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									                                 THE LAND USE BULLETIN
                                 Spring, 2005 / Issue 60         Published Quarterly By 1000 Friends of Iowa

How Citizens Can Influence Transportation Decisions
Stephanie Weisenbach                     notification and meetings.         Administration, and the Federal
                                         Every year, local governments      Transit Administration. If
1000 Friends of Iowa members have        submit project requests for        citizen input isn’t resulting in
advocated a shift in transportation      federal funding. These projects    changes at the local level, the
investments to create a more balanced    must appear in the LRTP and        public parti-cipation process
                                         are prioritized using a scoring    must be expanded to allow this
transportation system that provides
                                         system.                            to happen.
people with choices about how to get                                            Possible allies in this
where they need to go. The               Pubic Participation:               process include neighborhood
transportation planning process can      Citizens can affect the Long       organizations, transit riders,
                                         Range Transportation Plan and      bicyclists, local business, and
often seem complicated. When citizens
                                         funding programs by becoming       any other partners with an
understand the basic structure and                                          interest in regional
                                         involved in the planning
process, they can be more effective                                         transportation investments.
                                         process. Every MPO may use
advocates for improving our existing     different methods to meet the      continued on page 5
roads and public transportation.         federal requirement for public
                                         notification and participation.
                                             Citizens can study               INSIDE THIS ISSUE:
The Metropolitan Planning
                                         transportation documents like
Organization’s Basic                     the LRTP and lists of projects       Growin’ Times ........................... page 2
Functions                                that went through the scoring        Annual Meeting Registration ....... page 3
Federal regulations require any          process to gain a perspective on
metropolitan area with a                 how the local governments are        Thanks, Stephanie ..................... page 4
population of 50,000 or more to          planning for the future. They        ISU Workshops .......................... page 4
create transportation plans and          can then provide input about
decide on transportation invest-         transportation investments that      Polk County MPO Meets ............. page 5
ments through a Metropolitan             best serve their community’s         Founding Friends .................. pages 6–8
Planning Organization (MPO).             needs.
(Some metro areas in Iowa use                Citizens can offer verbal        Membership Information ............. page 9
the Council of Governments to            comments at public input             Best Development Awards .......... page 10
fulfill these requirements).             meetings and send written
                                                                              Legislative Updates .................. page 10
    Every five years, the agency         comments by mail or email.
creates and approves a Long              Comments to the MPO will be          News from Friends Across Iowa ... page 11
Range Transportation Plan for            circulated amongst all of the
                                                                              Walkable Audits ....................... page 12
the next 25 years. The Plan can          local governments, the Iowa
be amended with proper public            DOT, the Federal Highway
                                                                                                            The Land Use Bulletin 1
  1000 Friends of Iowa                                “Our backgrounds and political affiliations
                                                    GROWIN’diverse. The unifying theme...
                                                    Wildof Ridein Iowa.”
              LaVon Griffieon, President
                                                      concern about the growing problem
             Mary Ellen Miller, Treasurer                    urban sprawl
                             Mason City
               Peter McNally, Secretary
                             Des Moines        by Jonna Higgins-Freese
                BOARD MEMBERS
                 Laura Belin,Des Moines
                   Jenn Bowen, Iowa City
                Keith Forman, Glenwood
                       Erwin Klaas, Ames
               Tricia Lyman, Des Moines
                Jane Reissen, Burlington
             Jim Throgmorton, Iowa City
            Carter Woodruff, Des Moines

