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The Running Board - PDF by wulinqing


									         The Running Board
             The Edmonton Antique Car Club Newsletter                   Vol. 48 No. 4          May 2010

Morgan Bamford’s 1912 Model T Roadster was used as Chris’ “photographer's runabout" on the Easter Parade. Story page 3.

                                  Member of the Specialty                          In This Issue
                                Vehicle Association of Alberta
                                                                     Splinters From the Chair…………………………... 2
                                                                     Easter Parade..…………………………………….. 3
                                                                     Schedule of Events…………………………………. 5
                                                                     Ted‟s „47 Mercury……………………………..….. 6
                                                                     Upholstery ………………………………………….8
                                                                     Swap Meet…………………………………………. 10
                                                                     Old Bob‟s Photo Corner…………………………… 11
                                                                     The Bamfords‟ Garage Page ……………………....12

                         Vehicle Inspections                               Deadline for June RB
 DON’T                                 May 8
                                Spring Tour                                          May 20
                                      May 30
                       Splinters From The Chair                                                                                                                     by Mike Reid

         reminder this Saturday May 8 the club is hosting a vehicle                             tional information and registration @ (780) 463-7279. Also this
         inspection. As I mentioned in my last message current gov-                             month the club is holding a Spring Tour on Sunday May 30th – details
         ernment legislation in Alberta does not mandate inspections                            will be provided at the meeting or are available from Don Cameron @
         for Vintage Vehicles however in order to avoid potential gov-                          (780) 460-7064.
ernment involvement in this process sometime in the future your club                               The concept for the Fall Bus Tour to Vancouver was approved at
has undertaken to host at least one vehicle inspection annually. For                            the last directors meeting. As mentioned during the last general meet-
those who otherwise do not have their vehicle inspected in some other                           ing this event is taking place September 30th – October 4th, 2010, and
manner I would encourage you to bring your vehicle to this event.                               includes festivities that will be of interest for both the gentlemen and
For further information contact Ernie Korchinsky either at the general                          ladies. Planning is almost complete with an exciting and full agenda
meeting or @ (780) 475-1445                                                                     planned for this 4 day event. Additional information is included in this
   Other events to consider this month include the Fort Assiniboine                             magazine or available from me @ (780) 464-6146. If you are intend-
Run on Saturday the 22nd of May. I have attended the last couple of                             ing to participate on the bus tour I would encourage you to register
these and it is a great opportunity to get the cobwebs out of your car                          early as initial interest suggests this event will be sold out.
that have collected over the winter. Contact Steve Bemount for addi-                               Until Next Month - Happy Motoring
The Edmonton Antique Car Club is registered in the Province of Alberta as a nonprofit
                                                                  The Edmonton
society, interested in historical motor vehicles and related collectible items. Our club is Antique Car Club
dedicated to the acquisition, restoration, preservation, salvage, maintenance of and pro-
motion of interest in cars from the following categories.                                     Our club members participate in a variety of events and activities which promote social
              The Horseless Carriage Era (1882 to 1905)                                       interaction among members, and give them an opportunity to drive their cars and dis-
              The Brass Era (1906 to 1915)                                                    play them to the general public. Annual events include the Klondike Breakfast, the Corn
              The Black Era (1916 to 1925)                                                    Roast, and mystery tours. Senior visits are a way for our club to give back to the com-
              Early Production (1926 to 1935)                                                 munity. Members also participate in community events such as Sunday in the City ,
              Classics (Defined by The Classic Car Club of America.)                          Father‘s Day in the Park, Crystal Kids, and harvest festivals. Our club participates in the
              Late Production (1936 to 1948                                                   annual International Meet in which members from all corners of Western Canada and
                                                                                              the Northwest United States come together for a wonderful exchange of camaraderie,
Our objectives also include encouraging the retention of such vehicles in Al-                 trophies and good old-fashioned fun.
berta, promoting competitions, trials, and other events our vehicles can partici-               Our club publishes a monthly newsletter, The Running Board. Members are encour-
pate in, and educating the general public in the historical contribution of the                 aged to submit articles and other items of interest to the editor for publication. As a mem-
automobile in the development of our Canadian heritage.                                         ber you are entitled to receive a copy of each issue and to run free classified ads in the
Our membership is varied as to careers and cars, and extends country wide. To qualify           ―Swap Meet‖ section.
as a member, new applicants must be at least 14 years of age; must complete an applica-         Club members as a group have a wealth of experience and knowledge of all aspects of
tion form (which is submitted to the club executive for approval), and pay a nominal            the antique car hobby which they will share with you. Bring your particular problem to
membership fee of $30.00 per year (spousal, additional $20). It is not necessary to own a       our membership and you will be probably be directed to an expert in that field.
vintage car, but merely to have an interest in antique auto memorabilia.
                                                                                                We welcome new members to our club. If you are interested, please contact any of our
General Meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday evening of each month, with              members, or better still, come to the next meeting!
tours and events being dispersed throughout the calendar year. The Annual General
Meeting is held each year in the last full week of January.

