstein                 Jeff Cullen                                  Joseph J Pomento
Kenneth R Sinibaldi DVM
                                                Sarasota Scuba Club                         DEW Foundation                               Poseidon Association of Diving Enthusiasts
Silver                                          Scuba School                                Discovery Diving Company Inc                 Ramon's Village Resort
Cochran Undersea Technology                     Lew Segal                                   Dive Paradise                                Sheryl and William Rawson
The Hippogriff Charitable Lead Unitrust         Harry Shannon MD                            The Dive Shop of St Louis                    Reef Riders Dive Club
Ken W Davis Foundation                          T.A. Dive Club                              Diversion Excursion Charters Inc             Jim Roach
Jon Lehman                                      Erik and Brigid Troan                       Jack G Doll                                  Noel Roper
Peter Hughes Diving Inc                         Cheryl Tyson                                Dolphin Divers of Sacramento                 Thomas H Rynalski MD
Recompression Chamber of the                    Hillary Viders PhD                          Don Foster's Dive                            Sandals and Beaches Resorts
  Palm Beaches Inc                              Dick and Sherri Welch                       Alan M Donn                                  Dee Scarr
Hilton C Smith Jr                               Bill Witman                                 Dutch Springs                                Scuba Du
Stan Watt and Family                            Joseph Zahavi and Mari Cartagenova /        Edgewater Medical Center                     Scuba Schools International
                                                   Zahavi Family Fund                         Department of Hyperbarics                  Scubadillo Dive Club
Ambassadors                                     Julianne and Bill Ziefle                    Karen and Tom Ferrara                        SeaQuest Inc
Diamond                                                                                     Finmen of Stanilaus County                   Dave Simonson
Robin Hardie                                    Platinum                                    Stephen Fitzpatrick                          James A Singleton III
                                                Darryl Allen                                Anthony Frank                                Jana Smith
Platinum                                        Aquatic Adventures Scuba Academy            Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa   Abby Smith
Farallon USA Inc                                Aquatic Explorers                           The Friends of the Hunley                    Jeffrey G Smith
Harbour Village Beach Resort /                  Steve Barnett                               Gavia Scuba Club                             Alfredo Spadotto
  Great Adventures Bonaire                      James F Beyster                             William and Lindee Goodall                   Sport Chalet Sporting Goods Centers
Mike Ball Dive Expeditions                      Bill Christensen                            William C Griffith III                       Sarah E Strandjord MD
Molly Crosland Cashion                          Ann Beccia and James H Cox                  Patty and Alden Gundy                        Sub-Aquatics Inc
NiteRider Technical Lighting System Inc         D & M Sport Diving Inc                      Habitat Dive Resorts                         Sunset House Resort
O. S. Systems                                   Patricia J DiGiacomo                        Joe Hamernick                                Don Sutherland
Scuba North Inc                                 The Diving Pirates                          F Warren Hellman                             Charles R Taft
                                                William L Gibson                            High Desert Divers                           Don E Tucker
Gold                                            Ray E Granvall
Montana State Dive Fest                                                                     Roger Lynn Highland                          Philip B Voght
                                                Jeffrey and Tamara Hatch                    Christine Horodnyk                           Howard A Walter
Seaspace                                        Hyperbaric Medical Services Inc
Tandem Dive Club                                                                            Paul W Howard                                Wateree Dive Center Inc
                                                Wayne Keesey                                Martha Hubbard and Jeffrey Hubbard MD        Deborah E Weber MD FACEP
Underwater Outfitters                           Mark Mendenhall
Walt Disney World - The Living Seas / EPCOT                                                 Mark and Eva Huston                          Howard B Wellman
                                                National Baromedical Services               Immersed Magazine                            Harry E White Esq
Friends                                         Joel Osborn MD                              The International Underwater                 Simon Williams
                                                Palancasa SA De CV                            Explorers Society Ltd (UNEXSO)             William L Wolfson MD
                                                Alese and Morton Pechter                    Paul S Jacobsen                              Wrightson-Besch Foundation
Mary Jane Adams
                                                Pelican Products Inc                        Tom Jagodinski                               Norbert Wu
Aggressor Fleet
                                                Michael Rumel                               Wesley Reuben Jamison                        Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)
Atlantis Rangers Skin & Scuba Diving Club Inc
                                                Scuba Madness Inc                           Tom Jaskulski
Ed and Mary Ellen Bachner
                                                Schnitman Group                             Tripp Jones                                  Silver
Peter B Bennett PhD DSc
                                                Marguerite K Shepard MD                     Andrzej Kudelka                              A-1 Scuba & Travel Center Inc
Blue Dolphin Dive Club
                                                Tropical Adventures Travel                  Barry D Kulick                               Adirondack Aquanautical Society
Bonica Precision (Canada) Inc
                                                Water World Durham NC                       Rita Kusler and Roy Kaplan                   Adventure Sports Inc
Ernest Campbell
                                                Kevin & Suzanne Zarling Family              Barbara and David Laidlaw                    Adventures In Scuba
Carl and Mary Campbell
                                                                                            David and Debi Laidlaw                       Alabama Open Spearfishing
Sunny Clarkson                                  Gold
                                                                                            Howard M Latham                                Rodeo Association Inc
Craig and Evelyn Cook                           Adventures In Diving
                                                                                            Steven P Lautenschlager                      WG Alpaugh
Albert E Craig                                  Alaska Klondike Coffee Company
                                                                                            Alen Malott                                  Maryann and Michael Amador
Chris A Crumley                                 Timothy and Diane Aldrich
                                                                                            Dennis Marguet                               The Aqua Amigos Scuba Club
Dosil's Ski, Scuba & Surf                       David L Anderson
                                                                                            The Mariners' Dive Club                      Aqua Blue Sports Inc
David J Duncan                                  Aquarium of the Pacific Volunteer Divers
                                                                                            Mass Diving Inc                              Aqua City Scuba Inc
Randall H & Pat Elliott                         Aquasports Scuba Inc
                                                                                            Lon E Mathews                                Aqua Masters Inc
Fairfield County Diving Association             Marvin and Johanne Artman
                                                                                            David Matick                                 Aqua Quest Publications Inc
Samuel E Forbes                                 Edmund F Ball