                        Minnette Doderer
                                                    W          hat a wild ride! My first few months at 1000
                                                               Friends of Iowa have been some of the busiest,
                                                               most exciting, most challenging of my life. I am
                                                     constantly amazed by Ed, LaVon, and Stephanie’s
             Former State Representative
                          Jeanette Eyerly            knowledge of every possible aspect of land-use issues and
           Author and Retired Journalist
                                 Ed Fallon
                                                     inspired by our broad network of members.
                     State Representative
                            Neil Hamilton
      Professor of Law, Drake University             In addition to 1000 Friends’ impressive accomplishments, I
                               Dave Hurd
Emeritus Chair, Principal Financial Group            am energized by our opportunities. We look forward to
                                Lee Kline
   Retired Farm Broadcaster, WHO Radio
                                                     building more partnerships with planners, commissioners,
                            Mary Lundby              elected officials, and young people interested in community
                            State Senator
                           Andy McKean               revitalization. Of course, these positive partnerships won’t
                    Former State Senator
                         David Osterberg             stop 1000 Friends from opposing irresponsible projects and
             Former State Representative
                           Andrew Varley             practices when we see them.
            Former Speaker of the House
                           George Warren
                   Waterloo Businessman              This is a critical time for the organization — we’re deepening
                           Phil Yerrington
             Former Mayor of Davenport               our current programs and expanding into new areas. Our
                                 STAFF               Board’s goal is to reach 1000 Founding and Renewing
                      Jonna Higgins-Freese
                        Executive Director
                                                     Friends by the end of the year — if you’ve always wanted to
                     Stephanie Weisenbach            become a Founding Friend or intended to renew your annual
                       Program Consultant
                             Jennifer Hyde           commitment, now is the time! If monthly contributions are
                                                     easier for you than an annual gift, please see the information
                 The mission of
             1000 Friends of Iowa                    about our automatic debit option on page 9.
     is to educate the citizens of our state
         about the long-term benefits of
             halting urban sprawl,                   Assisting citizens with land use issues is still the core of our
         conserving and protecting our
      agricultural and natural resources,            mission. Please call if you have questions and we’ll do our
     and revitalizing our cities and towns.
                                                     best to suggest strategies to promote well-planned
                        3524 6th Avenue              development that’s healthy, safe, and fair for everyone.
                 Des Moines, Iowa 50313
                 Telephone 515.288.5364
                  Facsimile 515.288.6362

   2 Spring, 2005M
                                 1000 Friends of Iowa Annual Meeting
                         DRIVING THE DOLLARS:
                 How Citizens Can Influence Transportation Decisions
                                                             Saturday June 11, 2005
                                                             10:00 a.m. –3:00 p.m.
                                             Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames
                                                    1015 N. Hyland Ave., Ames
                                        Reception and Walking Tour 3:00–5:00 p.m.
                                     Somerset Village Clubhouse, 2400 Aspen Road, Ames
                                            Somerset Village was the winner of the
                      1000 Friends of Iowa 2004 Best Development Award for New Residential Development

                                                  Dan Burden
                  The Executive Director of Walkable Communities, Inc. (,
     will give a dramatic and entertaining keynote address outlining his findings from Iowa communities
            and giving practical tips on “road diets,”why roads with fewer lanes are more efficient,
                                 and how to calm traffic using paint and trees.
                            Sponsors of Dan Burden’s visit and the Annual Meeting include the City of Iowa City, the City of Cedar Rapids,
                         the Cedar Rapids Downtown District, the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, and the Linn County Trails Association.

                                                 The day’s events will also include:
                                       Reports on local issues • Workshops • Business Meeting
                                    Recognition of Founding Friends • Best Development Awards

                                                   Iowa-grown          ways
                                                                    (alwa delicious!)
                                            And An Iowa-g rown meal (always delicious!)
                                                       SEE YOU IN AMES!

     Yes! I will attend the annual meeting on June 11th
Name ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Day Phone _____________________________ Evening Phone______________________________ Email _____________________________

   Basic $30                                      Sponsor $50+                                         Sadly, I can’t attend, but
   (includes Iowa-Grown Meal)                     (Basic + Special Recognition)                        I have enclosed a contribution of $ _________

                                   Questions? Call us at 515-288-5364 or email us at
Please make your check payable to 1000 Friends of Iowa and mail it (and this form) to: 3524 6th Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50313 by June 1.
                                                                                                                                             The Land Use Bulletin 3
1000 Friends Thanks                                                                   ISU EXTENSION
Stephanie Weisenbach                                                                  INTRODUCTION
                                                                                      TO PLANNING
                                                                                      AND ZONING

                                                                                      T      hese workshops are for local
                                                                                      officials and citizens interested in
                                                                                      learning more about land use planning
                                                                                      and zoning and will provide an
                                                                                      overview of Iowa law; the roles and
                                                                                      responsibilities of the planning
                                                                                      commission, the board of adjustment
                                                                                      and the elected council and board of
                                                                                      supervisors; and technical information
                                                                                      on how to make the land use decision-
                                                                                      making process more effective. Regis-
                                                                                      tration will begin at 5:30pm, with the
                                                                                      program from 6:00 to 8:45. A light
Stephanie Weisenbach explains the impact of a proposed road on the land,              supper will be provided.
residents, wildlife and Polk County taxpayers to a bus-load of interested citizens.
                                                                                      Workshop Schedule