                           The EACC Website                                                                The Stampede City Model A Ford Club
                                                                              “The Script”
Please submit any comments, stories, corrections or additions to Cam-                                                    is available on their website
                eron Bain. email                                                             

                      Your 2010 Executive
Past Pres.
                         Mike Reid
                         Ken Berg
                                                                                                               The Running Board
                                                                                                                           Official Publication of the
Vice President           Steve Bemount                                                                                    Edmonton Antique Car Club
Rec. Sec.                Nels Andersen                                                                                              Box 102
Corr. Sec.               Jack Cairns                                                                                      Edmonton, Alberta. T5J 2G9
Treasurer                Bert Hoogewoonink
Tours/Events             Don Cameron                                                                                       Arend Stolte, Editor
Membership               Jim Boomer                                                                                    email
Publicity                Earl Clements                                                                                    Reprint permission:
Historian                David Kjorlien                                                                     Granted to non profit car clubs and related groups.
Editor                   Arend Stolte                                                                        Please credit EACC’s “The Running Board “
Assistant Editor         Cathie Harwyluk
Dir.@Large               Dale McFarland

        Club Events
 April EACC General Meeting Highlights
                         by Nels Andersen, Recording Secretary
1. The meeting was called to order by President Mike Reid at
7:30 p.m. at the Northgate Lions Club Senior Citizens Recrea-
tion Centre, 7524 - 139 Avenue, Edmonton. There were 58
members signed in, with two guest speakers present.
2. Mike Reid updated members on plans for the fall bus tour,
which will now only go to the Vancouver area. Mike outlined
the itinerary from September 30th to October 4th, 2010. Bro-
chures and a sign-up sheet were available; a good level
of interest was shown.
3. Ernie Korchinsky spoke briefly about the vehicle inspections
planned for May 8th. He noted that a minimum of ten vehicles
would be required to make this initiative viable.                       viewing to gather the material for the 40 second TV clip, but no
4. After a refreshment break, Justin Cuffe, the curator of trans-       one was complaining about getting a little extra attention. This
portation collections at the Reynold Auto Museum, Wetaski-              actually gave us more time at the Mall and as a result we got to
win, spoke on recent additions to RAM exhibits and on other             chat with a lot of curious passers by who seemed to have end-
happenings planned for 2010 and beyond. A "Special Events               less questions about the cars and our club in general.
2010" brochure was provided.                                                      By about 1:45pm there were 24 vehicles running
5. A presentation was then made by John Wettstein, focussed             smoothly with early season adjustments made and we were
on safety in the automotive workplace, but also covering com-           soon off with maps in hand. Steve led us out on the streets in
mon general activities. It was a comprehensive, thought-                the 1929 Model A Tudor. The route this year was north on 127
provoking and often humorous presentation.                              st, under the railway tracks then east on 127 Ave ( Railway
6. The 50:50 draw was won by Steve Bemount.                             Ave.) all the way to Fort Road, a nice run with very few traffic
                                                                        lights. As we crossed Fort Road and the railway tracks at the
                  The Easter Parade                                     Belvedere LRT station lo and behold there he was up on the
                                                by Don Cameron          grassy knoll with tripod and camera mounted – our own roving
                                      Photos - Ernie Korchinsky         reporter Chris, gathering the evidence of the cherished first run
     The warm dry weather during the last 2 weeks of March              of the year.
was the perfect run up for the annual Easter Parade on Sunday                     Moments later he was off again, gone in a blur seated
April 04/10. The day was cool, but sunny as vehicles started to         in the Model T Speedster down 50 St and 118 Ave to intercept
arrive in the north end of the Westmount Shopping Centre park-          the parade as they entered Rundle Park. After a few minutes of
ing lot around 1:15 pm. Vehicles were just coming in nicely             recess to re-gather the vehicles and provide Chris a chance to
about 10 minutes later when the friendly City TV news reporter          reset the tripod ( with the perfect combination of afternoon sun-
showed up with her camera and microphone anxious to get her             shine and background landscape) we were moving again,
story together for Monday‘s version of the Breakfast Television         slowly at first, for the controlled ―drive by shooting‖.
Show. We are all still wondering who alerted her to the details                   The last leg of the route took us along old 118 Ave and
of the event. She needed a full 20 minutes of shooting and inter-       down through Highlands district and then south on Gretzky

