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									What Is a Memory Foam Mattress

What is a memory foam mattress? It is a whole bed made from memory foam
that has the ability to sense your body’s weight and temperature so it is
able to conform to your shape, minimize pressure points, aid alignment
and reduce tossing and turning.

This was first developed by NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration in the 1970’s. But the first generation memory foam
mattress was too brittle and had the tendency to break after just one to
two years of use.

Ten years later, a Swedish company that worked closely with NASA in
making the first memory foam mattress got it right. This was made using a
spongy, gel like plastic whose composite open cells could deform under
pressure and reshape back to its original form.

Just to prove how effective it is, one brand called Tempur-Pedic sells
these to hospitals. Patients who have used the memory foam mattress claim
that this has reduced remarkably the pressure on joints whenever they lie
down. It also gives good support for the back.

Memory foam mattresses were first introduced in the market in the early
1990’s. The problem then was that these were very expensive. But this
soon changed as other companies were able to produce similar products.

But the story of the memory foam mattress doesn’t end there. If it is
good for the back, then it could also have benefits in other places in
the body which is why the foam is also used on other products such as
mattress toppers, pillows, office furniture, automobile seat padding,
infant cribs, car seats, wheelchair cushions, hip pads, sweat pads,
computer cases, movie theater seating, pistol gloves, ear plugs and
tennis racquets.

The price of memory foam mattress is from $300 to $600. This depends on
the density that you wish to buy. The thicker they are, the more
expensive it is. Most people get those that weigh 3 to 5.5 pounds since
this is what fits their budget.

Some of these are sold in stores while you can also find these online.
These come in different sizes so you can surely get one for every bedroom
in the house and if you find these expensive, perhaps you should consider
getting a topper.

A topper is much smaller than the foam mattress given that you put this
simply over an existing mattress. Its thickness is 1 to 4 inches thick.
If you plan to put this over a spring mattress, make sure that this is
not more than 5 years old.

Memory foam mattresses are not affected by the temperature outdoors. If
this happened, it will not be able to do its job which is to adjust to
the shape of the person.
You might be thinking that all the companies that make memory foam
mattresses use the same materials to make their product. This is not true
because some use liquid foam while others use a vacuum injection which
means they do not rely on gravity to provide consistent density and
eliminate variation. So when you are looking for a memory foam mattress,
ask the sales person what material is used.

A lot of people say that the memory foam mattress is out of this world
given that this was first designed for use by astronauts. Given that it
is used in almost every type of furniture these days, you can now say
that it has taken the world by storm.

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