F     or the past year, Stephanie
Weisenbach has served as Pro-
                                             ture, and we wish her well – but
                                             she will be sorely missed.
                                                                                           May 19 Calmar
                                                                                           May 24 Cedar Rapids
                                                                                           May 31 Oskaloosa
                                                                                           June 2    Waterloo
gram Coordinator for 1000                    Stephanie’s many talents are                  June 7    Spencer
Friends. In that time, she has               perhaps best summed up by Jane                June 8    Sioux City
become arguably the state’s top              Clark, Founding Friend and
                                                                                           June 14 Bettendorf
citizen expert on Metropolitan               Sierra Club Iowa Chapter Chair.
                                                                                           June 15 Mt. Pleasant
Planning Organizations,                      She recently wrote: “I have been
Long-Range Transportation
                                                                                           June 22 Mason City
                                             impressed with your attention to
Plans, annexation, and transpor-             detail, your grasp of the issue,
                                                                                           July 18 Ames
tation financing.                            your persistence, your ability to        TBA:
    She has also worked to hold              speak politely and respectfully          Dubuque, Creston & Council Bluffs
the office together and see that             (but firmly) to transportation             For more information contact your local
mailings go out, and she is often            officials and elected officials,                   county extension office,
the first to respond to member               your knowledge of the issue,                     council of governments, or
requests for information and                 your attendance at dozens of                Gary Taylor at the ISU Department of
assistance.                                                                                Community & Regional Planning
                                             meetings, your organization and
                                                                                                 by phone or e-mail at:
    Stephanie is leaving to pursue           your passion.” Best of luck in
her passion for organic agricul-             your future endeavors, Stephanie! or 515/294-2973

4 Spring, 2005M
Polk County Residents ask for Shift in Transportation Investments
                                                                                            Members of the Sierra Club and others
                                                                                            concerned about the proposed North-
                                                                                            east Polk County beltway listen to Scott
                                                                                            Rolfes of the US Army Corps of Engi-
                                                                                            neers (right) describe the natural areas
                                                                                            that would be impacted.

                                                                                                 Ruth Anne Petrak, who owns part of
                                                                                            a century farm in the proposed corridor,
                                                                                            spoke of the need for more development in
                                                                                            established neighborhoods in Des Moines.
                                                                                            Paul Carlson echoed those thoughts,
                                                                                            expressing his concern that development
                                                                                            on the fringe creates a “donut effect”that
                                                                                            harms existing businesses and burdens

O       n March 22, nearly 150 people
        attended a meeting of the Des
        Moines Area Metropolitan
Planning Organization while the
Federal Highway Administration and
                                                  Brad Coulson summarized many of
                                            the comments when he said, “I don’t really
                                            think the comments of those of us who
                                            live near the proposed Northeast Polk
                                            County Beltway route have been heard.”
                                                                                            taxpayers in the urban core. Many
                                                                                            residents spoke of the need to“fix it first”
                                                                                            – to be sure sufficient funds are available
                                                                                            for road repair and maintenance before
                                                                                            additional roads are constructed.
Federal Transit Administration solicited    Jeff Geertz pointed out that less than 2% of         The federal officials’findings regard-
feedback on the MPO’s transportation        the budget for the transportation plan is set   ing the MPO’s process should be available
planning process.                           aside for non-automotive transportation.        in about six weeks.

Driving the Dollars:                          Map provided by the Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization

continued from pag e 1
continued      pag
    For a description of an MPO
meeting at which 1000 Friends
members expressed their concerns
about the transportation process, see
the above article from Polk County.
    Nine urban areas in Iowa are
required to use the MPO process.
The agencies completing these
functions are:

• Ames Area MPO
• Linn County Regional
  Planning Commission
• Council Bluffs / Omaha                   • Des Moines Area MPO / Dubuque                     If you live in an urban area and
  Metropolitan Area                          Metropolitan Transportation Study               wish to learn about your local MPO,
  Planning Agency                          • Johnson County COG                                               visit
                                           • Siouxland Interstate MPO                 
• Davenport / Quad Cities
  Bi-State Regional Planning               • Iowa Northland Regional                          or contact 1000 Friends of Iowa.
  Commission                                 COG in the Waterloo area.
                                                                                                                      The Land Use Bulletin 5
                                     Meet the Friends of Iowa...Comm
                                     Mark Ackelson                    Jane Brown & Mark Hainey        Gary Dodge                   Chet Guinn
          he 1000 Friends            Mark & Shelley Ackermann         Kenneth Bruene                  Ralph Dorner                 Helen D.Gunderson
          name embodies our          Merlin Ackerson                  Allison Brummel                 David Drake                  Margaret Jean Gurau
                                     Jim & Christa Addy               Larry & Maria Brummel           Tom Dunbar                   Max & Stephanie Guyll
          funding model.             Edith Ahern-Mathews              Winifred Bruner                 Mary Mills Dunea             Tommy Haas
If 1000 people contributed           Susan Ahrens& Tom Carsner        Frank & Edee Brunia             Debra Dunek                  Tom Hadden
                                     Danelda Allen                    Christine Brunner-Luse          Don & Selma Duvick           Phil Hahn
$100 per year to support the         American Farmland Trust          Buena Vista University          Robert Dyas                  John Hall
                                     Douglas Andersen                 Polly Bukta                     Don & Marian Easter          Pat Hamman
organization, we would have          Judy Anderson & Thomas Leffler   Joan Bunke                      Charlene Eblen               Gary & Marcia Hammers
a stable funding source that         Brother David Andrews            Patrick Burke                   Charles Edwards              Donald & Laurena Hammes
                                     Anonymous (9)                    Cecelia Burnett                 Bruce & Marlene Ehresman     Flo Hamrick & Greg Vitale
allows us to provide                 Dr. Michael & Agnes Apicella     Jan Burns                       Susan Ekstrom                Phyllis & Edgar Hansell
                                     Linda Appelgate                  Robert Busch                    John Elken                   Steve & Ellen Hansen
resources to communities,            Mollie Appelgate                 William & Barbara Buss          Bill Ellerman                Muffy & Henry Harmon
organize campaigns,                  Jane Archer                      Lorna Michael Butler            Dave Ellingson               Lawrence & Connie Harryman
                                     Tom & Olivia Atcherson           Fr. Peter Cade                  John Ely, Jr.                George Hass
track legislation, and               Fr. Robert J.Aubrey              Daniel Campion                  Allison Engle                Andrea Hauer
                                     Marlyn Augustine                 Pat & Enid Cancilla                    & Scott Kirkpatrick   Jean Haugland
provide services to people           John & Cathie Ayers              Kimberly Carr                   Paul & Joan Engler           Jack Hauser
across the state working             Rosalie & Don Babcock            Doug & Lorna Caulkins           Cathy & Doug Engstrom        Wayne & Nadine Hawbaker
                                     Pam Baenziger                    Gerald & Lois Caslavka          L.L. Ericsson                Kenneth Haynie
on various land use issues.          Marie Baird                      Margaret L.Cejka                Bruce & Judy Estabrook       Denise Hayward
Currently, we have 682               B.J. Baker III                   Chickasaw County SWCD           Jeannette Eyerly             John Hecklsmiller
                                     David & Kathleen Bakken          Citizens Against The Mall       Leland & Marlene Eyres       Patricia Headley
Founding Friends —donors             Kara Barnes                      Dennis Clark                    David Faldet                         & Ruthanne Harstad
                                     Ron Barry                        Jane Clark                      Ed & Kristin Fallon          Maridee Hegstrom
who have contributed $100 or         Jean & Bill Basinger             Sandy & Al Clarke               Edward & Shirley Fallon      Georgia Helmick
more in at least one year.           Glenda Battles                   Miriam Cline                    Deirdre Farr                 Ina & Urban Helweg
                                     Ann-Marie Baughman               Katherine & James Clifton       David & Rita Feehan          David Hempel
We could not exist without           Judy Beachy                      Dale & Jeannene Cochran         Sandy Fein                   Mark Henderson
                                     Katie Beadle                     William Cole                    Judy Felder                  Mike Henning
their support. We intend to          Bear Creek Archeology            Rev. H. Milton Cole &           Patricia B. Fife             Joe Henry
begin acknowledging them             George & Mirriel Bedell             Rev. Mary Cole-Duvall        Linda Fincham                Jerry Henscheid
                                     Greg & Betty Beisker             Jean Coleman & Brian Ross       Jo Ann Finkenbinder          Terry Hernandez
every year in the newsletter,        Laura Belin                      Terri Combs                     Erle & Jo Ann Fitz           Victoria L.Herring
                                           & Kieran Williams          Pat Cone                        Rob & Susan Fleming          Steven & Karen Herwig
and they will also be honored        John Beltz                       Dan Connell                     Daniel Fliger                Collette Heuertz
at our annual meeting on             Mary Beltz                       Jim Cooper                      Jan & Cornelia Flora         Rick Higgins
                                     Don Beneke                       Michael Coppola                 Mary Flynn                   Jonna & Eric Higgins-Freese
June 11th.                           Adrian & Nancy Bennett           Barbara & Harold Corson         Elizabeth Forell             Highland Park Neighbors
                                     Lance & Connie Benton            Doris Covalt                    Keith & Linda Forman         Cindy Hildebrand
                                     Kay & Roger Berger               Jim & Patty Cownie              John & Aphrodite Forsyth             & Roger Maddux
                                     Etta Berkowitz & Don Mostrom     Philip Cox                      Fritz & Susan Franzen        Tom & Carolyn Hildreth
                                     Richard Berman                   Janice R.Coy                    Susan Franzen                Mary Beth Hill
                                     Lee & Meredith Berryhill         Bob & Carol Crandall            Marcie & Bill Frevert        Gene Hinman
                                     Terry Besser                     Virginia Crouse                 Herbert & Katherine Fromm    Clare Hinrichs & Tom Richard
                                     Nancy Bevin                      Sue R.Crull                     John Fuller                  Martha & Herndon Hippee