                                                                                            Thomas A Mays                                Aqua Specialists Inc
Four Lakes Scuba Club                           Drs Ron and Susan Bangasser
                                                                                            Micronesian Divers Association               Aqua Tutus Diving Club
Joel Frazier                                    Baskin in the Sun
                                                                                            Bruce Miller MD                              Aqua-Nut Dive Service
Rita J Gaples                                   The Best Little Dive Shop in Texas                                                       Jon D Arterburn


Atlantic Pro Dive of Mandarin           Susan Fredrick                                 Jeff and Kim Opem                           Dr and Mrs Leland Whitmire
Bainbridge Sportsmen's Club             James P Garrison                               Orbit Marine Sports Center                  William S Whitson
Bamboo Reef                             Gem Dive & Travel Ltd                          Our World-Underwater                        Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Baromedical Nurses Association          Get Wet Scuba                                  Oztex Inc                                   World of Watersports
Bay Area Divers                         Phillip E and Vicki B Graf                     Pacific Offshore Divers                     James Wright
Wayne Bemis Batzer MD                   Arthur F Graf Jr                               Bill Page                                   Wright State University Skin and Scuba Program
Thomas P Bem MD                         Grand Divers Supply                            Scott Page Pagter                           Terry Wynn
Bermuda Triangle of Greenville          The Great American Diving Company              Vann and Carol Parker                       David A York
Best Publishing                         Great Lakes Divecenter Inc                     John Payne                                  Randy A Zeilinger
Brenda Berliner                         Todd R Green                                   Alan M Peabody
Betz-Harlan Trust Fund                  Arthur L Greenberg                             Peace & Plenty Club and Beach Inn           Bronze
Michael W Bezera                        Howard E Grodsky                               Steve Pearlmutter                           2 Dive 4
Dale and Marla Bleecher                 Marvin Hagstrom                                Wayne Phillips                              3 Little Devils
Blue Dolphin Dive Center II             Larry and Sandi Hammonds                       Vlad Pilar                                  5-Star Divers
Blue Stone Dive Resort                  Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution Inc    Robert Pilzninski                           50 Below
Blue Water Divers                       Glenn Harper                                   Pro Dive                                    Abracadabra Adventures
Karianne Bonello                        Raymond J Hasiak                               Portage Quarry                              Abyss Dive Center
Ed Bost                                 David Haupt                                    Princess Cruises / Princess Tours           Geoffrey Achilles
Larry Boucher                           Haywood Foundation                             Paul J Pucci                                Action Sports & Travel
Gregory A Bowles                        Hennepin County Medical Center                 Donald G Raider                             ACUC International Inc
William M Brantley                         Emergency Medicine Department               Rainbow Diving Service                      Charles Adams
Brass Anchor Scuba Center Inc           High Plains Scuba Inc                          Reef Seekers Dive Company                   Patrick Aderman
Robert and Francine Brittman            Donna Hileman                                  Mark 'Stosh' Ritchie                        Adventure Dive & Travel
Broadway Divers                         Jeffrey Hoe                                    Lisa Robbins                                Adventure Outdoors Inc
Buckeye Diving School                   Holyoke Underwater Supply Inc                  Rockland Aquanauts                          Adventure Plus
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium                R Clifford Horton II                           James W Rodgers                             Adventure Scuba
David Cain                              Howard Hall Productions                        Rod's Reef                                  Adventure Scuba Diving
A C Canterna                            Hunter's Diving Supplies & Service             Roi-Namur Dolphins Scuba Club               Adventure Sports II Inc
Captain Nemo's Dive Shop                Jeffrey and Ellen Innes                        San Joaquin Sport Divers                    Adventure Sports Scuba
CDR and Mrs James Caruso                J & T Dive Shop Inc                            John J Schmidt MD                           Adventurer
Robert Peter Catlin III                 Jennifer L Jackman                             Scuba Divine                                Adventures Cross Country
Chicago Aquanauts Scuba Association     Charles R Jackson Sr                           Scuba ExtaSea                               Adventures in Scuba
Mike Christensen                        Brenda Jeffress                                Scuba Joe Dive & Travel                     Dana Africa
Colorado Scuba Center                   Paul Johnson                                   Scuba Schools of America                    Agua Rica Diving Center
Robert V Claflin                        John and Deb Johnston                          Scuba Shack                                 AKA Divers
Thomas W Clements                       Douglas Sherwood Kaip                          Scuba Systems Ltd                           Alabama Blue Water Adventures LLC
Steven J Cohen DVM                      Keep Bubblin'                                  Sea Lancers Dive Club                       Albatros Charters
Connellsville Scuba Club                Kelly's on the Bay / Aqua-Nut Divers           SEACAMP San Diego                           Jim and Deborah Albright
Earl C Conway                           Jeanie & Murray Kilgour                        Sierra Diving Center                        D L Alexander
James C Cooper MD                       William W King                                 Skyline Scuba Divers                        Alexander's Dive Shop Too
Allyson Cordoni and Lance Cordoni MD    Kitty Hawk Scuba Club                          Stephen and Deborah Smith                   All Wet Scuba
Charles N Corfield                      Kokomo Fathom Masters                          Maureen E Smitt                             Bill Allen
Dale H Cowan MD                         Zoltan Korossy                                 Carsten Sorensen                            Ellen Allinger
Bruce A Crown                           John Kruyne                                    Splash Water Sports Inc                     Cyd Allred
Chris and Lois Curran                   Lake Country Scuba                             SQUIDS Dive Club                            Nedim Emil Altaras
Robert F Dalton                         Lake Rawlings, A Diving and Camping Resort     June A Stahl                                Amaranth Networks Inc / Divenewengland.Com
Andrew Davidson MD                      Jonathan Lauthers and Cynthia Pena             Don Stark                                   American Academy of Underwater Sciences
Diane and Seth Davidson                 Kenneth L Lawrence                             Dr William J Stegeman                       American College of Prehospital Medicine
Edith Davis                             John K Lawrence                                Robert J Sternlieb                          American Dive Center Inc
Allen M Dekelboum MD                    Simon Lawrence                                 Karen & Ian Stewart                         Americus Scuba Club
K C Den Dooven                          Barry Lipman                                   Strictly Scuba Dive & Snorkel Center        AmeriDive Scuba Center
Desert Sea Divers / Saudi Underwater    Maria I Lopez                                  Stuart Cove's Dive South Ocean              Anacapa Dive Center
  Services Co Ltd                       Lynnhaven Dive Center                          Alfred and Ginger Tanagho                   Anacortes Diving & Supply
Dive Inc                                Michael J Marceau                              Tandem Dive Club                            Anchor Bay Scuba
Dive Pros                               Marine Biological Laboratory                   Teck Dive                                   Derek Anderson
Dive Site                                  Department of Marine Resources              Texas Gulf Coast Council of Diving Clubs    Anchor Dive Center Inc
Dive Training Magazine                  Marine MWR Scuba                               US Army Corps of Engineers -                Scott Anderson
