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									Memory Foam Mattress that you can use

Memory foam mattresses have become quite common nowadays. A memory foam
mattress is unlike any other ordinary foam mattresses out there. In fact,
their development began with the US space program, among other things. It
is due to research done by NASA that went into the development of the
memory foam mattress.

The memory foam was first designed by NASA in order to help astronauts
cope up with the high pressure that can be caused by extreme G-force that
occurs when the space shuttle take off for space. Although it has not
been used for the space program, the research and discoveries that were
made on the memory foam was able to help provide benefits on the medical
field instead.

Memory foam is made out of polyurethane combines wit additional chemicals
in order to add to the foam's viscosity level. This will help increase
the foam's density. The chemicals used on the polyurethane also allow it
to become firmer in cooler temperatures and become softer when warm. This
way, the foam reacts to body heat and allows the foam to mold itself to
the shape of the body in a matter of minutes. A memory foam that is less
dense is more pressure sensitive and allows the foam to mold to the shape
of the body more quickly.

Memory foam mattresses were particularly expensive for ordinary use. But
because many of its advantages have been noticed most especially in the
medical field, the said foam has become more widely available in recent
years and has become relatively cheaper to buy. It has since moved from
being used as a mattress for bed bound patients in hospitals to foams
found in homes for people who require a better degree of comfort and
support when lying down.

A memory foam mattress is denser than ordinary foam, making it also
heavier. Its denser properties also make it last longer than ordinary
foams. In the long run, although memory foam mattresses may cost more to
buy initially than ordinary foam mattresses, they are more durable and
may provide better support and other benefits to users for a longer
period of time.

One of the main advantages of memory foam mattresses is that it can mold
itself to the shape of a person that lies on it. This provides better
contours that support the body better than ordinary foams. As such, it is
a better mattress to be used by people who are more prone to stay in bed
for long periods of time, either by choice or through necessity.

People who are bed bound for long periods of time have been found to
suffer from bed sores and even gangrene. This is due in part to the
pressure that occurs between the foam and the bony regions of the body
when lying down. The pressure can cause blood to stop flowing to a
certain region of the body, resulting in bed sores.

This can be prevented by using a memory foam mattress which can help
lessen the pressure caused in the same way by molding its shape to the
contour of the body.

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