                                                                        police cars, and better still, lots of interesting old antique vehi-

Drive. Plans were set up to allow the vehicles to travel in the
right hand exit lane and swing out at 106 Ave then circle
around at Forest Heights Park before the final turn to the A&W
at the corner of 101 Ave & 75 St. However it was noted that
some brave souls chose to work their way via ―armstrong‖
steering across the lanes and up to the left turn at 101ave. Nev-
ertheless, as far as we know, all arrived safely at the Dub for
refreshments. Although the store is small we had alerted the
management to the fact that they may get invaded around 3:00
pm, so they were well prepared and anxious to serve with a
friendly attitude. It also seemed like they had cleared out the
parking lot as well, or maybe it was just a slow afternoon.

          We were just nicely settled in with our coffees and
root beers when our interest was drawn to two city police cars
sweeping around the building and doing a lockdown on the
front and back of the drive through lane. This was quickly fol-
lowed by more recruits and a take down beside the order win-
dow complete with taser gun for the uncooperative young
driver. We don‘t know what no good these youths were up to
but our city‘s finest were sure quick to respond and deal with
the issue.
          Later, as we were heading for Easter dinner on the
west end of town, I couldn‘t help but think this day was almost
like a movie production, c/w camera‘s, reporters, high speed
      Schedule Of Events                                             Sun1
                                                                                      Capital Ex Breakfast at Schmidts
                                                                                      " Old Iron Day" Leduc West Antique Society