Divers Incorporated                     Marker Buoy Dive Club                            Jacksonville District Office              Anderson Dive Association
Divesouth                               Scott Marshall                                 Jared Tausig                                Annapolis Scuba Center Inc
Diving Safaris De Costa Rica            Gregory and Lori Marwill                       John L Taylor II                            Antelope Valley Scuba Center
Dolphin Divers of Texas                 Douglas A Marx                                 Texins Dive Club                            Anthony's Key Resort
Down Under Dive Club of Central Texas   Charles A Mattila                              Robert Thomas                               Teresa Appleby
Down Under Scuba Club                   Donald F Mayer                                 Tortuga Divers                              Après Plongée Dive Club
Daniel C Dunlap MD                      Jeff McCashland                                Marty Townsend                              Allan L Apter
Sophie duPont                           Jim McCord                                     Scott A Trezza MD                           Aqua Adventures
Eastman Kodak Company                   Charles J McHugh MD                            Larry Troy                                  Aqua Divers
EaSY Divers                             J Arch McNamara MD                             Ultimate Dive Travel Ltd                    Aqua Hut Dive & Travel
El Mar Diving Center                    Jack Medford                                   Undercurrent                                Aqua Hut Divers
Tony Eldridge                           William M Mercadante                           Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society Inc   Aqua Mariners Inc
Elkhart Sport Divers                    Bob Merritt                                    Underseas Scuba Center Inc                  Aqua Plein Air Inc
Mary and Donn Ellerbrock                Miami Valley School of Diving                  Underwater Sports Inc                       Aqua Safaris
Emerald Sea Divers Inc                  Midwest Divers Association                     US Army Corps of Engineers -                Aqua Sport Scuba Center
Ted and Debbie Evans                    Ronald Moen                                      Portland District Office                  Aqua Tech Dive Center
Robert Ewald                            Gary Molnar                                    C J van Gelderen MD                         Aqua Trax Dive & Travel Services
Exotic Caye Beach Resort                Jay Morton                                     Vaqueros Del Mar                            Aqua Trek Travel Inc
Miles Ezell                             Geoffrey Muller and Sara Oseasohn              Richard Verheij                             Aqua-Tech Scuba Center
Lynn Fanelli                            Dennis J Murphy                                Mark S Vogel                                Aquanauts Dive Center of Arkansas
Fantasy Lake Scuba Park                 National Association of Black Scuba Divers     W W Diving Company                          Aquarium Divers Scuba Club
Alfred L Ferguson                       New Jersey Council of Diving Clubs             Dennis Wade                                 Aquarius Dive & Travel
FF Divers                               New Jersey Skin Diving Club Inc                James L Watts                               Aquarius Dive Shop
Richard G Fisher                        NYC Sea Gypsies Inc                            David Webster                               Aquarius Diving Center
Judy and Mike Fitzgerald                Kevin P O'Brien                                James H Wells MD                            Aquasports Scuba Center
William A and Barbara R Flint           Ocean's Window                                 LeRoy and Rebekah Wesatzke                  Aquatic Adventures Dive Center
Ford Seahorses Scuba Diving Club        Odyssey Adventures                             Damaris Wescott                             Aquatic Adventures Inc
Ford Sea Lancers Inc                    Ohio Reef Rovers                               Larry E Westphal                            Aquatic Center
John I Forry                            Oklahoma Scuba                                 The Wet Shop                                Aquatic Dreams Scuba Center
Rich Fox                                On the Bottom Dive Club                        Loyd G Whitley MD                           Aquatic Explorers

Aquatic Safaris & Diver's Emporium          Breeze Hawaii Diving                        Michael A Crippen and Elisabeth L Righter   The Dive Shop VA
Aquatic Specialties Inc                     George C Breneisen                          Robert Crowe                                The Dive Shop Alberta Canada
Aquatic Transcension                        Bernard Brennan                             CUDA Dive Shop                              The Dive Shop Ontario Canada
Aquatics Unlimited                          Danny L Brenton                             Culebra Dive Shop                           The Dive Shop Inc OH
Aquaventures Dive Shop Inc                  Broadreach                                  Cumberland Scuba Center                     Dive Site
Army Mudsharks                              Bubble Divers                               D Diving                                    The Dive Site Inc
Arizona Dive Club                           Bubbles Below                               Dacor Corporation                           The Dive Spot
Dr Raymond Armstrong                        Bubbles Dive Center                         Dallas Weston Dive Center                   Dive West Inc
ASCUBA Venture                              Buccaneers Scuba Diving Club                Dallas Underwater Photographic              Dive Winnipesaukee Corporation
Allyson Ashley                              Adam Bucci                                    Society New Jersey Chapter                Dive With Martin
Aspen Aquatics                              Ed J Buchwald                               Terry Dalsemer                              Dive World USA
Aspen Divers LLC                            Buckeye Divers Inc                          Karl Danielson                              Dive-In Scuba Inc
Atlantic Divers Inc                         Bud n' Mary's Dive Center                   Dan's Dive Shop Inc                         Diveboat Diversity / Sunstar Aquatic Services
Atlantic Hyperbaric Associates LLC          Robert L Bullock Jr                         Charles K Dargan II                         DIVECOR
Atlantis Aquatics                           Burleson Scuba Inc                          Libby Davis                                 DivePro-Hawaii
Atlantis Divers                             Robert J Burton                             Maureen and James Davison                   Diver Dan's Scuba Center
Atomic Ducks Diving Club                    C & J Divers Scuba                          Dawn's High Desert Divers                   Diver's Axis
Auburn Skin Divers Association Inc          C & N Divers Inc                            William J DeBiasi                           Diver's Connection
Authorized Appliance Service Center         Cabrits Dive Center                         DEEP 6ers Dive Club                         Diver's Depot
B&B Divers Cozumel Mexico                   Thomas Caddow                               Deep Blue Dive Store                        Diver's Market Inc
B.R. Ryall YMCA Scubaneers                  California State Parks                      Deep Blue Scuba                             Diver's Realm Inc
John Babbs                                  Terry Camp                                  Deep Divers Unlimited                       Divers @ Sea
Dave Bach                                   Edward D Campbell Jr MD                     Deep Six Dive & Watersports                 Divers City USA Inc
Back Yard Scuba                             Rheta S Campbell                            Deep Six Divers Service                     Divers Cove / Sea Wolf II
Badger State Dive Club                      Henry Campbell                              Deep Six Specialists Inc                    Divers Emporium
Baja Expeditions                            Camps Diving Center                         Deep South Scuba                            Divers Equipment and Repair Service Inc
Michael Bakich                              Cape Eleuthera Island School                Steven Dekich MD                            Divers II Dive Center
Richard G Ballantine                        Cape Fear Descenders                        Delaware Diehard Divers                     Divers of New Mexico
Joe Barefoot                                Capital Divers Inc                          Delaware Underwater Swim Club               Divers Outlet - Florida City FL
Steven and Ina Bauman                       Capitaland Scuba Center Inc                 Joseph and Beverly Delorenzo                Divers Outlet - Key Largo FL
Robert Bausone                              David Cappello                              Delta Divers                                Divers Outlet - Ft. Lauderdale FL
BC Dive Adventures Inc                      Captain Billy's Charter Service Inc         Harriet Denison                             Divers Outlet - Orlando FL