                                           & Dennis Peterson          Claire Cumbie-Drake             Mike & Laura Gabor           Historical Downtown
                                     Jane Bibber                             & David Drake            Dave & Anne Gaer                     Keokuk Merchants
We have made every effort to         Steve Bigelow                    Gil Cummings                    Rich Gardner                 Scott Hochstrasser
                                     William & Carla Black                   & Bryan Nichols          Willard & Arlene Garred      Rita Hohenshell
ensure that our donor lists are      Gary Bland                       Kirk & Cathy Cunningham         Liz Garst                    Lin Holmes
accurate and complete. If we have    William                          Dahlberg Family                 Barbara & Nolden Gentry      Mark Holub
made an error, please let us know          & Dianne Blankenship              Limited Partnership      Robert Gernes                Jack Holveck
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right away and we’ll correct it in   Lee & Joyce Blum                 George Daniels                  Jo & Tom Ghrist              Donald Hotchkiss
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                                     Al Brody                         Robert Dickson                  John Groninga                Susan & Scott Jasper
                                     Marc Broer                       Jo Dillon                       Betty & Arnie Grundberg      Jill J. Jensen
6 Spring, 2005M
mitted to Solving Land-Use Issues in our State
    Douglas & Karen Jeske          Steven & Marybeth Lytle        Eileen & Dean Nelson                 Deb Ryun                          Ray Thode
    Harriet Jessen                 Naomi & Gene Maahs             Barry Nemmers                        Tony & Vonnie Salem               Robert Thompson
    Peggy & Joe Jester             Drake Mabry                    Larry & Ruth Neppl                   Mary Sand & Von Kaster            Bonnie Thorn
    Charles Johnson                Cathy Mabry McMullen &         Greg Nepstad                         Rachel Sandhorst& Jon Jensen      Jim Throgmorton
    Jim & Jan Johnson                     Clark McMullen          Neumann Monson PC                    Jean Sandstrom & Andy Shaffer     Deborah Tidwell
    Linda Johnson                  Rt. Rev. Edward MacBurney      Doris Jean Newlin                    Charles & Heather Sauer           Jay Tiefenthaler
    Pat & Paul Johnson             Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Mace         Fred & Marjorie Nordstrom            Dwight Saunders                   Andrew Tobias
    Virginia Johnson               R. L. Maddox                   Laura Norian & Jeff Townsend         Meredith Saunders                 Ted Townsend
    Johnson County SWCD            Marilyn Magid                  Cooper Norman                        Elizabeth & Robert Schafer        Bill Tucker
    Gregory Jones                  Riad Mahayni                   Al Oberlander                        Ruth & Ralph Scharnau             Gail Turner
    Stephan & Linda Jones          Margaret Maloney               O’Brien County SWCD                  Dave Schladetzky                  Joyce Turner
    Lloyd & Doris Jungmann         Marcia Martin                  Dan O’Connell                        Pat Schlarbaum                    Kathleen Uehling & Brad Lint
    Karl & Elizabeth Kahler        Joseph & Carolyn Martin        Jim Odefey                           Jacqueline Andre Schmeal          Carolyn Uhlenhake
    Sam Kalainov                   Ray I. & Mary Ann Martin       Mary Jane Odell                      Harold Schneebeck                 James & Nancy Ulring
    Ron & Carol Keller             Mary Mascher                   Wolfgang & Lesia Oesterreich         Ann Schreifels & Hank Kogel       UI Environmental Coalition
    Bill Kelly                     H.K. & Caroline Mason          Mary O’Keefe                         Dorraine Schuling                 Marilyn Upchurch Bird
    Nancy Kemp                     Tom Mathews                    Charles Oldham                       James & Susan Schultz             Mary & Tom Urban
    John Kern                      Chip Mathis                    Susan & Willard Olesen               Leon & Judy Schwartz              Tim Urban
    Donald Keyworth                R. C. Mathis                   Marilyn Oliver                       Joseph & Dianne Seaman            David & Dian Urush
    Charlie Kiepe                  James & Traci Maxted           Victoria Struzynski Olson            Rich & Jackie Seibert             Camille Valley
    Betty Kingston                 Madeline & David Maxwell       Leona Openshaw                       Jerry Sell                        Allen Vander Linden
    Fred Kirschenmann &            David & Jean Mayes             Shellie Orngard                      Corbin Sexton                     Joe Van Ginkel
           Carolyn Raffensperger   Eldon McAfee                   Craig Oskow                          Karen Shaff                       Roberta Vann
    Erwin & Janet Klaas            Mr. & Mrs. B. Gene McAtee      David Osterberg                      Marilyn Shay                      Andrew Varley
    Robert Klein                   George & Janelle McClain       David Otis                           Charlotte Shivvers                Warren Varley
    Lee & Lila Kline               Barb & Pat McClintock          Our Lady’s                           Harry & Charlotte Shnurman        Lisa Veach & Robert Dahlberg
    George Klotzbach               Judy McClure & Jon White              Immaculate Heart Church       Hank, Miguel                      Jon & Margaret Vernon
    Keith Knapp                    Cynthia & William McCoy                Social Justice Committee        & Jane Shuttleworth            Dirk & Adele Ver Steeg
    Bill & Nancy Knapp II          Norm McCoy                     Loran & Janet Parker                 William & Winifred Shuttleworth   Mary Ann Vogel
    Susan Koch Bridgford           Helga McDaniel                 Drew Parks Waseskuk                  Philip & Diana Sickles            Paul & Jill von Ebers
    Carol Kochheiser               Cindy & Dean McDermott         Brian & Skywalker Payne              Becky & Dave Sidney               Virginia Wadsley
    Bob & Marilyn Kollmorgen       Claudette & Patrick McDonald   Walter Pearson                       Silos & Smokestacks               Gracie Wagoner
    Carolyn Krafka                 Janet Mc Donough               Chuck & Mary Ann Peters                 National Heritage Area         Anita Walker
    Larry & Aqueline Krain         Elizabeth McDorman             Darwin & Doris Pfantz                Linda & Bruce Simonton            Donald & Kay Wall
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    David Kruidenier               Kerry McGrath                  Greg Pickett                         Susan Skinner & Mark Movic        George & Mary Ellen Warren
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8 Spring, 2005M
                      MATCHING GRANT
Your contribution automatically increases!
  Thanks to a generous matching grant from the Iowa Foundation for Education, Environment & the Arts,
                 all contributions to 1000 Friends of Iowa will be matched on a 2:1 basis.
      For example, for any contribution of $100, the Foundation will contribute an additional $50!
          Says Laura Belin, President of the Foundation, “We feel that 1000 Friends’ hard work
        on development issues will pay off in the long run . . . thanks for fighting the good fight!”
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Clip and mail with your tax deductible check, payable to: 1000 Friends of Iowa / 3524 6th Avenue / Des Moines, IA 50313