                          May                                                                 August
Sat   01       SVAA meeting 12.30               Sun    01        Circle Tour
Tue   04       General Meeting 7:30 PM @ Northgate                   Tue    03        Mystery Tour
               Lion‘s Senior‘s Rec. Centre 7524-139 Ave              Fri    06 - 07   Rocking August - St. Albert
Sat   08       Vehicle Inspection - Colrus Motors 15950 –            Thu    12        Executive Meeting at Cathie Harwyluk
               109 Ave. Contact: Ernie Korchinsky                    Thu    12 - 15   Oldies Tour
Sat   08       Saskatoon Swap Meet                                   Sat    14        Calmar Custom Wheels Show & Shine
Wed   12       Executive Meeting at Don Cameron                      Sun    15        David Thompson Days Show & Shine -
Sat   22       Ft. Assiniboine Tour, contact: Steve Bemount                           Rocky Mtn House
Sun   30       EACC Spring Tour Meet at Husky on Yel                 Sun    29        Harvest Days at Fort Edmonton
               lowhead at 1:30 PM. Travel to Stony Plain
               via Hwy 60, 627 & 779. Tour the Pioneer                                      September
               Museum 2:15 – 3:30 PM. Drive across Hwy               Tue    07       General Meeting 7:30 PM @ Northgate
               16A to the Antique Café at 15 Granite Drive                           Lion‘s Senior‘s Rec. Centre 7524-139 Ave
               for light dinner & treats ( Brenda is preparing       Thu    16       Executive Meeting at Earl Clements
               esp. for the EACC ) Prices are reasonable.            Sun    12       Corn Roast at Berube's
·              Choose your own road home. ( 16A, the Yel             Sun    12       Ukrainian Village Harvest
               lowhead, or 779/633 to St Albert ) Contact:           Tue    28 - Oct 04 Bus Tour - Vancouver
               Don Cameron
                          June                                       Tue    05        General Meeting 7:30 PM @ Northgate
Tue   01       General Meeting 7:30 PM @ Northgate                                    Lion‘s Senior‘s Rec. Centre 7524-139 Ave
               Lion‘s Senior‘s Rec. Centre 7524-139 Ave              Thu    14        Executive Meeting at Dave Kjorlien
Sun   06       Chipman Car Crafters Show and Shine
Fri   04-06    Hinton / Jasper Western Run. Contact: Don                                    November
               Cameron                                               Tue    02        General Meeting 7:30 PM @ Northgate
Sun   06       Chipman Car Crafters Show & Shine                                      Lion‘s Senior‘s Rec. Centre 7524-139 Ave
Wed   09       Executive Meeting at Jim Boomer                       Thur   10        Executive Meeting at Dale McFarland
Wed   09       Senior Visit - Greater Edmonton Foundation
               head office - 109 Ave just west of 142
                                                                     Tue    07        General Meeting 7:30 PM @ Northgate
               St. This is a fund-raising barbeque for the
               society, starting at 11:00 and going on most                           Lion‘s Senior‘s Rec. Centre 7524-139 Ave
               of the afternoon. McQueen next door is one            Thur   09        Executive Meeting at Arend Stolte
               of their Senior's residences. Contact: Earl
Sat   12 -13   Reynold Museum - History Road
Tue   15       Senior Visit - Devonshire Care Centre - 1808
               Rabbit Hill Road. Time 2pm Contact: Earl                                Horse Sense
Wed   16       Senior Visit - Good Samaritan Place. 8425 -
               83 St. - opposite Bonnie Doon Shopping Cen
               tre to the east on the service road. Time 1:15
               Contact: Earl Clements
Sat   19       Okotoks Parade and Show & Shine
Sun   20       Father's Day Car Show Ft. Edmonton
Wed   23       Senior Visit - Lifestyle Options-Riverbend -
               200 Falconer Court, right behind Riverbend
               Square shopping centre at Terwilliger Drive
               and Rabbit Hill Road. Time 2pm. Contact:
               Earl Clements
Sun   27       EACC Picnic - location to be confirmed

Thu   1-4      49th Annual International Antique Car Meet.
               Hosted by Alberta Pioneer Auto Club.
Thu   01       Canada Day at Ukranian Village
Thu   01       Canada Day at the Legislative Grounds
Tue   06       Mystery Tour
Thu   15       Executive Meeting at Bert Hoogewonink

 RESTORATION PROGRESS ON TED                                           3

                                               by Ted Nordquist

I bought this truck from Stone‘s Car Lot in West Jasper Place in
1953 for $400.00, and have had it on the farm at Pembridge,
Alberta, all these years. Over time the logo on the door was
visible. As the paint weathered you could see:
                 Failing Oilfield Drilling Service
                        Hot Shot Trucking
                        Edmonton, Alberta

I started the restoration 20 years ago, doing the engine and
transmission, and started work on it again about 5 years ago. I
have some pictures of my progress from the wheels up to the
top of the cab.
                                                                           Box on frame and end gate

                    Beginning of reassemble                                     Fenders added

                       Body on and cowl                                    Front end coming together

EACC Fall Bus
  Tour to
          Date: Sept 30, 2010 — Oct 4, 2010

       Edmonton—Vancouver Return

      Join your fellow hobbyists on the EACC Bus
      Tour to beautiful Vancouver this Fall. Included
      in the tentative itinerary:
            Several Private Automobile Collections
            Vancouver Harbor Dinner Cruise
            Golden Ears Automotive Swap Meet
            Ivan Sayers Fashion Show
            Dinner at one of the best Chinese Food
            Restaurants in Vancouver
            4 Nights Accommodation
      Costs: $ 650.00 ($ 1,300.00 / couple)
      Single Only: $ 875.00

      For Additional Information or to Book
      Space Contact : Mike Reid — 464-6146

       Upholstery and the „26 Chevrolet Touring
                                                                                                                                  by Arend Stolte