Beaver Divers                               Captain Slate's Atlantis Dive Center Inc    Denver Aquanauts Inc                        Divers Reef
Craig Douglas Becker                        Caribbean Adventures Dive Travel            Denver Divers                               Divers Supply
David Bender                                Caribbean Watersports Dive Center           Depth Perception Dive Center Inc            Divers Supply Indy
Sheldon Bender                              Caribe Enterprises Inc                      Gary and Heidi Derby                        Divers Supply Indy North
John Benoit                                 Dorothy L Carlson                           Desert Divers Scuba Center                  Divers Supply Indy West
John Berger                                 Donald Carlson                              Keith DeStefano                             Divers Two Inc
Berks Divers Association                    Roland Carlson                              HR Dettenberg                               Divers Unlimited
Bermuda Biological Station for Research     Carolina Divers Inc                         DFW Scuba Inc                               Divers West
Ronald J Berry                              Joshua Carson                               Roger and Barb Dickinson                    Divers World of Erie PA Inc
John R Berschied                            Steve W Carstensen DDS                      Joseph Di Michele                           Diving Bell Scuba Shop
Eugene L Bertin                             John Carter                                 Daniel S Dinette                            The Diving Center
Robert D Betzel DDS                         Casa Grande Dive Center                     Dinosaur Divers / Shoreline Resort          Diving Den Inc
Kenneth J Bewick                            CASBA                                       Dip 'n Dive Inc                             Diving Dynamics
Alexandra Beyer                             Richard F Cassidy                           Discover Diving NH                          Diving Rebels Skin Diving Club Inc
William A Biermann                          Catalina Conservancy Divers                 Discover Diving NY                          Diving Technologies Ltd
Big Red Divers Supply Inc                   Catalina Divers Supply Inc                  Discover Scuba                              Dixie Divers Key Largo FL
Bighorn Divers                              Central Coast Watersports                   Discover Diving Dive Center                 Dixie Divers Panama FL
Billings Scuba Center                       Central Florida Pleasure Divers Inc         Discovery Dive Charters & Tours             Dixie Divers of Panama City Beach
Donald R Blair                              Centro De Estudio Del Buceo                 Discovery Divers Belize                     Dixieland Divers Dive Club
Denise Blake                                Cha Cha Cha Dive Shop                       Discovery Divers IL                         W G Dluhos
Patricia C Blanchard                        Channel Dive Center                         DISCOVERY SCUBA                             DJ's Scuba Locker Inc
Richard S Blankfein                         Channel Island Divers                       Arthur L Diskin MD                          Do Dive In Inc
Dwight S Blazier                            Charleston Scuba                            Annie and Gary Disney                       Dockside Dive Center at CoCo View Resort
Blue Bubble Divers                          Charlotte Scuba Club                        Dive Adventures                             Dolphin Aquatics Inc
Blue Cheer Dive Center                      Choo Choo Diving and Expedition Center      Dive Bermuda                                Dolphin Dive Center CA
Blue Horizons Dive Center                   John Chrobot                                Dive Brasil                                 Dolphin Dive Center GA
Blue Marble Divers                          Anthony E Ciampa                            Dive Buddy                                  Dolphin Resorts
Blue Seas Scuba Center Inc                  Chris Clark                                 Dive BVI Ltd                                Dom's Scuba Emporium
Blue Sky - Deep Water™ Dive Travel Group    Robert R Clemons PhD                        Dive Castaways                              Kevin J Donohoe MD
Blue Water Divers BVI                       Laura and Bill Clendenen                    The Dive Center Inc                         Lawrence Doucet
Blue Water Divers CA                        Mike Clingempeel                            Dive Central Inc                            Down Under Dive Shop LLC
Blue Water Divers Iowa                      Craig & Pam Clouse                          Dive Commercial International Inc           Down Under Scuba
Blue Water Divers NE                        Kelley A Clowe                              Dive Connections Inc                        Down Under Surf & Scuba
Blue Water Divers - Sarasota FL             Club Caribbean Dive & Travel                Dive House Cozumel                          Downunder Dive & Travel
Blue Water Scuba and Travel Center          Coastal Scuba LLC                           Dive Kauai Scuba Center                     James Drone
Bluewater Divers                            Mark M Cohen MD                             Dive Locker                                 DSC Divers
Bob Brayman's International Diving          Columbus Sea Nags                           Dive Magic                                  David N DuBois MD
   Career Institute at Halls                Roger Collins                               Dive Mates Scuba                            William Dudziak
Bodega Bay Pro Dive                         Hall J Compton                              Dive N' Surf                                Duggan Diving Enterprises Inc
Clifford E Boehm MD                         Conch Club Divers                           Dive Odyssea Inc                            Mercedes Dullum MD
Boise Water Sports                          Conch Republic Divers                       Dive Provo                                  Dr Terrance William Dushenko
Kenneth J Bolich                            Concord Dive Center                         Dive Quarters                               Ridgely Duvall
Bonne Terre Mine / West End Diving Center   George P Cooper                             Dive Rescue International                   Eagle Ray Dive Center
Bonsai Diving                               Wesley Copley                               Dive Reservation Service                    Eco Sonora Marino
Pat Bonser                                  Bob Corley                                  Dive Roatan at Paya Bay Resort              Eco-Adventures
Norris I Boone MD                           John Vitale Corso                           Dive Safety Consulting Inc                  Ecobuzos
Sherry Boone                                Contes' Scuba World Inc                     "The" Dive Shop                             Jack and Luann Eddington
J L and Lee Margaret Borland                Copeland's Inc                              The Dive Shop AZ                            Ed's Pro Dive Center
Bottom Scratchers                           Coral Reef Dive Center                      The Dive Shop CT                            Eden Rock Diving Center
Bottom Time Dive Club                       Costa Rica Ventures                         The Dive Shop KS                            The Edge Adventure Co
Bottom Time Scuba                           Paul Coss                                   The Dive Shop NC                            Larry W Edwards
Bottoms-Up Divers                           Kathy Coulombe                              The Dive Shop OK                            Stuart W Edwards
Bob and Sheryl Brakey                       Pamela Covington                            The Dive Shop TN                            Michael C Edwards
Stephen P Brakke                            Crabby Hermit Dive Center                   The Dive Shop Lufkin TX                     Robert Eichholtz
Breakaway Scuba                             Teresa Crawford                             The Dive Shop San Marcos TX                 Emil Roy Eisenhardt

Elite Divers                            GR8 DIVN                                       Island Dreams Travel               Les Alan Levinowitz
Elmer's Watersports                     Sandra Grace and D John Grace III              Island Quest Dive Center           John Lewis
Emerald Sea Dive Club                   Grand Bahama Scuba                             Island Reef Diver Inc              Liburdi's Scuba Center
Emerald Seas Dive Center                Grapevine Scuba Inc                            Island Scuba                       Life-savers
Emerald Seas Pro Dive                   Great American Cruises - Dive Travel           Issaquena Outdoor Center           Lighthouse Dive Center
Seth Emmer                              Great Expeditions Travel                       Jack's Dive Center Inc             Lighthouse Diving
Envisions of NJ LLC                     Great Lakes Divers                             Jack's Diving Locker               Lightouse Point Saltwater Sportsman Assn
