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Mesa County Communications Officers Association Spring Retreat


									Mesa County Communications
Officers’ Association
Spring Retreat
May 6, 2011 | 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Ute Water Conservancy District
2190 H ¼ Road | Grand Junction, Colo. | 81505
8:3 0 – 9 : 0 0       Breakfas t
9:0 0 – 1 1 : 0 0     Cri s i s Communi c at i on s        [ Ke lly     Hu ston ]
11: 0 0 – 1 2 : 0 0   Su rvi vi ng Salmonella           [ Don      Koske lin ]
12: 0 0 – 1 2 : 3 0   Lu nc h
12: 3 0 – 1 : 3 0     Work –L i fe Balanc e        [ Ma rcu s   Stra u b ]
1:3 0 – 3 : 0 0       So c i al Med i a i n Emerge n cy Ma n ge me n t               [ Bra n don   Willia ms ]
3:0 0 – 3 : 3 0       From t he Governor’s Office                  [ Re e v e s   Brow n ]


   CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS                                                   SURVIVING SALMONELLA

A crisis can happen at any time. On Sept. 13, 2008                      An outbreak of waterborne disease associated with
a Los Angeles Metrolink commuter train crashed into                     Salmonella in drinking water struck Alamosa, Colo. during
a freight train during rush hour, killing 25. In this case              March and April 2008. The city of Alamosa’s public water
study learn the role and function of the JIC and PIO in a               system that supplies drinking water to the community
crisis. A media storm can happen in any city or town. On                became contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. Through
Dec. 24, 2002, Laci Peterson was reported missing. As her               this case study, learn about the crisis communication
husband Scott became a suspect, media nationwide began                  involved, barriers that had to be overcome, communication
descending on Modesto, Calif. to cover the story. Learn                 and media proceduresimplemented as a result of the
how to prepare for and deal with a media enslaught.                     incident and more.

   WORK–LIFE BALANCE                                                        SOCIAL MEDIA IN EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT
Life and work can be difficult to balance. Your life                    In today's world of immediate reactions, a crisis can sink
is happening right now, and through Life is Great, you will             you faster than you can imagine. Using the social media
get the skills to build a future that is filled with promise and        blogs, networks, and sites you can quickly get the word
help you to create the personal and professional life you               out and respond as needed. Learn some best practices and
really want. Leave this workshop inspired and empowered.                tips for navigating the world of social media when a crisis


Find out the directon of Governor Hickenlooper’s
administration, including the budget situation, and how the
office is working in cooperation with local communities to
build on the strengths and priorities of Colorado.

Registration is required by May 2, 2011.

Cost: $50 per person (includes lunch) payable with check or credit card

Check: Made payable to "Mesa County Communication Officers' Association". Please mail business card and payment to:
Mesa County Communication Officers' Association P.O. Box 4586, Grand Junction, CO 81501

Credit Card: Visit the "Spring Retreat" section of and choose "Pay Here". You will be linked to PayPal.

Questions: Email

           K e l l y Hu st o n
           Kelly Huston has an interesting, and now         including wildfires, mudslides, and
           diverse, background of experience in             earthquakes.
           government and private sector
           communications leadership positions.             Kelly was appointed by former Governor
                                                            Schwarzenegger as the Assistant Secretary
           Kelly has been the face and voice of many of     of the California Emergency Management
           the highest profile events in California. He     Agency (Cal EMA), wherehe leads a team of
           represented the Modesto Police Department        communications professionals working daily
           during the Yosemite sightseer disappear-         on a wide range of public safety issues
           ance and murder investigation in 1999; he        including disaster mitigation, response
           appeared on numerous national media broad-       and recovery. He also served as a
           casts                                            Governor’s appointee in 2005 as the Deputy
           during the nationwide search for Washington      Communications Director for Governor’s
           Intern Chandra Levy; and was appointed by        Office of Homeland Security. In that role he
           the California courts to organize the over-      developed the Governor’s statewide media
           whelming media coverage of the trial of Scott    relations strategy in homeland security and
           Peterson who was eventually sent to death row    developed statewide crisis communications
           for the murder of his wife Laci. Additionally,   training for state and local agencies. He also
           he managed the state’s Joint Information         worked closely with all of California’s public
           Center during federally-declared disasters       safety agencies as a liaison.