T       hose who have been reading my articles on the restoration of
        my 1926 Chevrolet Superior Touring sedan will recall that
        my goal is to learn and do every aspect of the restoration
process and share my experiences with the membership. Last month
I mentioned that I was ready to try my hand at upholstery.
   I had done the upholstery on my 1930 Essex four years ago.
However, my daughter-in-law Shanna sewed the seat covers and
Joyce sewed the windlace. I figured asking them to do another car
would be pushing the limits. Besides, I figured, how hard can it be to
run a sewing machine.
    I was hoping to find an industrial sewing machine to use. Ru-
mour had it that the club at one time owned such a machine however
my efforts to track this beast down came to nought. Not wanting to
find myself guilty of ruining Joyce‘s sewing machine I dug out an
old Omega stored in the basement, fitted it with a big needle and               For the seat covers I decided I wanted 4 inch ribbing coming
upholstery thread and with some pointers from Joyce and some prac-              down the front of the seat. To make these I cut out a length of
tice runs, taught myself to sew. This machine performed admirably               vinyl and covered it with a piece of muslin. I stapled all around
sewing through five layers of vinyl.                                            to hold them together. I then drew lines across at equal intervals
   Since this is an open car, the upholstery has to be somewhat wa-             using a strip of masonite the right width. I then sewed along
terproof. The better cars used leather. The cheaper cars like Chevy‘s           each line. (This is a practice piece in the picture.)
used something similar to vinyl. I decided on vinyl and headed down
to Marshals Discount Fabric to purchase a good quality vinyl, some
muslin for backing , and some burlap to cover the springs. I also
found some soft 1/2 inch soft foam at Fabricland, some one inch felt
at Vic‘s Upholstery, and some carpet underlay at Home Depot.
   I did some basic research, checking out the library, looking
through my collection of 1926 Chevy pictures, and checking the
Internet. I found a very helpful site at http://www.stanleymotor-,
where the author documents in great detail his restoration of a
Stanley Steamer. I decided to use his methods of making seat covers
except not having access to horsehair I decided to substitute strips of
shaped foam.

                                                                                The material is then folded over on the seam and stitched again.
                                                                                This makes a series of pockets to form the ribs. I used small
                                                                                clamps to hold the rolled up material together.

   The first step in making seats is fixing the seat springs. I had to do
quite a lot of work rearranging the springs to get the right shape. I
mounted the lower springs on wooden bases to staple into. I covered
the completed springs with burlap. I wanted a lot of padding between
the springs and my derriere so I covered this with two layers of car-
pet underlay and a layer of one inch felt.

To fill the pockets and make the ribs I bonded a layer of carpet         the seat covers. A layer of foam underneath glued onto a maso-
underlay and soft foam. I cut this into strips on my table saw           nite backing board gives lots of padding and side support.
and rounded the top edges on my router table with a 3/4 inch
round over bit. I inserted these strips into the pockets using
shop vac tubes to ―inject‖ them into the pockets. The end ones
were difficult to insert because of the sides of the seat covers.

                                                                             The doors are upholstered with panels covered with vinyl. I
                                                                         used masonite for a backing and used contact cement to glue
                                                                         the vinyl to the masonite. These panels are attached to the door
                                                                         frame with black upholstery tacks. The front doors needed
                                                                         pockets to store registration, maps etc. These were a challenge
                                                                         to sew. I sewed on flaps to keep the weather out.

                                                                            With the upholstery finished I still need to do some more
                                                                         body work and painting on the rear fenders and the hood. Then
                                                                         I will have to figure out how to sew a top. Anyone have any

                                                                         More Easter Parade Pictures
                                                                                                                Photos by Chris Bamford

    The seat covers were stapled to the seat spring assemblies
using an electric stapler. The staples are hidden with ―hidem‖
strips which I also sewed. The seats are very comfortable with
good lower back support. Don‘t you love my green seat belts?                                   Bob Marsh‘s ‗55 Olds

Upholstering the rest of the car is really easy. The sides next to
the seat are covered with ribbing with foam inserts similar to                        Don and Judy Cameron‘s ‗53 Chev Pickup

Swap Meet
                                                                        1988. (0410)