James Ertle                             Great Lakes Scuba                              William R Jackson                  Michael and Debra Ling
EScuba Inc                              The Great Pacific Diving Co Ltd                Raymond L James                    Peter J Linn
Larry and Sarasue Essenpreis            Harwood Green                                  Richard Jeffers                    Thomas L Lloyd
Eugene Dive Club                        Green Bay Scuba Shop Inc                       Joan Alison Jenkin                 Lone Star Scuba II
Eugene Skin Divers Supply               Ronald B Greene MD PC                          Jerry's Diving Services            Lonely Planet/Pisces
Eurodivers Ltd                          Groundhog Divers                               Joseph M Jez                       Michael Long
Ann M Evans MD                          Groundhog Divers II                            Steven and Debra Johnson           Long Island Divers Association
Earl F Evans MD                         Guam Tropical Dive Station                     James Johnson                      Long Lake Scuba Inc
Sandra J Evans                          Gulf Coast Divers                              James and Donna Johnston           Los Angeles Black Underwater
Exotic Sportz                           Gulf Coast Scuba                               Dr and Mrs Donald A Jones             Explorers (LABUE)
Exploramar Diving                       Gus Dive Center                                JR Aquatic Center                  Louisville Dive Center
Extasea Dive Center                     Gypsy Divers                                   JRS School of Scuba                Sandy and Ursula Lowe
Extreme Sports Inc                      H & H Dive and Travel                          Jupiter Dive Center                LSV and Associates Inc
EZ Scuba Diving                         H2 Ogres Skin & Scuba Club Ltd                 Ka Puka Wai Underwater School      Daniel E Lucas
John Fafinski                           Thomas W Haas                                  Marie-Luise Schubert Kalsi         Luxfer USA Limited
Terence Fails                           Iain Hackett                                   Kanata Diving Supply               Bill Lyden
Fantasea Scuba                          Dean D Hadley                                  Peter Kanefsky                     Belinda Machen
Fantaseas Dive Inc                      Sheldon J Haffner                              David Kaplan                       Edward A Major MD
Martin, Susan, Jennifer, Arron Farber   Haigh Quarry                                   Edward Kaplan                      Manitoba Underwater Council
Thomas Fee                              Hal Watts Mr Scuba                             John H Kearney                     David Manno and Ingrid Liu
Louis Feeney                            Corinne and Sy Halberg                         John Keenmon                       Manta Ray Dive Center
Nick Fehrenbach                         Ed Hall                                        James Keller                       Manta Reef Resort
Nini Feldman                            Judith Hall                                    Phillip and Kathy Kelley           Dennis G Marchand
Sheldon Fidler                          Hamanasi Dive & Adventure                      Kelp Krawlers                      Alan Markus
Adrian John Filer                       Hammerhead Dive Center                         Patrick D Kenan MD                 Marsh Scuba Supply Inc
Finger Lakes Scuba                      Dan Hammond                                    Key West Diving Society            Kathryn Marshall MD
Finz Dallas                             Hampton Dive Center                            Keystone Divers Association        Jeff Mason
First State Scuba Inc                   Tim Harrington                                 Nancy S Kida                       Mitsugi and Yukiko Masuda
Helene B Fishman                        William A Harris                               Donald E King                      Greg W Matz
Flatirons Scuba                         Harry's Dive Shop Inc                          Chester and Theresa King           Ken Matz
Flatland Divers Inc                     Hart City Scuba                                Kings County Divers Corporation    Maui Dreams Dive Co
Paul E Flemming Jr                      James N Hauslein                               Jennifer Kintzer                   Kent Maurer
Florida Aquarium                        Hawaiian Island Aquatics                       Kendra Kinzie                      Maurer Dive Shop
Florida Keys Community College          Mike Hayes                                     Jean and Bob Kirkpatrick           Ann P McBrayer
   Diving and PE Department             William R Hearter MD                           John Kitchens                      Jerry M McCaughey
Nancy and Jim Fooks                     Milton Heath                                   Kitsap Diving Association          Gregory and Janet McClelland
Forest City Scuba & Sports Center Inc   Helena Scuba Club                              Janet E Klein                      John McConnell MD
Rick and Kathryn Forsman                Ronnie Hendrix                                 Lynn Kleopfer                      Yvonne McGee
Four Seasons Sports & Scuba             John and Sandra Henrichs                       Scott Klimo                        Elizabeth McGlohn
William A Fox                           Todd Heppner                                   Knight Diver Inc                   John T McGraw
Jose Fraga                              Hernando Reef Explorers                        Jeffrey Kobacker                   Ken and Linda McGuire
Richard J Frank                         High Tech Diving & Safety Inc                  Vilma Kohn                         Richard A McIntosh
Frank White's Dive Stores               Thomas E Hight                                 Eric Kooiman                       Eugene H McKay III
Frank's Underwater Sports               Dave and Sherrie Hill                          Stephen L Kozerowitz               Michalene and Daniel J McPharlin
Fred Frankie                            Kent Hirsch                                    Dr and Mrs Scott Krall             Mel's Dive Shop
Reinaldo Franqui                        Hoboken Dive Center                            Steven Kramer                      Meramec Dolphins
Arthur B Freedman                       Rick Hodgson                                   Paul Kuznets and Gretchen Kromer   Drs Philip and Jacqueline Merk
Alan and Barbara Friedberg              Marc Hoffman                                   John F Krupka                      Lawrence and Renee Mezza
Charles Frierson                        Charles Holcomb                                Jim Kunard                         Miami Fantasias Dive Center
Frogg Pond Dive Shop                    Holiday Diver                                  Rosemary Kurtti                    Middle Tennessee Scuba and Swim
Frogman's Dive Center                   Holiday Isle Dive Shop                         Kunuku Dive & Travel               Midwest Aquatics
Frontera Azul                           Wayne Holm                                     Lee and Florence Kvalnes           Midwest Diving Specialists
Clayton S Fuller DDS                    Horizon Water Sports                           Chris L'Orange                     Scott and Karen Migaldi
H Mills Gallivan                        Sterling Hostetler                             L.B.I. Scuba                       Fred Miller
Michael I Gamerl                        Houston Scuba Academy                          L.T.C. Scuba Centre                Ernest L Miller
Karen Garman                            Bert Hubby                                     La Cueva-Submarina Inc             Jeff R Miller
Roy Garrett                             Donald G Hunter MD                             LA Scuba Shop                      Rebecca and Theron Miller
Bruce Gehrlein                          Huntington Sport & Commercial Diving Center    Laguna Sea Sports                  Ronald F Miscavich
Lloyd and Mary Gelman                   Huron Scuba Adventures                         Lake Country Scuba                 Jerry Mitchell
Steven Genkins MD                       Hurricane Divers                               Lake Erie Dive Charters            Moby's Dive Shop Inc
Cheryl D Germany                        Hydro-STAT Inc                                 Lake Superior Divers               Don Mobley
Giant Stride Scuba                      HydroDiver Charters                            Lakeland Divers Inc                Endre Molina
Dr A E and Carole L Gibbons             Hydrospace Dive Shop                           Lambda Divers                      Michael E Monarchi
Thomas Gierut                           HydroSports Dive & Travel                      Lancaster Scuba Center             Monterey Bay Aquarium
Paul J Giles                            Hydrosports Scuba                              Landfall Dive & Adventure Travel   Monterey Bay Dive Center
The Gillespie Clinic                    Bonnie and Charles Hyland                      John Larkins                       Jim Morrison