           D o n K o ske l i n
           CITY OF ALAMOSA
           Don Koskelin currently serves as the Assistant   water treatment plant and a new elevated
           City Manger and Public Works Director for        water storage facility.
           the city of Alamosa.
                                                            Prior to moving to Alamosa, Don had a 13
           Don’s joined the city of Alamosa in 1993 as      year career as an engineer in the U.S. Army
           the Public Works Director where he oversaw       where he served as Private E-2 through
           the completion of a new wastewater treatment     Captain.
           plant in 1995, levee reconstruction in 1998,
           and the addition of a new public works yard in   Don received his bachelor’s degree in
           2006. He was named Assistant City Manager        Business Management from Kansas State
           in 2007, since then Alamosa completed a new      University.

           Marcus Straub

           For over 20 years, Marcus Straub has been          speaker, as well as an accomplished writer and
           developing a proven method to help                 newspaper contributor, Marcus connects with
           individuals and businesses move forward            his audience and inspires them to reach for
           through the challenges they face daily.            more. Most recently, he published his first in
                                                              a series of books entitled “Is It Fun Being
           Marcus is the founder of two different             You?” where he introduces his readers to a
           businesses, each focused on assisting his          powerful tool he discovered that provides
           clients in becoming empowered in the face of       the skills necessary to understand and use
           their particular reality. “Once people             thoughts, actions, words and feelings to
           realize that they are far more creative,           control life and achieve lasting happiness with
           adaptive, capable, and powerful than they ever     unlimited success.
           thought themselves to be, they begin to take
           charge of their life, crafting it into what they   The desire Marcus has to help his fellow man
           truly want”.                                       is a driving force in his life. For as long as he
                                                              can remember, Marcus has been striving to
           Marcus has been recognized as a finalist for       help people discover the power they have to
           the 2010 International Coach of the Year award     be truly happy, and successful. His life is a
           presented by Comprehensive Coaching U,             testament to what he believes and what he
           Inc. As a recognized keynote and motivational      shares with others.

           Bra n d o n W i l l i a m s
           Brandon Williams is the Public Information         served as an analyst/Advance Team Leader for
           Officer with Colorado's Division of Emergency      international nonproliferation treaty imple-
           Management. He joined the Division in              mentation efforts and as a Diplomat on the
           Spring 2009, after having served as a Public       U.S. Delegation to the Organization for the
           Information Officer with Lake Dillon Fire-         Prohibition of Chemical Weapons at the U.S.
           Rescue in Summit County.                           Embassy - The Hague, Netherlands. o
                                                              He is a graduate of Baylor University with a
           Brandon has several years with the Bureau          BA in History and an MA in International
           of Industry and Security, Treaty Compliance        Relations. Brandon, his wife, Shannon, and
           Division. In his pre-Colorado life, Brandon        daughter, Kate, now reside in Denver.

           Re e ve s B r o w n
           Reeves Brown is the executive director for         trust in the nation fostered by an established
           the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA).            agriculture organization. The CCALT currently
           Prior to his appointment by Governor John          holds conservation easements on over 250,000
           Hickenlooper, in January 2011, he served as        acres of agriculture land across Colorado, and
           executive director of CLUB 20, a non-profit        has served as a catalyst for the creation of simi-
           political advocacy organization representing the   lar ag land trusts in other western states which
           interests of the 22-county Western Colorado        now collectively hold conservation easements
           region.                                            on over 1 million acres of agriculture lands.

           Reeves grew up on a cattle ranch in east-          The Colorado Department of Local Affairs’ mis-
           ern Montana and later received a B.S. in           sion “Strengthening Colorado Communities,”
           Agriculture Business and a minor degree in         is carried out through a wide range of essen-
           Economics from Montana State University.           tial services to citizens and local governments
                                                              including specialized training, technical
           After working for the National Cattlemen’s         and financial assistance. A diverse agency,
           Association for two years, Reeves served as        DOLA includes the Offices of Emergency
           Executive Vice President of the Colorado           Management, Division of Housing, Division
           Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) from 1989-           of Local Government, Board of Assessment
           1997. During his tenure, Reeves established        Appeals and Division of Property Taxation.
           the CCA as a nationally-recognized leader in
           the natural resource and animal care arenas.       Reeves and his wife, Penny, have three children
           Under Reeves’ leadership, the CCA created the      – Kyler, Keaton and Abigail – a cat with an atti-
           Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust       tude and one genetically-challenged dog.
           (CCALT) in 1993 – the first land conservation

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