For Sale
                                                                        1904 Orient Buckboard Information
1930 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster. Full frame off restora-
                        tion. Le Baron Bonney Interior
                        incl. Rumble seat. Motor com-
                        pletely rebuilt. Invested over
                        $35,000. Won first prize in
                        Powerama Show. (0210)
Gerry Kuipers                                 780-489-7276
1955 PACKARD CLIPPER DELUXE 4 dr, V8, 3 spd. ul-                        I have the above parts and need pictures and anything else to
tramatic trans, 4 white walls like new, full chrome disc wheel          help in restoration (0110)
covers, PS, PB, radio, original interior,                               Al                                               780-922-4938
outstanding chrome, exc. cond., 42,800 original miles,                  Enclosed Car Hauler. 8' wide,
original documents. Serious inquiries only please.                      20'-22' long and 6'8" inside height. (0310)
Asking $13,495. OCPC (0510)                                             Ryan                                             780-720-9255
Les Werner                                      Ph. 780-435-1876
1954 Monarch -Custom Lucerne "Sun Valley" 2dr.Glass                     Services
Hardtop. Pro Rebuilt 312 Engine 0 miles, new windshield &
continental Kit. Original chassis rebuilt or serviced. Most body        Old Steering Wheel Repairs (0809)
work done - 90% ready to paint Owned for 39 years and Li-               Ted Nordquist ( ) 780-466-1456
censed and Titled 2009. Asking $14,900.00 OCPC (0510)                   Vintage Ford car and pick-up parts. 9502 - 90 Ave.
Dale                 (780) 939-3247 day, (780) 460-0325 even.           Morinville Business Park. (0809)
                                                                        Dale McFarland                           Ph. 780-939-3247
Parts for Sale New 1937-40 Ford Fender Skirts, mint 1939
Ford Deluxe Grille, 1939 Ford Deluxe main wire harness,                 Antique Radio Repair, (auto or household.) Licensed electron-
working 1939 Ford clock. Three 1937 Ford Spyder Hubcaps,                ics technician. (0809) Call Jack          Ph. 780-470-3157
used 1941 Ford right rear fender, N.O.S. front upper & lower            Insurance Appraisals Antique, Classic. Post War. (1009)
fenders. !941 Super Deluxe Hood. !937 Ford Radio, Mint 1946-            Springfield Restorations.
48 Ford Grille. OCPC (0510)                                             Lorne Schmidt                             Ph. 780-464-0204
Dale                 (780) 939-3247 day. (780) 460-0325 even.
                                                                        Auto Appraisals by Trefko
                               1922 Model T Ford Stretch                Auto appraisals, purchase advice, locating, detailing and pho-
                               Limousine designed and built             tography
                               by Al and Laura Ellis. For sale          Glen Trefanenko                              Ph. 780-909-2645
                               to the highest offer. (0110)             e-mail:, (1209)
                               Al              780-922-4938             I'll Clean Your Clock
                                                                        Antique clock restoration available. Also parts and restored.
                                                                        Clocks for sale. (1209)
1928 ESSEX front end parts which consist of wheels, cross               Larry Hill                                       780 464 1878
member, springs and shackles. Free (0110)                               Collector Automobile Motor Oil has been designed to meet
Dave                                        (780) 973-3848              the unique demands of vintage, preserved, restored, and classic
                                                                        automobile engines. (0110)
From MacLean's Magazine dated on back June 1st 1925                     Bob                                          1-403-249-8107
Promoting Ford Closed Cars. Good Condition $20 obo (0210)               Ron                                           1-403-242-0569
Ryan Surbey                                  780-720-9255               Mark‟s Upholstery. Auto Interior, Motor homes, Boats, Seat
                                                                        Covers, Furniture and more. Reasonable Prices (0410)
ZDDP OIL ADDITIVE. Comes in a handy bottle that is the
                                                                        Mark                        464-6663 (Bus), 464-0794 (Home)
correct size for one oil change. Use the oil of your choice and
simply add the ZDDP. Protect your camshaft and lifters. Cost is
$12.00 per bottle or 6 for $66.00. (0410)
                                                                        Note: Printing the above ads does not imply an endorsement
Ken Huff           780-484-2559
                                                                        by EACC. OCPC means “Other Clubs Please Copy”
1985 Mercedes 190 E- 2.3 Four Cylinder. Factory clean inside.
Excellent condition, Sandy colour, needs minor body work and
a tune-up. Call Dave Harwyluk at 780-990-7306, 780-457-