The Gillmen Club                        P Hampton Hylton MD PC                         Lauderdale Diver                   Edwin Morrow
Bruce Gilman                            Illinois Institute of Diving                   Laurent La Fosse                   Mrs J's Scuba
William Glass                           Inland Scuba Center                            Ernie and Pam Lavagetto            Rose Mueller
Jill and David Glassco                  Inland Scuba Inc                               Stephen LaVie                      Murray Dive Center Inc
GlaxoSmithKline                         Inland Water Sports Inc                        John C Lawrence DVM                David B Myatt
John N Glover MD                        Inner World Diving                             Michael Lazar                      Mystic Dive Center
Paul Goetz                              Innerspace Dive & Surf                         Guy Le Bars                        NADCO
Capt Robert B Gohr USN (Ret)            Innerspace Explorers                           Gustav E Lear                      Napa Dive & Sport
Gold Star Dive                          Innerspace Scuba Center                        Scott LeGrand                      Peter Nagy
Golden State Medical Services           International Diving Centre                    Leisure Aqua Sports                David R Nank
Joseph Goldin                           International Scuba Center                     Leisure Pro                        Nashville Scuba Club
Steven Goldstein                        International Scuba Diving Inc                 Leisure Time Dive & Ski Center     National Aquatic Service
Barbara E Goldstein                     Tom Isgar                                      David and Karyn Leit               Nautical Adventures
Richard W Gosling Jr                    Island Divers Inc                              Lawrence Leopold                   Todd Neal

Neptune Divers                                  Philadelphia Sea Horses Scuba Club           Don Sally PA                               Sea World Divers
Neptune's Nimrods Dive Club                     David A Pincolini                            Saltwater Adventures                       Sea-Clusive Charters
Margaret Neuer                                  Pirates Point Resort Ltd                     Salty Dog Productions                      Sea-Space Symposium
New England Aquarium Dive Club Inc              Pisces Divers Inc                            Jay Salzman DDS                            Seacamp
New England Dive Center CT                      N J Plagianos                                David Samuels                              Seal Sports Inc
New England Dive Center NH                      Planet Ocean OH                              San Diego Ocean Enterprises                Sealandia Scuba Center
New Horizons                                    Planet Ocean PA                              Sand & Sea Scuba Inc                       Seaspace
New Mexico Scuba Center                         Planet Ocean Divers Inc                      Sandia Snorkel and Scuba Inc               Seatasea Scuba
New River Valley Scuba Center Inc               Planet Ocean Scuba Center                    Sandy Paws Diving                          SeaVentures Inc
New Wave Dive Shop                              Planet Ocean Watersports                     Sandy Point Scuba                          Second Stage Ocean Sports
Merrill E Newman                                Plantation Dive Shop                         Saskatchewan Underwater Council            Edwin Sedwick
Leslie Newman                                   John Plowdrey                                David Scheer                               David and Quinta Seida
Niagara Divers' Association                     Joe Poe                                      Robert A Schlamowitz                       Ajai Sehgal
Charles T Nichols                               Point Breeze Dive Shop                       Fred W Schneider                           Edward R Seifert
Steve and Nora Nikola                           John Pollock                                 Dennis M and Lisa Marzotto Schofield       Sesto Continente Dive Resort Caracas
Nittany Divers                                  John Poquadeck                               The School for Field Studies, TCI          Howard and Dorene Shackelford
David H Nixon                                   Port Diver                                   Peter R Schulz                             Patrick T Shannon
Nootka Sound Dive Shop & Charters Service       Karen A Preissner                            Jerrold Schwaber                           Sharky's Dive Center
Debra Normington                                John W Prem                                  Bob and Lynn Schweizer                     Sharky's Scuba Supply
North Atlantic Scuba                            Premier Scuba & Water Sports                 Sam Scott                                  Fred Shauger
North Georgia Dive Center                       Debra Price                                  Scuba 1                                    Daniel J Shea
North Shore Diving Headquarters                 Robert Price                                 Scuba Adventures                           Phillip E Shelley
North Superior Scuba                            Pro Scuba Outlet                             Scuba Adventures QCA                       Brant Joel Shenkarow
Northeastern University Marine Science Center   Pro Ski & Scuba                              Scuba Center MN                            Barbara and Dick Shively
Northern Coast Aqua Sports                      Professional Diving Instructors              The Scuba Center CA                        Heather Sickels
Northern Divers                                   Corporation International                  The Scuba Center MA                        John P Sikorski MD
Northern Underwater Exposure                    Professional Sports Divers                   Scuba Center Inc FL                        Silent World Diving Systems
Northwest Divers FL                             Prospect Dive & Sport                        The Scuba Company                          Stephen R Silk
Northwest Divers Inc OR                         PS Divers                                    Scuba Cozumel SA de CV                     Larry Simpson
Northwoods Scuba                                Pure Adventure                               Scuba Den                                  Janet Sitchin
Dave Norton                                     Ronald and Beth Pycraft                      Scuba Divers Paradise                      SJ Scuba
O2 Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center             Jeff Quam                                    Scuba Dreams Dive Training & Travel        Ski & Scuba Center
Oasis Divers                                    Quiescence Diving Services Inc               Scuba Emporium Alsip IL                    Skin-n-Scuba Dive Shop Inc
David L O'Brien                                 Dr Eric Raefsky and Ms Victoria Heil         Scuba Emporium Orland Park IL              Cary B Skinner
Michael J O'Connor                              Thomas Rain                                  Scuba Escapes Dive Center                  William Sledge
Jim Oakes                                       Randy's Dive Shop                            Scuba Fantaseas                            Donald Slipe
Paul and Mary Catherine Oberle                  Randall J Rea                                Scuba First Inc                            Smiley's Scuba Shop
Ocean Concepts Scuba                            David B Reath MD                             Scuba Haven Dive Center                    Joseph E Smith
Ocean Divers                                    Recreational Activities Incorporated         Scuba Hut Inc                              Wilson P Smith Jr MD
Ocean Fest                                      Recreational Diving Systems                  Scuba Magic                                J K Smith Jr
Ocean Frontiers Ltd                             Recreational Scuba Divers Association Inc    Scuba Network (Brooklyn)                   Smith Diving
Ocean Odyssey                                   Reef Dancer Dive Center                      Scuba Network (Yonkers)                    Smokey's Divers Den
Ocean Quest Dive Center                         Reef Rovers Skin and Scuba Club              Scuba Panama                               Sonoma Coast Bamboo Reef
Ocean State Scuba Inc                           Reef Runner Dive Shop                        Scuba Quest                                South Beach Divers
Ocean's Window - Tropical Divers                Reef Seekers Dive Club Inc                   Scuba Schools of Virginia                  South Eastern Connecticut Skin Divers
Oceanic Ventures                                Billy R Reese                                Scuba Shack AZ                                Inc (SECONN)
Odyssey Diving Inc                              Sandra Reeves                                The Scuba Shack TX                         Southeastern Divers Inc
Odyssey Expeditions                             Regional Scuba Inc                           The Scuba Shack of Northern Kentucky Inc   Southern Indiana Scuba