                            We are now over 1,000 members in 75 counties.
                  Our board has set a goal to reach 1000 Founding Friends in 2005.
                 Of course we gratefully accept annual members at $20 and up as well.
       FRIEND LEVELS                              MEMBER LEVELS
   Revitalizing Friend ($5000 +)                  Friend             ($50–$99)
                                                                                       Name _________________________________________________
   Sustaining Friend ($1000–$4999)                Student/Senior ($20–$49)             Address _______________________________________________

   Nurturing Friend ($500–$999)                   Other $ ____________________         City / State / Zip ________________________________________

   Supporting Friend ($250–$499)                  I would like to be listed anonymously. Home Phone ___________________________________________
                                                                                       Work Phone ____________________________________________
   Renewing Friend    ($100–249)                  Monthly Contribution $ ________
                      Subsequent gift of $100 +   (See form below)
                                                                                  FAX __________________________________________________
   Founding Friend    ($100–$249)                 Enclosed is my tax
                      First gift of $100 +        deductible check for $_________ E-mail ________________________________________________
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

Automatic Monthly Contribution
Please return the completed form with a voided check to: 1000 Friends of Iowa / 3524 6th Avenue / Des Moines, IA 50313

Name _____________________________________________________________               Start Date: __________________ / __________________ / _________________
                                                                                                    Month            Day (1st or 15th)        Year
Address ___________________________________________________________

City / State / Zip _____________________________________________________         Amount per month ($8.34 minimum)*              $ ____________________
Signature __________________________________________________________
                                                                                 Total annual gift ($100.00 minimum)*           $ ____________________
Phone Number (Day) _________________________________________________

Phone (Evening/Weekend)______________________________________________
                                                                                 * Because we are charged a fee for each automatic payment, this option is only
E-mail ____________________________________________________________                available for Founding / Renewing Friends level and above.