                  Old Bobs’ Photo Corner
                                                                    By Bob Callfas
                                                                                     sary Book, Ron Bodnar and Bob
                                                                                     Callfas will co-chair the Anniver-
                                                                                     sary Tour, and Ron Bodnar is our
                                                                                     liaison with Leduc West for the An-
                                                                                     niversary Picnic. Other ideas in-
                                                                                     clude a special lapel pin, a com-
                                                                                     memorative license plate, and a 50th
                                                                                     Anniversary Banner. A project is
                                                                                     also underway to digitize past Run-
                                                                                     ning Boards.
                                                                                               This month‘s ―Blast from
                                                                                     the Past‖ is a photo of Dave and
                                                                                     Marlena Kjorlien‘s 1931 Ford A
                                                                                     Victoria taken at the 1968 Antique
                                                                                     Car and Gun Show held at the Kins-
                                                                                     men Field House in Edmonton.
                                                                                     Dave was a charter member of the
                                                                                     Edmonton Antique Car Club at its
                                                                                     inception in 1962. He owned a
                                                                                     1930 Ford A Sedan at the time. In
                                                                                     1963, Dave parted with the A Sedan
           It's time for everyone to wash the winter dust off the old car.           when he acquired the 1931 Vicky in
                                                                                     pieces and cardboard boxes from
                                                                                     Lorne Reesor, who had also been a
                                                                                     charter member of EACC. Dave‘s

                       50th Anniversary
                                                                                     entry in the 1968 car show displays
                                                                                     the result of the complete restoration
                                                                                     given this impressive little Ford.
                     “Blast from the Past”                                           Dave, Marlena, and the Victoria are
                                                                                     still very much an active part of the
                                                                 by Steve Bemountt   life or our club.

Your EACC 50th Anniver-
sary Committee has met
once in February and will
meet again in late April.
The three primary projects
under consideration include
(1) a hard-bound anniver-
sary book of approximately
100 to 150 pages celebrat-
ing half a century of great
experiences and fellow-
ship, (2) and extended driv-
ing tour through Jasper and
Banff in the later part of
June 2012 before school
lets out for the summer,
and (3) a catered picnic
function in conjunction
with Leduc West on Sun-
day, June 3, 2012 to com-
memorate the first EACC
event, a picnic held on
Sunday, June 4, 1962.
Chris Bamford is leading
the charge on the Anniver-

  —–——–——–—–————The Bamfords‟ Garage Page—————————

                              2010 Powerama Motoring Expo   by Chris Bamford

M        any thanks to the members who sup-
         ported your club and the antique side of
         the hobby at the 26th Annual Powerama
Motoring Expo, April 23-25.
From top left: Bob Callfas‘ ‗26 Chrysler (3rd An-
tique Restored), Steve Bemount‘s ‗39 Ford, John
Lamoureux‘ ‗30 Ford, Clem Lamoureux‘ ‗29
Graham-Paige (1st Antique Restored), new guy
Ryan Surbey‘s ‗29 Ford Phaeton (2nd Antique
Restored), Ken Berg‘s ‗20 Studebaker, Ted Hor-
ton‘s ‗40 Mercury, Gerry Linau‘s 39 Chev (3rd
Antique Truck), Arend Stolte‘s ‗30 Essex, and
your reporter‘s ‗26 Ford and ‗38 World bicycle.
The Studebaker Club upstaged us with the oldest
vehicle — by 20 years — in the show, this fabu-
lous ca. 1900 horse-drawn Studie coupe owned by
Ben & Dori Sawatzky of Stoney Plain. Body paint
and upholstery are all original.
―My Grandpa had a car just like this except it was
a Dodge and newer and blue with two doors...‖
The attached swap meet held this 50K mile ‗54
Dodge sedan with excellent original interior and a
nicely-patinated older repaint. Said to run, drive
and stop well, this would be a great starter or all-
weather collector car for the 2010 season. Unsold
at $3,500, call Jim at 780-991-4045.
Also in the swap meet but only because the show
halls were full, this cool combo could have been
sold a dozen times. The wrecker is a period con-
version of a ‗36 GMC Panel to a tow body, using
a ‗37 Dodge cab, Maple Leaf grill, and Weaver
hand-cranked auto crane. Father and son team
Tom and Ryan Woolley mounted the whole
works on a ‗77 GMC 3/4 ton chassis and hooked
up to neighbor Ray Fowler‘s ‗28 Chevy roadster.

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