Ogden Point Dive Centre                         ResortSports                                 The Scuba Shop of Anderson                 Southern Skin Divers
Christopher Olesch                              Jeffrey A Rey MD                             Scuba Shop USA                             Jim Sowle
Olmsted Marine Service                          William J Reynolds MD                        Scuba Sports Inc                           Specialty Sports
Omni Divers                                     Doug Richarson                               Scuba Sportz Inc                           Norman Spieler
R Peter Oppenheimer MD                          Jeff Richardson                              Scuba Supply                               Charles F Spirka
ORCA A.C.                                       Mervin Richard                               Scuba Tech Inc                             Splash Dive Center Inc
Orca Divers                                     Jeff Richardson                              Scuba Training Center                      Sport Divers of Houston Inc
Oregon Underwater                               Karlista & Douglas Rickerson                 Scuba Unlimited OH                         Sports Cove
Orlando Reef Divers Inc                         Rick's Diving Locker                         Scuba Unlimited OR                         Sports Ports
Don Osborne                                     Richmond Dive Club Inc                       Scuba Utah                                 Spruce Creek Scuba
Jack H Owens                                    Max F Riddick MD                             Scuba Ventures                             St Albans Scuba
Ozark Scuba Center                              Riding Rock Inn Resort and Marina            Scuba Ventures LLC                         St Joseph Scuba
Jeffrey L Pack                                  River Rats                                   Scuba West Inc                             Stan's Skin & Scuba Diving
Peggy A Paige                                   RNR Dive Shop                                Scuba World FL                             Charles Stanberry
Joseph and Suzanne Pakan                        John and Holly Robbins                       Scuba World OH                             Jennifer Stanfield
Palatka Scuba International                     Robert's Grove Dive Centre                   Scuba World Inc DE                         Michael Stanfield
Pan Aqua                                        Rock Divers Inc                              Scuba World Inc Philippines                Julian Stanley MD
Pan Aqua Diving Inc                             Rocky Mountain Diving Center                 Scuba World Sacramento Inc                 Steamboat Scuba and Water Sports LLC
Pana Divers                                     Rocky Mountain Diving Center Ltd             Scuba WV Inc                               Craig Stearns
Panama City Marine Institute                    Rogue Valley Scuba Center                    Scubacan International                     Antoinette C Steinberg MD
Paradise Dive & Travel                          Rohnert Park Dive Center                     SCUBAdventures LC                          Steve's Scuba School
Paradise Divers                                 Rollins Scuba Associates                     Scubahaus                                  Stingray Divers
Paradise Island Divers                          Rome Scuba Center                            Scubaland Adventures                       Stingray Scuba
Paradise Watersports                            Hugo Rooney                                  Scubanauts Dive Club                       Edward J Strauss
Park Slope Scuba / The Wreckers                 Gary Rose                                    Scubaradio - Overboard Entertainment Inc   Jerry Streva
Maria Patterson                                 Philip Rosenfeld                             Scubatec                                   Pamela Strother
Peachtree Dive Center                           Robert W Rosinsky                            ScubaTech of Northwest Florida Inc         Sub Aquatic Sports & Service
Pedaler & Packer                                Lisa Roth                                    Scubawest LLC                              Subtropic Dive Center
Pelican Divers Inc                              Stephen J Roth                               Sea Devil Divers                           Sueno Del Mar
Peninsula Diving Center                         Roger Rouleau / Norwesco Marine Inc          The Sea Diver                              Laura Sullivan MD
Penn State Geisinger Medical Center             Jan S Roush                                  Sea Lab Diving                             Sundown Diving
  Hyperbaric Medicine Department                Allen and Laurie Rovner                      Sea Lions Dive Center                      Sunset Dive Center
Pepe Scuba                                      Sharron L Ruesewald                          Sea of Cortez-Pirate Divers                Sunset Scuba Club
Performance Diver                               Rum Point Divers                             Sea Pro Divers S. A.                       Sunset Sports
Drs Thomas P Perone and Barbara J Golden        Evelyn D Russell                             Sea Sports Scuba                           Sunshine Scuba FL
Robert and Susan Perry                          John R Ruth Jr                               Sea Topia PRO-DIVERS                       Sunshine Scuba HI
Pete's Scuba Center                             Rx SCUBA                                     Sea Trek Divers Inc                        Sunshine Athletic Association Scuba Club
Claudia Pfennig                                 S B Diving Services                          Sea Wolf Diving School                        of Florida
Holly A Phelps                                  William Sabat                                Sea Wolff Diving Software                  The Superior Diver Inc

Marshall Sutton                                Visibility Unlimited Inc               American Express Foundation                       St Mary Land & Exploration Company
Thomas M Swartz                                Waddell Aquatics LTD                   American Modeling & Talent Convention             The St Paul Companies
Swim King Dive Shop                            Jeffrey G Wagner                       Amgen Foundation                                  Sun Microsystems Foundation
Michael Swinney                                Tom and Linda Waid                     Amity Die & Stamping Co                           Teri Jones Realty
T L Sea Diving                                 HR Wainwright                          Applied Materials Inc                             TIBS PAINTING
T L Velas                                      Paul A Waldeck                         Aqua Trends LLC                                   Twinbrooke South
Tackle Shack Inc                               James Walpole                          Atlantis Heating and Cooling                      United Engines Inc
Taino Divers                                   Wallin's Dive Center                   Atlas Air                                         United Technologies
Brian Y Taniguchi                              James Walton                           Aventis                                           Political Action Committee
Tarheel Divers                                 Jacqueline M Wapnick                   Bank of America Foundation                        US WEST Foundation
Col George Robert Tate USAF (ret)              Denise Ward                            BD Matching Gift Program                          Valero Refining Company - Texas
John D Taupier                                 Dr John and Geane Ware                 BellSouth                                         VMC Anesthesia PC
LeRoy Taylor                                   Marie L Warters                        Bowers Construction Co Inc                        Washington Mutual Foundation
Sue Taylor                                     Washington Divers Inc                  BP Amoco Foundation                               The Washington Post
Temptress Adventure Cruises                    Washington Scuba Alliance              Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison LLP                   Wild Water Tours
Aurin Tesoro                                   Water Education Training               Friendship Cable TV                               WPLG - Channel 10 News
Test the Waters                                Water Sports                           C & H Sale & Service                              Zelle, Hofmann, Voelbel & Gette LLP
Texas State Aquarium                           Water Ways                             Camp Scuba Texas Ltd
Julie Thieriot                                 Water World FL                         Captain Nemo's Dive Shop
Beatrice Thompson                              Water World UT                         Cashwell Tile Service
Charles E Thompson                             Water World Scuba and Travel Center    Champion International Corporation
Thunder Reef Divers Inc                        Waterfront Diving Center               Charles Schwab Corporation Foundation