                                                                                                                                           The Land Use Bulletin 9
Nominations for
                                             LEGISLATIVE UPDATE:
2005                                             These are some of the issues        Seed varieties unapproved for
Best Development                             1000 Friends has been tracking.
                                             For further information on legisla-
                                                                                     human consumption, such as
                                                                                     pharmaceutical crops, bring the
Awards                                       tive activity, sign up to receive our
                                             e-mailed Public Policy Updates, or
                                                                                     threat of contamination to any
                                                                                     neighboring farmer and this bill
                                             look them up on the KFOI web site       would take away any form of local

T         he Best Development Awards         (                         control.
          program is a great opportunity         Cuts proposed to Community              DOT proposal: The DOT has
          to reward cities, companies, and   Main Street budget: The Main            requested $9 million to move a
individuals implementing 1000 Friends’       Street program has been directed to     Department of Motor Vehicle
ideals to make Iowa a better state.          prepare a budget reflecting a 15%       office from an urban neighbor-
                                             cut from last year’s funding. The       hood to a greenfield on the urban
2004 Recipients                              cuts would come from the technical      fringe in Polk County. The plan
                                             assistance program, which Main          would require more than $600,000
New Residential: Freidrich / Iowa Realty
                                             Street Communities use to hire          in annual federal transit funds to
for Somerset Village in Ames,
                                             consultants to create fundraising       provide bus service to the facility.
a neo-traditional subdivision
                                             plans, learn how to organize and        These funds would come from the
Renovated Residential:                       market special events, attract and      state’s total pool of transit fund-
NuStyle Development and InVision             retain businesses, etc.                 ing, decreasing the amount avail-
Architecture for its renovation of the           Local Control of Land Use:          able to other transit systems in the
former high school in Sioux City into the    House File 642 would prohibit           state. The budget passed despite
Castle on the Hill Apartments                local governments from regulating       questions about the process used
                                             agricultural seed. This bill has        to select the site, budget numbers,
Renovated Commercial/Civic:
                                             passed both legislative chambers        and options to retain the facility in
Opera House Players and the
                                             and been signed by the governor.        an already-developed area.
City of Elkader for the renovation of
their historic opera house
New Commercial/Civic:
Iowa Municipal Utilities for its“green”
building in Ankeny                           Land Use                                   SMART GROWTH
Leadership:                                                                               RESOURCE
Ken Stone, Professor Emeritus,
Iowa State University, for his life long
                                             in the News                                  AVAILABLE
efforts studying rural and small town
economics.                                   Thanks to a generous donation from            Smart Growth America
                                             Laura Belin and Kieran Williams,             now has a CD that collects
To submit a nomination in any of the         1000 Friends of Iowa has joined the
above categories, please mail or e-mail as   Iowa News Service. Over the next               a variety of resources
much of the following information as you     year, we will be able to place up to       pertaining to various aspects
know by May 20 to the Des Moines office      12 radio stories on land-use issues
or Name of the                                                                of smart growth —
                                             using this service.
development, location, owner and/or              A story we pitched regarding             including transportation,
architect, contact information for you       the DOT’s proposed move of a             historic preservation and schools.
and a representative of the project, and a   driver’s license station from a core
brief summary of how the project meets       neighborhood of Des Moines to the                   Simply go to
KFOI’s mission and the Smart Growth          suburban fringe was played on 42
criteria (listed on our webpage —            stations.                                 and click on the “Free CD” link If available, pictures are          Listen for other stories
encouraged as they truly are worth a         throughout the year — they may be                    to sign up.
thousand words.                              due to this service!
10 Spring, 2005M
 NEWS FROM FRIENDS ACROSS IOWA                                                        Iowa City

                                                                                                  Iowa City:
Ankeny:                            Ankeny                                                ROSES & THISTLES
                                                                   Kudos to the City of Iowa City, which has proposed
ANNEXATION                                                     a code that provides incentives for walkable, mixed-
APPROVED                                                       use, compact development. Residents may want to watch
    In January, the City Development Board approved            for and attend public meetings, as the Home Builders
the annexation of 291 acres of land. On March 22, the          Association opposes the recommendations.
Planning & Zoning Commission approved the first plat               And...
for 54 lots, which will be Ankeny’s first conservation             The City of Iowa City recently agreed to sell land for
design subdivision. The plat was approved before the           a Wal-Mart Supercenter to replace the current Wal-Mart.
deadline for citizens to contest the City Development          The land will be located in an area currently designated
Board’s decision.                                              for airport-related development. Local citizens are
                                                               organizing to oppose the rezoning because it is
                   Dallas County       Dallas County:          inconsistent with the comprehensive plan and would be
                                                               detrimental to Iowa City’s downtown and locally owned
                                           AIRPORT             businesses.
                                                                                Cedar Rapids / Iowa City
     Concerned Citizens of Dallas County are continuing
to educate their community about an unneeded new                                      Cedar Rapids/Iowa City:
airport proposal. They are opposed to the airport for a                               IDENTIFYING ISSUES
variety of reasons, including the lack of need (five other     Submitted by KFOI Member Vern Jackson
airports with additional hangar capacity exist within a        1000 Friends of Iowa sponsored a meeting on March 2 in
25 mile radius), loss of 1000 acres of prime agricultural      the North Liberty Community Center to gather input from
ground, projected tax increases, depreciation of               members in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City areas.
sur rounding property values, and questionable                      The meeting opened with some historical and over-
“economic development” resulting from an airport at            view comments provided by KFOI President LaVon
this location. Further information can be found by going       Griffieon. Board member Jim Throgmorton served as the
to”                                     meeting facilitator to capture the concerns of those par-
                                                               ticipating in the meeting, together with comments as to
Okoboji:                                                       actions that may be helpful in addressing the issues.
                                                                    The subjects that were most frequently identified by
LAKEFRONT                                                      those in attendance include:
RE-ZONING                                                       • Transportation: the desire for ‘complete’
Citizens are concerned about a request to rezone 70               transportation systems that recognize the needs of
acres along the shore of East Lake Okoboji from                   pedestrians and cylists.
agricultural to “Resort Enterprise” to make way for 560
                                                                • Farmland preservation: Preservation of farmland and
condominium units and an indoor water park. The land
                                                                  land-use plans that include local food production
includes 2600 feet of shoreline and oak savannah.
Citizens successfully advocated for developers to be            • Sense of Place: Preservation and revitalization of
required to complete a study of environmental, social,            viable and attractive small towns; preservation of the
and traffic impacts of the proposed project.                      unique character of all Iowa communities
                                                                • Cooperative Planning among town, county, and state
                                      Pella:                    • School location and zoning that promotes
                              44 ACRES FOR                         “smart growth”
                           SUPER WAL-MART                       KFOI plans to sponsor several meetings of this type to
    The Pella Planning & Zoning Commission recently            allow members to get to know each other better, get a sense
recommended rezoning 44 acres to allow a Super Wal-            of priority concerns, and gather input as to actions that
Mart to be built. The land is currently designated for resi-   are most effective.
dential and green space in the comprehensive plan.
                                                                                                           The Land Use Bulletin 11
                                                                                               U.S. Postage
                                                                                              Des Moines, IA
                                                                                              Permit No. 4996

1000 Friends of Iowa
3524 6th Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50313


    MANY                                           Five Iowa Communities to
                                                   Host “Walkable Audits”
                                                   Dan Burden, Executive Director of Walkable
                                                   Communities, Inc. (
                                                   will visit five Iowa communities and
 Our volunteers fold and stuff envelopes, design   organizations in June to provide advice on how to
          brochures, make phone calls,             build “complete streets”that are safe for pedestrians
                                                   and bicyclists as well as cars.
        enter data, provide tech support,
  consult on fundraising, design the newsletter,   Please thank these communities and other sponsors
 and make many other priceless contributions to    for their support, and watch for further informa-
                the organization!                  tion about how you can participate!
                                                   June 8 — Morning: Ankeny
      The Ankeny 4-H Club, Chris Breitbach,                  Afternoon: TBA
     Kristine Chiafos, Michelle Cole, J.R. Feld,   June 9 — Morning: Cedar Rapids
    Susan Koch Bridgford, Eric Higgins-Freese,               Afternoon: Iowa City
      Naomi Leiserowitz, Jennifer Neumann,         June 10 — Morning: Waterloo
        Ruth Anne Petrak, Jessica Rundlett,        June 11 — 1000 Friends Annual Meeting
      Kim Sheehan, Gail Turner, Jeanne Uhl,                  (see details on page 3)
           Lorraine Walizer & Bob Willis
12 Spring, 2005M

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