Tilden's Scuba Center                          Waterline                              Chase Manhattan Foundation
Thomas Tisue                                   Waterline Sports Inc                   Chicago Tribune Foundation
Titanic Dive Center                            Steven J Waterman                      Citicorp Foundation
TNT Leasing Inc                                Watermark Scuba of Holland             Citrix Systems Inc
Tobago Dive Experience                         James Watkins                          CNA Foundation
The Toledo Submariners Scuba Diving Club Inc   Dr RM Watson                           Comcast® Corporation
Tom's Diving Adventures                        Wazee Sports Center                    Compaq Matching Gift Program
Martin A Torch MD                              Scott Weaver                           Computer Associates International Inc
Art Torre MD                                   Jim D Webb                             Crossroads Chevron
Tortuga Bay                                    Hall Webb                              CTR Enterprises Inc
Trauma One Ambulance Service                   Lee P Webber                           Custom Roofing Inc
Treasure Cove Divers                           Judith M Weber                         Data / Com Transfer & Storage Inc
Treasure Cove Scuba                            William H Weber                        Dictaphone Corporation
Ann D Tretter                                  Paul M Weeks JR                        Matching Gifts Program
Tri State Scuba School                         Gary and Peggy Weems                   Dimensions 4 Engineering Inc
Tri-State Diving                               Beth and Don Weiner                    Douglas W Endicott Inc Real Estate & Insurance
Tri-State Scuba School Inc                                   Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Matching Gifts
Triad Divers' Supply                           Henry Porter Welton III                   Program
Triangle Dive Club Inc                         West Michigan Dive Center LLC          Fannie Mae Foundation
Ralph Trieschmann                              West Shore Divers                      FleetBoston Financial Foundation
The Tritons                                    West Side Scuba Centre                 Freddie Mac Foundation
Sven Uellendahl                                West Volusia Divers                    Freelance Commercial Diving Inc
Linda R Uihlein                                Western Divers Ltd                     Gannett Foundation
Ultimate Scuba Adventures                      Wet Set Scuba & Travel                 Gap Foundation Gap Giving Program
UNC Scuba Club                                 The Wet Set Dive Club                  Gartner Group Inc
Under The Sea                                  Joseph W White                         Geico Direct
Under Water Works Inc                           Robert M Whitcomb                     Glaxo Wellcome Inc
Undersea Ventures                              Amy L Wiggins                          H & R Block Foundation
Underwater Adventure Seekers                   Wild Turtle Dive Safari Ltd            Harris Bank - Community Affairs Office
Underwater Adventures Inc                      Allen Williams                         The Home Depot
Underwater Adventures Ltd                      David A Williams                       Honeywell Foundation
The Underwater Connection                      Susan Williams and David Bernstein     Household International
Underwater Phantaseas DTC                      Doug Wilner                            ICON Construction Group
Underwater Phantaseas Ltd                      Robert Wilson                          Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Underwater Safaris                             Wind & Water Charters & Scuba          JP Morgan Charitable Trust
Underwater Schools of America                  Windward Dive Center                   JK Group Inc
Underwater Service                             Kirk D Winterly                        Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA
Underwater Specialists Inc                     World Watersports                      Land Management Associates Inc
Underwater Sports Inc                          Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine       Lehman Brothers Gift Matching Program
Underwater Swimmers Inc                          Program Bay State Medical Center     Lend Lease Real Estate Investments Inc
Underwater Treasures Inc                       N C Wright                             The Lubrizol Foundation
Underwater Works Inc                           Paul Young & Charlotte Richardson      Mallinckrodt
Underwater World NY                            Betty Young                            Martin Associates Group Inc
Underwater World Portsmouth OH                 Charles Young                          Meredith Corporation Foundation
Underwater World Maineville OH                 Mr and Mrs Mark Zaharko                Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences    Zero Gravity Scuba Center              Mike's Divers (Fiji) Ltd
   (UAMS) Scuba Club                           Zia Dive Club                          Mobil Foundation Inc
University of New Hampshire                    Don B Ziperman                         Monsanto Fund
University of South Florida                    ZZ UnderWater World                    Morning Star Enterprises Inc
USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber                                                       Owens Corning Foundation Inc
Joseph Usibelli                                Heritage Society Members               Palm Inc
Al Utter                                       D L Alexander                          Matching Gift Program
Virginia Valadka MD                            Marjorie M Burkett                     PepsiCo Foundation
Valentines Dive Center                         Jeff Lasher                            Pfizer Foundation
Vallarta Adventure                             Meisenheimer Family Foundation         Philip Morris Employee Giving Programs
Vallartech Diving                              R Moore PhD                            Pioneer Hi-Breed International Inc
Valley Divers                                  Julianne W Tracy                          Financial Operations
Valley Scuba Divers                            Hillary Viders PhD                     Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Robert J Vanadia                               Harvey P Weiner Estate                 Quad / Graphics Inc
Mark Vanstrum                                  Matching Donors                        Ralston Purina Company
Goebel Vaughn                                  ABC Country Restaurant                 Reuters America Inc
Village Divers                                 AEGON Transamerica Foundation          Safeco Insurance Companies
Brant Viner                                    Aetna Foundation                       SGI Matching Gift Program
Virginia Tech Scuba Club                       Albemarle Corporation                  Snyder's Lock & Key Co
Victoria Voskian DMD PA                        Alpha Trek                             So Cal Spa

                                                                                                                       Butch Usery / Duke Medical Photography
                             DAN America is headquartered in Durham, N.C., the “City of Medicine”
                         and home to Duke University Medical Center, where DAN was founded in 1980.

DAN is a unique organization dedicated to safety, education and research in the scuba diving community. Divers Alert Network was
founded in 1980 at Duke University Medical Center as recreational scuba diving’s 24-hour emergency hotline for injured divers.

Today, the non-profit organization is an international dive safety leader supported by the largest association of divers in the world.

DAN provides these important services to divers and dive travelers:
• 24-Hour Diving Emergency Hotline;                                   • Oxygen Provider Courses;
• 8:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. Eastern Time                                     • Important Dive Safety Research Studies; and
  Safety and Medical Information Line;                                • Educational Seminars.
• Recompression Chamber Assistance Program;

DAN Members receive these benefits:
• Dive accident insurance eligibility;                                • Exclusive DAN Tag™ purchasing privileges, as
• Access to emergency medical evacuation;                               well as other benefits as part of affordable annual
• Subscription to Alert Diver, the award-winning magazine               membership dues; and
  produced by DAN, PLUS the Alert Diver edition of                    • Access to affordable life insurance.
  Skin Diver magazine, a $5.99 value;                                   (Call to find out about availability in your state)
• The DAN Dive and Travel Medical Guide;

           Divers Alert Network, Inc.
          The Peter B. Bennett Center
   6 West Colony Place • Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 684-2948 • Toll-Free: 800-446-2671
           Facsimile: (919) 490-6630

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